Thursday, October 22, 2009

God and Babylon says the Body Dreaming

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We’ve heard that life is a dream. We’ve heard it in children’s songs and adult love songs and we weave through it in the course of our lives. The dream is powerful. It is very powerful. Right in the midst of it we think ourselves awake as we reflect on the dream quality but this is dreaming too.

We dream because of the body. The body is the ship of Morpheus. In our minds we have the whole thing backwards. We actually wake up when we die, until then we dream. ...Dreams of action and things to come in the early days and dreams of reflection and inconsistent memories in the later days; the body is a dream suit. It’s a grounding device for the yearning spirit. It’s what makes you visible here.

It takes a great and consistent effort to awaken from the spell of dreaming. It begs the question too; are those awakened or partially awakened also dreaming? We’ve all had that dream where we are trying to wake up and cannot and then we wake up and think we are awake only to find that we were still dreaming when we actually woke up.

The dream elements are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Stare into the flames of a fire and note the hypnotic state that comes upon you. Your dreaming thoughts travel in the air. Water is the very essence of the dreaming state. It pools and puddles and flows. It pours. It rages and it lies still. It mirrors the dreamer in the dreaming state. Earth is the composition of the debt of presence. It is the handfuls of substance that generates the dreams the way it conspires with Sun (fire) and Rain (water) to produce the fruits and grains, the flowers and the weeds. Each of these are major dream worlds. The seeds of dreams travel upon the air. They land in every kind of soil. Everything is metaphor.

The most unusual thing about the dream is this. There is this eternal system that combines and separates. It is infinitely pregnant with possibility and abundance. It is the actual operation of demi-God elements weaving one another into the circumstances of the dreaming life. We look right at it but do not see it. It surrounds us but somehow it is invisible. It has consistency and uniformity and that gives it the appearance of something real but it is turning and twisting and changing all the time. It is coming and going. Can anything be real that is no longer what it was? This is that relative world.

Billions of souls, ...each of them weaving carpets; singly, in concert, in great concert. The uncountable fingers of the mind’s industry. They work with the pattern. They work against the pattern. They change the pattern but it is all directed from a central point out of which the spiral spins. The immensity of the many little industries is staggering. The larger collections of villages and towns... the larger collections of cities and states... the larger collections of nations and continents and hemispheres all... dreaming individually and collectively at the same time. The power at the dream centers is greater. You can hear the actual threads of the dream turn into temporary symphonies of collected sounds. Car horns and voices tuned in the wind to a pitch of synchronicity. It hums up off the pavement. The bass drums of the buses and lorries.

God moves in the dream and can be recognized by his qualities. What are the qualities of God? When you see them you know God has been there. Religions are like intricately woven carpets. The more it weaves to the marketplace the more it takes upon itself the character of the market and the less you know of the thing itself. Well.... Actually it perverts and is no longer the right carpet. The true carpet shimmers with light. It bleeds in remarkable colors all woven from white light. It pours down from the snow capped mountains and colorizes the valley. One thinks of the Ganges or the Nile or the Euphrates. Fecund and ever birthing anew. Mystery and dreams.

Babylon does not need to be named Babylon to be Babylon.

God knows the heart of everyone. From the particular, through vast time and circumstance, the divine weaves the singular thread into the warp and woof. Light and dark combine for contrast and motivations multiply outward to the crystallization of the hard currency of the world and the horned emperor who sits astride the dual world with the dual horns that proclaim the balanced interaction and exchange of commerce where everything is for sale and everything has a price and it’s not the one you see on the tag but everything does not have a price in the wakening realm but everything comes at a cost. Some things are priceless and free simultaneously at the cost of experience or practice.

Who’s who and what’s what is defined in the presentations. I recall something about a dog retuning to the vomit but there goes the beauty.

The dream is very much like a kaleidoscope infused with particular waves of music which set the mood. As the larger appetites acquire to themselves more and more of what they could never possibly use in a personal way while denying access in a general way the world becomes disagreeable. The funny part, if it’s funny at all, is that there is more than enough for everyone. Look at the effort of a single apple tree.

The body is a coffin. It’s a time release capsule and a cassette in the player.

Somehow the dreamer needs to come into harmony with the dream. There is the false harmony of ‘going along to get along’ and then there is the actual t’ai chi of the thing as it moves toward the greater purpose. If I mention feng shui, you might think I was turning Chinese but... you use what fits to accommodate. The Chinese are interesting and you have to admit, the creator made a lot of them. Something in the dream is moving there and soon to become something different than it was. Brooding is a kind of dreaming and small collections of self-important leaders are brooding about things as if they had anything to do with anything. They think they do but they are dreaming. Brood on.

Awakening is the light that illuminates the threads in the carpet. This happens at times the same way that the music changes and it is important to note that there are a number of super highways going in certain directions and some slender paths that are not without their amenities.

This is happening now. There’s a general direction and there’s the unpredictable you. Consider it a spice.

On it goes.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's no Time like the Present and no Other Time at All

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My experiences with the universe have proven to me that it is the product of consciousness. It’s also proven to me that what people know and don’t know is determined by their level of consciousness. Think of the levels in a video game and you are close. People are at any particular level because of the meaning they give to their surroundings and their magnetic attachments to the things they have identified. There’s a general reality that permeates each level and there are the individual realities that work under that umbrella.

