Monday, October 19, 2020

"Fame does not Bring Happiness. It Brings a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes AND Regret."


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I used to lay in my bed in that condo on Maui and listen to “The River”. I listened to that double album over and over. Sometimes I was on mushrooms. Sometimes... it was this, that, or the other thing, BUT... I laid there in that evocative darkness, as the poignancy of the lyrics rolled through my mind. Bruce wrote some good songs in the long ago. He wrote one of my all-time favorites, “Thunder Road” He inspired my parody song; “Born to Drink”, which I have never released. I have this large body of work that contains some of the most profane but 'laugh out loud' funny songs with graphic phrases and images (if I do say so myself) BUT... they will, most likely, NEVER be released. The titles alone, of some of them, are enough to get one left in an alley, in a painful state.

Anyway... here comes Bruce; geriatric Bruce (yes, he's chronologically younger than me but I haven't had all that work done), who hasn't written anything worth hearing in a long time. I saw this CRINGE WORTHY video called, “Western Stars” that came out last year. I could not believe he was that self enamored that he could be deceived into believing the songs were worth hearing. They were, uniformly, TERRIBLE. I've seen this happen to a lot of world-famous types when THE WELL RUNS DRY. The angels of The Lord removes the inspiration when you stray from The Way, or the meter runs out.

A few decades ago, I remember hearing that Bruce had bought a home in Beverly Hills. It shocked me. Yes... it is none of my business, but it shocked me all the same. Why is it that all these short guys, De Niro comes to mind, have to put lifts in their shoes? Do they think there is all that much difference between 5'6” and 5'8”? So... there is this picture of BRUCE!!! and I will leave you to ponder it; I hope I can get it into the post, otherwise, I will link it.

Here is the aftermath of the boy from New Jersey who anthropomorphized cars into deity, by way of deus ex machina and also confused freedom with the vehicles that won't take you there. He's had a lot of plastic surgery. I guess he would call it, “torquing the head gasket.”. The hair has been 're-engineered' and dyed to match the metaphorical midnight sky in Western Stars AND he's got that stereo, dueling diamond ear studs look of a full-blown metrosexual. You've come a long way, cowboy.

Here is a guy who was (possibly still is) one of the biggest rock stars of the century (that century). He's a legend. He should exude confidence and certainty, YET... YET... the whole picture reeks of INSECURITY. How can this guy be insecure??? See... my friends... this is how it is in showbiz and ALL THAT MONEY and ALL THAT FAME, it don't make you FREE; no way and not hardly.

If Trump wins, Bruce (The Boss) says, like ALL THOSE BEFORE HIM, that he is leaving the country. In his case it would be Australia, where they are clamping down on human freedom like you might neither know nor believe. NONE... NOT ONE of these people have left yet. They are like Richard with the crack pipe. I've seen that crack pipe thing. Thankfully, free basing and the like had zero impact on me, BUT... I remember my girlfriend (at the time), and others... getting up from the floor to go into the other room, getting about 2 or 3 steps, and I could LITERALLY SEE the cord tied to their head, which pulled them right back to their seat. I watched it happen OVER and OVER and OVER. It used to crack (pun intended) me up. It is sad now, that I would laugh at this, but I did, AND I NEVER told them why I was laughing. They REALLY would not have understood.

Fame is that crack pipe. I have seen these people, basking in it like they were sunbathing. Ah... the thrill of the crowd. I once played in front of 30,000 people and I've been back stage at some big events and witnessed and experienced this. Thank god, this also had no effect on me. I got the self-importance beaten out of me at an early age. I was pounded, pummeled, shaped like dough on a cutting board, and then popped into the ovens of shame and humiliation until I was baked and browned. For some time, I thought I was one of the most cursed of human beings. It took a long time for me to realize HOW PROFOUNDLY God loved me. It was REALLY true. Those whom The Lord loves, He chastens.

I feel bad for Bruce. He CAN'T be HAPPY. I can look into a person's eyes and see if this is true or not and I can also look in the mirror and see it too. I'm not after Happy. It comes with its rap partner, Sorrow, ♫you can't have one. You can't have one. You can't have one without the other♫ Happy and Sad are star-crossed lovers. Give me Sat Chit Ananda; Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute. Beyond the duality of the relative world lies an ocean of tranquility and 'streaming' joy. Netflix and Amazon do NOT have this.

