Thursday, June 29, 2023

"You Do Know that if You are Going to Live in Eternity... Someone or Something... is Going to Have To Clean Your Clock?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... The Bacterial Girl has gone viral. Is that a double entendre? I'm not experiencing Schadenfreude. I think it is punishment enough for her to be who she is, anything else would be piling it on. She's been a great role model. The World seems to turn out these icons that shape material consciousness in a particular direction, and... that would be? Down. That would be... down.

They've always got another one coming out of the 3-D Printer... where they model the minds of the young. Once she hit her sell-by date (but wouldn't leave), they came up with Lady Gagme. Then it was Billie Eyelash. They run a string of Satanic Sirens like a pimp at a protected street corner.

She may well be already dead. I don't know how they handle that sort of thing these days. I feel sorry for her. I was never a fan. My tastes run a little less material. Hmm... there's another one of those double-meaning things.

She and Sam Smith... another role model... were supposed to be doing a project together. Why am I even talking about this? Let's find some more elevating subject matter. (says the voice inside my head) There are sites everywhere to talk about these fallen souls who got trapped in the glitter and found it wasn't glitter after all.

No one makes any noise about good girls and boys. There's a lot of press for those who trumpet their charity and caring nature... those simulated human beings that influence the easily influenced. It's a world of many... having no clue... as to who... they are. Identities are now temporary ornaments for a world of personality worship.

Look at me!!! Look at me!! ♫ cause we're lost in a mask... a masquerade. Both afraid to say that we're too far away, from being close together at the start. We tried to talk it over, but the words got in the way. We're lost... inside... this lonely game we play ♫

What waits up ahead for The Personality? Fragmentation is what waits. We see it in action now. The entire visible world is a battleground for invisible forces. One side seeks to drag humanity down into terrible suffering because... that is what demons enjoy. The other side tries to inspire humanity and lift it up toward a higher destiny.

However... Heaven... in its wisdom... decided to leave it to us to make the choices. I guess it has something to do with it being worth it to have truly struggled for something meaningful and real. Every time something like this happens... only a very few show the determination and resilience to persevere in the face of relentless opposition.

It's a long haul is what it is, but it is more rapid for the energetic. It also hurts more for a while. Anyone who has tried to storm the gates of Heaven knows what I am talking about. It's a worst-case scenario when the taste for everything else is also taken away... for whatever the time span is required... on a case-by-case- basis.

Some call it The Dark Night of The Soul. It's a borderland between The Real and The Imagined. I suppose one might call it a kind of Purgatory because purgation is a big part of it. A time comes when The Rites of Purification start to get hot and heavy. When the Kundalini starts to burn away the intransigence and resistance. We'd make it a whole lot easier on ourselves just to let go entirely, but... that's not as easy as just writing it down here.

It's the cutting away of attachments, and the seed impressions in the heart and mind that can get downright painful. However... life is going to do that to you anyway. Isn't it? Isn't it? So... it is kind of like getting ahead of The Curve. In baseball terms... it implies a kind of patience. Otherwise... you are going to hit a whole lot of foul balls or... strike-out. If you can't hit The Curve, you won't make it in the majors.

That's an important thing to be aware of. Not everything comes straight at you.

When you are sincere... you get a lot of help, but you often do not know this because your help is often invisible. You have to learn to wait... too. That's a bitch for people caught in the fiery and frenzied pace of material culture. You have to learn to consciously... slow... it... down. What do you think Eternity is like? Eternity is an actual thing, by the way.

Think back (if you can) to when you were in the bathtub, and your mother was giving you a bath. Maybe she was scrubbing you a tad too hard, cause you got a tad too dirty. Maybe she got soap in your eyes. Maybe she was even giving you some grief about it.

It's the same thing at the other end with The Divine Mother. Getting cleaned out and purified is not entirely pleasant. Then there is the attachment to what is getting cleaned away... too.

A great deal of it happens in The Mind. Until The Mind gets stilled, you will have no peace. You have to get above it... literally... and walk it like a dog or... a monkey on a leash. The Mind... The Separated Mind is your greatest enemy... until you get in charge. One of you has to, and the alternative... otherwise... is... decidedly... unpleasant.

Don't set out on The Road of Truth if you're not up to it. You're better off not knowing; if that's the case. You do know that if... you are going to live in Eternity... someone... or something... is going to have to clean your clock? That begs the question of whether it is possible to spend time in Eternity. Certain verities that exist side-by-side with us... day-by-day... are often ignored by most. Such things interfere with the pursuit of appetites.

A lot of people have been making noise about having been enslaved long before they were born. They don't seem to be bothered by being enslaved now... to an even nastier master; Mammon... and his little... and not so little... helpers. They weigh themselves down with chains of gold around their necks.

They have to hire guards to protect them when they walk around, but... they're keeping it real right? Wearing fay designer's names a foot high on their clothes so that people who can't tell the wares by the cut and drape, will know who made it. What does it say about you to gad about like that? It says you are vain beyond reason... and easily fooled... and think you are fooling others... who see right through the pathetic insecurity of it all.

That's another kind of slavery... to the same ones who brought your people over in ships, and now... they like to pal around with you cause... cause... they street. Heh heh... you bet.

It won't last. This is the last gasp of a dying culture, and that tiresome crap won't survive to the next round. Little do they know they are romping about on a massive grave site... little do they know.

It just so happens that there are actual records of everything that happens. You can revise History all you want. You can make shit up. You can graft it over the previous lie. You can hit people over the head with it constantly, trying to make them believe what they don't care about in the first place. Only fear works for that, and fear does not generate Love... Respect... or longevity.

No... there's a real Hall of Records where the Jot and Title are recorded... perhaps for posterity? (grin) Who knows? There's even a real world that gets more real the further you are permitted to proceed into it. This world is a shabby and streaked carbon of that world. Some people seem to like it here... must be why they keep coming back again and again.

