Saturday, March 30, 2019

Awaiting the Unshakable Vision and Experience of Every Single Mind in a Unison of the Shared Awareness of One Mind

When life is at its best is when it goes on around us, without causing discord and chaos inside us. Some things just don't feel right. Certain scientists can say they are working to cure cancer but then you see pictures of a human ear grafted on to some animal. This could make a sane person wonder if there isn't some other route to solving the problem they are allegedly engaged in solving.

There wasn't as much Cancer around in earlier times and certainly never the myriad of kinds of Cancer we see today. I'm not a scientist, being nearly entirely, right brain operative. I do pay attention. I find that not paying attention can have painful and even fatal results. I use tools like 'logic' and 'reason'. I know they've gone out of fashion for the most part but I still find them incredibly useful. One of the reasons they aren't employed very widely these days is because they get in the way of the agendas of certain powerful cabals that are engaged in promoting illogical and unreasonable trends and lifestyles on the majority of us, who have no great attraction for behaviors, whose sole purpose is a pathological exhibitionism, being exercised by those in search of some legitimizing identity because they no longer know who they are. Another factor is a raging hunger for sybaritic experiences.

What those so driven do not realize is that the motivating force for these things is not self generated. It's coming from pernicious enterprises who have an end in mind that is unknown to those being manipulated by them.

There's a mob mentality on the loose these days, screaming about Equality and Freedom for the so called downtrodden and persecuted classes, no matter what such freedom might entail in its effect on everyone else.

All the political correctness + identity politics + diversity brain power-washing, is for one objective only; the manifestation of Stalinesque Communism on the American landscape. This is the end game that certain forces have in mind for the American people and... far as Cancer goes, it is one of the most profitable conditions that exist for the medical community. They have no intention of curing it and have gone so far as to kill maverick scientists who have discovered cures. The majority of cancers are the result of rampaging appetites and toxic lifestyles. Certainly some amount comes about through environmental poisoning and other causes but mostly it is generated as a guaranteed byproduct of bad lifestyles and a culture in decline.

If you want to know who is behind most of the horrors being visited on humanity, you have only to look at who controls our information portals and especially who is making money from the lies being generated. ALWAYS follow the money.

If you have studied how Communism comes into power; who it is that promotes Communism and what occurs on the road to Communism becoming the governing mechanism in a country, where it has taken over, you find that Political Correctness, identity politics and diversity, or other like terms, directed to the same end, were at work in the run-up. You don't have to study the conditions in Russia before and during the Bolshevik Revolution for any great length of time before certain things become clear. We aren't all equal and never will be on this plane. When someone comes along and starts telling you they can make this happen, you had better watch out. In truth we would not want it that we were all equal. That would manifest a bland and insufferably pedestrian world, where aspiration and certain forms of excelling would no longer exist. It would be a gray world.

When you start seeing people like Alexandria Cortez and others of the new crop of freshman firebrands now in Congress, you should know there is trouble on the horizon. One should also be aware that Hollywood and the other entertainment industries are extremely powerful in affecting how the public is manipulated into believing lies and acting against their own best interests. There is a revolution in consciousness taking place and because we are in a time of apocalypse, where lies, old and new, are being exposed, certain entrenched forces are going all out to counteract the positive changes happening in the human mind. The status quo will stoop to anything, no matter how depraved, in order to remain in power and one of the ways they do that is to accuse others of committing the very crimes they are, in fact, guilty of.

We must ALWAYS be on guard against the efforts of those who seek to convince us of what is not true. Many have died or experienced awful pain from having believed what is not so. I don't think I need to provide any examples; the examples are everywhere. We may not, ourselves, know what is true but... what is not true, is an easier reach.

