Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Emma Gonzalezbian Zombies of Armageddon America and the Resonating Hummingbird of Love.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Hmmm... Politics? Nah... Social and Cultural BS? Nah... Z List Celebrities and Parisian Pissoir Entertainment? Nah... Crocodile Swine and Antifa Cannibals? Nah... The Ineffable and Variant Dualistic Impressions of the Divine? Yah... Triple Yah. ♫God's not Dead, He's merely hiding...

....behind the mind's personalized expressions of the incomprehensible♫

It makes you so tired to wade through the garbage dumps of Armageddon America. You get so tired of seeing things like this and then reading that someone was walking around with a 'make America Great Again' hat, so you know it's another staged affair (assault on Trump) and you know you'll have more strawman cut outs like David Hogg with a book deal and Emma Gonzalezbian (of course, Kanye is in there cause he wrote to tell her she is his hero. I'm guessing they met at the hairdressers.)---(twin robot retards), talking about Santa Fe Strong and Antifa-Communista thugs, attacking the Second Amendment (could it be anymore obvious?). I said I wouldn't talk about these things. Right, Visible. It makes you tired. This makes you tired. What happened to the Girl Scouts?

Let's focus on the positive. I was cruising around through YouTube looking for something else when I came across this couple.

It happens to me so often, I find one thing looking for something else and can't remember if I found that one thing as well. They've got a lot of videos out there.

There is something so real and so sweet about these two. I love the way she harmonizes with him and the way she is so obviously enjoying herself. They were made for each other. He has so much power and grace and has the guitar and voice down. Sure, they're doing covers but, they're genuine. It's like something from a vanished age. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I see God at work just about everywhere I look. I see god directly engaged and I see God in his absence.

You can find God in everything if that is what you are looking for and miss God in everything if you are not looking. I'm programmed to find God. God is everything to me; ♫like a wind that never, never stops blowing. Like a stream that never, never stops flowing. In this way, my Love keeps right on growing, through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you, because you... are everything to me. You are everything to me, just as far, as far as I can see. You... are everything to me♫ It seems like I just put that up the other day. So what? Let's put it up again. It's the way I feel. One more song about the only one I write any songs about, be it obviously spiritual or seemingly romantic.

Here we sit, or stand in our lives, in this moment, or some other moment. We've got one thing or another on our minds; something we are remembering or something we are longing for or imagining and God is holding us in place. God is thinking us into being and maintaining us on our way to and from God ...but our minds are so often preoccupied with something else and it just goes by and we just go by when if only, if only our minds were focused on the ineffable, our lives would have been worth it, would have been meaningful but instead became meaningless because the only thing of real importance was overlooked due to the predominance of the meaningless over the meaningful.

We've got only one thing to be aware of in this life and that is the divine. It is only the divine who gives value to anything we experience and without which nothing possesses any value. It is truly simple. It does not change. Materialists and those in the alternative life of consistent material reward, which is otherwise juxtaposed with the other life of consistent material want (which replace each other from life to life) find that no matter what they have or are pursing it tastes like ashes in their mouths and their bellies are filled with an agonizing fire that is consuming them from within, until they are hollowed out and bent over, wondering... wondering... wondering.

The power of the dream, the power of the tingling web of Maya is so great that it is stronger than the real upon which it is overlaid, or... it seems to be. Everywhere you go you see humanity walking through it. They speak to you out of it. You can literally see them in the thrall of it. You see it but you must walk on by. You smile at them into it and they smile back out of it and you seem to be independent of it but... you are not. It goes everywhere with you. It surrounds you. You fall asleep in it and wake up in it and the whole of your existence takes place within it.

I've been searching for God this whole life and before this life too and God has been searching for me even longer than that. People cannot find God or be found by God until they are ready. You can't tell them anything and you shouldn't try. Just let your life speak for you by example. If your life looks more attractive and desirable then theirs they will see and feel it. When you are shining through you, you are what will be seen and we do not generally shine as ourselves but rather we are an amalgam of parts where we got out of the way and in the way. When we get out of the way, something is there. When God is shining through you then what is shining through will resonate with that same state of being that is in everyone because the ineffable is behind all of the artifice of our temporary being.

