Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You Don't Need a Tinfoil Hat to Operate as a Human Short Wave Radio Receiver.

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He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes.
He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes
He'll be coming around the mountain
He'll be coming around the mountain
He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes

He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes.

First up this AM; a little history lesson, written by a truthful soul, sans fear. Most all truthful souls are... without fear. Each day I meant, intended to, write this ...but was restrained. Yesterday evening I discovered why. The truth of the article is validated by the information concerning the many physical attacks on the church in France. Did you know about any of these? No. That was an attack on the manifest infrastructure of the church. I remember as a boy of 11, walking through Notre Dame. I often went there on my own. I was an urchin of sorts, for some months, as we lived in a hotel called the L'aigle d'or in Paris and I was often at many of the historical spots in Paris; the Louvre, Palais de L'enfants and Sainte Chapelle. Notre Dame was the biggest thing I ever saw in my life. What stood out for me, along with the size of it. was the multitude of vendors hawking kitsch.

Mr Apocalypse is who is coming around the mountain and you should be able to sense it; be able to feel it by this time. The mutant zombies of the Left were drooling for months, years even, waiting for President Trump to be hung out to dry by Mueller whipped, zombie ferrets, who were supposed to find evidence of Trump having consorted with the Russians, to steal the election that the Hillaryites had previously, meaning already by that time, decided to steal the election their own damn selves. Then... and then? And then along came Barr

It slowed them down a little ...but they have got to see the report. They MUST see the report! Well... they will see the report. Now Barr says there is evidence that the ferrets from the Left were doing bad things, spying and such and it looks like some of it is tracking back to former President Narcissus. That's not all. Then the transgenders in uniform are going to have to rethink being members of the Village People with guns. The public is getting fed up all over the place and putting the brakes on the Juggernaut of Perversity. They are even making waves in the lost cause that is Canada. Perhaps it is not too late anywhere.

As told here some years previous, I had a massive Kundalini experience in Italy that lasted for some weeks, at an intensity beyond the capacity of my words to describe. At one point I was laying on a couch as Mr. Apocalypse listed for me some amount of the deeds he intended to get up to. As he was speaking to me, his words impacted with such force that my knee kept slamming into the couch-back as punctuation for his commentary. He said... more or less (not verbatim) that he was going to slip in among them and pull their pants down in public. He was going to expose and humiliate them, with ingenious actions that would render them frozen and mute at the sheer audacity of his imagination; how well crafted... what he would get up to ...was going to be. He said to me... “Visible, you know who I am. You know who I work for. You may then have some small idea of how ingenious I can be. I am going to be studiously ingenious and catch them flatfooted in their tracks. There WILL BE (knee slams against couch-back) gnashing of teeth. There WILL BE (knee slams against couch-back) wailing and lamentation. You may be sure of this."

Here, I insert a lovely and telling photo of one man who is at the top of the list. Have you ever see a face of depravity to equal this one? Meanwhile, across the land we hear tell of new levels of disorganized mobs chanting, “life is meaningless.” How is it that Atheism can be called a religion?

Whahahahahahahahahaha.... If this is here now, what will be there then? One could say there are various reasons for this. One of them would be that contemplation and awareness of a divine being, going incrementally more and more absent, could well be a factor. One can see that spirituality and religious practice are disappearing in American life and one can hear about it happening ... The answer is simple, Materialism displaces spirituality- 'alas Cynara, gone with the wind.' Or... as the Bible tells us, “No man can serve two masters.” Religion is a natural enemy of Materialists. Whether they get it right or not, religions are based on the shared belief in a divine being. Materialism is the religion of Satanists. One does not have to declare themselves a Satanists and one does not even have to know that they are Satanists. It is possible a horse does not know it is a horse and a dog may not know it is a dog.

That caravan of dreams called The New Age is still rolling along and that is because their premise is that we are all Gods. We are the gods. They don't tell you that to authentically be a God you must behave as a god but then... what that is is not so commonly known. Also, history gives record of many different kinds of gods. Some of them are not so nice; like the Old Testament Jehovah, or those gods from pagan times, where myths and ancient tales, give us stories of their occasional bad behavior. These gods were simply the persona of planetary forces, working against one another. Sometimes they worked together, when their objectives were the same.

The gender bending horrors of transsexualism and attendant oddities are, regardless of their comic appearances, not something to laugh at. They are outright dangerous. In Canada, they fine you and jail you for not using the right pronouns demanded by 'them'. This is the case, to a greater or lesser degree in all of the lands that were once colonies of the crown. They're working on similar things in the U.S.

The governments of affected countries should keep in mind a simple truth. You do not achieve peace by giving in to the demands of those squeaking the wheel, under the guise of one or more conditions that, they say, need correction or alteration. You get further demands and then you get other demands from other microscopic demographics, who have witnessed the successes of the party of the first part' “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” You begin to get demands from ever more extreme groups and any sane and objective observer could well tell you, it would be better if you killed yourself now, rather than wait around for what 'they' have in mind for you.

One could say that the legacy of the church is not a good one. History says, without the opportunity for worship, there is something worse, like Bolshevik Russia. All Christian faiths are under attack. The attacks are from within, every bit as much as from without.

People are resisting now. People, in general, have had enough. Yeah... it's getting hot in the kitchen. Meanwhile there are all kinds of events going down that you haven't heard about. This doesn't mean a great deal to me, from the perspective of being inconvenienced. I stopped eating pork over 5 decades ago. It does mean a great deal to many people, especially the Chinese. 'Let them eat Tofu'? Of course, as many do not know but as everyone should know, the leg bone really is connected to the hip bone. You probably didn't know that was a spiritual song. Eh? What that means is that an increase, a large increase, in the cost of pork will raise meat prices across the board and the fallout will stretch in many other directions.

