Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"If Michael Aquino Wrote The Book of Love, and James Bond Wrote Sgt. Pepper, Who put The Bop in The Bop She Bop?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

The World is a deception to begin with, so... to say that it is filled to the brim (if it has a brim) with deception should be past obvious. The World is a breeding ground of lies. Lies copulate with one another to create more lies. Lies are a form of currency that can be exchanged for those other currencies that liars are so fond of. Deception pays. Seduction... which is another form of applied deception and prevarication... also pays... if you like the end result; Are you hitting that?

People are not always seduced for sexual reasons... unless you understand that EVERYTHING is sex... moving toward... or away from it... harvesting the offspring... trafficking it, which is what the top-level liars do. They enslave people and then they sell them off. Sometimes they sell them for parts. They don't care. Whatever pays.

I have a certain amount of old friends who don't understand what I am talking about when I talk to them anymore. They got old somehow... living in this world, and accommodating to this world. The more you accommodate. The more you forget.

Some of these friends were with me when remarkable supernatural events took place. They seemed to take place every time we went out into the parks at night; R Street Park... Montrose Park... P Street Park... Rock Creek Park. Giant holographic serpents would crawl in and out of The Earth. They were enormous. Little green Buddhas were motionless in the foliage. Voices would sometimes appear out of nowhere. Once... a mighty voice boomed, “We are aware of you!”

An inter-dimensional saucer landed right in front of Douglas and me. It was no hallucination. Hallucinations do not remain over long periods of time... discharging the passengers.. with the passengers speaking in what sounded like musical notes, BUT... I could understand them somehow. It was real... relatively speaking... since... according to the experts I follow... Nothing is real. Still... why not go run into a brick wall... prove something to yourself. It's real enough.

My having had this massive kundalini awakening made every get-together a memorable event, and the finest acid ever made certainly supercharged the experiences. It's not a hallucination when Hindu Gods appear and you've never heard of them previously... or even seen any pictures of them before they suddenly showed up. I'm past doubting any of it... way past. It happened so many times, and there were other people around.

Now... on the rare occasions when one of these friends might visit me... or when I used to visit them... when I mention any of this... they seem startled like they had been dreaming just before I spoke. They remembered that events had taken place, but they couldn't remember much. Their lives had overtaken them.

Those of them who watch TV get their news from Fox and CNN. They aren't on the internet. They read the Warshington Post. (that's how they pronounce it) I try not to discuss The World with them. They actually believe that reporters are dealing with facts and telling the truth. It is hard for me to associate them with the people I once knew. Their spiritual experiences now consist of attending church in an irregular fashion. I am the only one who is still the way I was... with some adjustments over time.

I can only think of Michael Green among my friends who has been consistent in holding to the spiritual path.

He's part of The Guru Bawa Fellowship now; a real elder statesman in the hierarchy. My tradition consists of what I have taken to be true from each of the traditions, but... mostly... these days... it consists of what The Inner Voice tells me. Why would he be wearing a mask though? I really don't get the mask thing. God protects me or he doesn't. Those masks protect nothing. They do trap bacteria, in case you missed it the first go-round.

Yes... The World is filled with lies and liars. Some of the worst are those... who cut and paste extractions... from what other people say and then pass them off as truth. In courts of law... that's called hearsay, but... when it comes to people getting paid for what they say... it amounts to whatever it amounts to and serves... always... the interests of their paymasters.

Here is an example of total hysteria and a person who only recently seemed relatively sane...

...now cutting and pasting all manner of things that she has no proof about at all, and here is what I think. It is the intelligence agencies themselves who write all this stuff about the intelligence agencies being behind everything. She may well work for them. If you look into her background that seems likely. Otherwise... she just stepped off a cliff in her head. She says everything occult is evil. Occult is a word that means hidden. She needs to clarify the way she presents her perspectives but she's doing more of a slash-and-burn. She should be kept away from the torches and pitchforks.

Here is her background. Notice anything?

I was saying nice things about her now and again. She SEEMED to be speaking truth to power. This article is kind of a coming out for her. It's filled with he said she said stuff. Most of it is old news that I ran across years ago. According to the people she considers to be telling the truth, the good music of the 60s was all written by Tavistock and CIA people. If so... those are some very talented and inspired intelligence operatives; aren't they? You couldn't swing TS Eliot's body in those rooms without hitting William Blake and Shakespeare.