Going down, matter becomes increasingly denser. Going up, matter becomes increasingly less dense. Confinement is in one direction and freedom is in the other. It’s not really up and down though. We’re using these terms for the purpose of description. When people want to argue about things it is usually the terms that they latch on to. When people want to understand, they work with the terms to assist in their conclusions. Pressure creates heat. You might consider words like ‘heat’ and ‘bondage’ as two characteristics of the classic view of Hell. We have heard that yogis are fond of the high Himalayas. Think about it.

The cities of the world are compressions of humanity and you can even see the smoke and steam rising up from the manholes and grates as if some great fire lurked beneath (grin). The cities are infernos of industry as well as disasters waiting to happen. Illuminated souls have been known to go in and out of densely populated areas but they are more likely to avoid them whenever possible. A casual study of exothermic and endothermic reactions will apply across the board to everything that’s been said here so far... unless you want to argue about terms. If you are inclined to use terms for the purpose of understanding then you can keep going. Eventually we would get to a place where there are no terms. Terms are not absolute.

One of the main difficulties with embracing the concept of a living, conscious divine presence is due to the inability to define it. Certain minds cannot accept this limitation. In a way they believe themselves to be God. They are helpless in so many ways and at the mercy of so many things but arrogance and self-primacy are not to be dissuaded by any argument that does not conform to what they set out to prove in the first place.

Actually you are God, as much as you allow yourself to be. The guidelines to the proper behavior are all around and you even have a selection of modalities. You want one God as be all and end all? You got that. You want many Gods as attributes, archetypes et al? You got that. Do you prefer the masculine, the feminine or that place where they are one? You got that. You want a God without personality? You got that. You want God with a personality? You got that. Do you want God as a consuming fire or one with horns to satisfy every material desire? You got that too. In most cases you have a formally established game plane, itinerary and road map and all you have to do is follow it. That’s the point where you begin to wrestle with your doubts and degrees of commitment.

The same consciousness is behind every one of these patterns of awakening. Unfortunately for the aspirant it is not a walk in the park. Other things may be a walk in the park and you can see that by the crowds engaged in them. This is also why it is easier to pretend to be doing it than to actually be doing it and why hypocrisy is its greatest by product. You get tested all the way until all that you imagined you were is no longer. Most people do not take affectionately to the dissolution of their false self. They prefer that it be accommodated in the process and that’s not going to happen. One has to be possessed of a relentless intensity and that’s generally acquired at the point when the realization dawns that there is nothing worth having otherwise. Sooner or later the world is going to pound all of the other passions out of you and destroy every possibility of attachment to your temporary surroundings anyway. We all get there, sooner or later.

This is one of the best of times to aspire and one of the most difficult periods to do it in. Because of the latter there are serious bonus points to be accrued. There’s also a large bounty of grace that’s been activated for the occasion. You are also going to be advantaged by all sorts of weird occurrences that ‘should’ tip you off that something different is happening these days. Look at one of the things that scientists are running into.

If you had the benefit of being able to access periods of history that have now vanished from the ordinary areas of human recall, you would see that the same thing happens over and over. Sure, the particular dramas may differ and the costumes and scenery might change but it’s the same thing, over and over. The lessons are always the same too. You could well wonder why a divine consciousness, capable of anything, would put us through this. Why are we engaged in and surrounded by so much suffering? What’s the point?

First off, we do not live and die in a single lifetime. We got where we are as the result of choices and intentions. Furthermore, Planet Earth is only one of a great many possible locations. This is the place where particular things happen. This is a stage set for particular dramas. It’s always under construction for the next demonstration. The question is not; why are we here? The proper question is; how do we get there? Both questions are valid though. You got here because you agreed to come here. You get ‘there’ by putting your energy and attention on it. You aspire. It doesn’t matter what direction you choose to go in, you will have help all the way and that includes the darkest regions you can’t even imagine.

You might think of yourself as a surfer caught in the fury of a powerful wave or a diver who has lost touch with up and down. This happens. Reading this you may imagine that you would easily know which way was up and down in the water but survivors of these conditions will tell you that it can happen that you do not. Life can be very tricky in the same way. I speak from personal experience in this regard. Without a guide you are going to get lost and you will not know up from down.

I know of one technique that I could say would serve in most cases. Ask deeply and sincerely for help and then go about your business. Ask repeatedly. Ask as often as you can remember to ask so that it becomes second nature. Reach as if you were already in the water and did not know up from down and convince yourself that despite what your mind tells you, this is so. Ask persistently. Be exceedingly troublesome. Bang on the door as often as you can remember to. I assure you that there is an intelligence that is aware of your efforts and which has the power and capability to accomplish anything with no limitations at all. The limitations which exist are in your mind and the result of the conditioning you have subjected it to. Recondition it.

If the one you seek is not calling you then you had better make the call; Yes? It comes down to what’s important to you. This is important to me. I serve my own interests by constantly writing about it because it is a personal reminder. You have to assure yourself that something is at your side or living within. Have you gained any lasting satisfaction from anything? What makes you think that anyone who has anything has gained it either? What they have is the real evidence that they have not and all that remains for them is to present the front that they have gained it. This is the mystique of those who lure the unwary. Misery loves company.

