Thursday, December 14, 2023

"To Diversity Splicing Unity. From True Gold to Bought and Sold. Humanity Stoops to Genuflect before The Altar of Flesh."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everything you see in The World around you is generated by the impact of the collective vision of The Hive Mind on its environment. First, there is Nature in the raw. Then there are the human elements of civilization and culture, and the impress of The Hive Mind is colored and shaped by the interaction of the planets as they move in The Heavens.

Civilizations rise and fall as they react to the biorhythms of planetary forces... setting the conditions and players in place... for the dramas to be acted out. These are all individualized expressions of The Dreamer, in whose mind we are all thoughts acting out in that dream. God is a serpent, and... sleeping at the central core of existence, simultaneously in The Wider World, and... in the individual separated minds seeking union.

All the restlessness of our human state is the result of seeking union. The immediate first option is sexual union... a temporary coupling... for the production of more thoughts... dancing through The One Mind that is dreaming it all in and out of being.

The presence of 8 billion people should tell you what the primary driving engine of the human mind has been.

At rare intervals... a few of us wake up in the dream... here and there, and... act as the hand of The Divine upon existence. In Times of Material Darkness, at a certain point... Life calls an apocalypse down upon itself... due to going radically out of balance with itself and everything else.

All the traditions and teachings that held us on course and in some degree of symmetry with each other, lose all their meaning, and there remains nothing but the fiery magnetics of flesh calling flesh, and the things of the flesh. We have exhausted the tenets and lessons of the passing age, and... must now be processed into the next age for the new lessons coming with it.

Those who have woken up in times like these are marginalized and martyred by The Mob. Subsequently... most of them know to keep their distance... unless they are specifically destined to be chum... on the surly waters of an angry time. I suppose there are other ways I could have put it, BUT... I did not.

We are... increasingly... entering into a period of bewildering multiplicity... a time of fragmenting, which is the opposite of unity, and there is little succor to be found... in any of the opportunities for casual union... that leer at us like demented manikins... from the store windows of Grab n Go that line the avenues of the burning cities.

The animal faces of consuming appetite are the mirrors of the moment into which the captive dreamers look... searching for themselves... searching for what is hidden... behind the inky pools of vacant eyes.

Psychopathic Ashkenazi counterfeiting rings... have financed millions of testosterone-fueled barbarians across the borders of the greatest collective experiment since Rome, and the same band of sold-out whores have arrived to chop-shop it for parts and sell it to the junk dealers from foreign shores.

The gimlet-eyed materialists... weigh and measure the swag... while tattooed hookers who went to college and learned nothing... wait on their backs... and on their hands and knees... for them to return from their looting sprees and mount them like brood mares.

Is that melodramatic enough for you? Am I wrong? Is it exaggerated purple prose... sprinkled with hyperbole... or is it... more likely... vastly understated and spot on? Meanwhile, millions of drugstore Neros... fiddle with their privates in the public squares, while dusky orcs lay into the populace with whatever is at hand... at the behest... and under the guidance... of their paymasters... who hijacked the government resources for just that intention.

And yet... they think they will escape the madness they have generated? They think somehow that the ravening hordes they have unleashed upon the witless consumers of second-rate shiny shit... will stop at their command... once enough blood has run in the streets... through the all-forgiving gutters that run to The World below.

A far wiser mind. The one that has dreamed it all into being, with the sidekick assistance of the separated minds... these shattered slivers of a broken mirror... that wink here and there when the sunlight fixes on them... this far wiser mind has seen the end of it since before the beginning. We are in that phase now that is called The Dance of The Just Deserts. This portion of our programming is brought to you by Wide Load Jeans.

Yes... the denouement approaches. The Pederast Cowboys... in their backless chromium steel chaps... are wrangling the feckless and stupid into every smaller and tighter corrals. They had decades of fine-tuning that went down in Gaza. They know how to press you closer together than The Broom Men in The Tokyo subway.

They have deep-mined the human taste buds. They have studied the free range of carnal appetite. They have run ten million rats through a hundred thousand mazes and they know what you like and don't like, and they also know they can train you to consume anything they please. Recent times have proven that out.

