Sunday, October 25, 2020

"Sunk into the Cushions of Your Comfort Zone and Increasingly Aware of How Uncomfortable You Are."

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Good day, my dear friends. Welcome to Visible Origami and its window into the First Church of the Presence of God. This blog is an aperture. It is an entryway into the virtual world that leads, depending on the direction you take, into your own being, or outward into the mind's conversation about the journey into your own being. I am suddenly reminded of that song by the Amboy Dukes, ♫ Journey to the Center of the Mind ♫

I 'had' fond memories of the '60s (I try not to remember ANYTHING NOW). It was a time of Self Discovery, before the arrival of bad drugs and bad music and The Culture of Greed. I was incarcerated for the entire year in which that song showed up but I was relentlessly engaged in the Inward Reflection upon Self the whole time.

Perhaps there is a center of the mind BUT... to me, it would be a portal out of the mind, not a place per se. Nothing of any lasting significance or meaning is to be found in the mind and the mind KNOWS this. The mind knows what happens, or rather let us say, 'the mind thinks it knows what happens' when the attention is directed beyond the mind, which cannot be accomplished until the mind is stilled and for the mind, Stillness is Death. The mind fights you all the time. It wants all of your attention. It feeds on it. The one thing the mind refuses to contemplate is its own mortality and limitations. The Mind is the staging ground for the ego and most definitely, most definitely, it tells you what you want to hear. Then it explains the sorrow that comes from believing in what you want to hear as... well... it has many an explanation for anything. As long as it can captivate your attention, it does not care what it captivates you with.

There are BASIC areas that the mind develops within, for the consideration of the temporary self and they all have to do with hungers, acquisitions, and attainments, with the additional concern of FEAR, which can come at you from all sorts of angles. The mind is a Monkey and it scampers hither and yon, bringing all manner of objects from its inventory for you to ponder and desire; desire to have and desire to get away from. The mind gets you into every pickle and then strategies how to get you out. It doesn't matter. As long as it has your attention, it has you. The mind is also concerned with the avoidance of suffering. It is MORE THAN a tad ironic that Suffering is ALWAYS the outcome.

When you go wondering about what lies outside the reach of the mind, you run into a problem, ONLY... if you pay attention to them. They are not actually problems. They are only the threat of problems; the woo woo of the unknown. The majority of us live in a room of no fixed boundaries that is inhabited by specters. They whisper to you from beyond the reach of sight and they loom over you, right next to you. NONE OF THEM are real. They are mere phantasms... UNTIL... UNTIL... you start to feed them. The more you feed them, the more they crystallize into form. You can feed your fears and they WILL materialize as external circumstance, or internal discomfort, ALSO KNOWN AS (A.K.A) Dis-ease OR... OR... you can BE FED by angels and illuminated entities.

As long as you think you know and think you know what is going on, the mind WILL agree with you and give you all kinds of supporting evidence, right up to the point of no return and you NEVER get to the point of no return, until there is no possibility of return. The good news is that Reincarnation is a FACT. That's the good news and the bad news. As soon as you realize that you DO NOT KNOW, you CAN BE informed. Guru Bawa used to say that if your bucket was filled you couldn't add more and if your water had any salt in it, it is all saltwater. You HAVE TO empty your bucket so that it can be filled and how you empty it is by repeating, “I don't know.” over and over and over, until the visceral awareness occurs and you realize that you do not know and NEVER DID.

Oh... maybe you knew a long... long... time ago. That is possible, BUT... since that time, so much clutter has accrued that finding the golden straw in a haystack is more than a Herculean Labor. Because you did know once, memory is key and Memory is personified as a female in the guise of the High Priestess because Memory is a facility of the Subconscious.

You have to make friends with your subconscious. She is that part of yourself BELOW the surface of your self-conscious mind. The Lovers card symbolizes what you get when you have this naked loving relationship with your submerged self where you are not lying to yourself, where you are not hiding from yourself.

Bota Deck The Lovers

When you are doing this then The Devil card comes into play. They are the same characters in both cards, in a different relationship with the angel above, which is given its duties and appearance based on your actions and intentions.

Bota Deck The Devil

ONE FORCE... two relationships to that force, AND two celestial forms, either informing or deceiving you, based on your inclination. You are bound or you are free. It is a scary thing and most people WILL NOT consider this out of fear of The Truth being revealed to them. The Truth requires and demands a strict adherence.

