Monday, June 05, 2023

"People Begin to Long for Death in a Wilderness of Useless Things... Wasted and Alone... in a Forest of Manikins."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

While The World sleeps and dreams in The Material Senses... This is what is going on across the water.

If you remember the large military exercises that were taking place on 9/11, you would be justified in finding this to be apprehension-making... especially if you live in the European Theater.

It's not my intention to do a Halloween pop-up dance in your mind. It simply is what it is... until it turns into something else. That is the way of things on The Material Plane... things are what they are until they become something else... and they are always made from the same thing. It has been the case for a very long time that those who think they rule The World are those who also manipulate appearances for personal gain.

There are various forms of predator in our world... as many or more as there are in The Animal and Insect Kingdoms. There are predators who manipulate the imagination in order to sell you things. There are those who stoke your fear. They also want to sell you things; whether it is life insurance... guns... burglar alarms... political candidates... religion; God as the all-knowing, all-disapproving, walk-this-way controller, who runs and operates the candy stores and prisons, here... and beyond.

There are sexual predators, and the predators who use enticements to lure you into their webs... with promises of financial gain... promises of a good time... banquet tables for every appetite. You know who they are. They are the ones who rub their hands with glee when you walk willingly into a world of harm that is disguised as something else.

The World is a magic show. It always has been, though it was more light-filled at other times that are not even a distant memory now. That ALWAYS means they are on their way back. There are two forms of magic; light magic and dark magic. One of them liberates you. The other enslaves you. People run from what scares them. They run toward what they desire. Both of these can have similar results. Often what you desire should be what scares you.

Many horror films will have those scenes where the victim goes down into the basement, even though all their senses tell them this is not a good idea. The people watching the movie will even scream out without thinking, “Don't go into the basement!” Perhaps they think the people in the movie can hear them? The only difference between a movie and your life is that in one of them, you are the observer. In the other one, you are the actor.

This is a very important point but people don't get it. Something in their mind... some barrier to understanding... prohibits their catching on. That is why the things that happen in movies also happen in life. Almost no one catches on.

Taylor Swift... Fried Ice Spice... Rap-Satanists extolling Bling and Booty in a wonderland of Bitch's and Ho's... instant food made by indifferent hands... and more and more often... with malicious intent... by people who hate their jobs and their customers. Little is hand-crafted in a time when anything can be toothpaste squeezed through a 3-D printer.

Swift plays little girl lost... singing inane songs about her failed love affairs... never realizing there's no love involved at that level; only a temporary rutting in an ever deeper groove. People just as lost pay thousands of dollars to hear her trivial pursuits of an understanding above her pay grade. They live vicariously through her because emptiness speaks to emptiness.

Her fans are awash in the minutiae of her trail of lyrical clues; what did that mean? Was she talking about Roger? Phil? Jack? John? Joe? Jim? Gerry? Richard? Her dad?

Those leading humanity into The Pit of Despair have a legion of Judas Goats. Taylor Swift is just one of them. She's a less intelligent pop tart than her same-game predecessor, Alanis Morrissette... who was the navel-gazing follow-up for Joni Mitchell... and so on... and so on... as the quality of the culture is watered down... the intelligence level sinks... the eyes of insight glaze over... and the cellphone becomes the altar to an algorithm.

Meanwhile... as the stupefied lemmings march through the wreckage, The Overlords kill off the food animals to replace them with non-flatulent bugs... close down the farmlands to initiate worldwide famine... inject the willing with Killer Vaccines... start their next Banker Financed World War... bring forth the new mind game of transhumanism through the transgender theme... and promote degeneracy at every level from cradle to grave because they know and court the consequences that will follow.

Everything is appetite or survival based in Times of Material Darkness, and all of it exists to celebrate the mean achievements of those devoid of inspiration. Everything is watered down... increasingly more and more meaningless. People begin to long for death in a wilderness of useless things... wasted and alone in a forest of manikins.

The Overlords shut the doors of access to divine inspiration; that force which lifts the heart and demonstrates the multi-tasking nature of Love. As Materialism intensifies, God seems to shrink accordingly... but... Humanity cannot survive with no connection to The Source, and there is no joy in the absence of The Creator. One finally passes and arrives on an asteroid devoid of life... devoid of color... devoid of meaning... and all alone. This is the destiny of The Overlords... each and every one.

They are permitted to believe that they are the controllers. The masses conspire accordingly because they dream of being among The Overlords... as they are carrot and sticked across the ages... seeking what cannot be found there. All that time they carried the answer within them. This is the great tragedy of the personal self and The Separated Mind. Without Unity, there is no peace... there is no joy... there is no love... only the endless headstones of the nameless dead... buried in Birkin body bags with shrouds by Gucci.

Here it is that one sees the mercy and compassion of The Shining One... the cornucopia of never-ending blessings. The one who ignites the light within. The one who twists The Dial so that the fountain might overflow and wash The World with Love. By divers ways, he leads us through and beyond the sorrow and loss we created from our lives. Out of the ruin of the cities of the dead comes the green and living testament of renewed existence. It winds around the cross... and the roses bloom in a riot of faith... certitude... and everlasting life.

