Wednesday, October 28, 2020

"I am not a Political Animal. I am a Lover of God, the Avatar and Humanity. PERIOD."

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I HOPE this is the LAST TIME I have to do this. Perhaps it is the last time I trouble doing it. Perhaps I will LINK this post in the future, every time someone asks me the same STUPID questions again and again and again. The amount of basket cases in this world is disturbing. People don't seem to THINK anymore. They don't PAY ATTENTION to what they read, subsequently... when I explain IN DETAIL, they don't see it, they just drift right by. I'll tell you what it is all about, however. They don't want TO HEAR or UNDERSTAND. I am not saying what THEY WANT TO HEAR. You have my apologies on that BUT... I HAVE TO SPEAK FROM WITHIN.

As I have been at pains to state (and this never gets understood or heard right either), I am not a Christian BUT... I AM a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ. He is my hero because he is The Sun King who came as the testimony of the age. Now comes a new permutation. The message DOES NOT CHANGE but different factors will now be highlighted. The Age of Sacrifice is at an end. The Age of Brotherhood now begins. This DOES NOT MEAN that Sacrifice is no longer relevant; ANYTHING BUT. It simply means a transition to a new expression of LOVE. Brotherhood ALSO includes Sacrifice.

I am NOT a Republican but I am a supporter now of President Trump BY DEFAULT because the alternative is UNACCEPTABLE. The alternative is Enslavement, Delusion, Criminality and violent application of buzzwords that IMPLY one thing and turn out to be another. Communism is the perfect example of this. They say one thing and do another. They are the GREATEST MASS MURDERERS in History.

When I look at someone I do not look ONLY at who loves and supports them. I look at WHO DOES NOT and that tells me MUCH. Look at the vested interests and deep pockets that are arrayed against The President. Look at WHO is behind the violence. Look at who is LYING. Look at who, when they had the chance, DID NOTHING except SERVE THEMSELVES. Look at what The President has done in his first term. Then look at all the phony impeachment scams that were proven to be lies. Look at this COVID HOAX that was designed to GET RID OF THE PRESIDENT. Look at the much more deadly Swine Flu that THEY did NOTHING about.

Stop being STUPID and manipulated by surface appearances. DO NOT look at the personality shortcomings of the President. Yes... he is not always an endearing fellow. He has his limitations. He is, now and again; bombastic, egotistic, and pretty much what a great many of us are too. BUT... LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED!!! “By their works, ye shall know them.” THAT is what I go by. He has started no wars and is finally ending all of the ones we have been involved in. He has orchestrated a greater degree of Middle East peace than ANYONE in history. You may not like his support for Israel BUT... he has gotten COUNTRY after COUNTRY to sign a peace accord. What is it? Five Arab countries by now and more to come? That is UNHEARD OF.

Look at my sidebars at the blogs. It is clear where I stand on Israel and their malicious nature BUT... President Trump is playing a LONG GAME. I see it now. Maybe I am wrong BUT... it appears to me, it REALLY seems to be that God is using him. I don't think he knows this but EVERYTHING he does is on behalf of The American People. He has no political scandals and BELIEVE ME, we would have heard. He takes NO PAYCHECK. He works for free and meanwhile his own fortunes apart from his present job do not have his attention BECAUSE we would hear about it.

Still... AND PLEASE HEAR THIS!!! It is not about President Trump that I have been saying what I am saying. It is about what might happen if he does not win!!! Look at what the Progressive Left intends! They had to take Biden off the stage yesterday because he lost track of himself. This means that Kamala Harris and MORE IMPORTANTLY, those behind her will be running the country. These are the SAME PEOPLE who have shut down entire states and the schools and what all and are forcing people to wear HEALTH ENDANGERING masks that do fuck-all for protection (sorry about the language but The Man on the Beach cursed also- Grin).

