Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Emma Gonzalezbian Zombies of Armageddon America and the Resonating Hummingbird of Love.

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Hmmm... Politics? Nah... Social and Cultural BS? Nah... Z List Celebrities and Parisian Pissoir Entertainment? Nah... Crocodile Swine and Antifa Cannibals? Nah... The Ineffable and Variant Dualistic Impressions of the Divine? Yah... Triple Yah. ♫God's not Dead, He's merely hiding...

....behind the mind's personalized expressions of the incomprehensible♫

It makes you so tired to wade through the garbage dumps of Armageddon America. You get so tired of seeing things like this and then reading that someone was walking around with a 'make America Great Again' hat, so you know it's another staged affair (assault on Trump) and you know you'll have more strawman cut outs like David Hogg with a book deal and Emma Gonzalezbian (of course, Kanye is in there cause he wrote to tell her she is his hero. I'm guessing they met at the hairdressers.)---(twin robot retards), talking about Santa Fe Strong and Antifa-Communista thugs, attacking the Second Amendment (could it be anymore obvious?). I said I wouldn't talk about these things. Right, Visible. It makes you tired. This makes you tired. What happened to the Girl Scouts?

Let's focus on the positive. I was cruising around through YouTube looking for something else when I came across this couple.

It happens to me so often, I find one thing looking for something else and can't remember if I found that one thing as well. They've got a lot of videos out there.

There is something so real and so sweet about these two. I love the way she harmonizes with him and the way she is so obviously enjoying herself. They were made for each other. He has so much power and grace and has the guitar and voice down. Sure, they're doing covers but, they're genuine. It's like something from a vanished age. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I see God at work just about everywhere I look. I see god directly engaged and I see God in his absence.

You can find God in everything if that is what you are looking for and miss God in everything if you are not looking. I'm programmed to find God. God is everything to me; ♫like a wind that never, never stops blowing. Like a stream that never, never stops flowing. In this way, my Love keeps right on growing, through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you, because you... are everything to me. You are everything to me, just as far, as far as I can see. You... are everything to me♫ It seems like I just put that up the other day. So what? Let's put it up again. It's the way I feel. One more song about the only one I write any songs about, be it obviously spiritual or seemingly romantic.

Here we sit, or stand in our lives, in this moment, or some other moment. We've got one thing or another on our minds; something we are remembering or something we are longing for or imagining and God is holding us in place. God is thinking us into being and maintaining us on our way to and from God ...but our minds are so often preoccupied with something else and it just goes by and we just go by when if only, if only our minds were focused on the ineffable, our lives would have been worth it, would have been meaningful but instead became meaningless because the only thing of real importance was overlooked due to the predominance of the meaningless over the meaningful.

We've got only one thing to be aware of in this life and that is the divine. It is only the divine who gives value to anything we experience and without which nothing possesses any value. It is truly simple. It does not change. Materialists and those in the alternative life of consistent material reward, which is otherwise juxtaposed with the other life of consistent material want (which replace each other from life to life) find that no matter what they have or are pursing it tastes like ashes in their mouths and their bellies are filled with an agonizing fire that is consuming them from within, until they are hollowed out and bent over, wondering... wondering... wondering.

The power of the dream, the power of the tingling web of Maya is so great that it is stronger than the real upon which it is overlaid, or... it seems to be. Everywhere you go you see humanity walking through it. They speak to you out of it. You can literally see them in the thrall of it. You see it but you must walk on by. You smile at them into it and they smile back out of it and you seem to be independent of it but... you are not. It goes everywhere with you. It surrounds you. You fall asleep in it and wake up in it and the whole of your existence takes place within it.

I've been searching for God this whole life and before this life too and God has been searching for me even longer than that. People cannot find God or be found by God until they are ready. You can't tell them anything and you shouldn't try. Just let your life speak for you by example. If your life looks more attractive and desirable then theirs they will see and feel it. When you are shining through you, you are what will be seen and we do not generally shine as ourselves but rather we are an amalgam of parts where we got out of the way and in the way. When we get out of the way, something is there. When God is shining through you then what is shining through will resonate with that same state of being that is in everyone because the ineffable is behind all of the artifice of our temporary being.