Strive hard. As hard as you may strive it will not be enough because you will have to let go, give up and surrender completely in the end. Ordinary death is a mimicking of what it is better to accomplish while still alive. While you are in the world your single duty is to constantly celebrate and remember the presence of the divine. It has to enter into everything you do. It has to be the objective of every thought feeling and action. The most mundane event should have cosmic significance. You must burn with intensity. Don’t settle for the ordinary madness of what is exampled all around you. Go divinely mad. Press inward. Demand an audience. Make a ruckus so that you must be attended to. Imagine yourself as a child in a crib that will not stop crying. Surely the mother will come.

That should do for the moment. That should do for any and all your moments.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sex and the Single Mind, Part 2

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I realized while writing the first part that there was going to have to be a second part because of a few things that didn’t get covered. Mostly it is because of admonitions that must be stated. I doubt that any of the readers here will find themselves in this mind frame but it needs discussing.

Tantra is a much misunderstood science in these times of casual couplings and sex identity, (un-) reality, boutique shows. There’s a gaggle of Germans and sundry going about and teaching the deep and sacred mysteries of tantric sex. No doubt all the graduates can meet up every year in Goa and party down with the ‘just add water’, instant saddhus and sanyasins who carry around black Magic Markers so that you can write your cellphone number on their thigh.

The truth is that it is a rare individual who has the capacity to learn Tantra and it is very unlikely that many of them would come from the west. Without a bonafide teacher, you’ll just be spinning your wheels, which is another way of working on your ‘wrist action’. It takes a lifetime, if not lifetimes, of study to complete the course, which cannot be done in three weekends, with one five day intensive, after which you are proclaimed a master.

It’s pretty difficult to separate Tantra from magic and it is Tantra where the right and left hand paths have their most prominent presence. The chances are that most practitioners will wind up on the left hand path, whether they intended it or not. It’s an area of study that is best avoided by anyone who wants to remain sane. If you think you have the goods to interact with Smashan Tara then, be my guest.

None of these Byzantine intricacies are necessary anyway. If a person would simply work on developing the capacity to express unqualified love, they will achieve as much if not more, than any amount of study put into the workings of Tantra.

There are two main paths to self-realization and they are the path of knowledge and the path of devotion. We have a mind and we have a heart. It might well be that one who attains, to the highest state to which knowledge can bring them, must return again to learn what only the heart can teach them. On the other hand, those who follow the path of the heart need not return for the knowledge; the heart contains it all.

I’ve read so many books and traveled on so many planes, with and without the serious booster rockets. I know less now than I did when I started. It comes upon me stronger and stronger every day that I will apprehend and achieve nothing until I have surrendered utterly ...and life seems determined to force my hand in that regard.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing because it feeds arrogance. Magical powers can be even more dangerous because of the impetus to exercise them. The great Hindu saint Ramakrishna achieved the highest state of realization in his devotion to Kali and had all of the yogic siddhis given to him. Through his life he never used one of them and turned them over to his disciple Vivekananda upon his departure for the higher realms. Ramakrishna also entered into every major religion and experienced enlightenment in each one and afterwards declared, “They are all the same.”

For those on the spiritual path, or who desire to be, I would highly recommend reading the works of Mahendranath Gupta who is more widely known as “M”. He wrote most elegantly about being with Ramakrishna and his observations are a treasure.

Ramakrishna was a very simple guy. Sri Sarada Devi was a very simple lady. Jacob Boehme was a very simple guy. St Francis was a very simple guy. I don’t know how simple Mirabai was but I did want to put her name in the post (grin). It seems to me that the divine has a thing for simple people and elevates their lives and their names into prominence as examples for the world. There’s a point to be made which is that you don’t need the intricate complexities of academia to arrive at the highest understandings. If anything, they are a hindrance. You don’t need titles and awards as evidence that you are worthy or exceptional. The most exceptional person on Earth is the one who seeks the divine with their whole heart and mind.

It is impossible to bullshit the divine. The divine knows things about you that you don’t even suspect and is sitting at the center of your being observing everything you do and adjusting your course accordingly. As long as you choose to believe that everything is under your control you will be allowed to harbor that until the time comes to show you otherwise. I’ve said it before but I need to say it again. “If you don’t seek God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter”. It’s a stern admonition from a spiritual master who was generally known for the sweetness of his speech; Paramahansa Yogananda.

As much as the world can pummel and punish you, no one can do it quite as well as you can. The agony of reflection, on a life wasted, is a terrible fate.

There are only a few things about Tantra that need to be understood and everything pertinent to your particular being will be added as needed; seek to see the divine in everything. When you eat, consume your food as if it were the very stuff of realization itself. Eat with persistent gratitude. Treat everyone as if they were an angel in disguise. Love the divine in everything and surrender the reactive mind every time it rears its ugly head. Let your every word and gesture be an expression of conscious love for what is hidden in what surrounds and permeates you. Become childlike by discarding what you think you know because, you don’t really know it.

Some of those I mentioned were near illiterate. They didn’t read any of those books which we puff ourselves up about for having read. Some of them traveled very little except across the landscape of the great within. They had no armies or fortunes but they transformed the world in the time when they were present.

