Wednesday, December 27, 2023

"Unify Yourself by Blowing Away All The False Versions or... Wind Up Living in a Crowded Room with No One in Charge."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Whenever The Weasel-Shit Warriors tell you one thing, there is usually something else going on behind the scenes. Sometimes they are forming a message for you and sometimes they are forming a message for their competition in The Shit-Weasel League. Some might be blue and gold and some might be orange and black, but... it's like football. They push each other up and down the field, while you cheer for one side or the other, and they are both the same and neither one of them likes you.

The leveling of Gaza... The Gazacide... is a message to the competition telling them they can do whatever the Hell they want, and... if you cause any problems, then... you're next. It's also a message to the rest of us if we raise too much noise about 15-minute concentration camps.

UFOs are all over the news now because they plan on a new Hollywood version of The Moon-landing coming soon to a Bread and Circus outlet near you. It's a kind of Dave and Buster's Pedo-Palace... for the less discriminating kiddie diddlers... but it involves sex with aliens instead, only you're the one in the barrel.

It's getting to High Noon in the town of Reality. The single-minded marshal of his own thoughts is going to have to walk out onto Mainstreet and confront all the separate versions of himself. It's like those lines from the Liberty Valance song; ♫ From the moment a girl gets to be full-grown... The very first thing she learns... When two men go out to face each other... Only one returns ♫

Except... in this case... one has to unify themselves by blowing away all the false versions or... wind up living in a crowded room with no one in charge.

Last night... my friend and I watched Harvey. When we stopped... so I could prepare dinner... I began to talk out loud to my own invisible Pooka who was... for the moment... named Harold. As with anything, I can get as deeply into character as I wish.

After a bit of imitating Jimmy Stewart and the 6'3” white rabbit... (which in my case is a badger) my friend remarked on how it came so easily to me, since I already had invisible friends, though I didn't usually act out with them in a public manner. I thought, Wow! My friend is quite right, and just like Elwood P. Dowd's friend Harvey, my invisible friends are not imaginary, BUT... people in alt-reality can't see them cause their childhood went South a long time ago.

There is invisible, and... there is imaginary. They are not the same. The oddest feature of life is how people are so attached to and obsessed with material objects, and yet... it never occurs to them that everything they see... hear... taste... touch... and smell... comes from an invisible source.

When people lose their Reason... because of all the imaginary gunslingers waiting for them out in the street of that town... that is actually in their minds, they also lose their ability to operate the tool of Logic. They can wander in a delusional state for lifetimes... once their awareness of personal unity has gone by the wayside.

When Confucius went to see Lao Tzu... after hearing about him for a while... Lao Tzu's first words were. “Who are all those people you brought with you.” Reportedly, Confucius looked around him and there was no one there. However, if you know anything about Confucius... who he was... and what he got up to... it makes perfect sense that he was attended by his own crowd of gunslingers that went everywhere he went.

When he was later asked about his encounter with Lao Tzu, he said... “I met a dragon.” If you bothered to read the Hermes Trismegistus link at the end of one of the recent postings, you would know that The Great Dragon is the personification of The One Mind from which all creation is spawned.

Wouldn't it be nice to become a creature of legend? You know... Johnny Appleseed... The Pied Piper of Hamlin? There are many of these personifications of The Divine Persona. For the untutored, Johnny Appleseed is a character from children's stories. To those in the know, he was something else and it wasn't only apple seeds that he was sowing.

Let's say you wanted to become the personification of The Christmas Spirit. This is one of my personal favorites. You ask The Almighty to imbue you with the capacity to travel The Earth... dispensing The Christmas Spirit... by becoming a vehicle for The Christmas Spirit.

The only catch is that you have to cease being you and become that. Since you... as you presently understand yourself to be... do not exist... this is no hardship. Ah! But for most people... letting go of all the hopes... and fears... the desires and ambitions of The Personal Self are unbearable.

You wander The Earth with your roots in The Invisible, and NOWHERE ELSE. You are a medium for The Higher Love. Wherever you go, you bring The Spirit of Christmas with you. The rooms fill with the scent of pine and baked goods. Laughter seems to come out of nowhere. Joy travels on music that sounds out of the hearts of everyone united... in the moment of your coming and passing, and no one realizes the whole of it until you are gone, and... perhaps not even then, BUT... the memory endures and that travels too.

You CAN accomplish this through The Creative Imagination... through the power of precise visualizing. Oh yes! You can speak this desire of aspiration into the ears of Nature and she will carry it like a prayer to the one who makes things of this sort happen. The Power of God... The Grace of God... adapts you to this.

Everything in life is by adaptation. One simply adapts. This is where Faith... Certitude... and Determination come in. You must be consistent and persistent. You must want it more than anything else.

Let's talk about a hypothetical that I am familiar with. Say you come into this world and this and that happens. You meet this one, and you meet that one. You don't think overly about it. Some you like and some you do not like, and then... it occurs to you. Perhaps you are told? One way or another it comes into your understanding that everyone you have met... and will meet... is your responsibility. It is your job to guide them to The Promised Land, and every life thereafter in which you appear will be dedicated to this.