The Devil is a distortion of The Divine, given that appearance by the nature of one's desire.

Yes... there are many things I could say differently. There are many details and points of view I have not addressed. This will ALWAYS be the case. The point of these blogs, however badly the author may generate it, is to inspire Self Inquiry. The articles of value you will accrue are NOT TO BE FOUND here, BUT... directions can be indicated. My greatest revelations and realizations DID NOT occur while I was reading anything. I did profit immensely from reading books and sitting in the presence of realized beings, and there was no mistaking whether any of them was realized or not because of the corona of light that outlined their form. I did not meet more than a couple of these and the rest, though they attracted much larger crowds, left me unimpressed. I'm after the real thing, not a facsimile. I should add a caveat here and that is that FALSE LIGHT can appear to be a real light to those under the spell of it.

For so long as one is enamored of the things of the world, one will be in the thrall of them. It is a rare soul that breaks free of this and NO ONE does it on their own. Anyone who imagines that they can is deluding themselves. I have this on the HIGHEST authority. FIRST... find the one who can lead you there. After that, your concerns are over. This can be accomplished internally, or be activated by an external experience, BUT regardless, it will be an internal affair.

The world is in a turmoil of change. It is DIFFICULT to put one's attention on inner verities. We are at the turning of the age. Confusion and chaos are ALWAYS large influences in such times. You MUST shut down the mind. You MUST still the reactive mind. You cannot hear the interior voice otherwise. Regardless of the 'appearance' of the external spectacle, nothing is happening. It is all distraction. Yes... I pay attention to the election and the news of the day BUT... I am not deceived by it, nor emotionally galvanized. Still...

I MUST polish my mirror and at several points in every day, I go within. I kneel (metaphorically) in prayer. I cry out for guidance. Set a mirror outside for some days. Leave it there long enough and you cannot see what it is reflecting, or the image is significantly blurred. This is the Dust of the World. If you take no steps on your own to clear your mirror, it WILL become obscured. This is not an effort on my part. It is a delight! I have the remarkable fortune of being convinced of the Presence of God. Anyone... ANYONE could have this state of assurance, this Blessed Assurance. You simply have to want it more than anything else. Why... why wait for life to reduce you to the extremity that makes you want it more than anything else?

Why continue on into the darkness, until TRAUMA informs you that you are off course? Why go on and on, Suffering and being LITERALLY brought to your knees? Fall to your knees ahead of time! You will find nothing out here- out there... but loss, recrimination, and regret, while surrounded by hostages to fortune. When one is young, USUALLY (but not in every case) one does not think on these matters BUT... let the years go by and watch what occurs. Each age brings with it new concerns. The health one took for granted now becomes a concern. The evidence of failure, on so many levels, rears its Hydra heads. Newness goes away and routine becomes all-encompassing. It is FEAR that continuously narrows the parameters of pursued experience. This is a state of TOO LATE. One is sunk into the cushions of their comfort zone, being made increasingly aware of how uncomfortable they are.

Many people have tried to change, only to discover how difficult change is. They give up. If they had ONLY PERSISTED for a few more days, it would have become a habit and habit perpetuates itself. We are ALL creatures of habit. The only difference is in the quality of the habit. Once I was in dire extremity and had only one option and that was to change my life. I turned with a fury to positive change and because of the passionate intensity brought to it, it was EASY. It was incredibly easy. It lasted for a few years and I fell by the wayside again, BUT... ONCE again... it was easy the next time too. The only problem was making the decision. If you have once accomplished this you have something truly valuable. Don't wait for Too Late to hang a sign in the window of your life.

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Go to creativedestructionmedia dot com to see the Horrors of Hunter Biden. If you do not have a strong stomach then stay away. I will not link to this because I suspect that access is blocked in many locations. Mr. Apocalypse has ramped up the intensity as we have been mentioning all along.

Come to GAB and leave some evidence of your passage. It might prove meaningful down the road, especially for Facebook members. GAB is accessed here.

Pocketnet has all sorts of commentary on information you won't get in the mainstream. You can access Pocketnet here. Then click on All Posts at the top of the page.

les visible at pocketnet


Thomas said...

Good stuff.