God is real. We are not real. God is eternal and we are not. Let what is not fall away and what is will be what remains. That is a continuous dynamic of physics and when it goes beyond the parameters of physics it becomes metaphysics. There is no real demarcation line however, it's just a more subtle bandwidth of the same thing. It is the same with the human personality. For most, there are the common margins that are what exists for those who have not pushed or been pushed beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. You got into the supermarket and you all see the same thing. If your boundaries have been pushed beyond the same old same old, you see things on the shelves that you never saw before and no one else sees either but... their interest does not lie there. Their interest is in what they can touch and taste and feel. My interest is in what can touch and taste and feel me and then report to me the meaning of that.

If you search for God, your life will have real meaning. Everything will be lit up with a spiritual light. What you did not recognize before and which had always been pedestrian and mundane is now singular and unique. God lives in you and identifies you and celebrates you. This is remarkable because God knows what to identify and celebrate. You do not. We are literally bouncing off of the walls and tripping over the furniture in a dark room. God lights up that room and you can see what's been there since, well... since I don't know when but it all has meaning now. The immensity and incomprehensibility of God brings something new to every moment. You bring the same limitations and not knowingness that you brought the last time you tripped over the furniture in that room.

Do you really want to stumble through life, getting older and weaker and more in pain, until death mercifully takes you out of the brier patch you have entangled yourself in and who removes you once it has become certain that you are not going to be getting out on your own? Death is your friend and anyone who has been through or is going through what happens when you leave middle age and head into the painful doldrums of old age will surely confirm this. Life hurts.

I will not attempt to explain the meaning of Love. It is beyond my capability but I will say that Love is unlike anything else and it has levels of expression that render one part of it completely unrecognizable to another. The same can be said about God and God and Love are the “same thing only different”. Let us say that God is the consciousness that travels on the highway that is Love (or perhaps it is the other way round- grin). The traveler and the highway are one but it's kind of like dualism and non dualism. You get all kinds of arguments from the Advaita 'nose in the air' elitists. I compare it to the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan. There are plenty of fine Vegans out there and some really insufferable ones. You can jabber on all you want about how Advaita is the true state of real being but Dualism gives you a perception angle that you can't get from Advaita and unless you are one of the genuine exceptions, you are just blowing smoke up your ass and everyone else's. One who comprehends the real meaning of Advaita and Dualism have no difficulty existing in either or both.

Do I know what I am talking about? Yes and No. I do as far as the limits of what I can say extend and I do not beyond the reach of what I cannot say. If you think about what I just said, well that explains what was also said about Advaita and Dualism. Simply immerse yourself in Love. Let Love absorb you and consume all of you that is not Love and change it into Love. Love is conscious and Love is eternal. Love knows what it is doing so... you do not have to. Every minute my friends, is a moment lost or a moment well spent but only if you spend it on Love.

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♫God in Country♫

Saturday, May 12, 2018

In Times of Material Darkness, May The Love Protect and Guide You Always!

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Something has been bothering me for a bit. I don't want to take sides on the matter because I think I understand it; better than most and not as much as some (I have to say the second part, regardless ((grin)) if I'm going to risk saying the first part.) It has to do with this whole vituperate argument being waged by certain angry women, incapable of satisfaction and maintained by unrelenting Neanderthals. Let's call them man-haters and drunken wife beaters. The origin of the term is what you would expect. That doesn't cover all of the bases, some were Lesbians and some were latent Homosexuals, though they might still be the same.

I'm going to clarify what's what, according to my understanding. We are in the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is a male sign. That is why it is referred to as The Age of Brotherhood and why (I say) the Second Coming of Christ is going to appear in the human hearts prepared for the experience (like 'yours' and 'mine'). Mr. Apocalypse is here and he is so PRESENT and ON THE SCENE that we can't see the forest for the trees. Look at all the exposures, acrimony, betrayals and lies which are and will be getting exposed when the time comes. All those men are NOT harassing all those women but... some of them are. The rest are craven opportunists. Due to this being a time of Material Darkness, the level of integrity and honor among the common soul (uncommon souls either have it in spades (grin) or absolutely not at all) is abysmal. This is a grave disappointment to me. Integrity is the number one shining star in my firmament (it is what I look for in my friends) and pretty much anything else of value comes along with it automatically.

