Wednesday, December 06, 2023

"The World is The Way it is Because it is A Seething Cauldron of Flaming Want... Juxtaposed with The Objects of Desire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I look outward at The World... as seldom as possible, and... absolutely delighted that I don't have to do anything about it. It's like Chinese handcuffs. Meddling with The World is similar to what monkeys run into when they get their hand stuck holding an avocado... or a mango in a jar. It's usually the thing you are after that causes you to get trapped, and... your inability to let go which keeps you there.

It is very difficult to convince people what the cause of their situation is. It seems that... only when the suffering gets to a certain level... somewhere about DEFCON 3... that they will listen to you. With all the information about The Killer Vaccines... the pollutants that cause Cancer... the parts of town and the internet to be avoided... people neither see nor hear.

The key is not to want anything and... to take what comes to you; not failing to be discriminating about it... whatever it is. If you don't want anything... it separates you from 95+% of The World right from the get-go. Your life is instantly less crowded. Fewer people talk to you. You fail to be associated with countless items of various levels of desirability that people compete for. Because you are not contending with anyone... no one is contending with you.

After a while... most people don't even see you anymore.

No doubt you have heard that aliens walk among us. We know that many of the public figures with recognizable features are wearing masks. We can see the ill-fitting joins at the neckline. It makes you wonder why they don't fix that, given their expertise with the rest of the disguise.

That's a complicated area of inquiry; people in various forms of camouflage, and... so is the question of entities that have taken over a particular physical vehicle... once inhabited by someone else, who is now... wandering? Somewhere else?

You got your shapeshifters... your cases of possession... your monsters in human form... aliens from far places who can assume whatever appearance they like, and... of course... those shamans and magicians who can become bird or beast or your best friend. Like I said... it's complicated. Then there are the bloodlines... and all kinds of other delivery systems that account for what can't be accounted for.

My question always is; what are you going to do about any of it... even if you did know what was going on? How do you know that what you think or suspect is correct or precise to any particular degree? It's a lot like the red herrings, and... bullshit distractions that The Ruling Class tosses you... like the old guy at the park tosses bread to pigeons. Most of the time you took the bait and didn't even see the hook.

Not wanting anything takes care of all the danger and mystery in most of it, and paying attention takes care of the rest.

I'm not saying some variations on these themes does not exist in the day-to-day. I don't know. I know what I've seen, and I know what accounts I have from legitimate sources; sources I consider legitimate.

So what about any and all of that? What are you going to do about it?

There is a mysterious force of change that interpenetrates life at every point in the cycle of life... inside and outside of you. This force seems to adjust conditions in regular fashion. History... both occult and revised has numerous evidences of the changes that come and go.

Neither the aliens... nor The Ruling Class... nor the ruled-over classes... nor any of the players... real and imagined... are able to do anything about this FORCE OF CHANGE. Pyramids of no provable timeline sit on the sands of Egypt... in The Sudan; hell! All over The World. Statues and evidence of technology in advance of anything we can presently do... are fading away over long passages of time... here and there... or covered in jungle or buried under The Earth. Someone is always digging them up.

Across all the time that David Icke has been writing about reptile overlords, what difference has any of it made? What have any of his speculations done about anything? How has anything anyone has said... about these mysteries... affected The Force of Relentless Change that keeps reducing everything back into the substance it came out of?

Yeah... right... what effect has anything I've had to say had on any of it either? The difference is that I don't expect it to have any effect. My target is the inner workings of the human mind and heart. It's relevant where it is relevant and irrelevant everywhere else and... welcome to it. I am not a social reformer or a world changer. Most importantly... I'm not making money off of selling you a bill of goods.

I don't want anything from you.

I only want people to think. How they think and what they think about is... their lookout. If you want to program people in a positive fashion, I recommend subtlety and patience. Control freaks don't seem to get this. Blunt instruments have limited facility. Give people what is good for them and they will thank you later... up the road... lifetimes later maybe. What difference does it make if you don't want anything?

The World is the way it is because it is a seething cauldron of flaming want, juxtaposed with the objects of desire. Most everyone has skin in the game. Most everyone is chasing the carrot or being stung with the whip. Most everyone wants something, and... they get it over, and over, and over, and over again.

They forget having had it already and being disappointed, so... they want it again. They want whatever it is that will take their mind off the really big question; what is really going on? What does any of it mean, and... my personal favorite... who am I?

On the way to finding out you don't have a clue about the meaning of life, you abuse yourself and others. You get weaker and more and more fixed in the tight confines of your rigid perspective, which only Death can free you from. You approach death and the great beyond knowing... what... exactly? Meanwhile... you are completely unaware of the immortals who walk among you.

You know all kinds of things about Nephilim and Annunaki... shapeshifters and lizard people... Illuminati bloodlines... and the ever-encroaching threat of whatever it is, and whoever it is, that you have decided to be afraid of; never realizing that This Mysterious Force of Change will take care of all of that if you just let it do so, and stop getting your hand trapped where you shouldn't have put it in the first place because of... because of... because of wanting.

The key to your existence... and you are free to argue that point with me... because I won't be there when you start... is--- wanting. IT IS ALL ABOUT WANTING, and getting... and having... and discarding; be it people or things or states of mind. Your confusion and your suffering WILL continue as long as your wanting does. That's it! There ain't no more to it. That's it.

Of course... your mind will make the whole thing more complicated. It has to. That's its job... to distract you endlessly from what is actually going on. The Separated Mind is the main device of The Personality. It keeps you at odds with everyone else and it keeps you at odds with yourself... on a circular journey... NOWHERE; like a dog chasing its tail or whatever it desires to catch until the next thing comes along... helpfully provided by... the endlessly replicating Monkey Mind.