God is real. We are not real. God is eternal and we are not. Let what is not fall away and what is will be what remains. That is a continuous dynamic of physics and when it goes beyond the parameters of physics it becomes metaphysics. There is no real demarcation line however, it's just a more subtle bandwidth of the same thing. It is the same with the human personality. For most, there are the common margins that are what exists for those who have not pushed or been pushed beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. You got into the supermarket and you all see the same thing. If your boundaries have been pushed beyond the same old same old, you see things on the shelves that you never saw before and no one else sees either but... their interest does not lie there. Their interest is in what they can touch and taste and feel. My interest is in what can touch and taste and feel me and then report to me the meaning of that.

If you search for God, your life will have real meaning. Everything will be lit up with a spiritual light. What you did not recognize before and which had always been pedestrian and mundane is now singular and unique. God lives in you and identifies you and celebrates you. This is remarkable because God knows what to identify and celebrate. You do not. We are literally bouncing off of the walls and tripping over the furniture in a dark room. God lights up that room and you can see what's been there since, well... since I don't know when but it all has meaning now. The immensity and incomprehensibility of God brings something new to every moment. You bring the same limitations and not knowingness that you brought the last time you tripped over the furniture in that room.

Do you really want to stumble through life, getting older and weaker and more in pain, until death mercifully takes you out of the brier patch you have entangled yourself in and who removes you once it has become certain that you are not going to be getting out on your own? Death is your friend and anyone who has been through or is going through what happens when you leave middle age and head into the painful doldrums of old age will surely confirm this. Life hurts.

I will not attempt to explain the meaning of Love. It is beyond my capability but I will say that Love is unlike anything else and it has levels of expression that render one part of it completely unrecognizable to another. The same can be said about God and God and Love are the “same thing only different”. Let us say that God is the consciousness that travels on the highway that is Love (or perhaps it is the other way round- grin). The traveler and the highway are one but it's kind of like dualism and non dualism. You get all kinds of arguments from the Advaita 'nose in the air' elitists. I compare it to the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan. There are plenty of fine Vegans out there and some really insufferable ones. You can jabber on all you want about how Advaita is the true state of real being but Dualism gives you a perception angle that you can't get from Advaita and unless you are one of the genuine exceptions, you are just blowing smoke up your ass and everyone else's. One who comprehends the real meaning of Advaita and Dualism have no difficulty existing in either or both.

Do I know what I am talking about? Yes and No. I do as far as the limits of what I can say extend and I do not beyond the reach of what I cannot say. If you think about what I just said, well that explains what was also said about Advaita and Dualism. Simply immerse yourself in Love. Let Love absorb you and consume all of you that is not Love and change it into Love. Love is conscious and Love is eternal. Love knows what it is doing so... you do not have to. Every minute my friends, is a moment lost or a moment well spent but only if you spend it on Love.

End Transmission.......

♫God in Country♫


Visible said...

I hope I'm not making a mistake my friends. I am really tired of talking about all the pig wallow garbage that makes up the ground zero of this world. I really do love God more than anything else and ever shall it be so. I anticipate having to mention certain incidental, manifest situations and players but they are meaningless to me. As I sit here in this moment, all I can think is that all that makes the moment matter is the divine. It has no meaning otherwise. I don't want to get evangelical or look like I'm wearing a collar but the passion of love for the one who provides all the love that makes any passion possible, simply sweeps me off my feet and with each passing day, the feeling gets stronger. Grant me a little patience and understanding. I've been resisting all I ever cared about through my whole life because in general, too often, others in this life don't seem to care enough. I thought I might meet them halfway but that means, almost always too often, going more than halfway and sometimes forgetting why I came.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I just wanted to share this , 'social practice and guerrilla art.' My brother has been working on this project for quite a while now, and it has finally come together.


Visible said...

Thank you Bodhati!

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I hope I'm not making a mistake my friends. I am really tired of talking about all the pig wallow garbage that makes up the ground zero of this world."