Telling The Truth has never been a profitable nor safe enterprise, but... it does have its rewards... nonetheless. Sooner or later you get to a place where they can't hurt you anymore, and you won't be needing a light to go by.

A little more time will be passing, and then? Lo and behold! Now comes something few expected to see. Their minds cannot process what their eyes reveal. It can go any number of ways, but... here is something to keep in mind... “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 26, 2023

"Evil Can Never Prevail. It is a Temporary Departure from Righteousness for The Purpose of Demonstration."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What an experience it was for me on Friday evening to see direct examples of what we have been talking about in recent times, and generally for a while... as well. For about half an hour, just about everything I encountered had to do with an upsurge in the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening.

I know that I shouldn't be surprised. I have learned to implicitly trust The Inner Voice. I am confident by now that all I am being told will come to pass. Still... there is one thing that gives me hesitation, and that is God's Timeline and my Timeline. This is one of those occasions where we are in the same time zone.

This is why true prediction and prophecy seldom... if ever... align with the dates of those who imagine they know. ONLY God knows The Hour.

Rothschilds and Bankers and Ships oh my! What a lot has come out about them suddenly! Yes... Rothschilds and Bankers are the same... in the way that Velociraptors and Roadrunners have very similar characteristics... only their size is different, but... that's a big difference.

All that one gains comes through one's desire to possess. All that one knows comes through one's desire to know it. This is the essential meaning of, “by their works, ye shall know them.” Everything is broadcasting its intrinsic nature at all times. Those who can see into things can see past their camouflage. Desire is the agent of God's Will.

Remember Jacob wrestling with the angel? You cannot fight your higher nature and expect to win. You cannot fight God and expect to triumph. Every law of Nature that we know about has God as its author, and we only know about a few of them and... every law we think we know about is controlled by a higher law that is controlled by an even higher law.

The pieces on the chessboard... the animated kings and queens... bishops and rooks... knights and pawns? They think they are controlling the game. They do not realize they are only pieces on the board that are being played by forces they can dimly guess at.

Gravity and every other force... the force of the planets above AND within us... were all set in their courses by God... long... long... before we rose up against him for... the... purpose... of... his... entertainment, AND... our instruction.

So... The Titanic didn't hit an iceberg. It was a bomb planted by Banker-bergs who wanted The Federal Reserve to prosper for their profit and control of The World's economies. Now we find that David De Rothschild was on the board of the company that owned the conveniently imploding sub that the Rothschild Coven does not want investigated.

Apparently, the hull of The Titanic was reinforced steel like that used on icebreakers... an iceberg could not have sunk it.

Now... in all the state-owned press, where the bankers own The State, we see wishful thinking, wrapped in gratuitous lies, concerning what was going on with Putin and Prigozhin... and all sorts of other lies ancillary to the theme.

It's no different at Breitbart and Fox than it is at the Washington Post and CNN. There's something for everyone. People find the lies they prefer to believe in... at their chosen vehicle of lies.

That which is hidden will be revealed, and... this is an apocalypse. God's CONSCIOUS representatives on Earth maintain the course of events under his direction. The chess pieces think they are controlling events... and then the events lead to conditions they did not intend.

The World is not as we are told by the people who think they are in command of it. They are not even in command of themselves. Everything that happens is allowed to happen... or directed to happen... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

We are here to gain an education... whether we are... momentarily... Good or Evil... regardless of appearances... both hands of the body... work for a common purpose to a specific end.

The Good seeming and The Evil seeming... are changing places all the time, as the one falls to the wayside through machinations of The Separated Mind... the other changes through an awakening instigated by The Dweller Within; just as happened to Paul on The Road to Damascus.

Evil can never prevail. It is a temporary departure from Righteousness for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration. God is both Life and Death... AND... the keeper of Immortality... AND... Divine Luminous Wisdom. How can the pitiful minds of those in pursuit of personal gain... the big frogs in the little ponds... prevail against that???

Even those dancing briefly upon The International Stage... these witless performers... are only permitted to perform there in order to be an object lesson on mortal blindness and overloaded Pride.

Why is it that most people cannot see the obvious fact of a Supreme Ruler? They are not permitted to. Their karma blinds them from The Truth... which they will discover on long roads of suffering ahead. Heaven laughs at the absurd arrogance of those who try to seize the reins.

In an instant they discover it is beyond their power to control... and they are swept away by cosmic forces in the guise of horses... into The Dark outside The Road of Light. It is Krishna-Christ who drives The Chariot and... no other.

This is why you must first keep The Commandments and The Rules OR... YOU... WILL... PROCEED... NO... FURTHER. All this sexual nonsense leads ONLY to Perdition. All carnal desires lead to Mortality. All mortal ambitions fail. All excesses come at a cost.

God was kind enough to show me this AND... take the cost of it upon himself; “Well... Visible... I did put you through it for a reason. I can't expect you to pay the end charges. You suffered enough in the process of paying the freight. I don't charge interest (grin) but I do pay interest.”

Love God with your whole heart and mind. Let this be the direction of your separated will toward Unity and you need do nothing else. You have only to Love God with all your might and your world will be filled with light. ONLY Love can lead you to The Temple of Wisdom where Divine Truth is enshrined... where The Living Truth is self-luminous.

All of this already exists on the plane it exists on. However... if you do not make an effort to go there... you will not get there. You think of it. You desire it. You move toward it. You arrive at it. All of creation can be understood in this simple process of thought-desire-action-manifestation. It's what I call precipitation into form. We plant conditions to come in our own bodies. We need to become more careful gardeners.

Why do people not get this simplicity of focus? Something intrudes between them and realization. Sometimes it is ignorance... carnal desire... willful insistence... selfish intent... AND... a lack of gratitude and sincerity. Those last two are big... BIG ticket items.