In these times, the lies proliferating across planes, platforms, lifestyles, infrastructures and institutions around the world is breath-taking. The audacity of certain liars is also breath-taking. Lying is no longer lying, it is just another form of creative self expression. It is what allows for people like Jussie Smollet to saunter off in an exaggerated, plucked eyebrow, huff for having been accused of something he did. He was accused and charged for something he flat out did. It allows for massive international corporations to engage in outright blackmail over positions of legitimate conscience; I am not arguing a 'for or against' here. Behind this posing and posturing is another front in the war against Christianity and everything like it, that stands in the way of a culture destroying free for all. I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Christ.

What is presently at work is a abominable attack on moral structures of any kind. It has less to do with the issues presented as it does with something deeper and broader, beneath the madness of the crowds, and those who inflame it. It is an assault on the family unit, which is the cornerstone of civilization. It is an intentional blurring of the lines of what is natural, for the promotion of what is not and it leads from one thing, to the next thing, to the next thing, until the next thing is something that might have awakened horror and outrage, a few things previously. It is a incremental shepherding of the ignorant, inattentive and indifferent in the footprints of a Judas Goat, through the paddocks and out upon the killing floor. It is clear and inarguable to any 'objective' observation of 'the evidence' but objectivity is now a crime. Anyone who calls attention to the visible war on harmony and balance, is now subject to be reviled and is a target for the truly crazy inhabitants of the asylum.

Step by step, powerful and lunatic, well funded aggressions against any form of normal are now routine. News Flash! “Today a wheel of Parmesan Cheese was arrested by empowered authorities from The Tribunal for Social Justice and jailed for the crime of illegal inter-species comestible appropriation.”

Today... as I scanned the news sites, across the spectrum from Left to Right, I saw the inescapable evidence of a country in free fall toward something as yet undefined ...but under no circumstances is it to be a positive outcome. Only The Divine can halt the runaway -out of control- catastrophe bound carriage now. How this may come about is unknown to me. Perhaps some spontaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity might occur. Perhaps, the day will break and many will have vanished to some undiscovered location.

At the same time, there are strange events taking place on the legal front, concerning several major courts withdrawing in unpredictable fashion from an issue in the military. Years long investigations against the president are coming up empty. Reporters are being caught out in false news reportage. There is outrage across the country and around the world against undesirable trends being forced on the youth though the education system. Forced immigrations are being met with force. For such a time there was a trend of many things toward particular ends and now there is a noticeable shift taking place. What are we to make of all this? Perhaps it is simply a correction thru imbalance seeking balance. It might be something else. We will surely see as time passes.

Each of us are responsible within ourselves, within our own hearts and minds, concerning the manner in which we live our lives. It could be that whatever judgment is upon the horizon is of a type to take place in an individual manner. A moment comes and the veil upon our eyes, that hides us from ourselves, is lifted and each of us is compelled to see ourselves for what we are, measured against the eternal measure of what eternally is. This is as possible as anything else.

Anyone who is still able to look upon life in a truly impartial way, knows that some summing up must come to pass, one way or another. Part of a continent might disappear and shake everyone in their shoes at the awesome spectacle. The heavens could open. The Earth might open. Both might happen, simultaneously. Speculation is idle for the moment. Eventually, Reality will rear its head, at a wide reach, or within millions of minds, suddenly presented with the unshakable vision and experience of one single mind in a unison of the shared awareness of one mind. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

I know you probably expected an Origami that fit the usual expectation of the presentation being... being... I don't know. The blogs tend to switch places now and again and it can be said that you get much more Origami now than was ever the case before. Hopefully it all works out in the end (grin). Be well my friends! Much Love and many blessings upon you!!!

♫ Right Thru My Heart ♫


Anonymous said...

Well the cow (Kamadhenu), as per the Vedas from whence all religions, scripture, tantra, knowledge, language, etc. were manifested and derived, is considered to be one of the seven Mothers of man. So the one picture is in essense an accurate depiction of reality even though to the modern devolved mind it might seem odd or even abhorrent.