For whatever the arcane reasons may be, this is the age of the return of the Divine Feminine. It's been a long time coming for her to be restored to her rightful place in the hierarchy. She has been sorely missed. At the same time there are shortcomings and drawbacks to the feminine side, as there is to the male, especially in Times of Material Darkness; especially when Integrity has gone missing. I know I already mentioned this. I am mentioning this again. That is how important it is.

Because of the return of the Divine Feminine; or rather the recognition of her deserved place, there is a great deal of confusion in the sexual theater. Especially since we are in a Time of Material Darkness and so the culture is imploding and we are getting what we got in Ancient Rome and other locations. Sex is the basic dynamic of interplay on the material plane and more subtle planes as well, though it falls under a different definition/characterization, as it moves up and Love shows its shining face; moving through ever more refined levels of celebration and adoration, into the ecstasy of mystics and saints.

Because of the profanation of the sacred nature of sex. Certain prohibitions are common to most all religions and not by accident and we are going to address that as it manifests in Times of Material Darkness.

Human nature is weak and it becomes 'negatively feminized' when materialism proliferates. Nature in the raw is Nature and a mall... a city... the world of television and movies, are nature profaned if that is the course given and the nature of materialism seriously inclines in that direction. So... in a way, you could say that homosexuality is a 'natural' extension of materialism (grin). You could also say that so many of the things we see are also a natural outgrowth; everything from Charlie Manson to Marilyn Manson, as well as alcoholism and drug addiction are acts of negative defense against the pain of living in Times of Material Darkness. One can experience some serious eye openers should they research the use of alcohol during the decades around the turn of the 20th Century; life on English sailing ships and the old west... there are plenty of periods when it was far worse than you might have imagined; far worse.

The defense of 'alternative' sexual behavior is directly connected to the Satanic Gospel; discord, confusion, a house divided and most certainly, guilt and shame.

All this said; to the point- the sun is a masculine power. The moon is a feminine power. There is a great deal of carping about Patriarchy and such. Patriarchy and Matriarchy are cyclopean. The direction they are pointed in defines them. If you allow yourself to get bent out of shape about the masculine you will be, bent out of shape. Male and Female are here to stay in the manifest. If you throw it out of balance, you will be out of balance. My explanation of the gay meme is that, quite possibly we all have to pass through it. It's a phase that appears when you are out of balance. What happens when your 'out of balance' state reaches critical proportions? You can answer that. Subsequently I do not judge the phase. I judge the political applications and pressures placed on the pre-pubescent.

Here is an absurd argument where a hammering redundancy and psychological arm-twisting is employed. Here is a similar effort where the argument is shoe-horned into the political realm and lost in the hyperbole is that this candidate hasn't a chance whatsoever of winning the election. The slant in both articles is embarrassing to a moron.

As Mr. Apocalypse and I come into a closer relationship I am noticing some very interesting features. I understand better why I am personally closed out of the area of artistic success. “Can I have another Sir!” (bet you didn't know this). There is a book out about how things got their name. I do not know the title but one of you can find it. You can learn a great deal from the stories about how things were named. Here's a small collection. From an occult Hermetic source I was told that Adam means, “namer of things.” It certainly seems to be the case. Certain sources say it means, “human” or something else.