The divine cannot enter a heart where shortcomings and negative qualities reside and are elevated as desirable characteristics. These must be evicted before you can invite the divine. The divine is waiting right now. The divine is camped on the door step of the gateway of the heart. The divine wants to embrace you as the returning prodigal and endlessly shower gifts and blessings upon you.

What do we do instead? We allow ourselves to be thrown into darkness by demons that consume our treasures and laugh at our ignorance. We voluntarily turn ourselves over to the slave master for torment and abuse. We parade about in the shame of our imagined importance while we are steadily and relentlessly reduced to nothing.

Whenever the sex force arises from the physical core, or through the conduit of imagination, direct it toward the divine. Whenever engaged in some performance of it, let it be that you are having intercourse with the divine. Bless everything you do and offer it up and sooner rather than later you will find yourself in that secret walled garden that opens inward and outward from within ourselves. The word ‘paradise’ comes from Pakistan where it is spelled something like this, ‘para deez’. It translates to paradise and the interpretation of the original is, ‘walled garden’. “All passengers who are departing into the Nine of Pentacles, please sign out with the conductor”.

Everything that we need to be concerned with is taking place within us. The main problem for everyone is a lack of dedication and persistence. We give up and turn off just as we are about to arrive. We send off for a package and then leave before the postman can place it in our hands.

Try to turn your mind to your idea of the divine and watch closely. Watch how you will be off thinking about something else in short order and not know how it happened. You must engage the divine in conversation all through your day. Take a walk in the twilight and at dawn; these are especially good times. Get in the habit of discussing everything that happens to you with the author of all things. Make this the point of your life and I promise you, your life will have a point.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sex and the Single Mind

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I get a lot of letters. Just about the only thing people don’t ask me about is sex and I am grateful for that. Then again, it’s all sex, everything you think and say and do. Since no one has asked me about it, according to my logic, I should probably talk about it (grin). I’m probably going to be at odds with the understanding of some of the readers because of what I’m going to say but... bear with me. I’m not actually advocating anything. I’m applying it to a perspective. Before I get into the points, let me propose a concept we need to keep in mind. Where we are is where we are at the moment. Most of us are not where we think we want to be. We’re aspiring to it; thinking about it, reacting against what opposes us and generally divided between where we are and where we think we want to be.

One might say that one of the primary problems of life is just this; that we are in one place and wish we were in another, that we are a particular person wishing we were a different person. All of this presupposes that we know in the first place and we don’t. We don’t know much of anything but we assume a great deal. Few of us realize just how much of what we think we are is something we have assumed to be true.

I was, or am, one of those people who took radical steps to change myself and my world. This, as you can imagine, led to all sorts of complications. At the same time, “fortune favors the bold” and “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. There are as many homilies as there are Hallmark greeting cards. I mentioned this propensity of mine to a spiritual master once and he said, “You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks.”

Any changes you want to make in yourself and your outer world have to come about through inner restraint. The moment you change your mindset by reining in behaviors, the world will change around you. The world is a mirror. Impatience is an automatic obstacle that manifests before you at the intensity of your impatience. Don’t ask god to give you more patience or god just might give you something to be patient about. Sometimes asking for an increase of virtue... or anything... can bring an increased difficulty in life. You may think you want to step right into Elijah’s chariot and ride up into the heavens but you can’t storm the gates of heaven; this I know from personal experience.

It’s in the simple things that we do in every moment that brings success or failure. It is in our relationships with those around us; our daily chores, the thoughts and emotions that we entertain where we display our readiness to be advanced in understanding.

People want to know if they should be a vegetarian and are concerned that attempts they are making leave them weak. I am much benefited by my diet but I have seen a lot of vegetarians that are not in good health. What is the point of doing the right thing in the wrong way? Sometimes you have to continue as you are while you aspire to change. On the matter of workable vegetarianism, one might profit from checking out macrobiotics and also investigating the diet of those cultures where vegetarianism has been extant for centuries. That’s what I would do.

People go just as crazy through religious and spiritual mania as they do in materialism. Balance is what you want. Harmony is what you want. If you are lacking these you want to get them first.

A wise soul does not project their limitations upon the divine or ascribe human characteristics to it. This is anthropomorphism and this is how you get people who commit all manner of crimes in the name of god because their god is just a bigger version of themselves. This is true ass backwardness. Don’t do this. Impress upon yourself the fundamental awareness of your own ignorance and helplessness and work toward a complete and utter inner surrender to that which is- and always will be- beyond your comprehension. Only god can know god.

I said everything is sex and that’s close to being true. Take a look around you at the way things work and fit together. Notice how plugs go into sockets for electric facility. Consider phrases like, social intercourse, verbal intercourse and use your imagination in order to see that things are going in and out of each other all the time. Note also how all technology is an adaptation on or for the human form. You can have sex with each other, with demons and with god. The direction of your attraction determines this. Why not make god your lover?

Where is god? God is in everything. Your eyes are organs of intercourse. Your speech is a medium of intercourse. Your thoughts and feelings are mediums of intercourse. Your actions reflect the act of intercourse done well or badly. We live in a world of brutal, selfish and impatient lovers. A true master, in concert with the one, can make a simple gesture and transfer more in the way of lasting satisfaction than any act of physical intercourse you will ever engage in.

