Friday, April 05, 2024

"Those Who Serve that Power... Also Wield that Power... In The Name of The One Who Clouds The Minds of Men."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Banker owned and operated government, that owns and operates the compromised... sold-out... diseased hooker on the sidewalk... drunk in the alley... stoned under the mid-day sun... Press and Media... is announcing that Israel's deliberate... planned... and calculated assault on an international food convoy... much like every other vicious and unprovoked assault... by the people with all the weapons... on the people who are defending their land from invaders... is saying that it was an accident. One of the aid workers was carrying a bag, and it looked like a weapon.

This... is one of the reasons, but not the only reason... that I didn't wear tight jeans, and... why do you think they call it “concealed carry” anyway?

Let's segue over to the bombed Iranian consulate in Damascus. That's an act of war; I mean... most of this back and forth are acts of war, but... this one... is absolutely an act of war, and it is absolutely going to result in a real statement... from the people whose consulate got bombed. The Terrestrial Army of Satan, and The Rothschild-installed government that gives it orders... know that they committed an intentional act of war because that... was... their... intention.

Any minute now... Tit is going to go looking for Tat. Tit may already have Tat in the crosshairs. Tat has painted himself into a corner... in a house where they are squatters... where they have tortured, and... cowed, and... killed the occupants... who are tied up in the cellar. Tat thought they might get ahead of the bloodthirsty... real-life video game... they have been playing for the last 80 years and relocate back to their old homeland. It's Tat's ancestral Transylvania. Worst case scenario, it could serve as a home... away from home... away from home.

They started a war in that ancestral homeland some while ago... anticipating their present state of affairs. They hoped to kill off the residents; something they get up to... wherever they get into... whatever they get up to. They thought they would drag the rest of The World into it... to fight that war for them... like they always do... when they are not simply sitting back and watching two or more nations fight each other... in a war they started... for whatever profit they could make on it.

It didn't go as planned. NOTHING they get up to now is going to go as planned. They're finished. Some of them might know this. When something is coming for you, and it is coming across the space of... literally... hundreds and hundreds of years... you can sorta forget that it is coming for you or... just assume it won't finally arrive while you are still there, BUT... one day it does, and... as it so happens... one day turns out to be today.

When you lose control of the conditioned state of The Hive Mind... that had been... hypnotized into collectively believing a lie, a ripple effect goes into operation... where all the little minds in The Hive Mind start to wake up. That is what is happening. You got too loose, Lautrec. It coulda happened to anybody. Hey! We all make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Sometimes someone makes a whole bunch of mistakes... each one bigger than the other. That... is where you find yourself, Tat.

I'm surprised it took so long, BUT... there is a power that clouds the minds of men. Those who serve that power... also wield that power... in the name of The One Who Clouds The Minds of Men. So... for a long time now, a certain group of migrating nasty customers... who were put on the road BECAUSE they are nasty customers... have been doing bad shit to all and sundry.

As their denouement began to break upon the horizon... like a long-expected dawn... that went through all kinds of false dawns... things got better, and better, and better for them because... that's how it works. When you are getting set up for a really big fall, that same power that you were wielding... that clouds the minds of men... gets turned on you, and clouds your mind, so that you start to believe your own press.

You become convinced that the lies that shaped your existence were actually verities in disguise. You knew... going in... that you were full of shit, BUT... then you forgot all about that... once you could rape and pillage at will, and explain it away as something else OR... simply dishonor or kill your critics cause you had that power that clouds the minds of men.

The Dark Archetype who possessed this power to cloud the minds of men took a liking to you. He was foul and nasty, and evil, and so were/are you. What's not to like? It was a marriage made in some place better left unsaid.

It never occurred to you that this Dark Archetype already worked for someone else; the real someone else... that you had mistaken The Dark Archetype for. It never occurred to you... with all your insidious plots, and deceptions within deceptions... that you worked over The World with... like a carnival barker. It never occurred to you that you were the one who was being worked, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and now? Now... The Time... has come, and... ♫ there are things to realize, and your soul DID NOT get psychedelicized ♫

Now you are backed up into that corner you painted yourself into, and... that makes you dangerous. That's why you got this Samson Option. We'll see about that. You think you can do what you did last time; provoke the whole world to go to war, and then make yourself out to be the most victimized victim of the horrors that you started in the first place, and then... you can hot-foot it out of town... with your bags full of everybody else's money. Ah... nah. This time The Power behind all the other powers has come to The Center Ring to direct the action.

By the day... now... you are digging yourself deeper into the shit that... you imagine you are digging yourself out of. By the day... you are waving your hands and screaming, “Look over there! Look over there!” While the whole world is looking at you. Well... you know what they say; sometimes shit happens, and... sometimes the shit that happens... happens to you.

A conversation is going on... right now... all around The World, and it has to do with; “what are we going to do about them?” Deals are being cut. Backs are being scratched. Lies are being told. Quid and Pro are both taking turns with Quo.

The thing is... if it was just deals being cut, and backs being scratched, and pockets being lined, you could probably have all of it squared away in your favor... yet again, BUT... this time... the outcome... is NOT in the hands of feckless leaders... bankrupt movers and shakers... or anyone else who's all front with no one behind them. This time The Man (who is not a man) himself is going to be sitting at the head of the table and The Dark Archetype will be serving him drinks.

All of The Power has ALWAYS been in the same hands, and... always will be. He just likes to parcel it out and see what happens. God is the ultimate voyeur. He likes to watch. He also likes to perform, so... any time you see anything remarkable and worth remembering... it's him doing it, and it is... definitely... going to be him doing it this time... through a number of chosen vehicles.

