Sunday, September 27, 2020

"It is VERY HARD to Talk About What CAN'T Be Talked About."


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I have been pondering a specific concern. It is a concern shared by ALL OF US. The only ones not sharing this concern are the ones who don't have this concern; the few. ALL OF US, whether consciously or subconsciously, are trying to address this concern one way or another. It is the thing that gets between us and SERENITY... or... FULFILLMENT... or... there are many different words that we use, according to whatever it is we are after, that is denied us. For those seeking a remedy to some material gain, I can't help you. Seeking any kind of material gain is a larger part of the problem. The good news, or bad news, depending on whether you have acquired this material concern or not, is that YOU WILL GET IT but it will NOT make you happy. That is the good news and the bad news.

I am not here to tell you not to enjoy material life. I am here to share what I have been taught about how to enjoy material life and not become enslaved by it. The answers I am going to give you will not be something you haven't heard before BUT... how you comprehend it this time; how you take it now, will have EVERYTHING to do with it finally working for you.

All of us who are plagued with dissatisfaction, suffer to the DEGREE that we are dissatisfied. The only ones not suffering from this are those who are not dissatisfied and how you arrive at that state is dependent on your UNDERSTANDING. A fundamental problem here is that many people REFUSE to accept what is true because it interferes with their desires.

Why is it, do you think, that God appears to be at a distance from us? There is the Will of God and there is the illusion of your will. There is only one will and each of us borrows from that will to exercise our imperatives upon life. As far as your will goes, there are ONLY two options. You can be in accord with The Will of God, or you can oppose it. This tends to onfuse most people. Does this mean that all of the pleasures of life are to be denied to me? Not at all. In every life there are those items and conditions that are apportioned to you BUT... the sad truth is that none of these, those apportioned to us and those we struggle to obtain are going to give us SATISFACTION... SERENITY or FULFILLMENT. In the beginning, perhaps, and... THERE ARE THOSE, of a particular temperament, who seek nothing more than material gain and all the transitory and ephemeral joys that this world has to offer. They represent that portion of the sentient world that provides a contrast to The Seeker. EVERYTHING is permitted, one has ONLY to be willing to pay the freight.

As you can see, I have already swung into a boilerplate treatise on the matter and if I were not stopped or did not stop myself, I could go on and on and on and NEVER get to the end and that would leave the reader DISSATISFIED so... let us cut to the proverbial chase.

The whole matter can be simplified, beyond belief in some cases. Within each of us there resides an entity who is in possession of all knowledge, all power, and limitless bliss; Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, and Bliss Absolute. What I am saying here is not, yadda, yadda- I've heard it all before. We're going to try a different approach. We are going to present a workable solution BUT... it is going to fall on deaf ears in most cases because it takes a SINGULAR MIND to employ it. I am NOT implying here that you have to be in some sort of special club, or “some got it some don't”. When I say SINGULAR MIND, I mean a mind that is singly focused and MOST PEOPLE just don't want to go through the trouble. They 'think' that they are going to miss out on something and it does look like that in the beginning; perhaps to dissuade the dilettantes.

The fact is you get The Whole Shebang. This is because that entity who is within is The Supreme Enjoyer. Why would he be called that if it did not apply? AND... how is The Supreme Enjoyer supposed to enjoy? The only body he has available is OURS. We are his hands as well. That is how he gets things done in this world, through us and his angels, who also work through us, BUT... not entirely as they are responsible for all manner of things. It would pay great dividends for a person to study the ranks of angels and what they do (this is a limited synopsis but it will do to provoke thought). I actually prefer this assessment because I feel that this church is still somewhat in tune, in terms of doctrine BUT... I am 'getting off the point again'.

There has been a compelling reason for everything that gets said here and the question you need to ask about me is not, “Does he know what he is talking about?” The question should be, “What is the source of his information? Is his source trustworthy?” That is all that counts, not whether I know anything because I don't. I ONLY know what I am permitted to know. Due to what informs me, I share what comes to me.

You can read every relevant book available. I have read many of them. You can perform all manner of disciplines and austerities. I have done this also. It doesn't matter what you think you know and it doesn't matter how hard you try. The soft center of the chocolate is ONLY reached through GRACE. God has his representatives on Earth and I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have met one. It has been a longstanding tradition with God to employ the simple and the crazy for certain tasks. This is because IT is SIMPLE and because IT goes beyond the Rational Mind. Everyone who SINCERELY wishes to serve is permitted to serve, according to their temperament and ability.

You HAVE TO meet someone in order to proceed beyond a certain point. In order to meet that someone, you have to earn the right. You earn the right by demonstrating certain qualities. None of us are unobserved. The moment you begin to shine at a certain frequency you are spotted, unless a date was set previously, based on Karmic achievements earlier on, in past lives. Once again I am still saying the same things I have said before, in earlier times. This is to show how DIFFICULT it is to convey a thought that is so simple.

Within you is the sense of two different beings. Sometimes you are at peace with yourself and sometimes you are at war with yourself and for those of us, the sort of person who would read this sort of thing, we are ALWAYS looking for answers. We know the answers are to be found, BUT all the books and videos and recordings still, mostly... leave us as the same person we read, or saw, or heard them.

There is, LITERALLY, a consciousness within that KNOWS EVERYTHING and has the solution to EVERY problem. However, even when we know this to be true, we fall back, again and again, and again upon our own resources. FOR SOME REASON, we don't get the SIMPLE answer to ALL of our problems and that is to leave them in the hands of The Divine. We know this. We have been told this over and over. We have told ourselves over and over BUT... FOR SOME REASON, we can't seem to get past the negative reflex action. This is where the WORK comes in and it is work... even though the secret is NOT to work. It is a TRICK OF THE MIND. I know some portion of this because I am NOW engaged in it ALL THE TIME. It wasn't always the case. There was a lot of SHIT I had to get out of the way first, BUT... if you are sincere and DETERMINED, that which is WITHIN YOU will come to your aid. It will come even when you are NOT so engaged.