As much as we are told, OVER and OVER and OVER again; Fame does not bring happiness. It brings a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. Money cannot buy happiness. It comes with False Friends, thieves, paranoia, uncertainty, and a whole crowd of undesirables. THEY... the famous and the rich, WILL NOT tell you this! The one thing they have is the illusion that they are better off than you. They ARE NOT!!! Imagine, if you will, the sorts of people drawn to those with fame and wealth! I've been right up close with this. The FACT of the matter is that ALL THOSE THINGS that the uninformed and ignorant lust after are NOT WORTH HAVING.

You like eating rich food? You won't for very long. Have any idea how painful gout is? Know how serious and seriously painful Heartburn can be? Like wild, gratuitous casual sex? There's a big downside and it's not just the ailments and loss of Immortality Juice. It is the spiritual loss and sense of profound emptiness that attends it. Obsessed with your appearance? Why not time-lapse your face? I marvel at Jane Fonda. I guess she's 80, or thereabouts. Cher? Same thing. Imagine how much is required to look like that.

The rich? One house isn't enough. Two houses are not enough. Ten houses are not enough and they ALL have to be staffed and cared for, and insured, and utilities paid, and ever so much more. Nick Cage bought castles until it bankrupted him AND... he lost the castles. They say a boat is a hole in the ocean that you pour money into. Most have NO IDEA of the NOT SO incidental costs of owning a boat. Look at the size of the boats of the rich, which require a larger crew than the guests they will hold. Every summer, Magic Johnson rents a boat to party with his friends for a few weeks, in the Mediterranean, or wherever, it costs $500,000 a week. It is so hard for these people not to be a showoff. They look like and THEY ARE... Fools.

The money ROLLS in and then... the money stops, as it routinely does for many when their shelf life ends, or they have a round of bad investments, and you CAN BE SURE that there are entities who arrange for this, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Mick Jagger and others, routinely attend the fashion shows in Milan because of the heroin-addicted waifs that are there TO BE HAD. He's in his late 70's, pumped full of monkey glands (♫I'm a monkey!♫) or whatever the cutting edge stuff is. Nelson Rockefeller died between Meagan Marshalk's legs, laying back on that expensive desk. He had a steel rod in his penis, so it would always be hard. That's what they did back in those days.

When you are rich and famous, there are demons employed to make you crazy. As someone astutely noted, “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Count on it. None of the things people ruin themselves over are worth having and you LOSE the one thing that is most valuable; Peace of Mind. Knowing what is and is not worth having is PRICELESS!!! Of course... their health goes too and none of those expensive doctors can help them. There is some good news and that is the marvels of pain medication, which the rich have no trouble getting. Only the poor and middle class are put through the wringer over their pain.

People who pursue material gain and all the trapping, at the cost of their humanity, OFFEND HEAVEN. This is something YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need to experience material well being or some degree of opulence, that can be arranged. Pretty much ANYTHING can be arranged. Read Chapter 43 of The Autobiography of a Yogi again (or for the first time). That is a single snapshot. There are many tales by realized masters; bonafide illuminated entities who bear witness to what those trapped in material delusion refuse to believe and cannot imagine. Being here is NOTHING but... the opportunity to move upward. Being famous HERE is almost always a curse BUT... being famous in certain other places... words fail.

Many who are relatively, or entirely unknown here are famous on other worlds and planes and have friends and fortunes FAR BEYOND the pitiable displays that can be had or experienced here. Even all of the wonders of the inward beyond are NOTHING compared to the freedom from all of it. Little of this can be spoken of here BUT... what awaits for the dedicated and intrepid is past imagining from this plane; not that any of that should be the goal. A beautiful illusion is still an illusion and they are ALL Time Sensitive.

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I mean no ill upon Bruce Springsteen. He is simply caught up in the thrall of the importance of a passing phase of being, something he may have paid dearly for or will pay for.

I will try to get that video done today.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

"The Maya on the Mind is Breaking Up and Light is Streaming through the Cracks."


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So... one of our fine correspondents, Sukh sent me this recent video.

