Friday, March 15, 2024

"The Ability to Concentrate is a Great Power. Why Do You Think These Clever Operators Create so Many Distractions?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

With very few exceptions... our world is everything outside of us, BUT... in reality... that is not true at all. Our world outside of us is a projection of mind images... determined by our attractions and aversions... to what our senses tell us... is outside of us. Because most of us are prisoners of The Hive Mind... we share a common world, most... of... the... time.

It should come as no surprise to anyone... with some amount of objective reasoning still remaining in their heads... that certain clever operators would see... profit and gain to be realized... from the fact that The World outside us... is The World we imagine we inhabit, even though we actually live in our minds.

Okay... yes. Everything inside and outside of us is composed (made out of) mind stuff. Chitta is what informs you of the nature of what you see and hear... what you feel... all the things that mind-stuff takes the shape of... so that you can identify and catalog it with your manas or mind... through the actions of your Buddhi or intelligence. I'm not going to get any further into terms and identifiers because... in The Relative World... the meaning of things is always shifting... evolving... changing from something, and then... back into the same or... into something else.

Mind stuff is plastic. Desire gives everything its appearance and meaning, as it exhibits according to your likes and dislikes. As long as you are motivated by, and directed by your likes and dislikes, you are in prison. You have to find your way out of being controlled by what you like and don't like, but... will you?

Let us return to the consideration of those clever operators we mentioned earlier. These operators are either freelancers or... freelancers temporarily joined together... by common interest... with other freelancers or... operators... who are part of a club or organization. Some of these clubs and organizations have been around for a long time.

Many of them are of more recent design... appearing around the latter half of the last century; mostly because of the population explosion, and always... because power and money can be mined there. They exist for the profits to be made from crowd control. Because they are always stealing, they always need a war to help them balance their double sets of books.

The individual freelancers are your generic sociopaths and psychopaths that come and go. They are more numerous in times of greater materialism. They scam widows and old people. They run the long and short cons. They are entrepreneurs who enjoy the privacy of their own company, BUT... actually they host the likes and dislikes of the demon(s) who live in their mind... who moved in because the conditions were just what they were looking for.

They run the markets. They run the political theater. They operate the religions; a lot of money to be made there. God doesn't need any of that money, does he? They still work for someone else. Some of them know this and some of them don't. None of them know who they actually work for or what the retirement plans are. They are sold a bill of goods, just... like... you.

Demons and angels are like sheep dogs. They herd the barely conscious livestock from one location to another. Are you unaware of this? If so, then you are being herded somewhere. You'll find out where... at some point. The demons and angels are both extensions of a more pervasive and deeper mind that directs them in their various employments, and... deployments.

Some of us are angels in disguise. More of us are food for demons... who use us to engage in the appetites they represent, and who... in the process of exercising these appetites... consume the host... that is the vehicle they have hijacked, and... are joy-riding in.

Most people never really know who they are talking to... where they came from before this go-round... where they are headed in the next. Sometimes it is an angel. Sometimes it is a demon. Sometimes it is God in human form. In most cases, you can lure any one of these to the surface if you have the right lures. Socrates used to do amazing things with ignorant and illiterate people. Spiritual Masters can do amazing things with any one of us, if... we... let... them.

I have encountered examples of every one of these... a number of times; angels... demons... God in human form. Some might say, well, Visible, it's really all projection, isn't it? Isn't that what you said? Not exactly. I say a lot of things. They have various meanings... depending on who is interpreting them... based on the projections of their mind. (grin)

People give their own meaning to what they see and hear. It is how they come to be living in a world of their own creation. Most of the time it is a prison camp. Sometimes the person is in solitary. Sometimes they are in a cell-block, and... sometimes they are in the general population. Some of these prisons are gladiator schools. I was in one of those... for real. You had better be a gladiator or know one who is friendly to you. Sometimes the greatest protection is who and what you happen to be in the company of.

Company can be seen or unseen; unseen but felt, that is... and we all have an aura that accounts for the state of our mental... emotional, and... physical health. Do you wish to improve the state of any or all of these? Improve the state of your aura.

Your aura is like a multi-dimensional field with timers embedded in it; this and that will happening this week... when the timer goes off. This and that will be happening next year... when the timer goes off. This and that will be happening whenever they happen... according to the timers that your karma set running as soon as you came out of the chute. What if you could change all that? It's quite possible. Unlikely? Sure... in most cases it is unlikely... because the person doesn't want to change IT... more than IT wants to stay as it is. This is a VERY IMPORTANT POINT!!!