The REASON we go through so much struggle is because our resistance is AGAINST our own freedom. We imagine not but it is so. We work counter to our own best interests and we are put through everything we experience, to WAKE US UP. You have the supreme good fortune (although it doesn't exist in that fashion because there are NO ACCIDENTS in Nature or in ourselves) to be present in this Grand Apocalypse, where a FORCE OF AWAKENING is in action, and it has only JUST BEGUN. The most critical thing for you, at this juncture, is in HOW you respond, BECAUSE... except in rare cases, we RESIST this awakening. We may not CONSCIOUSLY wish to resist but we do and that is something we should make ourselves aware of and we can ONLY accomplish that by a surrender to The Divine; a LITERAL giving up. Keep in mind that you WILL be brought to this state at some point NO MATTER WHAT. Why not go willingly ahead of time?

We are ALL at some degree of self-imposed separation from the supreme goal of all life and that is ETERNAL LIBERTY. Close within us, closer than we can imagine we are to ourselves, is an everlasting being that is our own real self. We have ONLY to merge into it and it will neutralize everything that is extraneous and interfering until IT is ALL that remains.

All those systems of Yoga and Meditation, Prayer, and Ceremonies, you name it, someone has tried it. Some of these systems have endured for millennia. This is because they work. There is another way though and it is SPEEDY for the dedicated and energetic. All it requires is ALL of you. You are ASSISTED in this, though one may often be unaware of it. This is where FAITH comes in and ONCE AGAIN, we MUST STRESS the need to acquire, Faith, Certitude, and Determination. These are your ticket, your passport, and the conveyance.

I cannot express how important it is to be attentive NOW. I am going to give you a very powerful and useful technique, courtesy of Master Aivanhov. The Moon is waxing these days. Go outside in the evening, when you can see The Moon and raise your right hand, directed at The Moon and state;

“As this moon waxes, so does my Faith, Certitude, and Determination.”

You say this 3 times. You can also state anything you want that you wish to increase. Conversely, when The Moon is waning, You state 3 times, with right arm raised to The Moon, whatever you wish to be diminished in you. Be clear and succinct and commanding. Speak it as a REALITY. I have embellished what Master Aivanhov described.

As you can see, I was unable to transmit, with any clarity, the information I set out to convey, when I began writing this. I talked all around it. HOWEVER, there is enough to serve as an INDICATION of intent. The books and all the rituals and practices serve their purpose, but THEY FALL SHORT and just as often confuse and complicate the matter. ALL one has to do is to RECOGNIZE that there is a presence that is Indwelling. Accept that that presence is your REAL SELF and endeavor to PERMIT it to exist and express without hindrance. This is the TOTAL of ALL one needs to do and LOVE is the medium by which it exists and expresses. Nothing more needs to be known or done. I hope this is useful though I wish it were more precise. It is VERY hard to talk about what can't be talked about.

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(you're proof that God loves me!)

Parler is hard to get to. Makes you wonder how I was able to do so (grin). Anyway, should you suddenly get the urge to go there, this is where you TRY to go.

As I have said, Pocketnet keeps getting better as a source for more detailed and truthful commentary. As we enter into the crisis period before the election, it's a good place to discover what you are unlikely to discover anywhere else. Pocketnet is accessed by clicking on this link.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"The Hawk is on the Wind and the Wolf is at the Door; Need I Say Anymore?"


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This morning I went outside to do my ritual of meditation and prayer and that hawk was there on the fence, directly across from where I sit. After a bit, he took off. As I finalized my meditation and opened my eyes, he had returned and remained on the fence a bit further down. This time he was there for a while and my coming and going did not seem to disturb him, though he was aware of me and would rotate his head to give me a look. He was facing outward. I don't know what it means. Hawks were considered, in earlier times, messengers from the Gods.

Just before my friend, Kenny O'Brien died, he told me he wanted to come back as a hawk. A few days after, I was on the property. His parents had asked me to live there and watch over it. I went walking in the meadow and a hawk came out of the trees and flew past me. I got those invisible trembles that occur when something more than you can experience through the senses is taking place.

Since I felt that this appearance today was a sign, due to other events that took place just before and after, I went to the search engine and visited half a dozen sites having to do with the meaning of hawk appearances. I am posting ONLY those points that were presented multiple times-

“A black hawk stands for great destruction and disorder. A gray hawk suggests your dull survival. A red hawk embodies power, sovereignty, and authority.” It was a red hawk.

“He asks us to watch for confirmations, and listen for messages as we travel on our journey.” “Hawks are symbols of the soul. It is in the advance of a message coming.”

I would not be devoting so much space to this, or even mentioning it if it were not a special occurrence. You had to be there.

There was no question in my mind whether or not this was a meaningful event. I have been intensifying my efforts on the spiritual plane and there have been various occurrences. I will share the one I consider the most significant, without going into the details, because I am not supposed to talk about that. I was standing in the kitchen when something that I have been aware of for some time came to mind. Because of THE WAY in which I experienced it and the reaction I had, the awareness transited from intellectual to visceral. Immediately THE VOICE appeared in my mind and said something to the effect that I had just passed a CRITICAL point and that until that had happened, nothing further was possible. Everything had been in abeyance, in suspension until then.

I was told that there was no way of predicting when this would occur and that I had to discover it myself. The time frame had no limits. I was then told that that was the MOST IMPORTANT event upon which all that would follow was predicated. I was told that that was THE MAJOR HUMP in the road, everything else would be simply stages of progressions now, within the context of it. I was told this was a REALLY big 'woo woo moment' but I did not have any noticeable reaction to it. I suspect this was because it was something I had already known for some time. This is very difficult to explain; my not fully knowing what I thought I knew and then I knew it. That's the best I can do. Since then, I have had the sense that everything has now gone in motion since I got over that hurdle. I've been told to be watchful, lest a number of significant details escape me as I proceed.

My life is now a fait accompli and I have only to go through the motions, consciously. This is what I was told. It sounds like it should be some kind of big deal but I am not feeling much outside of a general expectation. I was told it would ALL be positive and to have no worries on that account. Any greater challenges that might lie ahead were not my concern as they would all be handled by the angel. I am ONLY charged with permitting and not hindering it when it occurs.

I am going to be attaching an excerpt from Swami Vivekananda at the end of this posting. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ IT! It was part of today's reading during my meditation-prayer session. It tied into so many things I had been thinking about and pondering recently. I had even been reading OTHER works on a similar focus. I have been reading the section on Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms from “The Teachings of the Masters of Perfection” by Roy Eugene Davis. He was a disciple of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda. We used to communicate while I was in Germany. I had always meant to visit him in Lakemont, GA. But it didn't happen (like so many things) and now he has passed. I had been reading parts of this during the day and in the morning meditations, I read from Swami Vivekananda and from, “The Tarot” by Paul Foster Case. I have been reading both of these over and over. Of course, it takes considerably longer to get through Vivekananda than it does this Case book (grin).

