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The Serpent in the Kunda Pool.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The master that I met on the beach at Big Sur told me that God is a serpent. I met him at a place called Lime Kiln Creek. He didn’t look like anyone I had ever seen before or since. He looked Asian but that was because of the lines of force compressed around his face. He was dressed in khaki slacks, Clark Desert boots and a brilliant white t-shirt and his body was perfectly formed. There was no guessing his age. He would expel the breath forcefully from his nostrils as if to punctuate his statements. He was very serpentine and he held his hands always as if there were invisible reins. He said to me, “Everything’s under control, take the reins”. Mostly he said, “I don’t know” to most of my questions and then he might answer or not. After awhile I was saying, “I don’t know” too and I really didn’t. I can’t possibly explain what that was like.

It’s the great sorrow of my life that I didn’t stay with him. He said that I should but I had some people with me who were in bad shape, junkies, and they needed to get back to San Francisco and cop. I had thought I could take them to the beach and give them acid and that it might help them to kick. I didn’t know much about that kind of thing back then and it wasn’t successful.

This master did something to me that day. He activated something. As a month or two passed, I found myself breathing in the manner I had observed in him. My forehead would draw down to a point above my nose. I knew something was happening to me but I didn’t know what. About three months after I met him, I was 3500 miles away from the beach in the woods of Virginia and my Kundalini rose up through my spine and blew me- or whoever it was that I had been- completely away. The force of the experience was so great that for the next several years it was with me all the time. My whole body was in a state of dynamic tension and I didn’t need a coat in the winter. The constant state of tension made me very strong. I was an alien of some sort now and there was a constant stream of supernatural adventures that would fill a book.

Finally, ordinary life... well, it was never ordinary but in many ways similar to what was going on around me set in and for some years, I was able to suppress or distract this force but living in any kind of normal routine just wasn’t possible for very long. It was like living another life for a few years, then it would end and another would start and so on and so forth. Sometimes they just crashed and regenerated elsewhere and sometimes they just slipstreamed into a new one. There was a lot of wild chaos and sometimes I look back on it in wonder. I can’t see how it managed to continue without major catastrophe but it did and here I am now. It’s still happening and the dark surround is still coming and going with degrees of intensity.

I was going to my supplier in a Swiss town last year in the early summer when the thought came into my head to try Ketamine. I’d know about it for a long time but never thought about it. It so happened that my supplier had some and I took a sample with me. When I tried it that night I didn’t do enough and thought, “Oh well, no big deal here.” It might have ended like that but the thought came into my head to go ahead and do the whole sample. It was supposed to be one good dosing. So I did and things happened well beyond anything I was expecting. I found myself on some high point of the astral plane talking to Paramahansa Yogananda who passed from Earth life many years ago. This was the first of many such visits with a number of beings. Some of them are still present in Earth life and some of them are not. Then I found myself involved in alchemical events that went through a series of tests and levels and was sometimes nearly terrifying. At one point I thought I had failed something and was condemned to a plane I could never leave. I managed to bridge that and when similar things occurred in the future I knew how to handle them.

Then it moved into a purely serpentine period where I was engaged with enormous serpents that moved in other dimensions. They had something to do with time and often I was in a sort of horizontal Rolodex where I could step out into totally new constructs of my existence. Some things that had happened were no longer around and new things were added. It was as if the fabric of reality could be altered at will. I never felt like I was doing any of these things. They were just happening to me. There was a sense of large events forming on the highway ahead and I could sometimes shape things. It is very difficult to explain. There’s little that is familiar between here and the various theres.

Often it had the texture of fantasy and I would encounter entire races of people whose bloodlines were mixed into the common body but who had a unique and tribal thing to them. I encountered a number of different tribes of beings. I encountered the reptiles but they were so foreign to me and I to them that there was nothing between us. They live on an entirely different level with entirely different interests and objectives.

I could remote view most of the time and traveled to locations all over the globe. I visited some of the political nasties and gave them special messages as you can imagine. I could feel them resist and rebel against the intrusion but what are they going to do? There’s only one mind. I had a real surprise when I visited Donald Rumsfield. With everyone else there was someone home. All of the rest of them were personality composites with psychopathic programming but with Rumsfield there was nothing there. It was just a black hole and the thought of one damned came into my mind. It was an extraordinary experience.