God doesn't become your good buddy because of what you do in public. God... incrementally appears within you... because of what you do in private. God monitors The Planes of thought and emotion at all times. He knows what it is that drives our actions... regardless of what we might tell ourselves and others.

You might be able to lie to yourself for whatever period of personal embarrassment you choose to get into. You cannot lie to God... ever. You want his help? Do... His... Will. God is ALREADY going in a certain direction. You can come aboard... or you can go contrary to it.

If you go contrary to it... you drift further... and further from The Light... from The Source of All Good Things... from The Blessings of Heaven... and so forth. Surely you can imagine what the result of that will be?

If you surrender The Personal Will that exists in opposition to The Divine... all that is true... righteous... and wonderful is added to you. That's how it works! Don't like it? Well... that's just too bad. Heaven won't... and never has... come around to that way of thinking. You are either in order... disorder... or somewhere in between... and on the way to one or the other.

I made a great many mistakes in this life by thinking I knew what I was doing. God knows what errors I made previous to that, BUT... once you realize you were wrong... and the necessary adjustments are made... you are no longer wrong... you are right; just... like... that! Keeping in mind that Good and Evil are only the sinuous back-and-forth motion of The Life Force on its way beyond them.

Before... The Wind was against you. Now The Wind is with you. Let God set the course and carry you home. There's nothing worth having here, except the freedom from wanting any of it. We are here to demonstrate the quality of our convictions OR... the lack thereof. Time will tell, and... you... most... certainly... will... see.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

"Personally... I Prefer a Pat on The Head to a Kick in The Ass. Both are Always Available and... Waiting in The Wings."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I recently mentioned the Temperance card from Tarot. The Rider-Waite deck shows an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another. This has many meanings that we won't be going into because we do not use that deck for our studies, though it is the most popular deck in circulation. We use The BOTA deck, which shows an angel with one foot on Terra FIRMA, and one foot on The Fluid of a pond.

I could spend all day going into the arcane meanings of what is present in the card (a picture is worth a thousand words); much of which I have forgotten because I rarely reference the cards these days. They were a stage in my journey that has now moved to other methods. However... there is one thing that keeps returning to my thoughts and... I'd like to get it said.

You will note that on the angel's right is a crouching lion and on the left is a standing eagle.

BOTA Temperance Card

The angel is pouring water over the lion and holding a flaming brand over the eagle. The lion represents (among many other things) the fixed fire sign of Leo. The eagle represents (among many other things) the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

What is seldom mentioned; at least I've not seen it in commentaries that abound... is that there is a by-product that comes about when fire and water are brought together. That would be Steam! Remember that we mentioned the quality associated with the force that Temperance represents? We said it was... Wrath?

Transpose this into the human emotional body and consider the state of a person who is steaming. This is the result of pressure; something contained that wants to get out... often associated with...Anger. Anger and Wrath... of course... have a close association. The body is a container. So are all the more subtle bodies that encapsulate our physical form... and all of them can steam in the container, and... steam up the windows through which we see.

It can cloud our perception.

Life in Times of Material Darkness is under great pressure. These are also times of great change... for good and for ill, but all... for The Purpose of Demonstration. You could say that life in the big cities exists in a pressure cooker.

You can interpret this in the emotional climate of a single individual... trying to harness their rage, or... altogether incapable of it, and... you can apply it to an entire culture... a country... a planet. The whole planet is steaming at the moment and that pressure has to go somewhere. It goes into rapid transformations of all sorts... seemingly good and seemingly bad.

The steaming pressure generated in times of advanced Materialism causes people to act impulsively... rashly... without due consideration aforethought.

Each of us is VERY familiar with acting without thought. This is especially the case when alcohol... drugs... emotional distress... and fight or flight come into play. I am no stranger to this in former times.

Now... I find there is another way. There is more than one of us in each individual body. There is at the very least... The Personality and The Individuality. The Personality is that which sets you apart from others. The Individuality is that self we share with all others. In Times of Material Darkness, The Personality is usually pushing itself forward with no thought for The Individuality... and is probably completely unaware of it.

This is especially true when we lose our center... our balance. CATCH IT RIGHT THERE!

The Devil made me do it? I don't know why I said that... I don't know why I did that... I guess I have poor impulse control... such is the way of things... in Times of Material Darkness... and in all times of personal darkness.

If our parents fail to discipline us properly. The World will discipline us regardless. The willful... separated mind... is a blind man drunk in a crowded bar... and looking for trouble. It doesn't know what it is doing. It often doesn't know why it is doing it. Behind this pushy... arrogant fool... is the patient Individuality that is the potential common unity with all life.

This Individuality is God... also known as The Higher Self. It is right there... within you this very moment. You would not be alive otherwise. You cannot die... not the real you. The false you is dying all the time... constantly being changed by experience and time... via the aging process. Change is death. Death is change.

You are not who you were even a short time ago. You might not see the changes. Usually... they are subtle... but you are not the same person stepping into the same river twice; if that makes any sense.

ALL... WE... HAVE... TO... DO... is allow... permit... The Individuality to act through us. This requires the harnessing and restraint of The Personality. The willful self... the separated mind... does not like this. It rebels against the constraints. It is an old story that goes all the way back to The Fall from Grace; a story that is egregiously misunderstood.

Yoga is a form of this harnessing of The Personality; yoking it to The Individuality. It's like a good dog... a well-behaved dog... a trained dog. You are that dog. Personally, I prefer a pat on the head to a kick in the ass. Both of these are always available and waiting in the wings.