You are based on the template of The Almighty God. The power of All Mighty God is limitless. There is NOTHING God cannot accomplish, and... God accomplishes it simply by thinking it into being. That is why... as one thinketh so is he/she, because... you are based on the template of the one who thinks everything into being. You do the same. You thought all of this into being. You may not think so, (grin) but... you certainly did.

The Mind is all-powerful. Thinking is The Act of Creation. One of these days you are going to figure this out and slap yourself right upside the head and say, “ I could have done anything!” The good (and bad) news is that you still can. The hard part is the overcoming of your present thinking processes. It is NEVER harder than when you are trying to change. If you aren't trying to change... why... it runs slick as silk a lot of the time. That's fine if you don't mind where you are headed... if you even know where you are headed.

The ability to concentrate is one of The Great Powers. Why do you think these clever operators create so many distractions? It is to keep you from concentrating... from focusing. They make a pretty profit by harvesting your confusions, and by convincing you to work on Maggie's Farm; by giving you directions that generate income for them.

They are the original bottom-feeders. The Material world is everything to them. If you have no interest in any of the things that interest them, why... your paths might never even cross. It's something to think about. I think about it. I think about a lot of things, BUT... most of the time... I am thinking about only one thing that is the origin point for everything else; good... bad... or in transition from one to the other.

The secret is to get above it all, and that is accomplished by putting yourself above your mind and looking down on it as if it were a piece of machinery, which it is. It's a tool. Either it is controlling you or... you are controlling it. It depends on which You that is. If it's the personal you, then it is still controlling you... regardless of what you may think. If it is The Impersonal You, well... you wouldn't be there in the first place unless The Mind was under control. Down boy!

Well... either you will or you won't. In either case, it won't be you doing it anyway. Heh heh... WTF? Yeah... well... maybe another time eh? We've got forever to think about it. It's not like we're going to run out of time in the long run. In the short run... all we do is run out of time.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What I like is sittin' in front of the compooter or my nose in a book every discretionary moment, so I do that. What I don't like is the world which I now see as a self-imposed prison that I regret putting myself in, so I sit in front of de compooter, or have my nose in a book every discretionary moment. I don't play, I give the world a famine ration diet, and life can go where the sun don't shine. Such is the life of a Schrodinger's Nose with a bad attitude. Or is a 'correct' attitude? Leave the world behind, even though you're still stuck in it. Mind in next world, body in this one. DEAD-ALIVE! Heh-heh. It'll never happen, but I think it would be hilarious if the grand majority was like that. It would be a lot less crowded, anyway.

What I do works for me. I learn some amazing stuff even from some of the fiction I read, and some writers have an activist streak where they broadcast the reality that hive mind waste-oids don't think about, like Tamron Hall. A journalist writing about journalism, and a whole lot more. Just finished AS THE WICKED WATCH. Awesome book.

Nostrils to the sky.

Dude said...

I did something today and I'm not sure what it means yet. I been thinking about things. And driving and being quiet. Being very quiet. Sometimes the answers come quickly and at others, no so fast.

I went to Jackson Hole wyoming.i hadn't been there in a while. I just thought oh I will go get a new coffee cup. You might not be so update or maybe ya are with what Jackson hole wyoming is. It's the place that has the largest population of billionares in the US. The entire state of wyoming had less than 600,000 people. The neatest big city is over 1000 miles away. There is a reason all them rich people moved there to get far away from large density populations. I had no idea about it until I got to the mountain.

When I got out of the car, I found another divine labyrinth. It's in Saint John The Episcopal church Square.

I was thinking about the eclipse. I been thinking about it. I went back and sat in my car. I sat quiet for a while, then said be lamp unto my feet.

Then I got out and I walked the entire labyrinth to the center. I said a few things. I had found this silver hobo coin. It's a Morgan silver dollar that someone had engraved yes on one side with eyes in hands
And no on the other side with a grim reaper.

I flipped it and it came yes up, showing the hands. So I sat int in the center.

I also had a gold coin, same size that has a number 4 written on it in Roman numerals IV.

And I placed it directly over the silver coin. Then said, so be it.

Then I walked the Divine labyrinth out, left and went bought a new coffee cup and went home.