What if I told you this is exactly true to the extent that you believe it and continue in it? You can't broadcast it or publicly presume it... though many have done so. You don't want to be a false prophet, and you would be... because... the power to do it and the spirit to continue in it would depart from you as soon as you picked up the megaphone and started calling attention to yourself, for... personal... reasons.

It would have to be your little secret. You can't take credit for these things because IT IS NOT YOU who is accomplishing them. The World is full of people tooting their horns... calling attention to themselves, and generally being obnoxious or calculating about it. This is a magical secret. If you can go about your business with the winds of God billowing your sails, you will be carried everywhere on the wings of a Higher Love.

You don't have to call attention to what you do. That is the job of the angels who handle the PR that has to do with those who work toward The Coming of The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Sometimes Heaven has determined that you should be recognized in a big way... in a small way... or not at all. To the sincere worker, it doesn't matter which... because fame (and conversely) notoriety comes at a cost... ALWAYS. It is just another burden to bear in the name of the one you serve.

Be grateful if you are fortunate enough to go about your business without attracting too much attention... while you are still in range of the attention. As someone who has been known in good ways and bad ways more than a few times, let me say that I know what I am talking about here. It's possible to be downright hated for doing the right thing and praised otherwise where no good reasons are associated with it.

Think of the finest life form you can be... the one that thrills your soul with the very thought of it. Make that the home point on your karmic GPS, and no matter what, come snow... sleet... hail... or rain, hold to it. You will be on your way there, and even if you fall short for whatever the reasons; some of them being good reasons that might not have occurred at the inception... you will arrive at something far beyond anywhere you had been previously headed.

The power of The Divine is limitless, and it is God's constant hope that he can express some measure of it... some version of it... through you, if you will just hold still for long enough for him/her/it to get into the driver's seat, and... you can stop fighting him/her/it for control of the steering wheel.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, December 22, 2023

"The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes, of Wonder Opening Upon Wonder into The Everlasting and Beyond."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday was The Winter Solstice, that natural demarcation line that signifies The Birth of The Light out of the dark womb of winter. It goes from the womb to the tomb of The Spring Equinox; where it rises after a different fashion. I'm not going to get into the whole Rolodexing (is that a verb?) kaleidoscope of the changing seasons... repeating themselves ad infinitum... or at least so far as the mortal perspective can tell.

This is The Land of The Blind here. It is the place where the one-eyed man is king, BUT... perhaps that is a reference to, “if thine eye be single,” and not to some anomaly of one guy having an eye left after everyone else has lost them both. This is The Land of The Blind because of Carnal Vision that sees everything through a heat signature, and what is seen... obscures the cool land of hidden lakes and exotic landscapes... of wonder opening into wonder... that awaits beyond it.

It is this same blindness that obscures the presence of The Great Companions... who live in The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes or by shores of that land which exists beyond The Ocean of Birth and Death. Cold Mountain rises into a crown of mist... out of the seemingly endless forest that surrounds it.

Those who live in This World are the many who have refused to die to it, and must... perforce... die in it... while living and dying over and over there. The Master said something about dying to This World so that you might live forever in another, AND... I think that all sums it up succinctly and nicely; n’est-ce pas?

So... the whole point of this Season of Giving, as some people term it... is to celebrate the gift that The Divine gave to all of us... being born into This World as The Living Light, AND... showing The Way out of it. He lived and died... just as we SEEM to do, and then rose triumphantly above it, into the limitless light of immortality; setting the tone... as it were... for any of us to follow, should... we... be... so... inclined.

Yes, This World can be a harsh place. There seems to be no limits to human suffering for those who... for reasons of their own... insist on coming and going here because they think... imagine? Believe? I suppose the reasons vary. However... it does appear that they have convinced themselves there is something to find here, and... once they do... then everything will be alright, and... peachy keen.

Everything will NEVER be alright here BECAUSE... everything is temporary... everything changes... everything passes, and it goes from one state of being to another. It is true... in some cases... that there are those who... temporarily... have a period of 'most favored' status, BUT... then the favor runs out. Somewhere a buzzer or a bell goes off, and one is... once again... in The Land of The Midnight Pumpkins.

It is likely that what has happened before... will happen on the same timeline that it did the last time, and the time before that... because the traditions of Religion all follow the seasons. Once the teachings of The Christ were established, they were grafted over the traditions that preceded them, just as those traditions were grafted over the ones that came before, and before that, and before that, and before that. The Trismegister was followed by Serapis... then Christ arrived.

I might not have the sequencing right but that's not my department anyway. I don't keep track of who did what... where... or how much Peter owes Paul. I keep track of what has always been here and never left. I'm not concerned with what new face replaced an old face, I am more concerned about The Face that is Too Bright to See, and which The Sun is an indication of... an indication of what shines in The Land of Hidden Lakes and Exotic Landscapes of Wonder Opening Upon Wonder... into the everlasting and beyond.