The Shepherd searches through the centuries for his missing sheep. He carries the staff of Divine Will and The Keys to Hell. His being is woven from the flaming script of angels, and The Music of The Spheres radiates from his presence. One sees and hears what cannot be seen or heard... and cannot remember, but... this gospel falls like time bombs into the darkness of the unexplored self, and one day... one day comes an explosion of light... awaken dreamers!

Anything... anything The World promises you is a lie. There is no gold at the end of that rainbow. There is no happiness in riches or fame... power or position. There is only the burden of them and the endless harassment from The Lower Regions for so long as you possess them. All of these things are shadow forms of spiritual riches... spiritual fame... spiritual powers and positions.

You have the one at the expense of the other. The one is temporary. The other is eternal. This should be a no-brainer... and it is... heh heh... it is. The World lies to you... and then... you lie to yourself... and then you lie to everyone else. Everything we are experiencing... in person... or as a witness to... is for The Purpose of Demonstration; when you do this... that happens. When you do that... this happens.

It's not complicated unless you need to hedge your bets... unless you think maybe God is the fantasy and The World is what's real. One thing you can be sure of is... you... will... find... out.

The desperate existence of the glittering and glossy lives of the fame whores is hidden from you. You are led to believe it is just what they say it is... until you get there and find out. Even worse; they become your companions... birds of a feather and all that.

Zuck the Schmuck is living in paradise in the prison of himself... surrounded by people who hate him. Ah... this is the life! Jeff Strange-Eyes Bezos needs all the trappings to give defining evidence of what he has trapped himself inside of. George Soros is melting. Joe Biden is walking into walls that are closing in on themselves. Hillary Clinton has voodoo dreams of Haiti.

Meanwhile... the former landscape of Ukraine no longer permits for the twisted perversities that fed the Rothschild coffers with every evil imaginable that could be shrink-wrapped while still breathing, and sold round The World. Down the hall... inside the minds of all of them... come the footsteps. There are no barriers you can build to protect you from yourself. There is nowhere you can run, and nowhere you can hide.

These are thoughts to live by and motivate you BEFORE you find yourselves in similar constraints.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that every LV post I read these days seems like the best one ever?



Leesa said...

Your description of the Rosy Cross brought me to tears.
I had just listened to Stings song 'Desert Rose'
All to be done now is to lift our
spirits and stand on higher ground.
All through the heart.
Love and calm sent to everyone in
the world.
Peace out

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A psychopomp slut's dream be this post.


Anonymous said...

LTPTButtons should be able to relate to this one.

Little is handcrafted that can make one a nice living and handicraft is relegated to part - time, spare - time, hobby when - you - have - the time status, because the creative impulse is buried under so many wasteful obligations and external demands that swallow the majority of time in a haystack of bullshit no one would naturally want to work on. Did you put a cover sheet on your TPS report?

So, the ones who give you all that fun stuff to do get their chance to be “creative” and boy do they deliver!

And this is what we get: “… Rap-Satanists extolling Bling and Booty in a wonderland
of Bitch's and Ho's. …” Such a string of words, so simple and droll, could not sum up the banality of our existence in this time any better.

As far as T. Swift is concerned, put up pics of her and Zeena LaVey side by side and tell me they’re unrelated, as in: amniotic container clone cousins related.

Oh, and just one more gripe. T. Swift never seems to appear in public without the obnoxious high beam red lipstick, just to let you know she’s present and available,
or something. And i notice this on many other women; either real or pretend women
and it is revolting. What was that again about Bling and Bitch's and Ho’s?

He’s melting! He’s mmmelting!

Uh … yeah.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"This is How You Get Cartoons Dressing up Like Mommy and Playing The Femme Fatale. They Got The Fatale Part Right."

Anonymous said...

Visible, how do you compare the version of Materialism that you describe to that of Naturalism? A Naturalist would suggest that in order to experience anything a central nervous system of some kind is required.

Visible said...

Your question makes no sense. Was that the intention?

Anonymous said...

"Your question makes no sense. Was that the intention?"

What I'm asking is that Naturalism is a branch of Materialism, which I assume you view as a vice. You have your own good reasons to have criticisms of the many bad forms of Materialism that you describe. However, Naturalism is a descriptive version of Materialism that seeks to make sense of physical surroundings and why we perceive things at all to begin with as being the result of having a central nervous system and the resulting electromagnetic activity of mind, for without a CNS we cannot experience existence. A worldview of Naturalism does not necessarily advocate for the materialistic flaws of society such as hedonism but only seeks to observe and perhaps explain it.

So what is your opinion of Naturalism and in your own assessment? How does it compare to the forms of Materialism you are critical of? Should a Naturalist forsake all forms of Materialism if the Naturalist believes the only alternative to the material world is not existing?

Visible said...

I'm sorry. I don't have time for intellectual wrangling in this area. Do what suits you. I have no argument with any of it. All of it is choices made on information and the lack of information that is present. This is better suited for those who have some interest in these things. From what you have presented here... there are no good answers and none that would satisfy you from what I can see. Perhaps I am imagining it, but it seems you are looking for an argument on something you have already made your mind up about. In other words, I can see what is going on here and there is nothing I can say or do to resolve it.



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