Friday, April 26, 2024

"A Purified Will... Is a Will of Single Purpose. Divide that Will, and... Darkness Falls... Then... One is Effectively Blind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Few things are more important than The Will. Without it... you could do nothing. There would be no impetus. How exactly does that force work? How does the message travel from the brain to the body and tell it to get out of bed, and on with whatever it gets on with? Sometimes... instead of getting up... one simply rolls over, and goes back to what they were doing... before they fell asleep. I'll leave the options to your imagination.

Science tells us that the information travels along neural highways and activates body parts to do this... that... or something else. It doesn't always work though... does it? Let's say you've exhausted your vital forces so that... even if you can get your body to get up... there are other body parts that refuse to do so, BUT... they used to.

From this point... I could set off in almost any direction, and talk about almost anything. This and other things I can do... any day of the week... any hour of the day... because... when I was young, I decided to explore the world of symbols... as personified in Tarot; and how is it that you can go off in almost any direction and talk about almost anything, visible? Well, let us ask that font of arcane wisdom... Eliphas Levi... how it is that I... or anyone... can accomplish this, and... I might add... a whole lot more.

He said; “The Tarot is a book in pictures, the key to all sacred books, the synthesis of all religions, the hieroglyph of the human mind. It is the mirror in which the soul can see itself, and the key of its own destiny.” and... he also said; “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequalled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”

In my experience... what he says... is true. I am not suggesting I have gotten to that level with it, BUT... I have gotten far enough to see the truth in what he says.

How does one get The Will to do anything? One inflames it with Desire. Habit will also work. Some emotion is always good to get the engine humming... whether it be Lust... Fear... or Anger. Something must drive you.

I'm not going to parse The Will or go off on some journey... in almost any direction... for the sake of philosophical speculation. I don't have a lot of use for philosophical speculation, and... it puts most people to sleep. We'll be talking about a certain subset of people who go to sleep in one of the next postings.

I like to be practical, and... applied. If you can't use what I tell you then... what good is it? What's the point of talking; simply to be talking? Some people chatter on endlessly about nothing at all. One thing I really dislike, and I hope I can get over it at some point... or maybe it's better I don't get over it... ever... is small talk... chit chat. I refuse to use a phone for that reason.

It's amazing how quickly people can adjust to your eccentricities... if you give them no other options. Nobody comes around here to socialize and chit-chat. I never said they couldn't. They just don't. The Will is a magical thing. It is a sad commentary... on contemporary life... that people do not know how to cultivate their will... instead of splintering it into endless tributaries that go nowhere.

It's that vacillation thing. Children and pets pick up on it quite quickly and learn to work you for whatever it is they can get... because they know that you might change your mind, and with the right amount of pressure... you'll give in, BUT... what if you were inflexible on certain issues? They would just have to adapt... wouldn't they? Make your Yes and your No absolute from the giddy-up. Don't let other people control you. Make your yes... absolutely yes, and your no... absolutely no, and your will will be uncompromised... uncluttered... and powerful.

Some might then say that you are too much trouble; oh goody! Some might term you... difficult... hard to motivate. They can't make you do what they want you to do. You have conditioned your will to listen to you alone or... as in my case... to a single source. This is a key to success... no matter what that success might be. What I mean is that Bad Guys and Good Guys both use this method.

It can make the self-interested powerful in their sphere. It can do the same for the servants of God; not the God of Religion. I have no idea who that is. I agree with the atheists on that point... the God of Religion does not exist. That does not preclude The God... whose will... brought all of this into being because... he is the original I Am. We are all... each of us... a Little I Am.

I am... I think... I WILL, and... I do... or there are degrees of confusion... such as you see all around you these days. There is one important feature to the possession of an indomitable will. You MUST Purify The Will. In these times... perversities and impurities abound, and The Will becomes divided against itself. This brings you under the control of The Divider in Chief. It 's what all the hedonism... thrill-seeking... and Carnal Amusement Park rides are all about, and this is what you get.

Scripture says; “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” A purified will is a will of single purpose. Divide that will and darkness falls... one can no longer see. One is conflicted.

The Divine is the source of all will. He looked into the mirror of self. It captured his image. Then he cast it down so that it shattered into millions of pieces that began to interact for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the entertainment of The Silent Watcher... who is God. Then... he leisurely strolls through his creation... picking up the pieces, and making the image whole again.

A purified will is a will free of carnal desire. It makes you into God's Tuning Fork. It puts you into a harmonious vibrating resonance with The Divine. Then... The Divine can live his/her life in you. God is both mother and father, and angels reflect that unified dual nature. They can be either/or. When the Kundalini force enters into The Bridal Chamber... one is united with The Self, and everything that once caused trouble and conflict for you is gone.

Some want it all over again. They veer off the road at some point and head back into The Dark Splendor. In The Bible it is portrayed as a dog returning to its vomit; not as poetic as one might hope for, BUT... effective. People don't want to hear the truth about Unity. It puts an end to The Rutting Fever... BUT... BUT... then life has no meaning! Heh heh... so you say.

God is Unity... which... in its active expression... is Higher Love. God is, and God wills... and the medium of his expression is... Love. God moves in Unity, and EVERYTHING comes into harmonic accord in his passing. There is no warfare. There is no hunger... famine... no wanting. The object of all wanting has been acquired. I should add... in unity there is strength. Don't be like Mike. Be like God. You are made in his image OR... you can be fallen, and... the horns on your head become another kind of tuning fork.

Seek ye first The Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added unto you. It's the same message as The Greatest Commandment.

The World is here for The Purpose of Demonstration. Here is where you find out... eventually... whenever that happens... if it ever happens... that you don't want any of it; and then? You are free. Otherwise... it goes round, and round, and round, and round. It goes up and down. It goes in and out. It goes and it comes, and it comes and it goes.

The Will is harnessed to The Chariot of Desire. It pulls the cart. It pushes the cart, and... the cart goes off the road... because everything the rider is attracted to is on the side of the road, and... further off than it appears to be... while you are on The Road.

You can do anything here. You've been given The Will of your creator in miniature... for no other reason than to see what you will do with it. The Divine is ALWAYS present here in different forms. Sometimes luminous and palpable... sometimes veiled. Certainly, he is hiding inside of you right now.

I've had enough of what goes on around here to know where it leads. It runs around in circles chasing its tail. It is all the dance of The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire. It can be fun for a while... until it starts to hurt... eventually you wear the vehicle out and it kills you, BUT... then you get a new vehicle to run around in until the same thing happens all over again.

