Friday, June 16, 2023

"Every Human Being... is Dealing With... or Not Dealing With... or... Entirely Ignorant of... The Same Force."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had an experience yesterday morning that almost turned it upside down for me. As I was logging into my computer... I saw something I had not seen before, and in a moment of disconnect, I clicked it previous to logging on and it immediately started to install Windows 11, (or so I was led to believe) which I did not want. I didn't want Windows 10 either, but knowing I could use a Windows 7 Shell, I got 10 when support for 7 ended.

Anyway, I could not stop this thing and the next thing I knew, (It was only a few minutes) my desktop was changed. My Documents was empty, as was Downloads, and I guess much of the rest of what I use each day, and... I did not have my two Notepad HTML files which are always on the desktop.

This was early... before 6 AM... and I did all sorts of things... including a System Restore. Nothing worked, and... I kept getting error messages. It didn't make sense, and... I am not a computer Luddite.

I am set to meditate before 7AM... as The Sun is rising. I went and sat in my meditation chair but could not meditate. Before going out there was this discomfort and pressing anxiety. I could not understand it. I KNEW none of this matters. I knew it would be fixed, but the agitation was constant. I managed it without reacting.

I called my fix-it computer guy and he came over around noon. Instantly he located the problem and all was exactly as it had been. I had created another User ID and that was a kind of clear slate that didn't recognize what the main.. previous User had going on. It never even occurred to me that such a thing could happen. Note the word... User. (grin) A sign of the times... of Material Darkness... and selfish intent.

The reason I write about it has to do with those emotional winds blowing through me... the discomfort and anxiety... for which I got no answers at the time. I wasn't personally feeling any of this. It was just passing through me, though... I was free to identify with it if I chose to. I could let the wavy vibrations translate into Wrath if I wanted them to, or... I could just let them go. Once you are established in this understanding in a visceral sense, your whole world will change.

Later in the day, I was told... it was during moments like this that these subconscious forces were being bled out of me... provided that I allowed it. The Temperance card came instantly into my mind. Its quality is Wrath. That has to do with the wavy vibration of the angel pouring forth the neutralizing agents upon The Lion and The Eagle; Leo and Scorpio.

The Eagle is the sexual force transformed into spiritual vision. Otherwise, you get the scorpion, with the stinger poised above itself. Sex is life and form-giving. It is also death-dealing to life and form.

If we are engaged in the process of transformation, The Angel is always around us and at work... if we permit it. Temperance... tempering... is associated with... support. It has associations with a tent peg.

Vibration is behind all manifest objects of every kind. Vibration supports them. The Great Work is to bring it all into balance. Creative artists have... can have... powerful force running through them, and... unless they can direct and channel that force... it can get wildly out of hand. Combine that with the force of intoxicants and many hotel rooms... expensive cars and belongings can testify to this.

If you can get this force under control. If you know how to move with the fire hose... you will have attained to a remarkable station. The Intelligence of Trial and Probation is associated with Temperance. It's a process of measuring and balancing... coming upon an even keel.

I know some of this can seem complex and intimidating to some... at times confusing and inferential without sufficient references. Over time... enough gets said... to give a more complete picture of that for which no complete picture exists.

This was what was happening to me, and it comes around regularly... catches me unaware... I hold still... The Work gets done.

The Guardian Angel does all the work of perfecting in us. We do nothing more than to hold still and permit it. Anyone who thinks otherwise... thinks they are accomplishing it... is delusional.

Every human being is dealing with... or not dealing with... or entirely ignorant of... the same force... involving different conditions... made different by the unique and individual precision of the astrological forces working in... upon... and through us.

The Personality... and its instrument... The Mind... MUST be brought under control. If it is not... it will be the end of you in that go-round. Concerning this... there is a specific expression of cosmic force that is acting on every one of us at this time... much more so than usual. It's called Apocalypse. It would be better to find another word that means the same thing because people associate Apocalypse with religious meanings that are generally misunderstood.

It would be better to say... the force of revealing... unveiling... uncovering that which had been previously hidden. For some of us, this means a much greater insight into ourselves and The World around us. For others who have been abusing life and other life forms... it means a public exposure before the eyes of The World. For some, it brings destruction because of an inability to process what is being revealed.

On a carnal level... all of this sexual perversity and identity crisis confusion is related to this force; “Oh! Look what I found inside me!” “This is my real and authentic self!” “I am living my own truth!” This is all nonsense. It is delusion. The forms of sexual expression have nothing to do with your real self which has no specific sexual identity... but it is varied in you accordingly when... you manifest here.

At a further stage, you have a great deal of say in the expression you take.