Life is all about the combination of these two possibilities. ALL... YOU... HAVE... TO... DO... is to not hinder the passage of The Individuality through The Personality. The Personality is no stable thing. It is changing all the time. A criminal personality learns to adapt to necessary hesitations in their actions, based on previous failures of effort. (grin)

How do I do this? I don't know where this Individuality is located! How do I know it's that and not some trick of The Personality operating through a new camouflage? Simply restrain The Personality and The Individuality will show up. For this, you must have Faith. You have to have Certitude in its presence within you, in... the... first... place.

It all takes place in The Mind. The Carnal Mind is The Devil... who is God the way The Wicked see him at that level of cognition. Try casting every thought out of your head at all times. Don't bother sorting them in the beginning. Empty the airport. Stop all incoming and outgoing flights. Eventually, The Mind will empty and what has been there all along... and can't be thrown out... will announce its presence.

It has been announcing its presence all along but you haven't been able to hear it because of all the other noise from all those planes landing and taking off. This is closely associated with the breath which is why I use the snorting technique until... clarity ensues. You do know how your breathing changes when your emotions get worked up? You do see the change when The Mind moves into certain areas of consideration?

The Mind gets worked up when it concerns itself with a future it has no real knowledge of, BUT... it should at least know a little something from past and present behavior. Oh well... maybe it will be different this time. Sure... Buddy. It also gets worked up when it contemplates the badly remembered past. All of this is easily handled by The Individuality... The Indwelling... Higher Self.

Isn't meditation about this sort of thing... controlling the breath? Letting the breath proceed in an easy... effortless way... not tossed about by winds generated by the fire of desire? The Sun creates wind the same way. The Sun is the visible personality of God on the material plane. There is also a spiritual sun that looks black because it is too bright to see with mortal eyes.

As for The World we are present in... as a pinball... a conscious observer... or a focused participant... Here's something from the sutras, “Unity is the hallmark of spiritual things and Diversity is the seal of material things. That kind of says it all, doesn't it?

All these changes passing by your window, are temporary adjustments and adaptations. They are relevant to those who find them relevant. The screeching... cannibal crows of political correctness, and cancel culture... are a passing phenomenon, a bad dream someone is having... with many other programmed dreamers... who are about to be shocked into silence and awe... when they are forcibly awakened without warning.

Yes... until now... awakening was as much a matter of choice as anything else... a response of the hearts and minds of those with a greater sensitivity. Woke was a helpful adaptation for those who wanted to keep sleeping. The time WILL come when awakening will be visited upon those who have been resistant, and their hair will stand on end. It is always better to be ahead of the curve... so you don't wind up round the bend... metaphorically (and literally) speaking.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, June 16, 2023

"Every Human Being... is Dealing With... or Not Dealing With... or... Entirely Ignorant of... The Same Force."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had an experience yesterday morning that almost turned it upside down for me. As I was logging into my computer... I saw something I had not seen before, and in a moment of disconnect, I clicked it previous to logging on and it immediately started to install Windows 11, (or so I was led to believe) which I did not want. I didn't want Windows 10 either, but knowing I could use a Windows 7 Shell, I got 10 when support for 7 ended.

Anyway, I could not stop this thing and the next thing I knew, (It was only a few minutes) my desktop was changed. My Documents was empty, as was Downloads, and I guess much of the rest of what I use each day, and... I did not have my two Notepad HTML files which are always on the desktop.

This was early... before 6 AM... and I did all sorts of things... including a System Restore. Nothing worked, and... I kept getting error messages. It didn't make sense, and... I am not a computer Luddite.

I am set to meditate before 7AM... as The Sun is rising. I went and sat in my meditation chair but could not meditate. Before going out there was this discomfort and pressing anxiety. I could not understand it. I KNEW none of this matters. I knew it would be fixed, but the agitation was constant. I managed it without reacting.

I called my fix-it computer guy and he came over around noon. Instantly he located the problem and all was exactly as it had been. I had created another User ID and that was a kind of clear slate that didn't recognize what the main.. previous User had going on. It never even occurred to me that such a thing could happen. Note the word... User. (grin) A sign of the times... of Material Darkness... and selfish intent.

The reason I write about it has to do with those emotional winds blowing through me... the discomfort and anxiety... for which I got no answers at the time. I wasn't personally feeling any of this. It was just passing through me, though... I was free to identify with it if I chose to. I could let the wavy vibrations translate into Wrath if I wanted them to, or... I could just let them go. Once you are established in this understanding in a visceral sense, your whole world will change.

Later in the day, I was told... it was during moments like this that these subconscious forces were being bled out of me... provided that I allowed it. The Temperance card came instantly into my mind. Its quality is Wrath. That has to do with the wavy vibration of the angel pouring forth the neutralizing agents upon The Lion and The Eagle; Leo and Scorpio.

The Eagle is the sexual force transformed into spiritual vision. Otherwise, you get the scorpion, with the stinger poised above itself. Sex is life and form-giving. It is also death-dealing to life and form.

If we are engaged in the process of transformation, The Angel is always around us and at work... if we permit it. Temperance... tempering... is associated with... support. It has associations with a tent peg.

Vibration is behind all manifest objects of every kind. Vibration supports them. The Great Work is to bring it all into balance. Creative artists have... can have... powerful force running through them, and... unless they can direct and channel that force... it can get wildly out of hand. Combine that with the force of intoxicants and many hotel rooms... expensive cars and belongings can testify to this.

If you can get this force under control. If you know how to move with the fire hose... you will have attained to a remarkable station. The Intelligence of Trial and Probation is associated with Temperance. It's a process of measuring and balancing... coming upon an even keel.

I know some of this can seem complex and intimidating to some... at times confusing and inferential without sufficient references. Over time... enough gets said... to give a more complete picture of that for which no complete picture exists.

This was what was happening to me, and it comes around regularly... catches me unaware... I hold still... The Work gets done.