The desire for sexual union wells up in all of us. We differ in the way we manifest it. You might think of it as a fireman with a high powered hose in his hands. Most people do not have the focus and control to direct this force. I think you can imagine all sorts of cartoon scenarios of firemen and hoses; children in fireman outfits. I used to enjoy going to places where people are engaged in their mating rituals and watching them at work. I got a great deal of amusement from this. We need to investigate the subtle dishonesties of our selfish nature. We hide a lot of this from ourselves because it compromises our assumptions about ourselves.

Everything we do is a sexual act and we do these things with the same lack of control that we practice in the act of sex. People eat unconsciously and you can add most things to the list. We devour each other. One way or another we are all, “One Eyed Jacks” to some degree.

Cultivate a love affair for the divine. Pine and long for the divine. Speak to the divine as a lover and you might be very surprised how quickly you get results you were not getting before. Abandon your anthropomorphic projections, while still maintaining the understanding that the divine is present in everything and everyone. God actually looks at you through the eyes of others and often speaks to you through others but you are not hearing the divine. This is the greatest curse of materialism. It trivializes something that is beautiful beyond human understanding. Every human activity has divine implications but we have ‘earthed’ them to serve our appetites and desires.

We become like that which we love and admire. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. People may think they are going to win by doing it their way and the world gives the impression that they are winning but they are eating sand for breakfast. They are copulating with corpses. They are dancing with the dead in the crypts of a darkling world.

The divine is a living presence. It is not something far off unless you have moved far off from it. Even then, it is very much there and only your perception of the distance exists, which is... another assumption. Even a very wicked person can come to grace quickly were their heart to change. The divine is very susceptible to love, more so than any person. ‘Those who love much are forgiven much’. You are the reason that the divine made and ensouled you. That might not make a lot of sense right away. You are the crown of creation. We need to act like that.

It is how and what we engage in every day that defines us. If we see the divine we will find the divine. Have no concern for what the world may think of your peculiar malady. The mocking dissonance of cowardly hearts is all the evidence you need that you are going in the right direction. The universe is actually making love to you every day. It is our unfortunate response to this that makes it seem otherwise. We abandon our simple, childlike trust because we have seen our trust violated and have violated the trust of others. In this way we forfeit one of our greatest protections. Not all assumptions are wrong. There are some assumptions that we very much ought to make.

Well... food for thought, for me as well as for you; that sexual force can go in all kinds of directions but really it only goes up or down. It is that force which is responsible for all of the greatest art of the ages and all of the cruelties and destructions as well. Use it wisely. Save some oil for your lamp.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everything is Under Control Beneath the Tamas Guna Cloud.

Tonight is the Visible Origami radio show which can be heard here or downloaded here in a day or two. Ciao bella.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings to our readers and listeners across the Milky Way and those of you tuning to us inter-dimensionally or via warp-hopping through the rotating transmitters that bounce the signal at the speed of thought to galaxies and realms beyond the reach of the usual services. This is the real Sirius network as opposed to the not very serious- but seriously pornographic- audio proliferating in the dense realms of matter of the Tamas Guna Cloud which presently blankets this benighted and beleaguered sphere.

Some may think when I say Tamas Guna that I am referring to an individual- perhaps the one who discovered it- named Thomas. That would be incorrect. The Tamas Guna is one of the 3 states of action in the Hindu system. They are Tamas, Rajas and Satwa and would parallel with the Western Alchemical terms of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. In any age we are in some combination of the three with one preeminent. At this time that would be Tamas and you can take that to the bank, which is the best example of Tamas I can come up with and which is the prevailing power of the times. That would be money honey and the adoration thereof. Tamas is darkness and though we may be short of a lot of desirable items at this time we have no shortage of darkness... not that darkness is desirable unless... yes, unless you don’t want people to see what you are doing.

Those rare souls who have the insight and determination to search out sites like Visible Origami and others of like intent, yes... there are others, know that the baser elements of human nature are presently in high celebration and that the higher elements are a drag on the party monsters using the population as party favors. You know what you don’t know and you can see the man behind the curtain. Some of you can even see that he isn’t wearing any clothes and it’s not an attractive sight but... I digress, I think. Perhaps I am not digressing but only engaging in a form of mental moon-walking; being one who also does not know, well... let’s leave it at that.

The four horses are stamping and snorting in the stable as they register the approaching footsteps of their riders who are, appropriately called, The Four Horsemen. What would an apocalypse be without them? People are always noting the negative side of these aspects but it’s only negative when seen in the context of the Tamas Guna Cloud. If you don’t want the darkness shattered with light and you don’t want the cloud transformed into mist upon the shoulders of newly revealed mountains and heretofore hidden kingdoms then, I suppose what is coming will be viewed as negative by some or, more likely, many.

It’s important to remember that these major forces have a general and a personal application. It’s important to remember that their appearance in the outer world is going to be mirrored by an appearance in the inner world at the same time. The dismantling and reconstituting will be taking place in both locations. You can go with it or you can attempt to go against it. The latter would be similar to an individual trying to halt the rotation of the world by grabbing a tree and exerting the impressive force of their personal will. An elementary awareness of physics should explain the absurdity of such a proposition. You might want to consult the Greeks at this point and catch up later or just continue along with me now.

