Tuesday, April 02, 2024

"If You're not Satisfied with The Invisible Side of Your Existence... You WILL BE Dissatisfied with The Visible Side."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It was... unfortunately... just another day at the office for Israel. Easter... well... Hell... any religious holiday is a big deal for Satan's Kingdom. They were chomping at the bit on Sunday, and probably really frustrated at holding in all that enthusiasm. Easter's a big holiday, and Israel wanted a piece of the action. Easter is about sacrifice... the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for Humanity, and Israel wanted to make a sacrifice too, BUT... for whatevah the reason... they had to wait a day or so to get theirs done.

Finally, they got to send the smoke of their burnt offering to The Higher Plane.

A convoy of international aid workers; no doubt their weapons were concealed in boxes of falafel mix and drums of tahini... were on their way to deliver some Middle Eastern-style MRES, and The IDF flame-broiled them... right in the street... giving new meaning to the term, sidewalk cuisine. Now they are saying it was an accident.

It really was just another day at the office... cause they've killed nearly two hundred people from that one aid agency alone (The UNRWA)... during this latest false flag episode; talk about shooting aid workers in a barrel! It's like a video game there... in Rafah... for The IDF. It's not really people they are shooting... their religious books say this very clearly. They are lesser life forms. You might compare it to fox hunting on the estates of aristocrats in (jolly-old) England; no real difference, except a whole lot more foxes go down in the Middle Eastern version.

Yeah... they say it was an accident. This really should be a television series. They could call it, The Nazis Who Couldn't Shoot Straight... because... they surely do have a lot of accidents over there. Why... in just the last couple of days... they accidentally killed someone important in Lebanon... and someone important in Damascus... and... when you add this in with all the people dropping dead (by accident) from The Killer Vaccines... they got a body count that would be the envy of any inner city... night-clubbing sabra... anywhere in The World.

So... that killing in Damascus was a highly placed member of The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the one in Lebanon... I think that was some ranking member of another less-than-human demographic... who was high up in another organization, and this counts as steps... in a relentless march... to a much larger state of war soon to come... unless... something else happens first.

Most of this sort of thing goes on outside of the mainstream media... which only reports on those things that have to do with controlling the message domestically. Right now it is that annual college basketball tournament... humming on the invisible cellphone wires... keeping the sleeping class all nice and comfy... in their soon to be less than comfy state; that's inevitable, you know? When a culture goes into free fall... all sorts of amenities... that used to be in arms reach are in reach no longer.

You find that shortages begin to become commonplace. They have to arrange the message so that it all seems natural and normal when it happens. That's why there are all these bridge accidents... all of a sudden. Heh heh... Yeah, nice and normal.

The feature that amuses me the most is that this smaller group of sociopathic monsters... really and actually less than human... by demonstration of their behavior... that believes they are arranging everything... have no idea that all of their arrangements are being arranged... at a higher level... by forces they are... for the most part... completely unaware of. It's what I call... ironic.

You see... the thing with good behavior and bad behavior is that both of them... inevitably... lead to the place that is appropriate to their behavior. It's where the whole idea of Heaven and Hell came from, BUT... then... everything is a metaphor these days, and whatever else there is, is probably a meme, BUT... most memes these days are metaphors too. Whaddya gonna do? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I know I hammer on about certain things on a regular basis, about how there's payback and blowback for EVERYTHING... about how EVERYTHING impacts on everything else... about there being a Living God who is intimately connected to everything that happens. You see... there is this big... ubiquitous sounding board that is everywhere that anything is... no matter what it is, and everything and anything that happens anywhere... all cause this sounding board to vibrate. It's called The Akasha. You can find The OM there. if you know... where; No! Scratch that.. if you know... how to look.

Most people who are present on this plane are confined to a narrow bandwidth of sensory information. If they know anything at all... what they know is to be found on this bandwidth. Most of your religious fundamentalists get all their information about The Divine from The Sensory Bandwidth. This is why they have no idea what they are talking about, and that is why they spend all their time arguing with anyone who is stupid enough to argue with them.

Now... I freely admit that I don't know, BUT... that doesn't mean I don't know someone else who does know, and who is kind enough to inform me... if I am able to sit still and listen... which... more and more... I am inclined to do.

I am an extremely tiny particle of being that... cosmically... cannot even be seen by the naked eye. I try not to forget that because... I live in a world where people... routinely... do this (forget about being a tiny particle) without even thinking about it. In fact... thinking about it presents a whole new set of problems for these people so... they tend not to think about what they say... because... and I can assure you of this... if they gave any thought to the things they say... they probably wouldn't be saying them.

I regularly have people at this other site I am carried on... try to argue with me about something... then they say the same thing I was saying... which indicates they didn't even read what I had written... with any amount of real attention... in the first place. This happens frequently. There are so many people... who can't do the things they wish they could do... very well at all, and... this makes them very angry with the people who can do them well.

The World is a big pot of soup that is always steaming with negative emotions that take the place of the vegetables you find in a regular pot of soup; envy... jealousy... rivalry... anger... hatred... contention for the sake of contention. Many people are sitting on an ant hill in their minds, and they can't find any peace in themselves, so... they are always looking for a fight. Whaddya gonna do?

I have a relationship with... someone? Something? It dominates my existence. I mean to say that seldom does a minute or two go by... anymore... when I am not aware of it. This entity... thing... whatever it is... controls everything I think, and say, and do... if I permit it to. When I don't... usually inadvertently... it doesn't last long. Things don't go as well as they could when I try to do things on my own.

