Saturday, September 05, 2020

"KARMA... It's What's for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Everything Else Besides. You Wouldn't be Here Otherwise."

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I know that there is some number of you who are apprehensive about the negative possibilities of these uncertain times. I hear about it in comments and in private communications. It is near impossible to answer certain concerns because WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. You can't give general advice and expect it to be specific in every case. Sometimes that can be the case, like when you make a general statement saying that if you jump off that high bridge you will get hurt and that would apply to everyone except those who have become free of material laws. Usually, you can't see these people.

Even though we are ALL THE SAME at a certain level, at this level, at the level of contact, we are DIFFERENT. We have different personalities. We have different astrological maps; both Natal and Progressed and MOST ESPECIALLY, we have different Karma. Everything comes at each of us in a personalized way, as far as the impact and the result of the impact goes. Some of us are going to have A VERY BAD TIME OF IT and for some of us, it will be a walk in the park. In SOME FASHION, whatever happens, will have something to do with THE DEGREE of our attachment and detachment concerning any and all of it. That is The KEY FEATURE.

I SINCERELY wish I could assuage every apprehension. For some, apprehension is applicable; very applicable, because it is NOT going to go well for them. Strangely, for some reason, people for whom it is not going to turn out well, are often those people who aren't concerned about the dangers or paying attention in the first place. That is Karma that makes you like that. It is Karma that has arranged you as you are; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as well as in any area I may have missed the mention of.

EVERYTHING is KARMA! All that you see passing before your eyes is Karma. Everything happening to you and everything you are happening to is KARMA. Karma, it would seem, is the most dramatic and consistent feature in our lives. It can come in thousands of diverse ways. It can be very good, very bad, or anywhere in between. It is coming around the corner for every one of us. It is a real exception when anyone is able to skate through all of life's vicissitudes with no injury of any kind. Sometimes that is just how good their KARMA is and sometimes they are simply VERY... VERY SKILLED and that is Karma too.

How do you tell anyone that everything is going to be okay? That is probably not true. It could be true today and all of next week, or even for months but at some point, it won't be. You can count on that.

Now... there has to be something we can do about it. I am talking about that amount of us that wants to do something about it. Sure... anyone who is asked and has a moment to think about it would likely say they would very much wish to do something about it BUT... in almost every case, they will insist on doing it their way and on their terms and that is also KARMA.

I feel like I have it figured out. I really do believe that. Regardless... I still have personal shortcomings that interfere with my ability to employ what I see is so. I believe that YOU HAVE TO surrender the totality of your being to the Will of God. I believe YOU MUST let go of every attachment to OUTCOME and every attachment to everyone and everything in manifest life and you have to be able to do this without hurting anyone's feelings. There are so many times and places, where THE BEST ONE CAN DO, is to KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT. It is no easy thing.

We are surrounded by people who believe they can fix the world and also fix everyone who is in their world. There are countless people who run around doing good for others whose motives are entirely SELF-SERVING. Swedenborg deals with this;

“For example, when one acts honestly and justly with a companion, one person may do it for the purpose of appearing to be honest and just out of regard to himself and his own honor; another out of regard to the world and gain; a third out of regard to reward and merit; a fourth out of regard to friendship; a fifth from fear of the law and the loss of reputation or employment; a sixth that he may draw someone to his own side, even when he is in the wrong; a seventh that he may deceive; and others from other motives. In all these instances although the deeds are good in appearance, since it is a good thing to act honestly and justly with a companion, they are nevertheless evil, because they are done, not out of regard to honesty and justice and for the love of these, but out of regard to love of self and the world which are loved, and honesty and justice are made to serve that love as servants serve a lord, whom the lord despises and dismisses when they fail to serve him.”

Swedenborg is what I would call a Spiritual Hardass. Maybe he's right but... I don't think acting out of Friendship is Evil and I don't believe in the totality of all that is said by anyone who suffers from Thomas Aquinas Flu, which Swedenborg certainly does. I know the same could be said of me to a degree. I write all these posts but... that is one of the primary reasons that I seldom do videos or Podcasts or write more books, which I certainly could. There are no restrictions on the amount of output for me. The river just runs. Whether that is a good thing, Time will tell. I'm getting off track here.

People have to know enough to take what is relevant to them and leave the rest alone and not contend with what doesn't apply to them because WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT on this plane and something said is not wrong just because it's not applicable to you. I try to manage my time as wisely as I am able. This means to take what I find useful and not bother with the rest. Maybe someone else can use it.

God is being very patient with humanity at this time. He has restrained his repository of force, which is what I call Lady Nature, or the Divine Mother and others might call Prakriti, or Shakti, or many other names. At some point, and it is not far off, the patience will have run out and some shall see such things as we have only contemplated in nightmare. If THE POWER GRID goes down, or Food becomes scarce, or both... oh my.

I do not believe that madness and chaos will spread uniformly over the planet. I expect it to be VERY SELECTIVE, even in the places where it is concentrated most, I believe there are those who will pass through it unscathed. It may be that something unexpected and wonderful takes place BUT... from what I can see in what they call, 'conditions on the ground' and the level of depravity, selfishness, and indifference to others, which is very present in some locations; more so some places rather than others, it appears that a radical 'shaking up' is going to be required.

