Monday, April 29, 2019

Love is the Everlasting Primary Expression and Personality of the Divine.

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We have written millions of words at these blogs. We've actually written millions of words at 'each of the blogs'. There have been a lot of words. Presently, I am reading the collected works of Swami Vivekananda. That is also a lot of words and it is often very dense material but... I am committed to reading ALL OF IT. I had already intended to reading it all but then... I was told that I would get a wonderful surprise gift if I did this. That was extra motivation. Since most of the people who read these articles do not have a voice conversing with them, in their head, throughout their each and every day; it might be hard to accept that this sort of a relationship does exist and has been around for as long as anything like us has been around. I did not have this relationship for the majority of my life and... if I did, I could not hear it. It has been only a few years that this has been a constant for me.

It is not just crazy people who hear voices in their head. Here I must acknowledge what may leap into thought in the minds of people who have been coming here for awhile is; “but Visible, you are crazy right? By your own admission.” Yes, this is true but I am spiritually crazy and that is something different than your regular garden variety or hot house exotic crazy. It is a managed and monitored crazy. In fact... and I hesitate to say this... you pretty much have to be crazy to get in range of 'the voice'. At least you have to be crazy in the way the world defines crazy. That pretty much only means that you are not 24/7 world mesmerized. The World, which is a conscious entity, does not like it when you are not in thrall. It's job is to keep you in thrall and it tends to think it is not doing its job when one or more of us slip away into other locations, while we are still here.

I am not wishing to imply any singularity about myself just because I have invisible friends. We all have invisible friends but unless you go to somewhat ridiculous lengths, they are not going to talk to you in a routine any time of day manner. I could always talk to and hear from them when I was on psychedelics (which is why I took them more than anyone I ever met and in larger quantities.) I am not seeking to be singular here either. The truth is that when you are crazy, this is normal behavior (there is something... something about that last sentence...). I used to say that madness is just a seashell beyond the sea's kiss; meaning that the voices of the world were akin to the roar of the waves and it can be hard to hear anything else, depending on your proximity to either. This makes me think of T.S. Eliot's “until human voices wake us and we drown.”

The truth is that it became more and more important for me to hear the voice of the interior, over the course of time, as the voice(s) of the exterior became noticeably more and more banal and redundant. I stopped getting a clue by that route. I hardly engage in conversation much these days, except with very few people, because I only want to talk about things of the spirit and very few people are open to that sort of thing. It makes them increasingly more and more uneasy because of the voices of the world, or what I call, 'the clamor of world glamour'.

As I was saying, we've written millions and millions of words and all of those words can be reduced to a very few words, which I will attempt to accomplish here. Real life can be consolidated into a particular view. It's pretty simple really. It just involves the ability to see Love in one permutation or another in relation to anything you encounter. It involves recognizing that love is not simply an emotion, whose depth and impact is measured by the level of one's comprehension, although that is pretty close to how it is. More importantly it has to do with recognizing... even more than recognizing...realizing that Love is a 'conscious entity' that works through whoever is feeling it to the level of their capacity. A time comes when the Love,which is more specifically the personality of God, communicates in an aware manner with the person feeling it and I think that is connected, directly connected to self realization.

At the base level. we hear the approximation of love at that level as a chorus of grunts, various animal sounds, some from actual animals and some from humans reduced- temporarily (we hope) to that state of awareness. Some of it is due to the loss of breath control. It regularly causes me to laugh out loud when I see sex scenes in a movie and the individuals involved are tearing at each others clothing and panting and making guttural noises. This, in its own way shows the life and death aspect and that is exampled by many of the dead animals by the side of the road in Spring. There are plenty of people, dead by the side of the road of life for this same reason but... they can be harder to see. That was never my method to celebrate a loss of control in that activity, which, of course, I accomplished during other activities (grin).