"According to scriptures also, there are seven mothers: (1) the real mother, (2) the wife of the spiritual master, (3) the wife of a brāhmaṇa, (4) the wife of the king, (5) the cow, (6) the nurse, and (7) the earth.
(Bhagavata Purana 1.11.28)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dahboo7 said the Vernal Equinox of 2020 is when the Age of Aquarius starts. I don't know where he got it, since I haven't been able to find any source that agrees with him, not that I looked that hard, but hey. Maybe yea, maybe nae. After all, isn't life just speculation without an Akashic Library Card? They don't call it Maya fer nuthin'.

And the way life is, is why I don't wanna come outta my 'nose cave' unless I absolutely have to. Living the most virtual life I can saves me from all kinds of mortal flotsam problems. So did going left when everyone else was going right.

Nostrils up X 5 on the article.

Visible said...

That was not the point nor intention of the picture. It was to demean human use of cow milk, which is and has been in wide use in India since before recorded history. Basically it is more of that horseshit about taking milk from cows being stealing from the calves for whom it is the sole purpose, they say, for which cows have milk. They also say eating honey is stealing from the bees.

Ray B. said...

Nice Origami, Vis. Thanks!

My version of the future is a reverse Tower of Babel moment. Based on my research into everything from ancient archeology to consciousness, we were once Much Greater. This includes everything from psychic abilities to higher consciousness. Then, something 'climactic' happened. Human consciousness took a big hit, in what I and others call the Tower of Babel moment.

One friend said, "I’m believing, more and more each day, that we were latently telepathic and the process was broken; hence the breaking of common language and knowledge, and the developement of different languages, misunderstanding, my interpretation of god is better than yours-ism, and war in general."

All of this was ultimately controlled by all-God (responsible for Everything), but my travels with Higher Self indicate this was "done unto us." Somebody wanted humanity at one-step-up-from-animals level rather than at Tolkien's Elvish level. And, they mostly succeeded - apart from 'breakthroughs' every now and then.

Based on what Higher Self and many Others have done in the past several years, the "done unto us" perpetrators have lost most of their higher 'associates'. Indeed, most of them are now "with us." So, the scaffolding for holding humanity down at a lower consciousness level is exceedingly weak. We could be seeing a reverse Tower of Babel moment at any time. Cool, and much anticipated...

As Vis alluded-to in his column, a reverse Tower of Babel moment would have consequences. It would be a 'race' between the forgiveness that higher consciousness brings and the self-judgment that true self-awareness would bring. Dicey, in certain cases, as the new/old Powers can also be used against oneself. For those that make it out the other side, I imagine it would be like early Atlantis - or Higher. (Although, we might be sadder and wiser, in addition to being joyful and wise...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen I give you... the duck. Underrated? Overrated? Yes. It can walk, fly, swim, and navigate countless miles to a pond it likes. She reminds me to marvel.
Visible, Ray, have you come across anything re Tartaria, ethereal energy harvesting (OLD cathedrals and buildings worldwide as machines)? It's super interesting, there's a bunch of people posting on ytube but I favor the kid from Conspiracy R Us.

As always, excellent post. In the words of the replicant call-girl from Bladerunner 2049, "I am always here."

Anonymous said...

To be more clear, both Ray and Visible are describing a return to more harmonious life. The tartarian story describes the fall from a glorious time, not so very distant. One example of the story... The documentable mass hiring of 'magistrates' by the Dutch East India Company to be placed in plague devastated locales worldwide, and all wars since as the continued eradication of the old culture, especially in Russia circa 1919. It's coming together slowly, and is super fun if I stop ripping my hair out.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Isa 3:9

The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

God has withdrawn to bring them out

Laura said...

You be well too, dear Vis! Much love and many blessings upon you! Thank you as you view the landscapes before us and bring truth forward.

dave1010 said...

Thanks Mr. Visible. I don't comment much because I don't have anything to add like my favorite commentators Ray B. and Robert always do. Just want to say how you put into words my thoughts and feelings so I have the, " that's what I'm trying to say" moments. This one is no different. Thanks for what you do.

