Saturday, March 30, 2019

Awaiting the Unshakable Vision and Experience of Every Single Mind in a Unison of the Shared Awareness of One Mind

When life is at its best is when it goes on around us, without causing discord and chaos inside us. Some things just don't feel right. Certain scientists can say they are working to cure cancer but then you see pictures of a human ear grafted on to some animal. This could make a sane person wonder if there isn't some other route to solving the problem they are allegedly engaged in solving.

There wasn't as much Cancer around in earlier times and certainly never the myriad of kinds of Cancer we see today. I'm not a scientist, being nearly entirely, right brain operative. I do pay attention. I find that not paying attention can have painful and even fatal results. I use tools like 'logic' and 'reason'. I know they've gone out of fashion for the most part but I still find them incredibly useful. One of the reasons they aren't employed very widely these days is because they get in the way of the agendas of certain powerful cabals that are engaged in promoting illogical and unreasonable trends and lifestyles on the majority of us, who have no great attraction for behaviors, whose sole purpose is a pathological exhibitionism, being exercised by those in search of some legitimizing identity because they no longer know who they are. Another factor is a raging hunger for sybaritic experiences.

What those so driven do not realize is that the motivating force for these things is not self generated. It's coming from pernicious enterprises who have an end in mind that is unknown to those being manipulated by them.

There's a mob mentality on the loose these days, screaming about Equality and Freedom for the so called downtrodden and persecuted classes, no matter what such freedom might entail in its effect on everyone else.

All the political correctness + identity politics + diversity brain power-washing, is for one objective only; the manifestation of Stalinesque Communism on the American landscape. This is the end game that certain forces have in mind for the American people and... far as Cancer goes, it is one of the most profitable conditions that exist for the medical community. They have no intention of curing it and have gone so far as to kill maverick scientists who have discovered cures. The majority of cancers are the result of rampaging appetites and toxic lifestyles. Certainly some amount comes about through environmental poisoning and other causes but mostly it is generated as a guaranteed byproduct of bad lifestyles and a culture in decline.

If you want to know who is behind most of the horrors being visited on humanity, you have only to look at who controls our information portals and especially who is making money from the lies being generated. ALWAYS follow the money.

If you have studied how Communism comes into power; who it is that promotes Communism and what occurs on the road to Communism becoming the governing mechanism in a country, where it has taken over, you find that Political Correctness, identity politics and diversity, or other like terms, directed to the same end, were at work in the run-up. You don't have to study the conditions in Russia before and during the Bolshevik Revolution for any great length of time before certain things become clear. We aren't all equal and never will be on this plane. When someone comes along and starts telling you they can make this happen, you had better watch out. In truth we would not want it that we were all equal. That would manifest a bland and insufferably pedestrian world, where aspiration and certain forms of excelling would no longer exist. It would be a gray world.

When you start seeing people like Alexandria Cortez and others of the new crop of freshman firebrands now in Congress, you should know there is trouble on the horizon. One should also be aware that Hollywood and the other entertainment industries are extremely powerful in affecting how the public is manipulated into believing lies and acting against their own best interests. There is a revolution in consciousness taking place and because we are in a time of apocalypse, where lies, old and new, are being exposed, certain entrenched forces are going all out to counteract the positive changes happening in the human mind. The status quo will stoop to anything, no matter how depraved, in order to remain in power and one of the ways they do that is to accuse others of committing the very crimes they are, in fact, guilty of.

We must ALWAYS be on guard against the efforts of those who seek to convince us of what is not true. Many have died or experienced awful pain from having believed what is not so. I don't think I need to provide any examples; the examples are everywhere. We may not, ourselves, know what is true but... what is not true, is an easier reach.

In these times, the lies proliferating across planes, platforms, lifestyles, infrastructures and institutions around the world is breath-taking. The audacity of certain liars is also breath-taking. Lying is no longer lying, it is just another form of creative self expression. It is what allows for people like Jussie Smollet to saunter off in an exaggerated, plucked eyebrow, huff for having been accused of something he did. He was accused and charged for something he flat out did. It allows for massive international corporations to engage in outright blackmail over positions of legitimate conscience; I am not arguing a 'for or against' here. Behind this posing and posturing is another front in the war against Christianity and everything like it, that stands in the way of a culture destroying free for all. I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Christ.

