Sunday, September 13, 2020

"Shadow Dancing to Mimic the Maestro or... how to Spiritually Trip Over Yourself."

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Reader Alert; Blogger has shut off most commenting at the blogs AND my emails are also being bounced. We knew this day would come. Here is a new email for me=

We will be looking into a more secure Blog Posting location. I'll wait to hear from The Elf.

Christian obfuscation of the truth. They forbid the recognition of Karma AND Reincarnation, without which general conditions and events on this plane make no sense AND they give no recognition to The Sun, which is God on the material plane and one of the homes of The Spiritual Sun. Without these 3 considerations, that religion makes no sense except as a moral guide in the teachings of Jesus. You ARE NOT forgiven all of your sins simply for accepting Jesus as Lord. The circumstances where that does occur, rarely, involve GRACE and that involves Karma from other times. You can accept or reject what I say here. That makes no difference either way. Either it is true, or it is not. These 3 features are at the core of Initiatic Wisdom in the areas where they apply. There is, of course, higher Wisdom Teachings but those can only be had DIRECTLY from Heaven's Quartermaster (grin), or whatever they call the office of the particular angel that oversees the disbursement of it.

There is a REASON why Traditional Christianity has blocked all reference to Karma, Reincarnation and The Sun. It is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. Regardless of the religion, the priest-class interposes itself between God and Man, to obscure the one and to feed upon the other. Study the nature of the beast. It is an atavistic thing and ALWAYS operates according to the same devious protocols. God, like anything worth experiencing, is best appreciated DIRECTLY. I will present certain BASIC TRUTHS here today. Everyone should already know them but sometimes... sometimes it is like hiding in plain sight. It's right there. It's always right there and so... it becomes part of the background picture and escapes your CONSCIOUS attention.

God IS WITHIN you. The portion of God with the most importance and relevance to you is INTERIOR. God expresses through you... or... conversely... The Devil does. It's only one force with TWO possibilities of interpretation. You are either permitting God to pass unhindered through you OR... you are modifying or opposing God and you can CLEARLY see in every contact you have with anyone, which of these two is in action IF... if God is clearly expressing through you.

Our biggest problem (and I know you have heard many variants on this BUT IT IS IMPORTANT!) is that we externalize God. We put God at a distance from ourselves, EVEN WHEN we think we think otherwise. We also step in front of God and shadow dance, like a clumsy fool, attempting to MIMIC THE MAESTRO. In this form of behavior, we become a shadow dancer, by identifying with a false mental construct of WHAT GOD IS. Subsequently, it can be said that ANY CONSTRUCT which tries to present what GOD is, is Shadow Dancing.

Have you noticed how CRAZY it is getting and how CRAZY people are getting? Of course, the two would go together (grin... but not funny). That article I just linked, in case any of you actually read it, was caused by the ambushing of two sheriffs in Compton TODAY. On the streets of the urban nightmare-landscapes, it is much the same.

WHOA!!! Look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The craziness is escalating by the day, as is the criminal behavior. It was reported that the Democratic Party has received around $400,000,000.00 from anonymous UNEMPLOYED sources in very recent times. The recipients are saying they are a collection of small donors who want political change. BWHAHAHAHAH!!! Right. You bet. They're unemployed due to there being some kind of loophole that makes it impossible to find out who they are. BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMberg is gifting a hundred million to the Florida-Biden campaign. I REALLY want to head for the Himalayas now but it would be too much like running away. I'm not a coward. Until they yank my integrity I won't be one and from what I understand, I have to give up my integrity. It CAN'T BE TAKEN.

I haven't watched network news in years. I read at some of the sites, just to get snapshots, like the ones I linked today BUT... for whatever the reason, today I saw several excerpts from various sources and THEY are FROTHING AT THE MOUTH over President Trump. I've never seen the like! They are enraged that he won't wear a mask and that he isn't requiring those who come to hear him speak to wear masks either. THEY were saying how it wasn't safe for THEM to go into the venue where he will speak, so.... heh heh. Well, certainly President Trump KNOWS that COVID is a scam DESIGNED to get rid of him. He KNOWS this. He can't say it apparently but everyone is getting the point. Sorry about all this digression my friends but it gives an atmosphere of context to the moment.