Voltman said...


"Part of a continent might disappear and shake everyone in their shoes at the awesome spectacle. The heavens could open. The Earth might open. Both might happen, simultaneously."

A sinkhole might pull the rug out from under your feet; giant hailstones might pound your city; volcanoes could erupt and meteorites fall from the sky... Laser beams and microwaves might burn your town down or fry you in your car as you try to escape the forest fire that doesn't burn trees. Angels don't play that HAARP...


WOODWARDTV PRESENTS: WARNING SIGNS/ What You Need To Know About The Future Of Our Planet

You might find it interesting.

Hasta la pasta

Anonymous said...

Having been through a very painful year with my brother slowly dying while pinning all his faith and hope on expensive and alleged alternative cancer cures, I say that the alternative medicine industry (or as I like to call them, the woo-fuck quacks) are as guilty as the big pharmaceutical industry for making large profits. Every supermarket, health food emporium and drug store is filled with a dizzying array of alternative preparations. The internet is a minefield of snake oil salesmen with questionable credentials and claims for curing cancer.

I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my opinion.

All the best, Zoran.

Ray B. said...

Matt, I have not heard of Tartaria. Have you any sources? In the meanwhile, that 'method' sounds like what I found in Glastonbury Abbey. (Multiple comments of mine on that page. We had some interesting conversations!)
There was kind of 'reverse' application of that principle at a church at Tintagel.

Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst have some interesting places they found while dowsing their way across Europe in their book, The Dance of the Dragon. (Ley Lines are sometimes called Dragon Lines.) In one case, they followed the Michael Line (a main ley line) up to a church-like structure. They went to the opposite side, expecting to pick it up there. Nope. They finally traced it coming-off at a very changed angle. Curious, they researched the history of the structure. It turned out to be a Templar "Church"! Either some Templar adepts - or earlier folks whom they built-upon - knew how to 'work' ley lines.

It is an interesting world. Who knows what we will find, when the 'blinders' come off?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

GregS said...


Greetings, Les and Ray
"Then, something 'climactic' happened. Human consciousness took a big hit, in what I and others call the Tower of Babel moment."

Yes, I too would tend to agree along these lines.

We know some major pivotal event occurred about 4,400 years ago, that we sort of refer to as the destruction of the Tower of Babylon, but what actually happened is still to this day more than shrouded in mystery.

We know as a matter of fact, that the victor gets to control the narrative of the write of history, but what we do not realize is that ghod actually lost the war! Re Apsu and Merodak, Apsu was thrown by his peers with the assistance of their own son! (Yes, the Apocalypse could very well to turn into an in-family bitch-out first as contracts of agreement have to be reviewed and revised.) But the usurpers did not say that, they said ghod won and proceeded with a narrative they said were the words from ghod.

Ghod did not come out victorious, and so everything that has been written and handed to us in this day and age, down through the occult, the esoteric and the gnosis, has been deliberately and rather meticulously corrupted by the usurpers. It is very hard to find any written material that retains anything reliable about what really happened and little is known of the knowledge from before this period.

Ghod was disappeared and isolated and polytheism was converted into its antithesis; a monotheism, in such manner that each metaphysics position assumed by the newly assembled Abrahamic construct is a 180 degree dialectic reflection of its predecessor, the thesis. Creating a position where the entire Abrahamic construct and everything later founded upon it, is a load of bollocks, where even the Kabbalah is more confusing than it is insightful and revealing.

So Ghod, his wife, family and peers, including uncles etc, who all moved along with him as a cloud all simply disappeared. So a local living breathing talking ghod was removed from our midst and then projected out into the cosmos where none could see or touch him. All knowledge and symbolism from the previous orders were eventually demonized and closed off from the occupants of this chamber.

Was ghod thrown inside his own chamber by a sorts of mutiny or rebellion that took place?