This form of expression, in certain cases, evolves upward into the language of poets and does not end there. There is also the language of saints and mystics (some of whom were poets) and those swept up in the marvelous intoxication of the presence of God. It is in the area of these forms of expression that one realizes and experiences the truth and reality that Love is a conscious entity. Love is a living thing. It is a being. We have heard it said by many a person across the passage of time that “God is Love”. This is true and I would here like to delineate how that is interpreted to me. God is unknowable, indefinable and incomprehensible; EXCEPT in his primary expression, which is Love. I refer to Love as 'the personality of God' and just as is the case with his 'qualities', it is a way to understand the divine being, by extension through the vehicle he moves in, which is Love.

It is hard for most people to understand God and one of the reasons is that they do not understand Love. In most cases, for most people, Love is a selfish enterprise... taken in the totality of its range, across the spectrum of a particular life. There are exceptions, like the love of a mother, or where one willingly sacrifices themselves for an ideal. The highest expression of Love is sacrifice and that was most clearly demonstrated by Jesus the Christ... in the age of Pisces. One need only give a cursory study to the attributes, associated with that astrological sign, to get some comprehension of how the divine would chose to demonstrate in that period. This is not to say that sacrifice loses any of its credibility in any other age but simply that it is brought to its highest form of expression in that one.

Avatars... of which Jesus the Christ was one, tend to come around in times of confusion, where people have lost their way. Surely, a casual look around would indicate that his next presentation and appearance is somewhat overdue. But... it is not up to me to schedule the comings and goings of the divine. Any time something doesn't make sense to me concerning the divine, it is an indication that I am lacking in my grasp of the situation. Everything about the ineffable is always perfect. It cannot be otherwise with the divine. It can be otherwise with me (but I'm working on that).

Presently... there is a horrible war in progress and the intention of those waging it, is to diminish all sense of the divine and to discredit all forms of worship and the celebration of it, unless it has been efficiently corrupted to the degree that it suits their purposes. Fundamentalism of every stripe is useful in that regard. It numbs and confines the minds of those associated with it and it drives away everyone in possession of an objective awareness at the same time.

At a certain level of spiritual evolution, love informs the person feeling it about the reality of love as a conscious entity. Love is a living thing at a particular level of its expression. One might say that before that plane, it is in degrees of sleep, from the deepest all the way to awakening and its vehicle of delivery is dream. I am sure that anyone who is familiar with myth and legend has come across parallels.

My personal experience is that it speaks to me on all manner of things. Sometimes it has to do with my behavior, both on and off 'the mark'. Other times it has to do with the world outside. Sometimes it has to do with events and situations to come. At all times it is encouraging and informative. It is kind of like being told to hang in there when you are pressed against it and despair of a way around; whatever 'it' may be; given that... in the ultimate sense, you are everything. You are the universe entire and forever free. We only imagine it to be otherwise and... if we trust the leading's and urging of that voice, we will come to know this.

One might well ask, “why do we strive?”, if in the end we will all be made free. There is a mystery to this, not to mention the potential expanse of millions of lifetimes and countless years. This is not my preference. Curiously it is the preference of many, who see no reason to look beyond the temporary delights of this world. It is not always delightful here but... the promise that it might be is enough of a lure. Once again I have to include Chapter 43 of the Autobiography of a Yogi. I cannot imagine how anyone can not be inspired and galvanized by what is contained therein. I mean to go there, or somewhere like it, and... I should point out that that is only one loka of many, many lokas (there are worlds within worlds- just as we have here). Having had some small vision of this truth a time or two, it is onward and upward for me.

End Transmission.......

♫ Persephone ♫


Anonymous said...

The latest book I have read. Most of it resonates with me. Just sharing if you're interested. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

As usual, your blogs are keeping trains of thought running on time, and sometimes ya get what
ya need. (Jagger in my head?) Your use of the word "thrall", excellent choice, thought immediately of "maya" vs "illusion". Reading Vivekananda is herculean, thicker than most, and
comprension very slowly dawns, so, keep em coming!

robert said...