I am not recommending that particular book by Roy. It would prove too dense for many. Other works by him can be useful.

Vivekananda says that 'OM' is God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” HOWEVER... however... Light is the highest state of being and that moves to densities and concentrations of conscious light, beyond our comprehension. In the DIRECTION of the manifest, light is the higher octave of sound and it descends into sound vibration from light vibration. It is the OM out of which all form emerges as a particularization of vibration. If you can raise or lower the vibration of ANYTHING, you can change it into something else. This is what Alchemy is all about. I ask you to pardon my ignorance and clumsy wordplay. There are others far more clear and precise than I but I am only doing the best I can. It could be that I have my sequencing less than perfect and my explanations less than fully comprehensive. I will improve in time.

Truth is a light and Love is a heat (or warmth). We are light in extension. There is a portion of us that is always free but the other parts of us have forgotten this, in our pursuit of forms in the realms of Time, Space, and Causation. We have become far more materialized than once we were. We are much less subtle and fine than we were. The primary impetus of existence is FREEDOM and LIBERATION and this is gained as the fruit of Self Realization. In the Vivekananda excerpt, the master explains how quickly we can arrive at it. It WILL surprise you. It is often ALL that I think about.

Perhaps I shouldn't talk about there being 'parts' of us or... maybe I should just clarify what I meant. Sometimes the heart goes one way and the mind another. Often the soul is not in agreement with the direction of the mind, or the Causal or Buddhi-Body (not to be confused with the Booty-Body as so often happens in these times). The intellect has NO moral compass. It is a tool and it accounts for some of the horrible things some people can do. Did that help (grin)? People toss around terms like 'logic' and 'reason' and DO NOT have a full appreciation of the meaning of the words.

I am going to suggest something here for the DUE DILIGENCE of anyone who CARES about such things. When you are eating, take the trouble and hardship (it won't take that long; a week or two) to chew your food THOUGHTFULLY and Fletcherize it. 50% of the digestion is SUPPOSED TO take place in the mouth. If you don't do this, it will cost you over the long run. It REALLY will. ALSO, do the same thing when you are reading anything (or don't bother reading it). Actually, chew the words and digest them in the same fashion. I call this chewing motion, Rumination. Do the same thing when you are engaged in Contemplation. I am sharing this because of the WONDERFUL BENEFITS that I myself have experienced as a result of this.

If you don't bless your food. Yikes! If you don't thoughtfully chew your food and your thoughts, Yikes! These are simple procedures that will FUNDAMENTALLY change your life for the better. AND... though we shall have to save the details for a future posting... BREATHING... how you breathe, is PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! So is physical maintenance, involved in Exercise and especially Stretching. Simple Disciplines will reward you HANDSOMELY.

In a short time, you will so transformed in your being... AND... sincerely asking for help? Sincere prayers are HEARD. People have little clue about the GENEROSITY and ATTENTIVENESS of God; the care and attention God gives to even the smallest of his creations; “Solomon in all his glory, etc.” Please be kind to yourself. Take it from someone who was not for periods of time. BUT... I can only say, God loves me. I KNOW this now and you can too. Take it on FAITH to start with- Fake it till you make it. Go about AS IF it were true and sooner or later IT WILL BE.

End Transmission.......

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If you aren't a SOMEBODY at Parler, fuggedaboudit! If you don't pay money to be there, fuggedaboudit! If you want to be Sub Rosa and by barely seeming to exist, exist the most, then it is okay to be at this place, despite not actually being there.

Pocketnet is ♫ getting better all the time ♫ I have been surprised and impressed lately by what I have found there. They don't pay me and I get no reward for saying this. They don't even notice me there most of the time, even though I get the MOST positive votes consistently; Visible tugs at his invisible tie like Rodney Dangerfield. Do yourself a favor and drop by Pocketnet now and then.

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Excerpt from Volume 7 of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda, “Inspired Talks”

"Yoga is the science of restraining the Chitta (mind) from breaking into Vrittis (modifications). Mind is a mixture of sensation and feelings, or action and reaction; so it cannot be permanent. The mind has a fine body and through this it works on the gross body. Vedanta says that behind the mind is the real Self. It accepts the other two, but posits a third, the Eternal, the Ultimate, the last analysis, the unit, where there is no further compound. Birth is re-composition, death is de-composition, and the final analysis is where Atman is found; there being no further division possible, the perdurable is reached.

The whole ocean is present at the back of each wave, and all manifestations are waves, some very big, some small; yet all are the ocean in their essence, the whole ocean; but as waves each is a part. When the waves are stilled, then all is one; "a spectator without a spectacle", says Patanjali. When the mind is active, the Atman is mixed up with it. The repetition of old forms in quick succession is memory. Be unattached. Knowledge is power, and getting one you get the other.

By knowledge you can even banish the material world. When you can mentally get rid of one quality after another from any object until all are gone, you can at will make the object itself disappear from your consciousness.

Those who are ready, advance very quickly and can become Yogis in six months. The less developed may take several years; and anyone by faithful work and by giving up everything else and devoting himself solely to practice can reach the goal in twelve years.

Bhakti will bring you there without any of these mental gymnastics, but it is a slower way. Ishvara is the Atman as seen or grasped by mind. His highest name is Om; so repeat it, meditate on it, and think of all its wonderful nature and attributes. Repeating the Om continually is the only true worship. It is not a word, it is God Himself. Religion gives you nothing new; it only takes off obstacles and lets you see your Self. Sickness is the first great obstacle; a healthy body is the best instrument. Melancholy is an almost insuperable barrier. If you have once known Brahman, never after can you be melancholy. Doubt, want of perseverance, mistaken ideas are other obstacles. * * *

Prânas are subtle energies, sources of motion. There are ten in all, five inward and five outward. One great current flows upwards, and the other downwards. Prânâyâma is controlling the Pranas through breathing. Breath is the fuel, Prana is the steam, and the body is the engine. Pranayama has three parts, Puraka (inbreathing), Kumbhaka (holding the breath), Rechaka (out-breathing). . . . The Guru is the conveyance in which the spiritual influence is brought to you. Anyone can teach, but the spirit must be passed on by the Guru to the Shishya (disciple), and that will fructify. The relation between Shishyas is that of brotherhood, and this is actually accepted by law in India. The Guru passes the thought power, the Mantra, that he has received from those before him; and nothing can be done without a Guru. In fact, great danger ensues.