To my reasoning, ghod it may seem, was indeed thrown from his keystone position as the lucid dreamer, the generative eye in the capstone, by using the very knowledge he once shared freely with man. This very same given knowledge was turned around used against him, and still now he without his woman, his counterpart, and so to this very day is still being carried along by the momentum of his own chamber more akin to a fallen rider with his foot caught in the stirrup who just can’t get up.

Cheers y’all, Greg

Anonymous said...

Voltman, that's great information!
Here's the prelude, a little over a year ago.

Visible said...

It seems I must make this comment and I mean NO opposition- seek no discord and desire no argument. It just feels like I should clarify something. I know NOTHING on these matters from strange places with strange names, during strange times where something may or may not have happened. I am COMPLETELY unaffiliated with ANYONE here, except where we are unified in a Love of the divine, ineffable, unknowable, indefinable and incomprehensible God. My only connection to anyone here is a one more fragment of the body of God seeking reunification; which I believe to be the single purpose of existence. God shatters apart and creates the phenomenal universe, gives birth to all things through his feminine aspect, which carries out the seed idea planted in that aspect of his being. I'm personalizing the deity here but it well may be far beyond that and is far beyond that outside of the relative.

I apologize for having ZERO curiosity about any of these other possibilities of happenings. I know some of the readers share an interest in these things but I do not. I have one single interest and that is the ineffable being and my desire to love and emulate it.

What may have been was and now is not. It may well come again. I do not know. Here is the one thing I can say and KNOW that I am absolutely certain of it and that is... I don't know. Ray comes up with many curious things. He's a devout researcher and a lover of the complexities of the combinations of existence. It is not fair to him to brook comparisons between us because we are not on the same wave length when it comes to waves and rays. Ray is of one particular Ray. I am of another Ray and yet others here are of other Rays. We are all singular offspring of an uncommon everlasting, living and conscious light that has passed through a spectrum into what became the manifest world as a result.

I have not such a driving interest in details as do others. Something happened to me about 52 years ago and it utterly transformed my life and has shaped it ever since. For reasons having to do with my personal story, I am not permitted to know much of anything about it. I am informed that at some point I will (grin).

Now... I have NO INTENTION of offending anyone here. It you knew what the interior of my heart is these days, you would know how truly I mean that. I am so changed from the person I was even six months ago that I barely recognize my predecessor. It is all to the good.

A few days ago I responded to Karen here and I suspect I was not as loving and kind as I could have been and fully intend to be every chance I get but sometimes there is no other way to make the point. I intend to do better as I go along. You can count on this. I'll find a way to make up for that and every other 'possible' error I make.

I got an email inquiry which provoked me to write this; to set the record straight, inasmuch as I am at all capable of doing that. I do love you one and all but I do not agree with everything I hear and I don't know anything about various things I hear. Once again- more succinctly perhaps. I wish only to Love in the simplest and most powerful way available to me; first my author and then his creations in which he expresses himself according to the presentation. We're all here for the purpose of demonstration and we do demonstrate differently. It would be no fun and lack all charm otherwise.

Matt McCauley said...

Visible I completely understand, and your work speaks volumes, for many years. I got into historical review, no affiliation, and can't stop. Concerning a reverse tower of Babel moment, 1812 appears to be the time of worldwide catastrophe, buried as ancient history.
Well Ray, the massive work History, Science or Fiction by Anatoly Fomenko is being studied and used as a jumping off point by a slew of youtube bloggers, notably Newearth, Jon Levi, and conspiracy r us. There are many others but the most intriguing regards the foundling and orphan trains, by crus. Also by him, waste management and the great stink (of London). It appears that more happened circa 1812 than is realized, with an exploding comet seen worldwide. I will read the Glastonbury page tonight!
Just throwing it out there Mr. Visible. I read this blog to upgrade my often feeble mindset, to lose fear and practice the presence of the ineffable. Origami has made me something more.

riseandshine said...