What is presently at work is a abominable attack on moral structures of any kind. It has less to do with the issues presented as it does with something deeper and broader, beneath the madness of the crowds, and those who inflame it. It is an assault on the family unit, which is the cornerstone of civilization. It is an intentional blurring of the lines of what is natural, for the promotion of what is not and it leads from one thing, to the next thing, to the next thing, until the next thing is something that might have awakened horror and outrage, a few things previously. It is a incremental shepherding of the ignorant, inattentive and indifferent in the footprints of a Judas Goat, through the paddocks and out upon the killing floor. It is clear and inarguable to any 'objective' observation of 'the evidence' but objectivity is now a crime. Anyone who calls attention to the visible war on harmony and balance, is now subject to be reviled and is a target for the truly crazy inhabitants of the asylum.

Step by step, powerful and lunatic, well funded aggressions against any form of normal are now routine. News Flash! “Today a wheel of Parmesan Cheese was arrested by empowered authorities from The Tribunal for Social Justice and jailed for the crime of illegal inter-species comestible appropriation.”

Today... as I scanned the news sites, across the spectrum from Left to Right, I saw the inescapable evidence of a country in free fall toward something as yet undefined ...but under no circumstances is it to be a positive outcome. Only The Divine can halt the runaway -out of control- catastrophe bound carriage now. How this may come about is unknown to me. Perhaps some spontaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity might occur. Perhaps, the day will break and many will have vanished to some undiscovered location.

At the same time, there are strange events taking place on the legal front, concerning several major courts withdrawing in unpredictable fashion from an issue in the military. Years long investigations against the president are coming up empty. Reporters are being caught out in false news reportage. There is outrage across the country and around the world against undesirable trends being forced on the youth though the education system. Forced immigrations are being met with force. For such a time there was a trend of many things toward particular ends and now there is a noticeable shift taking place. What are we to make of all this? Perhaps it is simply a correction thru imbalance seeking balance. It might be something else. We will surely see as time passes.

Each of us are responsible within ourselves, within our own hearts and minds, concerning the manner in which we live our lives. It could be that whatever judgment is upon the horizon is of a type to take place in an individual manner. A moment comes and the veil upon our eyes, that hides us from ourselves, is lifted and each of us is compelled to see ourselves for what we are, measured against the eternal measure of what eternally is. This is as possible as anything else.

Anyone who is still able to look upon life in a truly impartial way, knows that some summing up must come to pass, one way or another. Part of a continent might disappear and shake everyone in their shoes at the awesome spectacle. The heavens could open. The Earth might open. Both might happen, simultaneously. Speculation is idle for the moment. Eventually, Reality will rear its head, at a wide reach, or within millions of minds, suddenly presented with the unshakable vision and experience of one single mind in a unison of the shared awareness of one mind. Time will tell and we shall see.

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I know you probably expected an Origami that fit the usual expectation of the presentation being... being... I don't know. The blogs tend to switch places now and again and it can be said that you get much more Origami now than was ever the case before. Hopefully it all works out in the end (grin). Be well my friends! Much Love and many blessings upon you!!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Feral Cats, Slugs and Bugs and Vampire Bats; these are Not a Few of My Favorite Things.

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Day after day the unrelenting press of undesired and forced change is upon us. Day by day the lives of confused and troubled individuals are more and more the news of the moment and more and more the more important news, by comparison with all else. Switching back and forth between genders, as well as stopping at any place along the way, has replaced every other fashion accessory and also become the quick route to a greater personal popularity, as well as book deals, movie deals and all manner of financial windfalls. It cannot have escaped the readers notice that this revolutionary fever finds its ways into these blog postings on a regular basis. This is because they are now the main news items in every media, along with bashing the president and promoting war on the white skins. It's the talk of the town, wherever your town may be.

Serendipitous acts of mass murder are wonderful news for those whose agendas can be validated accordingly. If you want to assist a fully-materially hypnotized culture into seal like zombies, clapping their flippers at mentally challenged acts of ever worsening depravity, you've only to bring it to their attention over and over and over. AND... whether it is the utterly perverted, the slightly less perverted, the incrementally less perverse Huffing and Puffington Post, to the only severely perverted (once known as, which was a joint Bill Gates and NBC venture), you are, without a doubt, able to find feral cats, slugs and bugs and vampire bats, caterwauling and harking their wares, or sampling your essence, so as to put a rose flush on their cheeks; either set of cheeks will do.