President Trump still doesn't wear a mask most of the time. He caught COVID and was out of the hospital in two days. I don't know what was going on there BUT... a point was made. Do you like being forced to wear masks for NO GOOD REASON??? Do you want Antifa to run wild whenever someone not in lockstep speaks their mind? Look at the profits being made by Biden and his family selling the country out to China. Look at Dr. Fauci who was INVOLVED in the creation of COVID. Look it up!

Friends, I research things. I RELENTLESSLY research.

Right now I am watching the beginning of the campaign speech in Bullhead, AZ, which is a place I have never even heard of and the crowd waiting is ENORMOUS! HUGE. Hardly anyone shows up at the Biden campaign stops. A few days ago he had one somewhere and there were around 12 people there. Bon Jovi showed up to sing a few songs and THIS WAS PUBLICIZED and the crowd increased to 22 people... heh heh. THEY are doing everything they can to steal the country!!! They have massive corporations and Social Media oligarchs behind them. THEY spent the entire time from the day after President Trump was elected doing everything to get rid of him. BUT the people DO NOT SUPPORT them. They aren't even showing up at campaign stops.

So... you don't like what the president says sometimes. You don't like his style. You don't like that sometimes he is brass and sometimes he is crass. SO WHAT? Look at what he does. The Biden side is anti-god and anti-Christian. Trump mentions God. THEY closed the schools. He wants to open them. He wants to end the programming of children with profane sex education and runaway depravity. He is at war with Human Trafficking and Pedophilia; the other side??? Have you not been paying attention?

I am a Common Sense Guy. I have also been reckless and profligate in my behavior at times BUT NOT ANYMORE. My level of discipline now is CONTINOUS. When I was messed up, I was occasionally besieged with problems and accidents; no more is that the case. When I stopped doing certain things my mind cleared to crystal. Many others stop doing certain things and they are STILL THE WAY THEY WERE.

I AM NOT selling you a bill of goods and I don't care if you agree with me or not. I am doing what I am INSPIRED TO DO and telling you the truth as it is TOLD TO ME. I seldom mentioned President Trump or these issues until recently and ONCE THE ELECTION is over, you won't be hearing about them much, except occasionally, when it is relevant within the proper context. You will hear ABOUT GOD and metaphysics, yoga and prayer, how to live simply, and how to achieve Purification. You will hear about those issues and subjects that the angel of God brings to my attention. That is my life now.

My life is about God and Practicing the Presence of God and The First Church of the Presence of God and the principles, the SIMPLE principles that attend it. If you don't like what I have to say then ignore me. I still hear from the same disgruntled few, mostly at Truthseeker, and have for YEARS. Why do they still read my work? They read all of it because they refer to it. Why do they keep coming around? I know why. Maybe you don't like me either. My personality is ONE THING, what I speak to is another and not a day goes by when I don't change for the better. I improve constantly because it is my SINGLE FOCUS. This is my whole life, every waking moment! Awake or asleep I am working. From early in the morning until late at night, I have a SINGLE FOCUS and that is to serve God and to serve Humanity.

Today I may not be doing the very best job I can, but SOONER OR LATER, I will no longer hinder the passage of angelic force and divine light through me. Sooner or later, I will have learned to be transparent AT ALL TIMES. Sooner or later, I will achieve CLARITY and PURITY, because I NEVER stop trying. I NEVER stop thinking about it and striving for them, NEVER... NEVER... NEVER!!!

I have a lot to make up for and I NEVER forget that. I've made my mistakes but that is ALL IN THE PAST. Now I listen with passionate intensity to what I hear within and I DO AS I AM TOLD. I have no meaning to myself as an individual. My mind is set on DOING! “Success is Speedy for the Energetic.”

I do what I do to lead by example because I have one that I follow by example. I am unimportant but the work is important. I don't care a tinker's damn about gain, fame, power, position or ANYTHING this world can offer. I have found something PRICELESS and NOTHING on this Earth can touch it. I live with it all day and every day. There is nothing on Earth or anywhere else like The Presence of God.