Rayb... you've not heard of The Great TARTARIA?...well I Never ! ...and you being such a know it all..I'm shocked and astounded.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

This latest offering just rocks, from first to last!

Can a tight game get even tighter and still be a fun game?

Lifting the skirt of this creation, there is an inexorable momentum of passion carrying forth the intelligence which speaks to the soul in the language of love.

The skirt is simply awesome wordsmithing and the joy of weilding your mighty smithy tools is evident and evidence of the relationship between your persona and the Ineffable.

Gratitude rises up to meet the Giver of All Things, saying "Hello, how are you?" through the instrument of Visible!

GregS said...

Hi Les
please forgive my rudeness for not introducing myself, but I have known of you on and off for well over a decade now and go back into the early days when you were being regularly linked in (Were you being linked as far back as 2004? I go back with WRH, I cannot recall, but I think to around 2000 or even to the late 1990's period?)

In general I find I have a given range of empathy with some of your musings and your passion and find some of the positions you come to feel out, assume or state as accurate and correct and so viewed as eye to eye. I constantly find statements coming from you that seem to indicate that you are not normal and that you seem to see deeper and clearer than the average person.

Sometimes the artist does not know why they have chosen to do such and such, but someone with a keener eye can see that it accurately lines up with something much larger and deeper than the artist them self was initially aware.

So with this sense that somehow we are seeing eye to eye and the essence of that which I present would be felt if not entirely understood, a seed has been planted.

A linguistic construct has been unpacked in your head. Now it is up to your old selves, the inner yous to chew on (and yeah, there is more than one,) to see if a penny drops anywhere.

All the while thinking, I just know it will with you to some extent, because somehow you do with me.

thank you for your deliberation and posting.
hey hey! Greg

Visible said...

Why thank you Greg. Indeed I was curious about you and you have resolved that. I was on WRH for at least ten years. Strangely, Michael and I had quite a friendship and I came so close to popping over to his neighborhood on Oahu and visiting him, since I was in the airport there a few times on my way somewhere. We had some long chants online and I was on his radio show a few times. Eventually, my spirituality got to him and that was it. He insulted me in an email. I really don't mind criticism (in fact, when it is relevant, I appreciate it. Anyone who can't take criticism won't grow). It bothers me when it is off the mark. There are valid areas where I can be criticized. Often however, people out-picture their own shortcomings on to me. This is something that is noticeable that the people who do it are unaware of. Anyone who is to some degree introspective will know what I am talking about here.

I love it when I have resonance with someone because then I can hear the sympathetic strings vibrating to the strum.

It's funny, I have more comments on this post than I've seen in awhile and it is all because someone asked if it bothered me that I wasn't getting any comments. The thing is, I know many people are reading the posts because I can feel it. Over the course of a lot of time though, people stop saying anything. It's affirming to know the lurking is going on.

Thanks a lot for the good words and for being spot on. I can tell because commentary rings or it doesn't.

Visible said...

I let a comment slip through that I usually catch and now it is probably too late to do anything about it. However, let me say that unless you are willing to put your name to something you have to say about someone I won't be letting it through. It's not fair to the target who doesn't know who they are being offended about and maybe is too classy to say anything. So... my apologies for the oversight. Hopefully this helps at some level.

Matt McCauley said...

Alas someone wants to mess with a polite conversation, drop the lovely tone of this place, and make fun of Ray? Wasting your time. I personally know people with invisible friends. They're my favorite people.

GregS said...

Hi Les
and thank you for your good words.

GregS said...

...and I cannot stop listening to Mystic Musing.

Anonymous said...

As one who lurks & rarely comments; I'll say that secondarily to Visible's articles, it is definitely Ray B's comments that fascinate and continue to keep me coming back here...year after year.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Long and Winding Road of Love that Runs into the Never Ending Sunrise of Love.



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