Tuesday, May 23, 2023

"Someone is Scaring The Shit Out of People and Making Them do What Normal People Don't Get Up To on Their Own."

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There are some very heavy-footed creatures that are trampling through The World. You can hear them crashing at a distance. It is like the far-off sounds of war that are not far off at all. You can see the effects of their presence in the legal system... from street-side to courtrooms. You can sense their heavy breathing on the necks of the corporations... on everyone they want to obey them.

These horrors are slinking through the hallways of the education system... into the classrooms... into the minds of the children. They are a definite presence. They are putting tampon dispensers in the boy's bathroom, and... the people nominally in charge don't seem to have a problem with it. The administrators are a new breed of child molesters... so are the teachers. You hear them bragging about seducing the minds of their students.

No one seems able to look at the heavy-footed creatures directly. Everything is peripheral or around the corner. No one seems able to identify or name them, BUT... they are there alright. Someone turned The World into soft stool ice cream and it wasn't me.

I guess you have to go higher up the ladder to find the ones who are controlling the monsters; the monsters who are most certainly present because someone is scaring the shit out of people and making them do what normal people don't get up to on their own.

Of course, these aren't normal people. Maybe they were... once... until they started obeying The Monsters. It was either out of fear or the desire for personal gain. Something put them in harness. Have you ever seen a beast of burden who could remove its harness?

Obviously... the present government works for whoever controls the monsters. It is clear to see that they are working to dismantle all that is orderly and efficient. They have various buzzwords that get them hot and bothered. Climate Change is one of them. Diversity and Inclusivity are two more. These work to create economic and racial strife. That is clear to see.

Someone made a bunch of laws to be enforced by ambulatory automatons... knuckle-dragging troglodytes... obedient clerks, and angry misfits. Someone made it so that these are the ones to enforce the laws. Someone paid a lot of money to get the laws made. Somewhere... back up the line... bags of cash and promises of enduring security were given. This must be so. NOTHING happens without a reason.

You have to have interested parties for whatever the agenda is or... it doesn't get hammered out. You have to have financing or else you won't attract those too stupid to have a moral code.

Well... you can certainly look at organizations like The WEF, which is staffed by a majority of sexual perverts. You can certainly include the big financial players like Vanguard... Black Rock... State Street... and Goldman Sacks; there are others too. It's a tight little club of Stygian players who ritually osculate the rear end of The Prince of Darkness. They have circle-jerk get-togethers in Reach-Around City.

One force brought them together, like the one ring that binds them, which I am guessing is The Devil's Sphincter.

That force is Materialism. Materialism is a darkness that clothes (and closes) The Mind. It makes the already separated mind a performer in the mating dance of objects. Objects have no operative life force of their own, so... The Mind projects an anthropomorphic persona upon these objects and engages in a sex-and-death-dance with them.

They conspire to possess these objects. They will kill to protect what they legitimately stole in the first place. With all that there is... there is never enough. Why would someone with billions of dollars need yet more billions of dollars? Why would Bill Gates... whose own life is in the toilet for the next however many thousands of lives... want to murder millions upon millions of people?

Why would the pharmaceutical industry want to kill off its customer base? Why would the medical community seek to first do harm? Why would manufacturers infuriate and isolate the largest percentage of their customer base? Why do certain parents encourage their children to engage in what amounts to a lifelong torment? Why are all the crazy things you see going on... going on?

It... is... because... they are CRAZY. Materialism has made them insane; Greed... Lust... and Anger are forms of insanity. AS MATERIALISM INTENSIFIES... INSANITY INTENSIFIES. One is commensurate with the other. They keep pace with each other. They are Siamese twins. ♫You can't have one without the other...♫ not on this plane, and not at these specific times. HOWEVER... it is altogether possible for The Kingdom of Heaven to be brought to Earth.

It you want something to manifest in life. It must manifest in you first. First, there is the idea. Then there is the blueprint. Then there is the process of material construction, and then... the material form. Your own body here was built in similar fashion, BUT... you could have had the wrong idea... an incomplete blueprint. You might have gone about it the wrong way, AND... Shazam! There you are.