I tend toward your line of thinking (writing). It is kind of a whole. We must acknowledge what is going on, so it doesn't take us by surprise (especially for newbies to your site). On the other hand, everything has energy. A site that dwells mainly on the darkside necessarily 'emits' the energy of the darkside. A rough split of 1/3 to 1/4 darksider material and the rest 'lightsider' material probably does the best for the planet (in my humble opinion). Plus, as you normally do, ending the column with an upside note or flavor. Sets the intent...
Also, a strange happening yesterday: I had pulled into the edge of a gas station on a downtown street to wash my car windows. A recent rain-spattering had collected all the dust on the windows into a mess. Yes, I tend to put-off washing my car (grin).

I was three-fourths completed around the car, when a stranger came up while walking his dog. He said that he had seen me from a semi-blocked point-of-view - jerking and stroking madly - and feared that he was about to encounter a 'crazy'. When he came up and understood the situation, he relaxed, spoke to me of his apprehension, grinned, and walked on.

I was contemplating this curious 'impingement from all-God' while standing in front of my next window to wash (right-rear passenger window). Blam! That window cracked into a million pieces, while I was two feet away and not touching it. Hmmm.

Car going-into a glass shop on Monday. $100 deductible. Still wondering what that was all about...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hyya, absolutely no mistake about it. Very much enjoyed the vids and will watch em
again cause they are worth watching. Most stuff today is the mistake one never wants to see or hear again, and you are very right about the shining light, it's definitely in them!
Gems most apparent that sparkle right in...

robert said...

Dear Visible,

My 2 cents: Found your sites a decade ago, when facts counter to the Matrix were squeezed and few. Your writing immediately established that you POV, the source vantage for your consciousness was high and tight.

At that time, antidotes to the Matrix-pushed mind poisons were the primary need, to provide a hope ropeline to all of us drowning in lies.

At this time, there are more and more sources of facts confounding to the agenda of the Matrix builders, but still a dearth of metaphysical light shiners.

We appreciate your shiners, as you graciously bestow them in packets of words.

Carry on, loving brother!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Visible! Two weeks my life exploded, parts blew away that I am so happy to see gone, Thank you. I sent a letter to you through Fred.I just figured out how to comment! Mary Anne

Scarlett said...

I can tell you what happened to the Girl Scouts -- they stopped being about scouting and instead shifted focus to producing female CEOs. Well, that is what they say their focus is about -- but it really just means that they are in the cookie selling business and they are helping build future CEO's by using cute little girls to push their cookie products. I know because my daughter was in Girl Scouts and I volunteered and she got bored with it because they didn't do much of anything that kids really want to do.

My son was in Boy Scouts. They really did go out into nature with camp outs and hikes and learning archery and shooting and knife skills, etc. However, because of all the sexual misconduct issues, at the younger ages -- parents were required to go with them since adults who weren't related couldn't share a tent with a kid. They allowed the entire family to go and let siblings -- even the sisters -- participate in nearly every activity. In fact, they had a fishing tournament at one camp out and my daughter came in second place. Even though she wasn't a boy scout, they still gave her the prize (a new fishing rod). It is no wonder that so many girls wanted to be a part of that. It is a shame that the Girl Scouts were about materialism and not appreciating God creation. I personally think that single sex groups are better for kids, especially for girls, since they won't feel the need to look pretty or feign weakness in order to get a boy to "help" them.

I've been battling a lot of health issues that have taken up a lot of my time, but since the doctors can't seem to offer any help, I've finally just decided to accept things as they are and work my way back into the world in whatever way that I can. I appreciate that you somehow manage to see the world as it is but still find a way to see what is good in it. I needed to hear that which I guess is why I've been led back here to your site. I've been mad at God for a while because I've thought of my illness as a punishment but I'm starting to realize that it is just another teacher -- and if I weren't so hard headed most of the time, maybe I wouldn't need such painful lessons :D.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Indeed. I have been learning from your work for a dozen years, so I can walk around at level zero emotion. I'm good, thank you again. Hi Ray, way to go full Carrie on your own window, problem saved a life.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Normally i go in more for your red-meat wrighting over at Smoking Mirrors.