The Guardian Angel does all the work of perfecting in us. We do nothing more than to hold still and permit it. Anyone who thinks otherwise... thinks they are accomplishing it... is delusional.

Every human being is dealing with... or not dealing with... or entirely ignorant of... the same force... involving different conditions... made different by the unique and individual precision of the astrological forces working in... upon... and through us.

The Personality... and its instrument... The Mind... MUST be brought under control. If it is not... it will be the end of you in that go-round. Concerning this... there is a specific expression of cosmic force that is acting on every one of us at this time... much more so than usual. It's called Apocalypse. It would be better to find another word that means the same thing because people associate Apocalypse with religious meanings that are generally misunderstood.

It would be better to say... the force of revealing... unveiling... uncovering that which had been previously hidden. For some of us, this means a much greater insight into ourselves and The World around us. For others who have been abusing life and other life forms... it means a public exposure before the eyes of The World. For some, it brings destruction because of an inability to process what is being revealed.

On a carnal level... all of this sexual perversity and identity crisis confusion is related to this force; “Oh! Look what I found inside me!” “This is my real and authentic self!” “I am living my own truth!” This is all nonsense. It is delusion. The forms of sexual expression have nothing to do with your real self which has no specific sexual identity... but it is varied in you accordingly when... you manifest here.

At a further stage, you have a great deal of say in the expression you take.

Because of Materialism, which negates the sense of divinity; it actually requires the banishment of The Divine from general perception... those caught up in it have no other medium of expression left but a sexual one. Most atheists believe that sex is the be-all and end-all; evolution... primal force... survival of the fittest. Believers claim that God is, and... “according to your faith is it done unto you.”

What you believe forms your intentions. It guides and directs you. If you base your life on what the senses report and deny all else... that is The World you live in. If you base your life on what is outside the bandwidth of the senses... that is The World you live in.

Because of The Force of Materialism... Inspiration; the flow of the divine creative force through artists... has diminished greatly. This is why I said there are no more decent writers. I meant INSPIRED writers, and OF COURSE, I did not mean this in a literal sense. I meant it generally, and no one can argue to the contrary as far as a paucity of real creativity goes. Most of the creativity of these times is lame and contrived.

I'm sure anyone... if they look for a while... can find someone exceptional. The two people who disagreed with me could each find... only... one... example. In the meantime... look at what parades before us now. Look at the insipid garbage that passes for art... and music... and the ugly scribbles on canvas called modern art. Look at the sculptures that grace public thoroughfares. Look at what The Intemperate and unbalanced have gifted us.

Look at the sexual metaphors and graphic displays of perversity that saturate the art of these times. The Good News is that a renaissance will come with the generation that is bringing it. You will likely be a part... a participant or observer of it at the time of its appearance; coming one-of-these-days to a culture near you.

When God goes out of the picture, all you are left with is sex... and the endless distractions of material culture. This accounts for widespread depravity... Babylon Rising... the murk and filth of a populace that has lost its way in a wilderness of comfort, convenience... and self-indulgence. It is all moving relentlessly toward denouement and epiphany.

End Transmission.......

Addendum de dum dum; I write something like this five days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Of course, I am going to present something that runs contrary to the thinking of another... on a regular basis even. First off, I am not writing these posts for wide exposure to a large audience. I am writing to a specific spiritual demographic. I'll say it again; take what you find useful and ignore the rest. I don't argue or debate so... there's no reason to come to me about it anyway. (grin) I'll just move right along and continue to do this until I stop doing it.

I don't mean to offend anyone. I also recognize that it is impossible to avoid. I don't let it bother me or take any of that seriously. I do take this work seriously, which I do for free in the service of one far greater than I. I'm not always on. I don't hit exactly what I meant to say sometimes, BUT there is a kind of consistency here. (if that makes any sense)

There's a lot I can't talk about that has to do with what goes on here. It's just as well that it does not get said, although quite a few people are aware of it. Some things are best left unsaid. The Truth will out... sooner or later. It's going to get very strange soon so... keep your head down and mind how you go.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

"How is it That They Seek so Desperately to Transform Themselves into Fossilized Dung Dipped into A Candied Glitter Shell?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

If it walks like AIDS. If it talks like AIDS, and it kills like AIDS, it must be AIDS.

COVID Monkey Pox

Yes... visible... that is a tad misleading. Back in the day... the usual disinformation specialists were saying how HIV came from green monkeys... when we can now assume it was some kind of pre-COVID... Dr. Strangelove... early days... underground laboratory thing... done up by the people who now head The World Health Organization... The WEF... and The CDC poison-mind-meld... rubber-stamp people.

So... it's official. It's been official for years now... in the minds of those who can put two and two together without furrowing their brows. They are officially trying to kill everyone too stupid to catch on... and smarter people who can't run very fast. They are doing this. It's official.

As the nation stands transfixed by all the wanna-be Buffalo Bills (Silence of the Lambs character) shaking their prosthetic flotation devices on The White House lawn, we SHOULD remind ourselves that everything we see in The World around us is what has been thought-into-being by minds so disposed to it. Everything you used to see... that has been replaced by what you presently see... was thought-into-being.

It should then be a reasonable assumption... that everything yet to precipitate into form... will be thought-into-being.

All the mass collectives that comprise the populations of Chicago... (♫ a Hell of a town ♫) LA and New Yawk... Kiev and Shanghai; all those metropolitan melting pots... they got thought-into-being by the people resident there. The people who were there, but are now presently somewhere else, even... if... you... can't... see... them... anymore, thought themselves out of there to somewhere else. It's all thought-born.

The World entire is... The Field and The Knower. The Field is a mental projection of The Knower. This is what you get when a whole lot of different people play God, and have a different take on how that is supposed to go.

