Sunday, March 03, 2019

We are Origami in the Hands of God... also Shaped by Our Resistance.

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The craziness keeps mounting. Now... because white people didn't exist, black people had to invent them. Surely incisive philosophical discourses like that don't exist in a vacuum. There must be parallel trends in the culture that mirror this kind of 'living one's own truth'. It appears that Phillip Larkin was right and with the proper spin put on gathering 'rosebuds while ye may' (different poem) combined with some secular humanism, where the ethics one does not possess in the absence of God and a good amount of Crystal Meth, one can materialize the necessary sophistry to goll-darn guarantee it that if it feels good you had better do it over and over and over, until you can't feel anything at all. Yes... there are advice columns like that all over the place these days. This one appears to be a brother-sister act. The sister side of the act has her own alt-venue. By this time I'm not looking any further. All of this and ten thousand other absurdities are now considered acceptable behavior and desirable points of view.

This is Origami and I don't want the post rife with a variety of examples of psychotic lifestyles. The intro was merely to set the stage for how to live a meaningful life in a meaningless culture. Where I live there are few laws for cellphone use when driving. I watch the drivers of other cars as we go by them on the highway. The amount of people jabbering away while driving and even texting against the steering wheel is startling. USUALLY I see more people messing with their devices than not doing so. I am convinced there is some form of mechanic-electric hypnoses taking place. I am convinced that there is a pitched battle taking place for the possession of human souls.

I have been told, over and over, “rely on me”. Sometimes I have heard it repeated dozens of times while taking a walk. In the beginning I heard it often. As the appearance of time passing has continued, I hear it less and less, because I am reflexively doing so more and more. Now I hear it as soon as I present some argument in my mind about where I should be living. Should I get a rustic cabin in Idaho? That is when I will hear, 'rely on me'. It seems I am right where I am supposed to be and if that should change, it will change automatically.

Since I have made sweeping changes in my life, I have been experiencing a spiritual revolution at a pace greater than I have seen in decades. I kick myself, routinely, for having wasted so much time. It is then that I am told that I had no choice in how my life went and I shouldn't waste my time trying to figure out why that was. Then I am told immediately after that, “rely on me.”

Shortly after I made what proved to be an effortless transition into a completely new way of living, I began reading various books by certain authors. It is uncanny in the extreme how each of them is saying the same things; mentioning, 'the presence', sometimes 'the angel of the presence', mentioning an utter reliance upon the ineffable in ALL THINGS. Sometimes I am drawn to a particular book and find myself hungry like a child for chocolate, unable to put it down, drinking in the commentary as if I were tormented by thirst and finding that the thoughts which attend the written words are acting upon my system like actual nourishment. It is hard to put it clearly into words. It is difficult to express the real degree of force that has entered into my life in respect of this.

I want, with sincere passion, to convey to the reader how very, very important the pursuit of the presence of God is. Well... how important it is to me and could well be for others. That is the driving engine behind the composition of this book I am working on. Imagine how it is when you have been searching for something through your entire life and then... at a certain point, you realize that what you have been pursuing was far more important to you than you had ever imagined. It moves into your Event Horizon and then diminishes the importance of anything and everything you have ever before seen or experienced.

Looking for God is one thing. Finding God makes the entirety of life a black and white, low resolution illusion. Nothing has any further importance. It is as if everything one had ever thought about in terms of romance, or accomplishment, or any possession, whatever it might be; any position or degree of fame seen or heard of, is turned into confetti from yesterday's parade, blown about in the streets by itinerant winds. The magnificence of God, even the tiny glimmer I have so far encountered, reduces everything to less than nothing.

I spoke to God so often in earlier years, mostly because of the relentless difficulties that were the hallmark of my life. I wept and pleaded and prayed and it just went on and on and on. I imagined I must be cursed but there was this undercurrent of optimism that I could not shake. Once I finally made contact, I realized that destiny is a very real force and what is meant to be will be. If you want to play a professional sport, you will be tested. If you want to gain high position, you have to jockey and strive, cut deals, make arrangements. You don't get into certain offices and acquire titles unless compromises are made. If you want to be a name entertainer, there are different sequences but the challenges and tests are inevitable. However... if you want to find God, that is quite a different ball of wax. That you can do this is a certainty but whether you will is another thing entirely. God WILL MAKE SURE that you want this more than anything else and will take all you think you have, more than once, to prove to himself and to you that there are no other Gods before him. When God decides to speak back to you; not just now and then, as a tease to keep you coming, you will have assuredly paid whatever price was required of you. That price is different for each person. Some will seem to have had an easier time. Some will pay and pay like Milarepa but you may be sure those who seem to have a easier time, did what was needed during an earlier appearance. This is no easy road but you are not walking it alone. You are accompanied by one who has been and returned... for you.