The man on the beach shows up a lot and we talk about what’s coming. I never imagined that I would be engaged in this way. I have taken psychedelics for a long time at a decreasing rate but this was all beyond that. This is so internal. It’s a portal to various dimensions and levels of being. It’s controllable and uncanny beyond description. At one point something like crunchy porridge began to leak out of my mouth and eventually covered most of my shirt front. Where did it come from? What was it? It seemed to be coming from my gums. My lower salivary gland at one point began to spray without cease for some period of time. I only add this as an example of a number of things that have happened which I won’t be talking about due to space considerations or the fact that I wouldn’t know how to describe them.

A couple of months ago my supplier had some sort of life transforming event and has gone out of business to wherever that is taking him. Since that time, no less than a dozen people have contacted me about helping me obtain the item. It’s as common as fish and chips in the U.K. where it is somewhat decriminalized. People from there and Amsterdam and other locations assured me they would be busy on my behalf and several people said it was right there and I would soon be in possession of it and, every one of these people have either never gotten back into contact or woven strange tales that I have difficulty believing. I don’t know what to make of it and must suppose that this is some cosmic thing because there is nothing else that I have any trouble obtaining but I don’t want anything else. In the meantime, heavy pressures have come upon me which the item under discussion instantly dispels. I don’t know what to make of it.

It would be understandable that one or more people would not be able to do something but I have never before seen anything like what I have encountered in the last several months. It is like some power has closed off the access. I’m not detailing much of the interactions I’ve had but I can say that it has been extremely uncanny.

Besides this, something has changed in the world itself. I can feel it and something has changed in me so that I am not always sure who I am at all. This is not a negative thing. It’s just really strange. In some ways it is entertaining because there’s no telling what might happen at any particular point.

I never know what I’m going to write about when I sit down to do it so I’m watching with some surprise the direction this piece has taken. A number of people have written me to ask about my experiences with this item so I think this may help to explain somehow. Then again, what happens for one is no guarantee of it happening for another. The mind is a most mysterious thing and none of us connect to it in exactly the same way as another.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dog Poet for that walk down memory lane.
I sincerely hope one of your readers somewhere (in the UK?) can get to you a bit of ketamin.
Yours truly,

kikz said...

I don’t know what to make of it and must suppose that this is some cosmic thing because there is nothing else that I have any trouble obtaining but I don’t want anything else. In the meantime, heavy pressures have come upon me which the item under discussion instantly dispels. I don’t know what to make of it.

'It would be understandable that one or more people would not be able to do something but I have never before seen anything like what I have encountered in the last several months. It is like some power has closed off the access. I’m not detailing much of the interactions I’ve had but I can say that it has been extremely uncanny. '

.... once a level of initiation is completed, the initiate doesn't ever return to that level, but continues on to others.

just a thought...

Visible said...

Could be. But that wouldn't explain the pharmacist that sends me some now and then (grin).

I'm thinking it has to do with timing and circumstances.

The problem with it being an initiatory thing passing on is compromised by the severity of what is used to counter-balance its absence. But I'm beyond speculation any more. I just know that it's very strange and some of the stories I have heard are even stranger.

Anonymous said...

You are a such a wonderful person. I enjoy your essays so very much... I don't think we will ever meet, even if it was possible. I am a flawed person, an alcoholic and an opioid addict. I also occasional take K. But I see-- I intuit!!-- the goodness in you. Even though I lie and lie.... am still in Malta... will go onto to Ibiza then to Basil(ilicata)., but probably won't contact you. I am too polluted. I dont think I could look in your face.... you would see me out.
Maybe after the Apocalypse. Already have my shelters for that. Buy gold.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I don't know what to make of your predicament or your stories either. I have no context to understand EXCEPT that once I got stoned on pot in Amsterdam and had the overwhelming thought that LOVE is the answer, LOVE is all there is, etc. It's still with me, and I never got stoned since, as I surmised that that experience could never be topped.

Off topic, here is some news for whoever cares:

I just heard from a friend the (great) news about a NJ judge delivering an injunction on mandatory vaccinations.

I hope that a real fight has thus begun, but I fear that this injunction cannot overturn the 2005 international WHO law that supercedes national sovereignty, constitutions, etc. in case of level 6 pandemic, which WHO conveniently declared this summer against swine flu.

E Vero

Unknown said...

As we move about and function in this overworld so does things happen in the underworld. I would say that dark forces gather and move to block actions occurring above. I would respond in kind and gather friends of light.

Anonymous said...

E vero that is certainly something that has my atention right now. The judge may feel secure the WHO will overrule the decision or may feel they don't want to face a charge of crimes against humanity down the road. It is becoming obvious that more people know about this than they expected.

