Monday, December 11, 2023

"You Have Been Cast Out of The Kingdoms and Realms Where You Were The Ruler and You Are Now in a State of Amnesia."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There is one point that needs to be made in the human mind, and... once that is done... The World arranges itself around that understanding. Prior to that understanding being in place, one is somewhere in the process of being brought to that understanding, by... whatever means are necessary.

That point... that understanding... has to do with Intelligent Design. It has to do with there being a conscious creating... sustaining... and transforming force back of all existence. It is a force we emerged from and toward which we are presently directed. That is the whole of everything. Yes... there are endless details, but their importance is only relevant to the place they appear in. Sooner or later they will be in the rearview mirror.

There is only one thing of importance. Everything else is important ONLY in the context of the one thing of importance. That one thing is to be in positive resonance with the conscious force back of all existence. Everything else is in the process of coming into resonance with it, by... whatever means are necessary.

Look! We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.

If you are truly fortunate, you get this. You base your life and all your actions around it. You wouldn't have it any other way, and the only thing that matters to you... is to be in harmonic accord with it. Otherwise... one way or another... you are being hammered into a posture from which you can see it to be true. The hammering might be of a painful and protracted intensity or... it might be more along the lines of finishing touches.

However long it takes for you to get to The Land of Finishing Touches is up to you. During The Hammering Intensity, it is not easy to maintain a detached perspective. It's along the lines of trying to go to the bathroom in a windstorm. It takes all your attention. As you progress up the ladder of awareness, the noise of the hammers retreats into the distance... you get a chance to enjoy the view.

Of course, the view is not available unless you have developed the proper instruments to perceive it. That comes along after the hammering... which is all about making a better life possible for you. Until the beast mind... herd instinct... has been SUBLIMATED, you must remain in The Land of Compelled and Hungry Disorientation until you are oriented... until that point has been made... until that understanding has come into being.

On the plane of instinct and brute force there is only so much that is present for you; the rutting fever... fight or flight... eat or be eaten... some sort of burrow or nest, and all the rest... and it is often sustained for a considerable reach once you are in human form, AND... it is even enforced in Times of Material Darkness. I'm just sketching the broad outlines here. You have to fill in the blanks, and... connect the dots.

That's not going to happen either until the point is made and the understanding has been activated. Heaven is a state of mind. It is a place of residence. It is what is effected once the point has been made, and the understanding comes into play. Hell, and those stations in between are where the hammering goes on... where the forges are, and... where you make the acquaintance of Vulcan and others whose industries occur in those zones.

In The Zone of Hammers lies the confusion that exists when you can't hear the guide. Once you can hear the guide... you are in that place where the final touches are administered. Of course... there are many stages between the hammering and the touches, and traversing them depends on whether you are a quick study or not, and... whether your heart is in it or not. If you are passionate and energetic about the matter, you will find the success to be speedy.

I have direct experience of what I am talking about here, and... I suspect I was put through it... the way that I was put through it... in order to tell you about it. I'm like the tour guide on the tour bus that takes the strangers in the strange land to a place where it is not so strange, and the familiarity comes... from the increasing sense... that you have been there before. Yes... exactly so.

We're in a construction zone at the moment and that cannot be helped. The noise will probably get worse before it diminishes... depending on where you are and whether the point has been made, and the understanding brought into focus. As is always the case in a construction zone, you are going to want to keep your wits about you and watch where you are going because... not everyone is doing so. Sometimes it is not yourself you have to watch out for, but... everyone else.

Depending on the countryside that lies before you, you might need hip waders... a hard hat... Carhartt outfits and tools of some sort. Then again, you could be The Fool on The Hill. You could be buried in that hill or will be shortly because some people are determined to die on that hill, though it may not be the same hill after all.

In times of construction... previous structures are coming down and new structures are going up. Unless you have an official reason for being in the middle of all that, you should think about keeping your distance. I've no problem in that regard because I don't care about any of it going or coming.

It will just come around to this same stage of deconstruction and construction again... once the usefulness has been exhausted. They are forever tearing shit up and putting shit back together here. The thrill is gone for me.

When I say I don't care, I don't mean precisely that. I do care. I care deeply, but not about anything coming down or going up. It becomes hard to be exact about the thing I do care about, BUT... once the point is made and the understanding is in place, it will all be clear as crystal. In fact... it has a lot to do with crystals.

Alchemy is not so much what you are doing but more what you are permitting to be done to you. I suppose there might be people who actually do it on their own (not really), but... not in the case of us right-brain types. We are simply brought to a point... to an understanding... where we can hold still long enough for it to happen to us.

Eventually... you do learn to hold still... because the alternatives are not in the least desirable; at least from where I am standing they are not... because... they all have to do with extensions of Time, and... I'm not into Time. Ordinarily, there would be a (grin) here, but I suspect you get the point.

We talk a lot about how it's all a dream existence here... in the bandwidth of the senses, and that is definitely the case. It is literally the case. You are dreaming. I assure you this is so. It might seem that you are in real places... in populous zones... with buildings all around and endless scurrying to and fro, but... you are actually wandering in thirsty deserts of unrequited desire. You are in exile. You have been cast out of the kingdoms and realms where you were kings and queens and you are in a state of amnesia.

The creatures of your lower nature staged a rebellion... a mutiny... because you were not paying attention and your priorities got turned upside down. They threw you out, and until you are able to rediscover who you are, you will be adrift. That is the literal truth of it, and... you are dreaming all of this.

