Friday, May 05, 2023

"A Fool Sees Themselves in Someone or Something Else when They Don't Know who They are in The First Place."

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This world is filled with bad love affairs. People get their hearts broken all the time. There are so many reasons... not even a really large book... with really small print... could contain even a small portion of them. Unreal expectations is near the top of the list. He/she/it did me wrong is also quite popular. Thinking you see yourself in someone or something when you don't know who you are in the first place... that's another big loser of a cause.

The World is filled with broken people. In some cases their parents did it. Maybe their parents were overprotective of them, so The World had to do it later on. Sometimes, they claim, Religion did it to them, BUT... it wasn't the religion. It was the intermediary. It was the priest done broke your heart... or messed with your parts. Sometimes it wasn't the school. It was the schoolmaster or the schoolmistress.

Sometimes it was one thing. Sometimes it was another, but something messed you up more significantly than all the other things that messed you up. So... you carry this around with you. It colors your world. It builds and builds a pressure. Eventually... it finds some sort of Tourette-like portal to burst out through; one twitch... one tic... a disingenuous smile, leading to all kinds of tics and twitches, and false faces to hide the pain caused by your self-obsession.

Oh... poor me. Poor who? Who are you?

Yes... The World is filled with broken toys... shattered dreams... missing or atrophied limbs and emotions; too simple to live, too complex to survive, BUT... pilgrim... no temporary identity makes it out of here alive. Only The Self behind all the manufactured selves continues. That self doesn't make it a point to stand out among all the other selves. It already does cause... it's authentic, BUT... few notice, they're too concerned about themselves.

People come through here now and again, howling about this... or that... or the other thing. It could be any one of a thousand different articles of bullshit. One fellow recently came around with a bug up his eliminatory canal about Hinduism... India... all things religious from that neck of the woods. He little realizes that ALL religions emerged from Mother India. Yes... all of them have their origins there, including Christianity.

The Hebrews took their written language from The Chaldeans and their religion from the same sources that The Egyptians got it from. There was a time... a couple-few thousand years ago... when The World was much smaller, AND... certain people were much smarter than anyone is today; people like Apollonius of Tyana, Pythagoras, Socrates-Plato-Aristotle... Shankaracharya... Hermes Trismegistus. They're all still around... somewhere. No one ever dies except Personality-wise.

This deeply wounded person was obviously wronged in some religious-quasi-spiritual organization. He probably worked there for nothing for years... or got touched in the wrong places... found out the head of the operation was a fraud. That's more likely than not these days. Heck! That's more likely any time. Really sincere and accomplished teachers of Humanity are... FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.

Really sincere and accomplished teachers of Humanity do not pander to you for personal gain. They don't stroke you so they can milk you. Most people couldn't stay around a real master for longer than a day. The heat's too hot in the kitchen. Real masters stay out of show business. Real masters see right through you. Most people can't tolerate that. The phonies know how to grease your ease.

Most of these cash-register religious movements; some of them are small and some quite large, are there for what they can take from you. Many of these gurus are vampires who suck your vitality from you by means of a siddhi. It is why they are so bright and charismatic. They drain your life force to accomplish it.

Most of the followers deserve what they get. They're not after the real thing to begin with OR... they want to be a guru too, and it doesn't matter if they have the goods. They only want to look like they have the goods. Nearly every religion in The World... these days... is headed up by impostors. All those Buddhist monasteries have been hijacked by The Usual Suspects or their catamite affiliates.

The New Age vitality siphons are up to the same old tricks that were ancient already... long ago. M. Williamson and The Curse of Miracles... all those CONTRIVED operations from some ascended Dr. Feelgood are there to blow smoke up your ass. You won't find The Truth anywhere near these people or their multi-million dollar organizations.

They built this fake religion from Rudolph Steiner's work called The Anthroposophic Yadda Yadda. They've got huge estates and massive former bank buildings (how ironically appropriate) in Switzerland and other parts of The World that they acquired by draining the bank accounts of rich old ladies. Lots of these operations use the rich old lady scam.

I've been there. The atmosphere is like a tomb. It's the same thing as The Ramana Maharshi Ashram/Shrine in Southern India. I couldn't figure out why there was no spirituality there. I found out it is owned and operated by The Jesuits. Nearly all of these foundations and religions... based on someone who was once present... and possibly legitimate... are now all owned by corporate types with The Cromwellian Clerk Mind.