As per the expected, the majority of people maintain their faith in their faithless leaders. They look to them as agents of peace while they wage wars on defenseless populations for personal gain as they plan yet new devastations on new victims. They imagine them as representatives of Hope and Change, both of which are now both working the streets since shortly after they got off the bus from Minnesota last week. These people are the salt of the Earth and- if you remember- we talked about salt and the Tamas Guna earlier.

The interesting thing is that a lot of these people believe in God. Strangely enough it is their belief in this God that makes them comfortable with their leaders killing defenseless people abroad in exchange for their resources and access routes though their country. Apparently their God has put the big stamp of approval on blowing people into confetti for his greater glory.

At other times I have told you that the world is backwards and upside down. So it is that this God they are worshipping is actually a horned demon who delights in cruelty, bloodshed and confusion. This explains how a God who is supposed to be about compassion, mercy and justice can actually be for anything but. They got this God from a particular group of people who have been worshipping him all along. This group of people has become very powerful under the Tamas Guna Cloud because they like all the same things that their God likes and we’ve seen what that is a time or two; have we not?

Telling the truth is no easy affair under the Tamas Guna Cloud. We’re raised by parents who instruct us to tell the truth. We attend schools where we are told that certain virtues are the accepted way and we move into a society that holds these things up as the lights that guide us through the darkness but most people know that this is only going to get them into trouble. Maybe they tried it a few times in the beginning and saw the error of their ways. We’ll take a short pause for an outburst of maniacal laughter. Okay... moving right along and hoping you found that cathartic.

This winter is going to be a watershed moment all across the planet until Spring comes limping in like an asthmatic Wal-Mart greeter searching for a shop steward on his day off. Quite some number of you are going to be pounded like veal before you get dipped into the batter and thrown into the frying pan where you will be seasoned with a generous sprinkling of Hope and Change, who are now equipped with some interesting STD’s that will provide the sensations you get when someone put too much Accent in your chop suey. Just drive your thumbs into the corners of your jaw until it goes away.

A lot of you are going to want to know what Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and Tony Alamo have to say about what’s coming. Tony may be a little harder to reach than the others but he’s busy explaining how God works at the moment. This is all proof that God works in mysterious ways.

My point, as we approach the end of the text portion for tonight’s show is... Hypocrisy is epidemic in nearly every area of human endeavor and just about everything you are told is the opposite of what is being done. The key point in all of this is that there most certainly is a divine presence that permeates and witnesses everything through the very eyes of the people doing it. I’ll leave you with a little metaphysical consideration that you may ponder if you will. This divine presence is the author of existence and consciousness. It composes everything you see. Everything is made out of it. It is also aware within everything, according to its disposition, in relation to the substance so occupied and composed. It is also apart from it all at the same time.

This divine presence can initiate anything at any time within anything or anyone. It allows events to take their course up to the point that it resolves circumstances according to the point it wants to- and will- make. The whole of life is only about this. Everything you think and say and do has consequence. Nothing outside of you has any importance except in relation to this. Everything outside of you has no meaning except what you have given it and that is only temporary meaning. The real meaning of anything and everything exists within the awareness of the one mind. The awareness of any separated mind is only degrees of fantasy.

To see how close we are to great transformations we have only to look at the degree of absurdity that surrounds us. We have only to look at how wide the divide may be between what is and what we are being told it is. You have only to look at the state of things to intuit what is coming. We’ll be closing the text portion of the show now and moving into the pure audio realm.

This is Dog Poet Visible wishing you the best of what’s coming and extending to you the collective greetings of the Sirius Cluster. We’ve got our eyes on you.


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Sleepwalker Factor on the Road to 2012

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Life can be very tough or it can be a walk in the park. The jury is out on which is preferable in the long run. I know people who had an easy go of it early on and people like myself who had a rough time. In later days, I find that those who had an easy go do not now have the will for persistence, because they had nothing to grow against in the beginning. Like it or not, adversity makes us strong.

Another point is that we are all given propensities that we must experience and overcome. The majority of people settle for some compromise with their shortcomings. They justify them. They deny them. They put a cloak of virtue over them or they plead the exigency of circumstance as the culprit. This all points to the prevailing disposition not to be honest with oneself. Failing that, we fail in any case because we wander in a carnival of the unreal.

One has only to watch the world and the personalities who play upon the stage; small stage, large stage, no matter. In many cases the smaller the stage the better because the humiliation is less, as is the sense of loss. We note the wide success of despicable characters in our present day. By example I will mention Tony Blair. Very few people who have his acquaintance, in his theater of operation, like him very much and most leaders in the European Union would prefer he not be named as president shortly ...but the forces behind the scenes are a different matter. There’s a reason for all of this.

We note the preeminence of certain so-called spiritual leaders who express very little of the spiritual in their intentions and deeds. We note that many spiritual teachers are nothing more than business men in mufti. We are not referring to the Islamic meaning of the word in this case. We note that through the ages there has been a wide divide between those whose ambition has over reached their good sense and those who have labored in selfless service.

I’ve said a number of times that everything is under control. As with anything that has a cosmic meaning to it, there is a complexity of interpretation when the mind becomes engaged. The mind is both your greatest enemy and potentially your greatest friend. It depends on who is running the show. Well, you and I are never running the show. We might think we are but that is simply an indication that we will find out otherwise at some point. The impact of this awareness is not usually subtle.