My friends, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO... all you have to do is practice it until it shows up and IT WILL! It happened to me. I didn't deserve it but I SIMPLY did not give up. It doesn't matter who YOU WERE, or what may have happened in the past. Surrender to the Almighty and he will wash away EVERY STAIN and bring you peace and content.

I AM NOT a political animal. I am a lover of The Lord and Humanity. I am not that good at it yet, BUT... I WILL BE and so will you IF you want to be. It is all up to you. The Hand of God is extended across Eternity to One and ALL. You have ONLY to take it and live accordingly. It is SIMPLE. You have only to do it. You have only to make it your supreme objective and God will come into your heart and manage your life and it will NEVER be the same again. It will never be the same again.

End Transmission.......

God... I hope I can get the next discourse done today (grin). Meanwhile, here is the last one.

You can watch the Presidents campaign speeches here.

Please come to GAB and let me hear from you. Here is the link.

Pocketnet is jumping, seriously, check it out. All news you won't find on the mainstream.

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Anonymous said...

God is at work here. No doubt about it. Thank you for your service, Visible. Our prayers are being answered. God bless America and God bless President Trump. And please, people, take off those damn poisonous masks. Let freedom reign!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My favourite TRANSDUCER hits another one out of the ball park!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the 'pro and con' blog.

My problem is that I have been on earth-plane too long. My deepest instincts tell me that we are within a 'construct' which is not meant for our benefit. Think of it as a blend between "The Matrix" movie and the restaurant scene towards the beginning of the "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" movie. Both are 'large scale' deceptions.

When I read/see/feel the state of the world, it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that "Someone" is behind-the-scenes, directing both the drama around the Demirats and Republithugs to their own ends. While all-God is ultimately behind everything, those 'sculptors' of our local stage seem remarkably malevolent, malicious, malignant, and murderous.

The current strategy is to 'enlist' higher forces to get above/behind those 'sculptors' and kick-out their scaffolding. This is done through Cleanings. That way, the 'formers & shapers' will themselves be changed. The world will follow. The only slightly-bad thing is that I have no idea how it will all fall-out, Down Here. Let's hope the angels are good-natured, when the bovine excrement hits the rotary oscillator...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Okay then; Here is Discourse #8 from The 1st Church of the Presence of God. I didn't watch it first so... hopefully, it's presentable (grin ).

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis.
You are on the mark with Trump. Yet..... can't help but wonder about his apparently tight connection and pandering to Zion. What is your read on that?

Visible said...

Like I said in the post; I don't know and... maybe he's playing the long game. Since they are the ones who kill presidents, he might know what he's doing. I have tried to explain till I am near blue in the face; It's not so much about Trump as it is about the alternative. The alternative is UNACCEPTABLE.

Hereticdrummer said...

You make great points, VIS, but I honestly think that the Hidden Hand that selected Trump for the Oval Orifice is the same Hidden Hand that has relentlessly directed the forces to remove him since he got there. It's all theater for the masses that are asses. "Order out of chaos" is the Cryptocracy's motto and they practice it every day. But what do I know? I'm just a born again "Conspiracy Theorist." Or maybe a Conspiracy Realist.

Visible said...

I do not know who it is that rustles the curtains behind the appearances of this time. I DO KNOW THIS. God rules supreme- NO ONE ELSE does. It depends on the level you engage it at. I do not engage it on this plane. Then you are just a pinball and at the whim of karmic fate. I seek the company of angels, not men in suits who, temporarily stir the pot and who do not know (but I do) that the power to stir the pot comes from GOD. It's all purpose of demonstration. Life is a constant drama of karmic destiny that DOES NOT ALL get addressed HERE. There is so much I do not know that I should probably say nothing at all but the one thing I truly know is enough to counter everything I do not know and THAT IS... God rules supreme and Love is his primary emanation. I align myself with that and consider nothing else as an option.