Back to Mr. Apocalypse and I. Last year, I think it was, I was reading a Stephen King book. He used to be a gifted writer. Now he's a hack. In the book he was performing fellatio on Israel. It was a shameful affair. In recent times I have seen in book after book (novel after novel) the usual lies about 9-11. It is so common that there is no question it is arranged to be so. The publishers demand it (what is the general native origin of publishers (movie producers, record company owners, international bankers, holocaust fantasists and all sorts of niche players in particular industries?)? I am not trolling here. I am not speculating. I am stating. Prove me wrong! You can't. It's all through the Doug Peterson and Lincoln Child books. It's all through the Lee Childs, Jack Reacher books. These are some of the cutting edge novelists of the day. They can't be that stupid. It is everywhere apparent. It is everywhere a lie. Israel and their enablers orchestrated and carried it out. They are masters of deception and Satan is the Father of Lies. They own most of the large publishing houses and for very specific reasons. This plan has been a long time coming and Mr. Apocalypse is extant because of this plan and various other 'best laid plans of mice and men' that end in Aft Gang Agley because of Mr. Apocalypse and his source of being.

Keep this in mind, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Is there any need to explain the implications of that statement? Unless you are a full blown tard, a member of the enemies of humanity, employed by them or afraid of them, you get the gist of that. Let me however, illustrate what it means to me. If you set out on the road to Kansas City, the ineffable was resident at the inception of your journey, prior to the thought entering your head and before engaging in the thought process that was created by the original thinker, who in the manifest realm would be symbolized by The Sun. All along the road to Kansas City and every other road that is, or has been, or will ever be traveled on, the ineffable is before and after and within the traveler. At the end of that road or any road that has ever been, the ineffable (or some relevant permutation) awaits. In the beginning of the world and anything that may have preceded that, the ineffable was resident. At the end of the world, the ineffable is resident and then the ineffable gathers all of creation back into itself(?), himself, herself. This song expresses Visible's sentiments on the matter.

My friends, we pray that some clarity has managed to intrude upon the continuous confusion that has been the hallmark of these Times of Material Darkness. No doubt it could have been said better and with a finer articulation and no doubt with greater brevity (greater brevity? Is that a conflict of terms? Grin).

We look forward to engaging with you again when the opportunity arises, as it no doubt will, in concert with tomorrow's radio broadcast. In the meantime, we wish for you the most wonderful possibilities and experiences of good fortune, whether it be material or spiritual; accent on the latter and may the divine bless you with all requisite wisdom, enabling the greatest enjoyment there can be for you and everyone deserving thereof.

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Great Unwashed and the Secret Meaning of Morons and Whores.

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Sometimes you can't help but to keep doing something, or... conversely, sometimes you can't stop something from doing you (or don't want to-grin).

“I see dead people everywhere.” I also hear people saying the same thing over and over, grinning like loons, flooding the event horizon windshield with Instagram smiles; butt-whacking the back door, Twitter feed of mindless redundancies; talking heads, Jack in the boxing, like Pop-Tarts out of the toaster; idiots doing subliminal product endorsements, pimped out like Dancing with the Scars, plastic surgery victims, row after row, rank after rank of the same old, same old, marching over the horizon; Gleem smiling androids and goosestepping zombies. If you mute the sound, you miss nothing. They are an army with weaponized mouths and ingrown hairpieces. Yes... I have had the TV on in recent days, because of the longest playoff stretch in professional sports history. It seems like the basketball playoffs are nearly as long as the seasons, so I get to hear (anal)ysts go on and on and on. I don't know where they get the stamina. I imagine bad things happening to the Energizer Bunny in the Rand underground laboratories beneath the Denver airport, or Disney World. They tend to move around, always a step ahead of PETA and Planned Parenthood, which is surprising since they are all after the same thing.

Somewhere in a galaxy far away, there is a purgatory. It might even be a kind of Hell, where all these people play 'Never Have I Ever.' and 'Truth or Dare' while subsisting on the food and drink that is advertised on their shows and snorting lethal amounts of meth ...but due to the nature of the location in which they are present there is no possibility of an overdose. They do lose a handful of brain cells with every insufflation, until there are none remaining. This results in a strange dichotomy, because there is no noticeable difference in their awareness from when however many brain cells were present in the beginning until there were none at all.