My concern is not who said what... where, and whether anyone heard him. My concern is not whether what he said is what they now say he said. My concern is not whose head sits under all those hats, but... what was in the head... that wore the hats... that The Heart informed... because The Soul came into resonance... with The Spirit that informs all things, on... the... level... they... are... present... at.

God is always here... invisibly or... otherwise... anonymously. You don't get to think about him until after he is gone. For the time he is among you, you are under his banishing spell, where he makes The World go away... for long enough to break the trance you were operating under, AND... because Understanding is a cumulative sort of thing... it can take a while coming around.

God has worn a lot of hats, and outfits. Most of the time when he is present, he dresses like everyone else... he looks like everyone else... he is... in fact... everyone else... as they are when they are themselves again with yesterday's ten thousand years; as Omar The K once put it.

Once he's been gone (even though he didn't go anywhere) the bean counters and pencil pushers come around and put together an operating system... that milks the public... like they were a never-ending herd of dairy cows; thus saith he... begetting this and that... wherefore unto you it is given (and taken away)... that the shiny things in the temples of your mind... shall be to you like a television... before they got around to that. Some kind of hoo-doo jingle-jangle that approximates the measurable degrees of The Dingle Dangling.

Therefore did everyone making bank (nearer the trough to thee) get better than well.. sleek as otters... Jabberwocking the laundry lists... of the rituals and routines... that put you to sleep... until your pocket is picked and their privates get licked. So it has been, so it will always be... that the sheep get sheared, and the land gets cleared... by those who are not permitted to live on it. (I could do this all day, but I won't)

The seasons come and the seasons go, and every now and then... at a great remove... The Living Light comes here from a place where there is only one season, and where darkness cannot enter. Yesterday was such a day, and today it is dark and gloomier than I have seen in many a day, and the rain is falling. It might be premonition of something... soon to be followed by a midnight clear... with angels bending near The Earth, and so on... and so forth.

The Light is always birthed out of The Darkness. They say (whoever They were) that all was dark and void previously... before The Great Hammerer into Shape came around and said, Let this be this, and let that be that. Few they are who know how it all went down, and fewer still are those who understand it... because they haven't got anything to say; not being deceivers (or they would have no understanding) and knowing beforehand that everything they did say... would be taken out of context and shrink-wrapped for the shelves of The Department Store Mind.

Just as in the backrooms... of that club... where you and I are not members, there is another club where they are not members, AND... a great many more of you would be much better off if you were not yearning to be a member of their club. You wouldn't like it anyway. They don't like it themselves, but... they didn't know that going in. They only got the bad news AFTER the door was closed behind them, and then locked and chained. It explains why they are so mean to the rest of us.

This is a season of rejoicing for those who know what to be joyful about. Less and less of us have any recollection of the whys and wherefores of the reasons for rejoicing... because the din and noise of bullshit... have reached such a level of volume... that you can no longer even hear yourself speak, but... no one is listening anyway.

It's meant to get like this, to test the Faith... Certitude... and Determination of those who are still...hanging on for dear life... to the idea of something beyond all this folly and heartbreaking sorrow. Well... I am here to tell you that it is EXACTLY on days like this that The Light returns again. You can rely on that. It is a certainty.

Grace and The Palpable Beauty of God also have their seasons, and the time has come round again for us to celebrate what most have only given cleft-lip service to... during the protracted dimming of The Light, as so many hearts closed the door on that fairy tale. However... it is no fairy tale, my friends. It is realer than real. It is going to warm like the hearth in the room behind The Candle in The Window, AND... it is going to burn like fire where cause is given.

Do not despair. It never... went... anywhere. It is ALWAYS there. It must simply be rediscovered. It is not something you find for the first time. It is something you remember, and that will be made crystal clear when you come upon it again. Merry Christmas, my dear and faithful friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Strangely enough, since I wrote that post about the machines on the fairway, I have seen none since. That is even more weird than the manner of their synchronized showing up previously.

And another shorter treatise upon things obscure.

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I do not know if this person is telling the truth or not because these days there is no telling. I post it because I have found Truthteller to be just that. (so far) HOWEVER, I wouldn't put it past a chain supermarket.
Keep your eyes open my friends!!!=

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"Like a Scone that Failed to Rise, a Mountain Worn Away by The Wind and The Rain; Pressed Down by Gravity and Time."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Surely The Reader has noticed the gradual, and then more, and more expedited rate of insanity that is a constant feature of The World of the Moment? It is also noticeably apparent that it is affecting every strata of society. It is clear that people like Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... Satanyahu, and a host of others... in The Temporal Ruling Class... have gone insane. Many in the social orders beneath them... do not see this as it actually is... because of their greater desire to be like them.

Most everyone dreams of being successful... rising above their peers... becoming exceptional or... being recognized for already being exceptional. With The Rise of The Influencers, people engage in behavior of ever-increasing risk... more and more often at the cost of their own lives, and the lives of others.

The rich often take similar risks in order to be super rich, and we hear about them now and again when they run afoul of the more and more selectively enforced Laws of The Land. The desire is to be ever more famous... ever more wealthy... ever more desirable and exclusive; the best part of being desirable... it seems... is to also be unreachable, and then... untouchable... unless you want to be touched.