God is REAL. This is EVIDENT... to me, anyway. THEY are distorting the image of God, which doesn't exist and can't exist, anyway... AND IF IT DID? It would be our own face, looking into the mirror of each other, which is why we are supposed to love our neighbor, as ourselves, because HE/SHE IS ourself.

THEY are doing all sorts of wrong things. There is a concerted effort to defame and erase Divinity from our lives. This is the Communist dynamic and we know who the architects and proselytizers are BUT... we can't say that either. We can KNOW it. When massive international corporations and billionaires conspire to bring Communism to the greatest success story of the last several hundred years, IT IS NOT because they want to share everything equally with each of us, according to our needs, yadda yadda. It is so that they can exert GREATER CONTROL over the rest of us... enslave and kill a large portion of us and we would have NO RECOURSE to react, because there would no longer be a system that permitted such actions as reacting. Even now we are seeing orchestrated chaotic violence, which WILL REQUIRE a massive response to burn the villagers in order to save them. THEY and their troglodyte Orcs are going to self-immolate in any case.

Angels are coming near to the Earth now because of the perilous nature of the times. Not in a long while has it been so easy to reach within and capture the light, or... however it works, permit the light to capture us. Prayer and moment to moment acquiescence to the Will of God will reap dividends beyond what you can presently imagine. I'm quite serious about this.

Ah... the lure of the Himalayas is so strong upon me at the moment. I'm close to transitioning now, even if it is years hence for the corporate side. The OTHER DEATH is much closer and imminent. I don't suppose it matters where one is when that takes place. It does matter where one is within. It's not rocket surgery. You ONLY have to want it with ALL YOUR MIGHT. To want it with ALL YOUR MIGHT you MUST be clear in your heart and in your mind about the meaning and purpose of life. You HAVE TO KNOW what it is all about in Simple Form and then beyond form.

Here is what happens. When the world was created, God-Brahman (insert your own name of Supreme Authority) appears as an IDEA. Then he moves from Light to Sound and becomes OM. Then the SPECIFIC IDEAS of each FORM, which existed in former cycles, cats and dogs, human beings, snakes and elephants, begin to come out of the OM. This is known as Omkara. Then the relative, concreted forms appear and EVERYTHING becomes manifest. Then it incrementally degrades until it all has to be rolled up again. When one of us, so inspired, dares to journey to The Absolute, we do all of this IN REVERSE, going from step to step, until merging with the Spirit of God. That is how it happens. Different terms might be used. Different names may take the place of these names but the process is THE SAME.

As you can see, my friends, unless you are in utter denial or utterly blind to what is taking place, if what we are seeing is as bad as it appears, and it is... then the next 50 some days leading up to the election and assuredly, the aftermath, are going to intensify and intensify and intensify. As out of control as it may all appear, it is UNDER CONTROL and you will be too and your circumstances as well, if you ONLY put yourself in the way of the guidelines of the 23rd Psalm. There are other guides you can access as well.

I will close this posting with an excerpt from Swami Vivekananda taken from the Chapter “Divine Love” in Volume 6.

“This is how we are to love God: "I do not want wealth, nor [friends, nor beauty], nor possessions, nor learning, nor even salvation. If it be Thy will, send me a thousand deaths. Grant me, this — that I may love Thee and that for love's sake. That love which materialistic persons have for their worldly possessions, may that strong love come into my heart, but only for the Beautiful. Praise to God! Praise to God the Lover!" God is nothing else than that. He does not care for the wonderful things many Yogis can do. Little magicians do little tricks. God is the big magician; He does all the tricks. Who cares how many worlds [there are]? . . .

There is another [way. It is to] conquer everything, [to] subdue everything — to conquer the body [and] the mind. . . . "What is the use of conquering everything? My business is with God! " [says the devotee.] There was one Yogi, a great lover. He was dying of cancer of the throat. He [was] visited [by] another Yogi, who was a philosopher. [The latter] said, "Look here, my friend, why don't you concentrate your mind on that sore of yours and get it cured?" The third time this question was asked [this great Yogi] said, "Do you think it possible that the [mind] which I have given entirely to the Lord [can be fixed upon this cage of flesh and blood]?" Christ refused to bring legions of angels to his aid. Is this little body so great that I should bring twenty thousand angels to keep it two or three days more?

