Monday, March 25, 2024

"That's How It Works in The Worlds of Wanting. Everything is Eating Something Else or... Being Eaten by Something Else."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The force of ever-intensifying insanity... that Materialism brings to the human mind... in ever-increasing stages... closer together in transition... from one to the next, does not only affect the thinking mechanisms; in their constant efforts to deal with the mutations... created by The Irrational Mind. It manifests in Nature's responses to us. It manifests in the wider ebb and flow of human interactions. It becomes the latest absurdities arriving under the banner of The New Normal. There is nothing normal about any of it anymore. Still... The... Reactive... Mind!

(That was a rather involved and convoluted paragraph. Please take whatever time you may need to adjust to it. We'll just wait here while you orient your perspective; metaphorically speaking.)

Remember that proverb that was popular for a little while, back before 9/11 gave The World a chocolate swirly; courtesy of The Usual Suspects? It went like this; “when you're up to your neck in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.” I'll bet it's crossed President Trump's mind a few times over recent years.

Well... at least we know who The Swamp is now, and we certainly know who works for them. Whether it's The Swamp or the mangroves at the ocean's edge... or The Saturday Night Dog Fights... The UFC... The NFL... the crap game in the alley... or chopping up companies like stew meat in Wall Street boardrooms... every road leads to a banker somewhere... just as every road once led to Rome.

I remember reading the poetry of Catullus much earlier in this life. There was a line in one of the poems about spidery roads... golden roads... that led to the city of Rome... something... something... I remember thinking, maybe that was where all roads lead to Rome came from. This is likely... in part... to be true... because everything leads to everything else... one way or another... just like everything having to do with money leads to a banker.

Pornography is all about making money... from a sub-division of passion... that is widely known as Lust. PornHub is owned by a rabbi, and it is part of a holding company for a large collection of porn sites called Aylo... heh heh... which is owned by ETHICAL Capital Partners. Ethical!!! Funny!!! Makes me think of Gila Monster Undergarments for Wild Child Transsexuals owned and operated by parents with severe cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Don't ask me why that came into my mind. It just did, and now... it's gone.

Clothing companies with names that would be attention grabbers in Milan and New York... or porn sites that cover every possible psycho-sexual illness under a rock in the deepest reach of time... all lead back to a banker somewhere. Bankers... by definition... are people without conscience. One of their biggest sources of revenue... is causing wars for no other reason than personal profit, and then... feeding like a starving lamprey off of every ancillary discomfort produced by war.

It is possible to have cultures that do not inevitably trend toward ever-greater concentrations of madness. There are time frames where their appearance is more likely than at the tail-end of Kali Yuga... though... it's a matter of some debate whether we are actually at the tail-end of Kali Yuga. However... regardless... a golden age of some form can be expected... simply because a golden age ALWAYS follows the appearance of The Avatar.

It is also possible that many of us might just disappear... as if we had been riding on The Marie Celeste only moments before. A great many of us are going to disappear anyway... through attrition... due to the efforts of The UN... The WEF... The International Deep State... The Rothschild Vampire Consortium and various other collectives of misanthropic mass murderers, who... for reasons that probably escape most of us... delight in such enterprises. They do evil because it brings them some form of happiness. It puts the bloom of nightshade in their cheeks.

It's easy to get caught up in the whole charade of shadows dancing on the wall. It's easy to believe the shadows are things of substance, and real as real can be. When soulless sonsabitches... have gathered together... to torment humanity and every other living thing... in some sort of arcane rite of passage... it's easy to begin to believe that all hope is lost.

Where's the cavalry? Where's the sheriff? Where are the heroes? Every day... dozens... hundreds... thousands of Palestinians are recreationally murdered by psychopaths. Two million people were driven into a small space. They were already... the tightest concentration of people... in the smallest space in The World. They can't get away... and now... merciless mercenary cats... bat them back and forth between their paws. International charities are trying to raise money to buy Napalmolive sky lotions for Palestinian children. They also work for The Banks.