The irony of course is that it is members of the most privileged Tribe on Planet Earth that are schooling the rest of us on privilege. Somehow it is okay for them to push tiny demographics of sexual diversity, the color wars and immigrant rights above native born rights on the rest of us (the authors name identifies the agenda), as well as to scold us for being the villains, when a casual afternoon of research, concerning everything from the slave trade, the murder of tens of millions in Communist countries, to the 9/11 attacks, identifies them, as the across the board villains ...but you've seen chapter and verse here for a very long time over the course of time. I never say anything I can't prove in triplicate.

I am past tired of writing about these issues. My certitude in the existence of a divine being and associated luminous hierarchy, compels me to expose their profligacies because almost no one else has a word to say, because most everyone else are cowards; believe they have too much to lose, know they will not be able to get paid for writing the truth, are too otherwise occupied with acquisitions and appetites, or have been dumbed down to the level of the beasts of the field.

I keep telling myself I will just walk away and focus my attention on the wonders of the ineffable divine. Soon enough, talking about that will be every bit as controversial as the other items anyway. I'm going to give it a shot folks. When I depart from direct commentary about the glorious singularity, it will be for issues along this line. Yes... I have far more interest in this tale than I do the rampant proliferation of gratuitous evil such as this. As you scroll through that tedious carpetbagger soliloquy, keep your eyes open for how the author describes itself. What a surprise!!!

So that will be it for links, with the exception of putting this one in yet again, as it is already present three paragraphs up but I want to call attention to it because it is a POWERFUL event that is going to send the anti-human left into a frothing lather of vituperous wailing and gnashing of teeth. Yes... that did make my day.

I have nothing against people seeking a better life and some will find it. I do have a great deal of opposition to the destruction of this country; be it ever so captivated in material squalor and on the road to epidemic outbreaks of insanity. There is always the possibility that the hidden hand will make a series of magical passes in the air and sweep the landscape clean of the plague of selfish pursuits that are the avocation of the hour.

Every atheist I have ever heard about, read, or spoken to, is as they are, solely because of the history and hypocrisy of religions. It is a classic case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. As Materialism has become more and more the order of the day, religions have degenerated into business opportunities for scoundrels. What the 'new age' has turned into is no better. You can't hear anything anymore because all conversation is drowned out by the cash register ring. That might well be a mercy, given that the subject is pretty much how we are all Gods. I'll not argue against the possibility of that but I will say that those who purport to call themselves Gods had better make very sure that they behave like one and express through their words and actions the qualities of divinity. There are special plot twists that await those who falsely represent themselves as that which is far beyond the reach of their murky wit and wisdom and most assuredly beyond their ability to demonstrate it.

I do not presume to define the indefinable, nor explicate the inexplicable. The nature and composition of the divine being is well beyond my comprehension. I gain some measure of limited understanding of that being through the life records of those who came here as representatives of the divine and according to what I have gleaned, the more of the presence of that being which I can court into my existence, the better. I've no great love or attraction for the glitter of shiny material objects, nor for the power, position, fame or wealth one can accrue here. I would just as soon move upward and onward to the splendor of other worlds, in the realms of radiant light beyond the darkness of this world.

In the final analysis of what is resident beyond the reach of the physical senses, it comes down to an act of faith, to live in the promise of a life to come, with little evidence, according to many, of what lies beyond, available to us here. For myself, I see evidence of it every day. By now, EVERYTHING is, to me, some indication of the reality of the Kingdom of God and the surest and most certain means by which one may strive to arrive there is to simply act as one who is already a member of the Kingdom of God. Behave like a citizen of that place and eventually it will materialize around you. I am convinced of this past the impact of any and all arguments to the contrary. The Divine is Real. Everything else is a temporary chimera, projected on the screen of existence by a deluded consciousness.

It may not seem so at the moment but the light is going to break upon all the separated minds. For some this will be a moment of joy and liberation. For others it will bring a great terror ...because all that they thought they had a grasp on and which gave them a sense of a familiar being is going to adios.