[From the worldly standpoint,] my all is this body. My world is this body. My God is this body. I am the body. If you pinch me, I am pinched. I forget God the moment I have a headache. I am the body! God and everything must come down for this highest goal — the body. From this standpoint, when Christ died on the cross and did not bring angels [to his aid], he was a fool. He ought to have brought down angels and gotten himself off the cross! But from the standpoint of the lover, to whom this body is nothing, who cares for this nonsense? Why bother thinking about this body that comes and goes? There is no more to it than the piece of cloth the Roman soldiers cast lots for. There is a whole gamut of difference between [the worldly standpoint] and the lover's standpoint. Go on loving. If a man is angry, there is no reason why you should be angry; if he degrades himself, that is no reason why you should degrade yourself. . . . "Why should I become angry just because another man has made a fool of himself. Do thou resist not evil!" That is what the lovers of God say. Whatever the world does, wherever it goes, has no influence [on them].

One Yogi had attained supernatural powers. He said, "See my power! See the sky; I will cover it with clouds." It began to rain. [Someone] said, "My lord, you are wonderful. But teach me that, knowing which, I shall not ask for anything else." ... To get rid even of power, to have nothing, not to want power! [What this means] cannot be understood simply by intellect. . . . You cannot understand by reading thousands of books. ... When we begin to understand, the whole world opens before us. ... The girl is playing with her dolls, getting new husbands all the time; but when her real husband comes, all the dolls will be put away [for ever]. ... So [with] all these goings-on here. [When] the sun of love rises, all these play-suns of power and these [cravings] all pass [away]. What shall we do with power? Thank God if you can get rid of the power that you have. Begin to love. Power must go. Nothing must stand between me and God except love. God is only love and nothing else — love first, love in the middle, and love at the end. [There is the] story of a queen preaching [the love of God] in the streets. Her enraged husband persecuted her, and she was hunted up and down the country. She used to sing songs describing her [love]. Her songs have been sung everywhere. "With tears in my eyes I [nourished the everlasting creeper] of love..."

This is the last, the great [goal]. What else is there? [People] want this and that. They all want to have and possess. That is why so few understand [love], so few come to it. Wake them and tell them! They will get a few more hints. Love itself is the eternal, endless sacrifice. You will have to give up everything. You cannot take possession of anything. Finding love, you will never [want] anything [else]. ... "Only be Thou my love for ever! " That is what love wants. "My love, one kiss of those lips! [For him] who has been kissed by Thee, all sorrows vanish. Once kissed by Thee, man becomes happy and forgets love of everything else. He praises Thee alone and he sees Thee alone." In the nature of human love even, [there lurk divine elements. In] the first moment of intense love the whole world seems in tune with your own heart. Every bird in the universe sings your love; the flowers bloom for you. It is infinite, eternal love itself that [human] love comes from.

Why should the lover of God fear anything — fear robbers, fear distress, fear even for his life? ... The lover [may ]go to the utmost hell, but would it be hell? We all have to give up these ideas of heaven [and hell] and get greater [love]. ... Hundreds there are seeking this madness of love before which everything [but God vanishes]. At last, love, lover, and beloved become one. That is the goal. ... Why is there any separation between soul and man, between soul and God? . . . Just to have this enjoyment of love. He wanted to love Himself, so He split Himself into many . . . "This is the whole reason for creation", says the lover. "We are all one. 'I and my Father are one.' Just now I am separate in order to love God. ... Which is better — to become sugar or to eat sugar? To become sugar, what fun is that:? To eat sugar — that is infinite enjoyment of love."

All the ideals of love — [God] as [our] father, mother, friend, child — [are conceived in order to strengthen devotion in us and make us feel nearer and dearer to God]. The intensest love is that between the sexes. God must be loved with that sort of love The woman loves her father; she loves her mothers she loves her child; she loves her friend. But she cannot express herself all to the father, nor to the mother, nor to the child, nor to the friend. There is only one person from whom she does not hide anything. So with the man. ... The [husband-] wife relationship is the all-rounded relationship. The relationship of the sexes [has] all the other loves concentrated into one. In the husband, the woman has the father, the friend, the child. In the wife, the husband has mother, daughter, and something else. That tremendous complete love of the sexes must come [for God] — that same love with which a woman opens herself to a man without any bond of blood — perfectly, fearlessly, and shamelessly. No darkness! She would no more hide anything from her lover than she would from her own self. That very love must come [for God]. These things are hard and difficult to understand. You will begin to understand by and by, and all idea of sex will fall away. "Like the water drop on the sand of the river bank on a summer day, even so is this life and all its relations." All these ideas [like] "He is the creator", are ideas fit for children. He is my love, my life itself — that must be the cry of my heart! ... "I have one hope. They call Thee the Lord of the world, and — good or evil, great or small — I am part of the world, and Thou art also my love. My body, my mind. and my soul are all at Thy altar. Love, refuse these gifts not!"