We have used the image of The Spindle and The Record before. Now that vinyl is making a comeback, perhaps it will register better. One should think of this spindle as a magnetic pillar that radiates an attractive force. The closer you get to it, the more certainly it holds you in place. Like a record player, this construct has several speeds. Let's call them, The Slow Lane... The Regular Lane, and The Fast Lane; ♫ Life in The Fast Lane, surely make you lose your mind ♫

That is where and how the speedy success of the energetic is made possible.

Then there is the centrifugal force that is barely perceptible the closer you are to The Spindle, and... which increases in power... the closer you get to The Edge. Beyond The Edge is The Howling Unknown... utter darkness... Death and Destruction. No one knows exactly because no one who has ever spun off The Record has come back to talk about it. Some people who were rescued... while hanging from The Lip... report having received visions, but... that's about it.

In one particular way, The Record is not like a regular record, It rises toward The Spindle and drops away toward The Edge. (The Edge and The Lip are the same place, by the way) It's like a scone that failed to rise or a mountain worn away by The Wind and The Rain, and pressed down by Gravity and Time.

Existence itself is like this and one's thoughts, words, and actions have placed them at wherever it is that they are located. Did I mention that The Record has its own weather? This is a large record. It even has Flat Earth People on it. Speaking of Flat Earth, I thought I would include this little diddy here.

This is not the same record producer Diddy that likes to bugger and humiliate The Talent. Of course, all Satanists are required... by the force of that which has taken up residence in them... to engage in certain reversed Kundalini sexual practices, but... I digress.

By now, you should know that The Flat Earth Theory is a CIA invention, so is much of the other horseshit you hear every day, and the sound of what you hear intensifies the closer you are to The Edge; but... I digress again.

We were talking about the weather on The Record. The area around The Spindle is like The Eye of The Hurricane. It gets louder and wilder the further you move away from The Spindle. All round The Edge of The Record is what I call, The Vision of Material Culture. This is what pulls one away from The Spindle.

As the pull of Material Culture intensifies... the speed of The Record increases. It gets harder to move toward The Spindle and easier to move toward The Edge. It explains the increasing amounts of insanity that one sees more and more frequently... because one's sanity reduces commensurate with one's distance from The Spindle. One seldom notices that they are growing insane because everything that surrounds them has a similar perspective.

Perhaps... by now... you are realizing that this record exists in multiple dimensions? It's like The Fibonacci Spiral... Sequence... as seen by someone while peaking on Ayahuasca OR... The Golden Ratio as viewed by someone having a bipolar episode. It's obviously not something you can talk about with any hope of being understood. I've had to deal with this my whole life, but... it hasn't stopped me from trying, of course. (grin)

People on The Record have one major concern and that is the pull of The Spindle relative to the pull of The Edge. They also have to maintain themselves wherever they are OR... think they do, even though Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like whatever the Hell he was talking about.

Here I should point out that The Spindle is a conscious agency; a direct material representation of that which is not material, and which... thereby... logic would insist... does need a material representation. It is possible... in fact, there are laws to that effect... which state that one can activate The Spindle to increase its attractive force, like a tractor beam, and cause it to act on anyone who is in distress or fear of being pulled yet closer to The Edge if... one makes the effort to contact it.

I should add here that crying out for help will also... possibly alert The Predators, so... one should do so in a quiet and interior fashion. If you are already resonant with The Spindle...if you are in sympathetic accord... like a tuning fork... this dynamic warns The Predators Away. It's like a spiritual version of Invisible Fence which works to keep things out, whereas the regular Invisible Fence works to keep things in. This also happens on The Etheric... Astral... and Mental Planes.

You could be in Most Protected Status by being resonant... in sympathetic accord... with The Spindle. Your being is... potentially... a sanctuary that is inviolable. Malign entities are unable to enter in.

One accomplishes such a state of being through the practice of certain disciplines, like meditation. Meditation... properly performed... raises your vibrations above the range of inimical forces, and... keeps... you... there. The Mind is a mirror. If the health of The Mind is not attended to, in regular fashion... it will be impossible to see a reflection in it because dust particles will accumulate until the mirror is completely obscured. This is the case with most people at this time.

Most people do not know that they are slipping toward The Edge of The Record. They might sense that something is wrong, BUT... not know what that is. Surely you have seen people exhibiting nervous behaviors... tics... acting out in strange fashion, AND... getting worse if not attended to? You have certainly seen them doing so at a distance or... over the internet.

If it were not for The Spindle, all would be lost. If it were not for The Spindle, The Record would not even play. There would be no life. The Spindle is a direct extension of the ineffable Mind of God that contains and controls all things. Even The Insane are controlled according to whatever their Purpose of Demonstration might be. Once again... one has only to raise their vibrations.

Everything in existence... seen and unseen... is vibrating at a specific rate, and that rate accounts for the content or form of whatever it might be... seen or unseen. It is by this process that some can turn Lead into Gold. Unfortunately... at this time, and due to the force of reversed Kundalini... among The Temporal Ruling Class... many are effectively turning Gold into Shit... causing a pandemic of Monkey see... Monkey do... Monkey winds up on a stick.