Lord God, if it must come to catastrophic change... because people REFUSE to see and acknowledge the error of their course, I pray WITH ALL MY HEART that you will speak into every heart, HOW SERIOUS the possibilities are. I pray that you will guide and inform EACH and EVERY seeking heart and that your light will manifest with power in the human mind so that they might have that moment of epiphany, and an enduring moment of clarity that shall PROFOUNDLY alter their previous confusion, giving them the strength to cast off the heavy cloak of lethargy and intransigence that weighs down upon so many of us. Dear God, I know that so many have closed their hearts and minds to you, or are held captive in DARK WELLS OF DOGMA and FUNDAMENTALISM and have missed ENTIRELY the truth of your LIVING PRESENCE, which is the single most important feature of your being- IN THESE TIMES.

Dear Lord, let the force of your TRANSFORMING LOVE break the stranglehold of FEAR and DOUBT that is so prevalent in so many in these Times of Material Darkness. Let it pierce us to the core so that we might truly awaken to you and be changed and made safe in the sanctuary of your being that is resident within us all. Let that portion of you that lies buried within, rise up from where it is hidden, and make us see... MAKE US SEE! I know Dear God that where there is life there is hope. Please let there be still some time left that many might come to their true senses and step away from the cliff's edge.

Lord... just as it was in the time before the destruction of Sodom, may your patience wait still a little while. It is yet possible that many might awaken to the dire peril they are in and remain unwitting of. I fear for the souls of millions in these times, oh Great Master of us All. Please have Gabriel blow his horn and Michael come into the perceiving range of those who are still sleeping. I know that what is coming does not have to be as it seems it must. It does not have to come in the magnitude that I see pending in so many places of faithless disregard. SURELY... surely there are many who can still be reached. I pray Lord, that in this critical hour, some GREAT MERCY shall pour forth from Heaven and there will salvation and succor where it did not seem possible before. Amen.

My friends, the power of prayer is little known among the majority of us. It is a force of tremendous power, which is measured and responded to according to the sincerity of it. Now is the time to take stock of yourself and also ask the one, in whose hands they reside, to provide you with the necessary Faith, Certitude, and Determination.

No power on Earth is greater than Love and we must exercise it with all our might so that it grows and grows by constant expression. Conscious and Focused Love is what I recommend, FIRST for the creator and then for his creations.

End Transmission.......

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I know you have thought about not going to this site and even felt grateful to me for providing it in order for you to avoid it. You are thankful for me giving you something not to do. Perhaps you have even thought of going there and just drinking in the air of BEING PRESENT AND DOING NOTHING. Once again I provide you with the opportunity, to turn aside, to routinely ignore, to even shrug dismissively and move on to the next place where you will wait, until you wait somewhere else in a lifetime of places in waiting for places to wait in. Parler is a place you can wait in and the nothing you intend will be fully accomplished there.

Keep in mind, if you are one of those who have yet to check out Pocketnet that it is going to get more and more interesting by the day now. If you need more time to think about it, you can go to Parler and hang out until the moment doesn't strike. Otherwise, if you have got the patience to wade past all the cut and pastes and pictures of adorable pets, you are certain to find a few jewels at Pocketnet.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"I believe YOU MUST let go of every attachment to OUTCOME and every attachment to everyone and everything in manifest life and you have to be able to do this without hurting anyone's feelings."

WITHOUT HURTING ANYONE'S FEELINGS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I mean, where's the fun in that? Gods, I'd go down to Arsehole to the 10th Degree from 33rd Degree in the flare of a nostril. No way, mon! Not for a nose of my caliber. It's IN YOUR FACE, or fergetaboudit! But I will keep my mouth shut if doin' otherwise means gettin' me arse arrested. On the other hand, keepin' my mouth shut can work both ways. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

OK, so much from my 'tude. All I see is this is the time of retribution, and we all get what we deserve; which is kinda weird, being all is Source, and all is interconnected, and all is of equal importance because all is Source, and I figure this is some sort of self-cleaning ritual for Source, though I think I'll just stick to taking showers, thank you.

Thomas said...

You are a beautiful soul, Visible! God bless and keep you!

Swedenborg... a spiritual hard-ass, indeed. It sounds quite intellectual, but, from a stern and logical perspective I guess one can say that only God is good, and all else is evil. Jesus mentions that too ("only God is good"), but... how to understand something like that, except by intimate personal experience?

Is it not that the sheer awesome enormity, the unmentionable unboundedness of Gods Majesty leaves no room for anything else? ... Oh! That will be the day! We are all His Children, and to the least last little one of us, he will pick us up and hold us close and show us that it is all right always and forever. That will be the day!

Until then, I'd say, in this relative world of ours, acting from friendship is a good thing, surely. There is not much use in being too strict with oneself, either.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"That Blessed Assurance and the Atmosphere of Something Good, Coming Soon."



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