If you don't like what you presently have... what you presently are... why... set about building the next version! Start today!!! That's how The Body of Glory gets built. It's one part inspiration. One part dedication. One part information. One part of consistency in effort... greater in sum than all other efforts, and... don't... give... up.

Winds are going to blow. The Sun is going to be obscured by clouds. People are going to get in your way. People are going to bring you down and discourage you. The World's not going to give you any help, cause... what's in it for them? If it's something stupid and temporary... and especially if it's bad for you, The Bankers will come calling. You have to be willing to endure beyond all setbacks and oppositions. It comes with the territory you will be moving through.

You have to finesse it.

How are you going to finesse it when you don't know what you're doing? You have help. You ask for help, and... by Faith, you are absolutely convinced that help will come, BECAUSE... Faith is The Substance of things unseen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! There are rules. Call them Principles if you like. These principles are... timeless. Another name for these principles is Ageless Wisdom. Where would you rather live? In Eternity? OR... in Time? Misery loves company... and some of you can see it all around. Is what any of them are doing... working? Why isn't it working?

Resistance is a necessity in electrical components and operations. In the right order... in the right sequencing... it is indispensable. In the wrong order... in the wrong sequencing... it doesn't work, AND... too much resistance can cause an explosion. You need protections in place. It is the same thing in spiritual work. Being an airhead is not practical in spiritual work. This is one of the reasons I reject the majority of new-age thinking out-of-hand. It's self-indulgent nonsense. It's a glad-handing pursuit for personal gain.

Spiritual work is... ta dum... Work! It is DIRECTED effort toward union with The Higher Self. It cannot be accomplished without Love. Love is the mechanism by which unity is accomplished. This is even true in The Carnal Realm, although... personally... I wouldn't call that Love... though... many do. That love is a literal and virtual prison.

Well... I think we're done here... for the moment. I hope you have found some of this to be useful.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No, the world isn't giving us any help. Lots of inconveniences, though. I have decided if the world inconveniences me, I will inconvenience it right back, and you don't necessarily wanna be there when it happens. Or maybe you do. I busted up my co-workers the other day with a 'I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT' moment. Or should I say "No puedo creer que hayas hecho eso."? After all, they don't speak English.

If they saw how I operated on their break, I don't know if they'd fall to the floor laughing or kill me.

M - said...

"I hope you have found some of this to be useful." - Always, Vis. Always

"Dark entities feed off negative energy." - Rebel Moon

"The lower animal functions pounce the second the higher ones look away." - The Last Werewolf

Anonymous said...

Uh huh. Nodding my head all the way through. Here in Canada the fascist/ commie cunts (trudoh! Et al...) all political, corporate, medical, and legal teams, keep making it more miserable for we commoners. And the schools? Exactly as you described. Except for the 1 or 2 teachers out of 10, they're all woke and fully asleep. And don't care to hear any truth or contrary opinions. There's no more liberals, they're all obnoxious, self- righteous, hateful lefties, with a capital F for fuckers.

Morality. Integrity. Decency. Almost non existent. God bless the truckers. Honk! Honk! Thanks, am

Keep Striding said...

LV! Back from after dinner heel and toe and some silly schoolgirls were playing in the creek making a racket and splashing, they saw me and called out hey you!
Broke into long stride mode then cut through about five yards but I could still hear them, it felt like being a child again. LMFAO! Such fun, does anybody remember laughter as Robert Plant said during a show where everyone was acting like the tombs.
The spiteful sewer mutants are running wild for now but the crowd is starting to notice how stale the performance is.
You can't have wiped out economy threatening bread and circus and still have Big Lies going.
Also they think it is 1946 and we are still the baddest kid on the block.
I'm loving this disturbance in the farce and if we keep honking we might be able to crack some holes in the wall of delusion.

Missing Munich said...

All I need to say is:
Thank you for your writings and lessons. I for one am looking forward each day to new inspiration and wisdom.

Booked a flight home in Nov. Let's see if we'll make it until then....

Greetings all around!!

Missing Munich

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Why Do So Many People Choose to Live in Darkness? That is Where all The Appetites and Desires are Temporarily Satisfied."



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