How do I notice these things? I don't lie to myself. How come I'm not living large on something similar? God knows I can be persuasive if I wanted to. I don't get a lot of money because the money knows I'll just give it away. You can't build a worldwide foundation or religion that way. You have to be craven and covetous inside and smile like a crocodile on the outside. You have to be the diametric opposite of what you present yourself as.

People get all bent out of shape about what somebody else did to them. Well... don't put your expectations on others... be they a single individual or an international religion. You went into it expecting something and you didn't get it; boo hoo. All the people whining are... takers. Givers don't whine. Givers don't obsess. Givers don't have time to acquire material things. They... are... headed... somewhere... else.

Anyone who comes around here for any length of time KNOWS that I don't belong to any religion. I have no political affiliations. Claiming I support caste systems and God knows what else, is disingenuous and untrue. Caste systems exist whether I do or do not support them. My recognition of something is not the same as support. I try to see things with my eyes open. Believe me, it works much better that way, cause you can see where you are going.

If you are going to get accusatory with me, there are areas you could go after. You don't need to lie about me and make shit up. I'll give you a few; I'm less tolerant than I could be. I am impatient. I don't suffer fools, which means I can be impolite. I am dismissive. I am judgmental. I don't go along with people and their fantasies... while patting their hands and saying, How sad. How unfortunate. Do you need a hug? I don't give hugs. I'm not touchy-feely. I can be irritable.

I am certainly less of any of those than once I was, and they seldom show anymore, BUT... I know they are in there lurking, just waiting for me not to be paying attention. I'm impressed by how far I've come, BUT... I get no credit for that. God has accomplished all that is good in me. I'm nothing otherwise.

From every religious tradition, I take what I find useful and true; USEFUL AND TRUE are my inflexible requirements. I belong to no religion. I belong to a Brotherhood that contains a Brother Hood. I take my God interplay DIRECT. I need no priests nor rituals... no robes or funny hats. I don't need a begging bowl. I am not part of anything that is not already complete in itself. Unity is my objective... accomplished by Love.

Like anyone, I acquire Wisdom in the search for Truth. They come together and it is Love that unites them. I am not worthy, but God is generous and forgiving.

Many traditions are now disassembling. They will be reconstituted in forms appropriate to this coming age, according to what The Avatar has to say on the matter... shortly. Nations are trembling. Governments will topple. Chaos will run wild among those whose intent was to foster discord and diversity.

Temporary insanities will pass. The advent of The Divine Feminine is shaking the unstable populations to the core. This accounts for all the sexual confusion running rampant in these times. It will all settle down as new understandings come into play. This is a time of transition. You have to expect these things, AND... you should be prepared. Who and what you rely on... will or will not take care of you.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Vis. Epically beautiful said...

David Paul Widner

M - said...

"don't put your expectations on others"


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmmmmm. This post leads me to the question: Do we choose to exist here for the sake of compensation?

If so, me thinks those who did have their heads up their arse. In my personal opinion not even a nose hair coat is proper compensation for the crap we have to go through to get from beginning to end if we have anything of a lifespan. . .like anything over a month, as far as I'm concerned. Life is a job. You're on contract with yourself, and I'm looking forward to retirement, but I realise I gotta wait. I signed up for so many years, and that's what I gotta do. . .whilst hating every nanosecond of my self-imposed prison. I suppose I'll think it all worth it after I get my Akashic Library Card, but for now I'm gonna bitch until I make Veruca Salt look like Donna Reed.


Anonymous said...

There are so many free tarot readings on the internet. And then some you have to pay for I don’t call the tarot garbage because of it. The same goes for astrology. Pay up and get your reading. I don’t throw the stars out with the new agers.
The Course in Miracles is not a curse , Marianne Williamson maybe be though, I don’t know ,I pay her no attention. The same with church..not all churches are bad and it’s better to attend something and get good with GOD somewhere. Not everyone can get into all the things that comes out of India. Those that still attend church or any other program that says Love and Forgiveness are the gateways to heaven are still on the right path IMHO. I do not judge or disparage other forms of worship because what speaks to one person may not speak to me. It’s not a my way or the highway thing, one can believe that but it’s hubris and arrogance and the need to never be challenged, the need to never be wrong and god help the person who disagrees. Don’t print this I don’t care
I read you a lot and get a some good stuff from your writings BUT as knowledgeable as you may be ,believe it or not you do occasionally get things wrong. I am guessing that this will piss you off. So be it. It’s your blog and I am the one who does not have to come here and you are free to say whatever you want. So I humbly back out .

