Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"The Hawk is on the Wind and the Wolf is at the Door; Need I Say Anymore?"


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This morning I went outside to do my ritual of meditation and prayer and that hawk was there on the fence, directly across from where I sit. After a bit, he took off. As I finalized my meditation and opened my eyes, he had returned and remained on the fence a bit further down. This time he was there for a while and my coming and going did not seem to disturb him, though he was aware of me and would rotate his head to give me a look. He was facing outward. I don't know what it means. Hawks were considered, in earlier times, messengers from the Gods.

Just before my friend, Kenny O'Brien died, he told me he wanted to come back as a hawk. A few days after, I was on the property. His parents had asked me to live there and watch over it. I went walking in the meadow and a hawk came out of the trees and flew past me. I got those invisible trembles that occur when something more than you can experience through the senses is taking place.

Since I felt that this appearance today was a sign, due to other events that took place just before and after, I went to the search engine and visited half a dozen sites having to do with the meaning of hawk appearances. I am posting ONLY those points that were presented multiple times-

“A black hawk stands for great destruction and disorder. A gray hawk suggests your dull survival. A red hawk embodies power, sovereignty, and authority.” It was a red hawk.

“He asks us to watch for confirmations, and listen for messages as we travel on our journey.” “Hawks are symbols of the soul. It is in the advance of a message coming.”

I would not be devoting so much space to this, or even mentioning it if it were not a special occurrence. You had to be there.

There was no question in my mind whether or not this was a meaningful event. I have been intensifying my efforts on the spiritual plane and there have been various occurrences. I will share the one I consider the most significant, without going into the details, because I am not supposed to talk about that. I was standing in the kitchen when something that I have been aware of for some time came to mind. Because of THE WAY in which I experienced it and the reaction I had, the awareness transited from intellectual to visceral. Immediately THE VOICE appeared in my mind and said something to the effect that I had just passed a CRITICAL point and that until that had happened, nothing further was possible. Everything had been in abeyance, in suspension until then.

I was told that there was no way of predicting when this would occur and that I had to discover it myself. The time frame had no limits. I was then told that that was the MOST IMPORTANT event upon which all that would follow was predicated. I was told that that was THE MAJOR HUMP in the road, everything else would be simply stages of progressions now, within the context of it. I was told this was a REALLY big 'woo woo moment' but I did not have any noticeable reaction to it. I suspect this was because it was something I had already known for some time. This is very difficult to explain; my not fully knowing what I thought I knew and then I knew it. That's the best I can do. Since then, I have had the sense that everything has now gone in motion since I got over that hurdle. I've been told to be watchful, lest a number of significant details escape me as I proceed.

My life is now a fait accompli and I have only to go through the motions, consciously. This is what I was told. It sounds like it should be some kind of big deal but I am not feeling much outside of a general expectation. I was told it would ALL be positive and to have no worries on that account. Any greater challenges that might lie ahead were not my concern as they would all be handled by the angel. I am ONLY charged with permitting and not hindering it when it occurs.

I am going to be attaching an excerpt from Swami Vivekananda at the end of this posting. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ IT! It was part of today's reading during my meditation-prayer session. It tied into so many things I had been thinking about and pondering recently. I had even been reading OTHER works on a similar focus. I have been reading the section on Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms from “The Teachings of the Masters of Perfection” by Roy Eugene Davis. He was a disciple of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda. We used to communicate while I was in Germany. I had always meant to visit him in Lakemont, GA. But it didn't happen (like so many things) and now he has passed. I had been reading parts of this during the day and in the morning meditations, I read from Swami Vivekananda and from, “The Tarot” by Paul Foster Case. I have been reading both of these over and over. Of course, it takes considerably longer to get through Vivekananda than it does this Case book (grin).

I am not recommending that particular book by Roy. It would prove too dense for many. Other works by him can be useful.

Vivekananda says that 'OM' is God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” HOWEVER... however... Light is the highest state of being and that moves to densities and concentrations of conscious light, beyond our comprehension. In the DIRECTION of the manifest, light is the higher octave of sound and it descends into sound vibration from light vibration. It is the OM out of which all form emerges as a particularization of vibration. If you can raise or lower the vibration of ANYTHING, you can change it into something else. This is what Alchemy is all about. I ask you to pardon my ignorance and clumsy wordplay. There are others far more clear and precise than I but I am only doing the best I can. It could be that I have my sequencing less than perfect and my explanations less than fully comprehensive. I will improve in time.

