Thursday, March 28, 2024

"Some Step Out of The Rushing Torrent of Mortality and Remain Corporate... Some Embrace The Temporary Death."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. That will be The Sunrise Morning of all sunrise mornings in the year, and... I will be there in the very spirit of it because... it is all about The Sun. It was originally a fertility thing... that's how the Easter Bunny came about... known for their prolific offspring. Lady Nature feeds our bodies as The Christ feeds our souls, and that is where Jesus Christ came out of The Mix... to feed The Age. His blood is the flowing vitality that runs through that time period until now. His sacrifice paid for The Age we are now leaving.

It should be obvious that another transfusion is now called for.

Christianity took a lot of cosmic truths, and... tailored them for crowd control. It is what all religions do. Ostensibly... they exist to give guidelines for our behavior. Unfortunately... or fortunately; it depends on how you see it, AND what comes out of it... because... the blood runs hot. There was always a problem with Christianity in its early distortions of celibate priests... in defiance of Nature's biological imperatives.

There's nothing wrong with Chastity and Celibacy, BUT... you have to be in the mood for them. Like Augustine said; “Oh Lord, grant me chastity... just not yet.” You'll see it phrased in a lot of different ways. I like this one.

Of course, a lot of those folks in cloisters are bloodless freaks, and their continence does not mean much. It's really when the passionate soul... can channel the force of it to higher states of being... that the real point gets made. It takes a superhuman effort, and few are able to rise to this occasion, especially in Times of Material Darkness. This is why Paul said it is better to marry than to burn. If you really want to understand what is going on with all of this you can. If you don't, well... you can do that too.

I should add here that plenty of people in monasteries are there on punishment details due to excesses in previous times... or in some cases, they are building their resources for times and events to come Everything OUT HERE makes perfect sense... once you can link up with... what is present internally... once you can get The Indwelling to speak to you through The Intuition. That also comes about through chastity and aspiration... which is what I call, channeled desire.

If you want to play around in the pigpen... rutting and rooting... no one is going to stop you, except the usual archetypes that oversee human behavior. The idea is to progress yourself from the Lord Byron mindset to the William Blake mindset, and then on to whatever the next stage of that might be. So it is that many TRUE saints... have colorful lives... in the lead-up to sainthood... especially if they are poets, and... they are mostly always poets; the real ones are anyway.

The Catholic Church has been minting and printing saints for some time... for political reasons, and the usual crowd control. There are few religions that can match The Catholic Church for sheer perversity and sybaritic behavior that rivals anything The Pagans came up with. In fact... The Mithraic and other solar forms of worship were of a much more elevated sort than your generic mercenary priests and confused liturgies of The Catholic Church.

I'm sure there were some good guys, BUT... there were plenty of bad guys... as history has recorded for anyone troubling themselves to take a look.

My being extremely chaste and continent for a period of time is what led to my Kundalini awakening. Anyone who studies in the arcane sciences... discovers that one needs to observe a rigorous restraint on their sexual forces for... at the very least... a period of some months, and often for a few years... in order to awaken The Sleeping God Force. This... especially... includes The Mental Plane as well.

After that... one has to wrestle their way free of the allurements on all sides, and it is especially difficult for those who have done this... to continue in it... because that force will attract attention of the wrong kind when it has been activated. It's like a flashing light.

Is it really wrong? That's debatable. It can feel that way when you are struggling against it, BUT... that is just a force of Nature that needs... to... be... sublimated. Once this has been accomplished, the whole of the animal kingdom in The Subconscious... comes under your control. It's how the yogis live in the jungle surrounded by the personifications of appetite. Once your appetite is under control it has a remarkable effect on other life forms.

There is nothing wrong with having a partner... a family... raising children. There would be no world for anyone to rise out of otherwise. Most are not meant for the higher states of self-containment, and one needs to learn this... otherwise... it's a rough go.

