Wednesday, December 27, 2023

"Unify Yourself by Blowing Away All The False Versions or... Wind Up Living in a Crowded Room with No One in Charge."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Whenever The Weasel-Shit Warriors tell you one thing, there is usually something else going on behind the scenes. Sometimes they are forming a message for you and sometimes they are forming a message for their competition in The Shit-Weasel League. Some might be blue and gold and some might be orange and black, but... it's like football. They push each other up and down the field, while you cheer for one side or the other, and they are both the same and neither one of them likes you.

The leveling of Gaza... The Gazacide... is a message to the competition telling them they can do whatever the Hell they want, and... if you cause any problems, then... you're next. It's also a message to the rest of us if we raise too much noise about 15-minute concentration camps.

UFOs are all over the news now because they plan on a new Hollywood version of The Moon-landing coming soon to a Bread and Circus outlet near you. It's a kind of Dave and Buster's Pedo-Palace... for the less discriminating kiddie diddlers... but it involves sex with aliens instead, only you're the one in the barrel.

It's getting to High Noon in the town of Reality. The single-minded marshal of his own thoughts is going to have to walk out onto Mainstreet and confront all the separate versions of himself. It's like those lines from the Liberty Valance song; ♫ From the moment a girl gets to be full-grown... The very first thing she learns... When two men go out to face each other... Only one returns ♫

Except... in this case... one has to unify themselves by blowing away all the false versions or... wind up living in a crowded room with no one in charge.

Last night... my friend and I watched Harvey. When we stopped... so I could prepare dinner... I began to talk out loud to my own invisible Pooka who was... for the moment... named Harold. As with anything, I can get as deeply into character as I wish.

After a bit of imitating Jimmy Stewart and the 6'3” white rabbit... (which in my case is a badger) my friend remarked on how it came so easily to me, since I already had invisible friends, though I didn't usually act out with them in a public manner. I thought, Wow! My friend is quite right, and just like Elwood P. Dowd's friend Harvey, my invisible friends are not imaginary, BUT... people in alt-reality can't see them cause their childhood went South a long time ago.

There is invisible, and... there is imaginary. They are not the same. The oddest feature of life is how people are so attached to and obsessed with material objects, and yet... it never occurs to them that everything they see... hear... taste... touch... and smell... comes from an invisible source.

When people lose their Reason... because of all the imaginary gunslingers waiting for them out in the street of that town... that is actually in their minds, they also lose their ability to operate the tool of Logic. They can wander in a delusional state for lifetimes... once their awareness of personal unity has gone by the wayside.

When Confucius went to see Lao Tzu... after hearing about him for a while... Lao Tzu's first words were. “Who are all those people you brought with you.” Reportedly, Confucius looked around him and there was no one there. However, if you know anything about Confucius... who he was... and what he got up to... it makes perfect sense that he was attended by his own crowd of gunslingers that went everywhere he went.

When he was later asked about his encounter with Lao Tzu, he said... “I met a dragon.” If you bothered to read the Hermes Trismegistus link at the end of one of the recent postings, you would know that The Great Dragon is the personification of The One Mind from which all creation is spawned.

Wouldn't it be nice to become a creature of legend? You know... Johnny Appleseed... The Pied Piper of Hamlin? There are many of these personifications of The Divine Persona. For the untutored, Johnny Appleseed is a character from children's stories. To those in the know, he was something else and it wasn't only apple seeds that he was sowing.

Let's say you wanted to become the personification of The Christmas Spirit. This is one of my personal favorites. You ask The Almighty to imbue you with the capacity to travel The Earth... dispensing The Christmas Spirit... by becoming a vehicle for The Christmas Spirit.

The only catch is that you have to cease being you and become that. Since you... as you presently understand yourself to be... do not exist... this is no hardship. Ah! But for most people... letting go of all the hopes... and fears... the desires and ambitions of The Personal Self are unbearable.

You wander The Earth with your roots in The Invisible, and NOWHERE ELSE. You are a medium for The Higher Love. Wherever you go, you bring The Spirit of Christmas with you. The rooms fill with the scent of pine and baked goods. Laughter seems to come out of nowhere. Joy travels on music that sounds out of the hearts of everyone united... in the moment of your coming and passing, and no one realizes the whole of it until you are gone, and... perhaps not even then, BUT... the memory endures and that travels too.