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Eric in PA said...

Mr. Visible,

Went to Parler, signed up, searched for Les Visible in all possible permutations of upper and lower case letters, by the names of your blogs, etc. No results are returned. May be why you see no one there. No one can see you!

Eric in PA said...

Found you! Following! Keep up the beautiful work! Now, I can visit you in Parler and do nothing, like so many others.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Threw your new e-mail in the 'contacts' list.

Looks like I have a problem according to Vivekananda. I am knowledge obsessed. I want nothing more than omniscience. Well, OK. I admit it. I had rarely repeated mind-shares on the Otherside which entailed my Otherworld 'rescuer' from my 1977 suicide attempt which involved a feeling of love that just doesn't translate to this realm. That's just as important. In comparison, it makes the actions inspired by lust akin to being dipped in a vat of the vilest effluvia combo. It's been 'agape' or nothing for me, for many years. I mean, after you've experienced Thai (Or East Indian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Korean, or. . .) cooking, why go back to the Anglo-Saxon garbage you were raised on? Glad my nosey-poo doesn't mind, but as long as we still snorfle and do the nose pet thang, all is cool.

Add on. Albanian cooking is even worse than Anglo-Saxon. Thank the gods I only had to deal with that for about three months of my life. I think I came back to the states weighing 68 lbs. at age 12 after that stint in the border town of Ulcinj. Gods, I was such an idiot when I was there. I couldn't appreciate anything due to the culture clash. Not even Sveti Stefan. I appreciate it more now, remembering the walks through the miles and miles of tiered olive groves, climbing up a the mountain to get to an ancient graveyard where you could barely see a trace of engraving on some, and chase the sheep of the fenced area of the newer headstones, (I was a critter chasing brat.), I got to go up the minaret of the town mosque whenever I wanted to, got yelled at by the owner of the sheep I chased at the ruins of a castle that overlooked the Adriatic which I went up to many a time, though I think I stopped chasing that lady's sheep after she yelled at me. I always used to run everywhere. I used to love to run. I also couldn't stand the crotch droppings. Got attacked by three crotch droppings once, as I was gonna hop over the fence of the family property. I ended up sinking my teeth into one of them, and was let go immediately, though I was hit by a rock after I got over the fence. I got into a few fights over there. None of them serious. But I do know I was a total POS when I was over there.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Angels are coming near to the Earth now because of the perilous nature of the times."

Two separate observations on that: First, at least one higher-level Angel has taken to pro-actively going after mid-range, bad-guy Others. Before this, the baddies had to actually do some form of attack in order to gain a Cleaning response. Now, for at least one Angelic, a higher-level one has decided to Clean 'dormant' baddies simply because of their effects on lower levels. Something New...

Also, a different higher-Angelic type, my Higher Self, and (just holding space) Ray just completed a Cleaning on a mid-level Other. Took about a day total, on and off. Again, an intriguing part was the sheer number of "Dones" (meaning shut-down, concluded, stopped) that rang-out on different levels. If these 'changes' make their way Down Here, it should be interesting. After that, the higher-Angelic type made its way down towards earth-plane (maybe just in an overlighting way) and started working on specific individuals on discrete lower levels. There were a lot of howls and gnashing of teeth from those people. Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Parler requires a phone number to sign up. It’s been years since I got rid of my infernal (dumb)phone so I can only follow you on these blessed blogs. May The Elf continue to keep them safe from harm...

Visible said...

That's weird. I didn't have to give a phone number. I just fade from sites asking for that. Well... Parler is ONLY there to store links for posts. There is zero else I do there.

Thomas said...

Good stuff.

Hereticdrummer said...

That was astonishing, VIS.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"The Mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the Rule of Bedlam LLC. Time to Change the Station!"



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