Ray B. said...

“Now I will tell you the answer to the question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
~ George Orwell, 1984

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les & Friends,

Trump is of the Blood Line - I don't know about the 'alternative'.
Is camel-toe of the blood line ? like Obamanation.

These things are planned centuries and decades ahead, only the name & faces change - the blood line is the constant.

Personally, I'm close to the same intuition as Les with the Trumper playing his heart out to keep from being whacked. It's generally the worm-tongue, little neophytes like The Kush kid, in the background - that bring the Spock eyebrow up thing. Rumor mills have postulated for years that 'those most caring, wonderful, special children of 'The god' have placed thermonuclear devices in all major cities nationwide. Been there since the first Uranium was stolen from Oak Ridge. Now you know why the agencies have to keep turning off the Radiation Detectors all over the States. And because of Fukme Japland.

You should have seen the pictures of the mass of cars on the interstate between PHX and Tucson - Literally thousands of people out to Honor our President. This has been the ACTUAL, REAL numbers in comparison to the Alternative's showings. Ya He's a bumbling buffoon, or so it appears - and I have seen many of his past business dealing go south as well as, some things seem shady right now with business getting reimbursement for the pandemic monies - But when all is said and done - it will be known that Mr. President will be found to be the only one in the Beltway to NOT be involved in foreign influence.

I still can't believe that anyone would vote for a 75 + YO person to do anything important; Especially representing the needs of THE PEOPLE. There has got to be a way to find someone, not compromised, not an actual demon from hell,to fill each position necessary to make this country go 'round. And I'm sure all the violence makers are bound to vote for a 78 YO WHITE MAN that has been in the DC Profit game for 47 years and takes the credit for all the needs of our minority communities. What a fucking crock - this is about getting the camel toe in there. Then all the bugs will come out the woodwork - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.

With the conflagration of all the stories circulating of the rest of the world waiting for next week to set forth the concurring of this continent - we all may be shootin at Chinese Army and Zombies.

Remember kids - Gotta head shoot the zombies.

This poor planet has sure seen its mountains of shit come and go hasn't it?.

One thing for sure - "There is no human resolution for a Spiritual Problem".

Get ready kids - things are about to get interesting. or maybe not.........

Anonymous said...

You know Ray that not everyone shares your pessimistic outlook on life. Many readers find a positive hope here and Visible is right when he says that all people bring is their perspective and that is what they will eventually find to be true for them. We are as we think we are and I have to go with his message of God controlling everything and joy-wonder and the immortality of Godhead resulting for those with the steel and determination and especially the love to believe and to visualize it, rather than a bunch of woo woo bugaboo BS. Nowhere do I see what you talk about mentioned or discussed by any of the masters I have read but I see portions of everything Visible says in one or another of their various teachings. Maybe you live in the fear suffused abyss of Orwell's vision but he does not and neither do I or the majority of the rest of the readers. That may be real for you but it is not for us.


Ray B. said...

Patrick, it is obvious that you were triggered by the Orwell posting. I suggest that you calm down and get off the negative high-horse. That is him and his vision of the future, not mine. If you had read my comments over the years, you would know that many higher beings are working (as 'messengers' of all-God) to change our future to the bright side, and do appreciate our companionship.

Further, it is clear that you have had minimal 'woo-woo' experiences yourself. Intellectual knowledge is different than being there. You are like a partially-colorblind person who cannot see anything beyond green insisting that blue, purple, and violet do not exist. With all due respect, dip your toe in. You might like it.

Have you ever met (physically) any of those Masters? I have. I went to India and sat with Herakan Baba (Haidakhan Babaji), Sathya Sai Baba, Muktananda, and a few lesser-knowns in the West. Each had their own particular strengths and ways-of-being. And yes, 'miracles' occurred around them...