Usually without a Guru, these Yoga practices lead to lust; but with one, this seldom happens. Each Ishta has a Mantra. The Ishta is the ideal peculiar to the particular worshiper; the Mantra is the external word to express it. Constant repetition of the word helps to fix the ideal firmly in the mind. This method of worship prevails among religious devotees all over India. To attain liberation through work, join yourself to work but without desire, looking for no result. Such work leads to knowledge, which in turn brings emancipation. To give up work before you know, leads to misery. Work done for the Self gives no bondage. Neither desire pleasure nor fear pain from work. It is the mind and body that work, not I. Tell yourself this unceasingly and realize it. Try not to know that you work. Do all as a sacrifice or offering to the Lord. Be in the world, but not of it, like the lotus leaf whose roots are in the mud but which remains always pure.

Let your love go to all, whatever they do to you. A blind man cannot see color, so how can we see evil unless it is in us? We compare what we see outside with what we find in ourselves and pronounce judgment accordingly. If we are pure, we cannot see impurity. It may exist, but not for us. See only God in every man, woman and child; see it by the antarjyotis, "inner light", and seeing that, we can see naught else. Do not want this world, because what you desire you get. Seek the Lord and the Lord only. The more power there is, the more bondage, the more fear. How much more afraid and miserable are we than the ant! Get out of it all and come to the Lord. Seek the science of the maker and not that of the made. "I am the doer and the deed." "He who can stem the tide of lust and anger is a great Yogi." "Only by practice and non-attachment can we conquer mind." . . .

Our Hindu ancestors sat down and thought on God and morality, and so have we brains to use for the same ends; but in the rush of trying to get gain, we are likely to lose them again. * * * The body has in itself a certain power of curing itself and many things can rouse this curative power into action, such as mental conditions, or medicine, or exercise, etc. As long as we are disturbed by physical conditions, so long we need the help of physical agencies. Not until we have got rid of bondage to the nerves, can we disregard them. There is the unconscious mind, but it is below consciousness, which is just one part of the human organism. Philosophy is guess-work about the mind. Religion is based upon sense contact, upon seeing, the only basis of knowledge. What comes in contact with the super-conscious mind is fact. Âptas are those who have "sensed" religion. The proof is that if you follow their method, you too will see. Each science requires its own particular method and instruments.

An astronomer cannot show you the rings of Saturn by the aid of all the pots and pans in the kitchen. He needs a telescope. So, to see the great facts of religion, the methods of those who have already seen must be followed. The greater the science the more varied the means of studying it. Before we came into the world, God provided the means to get out; so all we have to do is to find the means. But do not fight over methods. Look only for realization and choose the best method you can find to suit you. Eat the mangoes and let the rest quarrel over the basket.

See Christ, then you will be a Christian. All else is talk; the less talking the better. The message makes the messenger. The Lord makes the temple; not vice versa. Learn until "the glory of the Lord shines through your face", as it shone through the face of Shvetaketu. Guess against guess makes fight; but talk of what you have been, and no human heart can resist it. Paul was converted against his will by realization."

Sunday, September 20, 2020

"George Soros is a Cultural Haboob. Wailing through the Ranks of the Prisoners of Nightmare."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As we await the coming Earth Trembles on the further coast, let us turn our attention to another matter that is a puzzle indeed. We ALL KNOW that George Soros is PROMOTING AND FUNDING all of the Antifa and BLM associated violence in The United States. We know that there have been news announcements concerning various investigations to discover WHO is financing these organizations. We have seen and heard mainstream media, dance around the essential truth of the matter. We also KNOW that he is one of the principal forces and sponsors of the migrant invasion of Europe that continues to do incalculable harm to Western Europe. We KNOW that Soros is the Frontman for the Rothschild Cartel. We KNOW all of this and other things as well.

WHY... WHY??? Why is it so difficult to SAY HIS NAME out-loud and on the air? He is the number one IDENTIFIABLE Scourge of Humanity, upon all that, is decent and orderly. What other conclusion are we left with than that this DEMON runs on HEAVY HEAVY FUEL? Since all those, with something to lose, demonstrate their cowardice and simpering genuflections to the Prince of Darkness EVERY DAY; let us, who none of them pay any attention to and who are blocked out of all mainstream currents of ACCESS and PRESENCE at this time, SAY HIS NAME!!!

His name is George Soros and he is the financial and ideological force behind the wave of chaos and darkness, moving across this land like one of those Middle Eastern dust storms. I believe they are called a Haboob. Metaphysically, Haboobs are the result of the activity of powerful Djinns. You may not be able to directly see them; your spiritual senses need to be activated for this perception to be possible for you, BUT there are those who can see these entities in action. I have seen and experienced similar on several occasions, while under the influence of powerful psychedelics.

George Soros is a cultural Haboob. He is a dark force from the toxic underbelly of Nature. He is the very definition and Poster Boy example of a Satanist.

Over the years I have heard more than a few times that “you don't know who reads your work, Visible.” On top of that, I have been told the same thing by the angels that attend me on my course. That being the case; that there are those who do not reveal themselves because of who they are (in the positive sense), I would like to ask a favor of ALL THE READERS.

I am guessing that many of you saw the outraged bottom-feeders howling, “Burn it down!” in reference to President Trump getting a new Supreme Court justice appointed. Various of these nutjobs work in media, are entertainers, college professors, and the like. They are making terroristic threats of what might happen if the president nominates someone to replace Ruth Baader Meinhof Ginsburg BEFORE the election. I do not want to detail all that was WRONG about Ginsburg and I suspect she is not getting the same degree of veneration that she is getting here, in the place she is now resident in. I WAS NOT fond of her, but I no longer feel the desire to express Anger and Fury concerning this person. Let me just say that I am a Phrenologist and a person's face is a tell-all about the inhabitant behind the face. If you will just take a look at her face, it will tell you all you need to know about her humanity or the lack of it.