At least once a day and certainly more, I slide back from my desk and reflect on the collective, public mind that seems to be woven together on a gird like the one that holds the Pacific Waste Island together. I then consider the programming coming out of the family altar. I look at the products that sponsor the shows and I am convinced that you have to consume these in order to get a clear transmission that makes sense to you because for someone like me they make no sense at all. Then I see clips of Tristan Thompson where the crowd of Toronto Raptor fans are screaming “Khloe! Khloe!” Over and over. I see the strip malls and all the franchise outlets for for multi-colored garbage that winds up in that other garbage dump called your garage and attic (basement?). There these inanimate objects have casual sex in the dark of the night and appear in the dreams of the people living in all those split levels and condos; metaphorically he is living the Formica life, in Harmon Cove, Seacaucus with a wife, three insane children and one lonely dog, where death's not a threat, it's the law.

I reflect on what kind of state of mind a person has to be in to be able to validate this kind of a looping and never present existence; going in and out of focus and finally... never having been here at all.

I mentioned once how I used to attend these occasional, annual celebrations in the European town in which I lived; a town of 10,000 where a hundred thousand people would show up over the course of four days and eat and drink themselves into a stupor and I would look out upon the crowds, or wander through them, noting the generational differences in where the attention was being placed and wonder if there was anyone else out there, doing what I was doing and thinking about the ineffable. I never saw another soul exercising objective awareness except for the emergency workers who were standing by the ambulances. They are very proactive in Europe. You seldom ever see any police cause they don't need them. We have the police presence we do because of the Hegelian dynamic where we cause the problem and then create the solution.

I would take acid in the wilderness, at be-ins and rock events (the few I attended) and I would watch people following their hungers. I could literally see what motivated them and what was important to them. I could see them attached to an invisible line (like a fishing line), like the line that ran between Richard Pryor and the crack pipe back in the day. “Hey, Richard! Got a light?”

I should have known I was different but... I was still trying to fit in. I never did manage to accomplish that but... I did find a demographic (like those reading this posting) where it applied. It's the 'huddled masses' that are the problem, as far as the rest of us finding a greater meaning in this world goes. They're the ones the TV shows and movies are made for. They are the ones the commercials are filmed for, especially the ones that speak to our unique and celebrated differences (right). They are the ones who are immersed in the sensations and herded like livestock to the Soylent Green processing centers. They are the block voting, enmasse responding crowd, controlled in support of elite policies.

People think they see what is going on in the world around them and think that they know what is taking place in the world far off, because depraved and highly paid liars like those at the New York Times and Washington Post and all those newscasters at television stations across the landscape of The Great Satan (grin) tell them what is and is not happening AND they do it for MONEY!

Slowly and not so slowly, behind the curtain, where the players and stage settings get moved around, forced social change is going on-------------------------- blacks and whites are being color coordinated through social engineering for sexual interaction. Gays are being inserted for commercials, voice overs and the way men behave toward women; much more as well. Whatever is possible to confuse and demoralize and- most especially for indoctrination of prepubescents.

I'm watching the faces of the ballplayers who are being paid tens of millions of dollars for bouncing a ball and putting it through a hole, or being paid the same amount to catch or throw a ball and run across a line at either end of the stadium, or throw a ball or hit a ball and run around some bases in order to make a score. I'm looking at the faces of those sitting down or around the court line who have paid thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to be there for one night. They could pay hundreds to sit in the nosebleed seats, where they need binoculars to watch what is going on. All of them are hammering on their cellphones. I watch basketball at crunch time in order to see one player; Lebron James. I watch football to see Tom Brady and I watch baseball to see Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve and sometimes a few more. If I never saw another game I wouldn't care. The games play while I am writing or setting up a creative situation. All through the watching and not watching and the doing and not doing, the divine is there, guiding and encouraging me. Telling me not to give up or lose faith. Telling me that someone in such a position is a very, very lucky fellow indeed.

I think of the billions that are being generated by trivia; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others and those hundreds of thousands of 'apps' that are being used and being made for lazy people with superficial interests. It astounds me. It blows my mind that people do not crackle electrically across the space of cognitive dissonance. There's no 'I am'. There's 'I was' and 'I will be.'