On the way home on the back roads through the mountain pass where there is no cell service. It dawned on me. That is the eclipse. Silver being the moon. And Gold being the sun. The side up Yes, the side down no.

The sun is male the moon is female.

The elders said to me once. You can create a hurricane by taking a small rock from one side of the road and placing it on the other side of the road.

I don't know what it all means. And when I went to Jackson Hole wyoming. I didn't expect to find a divine labyrinth. Or place a gold coin with IV written on it on top of a silver coin that says yes on one side and no on the other.

And how it all relates to the coming eclipse. Why Jackson hole, wyoming? I don't know. I don't know why I did it or why it was important to do so.

But I did that today.

I do it has very symbolic metaphysical representations. THE DUDE leads and I follow.

I will check back to see if you have any idea what it means. Or can maybe help me figure out what means.

After I left I saw 3 smiley faces next to each other. Right infront of me.

Dude said...

Some like when I put the shell fossil stone that looked like a White Indian Chief with a spiral head dress stone on top of the turtle painted rock? I'm doing it, but I'm not sure why. Then say what I say then I leave and I don't understand why I did it until months later.

I find weird things time to time. Like the Hobo coin. Had have coin dealer tell me what it was. They call it a hobo coin because hobos would take Morgan silver dollars and change the face of them. The coin dealer said the one I had found was a "fate" coin.

I was given the gold coin with the IV written on it couple months ago.

And I understand that the eclipse is 4 years to the minute that I stood where I stood.

You know the funny thing about when I stood there 4 years ago in the dry well, I was wearing covers all stars. Size 11 shoes. When I got out and looked back. In the middle of the center of that water well filled with dirt, I left the print of 11 11 in the center.

Shortly after everyone said eleven eleven make a wish when they saw it on the clock.

Like the well I was standing in was a wishing well. Or some shit like that.

And i had never heard of 11:11 on the clock as being a time to make a wish before that day I stood there. So every time someone says that to me. Oh oh oh looook! 11:11 make a wish! I laugh to myself.

Anyway. I will check back later. I'm sure you know more stuff than I do about that stuff.

Anonymous said...

If you have no interest in any of the things that interest them, why... your paths might never even cross.I'm such a pleb mister visible this probably applies to me ............I hope so.
Thank you for everything you do sir!

Dude said...

That is a very honest answer. Thank you. I see those number sequences too. I have learned to just acknowledge them as present.

Like today when I first got to Jackson Hole it was 11:22 am and it was 33 degrees outside on the bank sign. And when i walked the labyrinth it was 13:13 military time. I think, Uhhhh okay. Cool. Thanks DUDE. For the math.

I have a long list of "coincdence" sometimes compounding so much that I've had to take. Knee where so many things juxtapose in one place. And waves upon waves of coincidence washover me simultaneously. And it drops to a knee.

Thank you. I don't suspect anyone has all the answers except THE DUDE or as you say The Ineffable.

I had a thought, that if I return to the place I stood that old Indians call the point of creation, on the day of the eclipse, Judgement pass over the earth and the earth will be granted a pass. If I don't stand there in that place, 4 judgements will be decreed upon the earth.

You ever see that ancient prophecy stone. It's really big. Like an 80 ton rock. It had two lines. And two symbols. One is a cross and the other is a circle. The top line had 4 giant dudes on it or 4 judgements then a person leading upwards on some jagged steps and then time ends. No more earth. The bottom line has a fella standing in corn field or what looks like to me windmills. And the earth's time line goes on around the outside of the rock. It's called the Hopi Prophecy rock. But they didn't make it. They are the keepers of it. A white dude made it thousands of years ago.

I find it interesting that the eclipse marks the 4 year anniversary of where i stood. And the top line has 4 big judgements on the earth. And the bottom line doesn't have any but life and time goes on and on and on.

If I don't stand there in the same spot 4 years later? Do the 4 judgements come? Or I f I don't stand there do they not come?

That is alot of weight.

I don't know. I spose there is still time to figure it out.

I think most people are good. The best of them have a little bad in them and the worst of them have a little good. But most people are good. Just doing the best they can.

I didn't really want to be part of any of this. Honestly. I just wanted to get a good woman, a good truck, good income home and live a happy life. Ya know? Not get all wrapped up in "nobody has stood there for thousands of years!" Ohhh shit sorry. I didn't know that. Did I fuck up your sacred place? Look there is 11 11 in it from my tennis shoes now. Oops.

Ya know??? Haha.