I am probably on a different Ray (grin) than Vis. We overlap in a lot of ways, including all-God (whatever it is) being the top controller of existence. We differ (or seem to differ; Vis has chosen to remain vague about some higher happenings) in our implementation of Loving. Mine is more active. (And thank you, Vis, for the mini-tutorial on Angels. Much has sprung from that...)

Finally, I am - as I have said several times - posting detailed commentary on non-ordinary states because the bad-guys have almost succeeded in wiping those experiences from public view. Higher-happenings are even being 'reframed' by them as psychotic breaks or schizophrenia. Fear-conditioning. Readers actually experiencing varied higher states need to know that these experiences are natural, normal, and not to be feared.

"We are as we think we are..." My life is filled with meetings with wondrous entities, magnificent energies, and the sheer gratitude in watching pain-afflicted beings turning into light-filled, love-filled beings. I am pretty satisfied...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

People STILL don't get it - never in recorded history has ONE MAN , let alone the Man Who happens to be President, been subject to such constant coordinated Multimedia attack and villification at every level from every direction, and they STILL say he is a Controlled Actor.

David Icke is very good at what he does, but Trump is a PRESIDENT. A PRESIDENT cannot talk and speak like David Icke, he has to compromise to get people onside, and this is what he has done and people, locked in by CV19 and manufactured BLM Race Division  haven't even noticed America is now not bogged down in permanent Middle Eastern War.

Middle Eastern War used to be the Story, that Story isn't there anymore, so it has been replaced by the two Phantom Stories of CV19 lockdown contrasted with BLM Mass Crowding.

And Trump is the intended target of BOTH and is actually speaking out  PUBLICALLY against the CV19 scam in a way that, if he was a private individual, all his You Tube/Facebook/Twitter etc Accounts would be blocked and they STILL say he is Controlled by the Same People.

And I haven't even mentioned Abortion, the worst crime in the History of humanity - POTUS position on that - and PLEASE subscribe to Students of Life of America, is NOT VOTE WINNING - the majority are still 'pro choice' , but POTUS has stood firm on that, is facing the Big Guns of Planned Parenthood and they STILL say he is Controlled.

Do you know what the problem IS?

Passivity on behalf of the people moaning about him.

They somehow expect him to conform to some 'Truthers' narrative in every aspect, even though the President HAS to be diplomatic with other Countries' Leaderships to achieve the enormous amount he has achieved already.

Donald Trump is ONE MAN who has done and is doing all HE can  personally to Fight the Good Fight - and in War, every General needs Allies - but the people dissing Trump because of Israel etc are not doing all THEY can as PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS to Fight the Good Fight, instead they are being obstructive.

In contrast to the EXCELLENT Mr. Visible, who is also doing EVERYTHING he can personally as Les Visible, because that is who he is, he is not Donald Trump, I am more conventionally Christian in my outlook, so I will just say this - from my perspective, Zionism is one thing and Israel is another - Israel and the Jewish People,  are central in all this - it is not a matter of are WE pro or anti Israel, it is a matter of whether Israel chooses to Obey or Conform to God's Will.

And we should do everything we can to help the right outcome to occur.

That means being positive, and diplomatic and supportive.

God Bless America (and I'm British :) )

Thomas said...

Regarding Trump... I do get a sense that he is genuinely trying to do the right thing - and his proposed and actual policies certainly seem saner than what the Democrats talk about. But I think that the mainstream media, as much as they hate him, fear the idea of being branded as "anti-semitic" even more, and that this is the reason that they fling all kinds of outrageous shit at him, but not once have touched upon his many, amply documented connections to "jewish" criminal networks. In light of this, it would not surprise me if the Mossad has something to put the squeeze on him with. But whatever it consists of, this Jewish mob/Mossad-connection is a literal seal-of-silence in the MSM - they will not touch it, no matter how intense their hatred of Trump is. It is also possible that he genuinely loves Israel and the jewish people, and that this is part of the explanation, too. I don't know. For my own part I can find much good to say about the jews, and would not hold that against him, but the criminal elements among them are creating a *lot* of trouble.