There are all manner of threats and deceptions abounding on every side. However, these are all mere empty phenomena of ghost lands and ghost dancers and have no real substance at all. The power of Truth, as is the case with the power of Love, is greater than all the aberrations and creations born of power borrowed from the source of all power. All power comes from a single source. Material physicists have already mathematically proven that the universe and everything in it is thought born; that everything is composed of mindstuff. We also have it on good authority that there is only one mind. This indicates that somehow we have managed to separate ourselves out of the whole by an effort of will, so as to grant validity to our individuality.

Personally, I believe in and exist in the one mind and whatever temporary appearance I may have at any point on this plane, where the only constant is change, is simply a momentary thing. We have people now identifying as all manner of hallucinatory selves; “I identify as this.” “I identify as that.” “I am living my own truth!” (as if there were such a thing) These would all be objects of humor for me, were they not so terribly sad. All of these ghost dancers are driven by one force greater than all of what they profess to be driven by and that is the desire to stand apart from the crush of billions; to be able to claim a uniqueness of self, apart from the pressures of conformity that come at them from all sides. Good luck with all that.

Set your feet on the path while there is yet time remaining to do so. The world ends for some number of people every single day. What is the difference for them, if it occurs in some global event, or just a personal demise? The forces of positive change awaits us all, from the moment we make a positive change. Carpe Infinitum.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

When Up and Down are no Longer Up and Down, Everything Goes Sideways.

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The language is getting coarser and it is being abbreviated, such as; c u latr. We used to call them, “privates”, at least I did. Now we call them 'junk', or at least I don't. Women and Ladies are now called 'bitches' and 'ho's'. There is a certain negative intensity between men and women these days. Women are disturbed by the way they are being seen and treated; not to mention, identified as. Has there been any outrage about the rappers and what they call them? A very little, here and there. Mostly it is about privileged white men; forgetting that most of us are not, 'privileged white men'. Of course, the point to keep in mind; the argument is... exactly what the people creating it intended it to be. I notice that a good number of the radical chosen, the ones making all the noise, for some reason, do not recognize themselves as 'white'. Interesting... I also notice that plenty of people are complaining about rapper defined females but 'the press' is not interested in bringing that to anyone's attention and... if you do bring it to their attention; quite likely you will have attention brought to you but not in that context.

Now and again, over the course of history, it can be dangerous to be inclined to see things as they are. There come times when the safe move- guided by appearances- is to go along with the program(ing). In some ways, I am a handicapped person. I am not capable of going along with the program. I've tried, dear god I have tried. I just can't seem to do it.

What passes, presently, for music, is not music. It is not only garbage, it is intentionally offensive to one's sense of humanity. It is entirely focused on appetites and appearances and the appearances are distorted in their appearance, as if to look like characters in a painting by Bosch. There is a war on against human dignity and against all positive evolution. We are being shaped, like it or not and... if they can't shape you, if there is something wrong with the composition of your clay, or another potter has already got his hands on you... there could be problems. Like I said, I'm handicapped but in a way I like and though I may not rate a parking place, I have a place to park, even if you can't see it.

The desire objectives of the sex force are being created by twisted mandarins; the focus of the sex force and the definitions of natural expressions of the sex force are being changed. We are in general agreement about the directions of, 'up' and 'down', for the moment. However... if the schools make changes in the way we understand and commonly identify, 'up' and 'down', if it is relentlessly hammered into unformed minds that up is no longer up and down is no longer down; both of them are now 'sideways', eventually, if only through peer pressure, a great many of us are going to see sideways and are going to be going sideways.

In times of material darkness, one of the things that begins to happen, because darkness seems to be in the drivers seat, is that the most unintelligent, the most deluded and the most abnormal among us, somehow wind up setting the parameters of acceptable behavior for everyone else. There is an old saying, it has probably been around as long as the item mentioned has been around. That phrase is, “follow the money”. If you want to know why things are the way they are at any point in time, find out who has the money. Find out who is in control of the money and especially, who prints the money.

The sex force is the most powerful force in manifest life. One might ask, “what about the survival instinct?” or “what about the thirst for power?” “What about the hunger for wealth? Isn't that what money confers on you? Wealth?” Sex is the most powerful force and the main attractive force in life because the sex drive is linked with what too many of us think is Love. It is not Love. It is a means and a vehicle through which many of us believe we are expressing Love. These days it is described as 'hooking up.'