Because of Materialism, which negates the sense of divinity; it actually requires the banishment of The Divine from general perception... those caught up in it have no other medium of expression left but a sexual one. Most atheists believe that sex is the be-all and end-all; evolution... primal force... survival of the fittest. Believers claim that God is, and... “according to your faith is it done unto you.”

What you believe forms your intentions. It guides and directs you. If you base your life on what the senses report and deny all else... that is The World you live in. If you base your life on what is outside the bandwidth of the senses... that is The World you live in.

Because of The Force of Materialism... Inspiration; the flow of the divine creative force through artists... has diminished greatly. This is why I said there are no more decent writers. I meant INSPIRED writers, and OF COURSE, I did not mean this in a literal sense. I meant it generally, and no one can argue to the contrary as far as a paucity of real creativity goes. Most of the creativity of these times is lame and contrived.

I'm sure anyone... if they look for a while... can find someone exceptional. The two people who disagreed with me could each find... only... one... example. In the meantime... look at what parades before us now. Look at the insipid garbage that passes for art... and music... and the ugly scribbles on canvas called modern art. Look at the sculptures that grace public thoroughfares. Look at what The Intemperate and unbalanced have gifted us.

Look at the sexual metaphors and graphic displays of perversity that saturate the art of these times. The Good News is that a renaissance will come with the generation that is bringing it. You will likely be a part... a participant or observer of it at the time of its appearance; coming one-of-these-days to a culture near you.

When God goes out of the picture, all you are left with is sex... and the endless distractions of material culture. This accounts for widespread depravity... Babylon Rising... the murk and filth of a populace that has lost its way in a wilderness of comfort, convenience... and self-indulgence. It is all moving relentlessly toward denouement and epiphany.

End Transmission.......

Addendum de dum dum; I write something like this five days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Of course, I am going to present something that runs contrary to the thinking of another... on a regular basis even. First off, I am not writing these posts for wide exposure to a large audience. I am writing to a specific spiritual demographic. I'll say it again; take what you find useful and ignore the rest. I don't argue or debate so... there's no reason to come to me about it anyway. (grin) I'll just move right along and continue to do this until I stop doing it.

I don't mean to offend anyone. I also recognize that it is impossible to avoid. I don't let it bother me or take any of that seriously. I do take this work seriously, which I do for free in the service of one far greater than I. I'm not always on. I don't hit exactly what I meant to say sometimes, BUT there is a kind of consistency here. (if that makes any sense)

There's a lot I can't talk about that has to do with what goes on here. It's just as well that it does not get said, although quite a few people are aware of it. Some things are best left unsaid. The Truth will out... sooner or later. It's going to get very strange soon so... keep your head down and mind how you go.

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Al said...

"It's going to get very strange soon so... keep your head down and mind how you go."

I'm getting that exact feeling or as an old pilot friend used to say, "Run low and slow".

Many Thanks Les


Jody Paulson said...

Here is a truly creative individual:

Anonymous said...

That sexual energy is different for men and women tho. For men, yes, if the sexual energy is released, we become weaker. The more the semen is retained, the stronger we become physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. For women it isn't the same. In fact it could be argued that it is the opposite, the more women experience the sexual energy, the stronger and more spiritual they become.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A lot of things could be argued. It does not make them true.

Andy said...

The Journey becomes Richer.
Understanding becomes Truth.
Dreams become Reality.
Forever becomes Today.

When you lose yourself, you find the keys to paradise.

On the road to Shambalah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Visible,
I haven't posted for some time but have been reading and enjoying all the while.
Thank you for the depth and flow of your thought. Thank you for your love
of the Logos and how you help bring that One closer for us to see or experience in a new way.
And thanks for making me laugh and look closer for a surprise contact with reality.

TotoFromOz said...

You have no idea my gratitude to you... & the Ineffable (then again, perhaps you do)...for what you do with these blogs! You could say they are my daily bread & have been for many years. I'll also say that I have found none of your content to be something which I would is ALL of real & profound use for me, giving off constant pings & dings in the affirmative:)

A Strider said...

It is never confusing due to how you explain it LV.
I know that it is ALL on loan from God as the radio guy used to say to irritate the comrades.
Just a sinner in the flesh and the demon is always whispering, you have to say NO with iron will.
We all have our weak points and stumbling blocks and we are all works in progress.
Pissworld (from the Cincinnati painting 1989) is meant to demoralize and confuse until you don't know which end is up, at least for the people with no spiritual compass.
Some are gifted with the wisdom to see right through psyops, false flags, LARPS.
Thank you so much God for the vision.

Anonymous said...

I second TotoFromOz….100%


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"We Must Rise Above The Shuttered Mind and The Carnal Heart... to The Plane of Causes... Where Thoughts are Things. "



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