These are times of trial and tribulations. The Satanists who trouble The World are Hell-bent (well... that makes perfect sense) on driving us mad because they are being driven mad. Their time is at hand and they are going to fall for a long time, and... not be seen nor heard from... for a much longer time afterward. It is how it is.

Evil destroys itself. That is The Nature of Evil. One must not contend with Evil lest one gets tangled in the snares of Evil. The Divine sees all and knows all. Rely on The Divine to the exclusion of all else, and... all will be well.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

"To Diversity Splicing Unity. From True Gold to Bought and Sold. Humanity Stoops to Genuflect before The Altar of Flesh."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everything you see in The World around you is generated by the impact of the collective vision of The Hive Mind on its environment. First, there is Nature in the raw. Then there are the human elements of civilization and culture, and the impress of The Hive Mind is colored and shaped by the interaction of the planets as they move in The Heavens.

Civilizations rise and fall as they react to the biorhythms of planetary forces... setting the conditions and players in place... for the dramas to be acted out. These are all individualized expressions of The Dreamer, in whose mind we are all thoughts acting out in that dream. God is a serpent, and... sleeping at the central core of existence, simultaneously in The Wider World, and... in the individual separated minds seeking union.

All the restlessness of our human state is the result of seeking union. The immediate first option is sexual union... a temporary coupling... for the production of more thoughts... dancing through The One Mind that is dreaming it all in and out of being.

The presence of 8 billion people should tell you what the primary driving engine of the human mind has been.

At rare intervals... a few of us wake up in the dream... here and there, and... act as the hand of The Divine upon existence. In Times of Material Darkness, at a certain point... Life calls an apocalypse down upon itself... due to going radically out of balance with itself and everything else.

All the traditions and teachings that held us on course and in some degree of symmetry with each other, lose all their meaning, and there remains nothing but the fiery magnetics of flesh calling flesh, and the things of the flesh. We have exhausted the tenets and lessons of the passing age, and... must now be processed into the next age for the new lessons coming with it.

Those who have woken up in times like these are marginalized and martyred by The Mob. Subsequently... most of them know to keep their distance... unless they are specifically destined to be chum... on the surly waters of an angry time. I suppose there are other ways I could have put it, BUT... I did not.

We are... increasingly... entering into a period of bewildering multiplicity... a time of fragmenting, which is the opposite of unity, and there is little succor to be found... in any of the opportunities for casual union... that leer at us like demented manikins... from the store windows of Grab n Go that line the avenues of the burning cities.

The animal faces of consuming appetite are the mirrors of the moment into which the captive dreamers look... searching for themselves... searching for what is hidden... behind the inky pools of vacant eyes.

Psychopathic Ashkenazi counterfeiting rings... have financed millions of testosterone-fueled barbarians across the borders of the greatest collective experiment since Rome, and the same band of sold-out whores have arrived to chop-shop it for parts and sell it to the junk dealers from foreign shores.

The gimlet-eyed materialists... weigh and measure the swag... while tattooed hookers who went to college and learned nothing... wait on their backs... and on their hands and knees... for them to return from their looting sprees and mount them like brood mares.

Is that melodramatic enough for you? Am I wrong? Is it exaggerated purple prose... sprinkled with hyperbole... or is it... more likely... vastly understated and spot on? Meanwhile, millions of drugstore Neros... fiddle with their privates in the public squares, while dusky orcs lay into the populace with whatever is at hand... at the behest... and under the guidance... of their paymasters... who hijacked the government resources for just that intention.

And yet... they think they will escape the madness they have generated? They think somehow that the ravening hordes they have unleashed upon the witless consumers of second-rate shiny shit... will stop at their command... once enough blood has run in the streets... through the all-forgiving gutters that run to The World below.

A far wiser mind. The one that has dreamed it all into being, with the sidekick assistance of the separated minds... these shattered slivers of a broken mirror... that wink here and there when the sunlight fixes on them... this far wiser mind has seen the end of it since before the beginning. We are in that phase now that is called The Dance of The Just Deserts. This portion of our programming is brought to you by Wide Load Jeans.

Yes... the denouement approaches. The Pederast Cowboys... in their backless chromium steel chaps... are wrangling the feckless and stupid into every smaller and tighter corrals. They had decades of fine-tuning that went down in Gaza. They know how to press you closer together than The Broom Men in The Tokyo subway.

They have deep-mined the human taste buds. They have studied the free range of carnal appetite. They have run ten million rats through a hundred thousand mazes and they know what you like and don't like, and they also know they can train you to consume anything they please. Recent times have proven that out.

Travis Kelce is smiling at you from the commercial monitors in Times Square. He attended The Jim Jones School of Kool-Aid Poison Disinfo. Taylor Swift is wearing a cheerleader outfit, and on her way to looking like Dolly Parton in an endless half-time show. She won't be aging gracefully.