When you change the meaning of things, you automatically change the ways that people understand them. When you are unsure of the deeper meanings of right and wrong and when you lack the proper mathematical understanding of harmonious life... when for you, two and two no longer add up to four, you're in trouble. You are in trouble because the way everything actually is, is no longer the way you see it. You wind up out of balance. Harmony goes 'sideways'. The bow repents of the pull. The band has been stretched to the point that your personal strength can no longer hold it... and yourself place. Any moment you are going to be snapped back to where you started going off the reservation from.

A large portion of our technologies are designed according to the normal sexual equation. Listen to what this person is saying in the video.

Source video and article on this page.

Study the argument being made and the reasons given for the condition this person is in and do not overlook the stated motivation of the whole affair. This is one more example of someone living their own truth.

Here is a place where you can see all manner of strange things, including Catman, if you go looking.

In the meantime and below the radar, a technological revolution is taking place, the likes of which we have never seen before and at a speed beyond the control of our moral sense to contain the possibilities. Still... there are amazing things coming up. How amazing is that?

Also, news is breaking through in some of the worst cesspools of sewer journalism. Have you ever seen an article like this in a place like this?

Stride for stride, the Satanically confused and self abused, are willing to go to any lengths to get their pictures in the paper.

Then comes the most blatant example of fame seeking obsession. State your cause and wait for the applause. It's clear as daylight and backed by hard data that these new vaccines are really bad for you. The statistics on autism and other similar ailments, resulting from vaccines, are conclusive. Similar actions and articles are suddenly coming up in our collective windshield because- I'm guessing here... vaccine enrollment is way down. The challenges have gotten too much publicity. You can't go to a super market, or anywhere with a pharmacy, where you aren't hit up in bold type to get your vaccinations. I'm seeing large adverts where you return your shopping carts, in the parking lots that say, “Free Vaccine shots!” Then in tiny print underneath, it says, “covered by most insurance plans.”

I gave you that flurry of links to showcase the 'racing down the highway' side by side, counterparts of opposites, that seem to say that the fabric of fabricated existence is tearing apart. Some powerful force of light is pressing on the long darkened awareness of the many. On the one hand it is driving the bat shit crazy front and center, for the collective focus of awareness in transition. On the other hand, there are glimmers of long awaited change on the way. Back behind the fire door that leads into the inferno, the planners of dark fantasy are feeling another kind of heat. This is the heat of Mr. Apocalypse.

Apocalypses are a form of cosmic spring cleaning. The travesties of life can only go so far before mysterious and invisible hands begin to pull existence back into balance. There's no guarantee that many will not perish and suffer, simply because a mini golden age is on the doorstep; for those who can more clearly see what is and what is not. If ever there were a time to get a clue, that time is now.

We can see ourselves in as many ways as there are to be seen. Usually this is controlled by what we hunger for. We adjust our self understanding to accommodate, to legitimizing (in our minds) that which we desire. In many cases at present, there is a power acting on the consciousness that is demanding an awakening. Resist at your peril. It is absolutely true that when you turn in the right direction, forces of good rush to your side to help you on your way.

Beyond this shadow show, beyond this temporary dance of frenetic disorder, good and evil lose all meaning. It's something to shoot for, if you are thinking of doing something useful for yourself and those around you. If you are enraged, if you are angry, it is because you are confined. It is because your freedom of being is restricted. Many might not know how true this is but the drive for liberty is one of the strongest forces within us. At present we are learning, or should be learning that doing everything that feels good is not in one's best interest and results in the opposite of freedom across the board.

The reason it states in the Bible that, “At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow,” is because Jesus the Christ was the living evidence of everlasting freedom. What greater statement of freedom is there than that one should conquer death?

I am not a Christian in any conventional sense but I am a respecter of greatness, when that greatness is an expression of the highest love that can be known or experienced. I would rather follow the master in my every moment, than to set aside appointed times of worship, when it should be a continuous affair. I have far less interest in the letter of the law than I do in the spirit of the law. That force which was Jesus the Christ, still is Jesus the Christ ...and he is waiting, helping and guiding at every and any point when anyone seeks to emulate the poetry of his immaculate art. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yesterday... I was reflecting on the course of my life to this point and most especially on what lies ahead. I saw the power of the forces of resistance that awaited me, as I made my way along the switchbacks of that mountain, wreathed in clouds and which hides the splendor of the light that awaits. I said to myself... seeing in real clarity, the degree of difficulty I would face as I continue, “I don't see how it is that I am going to be able to do this with the shortcomings I still carry on my way.” This thought was suddenly pushed out of my head and the inner voice said, “Of course you cannot do this, however, it is not you who does this, it is I. This has been the point all along of telling you to 'rely on me'. I am the one who walks this course at that point where you cannot, nor anyone else either. All who imagine they steam under their own power WILL FAIL. All those who turn over their will to me at the necessary times and who have been doing this by degrees all along, will not fail. Rely on me!”

