Wednesday, May 31, 2023

"God Created This World to Have a Place to Play, and People to Play With, BUT... Hardly Anyone Seems Interested."

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Our physical bodies are magnetized and marked by Karma. The physical eyes cannot see the markings but they are there. These markers have attractors for all the things and conditions having to do with the specific Karma. It's how what happens happens... where it happens... and when it happens.

Without Karma, we wouldn't have a physical body. It's Karma that makes us visible here. This magnetism draws us into the type of envelope in which the Karma acts out. The envelope is like a bubble, and the whole world consists of bubbles that connect to one another and are contained in larger bubbles filled with kindred spirits.

You can't see the bubble you are in, but you can feel the atmosphere. You can't see the Karma either because Karma is a form of blindness... that occludes the objective perspective... that might otherwise walk you right out of there.

Everywhere you look, people seem to be coming and going, making choices... exercising their free will. They're going by in cars... on buses... planes... ships... subways... and other kinds of trains. They seem to be doing what they want to be doing, BUT... they are in a dream of Karma outworking... along continuums... inside of bubbles... that are a form of aura... that keeps them in line with the flowing repercussions of all their thoughts... words... and actions.

They have a state of mind. They have a range of emotions. They have all of what they like and don't like, and these are major components that shape their forms, and the actions those forms take at the behest... at the command... of the forces that their Karma has attracted to see itself carried out.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you're a big star living in Hollywood and you are in a film. You're the headliner. You have someone to drive you to the studio. Someone opens your door and lets you out. People come up to you as soon as you enter the soundstage... or whatever they're calling it these days... they got clipboards; one of them is the script girl. You head to your dressing room or... your trailer if you are on location.

Once you get into whichever of those it is, you are greeted by your hairdresser... the makeup artist... the wardrobe person... your personal assistant... (who was probably with you all along). The director might come in to talk to you while these other people are doing their thing.

Your agent might be sitting on a couch nearby... scheming ways to get you more money... and by extension... more money for the agent. Agents are among the sleaziest people around except for those in public relations. It's a lot like selling cars or real estate.

These people all exert a certain amount of control over what you do... how you look... what you say... and so on. Then... there are the other actors and their retinues. It can get to be pretty crowded. Let's not forget the producers. There's the Executive Producer who is like an executive chef and really doesn't do anything except get the money. Then there are all the other producers who the executive producer got some money from. They may... or may not... be welcome on set.

Meanwhile... there are other producers who actually do things and often enough are mere gofers. Then there are the production assistants who are the low men (or women) on the scrotum pole.

Take a look next time you watch some blockbuster like John Wick or some woke Disney or Marvel crap and notice the credits running ENDLESSLY down the screen. Look at all the people and companies they thought they needed to get the film made. Now you see why they cost so much money.

We're not going to go into the level of money laundering and other fraudulent activities that movies provide for the criminal mind, but... we do mention this in passing.

So... you have all these people around you, and it's the same thing if you're a rock star... or a politician high in the pecking order... or a religious functionary at the top of the food chain... or super rich... you have all these people around you. You can't be chummy with all of them; though you might try. You're bound to get rude and dismissive here and there... once you've been at it for a while.

A lot of these people can't take the heat and they spiral out into alcohol... drugs... sexual excesses... OR... they get spiraled out because that's the Karmic marker that came with their personalized trip through the maze of fame and fortune. They get compromised... sooner or later. It comes with the territory. Epstein was a honeypot meister for The Mossad. He arranged all kinds of blackmail scenarios.

That's still going on. They've just got other people doing it now. This is an ancient tale and it's what happens when you play fake morality games, and... don't want to get exposed as something you're not, and which... as it so happens... you're not. You're a made-up thing for public consumption, and I do mean... consumption.

When you go home you have the people that wait on you and whomever you are in a relationship with. You've got all the people you see socially. You have to watch it... going out in public. You're in the swamp of celebrity, and that means lots of flies and mosquitoes attracted to the shit that composes the swamp and also lives there... submerged... like alligators... snakes... panthers, and there's the quicksand. Disease flourishes in swamps.

You want to play in those playgrounds... you'd better have your wits about you. People are scamming and scheming ALL THE TIME in those locations... in those slipstreams... along those dreamscapes.

Here's the point of all this metaphor which is actually quite literal. The same is true of you. Even if you're a nobody... you're surrounded by attendants... helpers who are or aren't helping... creatures that feed on you... advisers of the invisible kind. You're surrounded by invisible creatures, right... this... minute... you're never alone.