The good part about it all is that it is ultimately not so important. God is merciful, and infinitely patient. Even the sweetest and most angelic human mother does not love her child as God loves us, and we can make as many mistakes as there are stars in the heavens - still we are loved. This is our grace and our salvation. Praised be!

Adam said...

Hi Vis,

Have you heard of Archbishop Vigano? He wrote an open letter to Trump in June that Trump acknowledged in a Tweet:

He has written another letter to Trump in recent days:
This letter has been acknowledged on Twitter by Trump's former NSA who was hounded out of his role at the very beginning of the administration using the Russia Hoax. He is by all appearances a good man who was in position to expose corruption and darkness.

It appears that he was the head of the Catholic Church in the US when exposing corruption and paedophilia. Was also a right hand man to Pope Benedict up until he "retired". He is now in hiding due to his opposition to the current Pope and attempts to expose corruption.

I just find it absolutely fascinating that someone in that position, who has the potential to be incredibly spiritually aligned and in touch with God, should so similarly echo your thoughts and views.

Have a great weekend. Not long now...


Bill said...

I tried to post this here before but it is too large apparently so I am going to post it in two parts= PART ONE-

Back in August, as a direct result of Trump's "carrot & stick" negotiation pressure, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Globalist Muslim-majority Kosovo recognized the shitty-little-state (that's Israel for you newbies & normies) and began the process of normalizing relations with it. In September, it was Bahrain. In October, it's Sudan. And soon, if the rumors are correct, the big dog of Saudi Arabia may follow suit.

"Aha!" -- shriek the never-Trumpers of the "far right." "Trump the Zionist puppet and his Jewish son-in-law are doing Bibi Satanyahoo's bidding once again! Ya see? Ya see?" -- Not exactly. Actually, just the opposite is true.

Let's unpack this by listing the true -- though not necessarily stated -- desires of the various interested parties of this drama.They just want to control them, as they do other nations -- through efforts like the BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanction) movement. This is why the Communist Party USA and former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers are so "pro-Palestinian rights" (here) and (here).


Satanyahoo / Likud Zionist Politicians: Since the days of the attack on the USS Liberty, this greasy gang has always dreamed of dragging the United States into a major regional war from which Israel would emerge as the dominant regional power with greatly expanded territory -- "Greater Israel" --- stretching from the Euphrates River in Iraq to the Nile River in Egypt.

Israeli people / US Jews (Category 1): Zionist crazies who support Likud. Not all of them want a major regional war, but they pretty much all would like to see the Palestinians get "ethically cleansed" out of their remaining enclaves.

Israeli people / US Jews (Category 2): Paranoid Jews who truly believe that their Muslim neighbors may "push them into the sea" at any given moment. This group can be coaxed into making peace and supporting a Palestinian state -- if the "fear factor" is removed.

The "Christian Zionists" of America: Brainwashed by various "Scofield Bible" sects of Christianity, these deluded souls are as pro-Zionist as the Likudniks! And because these political conservatives number in the tens of millions, an American president (especially a Republican) has got to be very, very careful with how he approaches Israel.

Palestinian "Authorities" and Some Pal Media: Some, but not all, of these shady characters are little more than greasy opportunistic politicians who want foreign aid money and, in some cases, even accept Soros money (here). Without the perpetual tension, their importance as "leaders" evaporates.

Palestinian people: They just want to enjoy a viable economy and have a sovereign connected state or protectorate of their own -- free from Zionist aggression.

Muslim states: These governments -- sensitive to public opinion -- and their people want to see a fair and final deal for the Palestinians.

Globalists: Until (((they))) get their world government fully operational, the Soros crowd thrives on constant tension and destabilization in all regions of the world, including the Middle East. The Soros Globalists are anti-Satanyahoo / Likud because they cannot get these ultra-nationalists to submit to their global authority. This is a factional rivalry among Jews. This is why the Communist Party USA and former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers are so "pro-Palestinian rights" (here) and (here).