There's a good chance that what is happening to the pigs is not accidental. There's a good chance that the fire in Notre Dame was not accidental. There's a good chance that what happens to the chickens (but hasn't happened yet) and what soon happens to all sorts of things people have been taking for granted, are not accidents either.

I don't need a tinfoil hat to operate as a human short wave receiver. There are any number of practices and chemicals that can electrify one, as well as confer a magnetic quality. Usually a person isn't searching for these abilities. They happen as a result of certain behaviors; sort of... come with the territory. If you are 'actively' listening for something, your chances of eventually hearing something are far better than they are for those paying no attention; unless, of course, it's REALLY loud. Then most will hear it. I've been listening as hard as I can for awhile. There were times when I wasn't listening at all but I eventually heard about it.

Time to start paying attention. Actually, it's past time.

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Guldur said...

Thank you my friend. Be safe always.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

As a member of The Holey Order of the Septum, I do object to being referred to as having a gender in an English speaking country where 'noses' are genderless, though I would accept being referred to as a chick in Spanish or French speaking countries, being 'noses' are gendered there, or a sausage casing in Italy and Portuga;, despite not having a sausage, in Italian speaking nations or Portuguese speaking nations, where when I looked it up, noses are gendered in the other direction from the Spanish and French speaking nations; though I don't think anyone should face legal repercussions for not referring to me as 'IT' in the English speaking countries, etc. . .

Perhaps I should no longer use the traditional he or she as a pronoun if I ever left an area where it's still legal to misidentify people. Perhaps I should refer to individuals as twatted ones or schlonged ones? Does that get you a jail sentence in Canada too?

Gotta try that out on someone later.

As for the transgendered. . .look on the bright side. They won't be breeding. Considering how the quality of the human race has deteriorated over the years, maybe it would be a good idea if the concept spread. . .to maybe 95% of it? Especially in the more psychopathic parts of the world, though why limit it?

I got fixed at 19, to not be inconvenienced by any annoying, parasitic demiurge food, so no; I am NOT being a hippycrit.

GregS said...

"He said... more or less (not verbatim) that he was going to slip in
among them and pull their pants down in public. He was going to expose and humiliate them, with ingenious actions that would render them frozen and mute at the sheer audacity of his imagination; how well crafted... what he would get up to ...was going to be."

ha... well said. You know my eye is already on you.

I sometimes wonder if you are reading over his shoulder?

"How is it that Atheism can be called a religion?"

Easy, because it is a belief system! It is not founded on logical or deductive reasoning but a misguided belief system that somehow blind haphazard naturally occurring random chance mutation can happenstance upon the complex processes of the DNA by probability alone. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWWFf8G3BKI

Ray B. said...

Hmmm; feels more like a Petri Dish masquerading as a Visible Origami. Lots of good points. Thanks!

The one thing I have noticed is that a person's 'behavior' is simply an outpouring of the level of consciousness of that person. Parties, cliques, genders, and such do not matter. The inner state shows through.

Within a certain point of view, levels of consciousness are much like the chakra diagram:

In the higher chakras, one is dealing with variations on "We are One." You act - towards yourself and others - with that as a fundamental basis. It means you will do certain things and you will not do other things. It trickles out from within...

In the lower chakras, one is dealing with variations on "We are Not One." Individualism, for better and worse. You act - towards yourself and others - with that as a fundamental basis. It means you will do certain things and you will not do other things. It trickles out from within...

Each person is a blend of those aspects, of course. The key is 'how much' of each area is occupied. Saints tend to be more upper, while banksters tend to be more lower - and there are exceptions to each group.

There seems to be a 'stretching' going on, kind of like taffy being pulled. It is harder to simply be asleep, drifting whichever way the chakra-winds blow. Mr Apocalypse seems to be forcing the issue: Where do you want to reside? One or Not One?

These are indeed Most Interesting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. From the first Truthseeker article, "In an age of anxiety, men hide in squares and rectangles. Arches and vaults are the abode of spiritual men, confident in their relationship to nature but humble before God." Well said. And add-in Domes. Beautiful and inspiring...

Anonymous said...

It must be baseball season again. Visible is hitting them out of the park.

Mr Apocalypse is in the bullpen and the opposing team is losing their pants,
I mean, lunch.

Ladies and gentlemen, (we can still say that, right?) sit back and enjoy the game.

Thanks, LV, and God bless.

Visible said...

I consider atheism a disbelief system

Anonymous said...

Zephaniah 3:9 . . . a "PURE" language

how does that happen...

perhaps, some beat up bag of bones going on about,

the only option besides stupid no matter what

the only voice that speaks with authority is the

voice of experience

back to physics class


one more time for the children in the hospital



GregS said...

hahaha... yeah. A smug disbelief as a primary position to discredit all religious theories, but for those who then concerned to try and provide an account for the high volume of data complexity we are quite evidently faced with, went on to propose what amounts to another belief system, the belief system of the Happenstance Of The Improbalility Of Magic Sprinkle Fairy Dust. lol ;-)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Found something interesting on Notre Dame:



And this:


Second link contains some speculation, but hey. It has interesting points.

Anonymous said...

What video? I don't see a video, just a photo.

Anonymous said...

OK, got the video. Click on the DC WHISPERS
That is indeed suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les. A much needed and very apropos commentary.
Yes, you are correct. There are countless 'worse things'.
But we carry on with the good we have, and count our blessings.
Even my 7 year old granddaughter understands 'just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there '.
Carry on dear Les.
- The beggar.

Visible said...

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