You have been given magical tools that can do... well... I wouldn't know where to begin. One of those tools is The Will; to know... to will... to dare... and to be silent. The four stages of action and precipitation into form... though they are expressed differently in this case... because they apply to yet another perspective on The Same Thing.

Okay then... that will do for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"If Michael Aquino Wrote The Book of Love, and James Bond Wrote Sgt. Pepper, Who put The Bop in The Bop She Bop?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

The World is a deception to begin with, so... to say that it is filled to the brim (if it has a brim) with deception should be past obvious. The World is a breeding ground of lies. Lies copulate with one another to create more lies. Lies are a form of currency that can be exchanged for those other currencies that liars are so fond of. Deception pays. Seduction... which is another form of applied deception and prevarication... also pays... if you like the end result; Are you hitting that?

People are not always seduced for sexual reasons... unless you understand that EVERYTHING is sex... moving toward... or away from it... harvesting the offspring... trafficking it, which is what the top-level liars do. They enslave people and then they sell them off. Sometimes they sell them for parts. They don't care. Whatever pays.

I have a certain amount of old friends who don't understand what I am talking about when I talk to them anymore. They got old somehow... living in this world, and accommodating to this world. The more you accommodate. The more you forget.

Some of these friends were with me when remarkable supernatural events took place. They seemed to take place every time we went out into the parks at night; R Street Park... Montrose Park... P Street Park... Rock Creek Park. Giant holographic serpents would crawl in and out of The Earth. They were enormous. Little green Buddhas were motionless in the foliage. Voices would sometimes appear out of nowhere. Once... a mighty voice boomed, “We are aware of you!”

An inter-dimensional saucer landed right in front of Douglas and me. It was no hallucination. Hallucinations do not remain over long periods of time... discharging the passengers.. with the passengers speaking in what sounded like musical notes, BUT... I could understand them somehow. It was real... relatively speaking... since... according to the experts I follow... Nothing is real. Still... why not go run into a brick wall... prove something to yourself. It's real enough.

My having had this massive kundalini awakening made every get-together a memorable event, and the finest acid ever made certainly supercharged the experiences. It's not a hallucination when Hindu Gods appear and you've never heard of them previously... or even seen any pictures of them before they suddenly showed up. I'm past doubting any of it... way past. It happened so many times, and there were other people around.

Now... on the rare occasions when one of these friends might visit me... or when I used to visit them... when I mention any of this... they seem startled like they had been dreaming just before I spoke. They remembered that events had taken place, but they couldn't remember much. Their lives had overtaken them.

Those of them who watch TV get their news from Fox and CNN. They aren't on the internet. They read the Warshington Post. (that's how they pronounce it) I try not to discuss The World with them. They actually believe that reporters are dealing with facts and telling the truth. It is hard for me to associate them with the people I once knew. Their spiritual experiences now consist of attending church in an irregular fashion. I am the only one who is still the way I was... with some adjustments over time.

I can only think of Michael Green among my friends who has been consistent in holding to the spiritual path.

He's part of The Guru Bawa Fellowship now; a real elder statesman in the hierarchy. My tradition consists of what I have taken to be true from each of the traditions, but... mostly... these days... it consists of what The Inner Voice tells me. Why would he be wearing a mask though? I really don't get the mask thing. God protects me or he doesn't. Those masks protect nothing. They do trap bacteria, in case you missed it the first go-round.

Yes... The World is filled with lies and liars. Some of the worst are those... who cut and paste extractions... from what other people say and then pass them off as truth. In courts of law... that's called hearsay, but... when it comes to people getting paid for what they say... it amounts to whatever it amounts to and serves... always... the interests of their paymasters.

Here is an example of total hysteria and a person who only recently seemed relatively sane... cutting and pasting all manner of things that she has no proof about at all, and here is what I think. It is the intelligence agencies themselves who write all this stuff about the intelligence agencies being behind everything. She may well work for them. If you look into her background that seems likely. Otherwise... she just stepped off a cliff in her head. She says everything occult is evil. Occult is a word that means hidden. She needs to clarify the way she presents her perspectives but she's doing more of a slash-and-burn. She should be kept away from the torches and pitchforks.

Here is her background. Notice anything?

I was saying nice things about her now and again. She SEEMED to be speaking truth to power. This article is kind of a coming out for her. It's filled with he said she said stuff. Most of it is old news that I ran across years ago. According to the people she considers to be telling the truth, the good music of the 60s was all written by Tavistock and CIA people. If so... those are some very talented and inspired intelligence operatives; aren't they? You couldn't swing TS Eliot's body in those rooms without hitting William Blake and Shakespeare.

None of these people she references have any real proof of anything they say. What they have are strange associations... and a lot of circumstantial odds and ends. The truth is that Flat Earth Theory... is the product of intelligence services. The idea that someone like Michael Aquino wrote The Book of Love... Smiley and Bond wrote Sgt. Pepper, and... Bob Dylan and all the rest of them were stand-ins who worked from a script... well... I'm saying these ideas, and... all the other ideas you see... hodgepodged in that article... are the work of intelligence services. They are the ones who came up with all that, and the reason any of it got legs.

On any given day, I come across mentions of various major players in world politics being executed at Guantanamo. The guy who originally came up with this particular collection of whatever... has a website called Real Raw Story. It is even stated on his site that what he says is satire, but that doesn't stop the people... who desperately need to believe it all... from spreading it far and wide. It's the latest iteration of Sorcha Fall (such a fool) and Benjamin Fulford... both of whom were and are intelligence assets.

Maybe they did this and that, but the acid I took... The Sandoz, and Owsley... Orange Sunshine and other variants... they had no part in the chemistry. Maybe they groomed some of the hard rock... and death metal, and they certainly were involved in the Disco and Cocaine, and... the Gay depravities that came out of that combination, but... earlier on? No! They were doing damage control after the inspired works got away from them. They were taking control of the industries in the years after that, BUT... before that? No! I was there. I was there... as... there... could... be, so... no!

The Deep State... which runs the intelligence agencies, also controls what you see in the press. This includes everything in The Mainstream Media and most of what you see in The Alternative Media. They come at you from both ends, and they get their way with most people... these days... with money... force... or blackmail. However... they can't buy... intimidate... or frame all of us. They just can't.