Everywhere you go... in your bubble... there are hangers-on... trailing thought-forms... emotional flares... and every location has its population. You get one kind of crowd around the public restrooms and another at the supermarkets because there are creatures of appetite everywhere... hungry ghosts who can't leave their feeding zones even though they don't get to eat... unless they get lucky, and... you get unlucky.

You need to watch out a lot more about things like this than you do about war... and famine... the markets... and natural catastrophes or... all the other things that occupy the human mind... all those desires... fears... worries... projections into future space. Many people can't even hear themselves think. How aware are you of what's going on around you... and inside you? Sometimes you are paying attention and sometimes you are not.

Next thing you know, you're not young anymore. You can get away with a lot more in a new car than you can in an old car. Sometimes new cars get old in a hurry. If you don't maintain your car... you will have regular problems. What happens if a part needs to be replaced and you're at the back of the line?

I don't mean to depress the reader. Life doesn't have to get unmanageable... BUT... at a certain point in material culture... it all starts breaking down.

You can't manage The World around you, but... you can manage yourself, and... there's a power there that commands the externals, in both good ways and bad. It depends on your Karma that you have engineered and which now holds you on a track... like a slot car. In The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna talks about whirling us through space like toys on a conveyor belt. This is what makes self-awareness so important.

God is ALWAYS looking for friends and playmates. It's no wonder when you see how many people could care less about it. God created this world so that he would have a place to play, and people to play with, BUT... hardly anyone seems interested. I KNOW this for a fact.

Maybe it's because they can't see God, BUT... that can't be true because you can see God everywhere. You can see God in other people's eyes, and God OFTEN inhabits people without their knowledge simply because someone else saw him there. If you go looking for God, you WILL see him or her. He's everywhere... working in the human heart and mind... thrilling the souls of some... making ominous soundtracks for others who insist on it.

It's all in the matter of how you behave, and the first thing to do is to not want anything. It's everyone else who never stops wanting so... why not be an exception? God serves everywhere. He gives people everything they ask for, and then they get all disappointed... and angry. This comes from not knowing what you want. If you lose yourself in selfless service, you will never be disappointed, and... you will never be angry.

If you do this... those invisible companions you now have... those trailing thought-forms and emotional flares... and sundry... they will all change. You will find yourself in a world you did not know existed. It's something to think about.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya hit another one out o' de ballpark. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

0 said...

Never less alone than when alone, and alone is my preferred state. Tho I have a dog I love and kids. Kids are work, so its no wonder people want less of them these days. Nevermind once they are grown and start thinking they know best and end up on varied trajectories of experiential turmoil. (the kids that is)

Whats there to Want that Lasts and Makes sense of all sensed things? Understanding.

I was never really ambitious. I don't want a fortune or to be remembered or to have my way at other peoples Expense. I feel like I took form because the All needed ones who aren't stuck in the morass of their desires. Tho no doubt I was such a one at some point in my be-coming. Can't really be-come more without Going thru the experiences and finding/understanding the meaning of such.

Someone had noted that the Herman Hesse book on Siddhartha showed how to conquer lust by understanding all its forms and ways. The understanding probably took indulging in it to produce visceral comprehension, so long as one didn't disregard the other in the process. Taking never leads to Be-Coming. It leads to Un-be-coming. Giving leads to be-coming, tho what one gives can be many varied things.

Great blog today man, whackin nails on the head! Sometimes its nice to be the hammer, sometimes its nice to be the Nail, and sometimes its nice to be the impaled. Whatever produces greater coherence thru the duration of ones iteration of form.

I wanted to add that in my experience one can become a Sync of sorts. One can be impacted by people or situational contexts and one doesn't have to partake. I had an experience once of a guy who sold these little weird pillow things which he claimed had some sort of aura on it. I bought one so I could see for myself. When I unwrapped it, I felt something momentarily as I pulled it from the mailer. It was momentary and then Gone and I never felt anything else from it. To my mind it seemed like I had sync'ed whatever that was back to null. It made me wonder if thats part of my being, being able to take things out of this objective reality and send it back to the unformed all. I still wonder at it.

Hope this finds you well. You seem to be in rarer form than usual, perhaps with the uptick in insanity that seems to be reaching a crescendo over the coming summer. Your writing and commentary is poignant for me. I appreciate it very much.

Take it easy Pal.

M - said...

"credits running ENDLESSLY down the screen"

So true. Compare to older movies, especially the black and white ones.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It is The Job of The World... to Lure You in Again... Back Into The Flesh... to Aspire to What The Flesh is Not Heir to."



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