Visible said...

And you are the one who decides when I get them wrong? You're all over the map with this comment so I have no idea what your point is. I have never claimed otherwise that I was always right. why would that piss me off? You have no clue about me, AND... you're anonymous. Regardless... anyone who trashes an entire culture and its traditions is widely off base. I'll just factor that in with the other things you have said.

0 said...

Great one today.

It always struck me as odd how people can recognize aspects in other people that they seem willfully blind about regarding themselves.

To my tiny mind the only ones who can recognize such in others are they who house such in self.

To hear someone call someone Else a racist, always makes me think the one calling it out is also racist and is somehow using that to excuse or justify their own stance on whatever aspect they do recognize in the other.

Course then I catch myself calling other people clowns or idiots or to dumb to interact with, and I wonder if I'm just feeling the same way about myself or if thats just pass thru from the observer who rides shotgun with me in this iteration of form.

Curious stuff to dwell on.

May the world shake off that which is incapable of reasoned understanding and let us all return to an upward progression from the stagnation which the external worlds induced.

Take it easy!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks once again

0 said...

Just bumped into this? any Other states pulling this shit? Or just Commirado?


Anonymous said...

the original religion of the human race is sun worship, to absorb as much sunlight as possible. The more sunlight we get, the higher we rise and the more this earth becomes heaven and we lose the desire for liberation or moksha, because we are divine and already free.

Africans know this and never forgot it.

Visible said...

Interesting point. That is probably why Africa is the paradise it is today... and the leading light for evolved and unifying culture round the globe.

Path Strider said...

I agree with all those.
No affiliation, take what you can use and discard the rest.
Stop all the wanting, the Purpose of Demonstration.
Irritable, sometimes gruff or blunt, low tolerance for fools or leg pissing.
Those characteristics are human and we all have them.
God is the Guru and bypassing the hi-jacked organized religion and going directly to the source works for me.
Guess what Beijing Brandon is...Jesuit.
Thanks for letting me fart on the couch.

Farting On The Couch said...

I tried to Rorschach myself onto others but it doesn't work.
Passed the online test and saw the usual suspect and it said if you can see it you have a high IQ for a good laugh.
Agreed on your no affiliation with any organized infiltrated hijacked organizations who are never what they seem.
Government has always been a criminal enterprise and always will be.

@ O,

A Denver council woman wants white businesses to be taxed at a higher rate in order to give the to minority owned businesses.
Also Dominion is located in the glorious peoples republic of Denver and you put your weed in it!
How long until we see kill the Boer here in West South Africa?

LV, all kinds of hijinks from evil G regarding captcha and error messages on comments.

Al said...

Thank you for being here Les, always gives me warm fuzees hearing the truth no matter the subject material.

As Mr Simon says, You can call me Al, anonymous no more.

Jim Beamer said...

Les...we all come here and thank you for your sharing efforts.

How do you feel about weed?

It always seemed to work for me...shaving the rough edges down so I could remain silent when I should be observing passively.

I think you're a fascinating character too wise to be unfoolish.

"For Mad Men Only" was the mantra posted above the jazz club that Harry Haller walks into from Herman Hesse's book, "Steppenwolf".

Visible said...

Psychedelics were my go-to. I lost interest in pot early on because it didn't get out of the Lower Astral. Psychedelics and Ketamine were my portals for The Doors of Perception. Now I use nothing because I am higher than where these things will take me. I only regret the access to my psychic senses, but... that also is being handled via other means.

I probably should have stopped all that nonsense earlier, but I was desperate to "break on thru to the other side." The gurus and spiritual teachers turned out to be right all along but I was driven; no harm done... except for a number of body injuries and they came by other means and couldn't be avoided anyway. I have learned that very little in my life could have been avoided. So... regrets? Not really.

ALL MEANS used to reach the ears of Heaven are acceptable where other intentions are not.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"If You are in The Light. If You Walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT Intrude. Light Dispels The Darkness."



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