The Governor of Indiana has declared a state of emergency AHEAD of The Eclipse. These are the reasons they are giving for it, and you can be absolutely sure that they are lies.

I don't know what the real reasons are, BUT... I think you can be absolutely certain that The Deep State will be getting up to various forms of dark shit... when The World goes dark... for a very brief space in time... in various locations... or planning for something to come out after it.

We are in the times of the last gasps of the departing forces who have caused so much harm to Humanity by dividing it against itself... fostering the argument of enemies in its midst. There were no enemies... except for the distorted images perpetrated upon us... so that we might not see clearly, and then lash out against the endless cases of mistaken identity. We are now entering The Age of Brotherhood. These distortions will no longer work to deceive us into further self-harm.

In these times... more and more by the day... whatever the workers of evil get up to... is going to turn right back on them. It's all about The Purpose of Demonstration now. It always has been, BUT... this time... there is a major transfer of power taking place, and The Eclipse marks the point of the hand-off.

On that day... this Monday coming... I will be taking a nap during the entire time of the passage of the event over the American mainland. Usually, I sit in meditation during eclipses. However... I am keeping in mind that it is The Subconscious crossing the face of The Superconscious, and I am of a mind to take a specific perspective on it, besides... this is what I was told to do. (grin)

These days, I do what I am told to do, no... matter... what.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Each day I look on with renewed horror. All I can say is I hope you are right. As long as I survive to see SOME justice brought to the demons I will be somewhat satisfied. 🎶I’m so tired , tired of waiting for you-ooo🎶 so Avatar please get here. Thanks for you the hope you inspire Visible. Like I said I hope your info is accurate ,I’m counting on it.

M - said...

Although I haven't drawn a card yet for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (I will do that on Monday), I keep seeing The Tower in my mind's eye. The New Moon is in Aries and The Tower is the Planetary Trump of Mars (which rules Aries).

The Tower symbolizes a sudden and dramatic change or upheaval that forces us to re-evaluate everything. A purging. The annihilation of an old era. We must tear down before we can re-build something better.

As a Trump (Major Arcana) card, it represents life lessons, karmic influences and big archetypal themes being experienced. Unlike cards in the Minor Arcana, Trumps embody the force of the Universe - something one has to face with whether they like it or not.

Note: The Shadow side of The Tower represents war and ruin.

Seems appropriate.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am so beyond sick of waiting for this era to totally crash and burn.

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

"or anyone else who's all front with no one behind them.".... cracked me up!

Nothing worse than empty fronts still pushing the same commentary on circular patterns that benefited themselves at everyone Elses expense, unless its everyone else being unaware of how empty those Fronts are.

A nap huh. I dunno what I'll be doing. Prolly working like usual. Time to start getting all the shit in the house packed up. Who knows if it will be unpacked... :)


Anonymous said...

Well, if Holcomb really believes the crowds will cause havoc to the point of emergency, he’s a dupe like all the others but i don’t think so. I still think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to meditate to thwart their dark schemes during
the event. In any case, all those revelers could be mightily disappointed since we are under a relentless low pressure system which might not clear by then. Haha. Oh well. Better luck next time. Thanks for visiting.

I don’t think i will have a problem missing it and drifting off to dreamland for a few hours, so no disappointment here. Watching the last one in 2017 didn’t do me any favours either.



BigLoner said...

Hand of Humor Hovers over Haman's Hanging!

So read the Old Testament headlines hawking Esther, Chapter 7. Haman was the stupid Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry who was plotting to bump off Mordecai the good, but got caught in a lie.

Putin is dropping the Good Cop routine & going full bore Bad Cop.

Rootin tootin pootin will simply consolidate all the primo shoreline real estate & make eastern Ukraine Russian 'from the river to the sea'. Sorry, seafront lots not available at any price....not even deeded access.

Big fuck you to the likes of Kushner, Inc., but stake to the black heart of BlackRock who thought they could move in big time with some sort of barbed hook Machiavellian Marshall Plan.

Put a lot of eggs in the basket it seems. Boats full of Murder, Inc, minions will just have to squat offshore in that Sargasso sea. Conquistador, your armor did not conquer only die...

BlackRock BlackSwan scenario could be like that sweet tooth cowpoke who sets off the herd in Red River, but now instead its Wall Street bulls.

Jess Sayim,


Striding Motion said...

LV Comrade Holcomb is Big Pharmakeia owned by Lilly who owns the entire state.
The only thing he did right was constitutional carry and the pantywaists cry and complain if you have your sword of self-defense showing and the poleece say it's legal as Karen harumphs and taps her foot.
You see as part of the Fundamental Transformation they don't have time to deal with bubblewrap whiners and some rogue new jack replacement donut molesters have been trying to run me off for two years but I don't bend or break for worldlings.
This is a golden time of revealing and being in tune with God is better than anything this world has to offer.
Some amazing random Tarot draws with ace of swords, ace of wands, 7 and 9 of cups.
Used to know how to set it up in cross format and what each point meant, will have to relearn.
I don't view it as some evil sorcery as God gave us a brain intending for it to be used to gain knowledge and see patterns by any means necessary.
Keep calm and stride on.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Lady Nature is too Wise, and... too Everlasting, to be Stopped by Criminal Minds from The Land of The Short-Eyes."

Asil said...

Hello Visible,

1969 Let the Sunshine In - how I love that song by the great 5th Dimension . . . we are on our way now, leaving the Age of Pisces and onward into the Age of Aquarius.

It is time – when I feel I can’t go on much longer I listen to that song and feel a lot better. It makes me go out and sing it to the sun.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful and brilliant insight



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