I had been so immersed in the thoughts of my own futility that I had factored out the very thing that has gotten me to where I am today and which will surely take me through every test and trial. Every test and trial is ONLY about checking the level of one's faith in what leads them. For those truly committed souls it is a walk in the park. It is all about the internal battle for control, which is most present in times when the uncertainty is greatest. There need never be ANY uncertainty and once that has been understood, all will be well. It would be well to comprehend that you have never been in charge; you were only permitted to think you were, to learn how definitively you were not, for the purpose of demonstration.

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"There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come."

Sunday, March 03, 2019

We are Origami in the Hands of God... also Shaped by Our Resistance.

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The craziness keeps mounting. Now... because white people didn't exist, black people had to invent them. Surely incisive philosophical discourses like that don't exist in a vacuum. There must be parallel trends in the culture that mirror this kind of 'living one's own truth'. It appears that Phillip Larkin was right and with the proper spin put on gathering 'rosebuds while ye may' (different poem) combined with some secular humanism, where the ethics one does not possess in the absence of God and a good amount of Crystal Meth, one can materialize the necessary sophistry to goll-darn guarantee it that if it feels good you had better do it over and over and over, until you can't feel anything at all. Yes... there are advice columns like that all over the place these days. This one appears to be a brother-sister act. The sister side of the act has her own alt-venue. By this time I'm not looking any further. All of this and ten thousand other absurdities are now considered acceptable behavior and desirable points of view.

This is Origami and I don't want the post rife with a variety of examples of psychotic lifestyles. The intro was merely to set the stage for how to live a meaningful life in a meaningless culture. Where I live there are few laws for cellphone use when driving. I watch the drivers of other cars as we go by them on the highway. The amount of people jabbering away while driving and even texting against the steering wheel is startling. USUALLY I see more people messing with their devices than not doing so. I am convinced there is some form of mechanic-electric hypnoses taking place. I am convinced that there is a pitched battle taking place for the possession of human souls.

I have been told, over and over, “rely on me”. Sometimes I have heard it repeated dozens of times while taking a walk. In the beginning I heard it often. As the appearance of time passing has continued, I hear it less and less, because I am reflexively doing so more and more. Now I hear it as soon as I present some argument in my mind about where I should be living. Should I get a rustic cabin in Idaho? That is when I will hear, 'rely on me'. It seems I am right where I am supposed to be and if that should change, it will change automatically.

Since I have made sweeping changes in my life, I have been experiencing a spiritual revolution at a pace greater than I have seen in decades. I kick myself, routinely, for having wasted so much time. It is then that I am told that I had no choice in how my life went and I shouldn't waste my time trying to figure out why that was. Then I am told immediately after that, “rely on me.”

Shortly after I made what proved to be an effortless transition into a completely new way of living, I began reading various books by certain authors. It is uncanny in the extreme how each of them is saying the same things; mentioning, 'the presence', sometimes 'the angel of the presence', mentioning an utter reliance upon the ineffable in ALL THINGS. Sometimes I am drawn to a particular book and find myself hungry like a child for chocolate, unable to put it down, drinking in the commentary as if I were tormented by thirst and finding that the thoughts which attend the written words are acting upon my system like actual nourishment. It is hard to put it clearly into words. It is difficult to express the real degree of force that has entered into my life in respect of this.

I want, with sincere passion, to convey to the reader how very, very important the pursuit of the presence of God is. Well... how important it is to me and could well be for others. That is the driving engine behind the composition of this book I am working on. Imagine how it is when you have been searching for something through your entire life and then... at a certain point, you realize that what you have been pursuing was far more important to you than you had ever imagined. It moves into your Event Horizon and then diminishes the importance of anything and everything you have ever before seen or experienced.