I saw the freaks pushing free love and the seduction games in the parks, and I also saw real love and burning ideals of a better world. I saw what they didn't expect... come barreling out of the chutes... before they knew what was happening, and I saw them playing catch-up afterward. They DID NOT start the transformations, and they will not be controlling what is coming now.

I was there... back in The Day. I saw Good and Evil running a death race down Telegraph Avenue and through The Haight. I saw the greed and the sleaze ooze up out of NYC onto Tinker Street and Mill Hill Road in Woodstock. I saw the other side too. Sure... the plotters and the schemers have always been around. It's what makes The World... The World, BUT... to paraphrase Billy Joel... ♫ THEY didn't start the fire. It was always burning since The World was turning ♫

It's all about whether you believe God is real... even if nothing else is. If you don't. If you think it's all haphazard... then... all you got is The Other Guy living in your head. In your world, maybe the intelligence services did do everything, and you are trapped forever in a matrix because... Bad Guys rule, Dude! I don't think so. In fact, I KNOW OTHERWISE. Much of what you see and hear being uncovered is being uncovered by the people who created it in the first place to... further... deceive... you, BUT... not all of it.

This is an apocalypse that is attended by an awakening, AND... being transformed by personalized expressions of The Ineffable whose... will... be... done...

The ones who have been running their game on the rest of us... they know something's coming, and all they want to do is to get ahead of it and manage the outcome. They want to make sure that when the tables are turned... the same people are still sitting there. HOWEVER... now they know some small part of what they didn't know before, and they are running scared.

I know that my old friends will find their way at their own pace. Our fates and fortunes are ruled by the degree of intensity we bring to the ideals that we pursue. If we've been true to them, we get this mysterious second wind... later on... when we need it most. I'll be around for my friends... in spirit... I won't be going anywhere, I'll just be harder to see... depending on however much of The World is moving in your eyes.

Maybe Elizabeth Nickson will care enough about The Truth to see through this hash she's slinging in every direction... hoping some part of it sticks to something... like how all those prediction people get it mostly wrong... most of the time, but... every now and then, one of the blind pigs finds an acorn, and they hoot and holler like they've been right all along. “Look! Look! I got proof!” Proof of what?

Some of us aren't running a game. Some of us aren't out for whatever we can get in Judas Goat money. Some of us really are sincere and incorruptible by The World... only falling victim to our own weaknesses here and there... until The Divine steps in, AND... The Divine finds a way.

All I can tell you is... watch and you will see. Pay attention. Rely on The Indwelling to guide and make straight your way. Don't pay attention to the endless streams of bullshit that have now turned into mighty rivers through the technology of our times. It's not all bullshit. You got to look hard and study close, and no matter what it is you're looking for, YOU... WILL... FIND... IT, cause it's all there to be found. Be really careful of what it is you're looking for, cause... it will find you.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

"You Really Have to Go At It With Your Whole Heart. Take Your Mind Off of Whatever Mistakes You Think You Made."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking with a representative of The Ineffable yesterday, and I was asking about the outlook for some of the people I am praying for. It was more about people I knew in the Hawaiian Islands. I did not understand how our situations could be so different. I wasn't all that nice a person now and then, and when it came to reckless endangerment of one's self, I was at the front of the line.

I was told that it is not about the personal behavior. Hardened criminals have been transformed into wonderful servants of God in no time at all. Look at Saul of Tarsus on The Road to Damascus. I was told... you searched for me, and you would not stop searching for me. No matter what hardships and obstacles I set in your way, you would not stop. It gave, “seek and ye shall find” a whole new meaning... in my mind.

It's not about attending religious services. It's not about performing rituals. It's not about good behavior with the expectation of a pay-off. It's not about the letter of the law... or going by the book. As impersonal as The Divine can be, it is really personal with God how we relate to him/her/it. When you make God the centerpiece of your life, God becomes the centerpiece of your life.

I remember The Divine asking me, “Visible, how much time do you think I spend in churches, besides the fact that I am already resident in every living thing?” I think I said, “Not much?” and I heard, correctomundo (God loves colloquialisms) I think it was. He went on to talk about Lady Nature's cathedrals. If you are looking for God within, you'll have an easier time of it in nature.

There is a reason why The Greatest Commandment is The Greatest Commandment. It is the key to a working relationship with The Divine. In The Eastern Traditions, you will sometimes hear that God is a slave to Love. If you want to make God your loving servant, you need only love him/her/it with all your heart OR... at least more than everything else. You have only to become God's loving servant.

Now... of course... one should not have it in mind to make God a servant. That is more the province of a magician... who seeks to bend the will of the creatures of The Infernal Realm for his purposes, and which.. with rare exceptions... inevitably results in him winding up in a state of reversal... eventually. If you don't want your ass singed, don't back it up to the kitchen stove.

Why do you think it is common for Black Magicians to be homosexual? It is CRITICAL to have your priorities in order... when you set out to find The Path... because you will find what you are looking for, so... you had better hope you will be pleased with finding it. Certain restrictions come with the pursuit of certain objectives. Seek to love God alone, and... for no other reason than the overwhelming surges of devotion that fill your heart. Without God... NOTHING has any meaning. With God... everything has meaning.

The World is upside down and backward for most people, BUT... they have gotten used to it, so it SEEMS to be right side up to them. It's not. When you are a child... you see things upside down. It is in the process of learning to walk that this perspective changes. Learning to walk is one of our greatest accomplishments but most people don't know that. Most people don't know much at all because of the direction in which their interests lie.

You have to pester God over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It might go on for lifetimes OR it might go rather quickly... due to the level of intensity... in your directed passion. If you are lackadaisical, you can expect the motor vehicle department treatment. In any case... it takes serious determination. That is why we advise here, (and we generally eschew advising) that you first get Faith... Certitude... and Determination Or... whatever sense of passionate industry... you might feel on any morning... will have dissipated by noon.

On many an occasion... in this life... I was off tilting at windmills. However, as soon as I saw the error of my intention or direction, I turned with a burning desire to make up the ground I had lost. As soon as you realize that you have been wrong... you have the option of not being wrong any longer.

So... I pestered God again, and again, and again, and again, and again. He brushed me off ten thousand times and more. He might pick me up and play with me for a short while, but he would soon set me back down, and head off wherever it is that God goes when you can't find him.

Finally, he started answering me occasionally, and it was still years before he was always on tap. Oh... he always answered me before, BUT not in direct conversation... as it is now.