Mean while they are already giving this shot in schools. Shots are being administered around the world and have been for sometime which appear to be nothing short of anti fertility drugs and being given only to women. (the swine flu is now said to kill one in three pregnant women also).

" * WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier -- the exact same coupling as has been found in the Mexican-Philippine-Nicaragua vaccines"

" Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy."

Here is the kicker the antibodies will attack hcg in further pregnancies rendering the women incapable of carrying a pregnancy. They only gave it to women 12 to 49 in Mexico. They are working on the assumption that males to do not contract tetanus. What a sham, this is sterilization drug and these idiot countries who trust the who have moved right along with the program.

The judge in NJ made the right decision but mean while idiot Americans are apparently having their children serilized in schools right now right under their noses. This is all pretty amazing and pretty sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dublin Mick,
I knew about the Phillipines vaccination debacle - quite premeditated. Three million now infertile.

I heard that one person in the swine flu trials saw on their consent form an alert for anyone allergic to eggs or albumin (a no-brainer, since most vaccines are cultured in egg), but also to nonoxyl-9, a spermacide. That got me thinking.

These poor trusting parents! I wish everyone would just wake up.

E Vero

p.s. I've been reading the who docs (go to the WHO website [] and enter "May 2005 Revision of International Health Regulations" into the search engine to find this pdf). Nowhere do I see that WHO supersedes a state's sovereignty unless the state agrees EXCEPT for Part II, article 14, #3, which says:

"Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in these Regulations shall preclude or limit the provision by WHO of advice, support, or technical or other assistance for public health purposes."

But it also says that member states can object to various provisions, but then there are time-limits for their objections (already long passed!).

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick:
I've also wondered about the HPV vaccine, for girls only. I wondered if the real reason they vaccinated girls only was because they were sterilizing them, too. But now the vaccine for the boys is coming.

Anyway, the way the antigens develop for HCG is similar to what is likely to happen when injected with squalene. There is already squalene in our bodies; if squalene is injected in the blood stream, then the immune system will start attacking naturally occurring squalene. Voila, auto-immune disorders.

I think now that all vaccines are bogus. There is no evidence that they even work. Blood letting would be safer!

E Vero

Anonymous said...

In the Bible, the serpent is the one who supposedly gets Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, subsequently banishing them from the Garden of Eden. Are we to make of this that God is really that serpent--urging us to seek the knowledge we need to know who we truly are and how to live our lives? I've always wondered why God wouldn't want us to eat from that tree of Knowledge. It didn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I told my daughter about this and she was about to give my grand daughter a gardasil shot. Caught it just in time.

I have talked to her for years but she says some of the things are scary she doesn't want to talk to her children about. 4.0 average and no common sense.

My other daughter is a nurse waiting for for word on whether shots are mandatory. So yeah it is a subject that I have more than a causal interest in.

Word verification sisdr

Anonymous said...

Where did this sudden appearance of talk about flu come from?

Did you get lost on the way to



nina said...

Simultaneous to when I met you, I cut a full size picture out of the newspaper of a painting exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art's "Domains of Wonder",
December 2005. It is titled King Nriga in the Form of a Lizard Is Trapped in a Dry Well c. 1840

Yes, I understand how it can be so. Dry phases, lush phases, stay cool. It is said he was found wearing leather thong sandals.

nina said...

This is very positive! Everything is going to be great for you Visible.

Stories of Soul Loss from Krishna Lila
A demigod emerging from a lizard body is an image of letting go of the curses and past grief that once held the soul in bondage.

... and then Prince Krishna forgave him his accidental sin and sent him off in a celestial airplane to enjoy the radiant heavenly planets.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick,
Why? Why? Why did the Irish vote yes?

Good on you for talking your daughter out of the HPV vaccine!

Don, sorry I went way off topic here. I think I just like the posters - everyone seems so switched on. Plus I was so happy about the injunction, and wanted to share. A lot of us have been discussing what to do if forced to have the shots, so it's kind of a recurring conversation.

I must say that I really didn't have anything to say about Les's post; I'm not very evolved, I guess. I know nothing of eastern religious traditions.

E Vero

Anonymous said...

Ananta (Ananta Sesha, Sesha Naga)

An expansion of God who appears as a serpent with thousands of heads and who serves as the bed of Lord Vishnu. Ananta Sesha holds all the planets of the universe on His hoods and constantly sings the glories of Vishnu from all His mouths.

chuckyman said...