In the wider world... millions have been poisoned BY... THESE... VERY... SAME... CREATURES... and still... The World's rulers... The Movers and Shakers... look on with detachment. Millions more are soon to be poisoned. Some will die a quick death, and some will die by inches. The World just... goes... on... and... on... and... on.

So... it's easy to get caught up in believing that this is all headed somewhere not very nice and that there is no way out of it. Maybe The Angel of Death will pass overhead and you will be okay or... maybe you won't. Maybe you will be dead and still not be okay, and... maybe your account will have been settled and closed, and you are now free to screw your existence up all over again. Well... it doesn't usually go that way in The Cosmic Sense, BUT... down here? Yeah.

However... things are not what they appear to be. This is a time of transition, and conditions and events are not what they seem to be. They are passing from one state to another. It could look like pretty much anything in between those states. The same can be said for the people passing through them. They are like snakes shedding their skin, and... you should know... that is when snakes are at their most dangerous. They don't mean to be. They just can't see very well.

In this world, there is always a problem with life forms not seeing well. They have these veils over their eyes that run from gossamer to opaque. When anything can't see very well, it is more likely to lash out, and it is certainly likely to stumble about. Of course... the best course of action when you can't see where you are going is... to stand still. Stand still until your vision clears or... the weather changes or... whatever needs to happen happens.

Not being able to see well is caused by wanting, by the desire for something external. It tends to inhibit your vision from seeing... what is between you and what you want. It can also compromise your thinking processes... concerning whether what you want... might belong to someone else already... or cost more than you can afford or... whatever it is that has gotten between you and what you want. All the madness in The World is caused by this wanting, AND... the hunger for it all is what drives the madness that is driving you.

It is the perfect example of a vicious cycle. Eventually... you will fall down and not be able to get up and something will eat you... because... that's how it works in The World of Wanting, everything is eating something else or being eaten by something else. Still your own hunger... turn down the flame, and all the hungry eaters will go right by you.

If you are in no one's way... they go right by you... like creatures of mist moving around the mountain before The Sun catches them. The smarter wraiths... of water suspended in the colder air... stay below the trees... or in caverns deep. Their time is so brief. Are you chasing what they are chasing... only to find it turning to more mist in your hands? Is there anything of changeless substance that exists external to you?

Nothing stays the same, and this dreaming self... that leads you through blurred lifetimes... of crazed pursuits... from the eternal viewpoint... seems frozen in time... like the dancers on a Grecian urn... or it is an indistinguishable blur. It breaks and remakes itself over, and over, and over again,

Stop! Drain yourself of every ambition and hunger. Let it run away from you... in streams of tension and stress melting away. There go all your reasons for living... that run along the avenues of mortality in search of a grave. There is no quiet in The Grave. Nothing lasts there... or here... or even in the brighter worlds... unless you... yourself... have become everlasting in thought... held outside the reach of devouring Time.

Let The Children of Chronos dance for Chronos. I serve another whose name I cannot speak. I will do as he does. I will be as he is. I leave everything else to everyone else. I have no need or appetite for any of it. It passes right through me.

End Transmission.......

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Taoist teachings= It will take a very long time to read through these works, but... they are a marvel, and can be studied for short times each day, and one day you will have read them all=

We have to build up a larger cache of Health and related info; all things in (and out of) time.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Greets Sir Viz.
Thank you again!
always reading and grateful for your insight.
For he who can not be named...yup.
your friend
tymeflyz ; ]

0 said...

Sunday morning I was up at 4am... had a word "defenestration" put in my mind and I looked it up.

the action of throwing someone out of a window.
"death by defenestration has a venerable history"
the action of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority.
"that victory resulted in Churchill's own defenestration by the war-weary British electorate""

Odd event, curious timing, but no windows anywhere near me to be thrown outta... wonder what it inferred...


Anonymous said...

Im leaving the mountain. But you already know that. Im leaving this week. I have had all my stuff packed for over 3 3 weeks. Including a couple changes of clothes in the trunk.

It supposed to be a short trip. But i found a hand written note a week ago i wrote (but i dont rememeber writting it, even though its in my hand writting) that says, whatever you leave, you wont be able to go back for.

