Monday, May 15, 2023

"Wanting Traps You. It is Wanting that Catches Every Life Form Operating According to Predictable Patterns."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You can almost smell a false flag coming any day now. Waste matter is backing up all over. Barriers and borders are falling. This is not a good thing. We have barriers for a reason or... we used to. Now the barriers between good behavior and bad have been broken down, AND... no good can come of it. The Collective heart and mind of the public is trending towards incensed and outraged. The Manipulators have to come up with a distraction. It shouldn't be long.

If you could take one of Bach's drifting... aimless... pastorals, say... the one in F Major that sounds like a small bird sailing about in times of better weather; oh! That would have been a while ago.

Anyway... if you played it backwards and added in the voice of one of the government's low-frequency sound weapons, and then you took two versions and sped one of them up to triple-speed... and the other to half-speed, and then played them together, you would have the basic soundtrack for Greed and its associates in their early morning, waking stage.

You see... everything is music. Even the cacophonous and... some of the latter days... inharmonic composers... musing on personal identity... (the Japanese versions are especially nerve-wracking) even that is music for ears trained in or tuned to... discord OR... brought to discord by the whims of existence if... say... existence had whims.

This is because music is math... and everything is numbers. As we have mentioned before, the snow-draped heights in a mountain range are pure mathematics that... when the season changes, and The Sun grows strong... causes the snow to melt and run down into the valleys where it creates a riot of color... and teeming life. That's what happens when pure math melts and feeds into creation at a progression of descended levels.

I don't recommend your listening to that pastorale for any length of time. It has an agitating and mindless presence, as if some mid-level student... who wanted to be somewhere else, was practicing on the piano... running tiresome exercises over, and over, and over.

Imagine how agitating it might get if you ran it through the changes I mentioned. This is how Greed works on the human mind. It agitates and troubles the soul until something must be done, and that something means getting your hands on anything of value, by any means necessary.

All of these negative impulses, be they Lust or Pride... Anger... even Sloth, are absent of Peace, and... will effectively drive you mad if you let them. This is because... there is another side to, “No Justice... No Peace.” You can replace Justice with... Restraint... Balance... anything having to do with having the reins of your existence in your hands. When you let go... and more and more people are doing that, you don't get Justice... or Freedom... or Peace, you get Injustice, Bondage, and War.

Materialism... in its latter stages, those stages preceding the shuddering gasps and final death rattles... is a constant radio broadcast of The Deadly Sins. Materialism never reaches a state of harmonious accord; not for long. You don't get that down here by any of the usual routes.

I mention these things because it is CRITICALLY important to remember that... in Times of Advanced Materialism, one should avoid being a materialist at all costs... though the costs are minimal in the long haul... and more like saving grace.

The Materialists of our times... in the latter stages of Materialism, could also be called The Damned. You are damned... when all you can think of is getting more money and more stuff in a time when transforming spiritual force is pouring out upon The World. You are then going into The Teeth of The Wind. You are shredding yourself by presenting resistance to The Irresistible.

It's Fear that drives people to latch on to any heavy objects in reach because they feel as if they are being lifted to another place of being. They are being lifted out of the predictable. They would nail their own hand to a glue lam if The Winds of Change begin to blow too hard.

This is life, my friends. Resist The Will of Heaven and your discomfort and suffering will be commensurate with the resistance. Who is Heaven to tell me what to do? Heaven is the state of being of your own Higher Self. In physical life... on The Material Plane... we are between our Higher and Lower Self. A destiny is attached to either course that one takes... to aspire to the realm of The Higher Self or... to disport on the level of The Lower Self. In Times of Material Darkness... the struggle... the degree of difficulty in controlling The Lower Self... is greater than at other times.

In Occult Lore it is said that Christianity will pass away after two thousand years, and Islam will pass away after fourteen hundred years. Religions are time-sensitive. You can see the dismantling taking place at this very time. New religions will replace them, but... the truths contained are timeless... as are the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

Yesterday... I finished watching a kind of reality TV series called, Jury Duty.

It was composed of 8 half-hour episodes. Everyone in the cast was an actor, except for one person who thought it was a real trial being filmed. Much of it was absurd. You would think the lone fellow out of the know might catch on, BUT... like The Truman Show, he was in a contained environment.

It was not the greatest theater I've seen, AND... it's not the sort of thing I usually watch, BUT... something provoked me into watching it. When it was over... I saw why. It is exactly how life really is. All of your behavior is being filmed and recorded, AND... when you depart... it is all screened for you, and you are rewarded OR... one way or another remunerated for your actions here. We are being watched by an unseen audience throughout our entire lives. I mean... REALLY!

This fellow had many opportunities to behave one way or another and didn't know he was constantly being filmed... as often as he was... either. He acquitted himself well, and you could see how all the little things he did and did not do... added up into a composite... and our lives... before... now... and continuing are doing the same thing.

Just as in real life, one is OFTEN dealing with the mentally ill; and that is how these actors on the jury presented as... we can be caring... or... not. The whole plot-scheme was ridiculous, and so is life... OFTEN. Look how insane many of our leaders are! Take a REAL objective look at the state of The World... present tense.

Every... little... thing... that you do or do not do, is added to the whole. Every event in your life... no matter how seemingly insignificant... is a particular dealing of God with your soul. You can WAKE UP! You can wake up to this and behave in a conscious and compassionate fashion OR... you can just bounce off the bumpers in random pursuit of appetites and desires... until you are spent and recycled into more... of... the... same OR... worse. This WILL happen.