I have posted a reply to E Vero @ 9:42 pm on the Smoking mirrors site.

Anonymous said...

The Irish did not vote yes on this they just gave them some diebold voting machine voo doo americans have experienced for sometime now.

Midget Sarkozy cautioned them as if they were little children awhile back they would fix it.

You have no say the computer runs your lives. O.K. I am down with that lets go with the computer and have a say in this. Start a blog. Your opinion is as good as anyone else's right?

To anonymous who is worried about changing the subject excuse me. We all know the dogs poetic references are beyond compare but some of us are on different tangents at times. When I was a kid I used to stare out the window. I was on a different time line than most of them. The teacher would come over and hit me on the head with a pencil because I was far removed from the bullshit they were talking about.

I apologize if sometimes I am off subject but I know visible understands it even if you don't so on behalf of all concerned fuck you!

Anonymous said...

There's a great film, a "western", called "Renegade" (2004) - with excellent, spectacular special-effects depictions of the serpents as seen by the hero.
"A Cajun raised by Native Americans tries to keep the peace in a wild west town populated by a motley bunch of scoundrels. With a mysterious manuscript, treasure, mescaline, and journeys to the spirit world, this metaphysical Western, adapted from a French comic book, blends action, romance and mysticism into a film that is vividly psychedelic."

Think you'd enjoy this.


Anonymous said...

E Vero, apparently --

Non è vero. The injunction story started with an erroneous article in Natural News, which Natural News has apologized for.

Anonymous said...

I'm at the nightime cyber cafe. The women are gathering for full moon focusing and to 'work' on perhaps some extradimensional co-operation on the moon-bomb thing - at my house, so - I'm giving 'em space. [bombing Friday 10/09 @ 4:31am Pacific]

I have great appreciation of kundalini stories, personality-erasing, catchin' a fire, phenomenal effects and abilities, losing it for decades, and ultimately finding 'it' again. Cracks me up! Very close to how it's been goin down with me, too.
Forty years on from that time and that master-dude (in India), I again "stumbled on" one such "real deal" character (pure, fearless, dogma-less siddhi master, ruthless yogi, environmental extremist, and so on) again 4 years ago. I took one initial look, and had ZERO doubt. Blew me away.
After 3 years of emailing I recently spent 48 non-stop hair-raising conversation hours with this individual in a west-coast city. I've been back 2 weeks now. No way to describe it, and how it 'is', except that there is no greater fun than real 'satsang' (not the $commerce$ kind, I mean the real shit). And this encounter has reassured me once again that: 1)everything is under control, 2)there are many instances of "I don't know" or "conundrums" and 3)I and I are not insane.
And, as nina says, its about 'overstanding livity'.
This person exhibits many scars and bruises from ongoing battles with various entities. He is american-born, former hell-raiser who got serious around '69 and followed through an inner-yogic discipline. Zero (sm.)-self-interest/ownership; full service 24/7.

Anyway, my bringing this very personal business up is to again assert that: the Master (in numerous forms) is Always Here, but mostly always unrecognized. I believe that this has always been the case, no matter how many genocides of traditions, and targetings of masters/shamans. Work is continuously goin on behind the scenes, as Les always alludes to.

Just makes me both laugh and cry at the Tolle-booth spiritual commerce nonsense, and the rapidly evaporating illusion that anyone can 'avoid' true initiation, or substitute it with 'cool inspiring words' and philosophical/religious concepts.
But there again, its one of those 'conundrums' or 'I don't know' thingys.
I'm soooo ok with 'I don't know'.

ps- anyone have experience with salvia?


Anonymous said...

Scratch that last post visible maybe this thread should just remain concentrated on spiritual matters.

Annsie said...

Dublin Mick I have to ask are you Irish? Someone asked why the Irish voted yes and you said something about diebold machines..We use paper ballots.The Government order some of those electronic voting machines years ago but it never took off..The vote wasnt fixed..I voted no and many of my educated friends did too but unfortunately the dumb masses were so terrified by the threats of us being screwed over by Europe they like lambs to the slaughter voted Yes at 67 percent ot 33..The economy has gone down the pan and there are so many job losses and budget cuts.Fear prevailed..Thats all i can say at the moment because as a Dubliner i am so pissed off at us giving away our freedom ,, its the last vote we will ever get...

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Alas Babylon and the Neanderthal Mind.

mick said...