The favor is this; Each morning, around 6:00AM during my meditation period I say a prayer; “Lord, Please AWAKEN Humanity. Appear in their minds in a profound and powerful way. Show them the CONSEQUENCES of their actions in these times and where they are headed. Show them this and then show them what could happen if they change the course they are on. Dear Lord... also expose those who seek to enslave and murder Humanity and those presently doing these very things. Reveal to them WHO the predators are. This would transform existence in a remarkable fashion and the enemies of Humanity would no longer be able to carry on as they have been. I pray believing, Lord. Thank You!!! Amen.”

I am asking the readers to individually and collectively repeat that prayer once each day, using your own words to make the statement, or repeating what I provided in the last paragraph. If enough of us engage in this prayer, I feel VERY confident that it will move Heaven to action. I remember when I was in Italy, I gave the readers the Exorcism Chant, which translates as, “Out Demons Out” In Hindi it is expressed as, Om Raksha, Raksha, Raksha Pfat!!! Many of you intoned this each day and many of you wrote to tell me that it had been effective in your lives.

I don't want to have to get hammer and tongs on these people who are screaming “burn it down” if Trump should nominate a successor to Ruth Baader Meinhof Ginsberg. This includes AOC and a passel of others. I don't want to rage in fury anymore. I don't feel the anger these days. It just makes me sad. The passion is still there but it is of another kind now, so I just want to pray that the Lord will move in his usual mysterious way and dramatically wakes these selfish and godless fools up. Please join me when you can because the more of us who do, the more likely it will get paid attention to. The angels of God will carry this prayer to him and he will answer it

With each succeeding day I am seeing more and more clearly what is likely to take place when President Trump is reelected. If these WOKE Dreamers are AWAKENED, they will change their tune as quick as immediately. The POWER of PRAYER is amazing, as all who sincerely apply it have discovered. I have certainly seen it in action. Nothing is gained by shouting back at these prisoners of Nightmare. Given all the evidence that has presented itself to me in recent days, we are assuredly headed for Civil War. This potential drama CAN BE changed dramatically if those sleeping in selfish dreams are awakened by the hand of God. We are, any of us, and all of us, unhorsed when The Truth comes knocking.

Please join me in this effort; 'we are not here, we are everywhere.' Yesterday I told my friend about this and my friend agreed wholeheartedly with me about the force that WILL BE awakened, if we collectively petition the Divine Court with our appeal for positive change. I sincerely believe that God is in accord with this very thing and that is why Mr. Apocalypse was sent down here at this time. Revelation, Exposing, and Uncovering are now the order of the day AND it is going to get far more intense than it is at the moment. We ARE God's hands and senses in the manifest realm. Speaking to God in our hearts, about this critical concern, is guaranteed to impact upon the minds of those caught up in Delusion. I cannot communicate the level of Certitude that exists in me, in respect of so many people completely out of control coming into contact with this DIVINE INTENTION.

As Materialism has made the people more and more selfish and indifferent to the humanity of others and to their own humanity as well, the impetus toward ever-increasing madness is accelerating. It is bombing down the highway to Hell in reverse Kumbaya. Positive Change is on the menu; ask about The Daily Special!

It is altogether possible that there could come an immense and contagious transformation in the heart and mind of humanity. It DOES NOT have to descend into utter chaos. The force of Cosmic Love can instantaneously put the majority of us on The Road to Damascus. For so many of us to PRAY a common prayer might well cause the Train of Destiny to switch tracks. I don't know why this idea came so forcefully into my mind but come it did.

To pray sincerely for OTHERS to see the light makes the response of Heaven a fait accompli. The Director is weaving the disparate desires of all of us into harmonic accord. This is what Heaven does and one has the right to decide whether to be wheat or chaff. Heaven's intention is NOT in accord with the intentions of The Enemy of Heaven. In a twinkling, in that space between one breath and another, something exceptional and miraculous can occur. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” We DO NOT have to be physically present with one another for this to happen. Virtual also works.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

"Shadow Dancing to Mimic the Maestro or... how to Spiritually Trip Over Yourself."

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Reader Alert; Blogger has shut off most commenting at the blogs AND my emails are also being bounced. We knew this day would come. Here is a new email for me=

We will be looking into a more secure Blog Posting location. I'll wait to hear from The Elf.

Christian obfuscation of the truth. They forbid the recognition of Karma AND Reincarnation, without which general conditions and events on this plane make no sense AND they give no recognition to The Sun, which is God on the material plane and one of the homes of The Spiritual Sun. Without these 3 considerations, that religion makes no sense except as a moral guide in the teachings of Jesus. You ARE NOT forgiven all of your sins simply for accepting Jesus as Lord. The circumstances where that does occur, rarely, involve GRACE and that involves Karma from other times. You can accept or reject what I say here. That makes no difference either way. Either it is true, or it is not. These 3 features are at the core of Initiatic Wisdom in the areas where they apply. There is, of course, higher Wisdom Teachings but those can only be had DIRECTLY from Heaven's Quartermaster (grin), or whatever they call the office of the particular angel that oversees the disbursement of it.

There is a REASON why Traditional Christianity has blocked all reference to Karma, Reincarnation and The Sun. It is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. Regardless of the religion, the priest-class interposes itself between God and Man, to obscure the one and to feed upon the other. Study the nature of the beast. It is an atavistic thing and ALWAYS operates according to the same devious protocols. God, like anything worth experiencing, is best appreciated DIRECTLY. I will present certain BASIC TRUTHS here today. Everyone should already know them but sometimes... sometimes it is like hiding in plain sight. It's right there. It's always right there and so... it becomes part of the background picture and escapes your CONSCIOUS attention.

God IS WITHIN you. The portion of God with the most importance and relevance to you is INTERIOR. God expresses through you... or... conversely... The Devil does. It's only one force with TWO possibilities of interpretation. You are either permitting God to pass unhindered through you OR... you are modifying or opposing God and you can CLEARLY see in every contact you have with anyone, which of these two is in action IF... if God is clearly expressing through you.

Our biggest problem (and I know you have heard many variants on this BUT IT IS IMPORTANT!) is that we externalize God. We put God at a distance from ourselves, EVEN WHEN we think we think otherwise. We also step in front of God and shadow dance, like a clumsy fool, attempting to MIMIC THE MAESTRO. In this form of behavior, we become a shadow dancer, by identifying with a false mental construct of WHAT GOD IS. Subsequently, it can be said that ANY CONSTRUCT which tries to present what GOD is, is Shadow Dancing.