Perhaps my dedication had reached the necessary level. Perhaps it was my love or devotion. Perhaps it was being able to simply hold still. I do not know what it was, BUT... something worked, and I have not a single concern for all of eternity now. Oh... I still get distracted and sidetracked... for the purpose of accruing wisdom and understanding. I get knocked out of wack... to get knocked into wack... for whatever the reason, BUT... I suspect it is to foster my utter reliance upon The Almighty... my utter compliance with his will.

The knocking out of wack is gentler now. It is easier to adjust to. I often think about how fortunate I am that I had such a rough road... for such a long time... until only recently, and now that rough road has become smooth and... it is on an endless... gradual... and bending incline. How grateful I am that there was no easy course in the beginning.

He said that the ones I was praying for just weren't looking hard enough for him; perhaps in some other lifetime, he said. It makes me tremble to hear such a thing. I suppose that is why we pray for people... the real reason; that they will catch fire with spiritual fervor, and... run with all their might OR... stride with unflinching purpose... regardless of the sounds on all sides, and... the dancing, and... enticing peripherals.

A child cries for its mother. The Mother gives the child a toy to distract it. As long as the toys work, The Mother is not concerned. She knows that eventually, the child will turn its fuller attention upon The Mother, and no matter how far afield the child may be... will set its thoughts on The Father's Kingdom.

I was such a child. The distraction of toys was never more than temporary. I didn't actually want anything else except to be in the bowers of The Mother... while The Father's Light shined on me. God knew this. God knows everything... coming and going; now.... and countless billions of years previous... till countless billions of years ahead. God knows everything. What matters the years when Eternity is the resident state?

You really have to go at it with your whole heart. Take your mind off of whatever mistakes you may think you made. That will only hold you back. When you can see God in everything and everyone... you are there. That is the living evidence of it. Either we are living our life... independent of The Divine, and... certain to be worn away by our own resistance... OR... God is living his life in us, and... by degrees... the resistance fades away, and... one comes off The Wheel. The Wheel keeps on turning and burning, BUT you no longer do.

♫ life goes on within you, and... without you,♫ We pray for others, BUT it should only be that The Spirit of God may come forward and live its life in them because... that is THE resolution to any problem they may have, and... any problem they will ever have.

People have problems because they resist The Will of God. The Will of God is... that we all live in endless abundance... in The Garden of Endless Delight. There is no other thing that God wills for us except that we might move in harmony and resonance with God. All that other stuff... comes from that other place... that exists to serve, and to foster... the spirit of rebellion in us.

We are entering an age of greater light. This means an age of greater awareness and automatically translates into a time of brotherhood. There is nothing we cannot accomplish... in common purpose with each other, and... with The Divine. The old ideas and those who represent them WILL pass away. Those who hold to The Darkness will pass into The Darkness. Those who embrace The Light will be embraced by The Light.

What is coming will not be denied. In its coming will be judgment and redemption... punishment and reward. No temporal force is equal to resist the force of cosmic change. The Power of God is without limits. The Power of Man is limited. Even one who is not very good at math should be able to figure that one out.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 15, 2024

"This is A Place We Should Pass thru as Quickly as Possible, BUT... Most Everyone gets Caught in The Roadside Attractions."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am a believer in Self-Inquiry. I believe wholeheartedly in Ramana Maharshi's method of self-questioning; asking over and over, “Who am I?” The important part of this principle... and something I think many people miss... is that if one is asking this question... they must have some expectation of someone or something answering them back. Who is it that they expect to answer them?

This brings us to the question of God. We presume that God exists. I... for one... have absolute and recurrent evidence of the existence of God. There is no room for doubt with me on this question, and there hasn't been for a long time. What follows that question... is the next question, “What is God?” What makes answering this question so difficult is that there is no one comprehensive answer. God is many things, as well as none of those things, but one thing that is beyond the mind's capacity to define.

It is perfectly understandable to me... though it might not be for everyone... that one can be certain of God's existence without knowing what God is. Life itself is an endless series of contradictions because Life takes place on a field of constantly interacting opposites, like Day and Night. You can extrapolate a never-ending list of the opposites that act off of each other, and never list them all. This is because there are polarities you are completely unaware of... and... polarities you might be aware of, but... which are impossible to talk about.

Let me detail those aspects of God's parts that are present in my perspective. These are aspects I have directly experienced, and in every case, more than once. God is The Self that is resident in each one of us. This is who answers Ramana's question... eventually. That is God at one level of Divine presence and expression. Even if it is an absolute stillness in the midst of ceaseless motion... it is still present.

God is... also... everything that there is... because everything is constructed out of God's being... by Adaptation. Think of it like this. The OM is the source of all other vibrations that come about by adapting a part of The Om from The Causal Plane. Everything in form... is a variation of The OM... as a unique vibration... in a limited time frame. In some cases, that time frame seems to be forever, but it is not. In many other cases... those variations are observably limited.

The Self that exists in all of us... is eternal. It is the same in all of us. Our personal expression, which is an Adaptation of The Self... is a temporary... personalized expression... of The Impersonal Self. I should add here that The Self itself does... occasionally... manifest in a personal expression... for the purpose of harmonizing all other expressions and facilitating an evolution in Awareness, and Consciousness in all life... on the endless spiral that is much like a coiled serpent.

I was told that “God is a serpent.” This is because The God Force operates in a fashion similar to serpents... such as in waveforms... biorhythms... Yin and Yang... vibrations... etc. When we are told, by realized masters... to utterly rely on The God Force... to become as a little child... it is because that is the sure and certain way to perfection. One ONLY achieves this by cooperating with The God Force, not by opposing it, which is the usual relationship that exists for nearly everyone... to some degree... most of the time... until they wise up.

The whole thing about Reincarnation... is that it is the procession of a series of passages that... slowly... break down our resistance to God... through varieties of experiences that... eventually... lead us to a common understanding that is shared... by EVERYONE... who has ever become realized.

It's a club, and you are in it... eventually. Until you are a conscious member... there is no way to tell you what it contains... or what it amounts to. It can ONLY be known through direct experience. It is why The Wise are so often silent on the matter, and everyone else chatters away like a Magpie or a Blue Jay; depending on whether you are declaiming or complaining.