Madison Avenue created her, just like they did Obama... Eminem... Jack Harlow... Lice Spice and every other marionette that dances to the 5G mRNA boogie that keeps time in the vibrating butt-plug accessory that came with your cellphone.

Yeah... whaddya gonna do? Who's your daddy? Do you imagine that it is even remotely possible that some kind of fairy-tale ending is going to result from this festering landfill of excess? No... it's all headed on conveyor belts to the threshing teeth of the recycling machine. Turn up the bass! Turn up the bass!!! Do you know what the radiation from your AirPods is doing to your brain?

You should walk out of your house every day and thank The Sun... as deeply and profoundly as you can manage... for sending you a human representation of itself to set your house in order. The people fucking with you are quite serious about their end game. Massive schools of human fish turn on a dime in their aquarium prisons. They are DEFINITELY going down with the ship.

If you can't wake up because you won't wake up. If you can keep on sleeping while your bed is burning. If you can fight with all your puny will against awakening, and... are determined to go to Davy Jones Locker on The Ghost Ship Woke, well... there is no help for you. If The Divine sends you radio and TV messages in your head.. rowboats and helicopters, and... you refuse to go, then... you are already gone.

Project Bluebeam is on the way. Make sure you pack all your important things that you will need on The Mother Ship. “To Serve Mankind” will be playing on the in-flight video monitors. You'll taste great, AND... be less filling too.

Do you wonder why Dana White just said that if you are patriotic you will drink gallons and gallons of Bud Light? Do you wonder why Kid Rock has now gone back to drinking Bud Light? Has it never occurred to you that all these talking heads are saying what they are told to say, and not according to those original thoughts that have never entered their head, AND NOT A ONE OF THEM has anything to say about that pornographic travesty that is taking place in Gaza. "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

From heterogeneity to homogeneity. From Diversity splicing Unity. From True Gold to bought and sold. Humanity stoops to genuflect before The Altar of Flesh. Again and again... the looping Sisyphean insanity repeats itself, but... this is a Grand Apocalypse, and anyone who is so inclined... can make a quantum leap in this time... or not... as the spirit moves them.

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Pay attention. Cook all of these things yourself.
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Cooking is intuitive... baking is science.
You can learn it=

Monday, December 11, 2023

"You Have Been Cast Out of The Kingdoms and Realms Where You Were The Ruler and You Are Now in a State of Amnesia."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There is one point that needs to be made in the human mind, and... once that is done... The World arranges itself around that understanding. Prior to that understanding being in place, one is somewhere in the process of being brought to that understanding, by... whatever means are necessary.

That point... that understanding... has to do with Intelligent Design. It has to do with there being a conscious creating... sustaining... and transforming force back of all existence. It is a force we emerged from and toward which we are presently directed. That is the whole of everything. Yes... there are endless details, but their importance is only relevant to the place they appear in. Sooner or later they will be in the rearview mirror.

There is only one thing of importance. Everything else is important ONLY in the context of the one thing of importance. That one thing is to be in positive resonance with the conscious force back of all existence. Everything else is in the process of coming into resonance with it, by... whatever means are necessary.

Look! We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.

If you are truly fortunate, you get this. You base your life and all your actions around it. You wouldn't have it any other way, and the only thing that matters to you... is to be in harmonic accord with it. Otherwise... one way or another... you are being hammered into a posture from which you can see it to be true. The hammering might be of a painful and protracted intensity or... it might be more along the lines of finishing touches.

However long it takes for you to get to The Land of Finishing Touches is up to you. During The Hammering Intensity, it is not easy to maintain a detached perspective. It's along the lines of trying to go to the bathroom in a windstorm. It takes all your attention. As you progress up the ladder of awareness, the noise of the hammers retreats into the distance... you get a chance to enjoy the view.

Of course, the view is not available unless you have developed the proper instruments to perceive it. That comes along after the hammering... which is all about making a better life possible for you. Until the beast mind... herd instinct... has been SUBLIMATED, you must remain in The Land of Compelled and Hungry Disorientation until you are oriented... until that point has been made... until that understanding has come into being.

On the plane of instinct and brute force there is only so much that is present for you; the rutting fever... fight or flight... eat or be eaten... some sort of burrow or nest, and all the rest... and it is often sustained for a considerable reach once you are in human form, AND... it is even enforced in Times of Material Darkness. I'm just sketching the broad outlines here. You have to fill in the blanks, and... connect the dots.

That's not going to happen either until the point is made and the understanding has been activated. Heaven is a state of mind. It is a place of residence. It is what is effected once the point has been made, and the understanding comes into play. Hell, and those stations in between are where the hammering goes on... where the forges are, and... where you make the acquaintance of Vulcan and others whose industries occur in those zones.

In The Zone of Hammers lies the confusion that exists when you can't hear the guide. Once you can hear the guide... you are in that place where the final touches are administered. Of course... there are many stages between the hammering and the touches, and traversing them depends on whether you are a quick study or not, and... whether your heart is in it or not. If you are passionate and energetic about the matter, you will find the success to be speedy.