Have you noticed how CRAZY it is getting and how CRAZY people are getting? Of course, the two would go together (grin... but not funny). That article I just linked, in case any of you actually read it, was caused by the ambushing of two sheriffs in Compton TODAY. On the streets of the urban nightmare-landscapes, it is much the same.

WHOA!!! Look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The craziness is escalating by the day, as is the criminal behavior. It was reported that the Democratic Party has received around $400,000,000.00 from anonymous UNEMPLOYED sources in very recent times. The recipients are saying they are a collection of small donors who want political change. BWHAHAHAHAH!!! Right. You bet. They're unemployed due to there being some kind of loophole that makes it impossible to find out who they are. BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMberg is gifting a hundred million to the Florida-Biden campaign. I REALLY want to head for the Himalayas now but it would be too much like running away. I'm not a coward. Until they yank my integrity I won't be one and from what I understand, I have to give up my integrity. It CAN'T BE TAKEN.

I haven't watched network news in years. I read at some of the sites, just to get snapshots, like the ones I linked today BUT... for whatever the reason, today I saw several excerpts from various sources and THEY are FROTHING AT THE MOUTH over President Trump. I've never seen the like! They are enraged that he won't wear a mask and that he isn't requiring those who come to hear him speak to wear masks either. THEY were saying how it wasn't safe for THEM to go into the venue where he will speak, so.... heh heh. Well, certainly President Trump KNOWS that COVID is a scam DESIGNED to get rid of him. He KNOWS this. He can't say it apparently but everyone is getting the point. Sorry about all this digression my friends but it gives an atmosphere of context to the moment.

God is REAL. This is EVIDENT... to me, anyway. THEY are distorting the image of God, which doesn't exist and can't exist, anyway... AND IF IT DID? It would be our own face, looking into the mirror of each other, which is why we are supposed to love our neighbor, as ourselves, because HE/SHE IS ourself.

THEY are doing all sorts of wrong things. There is a concerted effort to defame and erase Divinity from our lives. This is the Communist dynamic and we know who the architects and proselytizers are BUT... we can't say that either. We can KNOW it. When massive international corporations and billionaires conspire to bring Communism to the greatest success story of the last several hundred years, IT IS NOT because they want to share everything equally with each of us, according to our needs, yadda yadda. It is so that they can exert GREATER CONTROL over the rest of us... enslave and kill a large portion of us and we would have NO RECOURSE to react, because there would no longer be a system that permitted such actions as reacting. Even now we are seeing orchestrated chaotic violence, which WILL REQUIRE a massive response to burn the villagers in order to save them. THEY and their troglodyte Orcs are going to self-immolate in any case.

Angels are coming near to the Earth now because of the perilous nature of the times. Not in a long while has it been so easy to reach within and capture the light, or... however it works, permit the light to capture us. Prayer and moment to moment acquiescence to the Will of God will reap dividends beyond what you can presently imagine. I'm quite serious about this.

Ah... the lure of the Himalayas is so strong upon me at the moment. I'm close to transitioning now, even if it is years hence for the corporate side. The OTHER DEATH is much closer and imminent. I don't suppose it matters where one is when that takes place. It does matter where one is within. It's not rocket surgery. You ONLY have to want it with ALL YOUR MIGHT. To want it with ALL YOUR MIGHT you MUST be clear in your heart and in your mind about the meaning and purpose of life. You HAVE TO KNOW what it is all about in Simple Form and then beyond form.

Here is what happens. When the world was created, God-Brahman (insert your own name of Supreme Authority) appears as an IDEA. Then he moves from Light to Sound and becomes OM. Then the SPECIFIC IDEAS of each FORM, which existed in former cycles, cats and dogs, human beings, snakes and elephants, begin to come out of the OM. This is known as Omkara. Then the relative, concreted forms appear and EVERYTHING becomes manifest. Then it incrementally degrades until it all has to be rolled up again. When one of us, so inspired, dares to journey to The Absolute, we do all of this IN REVERSE, going from step to step, until merging with the Spirit of God. That is how it happens. Different terms might be used. Different names may take the place of these names but the process is THE SAME.

As you can see, my friends, unless you are in utter denial or utterly blind to what is taking place, if what we are seeing is as bad as it appears, and it is... then the next 50 some days leading up to the election and assuredly, the aftermath, are going to intensify and intensify and intensify. As out of control as it may all appear, it is UNDER CONTROL and you will be too and your circumstances as well, if you ONLY put yourself in the way of the guidelines of the 23rd Psalm. There are other guides you can access as well.

I will close this posting with an excerpt from Swami Vivekananda taken from the Chapter “Divine Love” in Volume 6.

“This is how we are to love God: "I do not want wealth, nor [friends, nor beauty], nor possessions, nor learning, nor even salvation. If it be Thy will, send me a thousand deaths. Grant me, this — that I may love Thee and that for love's sake. That love which materialistic persons have for their worldly possessions, may that strong love come into my heart, but only for the Beautiful. Praise to God! Praise to God the Lover!" God is nothing else than that. He does not care for the wonderful things many Yogis can do. Little magicians do little tricks. God is the big magician; He does all the tricks. Who cares how many worlds [there are]? . . .

There is another [way. It is to] conquer everything, [to] subdue everything — to conquer the body [and] the mind. . . . "What is the use of conquering everything? My business is with God! " [says the devotee.] There was one Yogi, a great lover. He was dying of cancer of the throat. He [was] visited [by] another Yogi, who was a philosopher. [The latter] said, "Look here, my friend, why don't you concentrate your mind on that sore of yours and get it cured?" The third time this question was asked [this great Yogi] said, "Do you think it possible that the [mind] which I have given entirely to the Lord [can be fixed upon this cage of flesh and blood]?" Christ refused to bring legions of angels to his aid. Is this little body so great that I should bring twenty thousand angels to keep it two or three days more?