Truth is a light and Love is a heat (or warmth). We are light in extension. There is a portion of us that is always free but the other parts of us have forgotten this, in our pursuit of forms in the realms of Time, Space, and Causation. We have become far more materialized than once we were. We are much less subtle and fine than we were. The primary impetus of existence is FREEDOM and LIBERATION and this is gained as the fruit of Self Realization. In the Vivekananda excerpt, the master explains how quickly we can arrive at it. It WILL surprise you. It is often ALL that I think about.

Perhaps I shouldn't talk about there being 'parts' of us or... maybe I should just clarify what I meant. Sometimes the heart goes one way and the mind another. Often the soul is not in agreement with the direction of the mind, or the Causal or Buddhi-Body (not to be confused with the Booty-Body as so often happens in these times). The intellect has NO moral compass. It is a tool and it accounts for some of the horrible things some people can do. Did that help (grin)? People toss around terms like 'logic' and 'reason' and DO NOT have a full appreciation of the meaning of the words.

I am going to suggest something here for the DUE DILIGENCE of anyone who CARES about such things. When you are eating, take the trouble and hardship (it won't take that long; a week or two) to chew your food THOUGHTFULLY and Fletcherize it. 50% of the digestion is SUPPOSED TO take place in the mouth. If you don't do this, it will cost you over the long run. It REALLY will. ALSO, do the same thing when you are reading anything (or don't bother reading it). Actually, chew the words and digest them in the same fashion. I call this chewing motion, Rumination. Do the same thing when you are engaged in Contemplation. I am sharing this because of the WONDERFUL BENEFITS that I myself have experienced as a result of this.

If you don't bless your food. Yikes! If you don't thoughtfully chew your food and your thoughts, Yikes! These are simple procedures that will FUNDAMENTALLY change your life for the better. AND... though we shall have to save the details for a future posting... BREATHING... how you breathe, is PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! So is physical maintenance, involved in Exercise and especially Stretching. Simple Disciplines will reward you HANDSOMELY.

In a short time, you will so transformed in your being... AND... sincerely asking for help? Sincere prayers are HEARD. People have little clue about the GENEROSITY and ATTENTIVENESS of God; the care and attention God gives to even the smallest of his creations; “Solomon in all his glory, etc.” Please be kind to yourself. Take it from someone who was not for periods of time. BUT... I can only say, God loves me. I KNOW this now and you can too. Take it on FAITH to start with- Fake it till you make it. Go about AS IF it were true and sooner or later IT WILL BE.

End Transmission.......

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Excerpt from Volume 7 of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda, “Inspired Talks”

"Yoga is the science of restraining the Chitta (mind) from breaking into Vrittis (modifications). Mind is a mixture of sensation and feelings, or action and reaction; so it cannot be permanent. The mind has a fine body and through this it works on the gross body. Vedanta says that behind the mind is the real Self. It accepts the other two, but posits a third, the Eternal, the Ultimate, the last analysis, the unit, where there is no further compound. Birth is re-composition, death is de-composition, and the final analysis is where Atman is found; there being no further division possible, the perdurable is reached.

The whole ocean is present at the back of each wave, and all manifestations are waves, some very big, some small; yet all are the ocean in their essence, the whole ocean; but as waves each is a part. When the waves are stilled, then all is one; "a spectator without a spectacle", says Patanjali. When the mind is active, the Atman is mixed up with it. The repetition of old forms in quick succession is memory. Be unattached. Knowledge is power, and getting one you get the other.

By knowledge you can even banish the material world. When you can mentally get rid of one quality after another from any object until all are gone, you can at will make the object itself disappear from your consciousness.

Those who are ready, advance very quickly and can become Yogis in six months. The less developed may take several years; and anyone by faithful work and by giving up everything else and devoting himself solely to practice can reach the goal in twelve years.

Bhakti will bring you there without any of these mental gymnastics, but it is a slower way. Ishvara is the Atman as seen or grasped by mind. His highest name is Om; so repeat it, meditate on it, and think of all its wonderful nature and attributes. Repeating the Om continually is the only true worship. It is not a word, it is God Himself. Religion gives you nothing new; it only takes off obstacles and lets you see your Self. Sickness is the first great obstacle; a healthy body is the best instrument. Melancholy is an almost insuperable barrier. If you have once known Brahman, never after can you be melancholy. Doubt, want of perseverance, mistaken ideas are other obstacles. * * *

Prânas are subtle energies, sources of motion. There are ten in all, five inward and five outward. One great current flows upwards, and the other downwards. Prânâyâma is controlling the Pranas through breathing. Breath is the fuel, Prana is the steam, and the body is the engine. Pranayama has three parts, Puraka (inbreathing), Kumbhaka (holding the breath), Rechaka (out-breathing). . . . The Guru is the conveyance in which the spiritual influence is brought to you. Anyone can teach, but the spirit must be passed on by the Guru to the Shishya (disciple), and that will fructify. The relation between Shishyas is that of brotherhood, and this is actually accepted by law in India. The Guru passes the thought power, the Mantra, that he has received from those before him; and nothing can be done without a Guru. In fact, great danger ensues.