However... you can catch yourself at any point, and change the course of your future. Right now you are the conscious or unconscious CEO of billions of cells that are... or are not... responding to your conscious or unconscious commands in... a... positive... fashion. Each of these cells is a specialized and living life form. Each of them is conscious, according to the needs of their job description. It is ALL alive! Even the rocks are alive.

Do you enjoy being a helpless ping pong ball in a world of cause and effect? That's a reasonable question. Take a look at The World around you... directly or via the internet. More and more people are losing their grip because they no longer have any command of themselves. Invisible forces... representative of appetites and desires are running things, due to the accelerating force of Materialism.. via the forces of attraction.

The evidence that this is true, is... right... there... in... front... of... you. Ask yourself how conditions have changed in the last 25 years... in the last ten years... in the last five years... in the last year. See any Trends or Patterns? What is going on is headed to a bad end for The Purpose of Demonstration, for those who have associated themselves with The Carnal Realm of WANTING.

It is wanting that traps you. It is wanting that catches every life form operating according to predictable patterns within the frequencies we are referring to... within the bandwidths of appetite and desire. Step away from The Matrix. This... is... a... test.

The Divine is both the protector and the liberator. Seek The Divine.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

To quote Megadeth:

"Peace sells but who's buying"

Any idea when the Tribe's "religion" will pass away?

(As far as classical music is concerned, I prefer Paganini and Rachmaninoff...and anything with a harpsichord in it.)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

LOL! In calipornia right now, the last you wanna be is rich. You also don't want fancy stuff. The only thing you want in this Hell Hole of a state is enough to get by. You don't want what anybody else wants. Gods, the crime has gotten to the point of insanity in the Bay Area andthat includes adjacent small towns that used to be considered 'safe'.

And when you omniscience (Akashic Library Card) and discretionary time more than anything else, I suppose that solves the problem of greed. I gotta be off planet to get all of that, which I want. Which reminds me. Can I identify as legally dead? I mean, spending every unobligated moment in front of the computer (And I have way more unobligated moments now than ever before, though it's still not enough for my taste), I might as well be. After all, bein' alive under protest, I choose to live as little as possible as far as the world is concerned. Why do anything for this stupid mess which is dumber than a vacuum? I didn't cause it, so why bother trying to fix it? To whom and what do I owe my inconvenience other than my stupid contract with my higher self, and what few self-imposed obligations I do have?

One thing nice about hating and bein' in contempt of this place is that I can actually enjoy watching the entropy.


Leesa said...

Hi Les,
I just now had a dream...
You stated:-
"The realm in which I dwell
is teeming with luminescent beings...
My home is NOT fortified,
I have no need for insurance
because everything is free!"
My summary;
How poignant, how UNMaterialistic
Great advice- your home does not age
You delivered this statement like
Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice,
Porcha's speech vibe...
Your dial is turned up to 10
Thank You!!
You are right, if the internet croaks,
there are other means of
In reply to M;
My Nan used to play
Rachmaninov vinyl on her
stereo gram when I was a
child in 1975....very fond memories...
Love to ALL,

Keep Striding said...

Mr. Apocalypse plays a beautiful tune!
It is a cacophony to the self-appointed masters of the universe.
Working on the wanting stopper and it is two steps back at times.
The feds are everywhere mania is wildly entertaining, just as fun as the demoralization attempts by the usual suspects.
That demoralization only works on worldlings, who never read the bible passage about moths, rust, vandals, thieves.
It is a mystery why these big bad Sargent York heroes calling everyone names are so afraid of the glowy bois, maybe they have some material goods they fear losing.

Probably legally insane myself but getting thrown out of the headshrinkers office for blaspheming against Big Pharmakeia was well worth it.
Those are the worst pills ever and you can look up how all these mass shooters that aren't Smith-Mundt Modernization kabuki are on them.
It doesn't have to be this way but once people get locked into a system they won't let it go even if it is past the expiration date.
This is top down and the pyramid on the back of the dollar showing the weeds at the bottom, that is the everyday people who will fight tooth and nail to preserve their own enslavement.

Iron Monkey said...

"Rule a kingdom by the Normal.
Fight a battle by (abnormal) tactics of surprise.
Win the world by doing nothing.
How do I know it is so?
Through this:
The more prohibitions there are,
The poorer the people become.
The more sharp weapons there are,
The greater the chaos in the state.
The more skills of technique,
The more cunning things are produced.
The greater the number of statutes,
The greater the number of thieves and brigands.
Therefore the sage says:
I do nothing and the people are reformed of themselves.
I love quietude and the people are righteous of themselves.
I deal in no business and the people grow rich by themselves.
I have no desires and the people are simple
and honest by themselves."
- Translated by Lin Yutang, 1955, Chapter 57

0 said...

"Even the rocks are alive."

As proven in times past by J.C. Bose. He wrote books about his work, showing that the response in plants and minerals is by degree more limited and muted than that of animals, but still present.

Whats below minerals? Whats above Animals?

Whats within Everything? The Nothing also known as the All. Be-come nobody and house the nothing in self. Give it ones form and ask it to make sense of what one takes in... done consistently as if Dwelling in such a place, such begins to produce changes for oneself.

Nothing really gets easier, but you can see the Why behind things more clearly.

Its all work, best work to benefit in ways one might take with self when the iteration of form drops huh.

Be Prepared! What comes comes.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Diversity, Inclusion, It's All Bullshit. A Convoluted Snatch and Grab Shaped by Unreasonable Discourse."



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