Don't let it get you down. The journey is scripted, and... if you are attentive... all will be made right or at least... you will enter into a groove of steady improvement. This will permit for an increase in your Faith... Certitude... and Determination, AND... as these increase, wonder will emerge out of wonder as existence opens up like a flower before you. That will be the point.

Chapter 16... the next to the next to the last chapter of The Bhagavad Gita... deals with the two paths one might take in life, and gives new meaning to the term circle-jerk, which has several meanings. Scripture... all DIVINELY inspired scripture... has several meanings.

There is the surface meaning. There is the deeper meaning behind the surface meaning, and there is the revelatory meaning. It depends on the level of your understanding, which of these you will be informed by. Sooner or later; much sooner or quite a bit later... you will get the point and you will understand what is going on.

As The World loses its importance in your mind... something else will increase in importance. The less important The World becomes... the less chance there is that it will affect you. Then... at some point... you will wink in and out of existence simultaneously. You will wake up and you will see, with great clarity that... in fact... despite it having appeared to be real for such a length of time, it was... in fact... only a dream.

End Transmission.......

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I posted a link recommending Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, now I have more information that states Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bought it a few years ago, and now there is indication it's been swallowed up through a Bill Gates shell company. I don't have all the details. I just went and bought Fairchild's instead.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The fall. Me thinks 'the fall' was the decision to experience physical existence in the first place. Then we become unfallen after the desire to come to this HELL HOLE goes away. The trigger was curiosity, I suppose. Pandora and the Eden myth say the same in analogy.

I can't wait to finish up with this POS realm.

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

If anyone's interested I recommend reading "The Untold Story of Milk".

Anonymous said...

Vulcan like in Star Trek? I just finished Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery series on Amazon Prime

Visible said...

This Vulcan=

0 said...

Bumped into this today:

"Trump is in on the extermination plans of tens of millions of Americans. In fact, he is the main character is in this movie they are putting on.

In David Goldberg's final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway - Project Pogo & Project Zyphr - to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the "extermination" of tens of millions of Americans.

Project Pogo - about the Youtube gatekeepers to put out truthful information so they can track the likes.

Project Zyphr -- the second stage and this is the extermination stage. Charge them with crimes and they want to do it without too many people noticing what is going on. In the beginning it was they were going to infect people with the flu virus. But then they determined the amount of people they need to exterminate is way more that they expected, in the millions. So now they are planning on Power Outages and planning on Purging Americans with Military Vehicles and they will do this under a Black Out under the cover of nights. They plan on false flag on the electric grid and blame it on something else when this is part of Project Zyphr.

Since Dave died in 2019, it sounds like they went with Plan #1 on the Covid Plandemic. They will likely also do the plan #2 of blackouts.

A lot of these truther Youtube Channels are for tracking who is following.

According to Dave Goldberg -- Trump was introduced to all of this in 2014 and according to memos he has seen, Trump LOVED the plan.

Somehow David says that Trump must declare himself King of Israel and they don't know how yet -- as of 2019. He is part of the process called the End Game.

All the perceived chaos has been planned. Donald Trump's allegiance is to Israel.

Trump is not only a Jew, but a Freemason and they have promised him and his sons and daughter very high rankings in the new world government that they are building and the capital will be Jerusalem.

EVERYTHING he has done was a SCRIPTED plan from 2014, the Wall, everything. They introduced this all to him and he loved it. They told him the plan that he was going to become President and he loved it. Trump according to David was already a bit of a racist, he immediately jumped on board and he was promised great things for himself and his family.

He has leeway to say many things he wants and he has a lot of fun doing this but he does have script writers. One being Stephen Miller who wrote a lot of Trump's Tweets on Twitter. David says if you want to go down a Rabbit Hole, research this guy. He is a dedicated Zionist and has a lot to do with all of this.

David Golberg says for Project Zyphr that the high value target will be picked up via military vehicles and the low value target will be taken out with Viruses.

David said that this would probably happen in the winter of 2020 and 2021 -- this came TRUE."

Heres the URL:

Ironic that they are using the social media to build their lists. This is Why X is stood up as the place to say what you want and Elon will protect you, when he won't. Its why parler had legalese in place to be able to use whatever you post against the person posting.

Guess we'll see how it goes.

Visible said...

It's not up to them.

AL said...

Everyone wants to play cops and robbers without the robbers. That's the next floor up including cakes, pie's and candies without ill effects.

I asked myself a question some time ago and I received an answer. This place is what you make it so unless you wish to feel embarrassed to yourself for wasting yet another incarnation before, you leave, I suggest you make it heaven more so than hell.

0 said...

Agree, guess we'll see how the all plays it "for the purpose of demonstration". In any case its not like I have been silent and minding my own business. But the All looks after me so I do as I will.

I guess the main point is its all contrived theater to prevent they who observe from stepping in. It will be interesting who comes out of the woodwork as the good guys, the real good guys, not the right half of the uniparty inbred clown show, who've let this play out as long as it has. Presuming something like that happens. I doubt it will be broadcast if and when it does.


Anonymous said...

when you talk like this -I AM listening. it's confirmation of what I AM doing.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Above The Carnal Plane... Above The Level of Sensory Mystification... Outside The Magnetic Parameters of Wanting."



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