Here is a bit more with Alan Parrot.

As I have suggested for some time now, there are all sorts of informational exposes that the Trump administration has been saving for the final month of the pre-election time span, and they have people in place to reveal it. Also... Mr. Apocalypse has been incrementally amplifying his rate of exposures. The whole thing is orchestrated BUT... we get accommodated to the dream force and don't see and hear because of the pressure of Maya on the Mind. That is all breaking open now and light is streaming through the cracks.

We are at the doorstep of the dawning of the age. I have mentioned that one of the major forces soon to impact on every area of our material lives is the technological breakthroughs that are now being permitted to occur. Check this one out and keep in mind how many more are soon to be announced. They can now grow new teeth in your mouth. These are only SOME OF the items that have come to our attention.

The first thing I thought about concerning the gene-editing tool, was about all the ways this could be used in a wrong or evil fashion. This has ALWAYS been the problem with technology. Look at what the Military-Industrial Complex does with EVERY NEW INVENTION that could possibly have a use in warfare. There is oh so much we do not know about, which is going on outside of our range of awareness. Of course, this also applies to the Spiritual Hierarchy and The Fraternity of Light, as well as that which has ALWAYS been known to Initiates. It should be understood that humanity is akin to a herd of sheep and that there are shepherds of the flock and there are also the predators.

It is an unfortunate image, to see humanity as a herd of sheep, BUT... look at how they have responded to the mask-wearing phenomenon. Never before has such a transformation occurred in regard to a flu and there have been much worse examples in their time, previously. People... simply, en masse, bent over. Meanwhile, the prancing prostitutes, who are paid to be behavioral icons, and who routinely bend over, as a requirement of being a paid icon, posture and pose on command and bend over.

It was observation of this being a common theme, since who knows when that prompted the writing of Bend Over and Wait.

THEY have been running a vile and deadly scam on humanity for a long time and they have been safely ensconced, as the FALLEN Powers and Principalities, who have been operating as rulers of darkness and performing wickedness in high places; for a long time. Hard as it may be to believe, because of the force of Maya on the Mind, their time is coming to an end. Their time is being curtailed by The Avatar, sent from Heaven to right the world. He is descending down through the planes and CLEANING as he goes. THEY are being FORCED out of their cloistered invisibility, into visible form in the manifest, where they are hijacking the minds of the unwary and those for whom power, position, and wealth have become the driving engines of their lives.

What you pursue in this life shapes you. You are gradually formed, according to your desires and EVERY FACE is a roadmap of this. It is the sad legacy of materialism, given that the flesh is weak, that the Road to Perdition has become a superhighway. It is a reality that The Roads More Traveled are designed to accommodate the traffic. As Lao Tzu said about the right highway;

“If I had any learning
Of a highway wide and fit,
Would I lose it at each turning?
Yet look at people spurning
Natural use of it!
See how fine the palaces
And see how poor the farms,
How bare the peasants' granaries
While gentry wear embroideries
Hiding sharpened arms,
And the more they have the more they seize,
How can there be such men as these
Who never hunger, never thirst,
Yet eat and drink until they burst!
There are other brigands, but these are the worst
Of all the highway's harms.”

Their time is coming to an end. This is a joyous moment, a rare moment that does not come often. Yet, the greater number of us live in an ever-mounting fear of looming uncertainties AND... they shall surely materialize because that which we fear shall come upon us. However... this is not the case for those who serve the Shining Invisible. This is not the case for those who have embraced the Will of Heaven. Lao Tzu also said; “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.”

The Kingdom of Heaven is literally WITHIN YOU. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Heaven is A STATE OF MIND and you don't go to Heaven UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY THERE. This may be hard to understand and frightening to those who aspire and see no sign of Heaven in their lives but the course has not been run yet. There is much to take place between now and your departure, or there could well be. “According to your Faith is it done unto you.” This is a real killer for many, whose Fear has clouded their vision. It is good to remind yourself that the spiritual sun, which gave birth to The Sun in the sky, is also shining within you. You have ONLY to allow it to shine unhindered.