Here is the unfortunate factor concerning this dynamic; you can't tell anyone anything. It would be the same as speaking to them in a foreign language. Whaaaat? However... some of you reading this know... (by now) that this is so. We all live in a world of our own creation. It is the mind that performs the magic Shake & Bake ritual that arranges the external furniture according to its own desire.

It's all dependent on whether we are operating out of The Carnal Mind... or above and behind A Mind in righteous harness. You have a menagerie... a zoo... inside of you. The principal players are The Monkey Mind, and... The Dog of Desire, BUT... all the rest of the animal kingdom is represented there, and... (hopefully) submerged (and caged) in The Subconscious... unless passion or appetite initiates a jailbreak, and then you have to clean up after yourself unless The Forensics Department gets there first.

If undesirable conditions appear in your body... which is your immediate field... you thought them into being. You can think them out of being too... and it doesn't even have to be a spiritually directed thing. I know about people who got all kinds of things to show up or happen by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Hmm... I guess you could say that's spiritual... kinda. It's just not my kind of spiritual... and that's another example of how we get into different worlds in the same world.

One of the most powerful aspects of my mantra; I don't know, is that it negates the part of me that creates bad shit in my life. It provides for The Higher Mind to do the knowing in my case. Of course... if your, I don't know, is a surface-based... intellectually apprehended, I don't know, it won't be nearly as impactful as one that is visceral.

Often we get visceral knowledge through trauma or... some other shock to the system. That brands it into our consciousness in a telling and lasting way.

One classic example of how we think things into being is when our fears manifest. This is the offspring of the intercourse between The Mind and Negative Emotion. It's a child you gave birth to. I knew about a woman who was deathly afraid of dogs.

One day a German Shepherd slipped up behind her and started licking her hand. Heh heh... that's what's called a transitionary moment. She wasn't afraid of dogs after that. I guess it could have gone a lot of ways... including sideways... but it didn't.

If you got a problem; ♫ take... it... to... The... Lord... in... prayer ♫ Seriously... if you are serious and sincere, YOU WILL BE HEARD. Action will be taken. It may not be what you were expecting. It will certainly be what you need. How do I express The Power... The Beauty... the Glory of God? I do not, of course. I can scarce hint at it. It is well beyond the several forms of communication that exist beyond words.

There is NOTHING that God cannot do. NOTHING!!! There is plenty that we cannot do... heh heh... (sigh). I feel such sorrow when I see those in temporary possession of some tiny fragments of power... strutting about like peacocks in rut. They have no idea... no idea at all of what real power is... including staying-power.

I sat before The Altar of The Sun this morning and a presence came upon me. I could feel the physique and the dimensions of the being. Oh... my... God! This is why I pray each day to be made into a habitation of angels. I KNOW God will grant me this, IF... I permit him to make the necessary changes in me, in order for that to be possible. How is it that people settle for less than this?

How is it that people contend with each other for fossilized dung dipped in glitter? How is it that they seek so desperately to transform themselves into fossilized dung dipped into a congealed-candy glitter shell? It's like some bizarre process at an infernal Dairy Queen.

Obviously, they are blinded. Obviously, they have thought into being... an unreasonable facsimile... of something they have no real perception of. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Sometimes I am on the verge of both. I remember... years ago... when I realized that I was not the one who was crazy. It was The World that was crazy, and I only became crazy by trying to fit in.

Now we are seeing just how lunatic it has become under The Heat Lamps of Materialism... under The Grow Lights of Desire... under the focused attention of a mind corrupted by the force of wanting... rising through the pressure channels of the fire down below.

It's not going to get better this way. It's not going to fix itself this way. It's like a man hitting himself in the head with a hammer... in an effort to knock some sense into himself. What do The Israelis say? Use force, and if that doesn't work... use more force.

By way of deception is what they first practice on themselves. This stupor of self-deceit would have failed long ago, had God not routed it to a further Purpose of Demonstration. Well... you'll see.

Everything in its time by Heavenly Decree.

I realize that In Times of Material Darkness... the idea of an all and ever-present God has been pressed to the margins of thought. Time comes when the image of a living God is something to be mocked and ridiculed by the ravening mobs. However... God is real... and God is not mocked... not for long. They are what is not real. This they will discover when that rock and the hard place press in on them without respite... to make that very point.

There is a way that leadeth unto destruction, and... there is a way that leads unto eternal life. It can get confusing in the bad weather dance of magnetized dust that was formerly sunlight.

May you know his mercy before his judgment comes upon you.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, June 08, 2023

"The Devil is The Separated Mind... Dancing Outside The State of Resonating Unity, Where Every Conflict is Resolved."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Surely... by now... anyone who chooses to... can see the evidence of spiritual warfare... close up... or at a distance... or in some cases... both. One can see it in the external sense. One can also see it in one's own mind... where that applies.

Some of us have been fortunate enough... over the course of a long haul of lives... to shut down the wheedling... threatening... whining... urging and cajoling menace of The Carnal Mind and its vehicle... the unregenerate personality. Others still wrestle with The Beast. Most are less than blissfully unaware of it altogether. That will not last. Things change... regardless of the level of one's resistance to that cornerstone of manifest existence.

I can only speak for myself. Perhaps the effect of conditions and forces are different for others. I have 3 sources for what I know; my own experience... the legacy and records left by others... and The Intuition. I have many sources for what I do not know... brought to my attention by The Separated Mind.

What is the point of being rigorously and ruthlessly vigilant... concerning the operations of The Separated Mind? It is because that is the force that empowers assumption as a defining source. The Separated Mind cannot possibly... ever... know certain things because it cannot detach itself from itself in order to assess and analyze itself. That has to occur from another level of perception.

Some things can only be known in Unity, and they cannot be spoken on unless the unity is broken for the purpose of discussion. There is little difference between the chattering of chipmunks and squirrels... and the chattering of humankind. It all seems reasonable within the parameters of shared experience. Take it up a notch or two and it sounds like nonsense.