Oh, this is clear. It's exactly what I did to my daughter when she was learning to ride a bike.

First I gave her the training wheels, until she learned to use them to ride. She really liked it. The wind in her hair, the sun on the road.

Then I took away the training wheels.

At first she wanted those little wheels back real bad, because she couldn't ride without them.

I said, "OK, I'll get them for you just as soon as I can, but right now they're blah blah blah, bullshit bullshit bullshit."

"But in the meantime, don't you really want to take a ride? Just try it without the little wheels for a minute."

"You know, that's why the bike has the big wheels."


Anonymous said...

Great quote - I have always loved it. Hopefully, those words will be remembered as part of the inspiration for a world-wide revolution. Wonder what will happen this 5th of November...

Thank you, Anonymous (3:06am); si, non e vero. Mi scusa. Il mio amico, un dottore naturalmente, me dit che e una injunctione. Io e americana stupida! Comprende? (Don't know if my italian is right either!)

I knew it sounded too good to be true. And yes, my name means "it's true," but I must be more careful, less impulsive in posting. I so needed a bit of good news amidst all the "doom porn," as my partner calls it.

I suppose it is good news that someone is in charge and things will be sorted out. I like to think that justice will win out in the end, but history does not support that.

Speaking of history, I'm homeschooling and, in the years ahead (if there are any [insert nervous chuckle here]), I have no idea how I'll teach history or have the wherewithal to ferret out the real truth of history. Esp. if the internet is gone.

Dublin Mick - Are you indeed in Ireland? What's the deal? And will the Czech's have a _chance_ to turn things around?

E Vero
(now demoted to 'e possibile')

Anonymous said...

Annsie and E. Vero I am just Irish not in Dublin, I am in Florida. I tried to sign in the comment section of several of the U.K. papers using this and the block registered this service is not available to you.

I began using it here so as not to be totally anonymous and then decided to try a blog so I simply used it.

If they do use paper ballots in Ireland some of them must have gone missing. It is hard to believe they would put themselves in a situation where Tony Blair is going to be their leader.

Like they say it doesn't matter who you vote for what matters is who is counting the votes.

Vero I did read somewhere, I forget where right now the Czech leader is making noises like he may not sign off on the Lisbon Treaty. They don't vote on it there the prime minister has to O.K. it and he has not under what some were saying is warming relations once again with Russia.

Could be they are looking at what a great boon the EU has been for Ukraine where there is nothing but chaos.

The EU monstrosity now is living off the backs of the Germans and bleeding them dry. It is hard to see this holding together in the face of the global economic breakdown.

The Irish PM has already said he is going to have Rothschild structure their banking. That should work out well. Ireland will still have economic problems and no rights on top of that.

nina said...

bholanath, You know I hold you in high esteem. Next time you are in the neighborhood, please leave a calling card.
Its safe, no one knows anything there either. Specially me.

Anne R. said...

Dublin Mick was asked a question as to why the Irish voted yes to the Lisbon Treaty..He said we didn't vote yes and that those diebold machines had something to do with it..Absolute bullshit.. I am from Dublin and I voted on Friday against the treaty. WE USE PAPER BALLOTS...

So I don't think Dublin Mick is from Dublin or Ireland or he would have known that...I think the reason the majority of the Irish people voted yes is because they were scared shitless not to.. The entire yes campaign was saying that we need Europe for recovery from our economic crisis. we have lost many jobs over here and our economy is gone down the pan.They voted with their brains last year but this year they voted with fear,,We have given away our freedom which we fought for without a whimper.. its the last vote we will ever have because now the E.U. constitution overrules the Irish one..I am really pissed off about it but I couldn't believe the bullshit from Dublin Mick so I had to respond...Maybe you know he's not Irish already, maybe he never said he was...But the diebold voting scam needed to be called out...Thanks for your excellent blogs they are inspiring and very interesting..

Anonymous said...

Very superstitious..