Most people on this planet are warring against themselves as they move through the continuum. For some the struggle will not abate until they have achieved the balance and harmony sought. For most, an arrangement will be made and their personal cassette will play out until the tape ends and another is programmed to follow.

I’m not concerned with people realizing their dreams and personal ambitions. Some will and some won’t and in neither case is satisfaction going to be the enduring result. I’m concerned with the people who have realized that all dreams and ambitions are temporary fantasies.

At one point I wanted to be a major league baseball player; an archaeologist, a rock and roll star and a few other things that I got some degree of proficiency in. At around sixteen I began writing poetry and that consumed a number of years with the lifestyle that attends such employment. This evolved into the dramatic arts and musical performance that then embraced stand-up comedy with political overtones. My activities in most of these areas brought me to the attention of the law enforcement community and a whole lot of trouble.

I worked as a restaurateur and on the radio. It was pretty clear to me as I went that nothing I was employed at was going to be sufficient to what I was actually seeking but I had to maintain some kind of environment and support system, while I was searching. I still do some part of all of these things except for the baseball but they are just routine extensions of something that is going on at another level and whatever I might be doing is an expression of that, like this post.

We’re all doing some version of this at the moment. We’re not all engaged in something, apart from the things we are doing, that influences what we do in terms of our personal evolution. At the same time, yes we are all doing this but with different results. Some of us are consciously engaged and some of us are sleepwalking. You cannot engage a sleepwalker in a conscious exchange. They are not relating to you at the time. They are relating to the dream they are in. A sleepwalker will not be capable of rational understanding and exchange until they awaken partially. Let us use the example of someone coming out of sedation after a medical procedure. There’s a difference between being under the influence of nitrous oxide in the dental chair and a surgical anesthesia compound. Ergo there is a difference between the relative states of different sleepwalkers. If you’ve had an operation, you may remember how you were as you were coming off the anesthesia. You might remember that you were somewhat incoherent and you might not have understood what was being said to you.

The reason for the world, as we know it, is due to the sleepwalking factor. Those who operate in a predatory manner are aware of the sleepwalking factor. Some of them are sleepwalking too. Some of them are partially awake but it is always difficult to define the mindset of those engaged in conscious evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It could be just as difficult to understand those who are doing good for the sheer joy of it and it can also be difficult to tell the difference because some part of the one group masquerade as members of the other.

In times of material darkness, the spotlight is on evil as the preferred route to follow where success is concerned. As a result, many sleepwalkers are encouraged in their dream state to take this route; the dog eat dog syndrome. Up is made to appear to be down. Forward is presented as backwards and vice as virtue. There is an agreement between the sleepwalking predators; the semi-conscious predators and the hypnotically manipulated, uncommitted sleepwalkers to behave against their own best interests because of false labeling. Everyone agrees to embrace a convenient lie in expectation of their piece of the pie.

This sort of thing goes on from age to age with occasional interruptions in the routine. We now approach a time of such interruption and the sleepwalking brigade is going to be meeting a force of awakening. For some this is going to be more traumatic. It depends on the degree of sleep one is experiencing. There’s no way around this. It’s going to happen. It is happening now and there are some numbers of people who are coming out of the sleepwalking state. For many of them it is a disconcerting experience but accommodation is a natural result in the process.

There was a great teacher of the last century named Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. He said it the best in terms of what is coming. I’ll have to paraphrase because I doubt I remember it exactly. He said, “When God comes to awaken you he first shakes you gently on the shoulder. If that does not work he shakes you harder. If that does not work, God picks up a two by four”. Whatever the case may be in your particular case, awakening is the demand and it will be achieved at whatever the cost of the action required.

If you’ve been suffering at the hands of this world from the seeming curse of being partially awakened then you’re going to be in positive anticipation of what is coming. If, on the other hand you have been sleepwalking through the fields of appetite, you will not be so welcoming based on the degree of your sleepwalking resistance. What I have been discussing here is now closer than it appears as you can read at the bottom of your side view mirror.

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This fellow seems like the real deal too. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos lately.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Serpent in the Kunda Pool.

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The master that I met on the beach at Big Sur told me that God is a serpent. I met him at a place called Lime Kiln Creek. He didn’t look like anyone I had ever seen before or since. He looked Asian but that was because of the lines of force compressed around his face. He was dressed in khaki slacks, Clark Desert boots and a brilliant white t-shirt and his body was perfectly formed. There was no guessing his age. He would expel the breath forcefully from his nostrils as if to punctuate his statements. He was very serpentine and he held his hands always as if there were invisible reins. He said to me, “Everything’s under control, take the reins”. Mostly he said, “I don’t know” to most of my questions and then he might answer or not. After awhile I was saying, “I don’t know” too and I really didn’t. I can’t possibly explain what that was like.

It’s the great sorrow of my life that I didn’t stay with him. He said that I should but I had some people with me who were in bad shape, junkies, and they needed to get back to San Francisco and cop. I had thought I could take them to the beach and give them acid and that it might help them to kick. I didn’t know much about that kind of thing back then and it wasn’t successful.