All that our Karma is, is a blockage of the interior light. It represents the stains we have put upon ourselves through the actions and desires of Self Will. The Mother knows that the child is insistent. In the first few years of life, the child lives out all the primitive aspects of the ancestors, until, at some point, some actually never get there, the child arrives in the present state of collective evolution. So the child tears away from The Mother's hand and insists to be allowed to run about in the playground, where it is certain to get into conflict with its fellows, where it is certain to get dirty and possibly injured as well.

The Mother knows that she has to let the child go so that it can learn its lessons. The Mother grieves for the suffering she knows that life form will endure. She also knows that the child will return again, once it has understood the cost of separation.

This is why Purification should be the MOST SOUGHT AFTER experience because one CANNOT move to any great degree into the deeper and higher states otherwise. The way is barred and for GOOD REASON. The angels of God WILL PURIFY you if you request it. Conversely, life will attend to it with its hard-handed massage. We cannot avoid the Crucible of Experience but we can learn, convincingly and expediently, rather than, like so many... we continue to be compelled to repeat the same scenarios again and again and again.

I've learned certain lessons, by the Grace of God. This is also why I exhort the reader to Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind because that is the surest and swiftest route. It is not nearly so complex as convoluted intellects make it. It is really very simple. This confounds many people. They cannot understand the simplicity of it. Jacob Boehme and Ramakrishna are classic examples, although they could also discourse in GREAT and PRECISE DETAIL. Once you have attained to a certain level, you have access to the Wisdom of the Ages. It is right there, as if it were a library, that the mere thought of any question, immediately brings the desired answer. The Wisdom of the Ages is ALSO called (A.K.A) 'Ageless Wisdom' because IT DOES NOT CHANGE.

The Living God is resident RIGHT THERE, within you... so close and yet, because we do not relentlessly remind ourselves of it, remains unrealized. “Success is Speedy for the Energetic.”

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Friday, October 09, 2020

"Dancing with the Monkey Mind and Chasing the Ignus Fatuus across a Desert of Emptiness."


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In continuance with the trend of thought, concerning the mind and its functions and the practice of the Presence of God; let us consider the questions that everyone SHOULD ask themselves, the earlier the better (in life). Why am I here? Who am I? What is and is not important in life? I add also; who or what is God? How do I find him/her? In what manner should I worship and celebrate God?

The first period of the Aquarian Age is ruled by The Sun and lasts until 2188. Venus is next up after that. You need to get it into your mind that human history, AND THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, is far greater than any one life. It pays BIG TIME to set a course in life that reaches beyond it BECAUSE... you will find yourself beyond it; beyond this life and into another AND... if you have set a course, that course WILL CONTINUE, until the objective has been reached. This is COSMIC LAW. Of course, there are those whose Karma DEMANDS conditions and circumstances having to do with previous behaviors; I am talking about NEGATIVE intentions that require negative attention. These are not the sort to set the course(s) I am speaking of in the first place. If you do not have such 'holds', warrants, or BOLA's associated with you, you will have leeway and that leeway will expand or narrow (as the case may demand) measurably with each succeeding life.

You can, this very day, set a course to the heavens. What we do not see, going on behind the bandwidth of the physical senses is... a great deal. There are architects and builders of all sorts. There are those who guide the plant kingdom, in its full array of expressions, and the same with the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom. It stands to reason that the same applies to the human kingdom. Every kingdom gets focused and deliberate attention from those members of The Devic Realm, created for the tasks they perform, whether it be the elementals or angels, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is monitored. When a human being makes a decision FOR GOOD OR FOR ILL, attention is given to it IMMEDIATELY. Then steps are taken to measure the determination and conviction involved.

Many times, decisions are made under the force of Karma. People stray into all sorts of areas of enterprise, often without even knowing why, or under the force of another will, be that a parent, society or government; bad companions and good companions, invisible influences across the spectrum of intention BUT... the Will of God is unopposable. IF you align yourself with the Will of God, every other influence will be swept aside.

Most of us have a problem and that is whatever Karma attends our every action and which is also responsible for the transparency or opacity of the veils over our eyes. HOWEVER... if you care to... there is a solution for you and I am telling you the GOD'S HONEST TRUTH here. You may not think this is a big deal. You might think; “who the Hell is he to tell me my business?” That would be Karma too. It's ALL KARMA, my friends... except in the case of Grace, though some would say that that also is Karma from another time. I do not presume to rule on this matter. The ways of God are inscrutable to ALL. The Wise simply know this more profoundly than the rest. WHY... do you think all of the truly wise are so utterly HUMBLE? There must be a reason, yes?