So... God is This, and God is also That... in the relative sense. In the absolute sense, there is no point in commenting on it. It is its own comment. It is its own living... breathing... self, and your job; should you choose to accept it... is to live and breathe exactly as it does. This you accomplish by becoming as a little child.

For a time, and... if you include the course of all your little lives... for a very long time... you move about through familiar surroundings. Your mind has named and identified what surrounds you... according to your attractions and repulsions. Our original prototype/template was Adam. Adam was/is 'the namer of things.'

Desire is the force that drives you. It is The Agent of God's Will. Over the long reach of it all... it will take you to some strange places. However... eventually... you must walk between The Towers of The Moon that lead beyond the common thoroughfares. It is... in this wilderness within... that The Self is discovered.

Even when one has discovered The Self... one is not immediately liberated from The Commonplace. I have had The Self revealed to me, BUT... a certain event has not yet taken place, so... The Wheel is still spinning, and it will continue to spin until it stops of its own accord. There is no way to know... in advance... when this will happen.

What I am telling you, and a great deal more that I am not telling you... is due to... on the one hand... space constraints, and... on the other hand... my inability to articulate what it is... what I have discovered, and... what has been revealed to me. It will not take the same shapes of progression for others. We each experience it in a singular fashion, so... what I am saying here, will prove of little use to many. In that case... you are advised to look elsewhere for a greater resonance; for something... or someone... that rings more true for you.

We are personalities, and... as such... we will be in harmonious accord with some, and... in conflict with others. Even if we are not... personally... in conflict with others... others will be in conflict with us. Such is the nature of manifest existence.

I am not a master. I do not claim to be a spiritual teacher. I am a poet and a mystic. These are legitimate pathways to The Unspeakable Unity, just as is the course that takes one to mastery... or any of the other specific and legitimate routes... that are also pathways there... to The Self... as it exists within any particular limitation of form.

I should point out what you will... eventually... find out. There is... only... one master. I don't care whose face you are looking at... what color they are... what language they speak... what religion they are... or are not affiliated with. There is ONLY... The One Self. When one has gotten out of the way of that Self, and when they cannot... or will not... interfere with that Self... EVER again... they are called a Master, BUT... they are... ONLY... hosting The Master.

Because I don't know, I also know that no one else knows either. They are just giving me their versions. As my contentious nature has faded away... the images in the mirror are much more clear to me than they were. I can now see that people are talking to, and about, their idea of themselves in everyone else. They are acting as if everyone else were just like them, BUT... there are features they do not like about themselves, which they see in everyone else. There is nothing you can do about any of it, BUT... restrain your Reactive Mind.

Which is better; one person yelling at himself, or two people yelling at each other? When you have no aggression in you, no one else can muster the force to be aggressive with you. If you are not standing between someone and what they want, they have no interest in you.

This is a place we should pass through as quickly as possible, BUT... most everyone gets tangled in the roadside attractions. When you don't want anything here... ah! How marvelously your eyes begin to open. Now you can see what you did not see before, and you can be generous beyond measure because... it all belongs to you. You can see people's fondest dreams realized... simply through the certitude of blessing them... with the authority of The Divine... that is resident in you both.

Our selfish nature causes us to limit ourselves... as if we were actually locked up in a cell. We do not have to worry about all the things we worry about. There is no danger for us in anything unless we bring the corresponding danger... to something else... with us. One without the needed karmic attachments can walk right through an active battlefield and suffer nary a scratch.

This is why one is advised by The Realized, and by The Liberated... to put all your cares and woes into a bag and toss it into the sea. The Christ advised, “Pick up your cross (your elemental body) and follow me.” He was talking about The Way Out. He was passing through, and he was heading out. He was inviting anyone... who might be interested... to come along with him. He is still doing this.

Now he is coming back... in a new presentation... to do the same thing all over again. Don't be the person squabbling with... or plotting against your neighbor... while he passes you by. Be watchful. Be ready. Be waiting for him to appear. Expect that portal to open up within you at any time... because... you never know.

End Transmission.......

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We now embark on The Good Ship Chuang Tzu.
He was the chief disciple of Lao Tzu and came around a couple of hundred years after the master had disappeared into the mists beyond The Great Wall of China.


If you wish for a bio on Chuang Tzu you will find it here.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

"Why... Oh Why... Dear Lord... do All of These People... Wind up Collecting Money at an Eckhart Tolle Booth Turnstile?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to continue today... talking about people who promote ideals and spiritual principles as if they were items on a shelf... with price tags, and... somehow... it ALWAYS comes around to these people making money... or getting laid with The Prophet.

In no way am I criticizing the examples I will give here. I don't know enough to do that, BUT... I do know what captures my interests and what makes my eyes glaze over... what makes me antsy and wishing I were somewhere else. These people I mention make me cringe as well.

Because of the internet and social media... because of cellphones and the forces of change that have been loosed in The World... we are awash in spiritual teachers. A lot of these teachers claim to be non-dualists... Advaita followers. It seems to me that you can't be representative of the one state while acting out in the other. This is the sort of thing that causes Schrodinger's Cat to forget to use the litter box.

I see contradictions everywhere. When I say, everywhere, I mean... everywhere... even in myself. It is the nature of manifest existence to live within a dance of polarities. If you are going to be Advaita... in any pure sense, I don't think you can talk. You might be able to hum, as long as words weren't involved. Otherwise, you default to Dvaita.

Why... oh why... Dear Lord... do all of these people... wind up collecting fares at The Eckhart Tolle Booth turnstile?

If you go to this fellow, Rupert Spira's website... you are told there are no free video clips for this teaching; purchase full session or a subscription. If you go to the main page, which you can do, there's a seven-day free trial.

Then there's this guy, Adyshanti. If you want the Kalifornia treatment, you can go here.

Interestingly, this site does a review on Adyshanti, AND... you can track down all kinds of other members of The Baskin and Robbin's flavors of spiritual truth, just find the one that suits you.

I found dozens and dozens of these people. I am sure there are hundreds, and now we come to The Official Olympic Guru of The WEF... The Sad Guru.

This video was done by someone from India. There are a whole lot of similar videos on YouTube that go into what a shifty kinda spiritual flimflam man this is.

This is The Age of The Guru it seems. You've got economic gurus... sex gurus... shamanistic drug gurus... life coaches... they're coming out of the woodwork like termites and with the same effect on your infrastructure. I cannot remember how many people I have encountered that spent years following this guy or that guy... this lady or that lady, and now? They are really pissed off because they can't get that time back, and whoever the fly-by-nighter was... he/she left them with zip.