[From the worldly standpoint,] my all is this body. My world is this body. My God is this body. I am the body. If you pinch me, I am pinched. I forget God the moment I have a headache. I am the body! God and everything must come down for this highest goal — the body. From this standpoint, when Christ died on the cross and did not bring angels [to his aid], he was a fool. He ought to have brought down angels and gotten himself off the cross! But from the standpoint of the lover, to whom this body is nothing, who cares for this nonsense? Why bother thinking about this body that comes and goes? There is no more to it than the piece of cloth the Roman soldiers cast lots for. There is a whole gamut of difference between [the worldly standpoint] and the lover's standpoint. Go on loving. If a man is angry, there is no reason why you should be angry; if he degrades himself, that is no reason why you should degrade yourself. . . . "Why should I become angry just because another man has made a fool of himself. Do thou resist not evil!" That is what the lovers of God say. Whatever the world does, wherever it goes, has no influence [on them].

One Yogi had attained supernatural powers. He said, "See my power! See the sky; I will cover it with clouds." It began to rain. [Someone] said, "My lord, you are wonderful. But teach me that, knowing which, I shall not ask for anything else." ... To get rid even of power, to have nothing, not to want power! [What this means] cannot be understood simply by intellect. . . . You cannot understand by reading thousands of books. ... When we begin to understand, the whole world opens before us. ... The girl is playing with her dolls, getting new husbands all the time; but when her real husband comes, all the dolls will be put away [for ever]. ... So [with] all these goings-on here. [When] the sun of love rises, all these play-suns of power and these [cravings] all pass [away]. What shall we do with power? Thank God if you can get rid of the power that you have. Begin to love. Power must go. Nothing must stand between me and God except love. God is only love and nothing else — love first, love in the middle, and love at the end. [There is the] story of a queen preaching [the love of God] in the streets. Her enraged husband persecuted her, and she was hunted up and down the country. She used to sing songs describing her [love]. Her songs have been sung everywhere. "With tears in my eyes I [nourished the everlasting creeper] of love..."

This is the last, the great [goal]. What else is there? [People] want this and that. They all want to have and possess. That is why so few understand [love], so few come to it. Wake them and tell them! They will get a few more hints. Love itself is the eternal, endless sacrifice. You will have to give up everything. You cannot take possession of anything. Finding love, you will never [want] anything [else]. ... "Only be Thou my love for ever! " That is what love wants. "My love, one kiss of those lips! [For him] who has been kissed by Thee, all sorrows vanish. Once kissed by Thee, man becomes happy and forgets love of everything else. He praises Thee alone and he sees Thee alone." In the nature of human love even, [there lurk divine elements. In] the first moment of intense love the whole world seems in tune with your own heart. Every bird in the universe sings your love; the flowers bloom for you. It is infinite, eternal love itself that [human] love comes from.

Why should the lover of God fear anything — fear robbers, fear distress, fear even for his life? ... The lover [may ]go to the utmost hell, but would it be hell? We all have to give up these ideas of heaven [and hell] and get greater [love]. ... Hundreds there are seeking this madness of love before which everything [but God vanishes]. At last, love, lover, and beloved become one. That is the goal. ... Why is there any separation between soul and man, between soul and God? . . . Just to have this enjoyment of love. He wanted to love Himself, so He split Himself into many . . . "This is the whole reason for creation", says the lover. "We are all one. 'I and my Father are one.' Just now I am separate in order to love God. ... Which is better — to become sugar or to eat sugar? To become sugar, what fun is that:? To eat sugar — that is infinite enjoyment of love."

All the ideals of love — [God] as [our] father, mother, friend, child — [are conceived in order to strengthen devotion in us and make us feel nearer and dearer to God]. The intensest love is that between the sexes. God must be loved with that sort of love The woman loves her father; she loves her mothers she loves her child; she loves her friend. But she cannot express herself all to the father, nor to the mother, nor to the child, nor to the friend. There is only one person from whom she does not hide anything. So with the man. ... The [husband-] wife relationship is the all-rounded relationship. The relationship of the sexes [has] all the other loves concentrated into one. In the husband, the woman has the father, the friend, the child. In the wife, the husband has mother, daughter, and something else. That tremendous complete love of the sexes must come [for God] — that same love with which a woman opens herself to a man without any bond of blood — perfectly, fearlessly, and shamelessly. No darkness! She would no more hide anything from her lover than she would from her own self. That very love must come [for God]. These things are hard and difficult to understand. You will begin to understand by and by, and all idea of sex will fall away. "Like the water drop on the sand of the river bank on a summer day, even so is this life and all its relations." All these ideas [like] "He is the creator", are ideas fit for children. He is my love, my life itself — that must be the cry of my heart! ... "I have one hope. They call Thee the Lord of the world, and — good or evil, great or small — I am part of the world, and Thou art also my love. My body, my mind. and my soul are all at Thy altar. Love, refuse these gifts not!"

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Saturday, September 05, 2020

"KARMA... It's What's for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Everything Else Besides. You Wouldn't be Here Otherwise."

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I know that there is some number of you who are apprehensive about the negative possibilities of these uncertain times. I hear about it in comments and in private communications. It is near impossible to answer certain concerns because WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. You can't give general advice and expect it to be specific in every case. Sometimes that can be the case, like when you make a general statement saying that if you jump off that high bridge you will get hurt and that would apply to everyone except those who have become free of material laws. Usually, you can't see these people.

Even though we are ALL THE SAME at a certain level, at this level, at the level of contact, we are DIFFERENT. We have different personalities. We have different astrological maps; both Natal and Progressed and MOST ESPECIALLY, we have different Karma. Everything comes at each of us in a personalized way, as far as the impact and the result of the impact goes. Some of us are going to have A VERY BAD TIME OF IT and for some of us, it will be a walk in the park. In SOME FASHION, whatever happens, will have something to do with THE DEGREE of our attachment and detachment concerning any and all of it. That is The KEY FEATURE.

I SINCERELY wish I could assuage every apprehension. For some, apprehension is applicable; very applicable, because it is NOT going to go well for them. Strangely, for some reason, people for whom it is not going to turn out well, are often those people who aren't concerned about the dangers or paying attention in the first place. That is Karma that makes you like that. It is Karma that has arranged you as you are; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as well as in any area I may have missed the mention of.

EVERYTHING is KARMA! All that you see passing before your eyes is Karma. Everything happening to you and everything you are happening to is KARMA. Karma, it would seem, is the most dramatic and consistent feature in our lives. It can come in thousands of diverse ways. It can be very good, very bad, or anywhere in between. It is coming around the corner for every one of us. It is a real exception when anyone is able to skate through all of life's vicissitudes with no injury of any kind. Sometimes that is just how good their KARMA is and sometimes they are simply VERY... VERY SKILLED and that is Karma too.