Bill said...

PART TWO- Donald Trump: His goal is simple. Trump wants to broker a final and fair peace deal that will be good for all the PEOPLE involved and preventing World War III. To achieve this goal, he must outmaneuver both the Zio-crazies of Likud as well as some of the corrupt "Palestinian Leadership" -- whilst being careful to keep the Christian-Zio Crazies, the paranoid skeptical Jews and the Muslim states all pacified. Quite a juggling act.

As you can see, it's a difficult and tangled knot containing many strands. Slowly but surely, Trump is unraveling it and in so doing, we believe, setting the stage for a historic peace deal to come early in his second term. This will be a deal which some of the bought & paid for "leadership" of the Palestinians may squawk against, at first, but that the Palestinian people (which is all that matters) will benefit from both in terms of dignity and economics. How has Trump been able to make such progress when there are so many parties with conflicting desires to consider? The Anti-New York Times breaks it down.What Trump is Saying (not necessarily in words) to the Various Parties:

To Satanyahoo: "Bibi, I busted up all of your sex-blackmail operations (Epstein, Maxwell, Bronfman Sisters) and fully defunded ISIS. Assad will remain in power in Syria. Russia and Iran are now the dominant powers in the region. Greater Israel ain't happening and the U.S. is done with the never-ending wars in the region. I moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I recognized Israeli control of the Golan Heights. I got all of these Muslim countries to normalize relations with Israel. Heck! I'm actually more popular in Israel now than you are! So you had better make a nice deal with the Palestinians."

To the Israeli people / US Jews of Categories 1 & 2: "I love you guys! I'm protecting you from both the Globalists and the Muslims. No one has done more for Israel than Donald Trump -- and my daughter and grandchildren are Jewish. This deal that we've come up with will be good for Israel and Palestine. Trust me. You can feel good about supporting it."

To the "Christian Zionists": "I am protecting Israel from the anti-Semitic Democrats!"

To the Palestinian "Authorities": "For now, you can complain about being sold out. That will give the deal more "street cred" with the Jews. But when the time comes, we all close the deal and take a nice photo together."

To the Palestinian people: "Because I did so much for Israel, I got them to agree to a fantastic deal for you too. The money and economic development that is going to pour into the new state of Palestine will be phenomenal."

To the Muslim states: "As a prominent advisor to the King of Bahrain recently wrote: 'A just and comprehensive peace with the Palestinian people is the best path and is in the true interest of their future and the future of the people in the region." And that is exactly what I have done with this peace deal. Your people should have no problem supporting this deal."

To the Globalists: "Your strategy of tension in the Middle East is over. I've got Bibi on a leash and the Muslim states backing me."


A few months ago, Trump, in front of the now house-broken Mad Dog Bibi and the press, said this:

"I have done a lot for Israel ... Therefore, it is only reasonable that I have to do a lot for the Palestinians, or it just wouldn’t be fair."

Set against the context of what we have just explained, this statement rings true and makes more sense now, doesn't it?

Bill said...

Has to be three parts-


Let's see what the final deal looks like. In spite of whatever negativity and insults that the hard core "but.. but... muh Jared is a Jew" crowd will throw out at us --- we're optimistic that a true, lasting, dignified "peace in the Middle East" -- notwithstanding the deviously brutal and, unfortunately, unalterable history of how the shitty-little-state came into being a long time ago -- may finally be on the horizon.
~Mike King,

Sukh said...

I tried to post this at the last Smoking Mirrors when this topic came up but it didn't seem to go through, it could have been something I did wrong.

I find it amazing how much it overlaps what Vis said and what others have said above.

This is what I wrote then (edited and expanded):

Every single point of institutional power stands against President Trump. That is the biggest proof of Trump's legitimacy and I get confused how highly intelligent people miss that.