All through Central and South America... Fiji... Hawaii... wherever there's some rose garden resort from a Jimmy Buffet song... there are several (or more) communities of people who are getting sheared by that person in a robe. A lot of these people are former followers of Roger Nietzsche, also known as Osho. He was a marketing genius... who borrowed from every religion there was... to create whatever it was that he created.

What he really hit off of was the sexual angle. When large numbers of his followers gathered... there were always... these burning... 50-gallon drums... for disposing of condoms. If you can integrate free love with spiritual teachings... if you can put temporary wings on The Libido.. all kinds of people are going to be buying your succotash.

If you go to their main hall of mirrors in Pune, you will find a spiritual Disneyland that is priced accordingly. Everything costs money. It's like being in New York City. This is what his teachings evolved into. It's a racket, and nearly every one of these people zipping around the globe are coming and going with bags of money... or they operate a cash register on The Web.

I'm going to lay it out as clear as clear can be... IF... you are in the mood to get it. THERE IS A GOD, and he takes a dim view of people making bank in his name. He is THE ONLY SOURCE of The Juice... that nectar of verity... that ringing... vibrating certitude that you can feel in your toes... that thrums in your heart... that lights up your life in ways that Debbie Boone never even heard about.

You CANNOT... EVER... get spiritual truth for money. They are mutually exclusive. Anyone who is charging you for spiritual truth is deceiving you. I don't care if they need it for their web presence rent. I don't care if they need to pay to have all those CDs and videos sold, and hosted... so that you can access them. I don't care if they need it for interns or secretaries to screen your prayer requests... talk to you on Zoom... spin prayer wheels in your name... or pay for airplane tickets so they can come to your town and charge you admission to hear them speak.

These people are operating out of some form of The Werner Erhard EST template... or The Guy in The Robe on The Dais template... or The Marianne Williamson Tribe Member in Sheep's Clothing template... or The Scientology or Curse of Miracles template. The former was put together by a practicing Satanist, and the other was put together by an intelligence agency. You can find any of this out if you bother to look any deeper. I look deep enough to satisfy what's needed... for me to have an opinion, and then... I dig deeper still.

I know it pisses some people off... when I showcase certain efforts at capturing people's attention... as being nothing more than camouflaged glueboards, and quicksand mind swallowers. If you are satisfied with simply being allowed to be a member of some organization that does your thinking for you, then... get right to it. There are all kinds of Burger Kings in this world.

You would be stunned if you knew how many of these spiritual organizations... political PACs... NGOs... religious organizations... sexual organizations... all organizations... are either created and run by... or infiltrated by... intelligence services and that includes the FBI, whose concerns have little to do with crime and everything to do with keeping people in line by order of The Deep State.

You think they're powerful... on their own... or collected together? They are nothing. The Divine can flick his little finger and blow them all away.

You want to speak for God? First, you must be his committed and absolute servant. What you lay on the altar... before his feet... as surety... is The Personality... the individual separated self must be given as tribute. You are not to be trusted otherwise. You want to serve The Highest? Get ready to be The Lowest.

God is not served by milquetoast ministers who are afraid of their own shadows... or monks hiding from The World. God is served by red meat realists, who... can just as well... be vegetarians or pescatarians. It's an analogy.

Do you want to heal people? Think well of them... then take it a step further and a step further. You automatically heal anyone you think well of, and the more you are able to fix your attention on someone in a detached, and impersonal, but directed manner... the more you can channel the healing force, WITHOUT HAVING TO LET ANYONE KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT... or charging money for it. ANYONE charging money for spiritual truth or purposes does... not... possess... any.

It is perfectly acceptable to accept donations. It is not okay to build an empire with them. “Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.”

You want to change The World? Stop fucking with it. All of these people have taken The Easy Road. They dress the part. They talk in monotones that are intended to put you in a trance. They smile without love and speak without meaning. Any of them who really wanted to serve their fellows... would simply be doing it all the time... without thinking about it... or making a BIG NOISE about it.

The Avatar is about to make his presence known in the hearts of Humanity... where a place has been set aside for him. Many have no room in their hearts for someone who is going to require of them what they are loath to give, and who are going to find it simply taken from them... despite their every effort to hold on to it... whatever it may be. One of the basic tenets of your temporary material existence is that you... can't... take... it... with... you.

None of these people hold my attention. I would rather be watching cartoons, and I don't watch cartoons very often. Do they not realize they are going to be called to account for everything they got up to? It is a riveting experience to be standing before The Lords of Karma and having to explain yourself. If you keep that in mind as you go, you won't wind up somewhere you don't want to go to.

End Transmission.......

The first of a
3-part tale on Wu Wei and The Tao
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Friday, April 05, 2024

"Those Who Serve that Power... Also Wield that Power... In The Name of The One Who Clouds The Minds of Men."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Banker owned and operated government, that owns and operates the compromised... sold-out... diseased hooker on the sidewalk... drunk in the alley... stoned under the mid-day sun... Press and Media... is announcing that Israel's deliberate... planned... and calculated assault on an international food convoy... much like every other vicious and unprovoked assault... by the people with all the weapons... on the people who are defending their land from invaders... is saying that it was an accident. One of the aid workers was carrying a bag, and it looked like a weapon.

This... is one of the reasons, but not the only reason... that I didn't wear tight jeans, and... why do you think they call it “concealed carry” anyway?

Let's segue over to the bombed Iranian consulate in Damascus. That's an act of war; I mean... most of this back and forth are acts of war, but... this one... is absolutely an act of war, and it is absolutely going to result in a real statement... from the people whose consulate got bombed. The Terrestrial Army of Satan, and The Rothschild-installed government that gives it orders... know that they committed an intentional act of war because that... was... their... intention.

Any minute now... Tit is going to go looking for Tat. Tit may already have Tat in the crosshairs. Tat has painted himself into a corner... in a house where they are squatters... where they have tortured, and... cowed, and... killed the occupants... who are tied up in the cellar. Tat thought they might get ahead of the bloodthirsty... real-life video game... they have been playing for the last 80 years and relocate back to their old homeland. It's Tat's ancestral Transylvania. Worst case scenario, it could serve as a home... away from home... away from home.

