Friday, May 26, 2023

"Align with Your Higher Self. Come Into Harmony with All Things by Virtue of Non-Intrusion Into Anything."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We have entered an age of staged and manufactured bullshit. From Photoshop... to holograms... to AI... the means are there. I don't know what's at the source of this particular bullshit, but... I can tell when something's off, and I get that sensation in near continuous fashion these days.

Apparently... after 4 years in the cemetery, they had a CUSTOMARY transfer of the body from where they first planted it to a space under the altar. Then... The Mother Abbess looked through a crack in the coffin and saw that the body was not decomposed. It seems they could have saved themselves a great deal of trouble... to begin with, but then... they wouldn't have their miracle.

Now it sits in the main concourse of the church where people get to do a bit of laying on the hands... cure their Bursitis... commune with dead relatives or... simply get a photo taken with the dead AND DEPARTED nun.

Here we encounter one of those demonic peculiarities of Religion, where people worship old bones and kneel before the priestly celebrities, in their coffin-bound glitter suits, who carry official and approved scepters; wear magic rings and funny hats, and ramble on about how God fits between designated parameters. These parameters have been defined by the priests themselves... on God's behalf. How can we not be grateful for the intercession of priests?

The Smithsonian has a body that is called, Soapman. He was turned into soap when alkaline water from the soil leaked into his coffin. There are all kinds of anomalies of this sort. Lord Nelson was killed at The Battle of Trafalgar and preserved in a cask of rum for the journey home. There's a rum called, Nelson's Blood. Some say it was a cask of brandy... yadda-yadda... not the point.

Female members of The Royal Family have been known to pickle themselves in gin. There are all kinds of reasons... besides God deciding to... that could account for the disinterred nun's condition. Heaven doesn't operate this way. People looking to make a buck operate this way. Personally, I've no interest in the toenail clippings of a saint or a splinter of The True Cross; no such thing could exist as a power because The True Cross is SOMETHING OTHER THAN THAT!

Why does something like this bear writing about? It is because you are going to see all kinds of signs and wonders appearing soon. I believe I mentioned Photoshop and AI. The latter of which... especially... has all kinds of people hot and bothered. AI as Skynet is a non-starter. The reason is so obvious that I'm not even going to go into it. This is not to say that AI couldn't be programmed into Skynet. It could. If Heaven allowed it, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

There are people right now trying to build Skynet. They are also trying to program Brave New World and 1984 into a living reality. The Usual Servants of The Prince of Darkness are more worked up about this than they were about their original Bolshevik Revolution. This one's new and improved!!! Well... if at first you don't succeed...

Deception and The Art of The Con are fast and furious in today's world. People are easily deceived because people want things. It's wanting that leads them into the traps, the same as it does with insects and unwary animals. Bees are attracted to honey and flies are attracted to shit. Documented experiences have proven that if you put out a plate of sugar, flies will land on it. If you then put out a plate of shit, all the flies will leave the sugar.

Everything and everyone has their nature... their inclinations... their instincts... their intentions. Buzzards... Jackals... insects.... all manner of creations do a very important job. If they didn't, you would soon know about it.

The World was designed in harmonic accord. Free Will put paid to that... and Free will perpetuates disorder until it... eventually... and finally... comes into alignment with The Only Will.

People all have their present ways and means as the results of what they got up to at other times. They programmed themselves into what they do today. You are here... because you were there. You are like this... because you were like that. It's not rocket surgery.

The point of existence, and... the dream of life, IS TO WAKE UP!!! In these times, by The Grace of Heaven, people... are... waking... up. A certain group of invested malefactors and predatory intelligences, do not want you to wake up. Ergo... the deceptions... the staged and manufactured bullshit... the tinkering with what is... are all a defense against you waking up. If you wake up, their game ends.

They are creating all these woo-woo... end of The World disaster scenarios to take your attention off of waking up. Then they can herd you in The Darkness of Woke where Whoopi Goldberg can sit on you.

Religions and governments cannot survive AS THEY PRESENTLY ARE... if you wake up. The profiteers can no longer profit. The scam artists can no longer scam. The bankers can no longer loan out imaginary money. The priests can no longer do their shtick if... you... wake... up.

Let me switch gears for a moment (or more... heh heh) and mention Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, (also known as Ahriman) Mithra and Ariamanus, Christ and The Anti-Christ. The duality of Good and Evil is ingrained in the human mind, so... if there weren't an anti-Christ, we would certainly invent him. In these times... the likelihood... with so many nations and billions of people... is that there will be a number of players.

The Carnal Mind is the residence of all the Evil you ever need to concern yourself with. It is the power that projects all the appearances of Evil that you encounter. Really... for most people... Evil is whatever gets in the way of what they want. If you don't have The Carnal Mind operational in you, you will not have the magnet that attracts the corresponding circumstances from The World around you.

It is not important who the anti-Christ is. What is important is which of these... Christ... or the agent of The Carnal Mind... is resident in you. We all think we're supposed to do something. We think that... somehow... we can make some kind of a difference somewhere. Are you aware of how often people make things worse by trying to make them better?