Anonymous said...


long john here.

re: your question about salvia.

yes, I have a good bit of experience with salvia. salvia is a deep and profound thing. and there are very different levels to it. its deeper effects and aspects are beyond the scope and comprehension of most people, and expecially even these youngsters who do it for a kick nowadays. I can't really explain salvia here, except to say that its a transdimensional and hyperspace kinda thing, but in different way than ayahuasca/DMT... which I also have some goodly experience with as well. i haven't done ketamine though, but its not too difficult for me to obtain, should I decide to try it (i have excellent connections and resources in this area). however, i would really like to hear more about it in depth from someone who has done it (meaning somone like visible, or with a similar spiritual insight and background) has to say about it. i like to get a feel for something from other 'unusual' folks like myself, before trying it out. i find that hearing what other people, people who are fairly similar to me in age and in psychedelic background, have to say, is quite helpful to avoid any potential problems. i actually have quite a bit of long-time and considerble experience with LSD, mesacaline, psilocybin, DMT, MDA, salvia divinorum, and peyote. (I have also done STP (DOM) a few times way back in the late 60s). i've also spent a lot of time in India and in mexico & central america, if that means anything. so i have a pretty broad perspective. i am interested in K, and i know Les mentioned it, but i am not clear or sure if that is actually what he was referring to toward the end of his essay. however, i would like to hear more about K (or whatever) if either Les or anyone else would willing to share what they know or have expereinced. these sorts of things are not out of reach at all around where i am located (northern california). i have some connections, and i also know a few other 'special' people who have special connections in my area as well. if anyone wants to share anything with me privately, visible has my personal email.

long john

Anonymous said...

A Shamanic Serpentine Ayahuasca Trip

(here is an interesting video simulation of a serpentine psychedelic trip - its a clip taken from the movie "Renegade"):

Anonymous said...

long john here...

btw, i somehow forgot to include the following blurb when i posted those links to the video clips of the simulation of the character's mesacaline (or ayahuasca) trip with the shaman, from the movie "Renegade"...

Renegade (2004)

"A Cajun raised by Native Americans tries to keep the peace in a wild west town populated by a motley bunch of scoundrels. With a mysterious manuscript, treasure, mescaline, and journeys to the spirit world, this metaphysical Western blends action, romance and mysticism into a film that is vividly psychedelic."

long john

Anonymous said...


Just to share and nothing more.
I have been fighting the need for drug use for years. I have come to understand I dont need to use to get what I think I need. Now that hasnt stop me yet, still woking here. I can tell you that the ideas and thoughts I have created why under the influence are fine and health, but not lasting, like the drug?
"A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars." Henry David Thoreau
Im saying its better to build a life without the filters of "body thinking." Its not to say the body doesnt have a place or good lessons to teach us, but not when we alter it for non body things, ie the altered mind state of durg use? There just two different things? Not to use David too much, but Im saying we need have more control of the events we think about, and take more ownership of them, while creating them and sharing them?
"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."
Henry David Thoreau

RW said...

I dream

For decades I liked acid. Never had Sandoz LSD, just the imitation whatever thats called acid. It felt man made.

Mushrooms were grown in a sacred manner as divine sacrament, and ritually used. The entity who appeared as "the other" clearly told me when it was finished interacting with me.

Words can't describe "the other"

I grew again seven years later and couldn't bring myself to eat 'em, perhaps out of respect that came with symbiosis? They remain in storage to this day. I show them to people who sometimes rant about drug abuse and addiction.

And smile

Anonymous said...


Fyi... ISKCON is full of self-appointed bogus gurus who preach nonsense philosophy.

A great many of these are sick homosexuals and pedophiles, most of which are vicious women-haters who favour and support other slimey homosexuals and creepy pedophiles, and there are even a few murderers. Here are photos of many of them...

Photos of bogus ISKCON gurus:

And here is a more extensive list...

ISKCON - The Complete Blacklist:

-- long john

Unknown said...

Unabated Reality

Anonymous said...

Yes, ISKCON is taken over by the demons.

They killed our beloved Srila Prabhupada.

It's no small coincidence a majority of these demons are so-called "Jews"

Paste this (below) in Google and videos will be available of Srila Prabhupada expounding on the Illuminati... Also he talks of their desire to kill him.


Anonymous said...

Les, My experience with MR K, is he only shows up when he wants to. And no amount of searching on your part will find his hiding place.

nobody said...

Bholanath, I always like your gear mate.

As for Renegade it was called Blueberry in Europe, that being the original title of the Moebius comic. It's a big fave of mine and I wrote a thing about it here if you're interested.



Visible said...

that might be true but I think it more likely a matter of location because I know quite a few places where appearance would be pretty quick.

It's also more likely that I'm just not putting that much effort into it either. I talk about things that happen around me or appear in my mind now and again. Generally they're only there for the time I'm commenting on them and I move on the something else or, more likely, nothing.

I could easily hop on a plane but I don't so... it must not be all that important or some version of what you said has something to do with the trouble I do or do not take.



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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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