None of these people she references have any real proof of anything they say. What they have are strange associations... and a lot of circumstantial odds and ends. The truth is that Flat Earth Theory... is the product of intelligence services. The idea that someone like Michael Aquino wrote The Book of Love... Smiley and Bond wrote Sgt. Pepper, and... Bob Dylan and all the rest of them were stand-ins who worked from a script... well... I'm saying these ideas, and... all the other ideas you see... hodgepodged in that article... are the work of intelligence services. They are the ones who came up with all that, and the reason any of it got legs.

On any given day, I come across mentions of various major players in world politics being executed at Guantanamo. The guy who originally came up with this particular collection of whatever... has a website called Real Raw Story. It is even stated on his site that what he says is satire, but that doesn't stop the people... who desperately need to believe it all... from spreading it far and wide. It's the latest iteration of Sorcha Fall (such a fool) and Benjamin Fulford... both of whom were and are intelligence assets.

Maybe they did this and that, but the acid I took... The Sandoz, and Owsley... Orange Sunshine and other variants... they had no part in the chemistry. Maybe they groomed some of the hard rock... and death metal, and they certainly were involved in the Disco and Cocaine, and... the Gay depravities that came out of that combination, but... earlier on? No! They were doing damage control after the inspired works got away from them. They were taking control of the industries in the years after that, BUT... before that? No! I was there. I was there... as... there... could... be, so... no!

The Deep State... which runs the intelligence agencies, also controls what you see in the press. This includes everything in The Mainstream Media and most of what you see in The Alternative Media. They come at you from both ends, and they get their way with most people... these days... with money... force... or blackmail. However... they can't buy... intimidate... or frame all of us. They just can't.

I saw the freaks pushing free love and the seduction games in the parks, and I also saw real love and burning ideals of a better world. I saw what they didn't expect... come barreling out of the chutes... before they knew what was happening, and I saw them playing catch-up afterward. They DID NOT start the transformations, and they will not be controlling what is coming now.

I was there... back in The Day. I saw Good and Evil running a death race down Telegraph Avenue and through The Haight. I saw the greed and the sleaze ooze up out of NYC onto Tinker Street and Mill Hill Road in Woodstock. I saw the other side too. Sure... the plotters and the schemers have always been around. It's what makes The World... The World, BUT... to paraphrase Billy Joel... ♫ THEY didn't start the fire. It was always burning since The World was turning ♫

It's all about whether you believe God is real... even if nothing else is. If you don't. If you think it's all haphazard... then... all you got is The Other Guy living in your head. In your world, maybe the intelligence services did do everything, and you are trapped forever in a matrix because... Bad Guys rule, Dude! I don't think so. In fact, I KNOW OTHERWISE. Much of what you see and hear being uncovered is being uncovered by the people who created it in the first place to... further... deceive... you, BUT... not all of it.

This is an apocalypse that is attended by an awakening, AND... being transformed by personalized expressions of The Ineffable whose... will... be... done...

The ones who have been running their game on the rest of us... they know something's coming, and all they want to do is to get ahead of it and manage the outcome. They want to make sure that when the tables are turned... the same people are still sitting there. HOWEVER... now they know some small part of what they didn't know before, and they are running scared.

I know that my old friends will find their way at their own pace. Our fates and fortunes are ruled by the degree of intensity we bring to the ideals that we pursue. If we've been true to them, we get this mysterious second wind... later on... when we need it most. I'll be around for my friends... in spirit... I won't be going anywhere, I'll just be harder to see... depending on however much of The World is moving in your eyes.

Maybe Elizabeth Nickson will care enough about The Truth to see through this hash she's slinging in every direction... hoping some part of it sticks to something... like how all those prediction people get it mostly wrong... most of the time, but... every now and then, one of the blind pigs finds an acorn, and they hoot and holler like they've been right all along. “Look! Look! I got proof!” Proof of what?

Some of us aren't running a game. Some of us aren't out for whatever we can get in Judas Goat money. Some of us really are sincere and incorruptible by The World... only falling victim to our own weaknesses here and there... until The Divine steps in, AND... The Divine finds a way.