One could say that Humility is only another quality that comes to one who has taken a true measure of him/herself. Where do any of these qualities that distinguish a person from the rank and file come from? They come from The Divine... everything Good... Bad... and Imponderable comes from God and when it comes to Evil, it is necessary for balance. If there were no Evil, there could be no Good and there could be no Human Drama, which is the whole of the nature of manifest human existence. You can argue about it all you want. It doesn't change it. This is from whence come the words in The Lord's Prayer; “Lead us not into temptation.”

It is God that tests us and it is God who frees us. This might seem hard to understand BUT both aspects of this have our ultimate freedom in mind. I suggest that the first thing you do is stop fulminating about the starving children and all the other apparent ills in life. The REALLY first thing you HAVE TO DO is to accept... even if you don't slightly understand... that GOD KNOWS the ways and means and the ins and outs of EVERYTHING. God, inexplicably... is before, beyond and within EVERYTHING, is... in fact, EVERYTHING and so... experiences EVERYTHING, (after a fashion). Imagine that!!! AND if starving children bother you so much, then... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

They are fools who presume to know and that is why The Wise are Humble. At some point, ALL OF THEM had a direct experience of The Divine and it changed them profoundly and NEVER again were they able to take themselves seriously. Be wary of ANYONE who is not as humble as the dirt. They WILL mislead you. The Wise attribute ALL the good they do to The Divine and accept for themselves ONLY their errors and mistakes. That too... those mistakes and errors, are Karma and it is the job of the angels of God to take the willing by the SHORTEST ROUTE out of their Karma. This is what all the Yogas are for. There is more than one Yoga, to adapt to the differences in human personality.

There are people who will argue about this and about which of them is better. STOP ARGUING! Stop placing importance upon yourself. Stop wanting. Stop wanting, period, except for The Presence of the Divine. As Lao Tzu said, so succinctly... “Cut down on senseless craving.” Your appetites are the source of ALL of your MISERIES. Doesn't simple logic tell you to desire God ONLY? Why is it so hard for people to get this? It is because they STILL want that which causes them SUFFERING. As the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” Simple enough. Yet there are many who will argue about that. They argue from Karma. They haven't suffered enough. I HAVE.

I have had many examples of my own willful stupidity BUT my past is no longer relevant. I have cut it loose and refuse to remember or acknowledge it at ANY TIME that memory prompts me to. Memory is one of the keys to Liberation. It serves to know what is useful to remember. Regret and recrimination are pointless. Learn and move on. It ALL comes down to the mind.

The mind is a monkey and until it is stilled, it will give you no peace, nor will you accomplish anything meaningful. You MUST still the Reactive Mind. That is the PRIMARY TASK. If you can do that, you are at the portal.

For whatever the reason, probably Karma, so many people prefer to lean upon their own understanding. This will get them NOWHERE and they will go round and round, dancing with the monkey mind and chasing the ignus fatuus. We are in a desert of hunger and emptiness, surrounded by apparitions. One HAS TO get the awareness of this. One HAS TO understand this, and the emptiness of it, BECAUSE... OTHERWISE, life will see that you do. Yes... life will make this ABUNDANTLY clear to you, over the course of your travels, from birth to death, from birth to death, from birth to death, ad nauseum. That is if you let the world set your course and do not pick it yourself.

God KNOWS if you are looking for him. God is present within you, WHILE you are looking for him. EVENTUALLY... every sincere seeker FINALLY realizes they should LOOK WITHIN; and what would be the best possible method one could follow? What would ALSO be the best method for this Aquarian Age? That would be to Practice the Presence of God. How long you will need to do this is an individual matter, BUT... ONCE AGAIN... as Krishna said, “Success is Speedy for the Energetic.”

It all comes down to how determined you are; how fully committed you can be. Some people go to church on the religious holidays and some go every Sunday. Some go more. They are going to the wrong church. They ARE the church. Of course, you COULD BE in the right church, while being in the other church. That would be the best.