As I am not shy about saying, I am not concerned about what anyone might think. I have no desire to prove anything. I don't have to convince anyone of anything. I have only to convince myself and I have done this. It doesn't matter where I am anymore and it doesn't matter what my station is; life is in a continuous state of completion where nothing is needed. When it happened there were no sounding horns, no award dinners and no speeches or rounds of applause. It just happened, without fanfare of any kind. It was as if it had been, as it now is, all along ...and it had, I was just unable to see it. Now... wherever I am I can see God smiling from every eye because God is there if we choose to see God. We invoke whom we are after and they most certainly show up. Here we can see the destiny of every life, in what we have invoked, in what we have called forth. The mercy and generosity of God are immeasurable. All along, all through our lives; every one of our lives, God is closer to us and more intimate with us than anyone else, including ourselves. God has helped us and saved us more times than we have any remembrance of. Most of us have so little gratitude and what we have is apportioned out in the wrong direction.

Every good thing we ever experienced. Every kind word and hand of assistance was God expressing through others. We can think what we like but that is what it was. God is in everyone and everything and until that is second nature in our hearts and minds we will be on the outside of everything we truly seek. We have misidentified everything, thinking it was this or that. It was ALL God. It is a leap of Faith in the end. We hang from a cliff's edge afraid that we will fall. Our hands are welded into what we believe will hold us safe and when... as inevitably we do let go, we find the ground was only inches beneath our feet. Just as Heaven begins where our feet touch the Earth, we are surrounded by a light too brilliant to perceive. It appears as darkness to mortal eyes.

We are in a period of human history. We are in a moment of time, where eternity has seldom been so close. This accounts for the intensity of the distractions in these times. This accounts for the moral relativism, the hedonistic abandon, the new age quick fix answers to questions they don't understand and their claims that we are all Gods; Gods who don't behave like Gods. This accounts for the ubiquitous wrongness that wails about us on all sides. You should know that God is there for the having, if that is what you are having. It can be difficult not to go insane when all around are doing so, as Kipling said in his poem, “If” Everything is breaking down around us. The infrastructure from the passing age is coming down. Religions are crumbling. All manner of perverse behavior is being celebrated. It should be clear and apparent what is taking place. We are in a time of soul harvest. We are in the time of summing up. Portals are opening for eyes not blinded by the glitter of this world; this transitory, temporary vale of tears.

We are all free to believe as we wish. Usually what we believe is built around what we are after. We may not even be conscious of this ...but anyone can see, if they choose, the points at which they bend their integrity to accommodate their objectives. Of course, this is usually the last thing anyone will choose to see, until they have been reduced to extremity, or they see with the true clarity of regret, what it has cost them. Only one thing in this life is worth having and when the truth of this dawns upon the one ready for it, such a passion of consuming love is raised up in their heart that no trial or test is too great to bear. The mind's eye is fixed, with unshakable conviction upon the goal and it will be had because the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination are there.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I think you have said it all you do it again, As for me, I was sitting there at the crossroads. I must have been drunk or delusional but I could not take the steps , though in my heart of hearts I knew it was my only way. Finally I guess God got tired of seeing me sitting there in my paralyzed state and He gave a loving boot and I lo and behold I woke up. I shook off the stupor and I am now understanding it and tryin to walk the walk and Im doing it in however small increments it may be still I am doing it. All your words keep bringing it home again and again should I falter on my way. Thanks for being there , for lending a helping hand as I travel along this beautiful path.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another awesome piece, and then I start thinking of psychopaths and bedbugs. Such is the realm of duality, huh?

JerseyCynic said...

Damn! what Reggie said.

JerseyCynic said...

Where's The Golden Buzzer! (trying to make confetti - all could think of!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible
Beautiful. Watched Free Solo several times. It blew me away, thank you. I wonder am I destined to be in this desert today, tomorrow. I don't know.
No matter.

albunn said...

Beautiful! Thas is the only place I come to, to find solace and affirmation of God's presence on this path. True jewels. God bless...Look forward to every new piece.

torus said...

To friends seen and unseen, I greet you with The Police yet again.

"And darkness makes me fumble
For a key
To a door
That's wide open..."

I've been in that situation literally at 4 in the morning. And I guess I still am, when you take the metaphor literally.


Anonymous said...

In some perverse way, I feel like my own self-destructive behavior has been a game of chicken with the divine. Seems he let me win hehe. Plenty of resonance here.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: The craziness keeps mounting. I accidently found this doozie:

Wow! Does this top 'em, or does this top 'em?

Don't feel like goin' through the trouble of hotlinking. Solly.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

As We Pick our Way through the Wreckage of Temporary Things that Cannot Love us Back.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a thoughtful column. Thanks.

In terms of “rely on me,” my life was saved once by Someone in a rather dramatic fashion. I was making a 'lazy' right hand turn from a small street onto a thru street. While there was a short entry-lane, I was being lazy and looping directly onto the thru street. The thru street to the left was masked by trees and a slight turn, so I did not see or hear a big truck coming from that direction. "Someone" reached right into me and caused me to hard-turn into the entry-lane, against my lazy choice. Moments later, that big truck barreled at speed right through where I would have been. My small car would have been a smear on the road. Thanks, whomever you were...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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