That is one of the valuable things that psychedelics taught me. You can learn things in altered states. Such experiences can be as valuable and illuminating as they can be dangerous and deceiving. What is true is that such insights can only go so far. This is something I have learned personally as a former psychedelic traveler of many... many hundreds of excursions. There is a limit to what you can discover on mind-altering substances.

It becomes a looping process within boundaries that you can neither get through nor around. I did not want to learn that this was true. I had big investments there, but it was true... and it is true. Certain levels and areas of perception are closed off to such intrusions. They can certainly be gateways to states of realization, but one must put them aside to go further on.

At every stage of transition, one must leave something behind in order to continue. Sometimes it is more than one thing. You cannot rise unless you become lighter. Like someone in The New Testament said... “you must put away childish things”. As is consistently the case... scripture has several or more possible meanings with every statement. This is why people argue about meaning. Those who argue have missed the point. There can be no argument in a state of unity.

It is always the foolish ego... the calculating mind... and the willful personality that continually insists upon or argues against something that life proves to be wrong or irrelevant... sooner or later. This is why THE doors close behind you after you pass through them;

31. Through perfectly concentrated Meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who have attained.

The tradition is, that there is a certain center of force in the head, perhaps the "Pineal gland," which some of our Western philosophers have supposed to be the dwelling of the soul,—a center which is, as it were, the doorway between the natural and the spiritual man.

It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward-looking consciousness in the forward part of the head; that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind," which views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward-looking consciousness in the forward part of the head.

It is the spiritual man seeking to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man to concern himself with the things of his immortality. This is suggested in the words of the Upanishad already quoted: "There, where the dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the head"; all of which may sound very fantastical until one comes to understand it.

It is said that when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of the great Companions of the spiritual man, those who have already attained, crossing over to the further shore of the sea of death and rebirth. Perhaps it is to this divine sight that the Master alluded, who is reported to have said; "I counsel you to buy of me eye-salve, that you may see." It is of this same vision of the great Companions, the children of light, that a seer wrote,

"Though inland far we be,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither,
Can in a moment travel thither,
And see the Children sport upon the shore
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore."

32. Or through the divining power of intuition he knows all things.

This is really the supplement, the spiritual side, of the sutra just translated. Step by step, as the better consciousness, the spiritual view, gains force in the back of the mind, so, in the same measure, the spiritual man is gaining the power to see: learning to open the spiritual eyes.

When the eyes are fully opened, the spiritual man beholds the great Companions standing about him; he has begun to "know all things."

This divining power of intuition is the power which lies above and behind the so-called rational mind; the rational mind formulates a question and lays it before the intuition, which gives a real answer, often immediately distorted by the rational mind, yet always embodying a kernel of truth. It is by this process, through which the rational mind brings questions to the intuition for solution, that the truths of science are reached, the flashes of discovery and genius. But this higher power need not work in subordination to the so-called rational mind, it may act directly, as full illumination, "the vision and the faculty divine."

Some will read these words and gain some intellectual perception of their meaning. Some may get flashes of the moment... through which a greater insight is given. Some may later experience an enlightening flashback... due to working out a deeper meaning... through the agency of The Subconscious. Some will find their eyes glaze over; probably lacking in eye-salve. (grin)

The Devil is The Separated Mind... dancing outside the state of resonating Unity, where every conflict and contention is resolved... where self-importance has no place because ONLY The Higher Self is important OR... real. It is there... where there is no strife... no suffering... no sense of alienation... no despair... and no fear.

The World is a theater of dynamic tensions personalized for The Purpose of Demonstration... where the elements attract and repel in their magnetic polarities... and seeming antagonisms. It is here that you find peace, BY... THE... GRACE... OF... GOD. Otherwise, you will find it nowhere else; and you will keep returning here until you do.

The World is made visible by the separations and conflicts that ensue in the dance of opposites... slower and faster... higher and lower... easier and harder... depending on you.

The World is the place where you get everything you thought you wanted only to find you no longer want it now that it is yours. It is the place where EVERYTHING falls short of the promises it made to attract you. The point of it all is to compel you to look within. You... yourself... are everything you seek in a world where missing pieces spin in an eternal... electromagnetic helix.

It is wanting that forms The World you exist in. It is not wanting that reveals The World you truly seek.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 05, 2023

"People Begin to Long for Death in a Wilderness of Useless Things... Wasted and Alone... in a Forest of Manikins."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

While The World sleeps and dreams in The Material Senses... This is what is going on across the water.

If you remember the large military exercises that were taking place on 9/11, you would be justified in finding this to be apprehension-making... especially if you live in the European Theater.

It's not my intention to do a Halloween pop-up dance in your mind. It simply is what it is... until it turns into something else. That is the way of things on The Material Plane... things are what they are until they become something else... and they are always made from the same thing. It has been the case for a very long time that those who think they rule The World are those who also manipulate appearances for personal gain.

There are various forms of predator in our world... as many or more as there are in The Animal and Insect Kingdoms. There are predators who manipulate the imagination in order to sell you things. There are those who stoke your fear. They also want to sell you things; whether it is life insurance... guns... burglar alarms... political candidates... religion; God as the all-knowing, all-disapproving, walk-this-way controller, who runs and operates the candy stores and prisons, here... and beyond.

There are sexual predators, and the predators who use enticements to lure you into their webs... with promises of financial gain... promises of a good time... banquet tables for every appetite. You know who they are. They are the ones who rub their hands with glee when you walk willingly into a world of harm that is disguised as something else.

The World is a magic show. It always has been, though it was more light-filled at other times that are not even a distant memory now. That ALWAYS means they are on their way back. There are two forms of magic; light magic and dark magic. One of them liberates you. The other enslaves you. People run from what scares them. They run toward what they desire. Both of these can have similar results. Often what you desire should be what scares you.