You CAN accomplish this through The Creative Imagination... through the power of precise visualizing. Oh yes! You can speak this desire of aspiration into the ears of Nature and she will carry it like a prayer to the one who makes things of this sort happen. The Power of God... The Grace of God... adapts you to this.

Everything in life is by adaptation. One simply adapts. This is where Faith... Certitude... and Determination come in. You must be consistent and persistent. You must want it more than anything else.

Let's talk about a hypothetical that I am familiar with. Say you come into this world and this and that happens. You meet this one, and you meet that one. You don't think overly about it. Some you like and some you do not like, and then... it occurs to you. Perhaps you are told? One way or another it comes into your understanding that everyone you have met... and will meet... is your responsibility. It is your job to guide them to The Promised Land, and every life thereafter in which you appear will be dedicated to this.

What if I told you this is exactly true to the extent that you believe it and continue in it? You can't broadcast it or publicly presume it... though many have done so. You don't want to be a false prophet, and you would be... because... the power to do it and the spirit to continue in it would depart from you as soon as you picked up the megaphone and started calling attention to yourself, for... personal... reasons.

It would have to be your little secret. You can't take credit for these things because IT IS NOT YOU who is accomplishing them. The World is full of people tooting their horns... calling attention to themselves, and generally being obnoxious or calculating about it. This is a magical secret. If you can go about your business with the winds of God billowing your sails, you will be carried everywhere on the wings of a Higher Love.

You don't have to call attention to what you do. That is the job of the angels who handle the PR that has to do with those who work toward The Coming of The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Sometimes Heaven has determined that you should be recognized in a big way... in a small way... or not at all. To the sincere worker, it doesn't matter which... because fame (and conversely) notoriety comes at a cost... ALWAYS. It is just another burden to bear in the name of the one you serve.

Be grateful if you are fortunate enough to go about your business without attracting too much attention... while you are still in range of the attention. As someone who has been known in good ways and bad ways more than a few times, let me say that I know what I am talking about here. It's possible to be downright hated for doing the right thing and praised otherwise where no good reasons are associated with it.

Think of the finest life form you can be... the one that thrills your soul with the very thought of it. Make that the home point on your karmic GPS, and no matter what, come snow... sleet... hail... or rain, hold to it. You will be on your way there, and even if you fall short for whatever the reasons; some of them being good reasons that might not have occurred at the inception... you will arrive at something far beyond anywhere you had been previously headed.

The power of The Divine is limitless, and it is God's constant hope that he can express some measure of it... some version of it... through you, if you will just hold still for long enough for him/her/it to get into the driver's seat, and... you can stop fighting him/her/it for control of the steering wheel.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

Horrible thing to do to a VFT. I hope it only killed that one trap.

Interesting bit about kale. I never liked the texture of it, so I never ate it. However, I'm wondering if chard causes the same issues...

Anonymous said...

Another masterpiece...

One needn't question nor wonder why you have invisible friends
hanging out...

Looking forward to watching you carry us through 2024 - one blog
at a time.


Jody Paulson said...

Johnny Appleseed was a real person. We have a festival for him every year in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Visible said...


I remember now that that was true. I had come across it at some point. All the rest of them are too, though they might be traveling under another name now.

Anonymous said...

Like so many of your posts this has such truth in its bones that it shimmers with beauty. An aura of light. [Gentle sigh, happy clapping hands.] Thank you for writing.

May the divine continue to guide you in your flow. Your blog is like a tasty-juice bar. The saloon doors creak, and the floorboards whisper with grime and the sticky residue from the footsteps of the world and its stories. But at the back of the room there's a window with a view of heavenly clouds, pulsing with water in a coat of sunlight. Every now and then they part and heavenly rays pour through. This punter begins to smile, as the heart fills up its tank a bit more.

I like this saloon.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Is in Emulation of The Great Mind that Brought into Being The Many Splintered Phenomena of The Separated Minds."

tru3 said...


I can’t remember the last time I posted a response to the writing which appears here, but this one really resonates. Thank you for all you bring forth!

The heart video ties things together for me on a work I have been collaborating on (the Heart is the tie that binds, if I allow it!).

Keep ‘em coming!




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