Practice the guitar for an hour a week. Practice the guitar for an hour a day. Practice the guitar ALL DAY. What do you think the result is going to be with the first one? Will it be the same as going to church one day a week? MEANWHILE... God the Guitar is there to be played with and celebrated every minute of the day. Success is speedy for the energetic!!! Practice the PRESENCE!!!

You have everything you need WITHIN YOU ALL THE TIME. But... but of course, people will argue. People will insist on being right, talking about The Way, The Truth and The Light, when they don't know The Way and don't have The Truth, and could really use a Light. If you can't say, “I don't know.” Then you have a problem. God knows. God surely does.

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Sunday, October 04, 2020

"A Conspiracy of Suffering, Engaged in by our Divided Self, against Ourselves,, Without letting Ourselves Know."


I'm going to be on the feet2thefire radio show tonight with James Jancik at 7:00PM Central Time.

James Jancik's mic was muted at the beginning.
The issue does get resolved, about 30 minutes into the video.

This should cover all of the bases. Posting this should possibly keep some people from seeing the latest post directly below but no longer, given that I JUST MENTIONED IT (grin).

Okay, I've done my bit.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to share some personal details with you today. I know they happen by themselves now and again but it is my personal intention to not interpose myself any more than accidentally (not that there are any such) in my communications here. Coincidence is how God remains anonymous. It wasn't always so; before I realized how irrelevant I am, I fancied myself as a fellow of some importance. I'm guessing in moments like that I hadn't been paying enough attention to The Sun. I don't make that mistake anymore. We'll be getting a bit anecdotal, then.

My changes move more slowly than they used to, until very recently. In former times, I could fly to other worlds in the wink of an eye, metaphorically AND LITERALLY speaking BUT... it was back to Earth at some point on the same day. Now... it's the difference between driving and walking, but the changes are permanent. It took some getting used to. I closed down the chemical laboratory, almost two years ago now and it was a rough go in the beginning. It has smoothed out and now... now there are regular events of synchronicity such as used to happen at only rare intervals.

I had contracted with a fellow to do an installation for me. I had been emailing him about details on the matter for ten days or more and received no answers. It was two days before the arranged date for the installation. I also had a delivery coming that was delayed two days past what had been agreed upon and which I needed to inform this fellow about so that he did not arrive with nothing to do. Finally, I asked my friend to text the man. Moments later, my friend came to me and said he was on the phone. He apologized for not contacting me. I told him the new date for delivery, which was the afternoon of the day coming. He said he would arrive in the morning and perhaps we would get lucky and it might arrive before he left that day.

Deliveries consistently arrive, round here, at the latest possible moment, so I had little hope of serendipity. On the day of arrival, I got a phone call asking if they could deliver the item in the morning instead and it came, promptly as the installer finished his prep work. From what followed, it was truly fortunate to have occurred when it did. I'll spare the details, or this could turn into a relative of Joyce's “Ulysses”, which I fortuitously stopped reading after only a few pages.

After the phone call, I asked my friend about the call, wondering about the timing and asking if he had called right after the text. I was told the installer called in the middle of the text BEFORE it was sent. That's amazing... after ten days of no response; and the delivery? The call to arrive early? That doesn't happen. These are only two events of similar character among MANY of recent times. It is as if some strange magic has come into play and it remains constant. Life has become effortless and anything that can go right does go right, in a wonderful reversal of Murphy's Law.

I've been given to understand that this is the fruit of my dedication over the last two years, which has taken me to a level where this kind of process becomes a part of my every day and night and boy... has it ever. I have to think about what I can and cannot say and write; at least I thought I did, until I was just informed that I can't say what I shouldn't say and don't have to worry about it. How's that for efficiency? I am now promptly informed about EVERYTHING that could possibly be important for me to know, when I need to know it

I was plagued by various mental assaults and emotional torments over the years. They seemed impossible to shake BUT... right around the same time that I closed the chemical laboratory, ALL of these problems just went away. What is even stranger is that I didn't notice for some time that this had happened. My whole life got taken over. I was told that this was all a part of the transformation, whose time had come. It all got washed away and I know it to be so because I am experiencing it. I've been told this is only the beginning.