I have direct experience of what I am talking about here, and... I suspect I was put through it... the way that I was put through it... in order to tell you about it. I'm like the tour guide on the tour bus that takes the strangers in the strange land to a place where it is not so strange, and the familiarity comes... from the increasing sense... that you have been there before. Yes... exactly so.

We're in a construction zone at the moment and that cannot be helped. The noise will probably get worse before it diminishes... depending on where you are and whether the point has been made, and the understanding brought into focus. As is always the case in a construction zone, you are going to want to keep your wits about you and watch where you are going because... not everyone is doing so. Sometimes it is not yourself you have to watch out for, but... everyone else.

Depending on the countryside that lies before you, you might need hip waders... a hard hat... Carhartt outfits and tools of some sort. Then again, you could be The Fool on The Hill. You could be buried in that hill or will be shortly because some people are determined to die on that hill, though it may not be the same hill after all.

In times of construction... previous structures are coming down and new structures are going up. Unless you have an official reason for being in the middle of all that, you should think about keeping your distance. I've no problem in that regard because I don't care about any of it going or coming.

It will just come around to this same stage of deconstruction and construction again... once the usefulness has been exhausted. They are forever tearing shit up and putting shit back together here. The thrill is gone for me.

When I say I don't care, I don't mean precisely that. I do care. I care deeply, but not about anything coming down or going up. It becomes hard to be exact about the thing I do care about, BUT... once the point is made and the understanding is in place, it will all be clear as crystal. In fact... it has a lot to do with crystals.

Alchemy is not so much what you are doing but more what you are permitting to be done to you. I suppose there might be people who actually do it on their own (not really), but... not in the case of us right-brain types. We are simply brought to a point... to an understanding... where we can hold still long enough for it to happen to us.

Eventually... you do learn to hold still... because the alternatives are not in the least desirable; at least from where I am standing they are not... because... they all have to do with extensions of Time, and... I'm not into Time. Ordinarily, there would be a (grin) here, but I suspect you get the point.

We talk a lot about how it's all a dream existence here... in the bandwidth of the senses, and that is definitely the case. It is literally the case. You are dreaming. I assure you this is so. It might seem that you are in real places... in populous zones... with buildings all around and endless scurrying to and fro, but... you are actually wandering in thirsty deserts of unrequited desire. You are in exile. You have been cast out of the kingdoms and realms where you were kings and queens and you are in a state of amnesia.

The creatures of your lower nature staged a rebellion... a mutiny... because you were not paying attention and your priorities got turned upside down. They threw you out, and until you are able to rediscover who you are, you will be adrift. That is the literal truth of it, and... you are dreaming all of this.

Don't let it get you down. The journey is scripted, and... if you are attentive... all will be made right or at least... you will enter into a groove of steady improvement. This will permit for an increase in your Faith... Certitude... and Determination, AND... as these increase, wonder will emerge out of wonder as existence opens up like a flower before you. That will be the point.

Chapter 16... the next to the next to the last chapter of The Bhagavad Gita... deals with the two paths one might take in life, and gives new meaning to the term circle-jerk, which has several meanings. Scripture... all DIVINELY inspired scripture... has several meanings.

There is the surface meaning. There is the deeper meaning behind the surface meaning, and there is the revelatory meaning. It depends on the level of your understanding, which of these you will be informed by. Sooner or later; much sooner or quite a bit later... you will get the point and you will understand what is going on.

As The World loses its importance in your mind... something else will increase in importance. The less important The World becomes... the less chance there is that it will affect you. Then... at some point... you will wink in and out of existence simultaneously. You will wake up and you will see, with great clarity that... in fact... despite it having appeared to be real for such a length of time, it was... in fact... only a dream.

End Transmission.......

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I posted a link recommending Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, now I have more information that states Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bought it a few years ago, and now there is indication it's been swallowed up through a Bill Gates shell company. I don't have all the details. I just went and bought Fairchild's instead.

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

"The World is The Way it is Because it is A Seething Cauldron of Flaming Want... Juxtaposed with The Objects of Desire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I look outward at The World... as seldom as possible, and... absolutely delighted that I don't have to do anything about it. It's like Chinese handcuffs. Meddling with The World is similar to what monkeys run into when they get their hand stuck holding an avocado... or a mango in a jar. It's usually the thing you are after that causes you to get trapped, and... your inability to let go which keeps you there.

It is very difficult to convince people what the cause of their situation is. It seems that... only when the suffering gets to a certain level... somewhere about DEFCON 3... that they will listen to you. With all the information about The Killer Vaccines... the pollutants that cause Cancer... the parts of town and the internet to be avoided... people neither see nor hear.

The key is not to want anything and... to take what comes to you; not failing to be discriminating about it... whatever it is. If you don't want anything... it separates you from 95+% of The World right from the get-go. Your life is instantly less crowded. Fewer people talk to you. You fail to be associated with countless items of various levels of desirability that people compete for. Because you are not contending with anyone... no one is contending with you.

After a while... most people don't even see you anymore.