The msm, academia (universities and colleges), big tech, hollywood, the print-houses, the establishments of BOTH parties, the intelligence agencies, the bar associations, big pharma, corporations, western governments, all of them, all of them, hate Trump and work ceaselessly, diligently, and in coordination, to destroy him.

It is clear to me that simply does not happen if you are one of them!

The second biggest proof of Trump's benevolence and which is tied in with the first, is that Trump is ending war. That is huge.

War and killing is a prerequisite to sit at the bad guy table, ergo he did not care for a place at it. It proves he works for good.

Trump has eliminated stupid regulations, lowered taxes for the middle class, stopped the bloodletting in endless battlefields, cleaned up the environment (he wants to plant a trillion trees, what a change from the climate change crap), advocated for god, family, and school choice, put strict constitutionalists on the supreme court, I could go on and on.

I was bothered by his closeness to Israel at first, but even that now seems to be a means to an end, for peace deals are cropping up all over the place.

John Kerry said there could be no peace in the middle east without a deal with the Palestinians first. Trump turned that upside down and worked the problem from the other end.

Now, if every single Muslim country in the world is at peace with Israel, how can the Palestinian issue be left unresolved? It can't.

I used to be "truther". No more, now I follow Vis' advice and say "I don't know" and look at what people do, not what they say.

Prior to 2016, I feel the two US political parties were two wings of a single overarching party, "controlled opposition" and all that. However, Trump has forced many of the RINOs out of the Republican party and he has forced the rest into submission.

So now I do not think there is some nefarious group behind the curtain who controls both sides. I think that nefarious group IS ONE OF THE SIDES.

The guy behind the curtain is God and from what is written in these blogs, he's going to destroy these assholes. I have waited my whole life for that. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Sukh said...

Wow, look at these demons breaking bread, look at the collusion and power behind Hillary's (and Obama's and Biden's) campaign . As Q says, "she was NOT supposed to lose"...

Link to a Twitter Post

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It is LOVE that Put the Stars in the Sky and it is LOVE that Holds Them There and Makes them Shine."

Visible said...

Wow! Sukh... just... Wow!!! Beautifully and passionately rendered. Thank you for saying it better than I could and a lot more comprehensively.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I HAVE to flag this up, as I don't believe in No-incidence -

Where A puts -

' Unknown said...


Hi Vis,

Have you heard of Archbishop Vigano? He wrote an open letter to Trump in June that Trump acknowledged in a Tweet: '

Now, I don't know about Les, but I had NOT heard of him before this morning, where someone referred me to it in these terms, on the only other blog I bother commenting on -

'Excellent posts from Guy Reid-Brown.
Has he seen the open letter to the president from the archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, ex Nuzio to the US? Extraordinary- terrifying: in the coming year i fear we will discover what each of us is made of.

Posted by: Rick Green | 30 October 2020 at 08:09 AM'

Here is the link to that recommendation -

I subsequently read the letter and it is EXCEPTIONAL - Vigano, in relation to the Roman Catholic Church as it is now constituted, is essentially a Martin Luther for 2020.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I HAVE to flag this up, as I don't believe in No-incidence -

Where A puts -

' Unknown said...


Hi Vis,

Have you heard of Archbishop Vigano? He wrote an open letter to Trump in June that Trump acknowledged in a Tweet: '

Now, I don't know about Les, but I had NOT heard of him before this morning, where someone referred me to it in these terms, on the only other blog I bother commenting on -

'Excellent posts from Guy Reid-Brown.
Has he seen the open letter to the president from the archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, ex Nuzio to the US? Extraordinary- terrifying: in the coming year i fear we will discover what each of us is made of.

Posted by: Rick Green | 30 October 2020 at 08:09 AM'

Here is the link to that recommendation -

I subsequently read the letter and it is EXCEPTIONAL - Vigano, in relation to the Roman Catholic Church as it is now constituted, is essentially a Martin Luther for 2020.



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