This situation I am in... is as direct and present as if I were in the same room with it... which I am. It accounts for what I write here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing this at all. I do not monetize this work in any way. I never ask for donations. Sometimes I get them, but they are not the same as it is with most people who do this sort of thing.

It doesn't matter. OR... let me say IT VERY MUCH DOES MATTER... because this someone... this thing... takes very good care of me in magical ways, and the material side is the least of it. Whatever enjoyment or sustenance one gains from the material side of things is directly... and completely... dependent on one's frame of mind... one's state of being. If you're not satisfied with the invisible side of your existence, you WILL BE dissatisfied with the visible side of your affairs.

You could be as rich as Gates, yet... your life is a living Hell, and that is the case with many people who have more than an entire town needs to live very well, and... there are entire towns of these people who all live next to each other; Beverly Hills... Los Altos... Westlake... Santa Fe... Paradise Valley... Saddle River... Scottsdale... Woldingham... Loudwater... Stoke D'abernon, these are just a few places in America and The UK. There are many more; more places you have not heard of than places you have heard of.

Most of these locations are hereditary venues for Rakshasas and Asuras. They change over time, but there are always enclaves where the materialists vie to live during the time they have remaining on the meter. Then there are the Hells on Earth. You can find many of these in Africa... and there are sections in almost every city except Singapore (grin) where people on punishment detail find themselves for as long as the meter is running.

It's an up-and-down amusement park ride, where... sometimes it is amusing, and... sometimes it is not; depending on whether you are looking out or looking in.

The secret to a serene and meaningful existence is to be at peace with yourself. IF... you are one of the rare souls who can accomplish that, then it doesn't matter where you are; you will always be at peace... you will always be useful. Otherwise... it also doesn't matter where you are... you will be angry and lonely... bitter and paranoid... or all manner of variations of similar states.

Within each and every one of us is a paradise of being. It is timeless and wonderful beyond description. Why people spend so much of their time in other locations is... a mystery, BUT... not really. It all depends on what you are after, and... what you can't live without. I can live without everything except this paradise of being within.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I totally get off on the invisible side of existence, and I'm fed up with, and kick in the face every chance I get the visible side of existence, by simply not being there, and not playing the stupid games I'm not obligated to play. How's that?! I do work my butt off (though it always seems to grow back) at work, but on my own time, I do my best to be as useless to life as possible. Being alive under protest kinda inspires that.

That's life, livin' for the next world and being beyond sick of being a slave to the physical realm, so why not do it as little as possible. Ayuh, LAY DOWN FLAT and LET IT ROT! Thank you, China!

Hell on Earth. Dalit sewer cleaner really takes the cake. I'm surprised they don't commit suicide after the first day on the job.

0 said...

Whats your take on encouraging American Citizen Taxpayers to all NOT pay their FED GOV taxes?

The FED GOVS run amok, why should working employed americans continue paying fed gov taxes when they turn around and give it to illegals and support policies that destroy America?

And how do we get the All to incite this idea in everyone so that everyone does it En Masse?

No accountability for Thee, None for me.


M - said...

While we're wringing our hands over supposed leaks about homegrown terrorism taken place during this stupid upcoming Solar Eclipse, people are and have been living in Hell for months now - starving and getting blown up by Israel. For real. So much for priorities.

The New Moon is a great time to set intentions and manifest for the future, while eclipses are powerful bringers of change. When they come together to form a total solar eclipse, they can kick off a beneficial transformation process that will grant you a fresh start.

Well, how about that. Perhaps we can use this New Moon to manifest some POSITIVE ENERGY for a change. Perhaps we can use this New Moon to manifest some transformational energy within ourselves. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can manifest some compassion and love for those suffering at the hands of our fellow "hoomans" (if you wanna call them that).

Visible said...

Taxes have gotten onerous. That always happens when the state begins to feed its own growth at the expense of its citizens. Meanwhile... it's all due to the Askenazi overlords and their Federal Reserve System. I would say that's not going to be a problem soon. There will be much bigger problems though, and also there will be no problems other than the usual sort that accompanies physical life. It depends on who we are talking about.

I don't pay taxes because I don't make enough to pay taxes so... that's good for me. I also don't make enough to survive; mathematically speaking, BUT somehow, I not only survive but I thrive. It's a strange thing. We'll see what my friends think about your situation. Possibly there's a new solution.

0 said...

Gotcha, thanks for the consideration. I'm not looking to be a dick about it, I'm just seeing it as The fed gov did this to americans for the past 24 years, with the last three really screwing people, so civil disobedience seems to be the right non-violent action to take by Not paying.... I dunno. Maybe it will finally go Hot and we can get on with things, but if they drag this all out for multiple additional years, its gonna go violent sooner than later. Texas news notes some 46 million illegals in the country... total population was 330million, so thats about 1/7th the total US population.

If they use them to terrorize americans then thats the revolution. If they use them as entrapped prisoners to be the new labor pool so working americans don't have to Work anymore, that'd be a global scale entrapment. It would be a weird dynamic if that happened. Specially since prison is private business here.

Whatever the Alls solution, it is what it is. I've done what I could when I could for those who asked. Can't do much more than that for others.

Take it easy...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Where Unity can be Discouraged... Tyranny is Born. These are The Combat Zones of The Ignorant Armies of Night."



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