The Monkey points it out. The Dog chases after it. You control this process OR... it controls you. I don't care what Byzantine shit you get up to... that's it. Of course... there is a lot more than that, but you will NEVER get near any of it until you control this process. It is only upon controlling this process that the rest of it gets shown to you.

Meanwhile... The Immortals... The Great Companions... they wait on you making this profound discovery. They can't do much for you until you do make the discovery and... stop wanting what's outside of you... until you replace Desire with Aspiration... and wanting with giving, and... Love.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Isn't all of life speculation and illusion for the grand majority?

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

From a decade of reading your blog you seem to want to be-come more like the sun. I suppose you could call that an aspiration instead of a want but they mean the same thing. Equivalent to Desire.

Like I want to understand.

Maybe the key is wanting non-objects for non-reasons that justify/excuse Taking advantage to have.

If Desire is, and can't be sated thru indulgence, then aiming it rightly would seem the next Tact to take. Right Action, producing Harmony, thru no want of ones own. Tho one would Want to produce Harmony via Right Action. Most of the time Right action is No Action, let things play to a point where the Right Action becomes Self-evident then Do such.

It is curious. Always some aspect to review and account for. Good post!

These days I just want my kids to Do the Work to live the lives they want to have for themselves. Want to see them making progress to become what they want to be. But I know, aside from having caused their iteration of form, that I'm not responsible for their choices like they're not responsible for my choices. Its a weird thing loving ones kids and wanting simple things for them, while no longer wanting anything for self except understanding. Suffering may eventually bring them around as it has myself. Depends what the all brings to their awareness, should they be paying attention.

Evidently the russians have potentially launched nuclear engine loitering missiles which can stay aloft indefinitely till targetted and made use of. They evidently recently test fired that missile on the 5th of October this year after having announced its development in 2018. The Americans had such in the late 50s known as project pluto but it got shutdown by 1960 in favor of icbms.

Just noting it as Hal shared some images of what may be these missiles over Lyon France.

You're right tho, nothing to be done about it. Keep sharing details and opinions and see how many decide they're of use to themselves and change their own behaviors for their Own benefit. I've been watching since 9/11, over 23 years now... and while watching that and working a job, I've gotten Old. I sometimes wonder if we'd still be at this point had I ignored it all and just lived my life however I wanted. I don't see how my being aware of it makes any difference one way or the other, tho I hope it makes some sort of difference or I've paid attention to useless things. The science aspects I've learned have not been useless, but they are potentially useless outside of this junction boundary we see as our bounded context for our iterations of form to exist within.

Welp, if I drop dead from whatever this is I'm feeling, my best to you and anyone Making Efforts to be-come. It is what it is, and I be-came more than I started with. Just hope I don't get Etch-a-sketched when I drop form, and have to start again from the same blank slate. But again wishing in one hand and shitting in the other... huh.

Take it easy,

Visible said...

The last sentence was supposed to clarify all that; "stop wanting what's outside of you... until you replace Desire with Aspiration... and wanting with giving," There's nothing wrong with Desire. Desire is the agent of God's will. However... everything we desire comes at the cost of getting what you desire. Making Desire into aspiration keeps taking you up the ladder out of suffering and limitation into joy and limitless expansion.

0 said...

I see, so the selection of the word aspiration was meant to infer wanting Better things, instead of things that entrap. I gotcha now. Thanks for the clarification.

I remember being in my 20s and faced with being pushed into being a mormon missionary, thinking to myself "why would I got teach others about something I myself don't believe"... which tumbled to "I can't give what I haven't Acquired" which lead to my bench work with energy systems among other things. The doing to be-come end of it.

It is what it is till it isn't. Makes me wonder if I'm nearing my exit, as it was presented to me when I started in my 20s that burning both ends might shorten my iteration of forms duration here. It was acceptable then and still is now. I don't want a longer life, I wanted a practical life. And your constant calling out of "progress is speedy for the energetic" was what I leaned on to learn at whatever rate of change I could achieve.

Thanks for being a friend even when you get annoyed with my comments. :)


Visible said...

I am seldom annoyed. I have noticed over time that my manner of being direct is often mistaken for that. As for one's coming and going, it's usually best not to push the river. It will get to the sea regardless. A stronger focus on one's departure only makes the interim less salutary than it might be. We don't die. We change. There are some cases where... because of a persistence in Evil... one is sent back to the beginning and compelled to start all over again as a rock... or similar. Otherwise, it is a progression at an angle determined by the passion that drives it. It's another way of saying, "Success is speedy for the energetic."

0 said...

Duly noted.

What do you think happens once the pinnacle is reached? a new pinnacle comes into view? or do we get reset and run thru the whole gamut again finding a new path up the mountain?

I do appreciate your different perspective and your comments.

Rate of change is arbitrary and largely depending on Doing the Work or at least thats been my Life experience.


Anonymous said...

the divine is everything, and while most relationships between men and women are lust based, eventually you may meet a female and it is fully a love based relationship and thru that union, you attain union and the individual mind disappears and the original cosmic consciousness is awakened. To compare such a relationship to ordinary lust-based relationships is a great blasphemy. The heart chakra is where it's at. The third eye, or the sacral chakra, arent that important, the heart is the most important one.

Visible said...

The journey NEVER ends.

0 said...

Well hopefully I get a nap before the next leg shows up. :)

Anonymous said...

is anyone else noticing the vaxxed people starting to become rabid? Almost like rabid dogs. I think subconsciously, they know they are poisoned, and are going insane. An animal with nothing to lose is the most dangerous animal of all. The vaxxed are literally a danger to us all now. Sooner they are gone, the better, the safer it will be.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's a Matter of Mathematics... You Can't Steal Someone's Country... While Any of The Residents are Still Living There."



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