Usually without a Guru, these Yoga practices lead to lust; but with one, this seldom happens. Each Ishta has a Mantra. The Ishta is the ideal peculiar to the particular worshiper; the Mantra is the external word to express it. Constant repetition of the word helps to fix the ideal firmly in the mind. This method of worship prevails among religious devotees all over India. To attain liberation through work, join yourself to work but without desire, looking for no result. Such work leads to knowledge, which in turn brings emancipation. To give up work before you know, leads to misery. Work done for the Self gives no bondage. Neither desire pleasure nor fear pain from work. It is the mind and body that work, not I. Tell yourself this unceasingly and realize it. Try not to know that you work. Do all as a sacrifice or offering to the Lord. Be in the world, but not of it, like the lotus leaf whose roots are in the mud but which remains always pure.

Let your love go to all, whatever they do to you. A blind man cannot see color, so how can we see evil unless it is in us? We compare what we see outside with what we find in ourselves and pronounce judgment accordingly. If we are pure, we cannot see impurity. It may exist, but not for us. See only God in every man, woman and child; see it by the antarjyotis, "inner light", and seeing that, we can see naught else. Do not want this world, because what you desire you get. Seek the Lord and the Lord only. The more power there is, the more bondage, the more fear. How much more afraid and miserable are we than the ant! Get out of it all and come to the Lord. Seek the science of the maker and not that of the made. "I am the doer and the deed." "He who can stem the tide of lust and anger is a great Yogi." "Only by practice and non-attachment can we conquer mind." . . .

Our Hindu ancestors sat down and thought on God and morality, and so have we brains to use for the same ends; but in the rush of trying to get gain, we are likely to lose them again. * * * The body has in itself a certain power of curing itself and many things can rouse this curative power into action, such as mental conditions, or medicine, or exercise, etc. As long as we are disturbed by physical conditions, so long we need the help of physical agencies. Not until we have got rid of bondage to the nerves, can we disregard them. There is the unconscious mind, but it is below consciousness, which is just one part of the human organism. Philosophy is guess-work about the mind. Religion is based upon sense contact, upon seeing, the only basis of knowledge. What comes in contact with the super-conscious mind is fact. Âptas are those who have "sensed" religion. The proof is that if you follow their method, you too will see. Each science requires its own particular method and instruments.

An astronomer cannot show you the rings of Saturn by the aid of all the pots and pans in the kitchen. He needs a telescope. So, to see the great facts of religion, the methods of those who have already seen must be followed. The greater the science the more varied the means of studying it. Before we came into the world, God provided the means to get out; so all we have to do is to find the means. But do not fight over methods. Look only for realization and choose the best method you can find to suit you. Eat the mangoes and let the rest quarrel over the basket.

See Christ, then you will be a Christian. All else is talk; the less talking the better. The message makes the messenger. The Lord makes the temple; not vice versa. Learn until "the glory of the Lord shines through your face", as it shone through the face of Shvetaketu. Guess against guess makes fight; but talk of what you have been, and no human heart can resist it. Paul was converted against his will by realization."


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a thoughtful column. Thanks!

I may have had a similar 'event' recently. A higher Other, Higher Self, and Ray (just holding space) were working down the levels during a Cleaning. When we got to one level, a medium-high Being seemed to require a lot of 'work'. It seemed to be moribund. A lot of (down-shifted) "I hate you" reactions and pain-release 'sounds' later - plus a bunch of energy/light/love 'injections' - the Being seemed to perk up.

The higher Other then 'pointed down' at Ray and indicated how my holding space had helped in the process. Zap! A high 'whistling' sound immediately started above my right ear. This occurs when an entity makes a solid 'contact' with you. It was the medium-high Being, checking me out.

So, a medium-high Being now has a direct interest in Ray. I am both pleased and a little bit nervous...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"There Goes The No Longer Functioning Framework from a Now Disappearing Age."

Visible said...

I understand that you are upset but there is nothing I can do about comments not appearing for me to publish them. Some zones are blocked and others aren't. EVERYTHING is known to the one who is coming and FOR SOME, the one who is ALREADY HERE.

Visible said...

SUDDENLY the comments all came in on a rush. Some as old as 24 hours ago.



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