All I can tell you is... watch and you will see. Pay attention. Rely on The Indwelling to guide and make straight your way. Don't pay attention to the endless streams of bullshit that have now turned into mighty rivers through the technology of our times. It's not all bullshit. You got to look hard and study close, and no matter what it is you're looking for, YOU... WILL... FIND... IT, cause it's all there to be found. Be really careful of what it is you're looking for, cause... it will find you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I read McGowans book on the Laurel Canyon thing many years ago. I do believe there are certain things he wrote about to be true.
For Instance Jim Morrison’s father, among others , being higher ups in the military and that the cia did distribute lsd . That being said, there are some truths and some lies to most everything. Bottom line ? So what? It always boils down to the same damn thing. It’s on the human species, an overall weak and vulnerable collection of easily swayed brain dead’s by the other half of humanity who are obsessed with power and greed. What a combo. A perfect recipe for disaster. But again, there are good folks who pay attention and who know what the Hell is going on, Just not enough it seems, otherwise we would not be in this pathetic state of human affairs to begin with.
Peace to all if you can find it.

Visible said...

I read everything McGowan put out there, and there is no denying a lot of it, BUT... this nonsense about Tavistock and CIA writing all of The Beatles songs and everything else from the 60s. No! Like I say... they take certain truths and then they add a shit load of other stuff, as if... by association... that makes it all true. It doesn't. I know that tactic, and when I see it at work... it tells me all I need to know, even if I don't know all there is to know, and I most certainly do not.

Thanks for your thoughtful and careful presentation. That did not slip my notice. (grin)

0 said...

I bet it was ramalamalamalama dingdong... who put the bop in bop shebop. haha :)

Music from the 50s is one of my favorites to listen to.


0 said...

I'd argue that the state of the world between the sides denoted by the first anonymous comment above is to produce the Context where the ones who are able to see it all and put it aside in favor of be-coming themselves, is the whole point of this iteration of form at this level of aggregation. Sorta like a basic test to see if people still pick sides which results in pendulitic chaos or look to understand and produce aggregative harmony.

That god-man book by Carey is a good read for Seekers.


Visible said...

I have an enormous collection of Doo Wop.

Visible said...

That comment already went up. It is at the top.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


The earth is 80% water. None of that water is carbonated.
The earth is flat.

Actually, some of the springs ARE carbonated, so that proves the claim is wrong!

I hear Sorcha Faal is a cover for David Booth. When that pointless creature first showed up, after 3 of 'its' articles or so, I put that on the NO GO list. It was all rubbish.

From what I'm reading in the news, the materialists are already getting slammed. All the empty office space, China's economy is goin' tits up, along with a ton of others who were living the programmed life of who dies with the most toys wins. Ultimately, not my problem. Actually in the Cosmic Scheme of things, I don't really have any problems. I've gotten/am getting/will get everything I signed up for. I may have changed mind on former decisions, but oh well. I don't like it, but I'm getting everything I deserve. . .good, bad, or indifferent. Well I do get figuratively slapped upside when I step out of bounds too far, but hey! It's a learning experience, to DON'T DO DAT AGAIN!

I see the wrong side of history is being torn apart one puzzle piece at a time, and I'm enjoying the show. I do my small part of hurrying along by being non-compliant with the programme.


Visible said...

You are correct, my sage and informed friend, David Booth it is. He made a play on words with his name (and it didn't matter) just like Real Raw Story has already executed everyone we ever heard of, but... nothing has changed? Maybe they think... when The Shit gets deep... if they keep digging, and piling it higher and higher... it will hide them, which is not the greatest plan for when it all catches on fire. Shit is highly flammable. Lies are flammable, and everything burns if the temperature gets high enough.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the Beatles-as-Tavistok-Product that gets pushed now and again.

Lennon, McCartney and Harrison played nearly 1000 gigs together, starting in 1958, before they ever set foot in the U.S.


0 said...

As far as that absurdistan authors' creds go... did you see the long diatribe of corporate/journalistic/religious commentary presented as her credentials with the one line at the bottom of all that saying "oh and I'm spiritual too, its my everything"... after saying nothing about it in any of the above.

No point reading people like that who give their tell with what they think buys them credibility with the duped, other than to see what they are asserting Today.

At some point even the luddites will get tired of slogans and then it all goes Hot... fitting since so much of whats peddled is bullshit.



Dude said...

If they could truly see, even a glimpse, of how frightfully beautiful this world really is.

I Found an old journal from 2002, on the middle page, between many unwritten pages, one word written in red: Ineffable.

Made me think of you.

They Lie on credit then tell the truth for free.