Game over. The announcers were keeping up a steady patter of banal referencing of pedestrian attractions that in one way or another say the same thing; “we're all the same.” “We're all beasts” “We serve the gods of stomachs and genitals, until neither of them work very well, or at all.” We eat heartburn generating garbage and then take chemicals to counteract the heartburn and it's not cheap and we never think too deeply about the heartbreak that is a given in a world of endless want and endless loss.

New game starting. People in commercials acting like hyperactive idiots; jumping up and down, drooling about whatever they're selling, embarrassing themselves and the human race and striving to the limits of their limited abilities to prove that we are all morons and whores. Take a good look. How could they be intending anything else? I'm guessing that by getting the American public to believe this, they will also take for granted that whatever is for sale is just what they need.

I love humanity, insofar as I meet and greet and serve them. I must love them if I behave toward them as I do. It often mystifies me as to this being true but... breaking news; I just figured out the morons and whores things. As a moron, you are too stupid to say no and as a whore, anything goes. Of course, you still have to pay for it but... as a moron, you have no idea of the value of anything and as a whore it's whatever the market will bear. The good news is that you don't have to have sex to be a whore. That's the bad news too.

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I guess this wasn't a very uplifting or inspiring Origami but... there's always next time.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A Manifest State, Clothed in Darkness and a Triumphant Ineffable Love.

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(Christmas came early this year. One of my biggest heroes and the finest collaborator I have ever worked with, took one of my better postings and did his usual Maestro Magic).

The thought that this was true about the posting came into my mind immediately after I proofed it. I don't like to get into the value of measuring my work because, if it is any good, I didn't write it. Gratitude fills the room I occupy with waves of appreciation. Cue-Speechlessness.)

World unchanging- beneath the cover-slip of fear. Anxious angst of no discernible source. The fidget of time, trembling with negative awe. Fingers tapping on the table, interspersed with sighs. Something from long ago, the size, shape and constitution forgotten but... there is an uneasy silence, as if someone knows more than they are aware of.

From whence does it come? It comes out of the nightmare catcher of material darkness. This is not the first thought that might come to mind as one ponders the source of uncertainty. One might think of The Devil sleepwalking. One might think of the coalescing wrath of the ineffable, as the world wobbles in disorientation, the center cannot hold as the axis loses sight of True North and is falsely magnetized and going South. One might consider the nature of the times and the gathering suspense that attends each changing line from the Cliff Notes I-Ching. James Earl Jones has been replaced by Geraldo Rivera. Luke... this is not your father; it is a strange cuckold who rapes their own mind.

The uneasiness that comes out of material darkness seems to have a multiplicity of origins. Materialism is Legion. It seems to be coming from everywhere, like ventriloquism speakers. The fixative is not fixed. It's all alchemy but... in times of material darkness there are a surfeit of bad alchemists. It speaks to overkill because in times of material darkness, everything is trying to kill you. Overkill is a synonym for surfeit. Myriad is a synonym for Legion.

The demons were cast out of the possessed man and sent into the Gadarene Swine. This was allegedly at the request of the demons. After this happened, the whole town went out to meet Jesus and pleaded with him to leave the region. What? Read the text that attends these links. There are all sorts of strange associations that are composed of information that begs certain questions.

Material darkness is a manifest state that is clothed in darkness. As anyone who have ever entered a room that was in darkness knows, you do not know what is in that room, unless you were recently in that room with the lights on and you still don't really know because it could have been rearranged in your absence and even more important; how well you you recall the exact placement of all the objects in the room when the light was on?

Material darkness is very disturbing because it seems to be lit. You seem to be able to tell where you are going. Material darkness is lit with a false light. When you look up the definition of 'false light' in a search engine you get a legal term. If we search for, 'what is spiritual false light' then we get some interpretations, general and specific when related to something specific. We find that there are different types of spirituality that have different qualities of light.

Then there is a false light that exists in the afterlife. No doubt you remember that scene in Poltergeist where the little girl is being admonished not to go into the light. I think this is what they are talking about.