Many horror films will have those scenes where the victim goes down into the basement, even though all their senses tell them this is not a good idea. The people watching the movie will even scream out without thinking, “Don't go into the basement!” Perhaps they think the people in the movie can hear them? The only difference between a movie and your life is that in one of them, you are the observer. In the other one, you are the actor.

This is a very important point but people don't get it. Something in their mind... some barrier to understanding... prohibits their catching on. That is why the things that happen in movies also happen in life. Almost no one catches on.

Taylor Swift... Fried Ice Spice... Rap-Satanists extolling Bling and Booty in a wonderland of Bitch's and Ho's... instant food made by indifferent hands... and more and more often... with malicious intent... by people who hate their jobs and their customers. Little is hand-crafted in a time when anything can be toothpaste squeezed through a 3-D printer.

Swift plays little girl lost... singing inane songs about her failed love affairs... never realizing there's no love involved at that level; only a temporary rutting in an ever deeper groove. People just as lost pay thousands of dollars to hear her trivial pursuits of an understanding above her pay grade. They live vicariously through her because emptiness speaks to emptiness.

Her fans are awash in the minutiae of her trail of lyrical clues; what did that mean? Was she talking about Roger? Phil? Jack? John? Joe? Jim? Gerry? Richard? Her dad?

Those leading humanity into The Pit of Despair have a legion of Judas Goats. Taylor Swift is just one of them. She's a less intelligent pop tart than her same-game predecessor, Alanis Morrissette... who was the navel-gazing follow-up for Joni Mitchell... and so on... and so on... as the quality of the culture is watered down... the intelligence level sinks... the eyes of insight glaze over... and the cellphone becomes the altar to an algorithm.

Meanwhile... as the stupefied lemmings march through the wreckage, The Overlords kill off the food animals to replace them with non-flatulent bugs... close down the farmlands to initiate worldwide famine... inject the willing with Killer Vaccines... start their next Banker Financed World War... bring forth the new mind game of transhumanism through the transgender theme... and promote degeneracy at every level from cradle to grave because they know and court the consequences that will follow.

Everything is appetite or survival based in Times of Material Darkness, and all of it exists to celebrate the mean achievements of those devoid of inspiration. Everything is watered down... increasingly more and more meaningless. People begin to long for death in a wilderness of useless things... wasted and alone in a forest of manikins.

The Overlords shut the doors of access to divine inspiration; that force which lifts the heart and demonstrates the multi-tasking nature of Love. As Materialism intensifies, God seems to shrink accordingly... but... Humanity cannot survive with no connection to The Source, and there is no joy in the absence of The Creator. One finally passes and arrives on an asteroid devoid of life... devoid of color... devoid of meaning... and all alone. This is the destiny of The Overlords... each and every one.

They are permitted to believe that they are the controllers. The masses conspire accordingly because they dream of being among The Overlords... as they are carrot and sticked across the ages... seeking what cannot be found there. All that time they carried the answer within them. This is the great tragedy of the personal self and The Separated Mind. Without Unity, there is no peace... there is no joy... there is no love... only the endless headstones of the nameless dead... buried in Birkin body bags with shrouds by Gucci.

Here it is that one sees the mercy and compassion of The Shining One... the cornucopia of never-ending blessings. The one who ignites the light within. The one who twists The Dial so that the fountain might overflow and wash The World with Love. By divers ways, he leads us through and beyond the sorrow and loss we created from our lives. Out of the ruin of the cities of the dead comes the green and living testament of renewed existence. It winds around the cross... and the roses bloom in a riot of faith... certitude... and everlasting life.

The Shepherd searches through the centuries for his missing sheep. He carries the staff of Divine Will and The Keys to Hell. His being is woven from the flaming script of angels, and The Music of The Spheres radiates from his presence. One sees and hears what cannot be seen or heard... and cannot remember, but... this gospel falls like time bombs into the darkness of the unexplored self, and one day... one day comes an explosion of light... awaken dreamers!

Anything... anything The World promises you is a lie. There is no gold at the end of that rainbow. There is no happiness in riches or fame... power or position. There is only the burden of them and the endless harassment from The Lower Regions for so long as you possess them. All of these things are shadow forms of spiritual riches... spiritual fame... spiritual powers and positions.

You have the one at the expense of the other. The one is temporary. The other is eternal. This should be a no-brainer... and it is... heh heh... it is. The World lies to you... and then... you lie to yourself... and then you lie to everyone else. Everything we are experiencing... in person... or as a witness to... is for The Purpose of Demonstration; when you do this... that happens. When you do that... this happens.

It's not complicated unless you need to hedge your bets... unless you think maybe God is the fantasy and The World is what's real. One thing you can be sure of is... you... will... find... out.

The desperate existence of the glittering and glossy lives of the fame whores is hidden from you. You are led to believe it is just what they say it is... until you get there and find out. Even worse; they become your companions... birds of a feather and all that.

Zuck the Schmuck is living in paradise in the prison of himself... surrounded by people who hate him. Ah... this is the life! Jeff Strange-Eyes Bezos needs all the trappings to give defining evidence of what he has trapped himself inside of. George Soros is melting. Joe Biden is walking into walls that are closing in on themselves. Hillary Clinton has voodoo dreams of Haiti.

Meanwhile... the former landscape of Ukraine no longer permits for the twisted perversities that fed the Rothschild coffers with every evil imaginable that could be shrink-wrapped while still breathing, and sold round The World. Down the hall... inside the minds of all of them... come the footsteps. There are no barriers you can build to protect you from yourself. There is nowhere you can run, and nowhere you can hide.

These are thoughts to live by and motivate you BEFORE you find yourselves in similar constraints.

End Transmission.......

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