They started a war in that ancestral homeland some while ago... anticipating their present state of affairs. They hoped to kill off the residents; something they get up to... wherever they get into... whatever they get up to. They thought they would drag the rest of The World into it... to fight that war for them... like they always do... when they are not simply sitting back and watching two or more nations fight each other... in a war they started... for whatever profit they could make on it.

It didn't go as planned. NOTHING they get up to now is going to go as planned. They're finished. Some of them might know this. When something is coming for you, and it is coming across the space of... literally... hundreds and hundreds of years... you can sorta forget that it is coming for you or... just assume it won't finally arrive while you are still there, BUT... one day it does, and... as it so happens... one day turns out to be today.

When you lose control of the conditioned state of The Hive Mind... that had been... hypnotized into collectively believing a lie, a ripple effect goes into operation... where all the little minds in The Hive Mind start to wake up. That is what is happening. You got too loose, Lautrec. It coulda happened to anybody. Hey! We all make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Sometimes someone makes a whole bunch of mistakes... each one bigger than the other. That... is where you find yourself, Tat.

I'm surprised it took so long, BUT... there is a power that clouds the minds of men. Those who serve that power... also wield that power... in the name of The One Who Clouds The Minds of Men. So... for a long time now, a certain group of migrating nasty customers... who were put on the road BECAUSE they are nasty customers... have been doing bad shit to all and sundry.

As their denouement began to break upon the horizon... like a long-expected dawn... that went through all kinds of false dawns... things got better, and better, and better for them because... that's how it works. When you are getting set up for a really big fall, that same power that you were wielding... that clouds the minds of men... gets turned on you, and clouds your mind, so that you start to believe your own press.

You become convinced that the lies that shaped your existence were actually verities in disguise. You knew... going in... that you were full of shit, BUT... then you forgot all about that... once you could rape and pillage at will, and explain it away as something else OR... simply dishonor or kill your critics cause you had that power that clouds the minds of men.

The Dark Archetype who possessed this power to cloud the minds of men took a liking to you. He was foul and nasty, and evil, and so were/are you. What's not to like? It was a marriage made in some place better left unsaid.

It never occurred to you that this Dark Archetype already worked for someone else; the real someone else... that you had mistaken The Dark Archetype for. It never occurred to you... with all your insidious plots, and deceptions within deceptions... that you worked over The World with... like a carnival barker. It never occurred to you that you were the one who was being worked, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and now? Now... The Time... has come, and... ♫ there are things to realize, and your soul DID NOT get psychedelicized ♫

Now you are backed up into that corner you painted yourself into, and... that makes you dangerous. That's why you got this Samson Option. We'll see about that. You think you can do what you did last time; provoke the whole world to go to war, and then make yourself out to be the most victimized victim of the horrors that you started in the first place, and then... you can hot-foot it out of town... with your bags full of everybody else's money. Ah... nah. This time The Power behind all the other powers has come to The Center Ring to direct the action.

By the day... now... you are digging yourself deeper into the shit that... you imagine you are digging yourself out of. By the day... you are waving your hands and screaming, “Look over there! Look over there!” While the whole world is looking at you. Well... you know what they say; sometimes shit happens, and... sometimes the shit that happens... happens to you.

A conversation is going on... right now... all around The World, and it has to do with; “what are we going to do about them?” Deals are being cut. Backs are being scratched. Lies are being told. Quid and Pro are both taking turns with Quo.

The thing is... if it was just deals being cut, and backs being scratched, and pockets being lined, you could probably have all of it squared away in your favor... yet again, BUT... this time... the outcome... is NOT in the hands of feckless leaders... bankrupt movers and shakers... or anyone else who's all front with no one behind them. This time The Man (who is not a man) himself is going to be sitting at the head of the table and The Dark Archetype will be serving him drinks.

All of The Power has ALWAYS been in the same hands, and... always will be. He just likes to parcel it out and see what happens. God is the ultimate voyeur. He likes to watch. He also likes to perform, so... any time you see anything remarkable and worth remembering... it's him doing it, and it is... definitely... going to be him doing it this time... through a number of chosen vehicles.

The Governor of Indiana has declared a state of emergency AHEAD of The Eclipse. These are the reasons they are giving for it, and you can be absolutely sure that they are lies.

I don't know what the real reasons are, BUT... I think you can be absolutely certain that The Deep State will be getting up to various forms of dark shit... when The World goes dark... for a very brief space in time... in various locations... or planning for something to come out after it.

We are in the times of the last gasps of the departing forces who have caused so much harm to Humanity by dividing it against itself... fostering the argument of enemies in its midst. There were no enemies... except for the distorted images perpetrated upon us... so that we might not see clearly, and then lash out against the endless cases of mistaken identity. We are now entering The Age of Brotherhood. These distortions will no longer work to deceive us into further self-harm.

In these times... more and more by the day... whatever the workers of evil get up to... is going to turn right back on them. It's all about The Purpose of Demonstration now. It always has been, BUT... this time... there is a major transfer of power taking place, and The Eclipse marks the point of the hand-off.

On that day... this Monday coming... I will be taking a nap during the entire time of the passage of the event over the American mainland. Usually, I sit in meditation during eclipses. However... I am keeping in mind that it is The Subconscious crossing the face of The Superconscious, and I am of a mind to take a specific perspective on it, besides... this is what I was told to do. (grin)

These days, I do what I am told to do, no... matter... what.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

"If You're not Satisfied with The Invisible Side of Your Existence... You WILL BE Dissatisfied with The Visible Side."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It was... unfortunately... just another day at the office for Israel. Easter... well... Hell... any religious holiday is a big deal for Satan's Kingdom. They were chomping at the bit on Sunday, and probably really frustrated at holding in all that enthusiasm. Easter's a big holiday, and Israel wanted a piece of the action. Easter is about sacrifice... the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for Humanity, and Israel wanted to make a sacrifice too, BUT... for whatevah the reason... they had to wait a day or so to get theirs done.

Finally, they got to send the smoke of their burnt offering to The Higher Plane.

A convoy of international aid workers; no doubt their weapons were concealed in boxes of falafel mix and drums of tahini... were on their way to deliver some Middle Eastern-style MRES, and The IDF flame-broiled them... right in the street... giving new meaning to the term, sidewalk cuisine. Now they are saying it was an accident.