This morning I was having a cup of tea while reading from the works of Swami Vivekananda and “The Tarot” by Paul Foster Case. This ALWAYS precedes my meditation and prayer session. I looked into the cup for some reason and there was a mosquito feeding on the honey in the cup. Without thinking, I killed it, as a proactive defense against it eventually feeding on me. I didn't think about how ODD it was for the mosquito to be doing it in the first place. When I went into the kitchen, I saw that the mosquito was still in there and duh... where was it going to go, now that it was dead? It had already gone, so to speak. I went to wash it out of the cup, as I was going to have another cup of tea and was told to, “Leave it.” I drank the tea and now it is gone. I've no idea what that means (grin). I mention it because of it feeding on the honey. I had NEVER seen that before.

I regretted killing the mosquito, given that he was not in the process of feeding on me. I was given not to worry about it. I'd apparently... done the mosquito a favor, without being aware of it. I do a lot of things these days without being aware of them and that seems to run counter to the conventional wisdom concept of relentless focus on one's actions that the spiritual path recommends. After thinking about it, it was revealed to me that my focus on The Divine precluded my need to pay any other attention. THAT is the primary focus of all focus and in the course of doing so, the Ineffable does the focusing and paying attention FOR ME.

The number of ups and downs I have had in this life, served to make me very insecure about life, waiting for any number of shoes to drop, as they always seemed to do. The heights I experienced seemed to justify, in my mind, all of the other torments; to make them worth it. I risked it all and left it all on the table, again and again. My reckless disregard, for my own safety and life, was a common feature of my existence. In reflection now, I see that I was TRULY mad. I wanted God so badly that nothing else mattered. However, I got sidetracked into low-level scenarios over and over again, always wondering how I got there. Now... that's all in the past and furthermore... there is NO PAST. I've been informed to forget it entirely and toss it from my mind, the moment any remembrance of ANY OF IT appears. This is a VERY STRANGE state of mind, let me tell you. NO PAST... period. No future either. The discipline of the moment is to be centered in the moment, PERIOD.

I KNOW, we've all been advised and admonished to 'be in the moment', to BE HERE NOW, as Ram Das used to say BUT... once again, there is the INTELLECTUAL plane of awareness that is not furthering and there is the VISCERAL that gets it at the Solar Plexus. The uncanny thing about all of what is happening now is hat it is ALL happening by itself. I have ONLY to be present for it. Nothing else is required of me. The effortlessness... the sheer ease of being and doing, is a marvel beyond my ability to communicate it. In former times, this would have left me in a state of shock and apprehension about when it was going to end. There is no such mindset now. It is, if anything, ORDINARY. I am really getting that 'chop wood, carry water' thing now. It is as if my whole life, previous to this moment, has been nothing at all really, just bouncing off of one bumper after another, until I was so exhausted there was nothing left but to GIVE UP.

And GIVE UP I did. I don't know where or when it happened, only that it did happen. I have been told that all these examples of remarkable, positive coincidence and serendipity, are the result of coming into a sustained resonance with The Divine. It is as if I have become a sympathetic string on an Eastern musical instrument. I have only to resonate with the cosmic tone that has been present in me from the beginning, but which I kept frustrating the connection to... until it was INSTALLED in me. It had been there ALL THE TIME and I have been told that it wouldn't have mattered what I did, whether I had been more on the mark in my life, or even more profligate. It doesn't happen until it is supposed to happen, everything else is just taking the hits and tossing the sandbags out of the balloon basket.

I hope I am not making too much of all this. It has been going on for a while and only recently has it taken an exponential leap. Then I am told... there isn't anything I can do to mess it up. I surrendered that aspect of myself and that was the Pass Key through the door that you don't enter otherwise, no way, no how. I'm making a hash of all of this, I can see that, but this is the best, by way of an explanation, of which I am capable at the moment. Why am I telling you about this today? Like everything else these days, I have no choice in the matter. I NEVER did. It only seemed like it. The same way it does to everyone else who imagines they have free will. Yes... there is such an animal but it IS NOT what we think it is. Doesn't matter anyway, until The Will of the Divine is YOUR WILL, it is only a conspiracy of suffering, engaged in by our divided self against ourselves, without letting ourselves know.

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