HOWEVER... all who aspire WILL BE raised higher... from life to life, and The Life will come where the bonds are loosed and liberation winks in the space/time continuum up ahead. Sometimes it is clearly seen, and sometimes you have only the memory of it, BUT... you must persist. If you can persist you WILL reach the goal. A large part of the journey is simply enduring the trials... simply hanging on.

A time comes when the realization dawns upon you that you are not the one enduring it. There is one greater within you who meets the challenges as they come. Only a fool believes that they are a match for what they will come up against, and this they WILL discover to their dismay.

The Christ is that force in all of us who rises victorious because... he's been there and done that. Now... he comes again... with a new litany of formulas and teachings for The Coming Age of Brotherhood. The Once and Future Avatar is a natural-supernatural occurrence... at rare intervals... at specific points on The Celestial Clock... He comes to RE-STORE order. He is the balance-gone-missing returning again.

We... in our mortal dreaming state... live in a short-term cycle. Huge reaches of time are beyond the ken of those... who come and go here... with such frequency. Those who are able to step back into themselves, and find themselves... where they have been languishing in a forgotten state... while the temporary personality ran wild... come into a profound understanding of what lies beyond the comprehension of short-time humpers and thumpers... who keep trying to beat Life into submission, and find they have beaten themselves into submission, but... rather too late in the game for it to count for much.

Those who find The Self, find also that they are required to step out of the common thoroughfares of existence and behaviors... lest their strange characteristics mark them as targets for bestial and frightened hearts. Any number of immortals come and go in the common herd... their true being concealed from others... while they do their anonymous services for The Greater Good.

Some step out of the rushing torrent of mortality and continue to remain corporate. Some embrace the temporary death... before their immortality is officially conferred... even though it is already present. It depends on the story that was written for them. Everyone who follows Jesus does not meet the same fate as Jesus... allegedly did, BUT... all of them lead lives of similar sacrifice and selfless service... differently demonstrated... depending on the story that was written for them.

One way or the other... one must leave the ordinary currents of terminal existence, for all sorts of reasons. They do come and go... however, as did and does St. Germain... Apollonius of Tyana... and many others whose names are not even known, and who exist as pearls strung around the neck of an unknown God. One might better compare them to stars who shine with their own light, BUT... the pearl has a deep significance in the whole process.

In any case... Easter is upon us... as it always is... on the first Sunday following The Spring Equinox and The Paschal Fuill Moon, AND... this time... soon to be followed by The Eclipse... a week and... a day later. Much noise is being generated over this coming event... more than might seem to be necessary... given that very few know the implications of it. Keep in mind that The Deep State and their butt-boy media are also aware of it, and they NEVER let an opportunity to sow confusion and to do evil pass them by.

We are on a real precipice of tumultuous change. It is good to be mindful of this. The Evil is going one way, and The Good another... meanwhile... significant tailwinds and crosscurrents... undertows, and the like... are being generated in the wake of their passage, especially where Evil is concerned.

May The Resurrection occur in you this Easter or on another Easter to follow. No efforts made in that direction are ever lost. May the roses bloom on your cross, signifying the triumph of Higher Love over the lesser attractions of elemental desire. Let your light shine... which it will do, as soon as your idea of a personal self ceases to block it while shining in its own delusional false light; the light of dreams and attractions... for what is not even there.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

AL said...

May the light and love of the Christ shine within you as well Brutha, very nice message on such a special time you have shared, many thanks.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"God Speaks in Vibrations. God is A Vibration. God is His Word. His Speech Travels Along The Lines of The Intuition."

Frog said...

Thanks Visible.

Strider Gandalf said...

I don't fear what we are up against because the one who holds the keys to hell and death has already conquered.
All of this is a purposeful demonstration of weeding out.
Fear is really all that the controllers have and you can how fearful they are getting as Mr. Apocalypse dances the tune.
We are nothing without God and there is no spirit of fear where there is liberty.
This world is nothing but a Potemkin smoke and mirrors delusion of the wanting taken to the extreme.
They don't know what they want and when they get it...on to the next abomination.



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