And ever since I lived a year in the desert, a year in the arctic north Alaska, a year on the beach and now a year in the mountains of Enoch Valley.

I wonder if all them sages and masters and all the people you mentioned had sorta feel their way throughout their journeys. Intuitively too. That is how it feels to me.

Anyway, thanks for everything. Sorry to talk your ear off and all that. Sometimes I know exactly what to do and others I just feel my way through it by faith.

Dude said...

Oh it just dawned on me. All the places I have lived a year at each represent the 4 elements. And the the cataclysm.

The world was destroyed by cataclysm 4 times, once by fire, the ice age, the great flood and volcanic explosion (earth).

Oh in that order too. Since i stood there, I lived in the desert for year, the artic north for a year. Then the beach for a year, then mountains for year. A year in each place.

The number 4 again.

Huh. Thanks for answering my question. I didn't realize that. It came to me when I re-read what you wrote. Trippy.

Alright, sorry for the blah blah blah.

Thanks Man.

Dude said...

"Faith... Certitude... and Determination WILL bring whatever answers are needed if they are persisted in."

I really needed that. Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that. You don't have to post my comments.

I actually went back and forth between two differnt women in that 4 years too. Till I had enough and left them both because I needed some peace. Lol. I been alone on the mountain for a year.

They are both extremely beautiful. Former centerfolds. Very good women. And i loved then both. Alot. But I just couldn't figure it out so I left then both.

One golden, tan blonde the other dark black hair and fair skinned.

The sun and the moon. Again. There is all these reoccurring themes overlapping.

It's like creation love story. Big Creation love story. You can't even make this shit up. It's so unbelievable. Mind blowing. Wave after wave of revelation. It's all right there leading go this moment when the eclipse happens.

It's all one big whirling Love Story.

Hmmm. That last part.

"Faith... Certitude... and Determination WILL bring whatever answers are needed if they are persisted in."

Anyway this is your site and it's not a place for therapy. You don't have to post any of this.

I gotta get. I'm sure it will all work out. How It's supposed too.

Visible said...

I cannot comment any further than I have, except to say that Prayer is the most powerful force I have experienced in terms of outcome. Imagine that Prayer is a location, and that love and single-pointed devotion, which is a specific coloration of love... is a vehicle that one travels in... to the manifestation of the location the car is traveling to. The location itself has to materialize and does so... via the persistence of Prayer... accompanied by Faith... Certitude and Determination. These forces are a great deal more powerful than any resistance that might appear between the car and the location; such as roadside distractions... detours... absence of highway signs... bad weather... car trouble etc.

Anonymous said...

Afraid I'm still stumbling in the faith, flashing certitude, and Absorbine Jr. stage. Great stuff as ever, Vis.

BrotherJ said...

I get the repeating numbers often here also, increasingly over the last few years. I tend to take them as affirmations, both from mental repetitions and invisible hands/friends/loves. Sometimes far outside what would appear to be "laws of probability". The affirmations don't do anything or mean much on their own. Synchronicities are a bit different I find, part of ongoing actions(which we are also part of). Not entirely sure where the precognitive dreams fit in, though I've never had one be nightmarish - mostly mundane and serving as guideposts on my life path, I presume, to remind me that all is fine in retrocausal fashion.

Traumatics loop in cycles too, but I suspect(and propose) that's a big part of what we're being guided out of, presently. Addictions and pendulums. Hypnosis and "doublethink" is a big part of it, keeping us hooked and attached and loving. I've been reading a Leonard Shengold's book on Soul Murder the past few days, and there's a chapter on Dickens that seems to say that denials of traumas and abuses, the burials and unspokeness of it, is what leads to the soul being murdered, at least partially, depending on the repudiations. I'm still reading through it, so I could be a tad off base. I've long found Freud off putting(too neurotic?), but looking around today at all these industries we're subjected to..not quite a labyrinth but very incestuous, I find this hard to deny. The cannibalism seems even more obvious. All of these mental processes come out in more concentrated form, more dense, for display. We inhabit a world of consuming and consummating, but this isn't what it's all supposed to be. Not sure how much of it is the materialism itself; energies flow in more than one direction and I feel like there's always more to be accounted for.

Jung's Red Book made a bit more sense to me, less foreign, Meyrink's White Dominican and the promontory there as well

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Soon Will Appear a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, but... from Whence Comes The Butter? Is it from Churning The Air?"



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