This master did something to me that day. He activated something. As a month or two passed, I found myself breathing in the manner I had observed in him. My forehead would draw down to a point above my nose. I knew something was happening to me but I didn’t know what. About three months after I met him, I was 3500 miles away from the beach in the woods of Virginia and my Kundalini rose up through my spine and blew me- or whoever it was that I had been- completely away. The force of the experience was so great that for the next several years it was with me all the time. My whole body was in a state of dynamic tension and I didn’t need a coat in the winter. The constant state of tension made me very strong. I was an alien of some sort now and there was a constant stream of supernatural adventures that would fill a book.

Finally, ordinary life... well, it was never ordinary but in many ways similar to what was going on around me set in and for some years, I was able to suppress or distract this force but living in any kind of normal routine just wasn’t possible for very long. It was like living another life for a few years, then it would end and another would start and so on and so forth. Sometimes they just crashed and regenerated elsewhere and sometimes they just slipstreamed into a new one. There was a lot of wild chaos and sometimes I look back on it in wonder. I can’t see how it managed to continue without major catastrophe but it did and here I am now. It’s still happening and the dark surround is still coming and going with degrees of intensity.

I was going to my supplier in a Swiss town last year in the early summer when the thought came into my head to try Ketamine. I’d know about it for a long time but never thought about it. It so happened that my supplier had some and I took a sample with me. When I tried it that night I didn’t do enough and thought, “Oh well, no big deal here.” It might have ended like that but the thought came into my head to go ahead and do the whole sample. It was supposed to be one good dosing. So I did and things happened well beyond anything I was expecting. I found myself on some high point of the astral plane talking to Paramahansa Yogananda who passed from Earth life many years ago. This was the first of many such visits with a number of beings. Some of them are still present in Earth life and some of them are not. Then I found myself involved in alchemical events that went through a series of tests and levels and was sometimes nearly terrifying. At one point I thought I had failed something and was condemned to a plane I could never leave. I managed to bridge that and when similar things occurred in the future I knew how to handle them.

Then it moved into a purely serpentine period where I was engaged with enormous serpents that moved in other dimensions. They had something to do with time and often I was in a sort of horizontal Rolodex where I could step out into totally new constructs of my existence. Some things that had happened were no longer around and new things were added. It was as if the fabric of reality could be altered at will. I never felt like I was doing any of these things. They were just happening to me. There was a sense of large events forming on the highway ahead and I could sometimes shape things. It is very difficult to explain. There’s little that is familiar between here and the various theres.

Often it had the texture of fantasy and I would encounter entire races of people whose bloodlines were mixed into the common body but who had a unique and tribal thing to them. I encountered a number of different tribes of beings. I encountered the reptiles but they were so foreign to me and I to them that there was nothing between us. They live on an entirely different level with entirely different interests and objectives.

I could remote view most of the time and traveled to locations all over the globe. I visited some of the political nasties and gave them special messages as you can imagine. I could feel them resist and rebel against the intrusion but what are they going to do? There’s only one mind. I had a real surprise when I visited Donald Rumsfield. With everyone else there was someone home. All of the rest of them were personality composites with psychopathic programming but with Rumsfield there was nothing there. It was just a black hole and the thought of one damned came into my mind. It was an extraordinary experience.

The man on the beach shows up a lot and we talk about what’s coming. I never imagined that I would be engaged in this way. I have taken psychedelics for a long time at a decreasing rate but this was all beyond that. This is so internal. It’s a portal to various dimensions and levels of being. It’s controllable and uncanny beyond description. At one point something like crunchy porridge began to leak out of my mouth and eventually covered most of my shirt front. Where did it come from? What was it? It seemed to be coming from my gums. My lower salivary gland at one point began to spray without cease for some period of time. I only add this as an example of a number of things that have happened which I won’t be talking about due to space considerations or the fact that I wouldn’t know how to describe them.

A couple of months ago my supplier had some sort of life transforming event and has gone out of business to wherever that is taking him. Since that time, no less than a dozen people have contacted me about helping me obtain the item. It’s as common as fish and chips in the U.K. where it is somewhat decriminalized. People from there and Amsterdam and other locations assured me they would be busy on my behalf and several people said it was right there and I would soon be in possession of it and, every one of these people have either never gotten back into contact or woven strange tales that I have difficulty believing. I don’t know what to make of it and must suppose that this is some cosmic thing because there is nothing else that I have any trouble obtaining but I don’t want anything else. In the meantime, heavy pressures have come upon me which the item under discussion instantly dispels. I don’t know what to make of it.

It would be understandable that one or more people would not be able to do something but I have never before seen anything like what I have encountered in the last several months. It is like some power has closed off the access. I’m not detailing much of the interactions I’ve had but I can say that it has been extremely uncanny.

Besides this, something has changed in the world itself. I can feel it and something has changed in me so that I am not always sure who I am at all. This is not a negative thing. It’s just really strange. In some ways it is entertaining because there’s no telling what might happen at any particular point.

I never know what I’m going to write about when I sit down to do it so I’m watching with some surprise the direction this piece has taken. A number of people have written me to ask about my experiences with this item so I think this may help to explain somehow. Then again, what happens for one is no guarantee of it happening for another. The mind is a most mysterious thing and none of us connect to it in exactly the same way as another.

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