The KEY FEATURE is to come into resonance with Heaven... into alignment with your Higher Self... into Harmony with all things by virtue of non-intrusion into anything. The concerns of your day are brought before you... always. Deal with what is in front of you. The past is gone. The future is yet to become the moment you are in. Deal with what is in front of you!

There is one basic problem for all of us; are we in The Carnal Mind... The Separated Mind or... are we in The Mind of God? Are we in harmonious accord with life or... are we out of step? Are we content or... are we discontent? Does Love or Fear rule our world? Neither of these can exist in the same space at the same time. The answer is quite simple. The reality is that people do not want it to be simple. Until they do... they WILL suffer.

Let go of what holds you down! It's not important! None of it is! Take all your burdens and cares and drop them down an empty well. Then walk away. Don't look back unless you fancy becoming a pillar of salt. Don't look back unless you wish to return to what you escaped from. There are all kinds of old stories and myths about this. They say the pomegranate is the fruit of the dead, and that it came from the blood of Adonis.

A fable... a parable... tells a story that cannot be directly stated because The Truth is at right angles to everything else. It's not whether there is truth in a tale or not. It is whether you care or not. If you care enough, you will find out all you need to know about anything. If you don't care... well... you do the math; “teach us to care and not to care. Teach us to sit still.”

I guess I had a point here. Maybe people will care and maybe they won't. That has nothing to do with me. I do what's in front of me. ♫ You're a thread upon the loom when The Spirit walks in the room ♫

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Pope Gregory said...

Maybe your best post yet. So turgid and frank like the swollen hemorrhoid of our societal condition. Loved "I've no interest in the toenail clippings of a saint." And SKYNET became self aware long before the movie's quoted date. Not that it matters. There is a force beyond the physical realm that controls all things down to the smallest atom and this force will not let us struggle in vain. We struggle, we toil, as God established us to do so, for our own growth and possession or our free will. All of this truly is not good or bad, but the intended unfolding of our accession. Without challenge, we are helpless to express our intention of nobility. Of Grace.

You are that grace flowering everyday, Les. You are the garden in which we heal, and blossom ourselves.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Peeple can holler and boycott all they want, these “woke” companies are practically begging for them to, for what i believe, is but another strategy for destruction in the form of dramatic reductions of production and devaluing, er, “correcting” of market shares down to a level palatable for our olde familiar vulture capitalists to swoop on in and scoop em up on the cheep, leading eventually to the fewest in number Fascist Capitalists running the ole Fascist Communist Commune, while all the twits and dweebs cry for their gibs when the gibs only come from the one or three “Capitalist” sources available, resulting in the efficiency and high prices so desired by the new system the rulers want imposed. Sorta like how the “public / private partnership” prisons charge for every little life necessity if you happen to be a resident, or your loving family foots the bill, as in most cases.

So, Boycotters Unite! Unite for your one size fits all, one color Party tunic and get used to flat, lite beer or sugary Kool Aid wine to drink with your brown stuff for dinner! But, no fist ups necessary if you’re lucky enuff to be in the upper echelons of the Party, you get a better fitting and more fashionable tunic and better alcohol to drink with your Wagyu steak n fingerling potatoes.

Just remember though, “Go Woke” boycotters, “woke” is NOT an adjective. It’s ebonic slang and it won’t make them broke.

Sorry ‘bout that, just hadta say it.

Lovely post, as usual, Mr. Visible.


Stride On said...

Don't forget comrade Lenin embalmed...until he isn't anymore.
You have to pay a fee to visit the tomb of the satanic 19th century German bum Marx and there should be a Dukes Of Hazzard car horn going there.
Just overheard box wine aunties who got the depop shot complaining of weakness and not feeling well all day long.
Heard that the nun was still a virgin at 70 and it showed a photo, she didn't look a day over 40.
I'm expecting signs as well due to the Sodom and Gomorrah month.
Working on walking away and hopefully it will be driving but that costs a lot more with the bonus feature of being able to haul more survival stuff.
You can feel the tension as the Terminal Madness coils like a spring.
The slow burn to WWIII will intensify and you can see it with drone attempts in the Holy Motherland and nukes being stationed in Belarus.
World events are out our control and we are just along for the ride at the end of day as greedy fossils will burn down the world just to preserve their "status" and pots of gold.
All I want is to see the Awakening and the comeuppance for the forces of evil which will only be done by God.

Visible said...


I am writing about these very things at this very moment (grin)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"I Sit and I Wait and I Worship at The Altar of The Sun thru Which Portal The Love of God Shines on Everyone."

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
The article in the Post has a photo with a card posted by her feet: please be gentle when touching the sister's body, especially her feet. I suppose they are afraid the feet may fall off and she will not be able to get up and walk, the next miracle, although I guess she could float out the door on her way to the resurrection. I thought it was very funny and made me recall the story about how Napoleon Bon a parte had to part with his bon during his autopsy. His penis has been passed from one buyer to another. Hilarious.
Love you



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