Dear Visible,

My personal experience is that it speaks to me on all manner of things. Sometimes it has to do with my behavior, both on and off 'the mark'. Other times it has to do with the world outside. Sometimes it has to do with events and situations to come. At all times it is encouraging and informative. It is kind of like being told to hang in there when you are pressed against it and despair of a way around; whatever 'it' may be; given that... in the ultimate sense, you are everything. You are the universe entire and forever free. We only imagine it to be otherwise and... if we trust the leading's and urging of that voice, we will come to know this.

Reads like overflow from your work on the Presence book and feels winderful!

Oh, our sabotaged imaginations! Where mind control lives rent-free on our anxieties!

When used properly, programmed by calm, loving attention to detail, the power manifest in alignment with the will of the One proves the creative power in action.

When overwhelmed by implanted triggers to self-pity, fear and other traits of spiritual childhood, we suffer the power of our minds when turned against our hearts!

Just as fasting is necessary at times to save our bodies from long standing bad habits, so mental fasting, in meditation, time away from ALL media, solitude etc. is NECESSARY to sense and clean out all the accumulated insanity our minds have consumed and absorbed, consciously or unconsciously.

Physical hygiene, emotional hygiene and mental hygiene comprise spiritual hygiene, with the critical addition of an ongoing dialog correspondence with the Divine personality, as you have tirelessly returned to our attention!

Why would we expect to prove or disprove the creative powers granted to our use without acting with due diligence to care for it, feed it well and exercise it even to the extent we would love a pet animal?

One way out: through the heart of the Creator! We choose to be only disconnected dust or in connection with the engine of creation, dependent on our will to face and live with our larger Being.

Yet our wills must be constantly renewed by intimacy with the One...

We are One but do not all know it deeply enough!

Visible said...

Hah! Robert... I was writing an email to my friend Alan in Perth and that was part of it and I said to myself afterwards, "that whole email is going in the book".

Vivekananda; Yeah... I got the books a little under (over?) two months ago and am now only mostly through volume 2.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! A VO with plenty to think on. Thanks.

Vis: "It is not just crazy people who hear voices in their head."

That was one reason I studied psychology. There are 'sub-personalities' who are split-off under duress of some kind (not to mention MKUltra shenanigans). Some are even psychic. Those are important to differentiate from Higher Self. You can usually tell after some 'listening', because these were indeed splintered-off and feel incomplete in some way. Even fearful/hostile, if you get close to circumstances which originally caused the split. So, discernment is necessary.

Higher Self tends to take things in stride. Being immortal can do that for you. It is even outside of SpaceTime, so you can get 'warnings' if that is appropriate. (Other times, you are just left to fall into the circumstance - for learning purposes. Bah.)

I have asked a few times whether HS more enjoyed me peppering it with questions and suggestions, or was more annoyed with that. HS said it enjoyed it. (So, do not be afraid to ask.)

One of the most enjoyable things for me is when HS is operating on/in an area that is just beyond Ray's comprehension. If I ask for something to be down-shifted to where Ray can understand it, I frequently get a 'good enough' sense of what is happening in higher planes and can integrate all the moving-energies and cleaning/repairing for a Ray's-eye-view of what is occurring. Cool.

Although HS could drill-through to me when really needed, conversations seemed to begin when my old 'stuff' was gradually cleared out. Reducing the static, as it were. Meditation or quiet-space is also beneficial. The 'goal' is to be able to access/converse with HS on the go, in kind of a dual-consciousness arrangement.

Finally, remember that the Beings behind the PTB want you to be only meatbags. Only intellect and emotions. They 'win' that way. To further that result, they have deployed the crazy if hear voices in head meme and slandered spirituality in general. It is up to the individual to fight past this fear-based programming, until some general awakening occurs...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Anonymous Monday, April 29, 2019 12:24:00 PM

'The Forbidden Religion

Chapter 2: Matter is Evil

All religions maintain that “matter is good”, “the world
is good”, “it was created by God”. And “God is just, God is
good and created something good for man”. That is why
the bible says “And God said ‘Let there be light’, and there
was light. And God saw that light was good”.