How do you tell anyone that everything is going to be okay? That is probably not true. It could be true today and all of next week, or even for months but at some point, it won't be. You can count on that.

Now... there has to be something we can do about it. I am talking about that amount of us that wants to do something about it. Sure... anyone who is asked and has a moment to think about it would likely say they would very much wish to do something about it BUT... in almost every case, they will insist on doing it their way and on their terms and that is also KARMA.

I feel like I have it figured out. I really do believe that. Regardless... I still have personal shortcomings that interfere with my ability to employ what I see is so. I believe that YOU HAVE TO surrender the totality of your being to the Will of God. I believe YOU MUST let go of every attachment to OUTCOME and every attachment to everyone and everything in manifest life and you have to be able to do this without hurting anyone's feelings. There are so many times and places, where THE BEST ONE CAN DO, is to KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT. It is no easy thing.

We are surrounded by people who believe they can fix the world and also fix everyone who is in their world. There are countless people who run around doing good for others whose motives are entirely SELF-SERVING. Swedenborg deals with this;

“For example, when one acts honestly and justly with a companion, one person may do it for the purpose of appearing to be honest and just out of regard to himself and his own honor; another out of regard to the world and gain; a third out of regard to reward and merit; a fourth out of regard to friendship; a fifth from fear of the law and the loss of reputation or employment; a sixth that he may draw someone to his own side, even when he is in the wrong; a seventh that he may deceive; and others from other motives. In all these instances although the deeds are good in appearance, since it is a good thing to act honestly and justly with a companion, they are nevertheless evil, because they are done, not out of regard to honesty and justice and for the love of these, but out of regard to love of self and the world which are loved, and honesty and justice are made to serve that love as servants serve a lord, whom the lord despises and dismisses when they fail to serve him.”

Swedenborg is what I would call a Spiritual Hardass. Maybe he's right but... I don't think acting out of Friendship is Evil and I don't believe in the totality of all that is said by anyone who suffers from Thomas Aquinas Flu, which Swedenborg certainly does. I know the same could be said of me to a degree. I write all these posts but... that is one of the primary reasons that I seldom do videos or Podcasts or write more books, which I certainly could. There are no restrictions on the amount of output for me. The river just runs. Whether that is a good thing, Time will tell. I'm getting off track here.

People have to know enough to take what is relevant to them and leave the rest alone and not contend with what doesn't apply to them because WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT on this plane and something said is not wrong just because it's not applicable to you. I try to manage my time as wisely as I am able. This means to take what I find useful and not bother with the rest. Maybe someone else can use it.

God is being very patient with humanity at this time. He has restrained his repository of force, which is what I call Lady Nature, or the Divine Mother and others might call Prakriti, or Shakti, or many other names. At some point, and it is not far off, the patience will have run out and some shall see such things as we have only contemplated in nightmare. If THE POWER GRID goes down, or Food becomes scarce, or both... oh my.

I do not believe that madness and chaos will spread uniformly over the planet. I expect it to be VERY SELECTIVE, even in the places where it is concentrated most, I believe there are those who will pass through it unscathed. It may be that something unexpected and wonderful takes place BUT... from what I can see in what they call, 'conditions on the ground' and the level of depravity, selfishness, and indifference to others, which is very present in some locations; more so some places rather than others, it appears that a radical 'shaking up' is going to be required.

Lord God, if it must come to catastrophic change... because people REFUSE to see and acknowledge the error of their course, I pray WITH ALL MY HEART that you will speak into every heart, HOW SERIOUS the possibilities are. I pray that you will guide and inform EACH and EVERY seeking heart and that your light will manifest with power in the human mind so that they might have that moment of epiphany, and an enduring moment of clarity that shall PROFOUNDLY alter their previous confusion, giving them the strength to cast off the heavy cloak of lethargy and intransigence that weighs down upon so many of us. Dear God, I know that so many have closed their hearts and minds to you, or are held captive in DARK WELLS OF DOGMA and FUNDAMENTALISM and have missed ENTIRELY the truth of your LIVING PRESENCE, which is the single most important feature of your being- IN THESE TIMES.

Dear Lord, let the force of your TRANSFORMING LOVE break the stranglehold of FEAR and DOUBT that is so prevalent in so many in these Times of Material Darkness. Let it pierce us to the core so that we might truly awaken to you and be changed and made safe in the sanctuary of your being that is resident within us all. Let that portion of you that lies buried within, rise up from where it is hidden, and make us see... MAKE US SEE! I know Dear God that where there is life there is hope. Please let there be still some time left that many might come to their true senses and step away from the cliff's edge.

Lord... just as it was in the time before the destruction of Sodom, may your patience wait still a little while. It is yet possible that many might awaken to the dire peril they are in and remain unwitting of. I fear for the souls of millions in these times, oh Great Master of us All. Please have Gabriel blow his horn and Michael come into the perceiving range of those who are still sleeping. I know that what is coming does not have to be as it seems it must. It does not have to come in the magnitude that I see pending in so many places of faithless disregard. SURELY... surely there are many who can still be reached. I pray Lord, that in this critical hour, some GREAT MERCY shall pour forth from Heaven and there will salvation and succor where it did not seem possible before. Amen.

My friends, the power of prayer is little known among the majority of us. It is a force of tremendous power, which is measured and responded to according to the sincerity of it. Now is the time to take stock of yourself and also ask the one, in whose hands they reside, to provide you with the necessary Faith, Certitude, and Determination.

No power on Earth is greater than Love and we must exercise it with all our might so that it grows and grows by constant expression. Conscious and Focused Love is what I recommend, FIRST for the creator and then for his creations.

End Transmission.......

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I know you have thought about not going to this site and even felt grateful to me for providing it in order for you to avoid it. You are thankful for me giving you something not to do. Perhaps you have even thought of going there and just drinking in the air of BEING PRESENT AND DOING NOTHING. Once again I provide you with the opportunity, to turn aside, to routinely ignore, to even shrug dismissively and move on to the next place where you will wait, until you wait somewhere else in a lifetime of places in waiting for places to wait in. Parler is a place you can wait in and the nothing you intend will be fully accomplished there.

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