I dont know if it means after i come back here. Or if it means after i leave here.

There is a series of pictures that were hung in the headquaters of the Bank Of America in the mid 90s that were titled, The Future of America. If you are familier with them. One is of a blond boy on a chess board above all these politicians. One looks like barrack obama below the chess board. In it there is the image if an eclipse, a burning bush and a woman suspended, and a golden pyramid, some stairs.

If you look at the series, one has a pandemic. One has a couple of minors panning in cowboy hats while a great white giant sleeps under the hillside next to them. And a sign that says EQ.

I saw the face of the same man as the one in the image on the side of the mountain where we are digging. That is what jogged my memory about the paintings. Im seeing alot of refrences to earthquakes.

I have seen all these in real life. Believe it or not. The one with the eclipse is very interesting.

I need a holy man to speak too. This is so far away from normal. I dont know who to even talk to about it. Its all real. Its all true. To the extent that most people think this is reality. I dont believe it most of the time. Even when i have done the things ive done. I want to pretend its not real.

Im not big on money. But i like it better than being poor. I turned down tons of money more money than most people see in a life time, for love. More than a few times.

I just wanna do the right thing. Not just for me. For everyone.

Anyway, you know all these things. I dont need to write them to understand. I spose its just feels good to write them.

Striderer said...

LV the UN has demanded that they stop but we know that body is the globalgov Trojan horse.
That was a good paragraph!
Stop all the wanting goes through the mind daily and I will see something and say that was caused by wanting.
The materialist Satanic-Marxists cannot stop until they burn down the world for Karl and how sad that the malign influence of the 19th century (!) is something that are we still grappling with.
Did my first birth chart and my sign is all Sun! I love it.
The report nailed it except for about two things and I'll have to look these up:

masculine 6
feminine 4
cardinal 2
fixed 5
fire 2
earth 1
air 4
water 3
mutable 3

Strider Shoes said...

LV random three card Tarot over love question:

The High Priestess
Ace Of Pentacles
The Devil
(all upright)

The third one is right about lusty and I thought it would have went away by now!
Oh...that is the wanting.
I have a vintage deck kept in mini burlap sack with draw rope in a fancy box.
This is fun and I'll have to do some more.
These are topics that you are well versed in and I would love to see some of your astrological and Tarot takes on things.
Like the great Frank Zappa said, the mind is like a parachute and it has to be open in order to work.

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
I do not believe Trump ever intended to “drain the swamp”. I remember the idiotic chant “lock her up” and yet when asked three days before moving into the White House he was asked when he would begin the investigation. His reply was “the Clintons are good people and they have suffered enough”. That comment chilled me. He also stated no city would ever burn under his watch and the summer of 2020 the country burned. After Sandy Hook he hysterically stated Take the Guns worry about due process later. And voila, two weeks later the Red Flag Gun Laws. The major transgression against humanity was Operation Warp Speed. And the latest from his Truth Social post of March 7, 2024. “The Pandemic no longer controls our lives. The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer – Turning setback into comeback!” Trump is the smoothest King of Con or Rasputin reincarnated. I hope and pray that I am wrong about this person. In any case, be he a scoundrel or if he believes what he says then he is way too stupid to be president.

Visible said...

Strider... these all exist in a predictive environment and I am helpless in such locations due to Heavenly fiat. I know meanings only as they apply to archetypal force in action upon material conditions in a timeless format. My situation is one of getting out... staying out... and looking in, not of playing in. Next thing I know, I am the roulette ball and I don't like that. (grin) I sincerely wish I could be of more help, BUT... a simple prayer will probably provide more than all the poorly informed advice that I could ever give.

Visible said...

Asil... as I have stated many times, I don't trust the guy. The Killer Vaccines was The Rubicon for me. I hold out hope that he might be used by more powerful forces, all of these stooges are, even if it is only for The Purpose of Demonstration. Meanwhile... I look to the hills from whence cometh my help.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It is an Insanity that Drives Those... With Far More than They Need... To Commit Crimes no Conscience Can Long Endure."



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