Travis Kelce is smiling at you from the commercial monitors in Times Square. He attended The Jim Jones School of Kool-Aid Poison Disinfo. Taylor Swift is wearing a cheerleader outfit, and on her way to looking like Dolly Parton in an endless half-time show. She won't be aging gracefully.

Madison Avenue created her, just like they did Obama... Eminem... Jack Harlow... Lice Spice and every other marionette that dances to the 5G mRNA boogie that keeps time in the vibrating butt-plug accessory that came with your cellphone.

Yeah... whaddya gonna do? Who's your daddy? Do you imagine that it is even remotely possible that some kind of fairy-tale ending is going to result from this festering landfill of excess? No... it's all headed on conveyor belts to the threshing teeth of the recycling machine. Turn up the bass! Turn up the bass!!! Do you know what the radiation from your AirPods is doing to your brain?

You should walk out of your house every day and thank The Sun... as deeply and profoundly as you can manage... for sending you a human representation of itself to set your house in order. The people fucking with you are quite serious about their end game. Massive schools of human fish turn on a dime in their aquarium prisons. They are DEFINITELY going down with the ship.

If you can't wake up because you won't wake up. If you can keep on sleeping while your bed is burning. If you can fight with all your puny will against awakening, and... are determined to go to Davy Jones Locker on The Ghost Ship Woke, well... there is no help for you. If The Divine sends you radio and TV messages in your head.. rowboats and helicopters, and... you refuse to go, then... you are already gone.

Project Bluebeam is on the way. Make sure you pack all your important things that you will need on The Mother Ship. “To Serve Mankind” will be playing on the in-flight video monitors. You'll taste great, AND... be less filling too.

Do you wonder why Dana White just said that if you are patriotic you will drink gallons and gallons of Bud Light? Do you wonder why Kid Rock has now gone back to drinking Bud Light? Has it never occurred to you that all these talking heads are saying what they are told to say, and not according to those original thoughts that have never entered their head, AND NOT A ONE OF THEM has anything to say about that pornographic travesty that is taking place in Gaza. "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

From heterogeneity to homogeneity. From Diversity splicing Unity. From True Gold to bought and sold. Humanity stoops to genuflect before The Altar of Flesh. Again and again... the looping Sisyphean insanity repeats itself, but... this is a Grand Apocalypse, and anyone who is so inclined... can make a quantum leap in this time... or not... as the spirit moves them.

End Transmission.......

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Pay attention. Cook all of these things yourself.
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M - said...

Using an electroculture antenna on my Borage seeds not only produced strong plants BUT a rogue seed from one produced a Borage plant that has grown 4' tall!!! Note: When I noticed this rogue seed sprouting I inserted an antenna in it right away.

Tower of Borage

Also, I noticed that when chemtrails are dispersed above the valley, the sky above where I live remains clear... Coincidence?

0 said...

Great post! Brought to mind the old flick "Nothing but Trouble".


Visible said...

One of the strangest and funniest movies I ever saw.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post explains why I have withdrawn from the world as much as I can.

I am not a beer drinker. I don't like it, and have no tolerance for alcohol. However I have heard various sources state everything Budwiser is akin to swill water.
I'll take their word for it. My nosey-poo only drinks European beers and microbrews on rare occasion.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

I tried electroculture in my patch of blueberry bushes this past spring. Very nice yield indeed but you have to keep after the weeds prodigiously They thrive every bit as much.


Anonymous said...

"You should walk out of your house every day and thank The Sun... as deeply and profoundly as you can manage... for sending you a human representation of itself to set your house in order"

yes we should be grateful to the elite. By destroying the modern world, they are forcing us to get back in touch with what truly matters.

Anonymous said...

A jewish school teacher got arrested for threatsning to chop off the head of a 7th grader

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Biggest Problem... for The Majority of People... Is that The Supreme Controller Does Not Get Right Back to You."

Asil said...

Dear Visible,

I don't think your post was melodramatic. The world as perceived is disintegrating on every level and aspect of life, at an increasing speed. Very few people see the momentous insanity that is underway. Things will spin completely out of control as the madness escalates. There is no stopping it now . . . but from the ashes rises the phoenix.

As always, thanks for your super insight and commentary.

Wishing you always ... the best, Lisa

TotoFromOz said...

God you have the most unique way with words! Keep it comin!🙂



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