It really was just another day at the office... cause they've killed nearly two hundred people from that one aid agency alone (The UNRWA)... during this latest false flag episode; talk about shooting aid workers in a barrel! It's like a video game there... in Rafah... for The IDF. It's not really people they are shooting... their religious books say this very clearly. They are lesser life forms. You might compare it to fox hunting on the estates of aristocrats in (jolly-old) England; no real difference, except a whole lot more foxes go down in the Middle Eastern version.

Yeah... they say it was an accident. This really should be a television series. They could call it, The Nazis Who Couldn't Shoot Straight... because... they surely do have a lot of accidents over there. Why... in just the last couple of days... they accidentally killed someone important in Lebanon... and someone important in Damascus... and... when you add this in with all the people dropping dead (by accident) from The Killer Vaccines... they got a body count that would be the envy of any inner city... night-clubbing sabra... anywhere in The World.

So... that killing in Damascus was a highly placed member of The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the one in Lebanon... I think that was some ranking member of another less-than-human demographic... who was high up in another organization, and this counts as steps... in a relentless march... to a much larger state of war soon to come... unless... something else happens first.

Most of this sort of thing goes on outside of the mainstream media... which only reports on those things that have to do with controlling the message domestically. Right now it is that annual college basketball tournament... humming on the invisible cellphone wires... keeping the sleeping class all nice and comfy... in their soon to be less than comfy state; that's inevitable, you know? When a culture goes into free fall... all sorts of amenities... that used to be in arms reach are in reach no longer.

You find that shortages begin to become commonplace. They have to arrange the message so that it all seems natural and normal when it happens. That's why there are all these bridge accidents... all of a sudden. Heh heh... Yeah, nice and normal.

The feature that amuses me the most is that this smaller group of sociopathic monsters... really and actually less than human... by demonstration of their behavior... that believes they are arranging everything... have no idea that all of their arrangements are being arranged... at a higher level... by forces they are... for the most part... completely unaware of. It's what I call... ironic.

You see... the thing with good behavior and bad behavior is that both of them... inevitably... lead to the place that is appropriate to their behavior. It's where the whole idea of Heaven and Hell came from, BUT... then... everything is a metaphor these days, and whatever else there is, is probably a meme, BUT... most memes these days are metaphors too. Whaddya gonna do? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I know I hammer on about certain things on a regular basis, about how there's payback and blowback for EVERYTHING... about how EVERYTHING impacts on everything else... about there being a Living God who is intimately connected to everything that happens. You see... there is this big... ubiquitous sounding board that is everywhere that anything is... no matter what it is, and everything and anything that happens anywhere... all cause this sounding board to vibrate. It's called The Akasha. You can find The OM there. if you know... where; No! Scratch that.. if you know... how to look.

Most people who are present on this plane are confined to a narrow bandwidth of sensory information. If they know anything at all... what they know is to be found on this bandwidth. Most of your religious fundamentalists get all their information about The Divine from The Sensory Bandwidth. This is why they have no idea what they are talking about, and that is why they spend all their time arguing with anyone who is stupid enough to argue with them.

Now... I freely admit that I don't know, BUT... that doesn't mean I don't know someone else who does know, and who is kind enough to inform me... if I am able to sit still and listen... which... more and more... I am inclined to do.

I am an extremely tiny particle of being that... cosmically... cannot even be seen by the naked eye. I try not to forget that because... I live in a world where people... routinely... do this (forget about being a tiny particle) without even thinking about it. In fact... thinking about it presents a whole new set of problems for these people so... they tend not to think about what they say... because... and I can assure you of this... if they gave any thought to the things they say... they probably wouldn't be saying them.

I regularly have people at this other site I am carried on... try to argue with me about something... then they say the same thing I was saying... which indicates they didn't even read what I had written... with any amount of real attention... in the first place. This happens frequently. There are so many people... who can't do the things they wish they could do... very well at all, and... this makes them very angry with the people who can do them well.

The World is a big pot of soup that is always steaming with negative emotions that take the place of the vegetables you find in a regular pot of soup; envy... jealousy... rivalry... anger... hatred... contention for the sake of contention. Many people are sitting on an ant hill in their minds, and they can't find any peace in themselves, so... they are always looking for a fight. Whaddya gonna do?

I have a relationship with... someone? Something? It dominates my existence. I mean to say that seldom does a minute or two go by... anymore... when I am not aware of it. This entity... thing... whatever it is... controls everything I think, and say, and do... if I permit it to. When I don't... usually inadvertently... it doesn't last long. Things don't go as well as they could when I try to do things on my own.

This situation I am in... is as direct and present as if I were in the same room with it... which I am. It accounts for what I write here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing this at all. I do not monetize this work in any way. I never ask for donations. Sometimes I get them, but they are not the same as it is with most people who do this sort of thing.

It doesn't matter. OR... let me say IT VERY MUCH DOES MATTER... because this someone... this thing... takes very good care of me in magical ways, and the material side is the least of it. Whatever enjoyment or sustenance one gains from the material side of things is directly... and completely... dependent on one's frame of mind... one's state of being. If you're not satisfied with the invisible side of your existence, you WILL BE dissatisfied with the visible side of your affairs.

You could be as rich as Gates, yet... your life is a living Hell, and that is the case with many people who have more than an entire town needs to live very well, and... there are entire towns of these people who all live next to each other; Beverly Hills... Los Altos... Westlake... Santa Fe... Paradise Valley... Saddle River... Scottsdale... Woldingham... Loudwater... Stoke D'abernon, these are just a few places in America and The UK. There are many more; more places you have not heard of than places you have heard of.

Most of these locations are hereditary venues for Rakshasas and Asuras. They change over time, but there are always enclaves where the materialists vie to live during the time they have remaining on the meter. Then there are the Hells on Earth. You can find many of these in Africa... and there are sections in almost every city except Singapore (grin) where people on punishment detail find themselves for as long as the meter is running.

It's an up-and-down amusement park ride, where... sometimes it is amusing, and... sometimes it is not; depending on whether you are looking out or looking in.

The secret to a serene and meaningful existence is to be at peace with yourself. IF... you are one of the rare souls who can accomplish that, then it doesn't matter where you are; you will always be at peace... you will always be useful. Otherwise... it also doesn't matter where you are... you will be angry and lonely... bitter and paranoid... or all manner of variations of similar states.

Within each and every one of us is a paradise of being. It is timeless and wonderful beyond description. Why people spend so much of their time in other locations is... a mystery, BUT... not really. It all depends on what you are after, and... what you can't live without. I can live without everything except this paradise of being within.

End Transmission.......

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