Looking for God is one thing. Finding God makes the entirety of life a black and white, low resolution illusion. Nothing has any further importance. It is as if everything one had ever thought about in terms of romance, or accomplishment, or any possession, whatever it might be; any position or degree of fame seen or heard of, is turned into confetti from yesterday's parade, blown about in the streets by itinerant winds. The magnificence of God, even the tiny glimmer I have so far encountered, reduces everything to less than nothing.

I spoke to God so often in earlier years, mostly because of the relentless difficulties that were the hallmark of my life. I wept and pleaded and prayed and it just went on and on and on. I imagined I must be cursed but there was this undercurrent of optimism that I could not shake. Once I finally made contact, I realized that destiny is a very real force and what is meant to be will be. If you want to play a professional sport, you will be tested. If you want to gain high position, you have to jockey and strive, cut deals, make arrangements. You don't get into certain offices and acquire titles unless compromises are made. If you want to be a name entertainer, there are different sequences but the challenges and tests are inevitable. However... if you want to find God, that is quite a different ball of wax. That you can do this is a certainty but whether you will is another thing entirely. God WILL MAKE SURE that you want this more than anything else and will take all you think you have, more than once, to prove to himself and to you that there are no other Gods before him. When God decides to speak back to you; not just now and then, as a tease to keep you coming, you will have assuredly paid whatever price was required of you. That price is different for each person. Some will seem to have had an easier time. Some will pay and pay like Milarepa but you may be sure those who seem to have a easier time, did what was needed during an earlier appearance. This is no easy road but you are not walking it alone. You are accompanied by one who has been and returned... for you.

As I am not shy about saying, I am not concerned about what anyone might think. I have no desire to prove anything. I don't have to convince anyone of anything. I have only to convince myself and I have done this. It doesn't matter where I am anymore and it doesn't matter what my station is; life is in a continuous state of completion where nothing is needed. When it happened there were no sounding horns, no award dinners and no speeches or rounds of applause. It just happened, without fanfare of any kind. It was as if it had been, as it now is, all along ...and it had, I was just unable to see it. Now... wherever I am I can see God smiling from every eye because God is there if we choose to see God. We invoke whom we are after and they most certainly show up. Here we can see the destiny of every life, in what we have invoked, in what we have called forth. The mercy and generosity of God are immeasurable. All along, all through our lives; every one of our lives, God is closer to us and more intimate with us than anyone else, including ourselves. God has helped us and saved us more times than we have any remembrance of. Most of us have so little gratitude and what we have is apportioned out in the wrong direction.

Every good thing we ever experienced. Every kind word and hand of assistance was God expressing through others. We can think what we like but that is what it was. God is in everyone and everything and until that is second nature in our hearts and minds we will be on the outside of everything we truly seek. We have misidentified everything, thinking it was this or that. It was ALL God. It is a leap of Faith in the end. We hang from a cliff's edge afraid that we will fall. Our hands are welded into what we believe will hold us safe and when... as inevitably we do let go, we find the ground was only inches beneath our feet. Just as Heaven begins where our feet touch the Earth, we are surrounded by a light too brilliant to perceive. It appears as darkness to mortal eyes.

We are in a period of human history. We are in a moment of time, where eternity has seldom been so close. This accounts for the intensity of the distractions in these times. This accounts for the moral relativism, the hedonistic abandon, the new age quick fix answers to questions they don't understand and their claims that we are all Gods; Gods who don't behave like Gods. This accounts for the ubiquitous wrongness that wails about us on all sides. You should know that God is there for the having, if that is what you are having. It can be difficult not to go insane when all around are doing so, as Kipling said in his poem, “If” Everything is breaking down around us. The infrastructure from the passing age is coming down. Religions are crumbling. All manner of perverse behavior is being celebrated. It should be clear and apparent what is taking place. We are in a time of soul harvest. We are in the time of summing up. Portals are opening for eyes not blinded by the glitter of this world; this transitory, temporary vale of tears.

We are all free to believe as we wish. Usually what we believe is built around what we are after. We may not even be conscious of this ...but anyone can see, if they choose, the points at which they bend their integrity to accommodate their objectives. Of course, this is usually the last thing anyone will choose to see, until they have been reduced to extremity, or they see with the true clarity of regret, what it has cost them. Only one thing in this life is worth having and when the truth of this dawns upon the one ready for it, such a passion of consuming love is raised up in their heart that no trial or test is too great to bear. The mind's eye is fixed, with unshakable conviction upon the goal and it will be had because the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination are there.

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