It's a tricky thing, trying to explain something to the mind that it does not, can not, grasp. Memory can know it, though, or at least remember that there is *something outside the mind* - a curious fact.

Visible said...

Pocketnet has been hacked by the Deep State, probably because we have been highlighting the Hunter Biden porno videos. It's down now and has been for hours. This was not the work of some itinerant hackers.

mask-er-rade said...

Trauma came a few years ago and it was a turning point. It was a mysterious ways move and it was a blessing in disguise.
A 360 degree turn in lifestyle was mandatory and discipline is approached from a fun time and not a must be done attitude.
All of the fear went away. Fear is the sharpest tool in the devil's toolbox.
The laptop from hell where the best and brightest who are destined to rule take a computer chock full of incriminating not for public consumption material to a computer repair shop.
I call Trump the Revelator because he makes the fifth column drop their fake phony mask.
The mask-er-rade continues and after a good stocking up it will be time to cut back on the Sack N' Save due to overzealous Karens.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I accessed you through Pocketnet a little while ago.

Anyway, not everyone has to work as hard as you to get to where we're goin'. In my early (teen) years I fought myself and went against my innate nature of the time to become what I ended up evolving to become prematurely, and ye gods; did I mess myself up. It was an act that made me miserable, and it didn't work. Then I went the Krishnamurti route of, 'DON'T FIGHT YOURSELF'; and I just got to where I wanted to be on a different time table. I guess it was necessary to to be the bastard I was in order to become the bastard I am today.

I must also say, since the season's change; life has gotten really different for me. So much has been working in my favour it's blowing me away. Not everything, but mostly. After all, what's life without a couple of ratchets in the wheel? I am also NOT taking it for granted. I know Who's taking care of me, and I know Who I'm primarily working for. . .and I'm gonna do my absolute BEST!

Rock on!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this 'mindful' (or is it 'mindless'?) blog.

One thing I find useful in moving up is to leave 'markers' along the way. When one is in a higher state, make a conscious effort to remember that state. Make the mind an ally in this: "Remember. Remember." And try to get all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, body sensations, energy awareness, etc., embedded in that remembrance.

When one has come-down from that state (switched from delta/theta-land back into beta/alpha-land), the original experience will 'disappear'. It is still there, but not accessible from day-to-day consciousness. The mind, however, will retain a down-graded version of the experience. Do not mistake that for the real experience. It will be a pale version of the original. Nonetheless, the memory is 'close enough' to prompt one to treasure and want to repeat the higher state. The mind can be made an 'ally' in this manner...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Le Rocher said...

Thanks Again Folks -

The Great Disturbance in the Force has again been explained in Brilliant Clarity.

All I got are excuses. Let myself think I was thinking again. I guess it's just really difficult to separate the pains being experienced in this plane of reality with the 'cause and affect clause'.

Les made description of human brain activities - Now imagine what happens to the systemic biological interactions when completely polluted with every known neurotoxin Dr. Frankenstein's minions can dream up.

Be Well, stay aware..............

brian boru said...

I can only conclude that Mr Apocalypse, as you have described him, is real. How else to explain the Biden disaster? It's hard to believe that the Democrats could be so utterly incompetent as to select such manifestly evil and corrupt characters as Clinton and Biden as their candidates for two elections in a row. People who are so blatantly unsuitable that it would require a system of corruption so completely beyond repair and voter fraud on a scale never seen before to make it appear that these creatures could be elected. Having said that, they almost succeeded with the Clinton monster. Besides the fact that Biden has a mental state that makes him incapable of running a lemonade stand, surely the string pullers who organise these things must have known about the massive corruption of this family and how easy it would have been to expose? I suppose the same question could have been asked about the Clintons. One wonders what the point of the election is at all and how the media whores can even bother to try to pretend that there is worthwhile opposition to Trump to vote for? The only conclusion then is that these creatures in the Deep State are so arrogant that they cannot believe that their machinations could possibly fail and that they can keep everything under wraps with their control of information. So, Mr Apocalypse does indeed pull their pants down in front of the world. However, I think he will be required to do an awful lot more exposing of these demonic creatures to bring about the kind of change that is needed to drain the swamp in any meaningful way.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"A Huge Surprise is Coming on November 4th. There WILL BE, Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth."



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