I have not read this article. However... I suspect it deals with something that often comes to my mind when I think of the New Age. I have a former girl friend. We had one of those star-crossed romances. It was volatile and explosive. She was ALWAYS into The New Age and I was not. I have a phobia about the New Age. I realize that there are many aspects to the New Age that are valid, legitimate and reflect certain ageless teachings and timeless certainties that are resident in a place prior to the religious or spiritual schematic they later appear in. At the same time, the New Age is rife with deception and dangers greater that mere physical dangers. There are systems of thought like, A Curse of Miracles.

Right off the bat you've got the false news, Huffington Post promoting it and you've got Offal Winfrey promoting it. Do you really need any further clarification of this? I do not. The character of the authors might create questions for some. There are so many points of view and so many reworked and revisionist efforts, where ancient, legitimate teachings, were recycled into new and improved systems, where the ones so engaged, profited immensely from the plagiarisms. There are so many characters like, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle-Booth; too many to list who demonstrated as self interest icons, grabbing anything that wasn't nailed down and then coming back with crowbars for everything else. I've been studying the phenomena for years and over and over and over, coming to the same conclusions while, freely admitting that there are some number of good and useful ideas that can be found.

I'm not interested in the latest version of Legion. I'm not interested in 10,001 New Age systems for Dummies. I'm not interested in being a motivational speaker, although, I do happen to be one, I guess. I'm not charging you for it. This is not due to some high-minded altruism on my part. The fact is that I cannot charge for something that is priceless and should not charge for something that is worthless and you may well, on occasion get both from me. Hopefully the latter is a rare occurrence (please... dear God.) I have heard that one does not charge for spiritual truth. Those who are charging have all kinds of slick and convoluted justifications for charging. Shutan is a Tribe name, though I don't know if it applies to this carnival barker.

I am fine with people getting something from the New Age and I have CLOSE FRIENDS who profit from what they have gleaned from the New Age. I don't pass judgment on that area of inquiry overall. I simply have reservations about any number of practitioners from that neck of the deep woods. I love you so much Lord! You are the one that I seek to be in communion with. You are the one who will and does illuminate my thought and flood my heart with your love. I need no other resource. You are the be all and end all- the alpha and omega of my existence. You have many names and faces but you are the perfect mirror of the self unto the self. Like a wind that never, never stops blowing. Like a stream that never, never stops flowing. In this way, my love keeps right on growing, through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you. Because you are everything to me. You are everything to me, as far... as far as I can see. You are ...everything to me.

I got nothing more to say about the New Age, the Old Age and any age in between. I got nothing more to say about any religion or system of thought. I don't know jack about chakra cleansing. I don't know about fire walking and aura cleansing. If you type it into a search engine, the drop down menu offers, aura cleansing music, aura cleansing spray, aura cleansing bath, aura cleansing techniques, aura cleansing reiki, aura cleansing spray recipe, aura cleansing benefits, aura cleansing essential oils and- for some reason- Aura Toronto. Chakra cleansing has Toronto also (grin), as well as all of the options that are available for Auras as well.

God, whether associated with religion or simple aspiration, devoid of trappings, is my road. I don't have any use for religion but I know many people do, so I do not discount it for others. Some people are much better off with a system to operate in and intention defines their course. The state of their heart and their pursuit of the 'qualities of God' says everything about the way 'character is fate' applies to them. I know God is real and I know that anything that may be considered real about me is associated with the indwelling deity, for which I provide a residence. If the ineffable is resident in me, it immediately and completely displaces certain other things. Where God is present, certain other things cannot be. Where God is not present, certain other things are resident. I prefer the automatic adjustments made to me by hosting the divine. It is the decision of the divine whether I am able to host the divine. I trust that the ineffable has that predilection in respect of me.

The ineffable has said to me, “rely on me!” The ineffable has to me he is coming, more and more into residence as the necessary changes are made in me to permit this. The ineffable has told me I am his friend. It is my highest aspiration that this be so. The ineffable is the centerpiece of my existence. Every other consideration is secondary. The ineffable is more important than everything else put together. May this be enduring, everlasting and true of everyone of us, for whom it is the single greatest and most profound objective.

May the Lord, bless and protect and transform us. May we be swept up in the love of the ineffable. May everything else drop away and the divine alone remain.

End Transmission.......