If they could truly see, even a glimpse, of how frightfully beautiful this world really is. Its terrifyingly pulchritudinous. they would comphrend, formulize and exemplify the lyrics to songs such as this,


However, that requires The Robe of Rightousness. The Universal Light to comphrend, formulize and exemplify the lyrics to songs such as this.

Without The Robe of Rightousness. The Universal Light of Presence, its only a melody of keys and tones.

One can only be cloaked by Presence. Presence found not in the begining or the end. Found on the middle page, between many unwritten pages.

Until it is found, They Lie on credit then tell the truth for free.

If they could truly see, even a glimpse, of how frightfully beautiful this world really is.

Its terrifyingly pulchritudinous.

They woule comphrend, formulize and exemplify the lyrics to songs such as this.

Visible said...


Her bio is the second link in the post with its own paragraph. I didn't want the reader to miss the most important point.

Truthseeker is a hotbed of conspiracy addicts who are now screaming at me for saying The Beatles wrote their own songs. Wait till this post hits there tomorrow. Heh heh.

0 said...

Hehehe... its pretty funny how many are invested in the propaganda they choose as their truth.

Almost makes me wanna get that t-shirt with the dude on it that says "this aggression will not stand, man" 2024 ...

I haven't been able to leave comments on truthseeker, they always delete them. Half the time they have your name under articles you didn't write. ha.

Take it as it comes, Give it as it Goes.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"For Years, Intelligence Agencies have been Promoting Lies to a Public that Believes Most of Everything They Hear."

Visible said...


I can explain that... about my name under posts. Rixon (the webmaster at Truthseeker) reads my links at GAB each day and often extracts them for his site, which is why it will say, "courtesy of Visible." It's odd that your comments would get bumped because most of the time I am notified of comments that are made so I can reply should I wish to. Odd is the order of the day though.

Dude said...

Visible Oragami,

As the life of The Presence grows, the natural desires become less important.

i found these on the ground a few days ago upon some stairs. At first they seemed unimportat. Just some trash someone had droped upon the stairs.

I walked 3 steps up the stairs past them then stopped, paused...turned around and rays from the sun refelected upon them shining driectly into my eyes.

I went back down 3 steps, and
upon closer examination, i realized they were very powerful symbols.

I picked them up, and placed them at the head of my large oak dining room table and been meditating on what all represent since then.


Ha, the captua is stairs.

Visible said...

I can actually tell when people are messing with me. It's like a gift. It's like I can't control it.

Dude said...

I assure you. Everything i have said is true.

I know they know who i am. They have told me, we know who you are. I replied to them, i doubt you know much.

I have my moments of doubt. But my doubts an inconsequential to The Presence upon my life.

Same as yours.

You said yourself, the oragami would apear tommorrow, which is today. I read that after my post here.

Amd you were right. It did become visiable.

The High Hand, God is miracle working God. His Presence is clothing me in His Rightous Robe. The Light of His Univeral Presence.

Light, life, joy, peace flow freely from His Rightouse Robe. Which is His Presence.

His presence is able to bend time, space and events in His favor and deny the effects of Aging.

His Presnce is a paradigm shift that revelutionizes your whole life and brings about Fullness. Full measure.

I have my moments of how is this possible? How does this happenm Why me? How can this be? Im uncertain of my actions at times? I dont know what or why im doing things the way i do them at times.
Yet, Time and Time again, His presence reveals to me astounding, mind bending things.

Such as flimsy reed handing down a Golden Sheppards staff. A symbol of the High Priest Melchizedek. In the form of a Visible oragami. Found upon the stairs of the legion haul, as i was going in to speak.

i dont understand it all. But i know its there and i trust it. Like your funion bag.

I have time and time again intended to go on with my life and leave it all behind. And yet, where everr i am, so is His Presence, leading ~The Way. ~

I dont know His name, So i call Him THE DUDE.

I had never intended to come back to any your sites Les. At all.

And yet. Here I am. For reasons beyond me.

The captua is stairs, again. Perhaps, the stairs, will be meaningful for you as well.

Visible said...

I can tell when I'm being mocked about the Funyun bag, and the misspelling of Origami, and all sorts of subtler digs. It doesn't matter, whatever you're up to is your thing. I don't give it much thought. I have my own thing. I'm not pleased with myself when I get praised and I am not offended when people do otherwise with me. I will not endeavor how it is that I see or hear. Let's just say there's more going on than meets the eye.