No doubt you have heard that aliens walk among us. We know that many of the public figures with recognizable features are wearing masks. We can see the ill-fitting joins at the neckline. It makes you wonder why they don't fix that, given their expertise with the rest of the disguise.

That's a complicated area of inquiry; people in various forms of camouflage, and... so is the question of entities that have taken over a particular physical vehicle... once inhabited by someone else, who is now... wandering? Somewhere else?

You got your shapeshifters... your cases of possession... your monsters in human form... aliens from far places who can assume whatever appearance they like, and... of course... those shamans and magicians who can become bird or beast or your best friend. Like I said... it's complicated. Then there are the bloodlines... and all kinds of other delivery systems that account for what can't be accounted for.

My question always is; what are you going to do about any of it... even if you did know what was going on? How do you know that what you think or suspect is correct or precise to any particular degree? It's a lot like the red herrings, and... bullshit distractions that The Ruling Class tosses you... like the old guy at the park tosses bread to pigeons. Most of the time you took the bait and didn't even see the hook.

Not wanting anything takes care of all the danger and mystery in most of it, and paying attention takes care of the rest.

I'm not saying some variations on these themes does not exist in the day-to-day. I don't know. I know what I've seen, and I know what accounts I have from legitimate sources; sources I consider legitimate.

So what about any and all of that? What are you going to do about it?

There is a mysterious force of change that interpenetrates life at every point in the cycle of life... inside and outside of you. This force seems to adjust conditions in regular fashion. History... both occult and revised has numerous evidences of the changes that come and go.

Neither the aliens... nor The Ruling Class... nor the ruled-over classes... nor any of the players... real and imagined... are able to do anything about this FORCE OF CHANGE. Pyramids of no provable timeline sit on the sands of Egypt... in The Sudan; hell! All over The World. Statues and evidence of technology in advance of anything we can presently do... are fading away over long passages of time... here and there... or covered in jungle or buried under The Earth. Someone is always digging them up.

Across all the time that David Icke has been writing about reptile overlords, what difference has any of it made? What have any of his speculations done about anything? How has anything anyone has said... about these mysteries... affected The Force of Relentless Change that keeps reducing everything back into the substance it came out of?

Yeah... right... what effect has anything I've had to say had on any of it either? The difference is that I don't expect it to have any effect. My target is the inner workings of the human mind and heart. It's relevant where it is relevant and irrelevant everywhere else and... welcome to it. I am not a social reformer or a world changer. Most importantly... I'm not making money off of selling you a bill of goods.

I don't want anything from you.

I only want people to think. How they think and what they think about is... their lookout. If you want to program people in a positive fashion, I recommend subtlety and patience. Control freaks don't seem to get this. Blunt instruments have limited facility. Give people what is good for them and they will thank you later... up the road... lifetimes later maybe. What difference does it make if you don't want anything?

The World is the way it is because it is a seething cauldron of flaming want, juxtaposed with the objects of desire. Most everyone has skin in the game. Most everyone is chasing the carrot or being stung with the whip. Most everyone wants something, and... they get it over, and over, and over, and over again.

They forget having had it already and being disappointed, so... they want it again. They want whatever it is that will take their mind off the really big question; what is really going on? What does any of it mean, and... my personal favorite... who am I?

On the way to finding out you don't have a clue about the meaning of life, you abuse yourself and others. You get weaker and more and more fixed in the tight confines of your rigid perspective, which only Death can free you from. You approach death and the great beyond knowing... what... exactly? Meanwhile... you are completely unaware of the immortals who walk among you.

You know all kinds of things about Nephilim and Annunaki... shapeshifters and lizard people... Illuminati bloodlines... and the ever-encroaching threat of whatever it is, and whoever it is, that you have decided to be afraid of; never realizing that This Mysterious Force of Change will take care of all of that if you just let it do so, and stop getting your hand trapped where you shouldn't have put it in the first place because of... because of... because of wanting.

The key to your existence... and you are free to argue that point with me... because I won't be there when you start... is--- wanting. IT IS ALL ABOUT WANTING, and getting... and having... and discarding; be it people or things or states of mind. Your confusion and your suffering WILL continue as long as your wanting does. That's it! There ain't no more to it. That's it.

Of course... your mind will make the whole thing more complicated. It has to. That's its job... to distract you endlessly from what is actually going on. The Separated Mind is the main device of The Personality. It keeps you at odds with everyone else and it keeps you at odds with yourself... on a circular journey... NOWHERE; like a dog chasing its tail or whatever it desires to catch until the next thing comes along... helpfully provided by... the endlessly replicating Monkey Mind.

The Monkey points it out. The Dog chases after it. You control this process OR... it controls you. I don't care what Byzantine shit you get up to... that's it. Of course... there is a lot more than that, but you will NEVER get near any of it until you control this process. It is only upon controlling this process that the rest of it gets shown to you.

Meanwhile... The Immortals... The Great Companions... they wait on you making this profound discovery. They can't do much for you until you do make the discovery and... stop wanting what's outside of you... until you replace Desire with Aspiration... and wanting with giving, and... Love.

End Transmission.......

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