'Primordial Gnosis, which we can from now on just call
Gnosis, with capital letters to differentiate it from other
false gnosis which has appeared throughout the course of
history, maintains the opposite: matter is evil and impure;
matter is the prison of the Spirit. This material world is hell.
Matter is evil, and if matter is evil it follows that its creator
must also be evil. For Gnostics, the material world, this
world, was created not by a good or just god but by a
creator satan. Matter is something satanic, therefore
whoever created it must also be a satanic being.'

Matter does keep one contained in the physical world by trapping them on the wheel of reincarnation, but this is not for evil purposes, it is for the well being of the rest of Creation. One can easily move on from this plain once they have achieved what this plain teaches them to do, which is harmonise one's self with the Divine to achieve Christ consciousness, which can only be achieved with direction from the indwelling Holy Spirit. Until one reaches this level of development they have not matured enough as a co-creator to move on, so this world is somewhat akin to a kindergarden for developing co-creators.

Look at the state this world is in. What kind of a God would unleash that on the rest of Creation?

One should look at this world as a learning module. Once you have attainted the knowledge and other required abilities to
manoeuvre your way adequately through this world you earn your passage to higher realms of Creation.

The author of The Forbidden Religion speaks from the position of one who judges God. Did not Jesus teach us that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must be humble? By the time I got to the second chapter I already realised why this author has not yet graduated, he expects God to alter the curriculum to make it easier for him to pass because he doesn't want to do the hard yards to learn what is necessary. I am only a middle aged house wife and I can see that. He sounds more like a spoilt child than a sage. Following people like this is what get's people lost in the wilderness. When will people stop following blind guides and learn that the only guide that can get you out of here is the Holy Spirit?

Some people spend their entire life lying, stealing, deceiving others, and blaming the world for the misfortune that happens upon them, all the while never even considering that it is they who are the problem. Who would have thought??

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

LOVEly post LV.

Hi Karen! You sure don't scare easily, do you? (smile)
Liked your last paragraph though. I don't waste my time
with that type anymore. There are too many decent human
beings to hang out with these days. Seek and ye shall find.

Happy Spring to all who come here. So refreshing.

God bless.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Chinese Sneakers said...

As a writer (and spiritualist) you're a true marvel, Viz.

i'Ve spent my entire adult life reading everything and no one living in this mortal realm has come anywhere close on either count.

Seriously. Not even Dostoevski could get to the heart of things in as few words as you do.

Now, i know you wanted to be recognized as a musician; but, in my humble opinion, you're the greatest, albeit mostly unsung, American writer of your generation. And there will come a time when you will get the recognition you so richly deserve.

Thanks so much for keeping it turned on all these years.

We all owe you big time; and it's been a huge pleasure to have read your work over the years.

Much love and cheers with a glass half full of the good stuff.

jamesC said...

I second Chinese Sneakers. Thanks for all you do and have done over the years Visible.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Sneakers, I hope you understand why Vis can't respond to your beautiful comment. I know him and he has told me more than once that it is damned if you do and damned if you don't, in so many words that is, not those words. I can assure you he appreciates hearing that more than you know and I happen to know that Dostoevski is one of his all time favorite writers. "Grin" as he would say.

Hope you don't mind my stepping in Vis. He probably looked high and low for your email in order to thank you privately so maybe he did. He has a problem with compliments. He always has had and has also told me more than once that all the credit goes to God. He would be less than nothing with out him. He did use those words.

Bill, from way back.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Sneakers. You have summed it up perfectly.
I can add no words to yours . Thank you LV

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Transgender-ibles and the War Against Normal. Coming to a Sidewalk near You; from Disney Studios this Summer.



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