I'll go ahead and put your comments up on this occasion. When they get a bit much they will find there is no room at the inn.

Dude said...

Its like this. I do not understand why i havs an 8 seat oak dining room table.

I live alone.

Someone gave me one. A really nice ans expesive 8 chair oak dining room table.

I dont understand why, but i have one.

The ineffable (whome I call THE DUDE) says you will need this. Its important. He is setting the table for guests who are making their way some time in the future. Who are the guests. When will they arrive? What will be served? What will the conversation be about?

I dont know.

Often times i dont understand why He does the things He does, until later.

And yet, He does them. I cant escape His working in my life. Ive tried. Ive tried ignoring it or running away. Many times only to find His High Hand is guiding me all along.

Here is another example.

I moved into this new place. I thought, ok, im moving on with mg life. I did the thing at the dry well on 04/08/2020. There was an eclipse for years later,at the same hour i entered it not even knowing why i was their what i was even doing. Im in a new place, im going put all that wierd shit behind me. Its time for me to live my best life.

The neighbor lady asked me over for drinks. I said i dont drink. Im in the fellowship, a friend of Bill W.

Later that night she found a box of old things from her Grand Father. Upon reading two letters from a friend who wrote her grandfather in 1982, having met hee grandfather at woodstock where they became friends. His letters were sent from new york to her grandfather here. She noticed the stamps. She remembered i dont drink and thought of me. she thought i might like to have them.

She brought them over handed them to me. I had never seen them before. Ever in my life. I said, cool. Thank you.

The next day i looked them up. The stamps on the envelopes that sat in a box for 42 years until the day after i arrived at my new place, were released as a commerrative stamp on 11th birthday.

The same exact day as my birthday. And that whole chain of events started with two fellas meeting at woodstock before i was born, to happen the day after i moved in my new place.

The day after the eclipse, that happpend 4 years to the minute after i stood in the dry well, as the living water, the living holon.

Right after i swore all that stuff behind me off. And i was going to go live my best life.

His Presence, The Rightouse Robe upon me. Able to bend time, space and events in His
Favor. I can not escape it, even if I tried. That Presence, His Presence, My Rightous Robe becomes stronger and stronger about me. It infulences everything.

I know His presence affects others around me, espcially those i am fond of.

And i am fond of you Mr Visible. I am fond of you.


The bad guys can lie all day long. But they will never see the lyrics of this song.

Its terrifyingly pulchritudinous.

Have a wonderful day.

I already am.

Dude said...

Do as you like.

I dont spell all that well. Im not highly educated in verbal commerace or conveyance. I am a simple man. I did not ask you to post any of my comments. I wasnt seeking your approval.

My terms of praise were meant as codialities.

At times, what i speak is outlandishly obsuredly true it repulses some. All of It blows my mind at times.

But that doesnt make it any less true.

It does not matter if you believe me or not.

It is the truth. all that i have said, is True.

Do as you like.

Dude said...

Okay, i have moved on. You dont have to post any of my comments. I left.

I just walked into a book store and this is the first thing i saw.

Its a Taylor Swift trivia book. Notice the title of the vook below it,

Adventures in the Abyss

A dystopian activity book for the modern age.


Pretty funny juxtiposition. As above, so below. Right? Right.

Im not good at spelling. Plus i have auto correct and giant hands and tiny little buttons to type on. And it doesnt matter. I seriously doubt Jesus has a dictionary and spell check.

But that doesnt make him any less The Son of God, now does it.

I had no intention of ever reading your sites again. However, i go where The Presance leads. And it led me here to speak with you again.

I dont care if you like the fact im fond of you or not. I am anyways.

You dont have to like me or even approve of me. It doesnt mattee one iota on the fact that The Presence upon me is becoming more and more maginfied expontially.

You dont have to post any of my comments. I had already left.

Visible said...

You haven't gone anywhere and this persona you have created is child's play for me to deconstruct. I'm really familiar with psych games and God has nothing to do with any of this. Either you really do think I am stupid and taken in by this aw shucks... can't spell; I should point out that spell check DOES NOT WORK the way your post gives evidence of. I really do pay attention to what is going on.

I don't have time for this. I've got an appointment to watch paint dry down the street. Thanks for the runaround. it was fun watching it for about less than a minute. It's fine with me. I didn't do any of the running around.



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