However, this was absolutely brilliant righting, Vis.

i Mean. untold legions of people have spent entire books and long lives trying to capture what you elucidated in the following single passage. This was pure gold:

"The power of the dream, the power of the tingling web of Maya is so great that it is stronger than the real upon which it is overlaid, or... it seems to be. Everywhere you go you see humanity walking through it. They speak to you out of it. You can literally see them in the thrall of it. You see it but you must walk on by. You smile at them into it and they smile back out of it and you seem to be independent of it but... you are not. It goes everywhere with you. It surrounds you. You fall asleep in it and wake up in it and the whole of your existence takes place within it."

Seriously amazing!

And i grinned widely at the term, Armageddon America. Made me wonder whether Revelation is a divine prophecy or a playbook for the diabolical. Either way, though, the reference couldn't be a more accurate description.

Much appreciation, brother.

And your faith remains a source of strength and inspiration.

i Thank the ineffable for your being you there.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I enjoyed reading the post, so hey. What ever. Do what ya gotta do, write what ya gotta write. Or should I say, 'Transduce what ya gotta transduce.'?

Anonymous said...

Your post is so beautiful it feels like my heart is breaking, Thank You Les Visible! I'm sorry about my other comment, it isn't what it appears. Thank You Ray B and LTPTB your comments over the years have helped me.

Anonymous said...

I as per usual, naturally and unnaturally, wrongly and rightly, for better and for worse, until(gulp); just ask the Axis, because He knows everything! (;>)

Anonymous said...

'Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except from the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and interpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead: to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, to draw them away from it.’ ~ Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma. p. 104-5

Liars and Deceivers, everyone of them.

Ray B. said...

Wise comments over at The Saker:

Saker: “[Trump] is, as you said, dialectically-speaking destroying the Empire; yes, that I firmly believe. My concern is with the potential costs of the collapse.”

Snow Leopard: “We are both concerned regarding the suffering such collapse must bring. Are you familiar with the saying 'Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity'? Or to use psychological language; What degree of stress must be placed on the mass ego mind to induce it to open up to authentic spiritual transcendence?

We understand, do we not, that liberation cannot come without spiritual awakening. The answer, for Americans at least, must be a great deal. Being from another country, like yourself, and living for decades in the USA, it always strikes me how intensely ego bound Americans are. This in itself is a measure of what must come to bring them to authentic truth.

As I see it, the suffering that comes with the capitalist collapse has the cosmic purpose of generating a profound and revolutionary spiritual reawakening in the mass mind. I am in the happy position of being schooled in the truth that the spiritual preconditions for victory have already been established in the mass consciousness. Would a loving God do any less?

However, it is a part of the process that this certainty of victory is hidden and can only be realized en mass through a process of of protracted struggle. it is a developmental process in mass psychology.”

fucknukesnotunicorns said...

Hello les, i rarely post comments anywhere on web but enough silence.
Les i love you, i count you as my best/wisest friend in the whole crazy world. Did i need to tell you? Hell yes, a true inspriation & great source of strength you have been to me for many years. Much much much to you & all readers, commenters.

Ray B. said...

Another wise comment over at The Saker:

Christine: “When do we, taxpayers, stop trying to figure out everything and every move from perfect strangers called 'government', whose very existence depends on taxpayers while adding nothing to life, take hold of our own values and stop feeding a beast that can only exist as long as we willfully and voluntarily feed it?

When do we understand that God always gave us all enough to live off and share, so that no one ever went homeless, hungry, and no one would die alone - but something else at work is making sure it could never happen, and it was always part of the equation we were brought into?

When do we realize that the forces fighting each other existed long before we were born, will exist long after we die, and every human being chose to come into this world - but was never held to changing that order, but only to how much he/she was able to mitigate destruction and suffering?

When do we stop fearing death for not having changed a world we were born into, was already fighting, and will keep doing so long after we die?

What if the world as it is always was, always will be, and our job is only to make the few people we come into contact as comfortable and happy as we could allow them to be - so that they could fulfill their job of doing the same? What if causing the least damage and leaving Earth as we found it was all we were asked to do - without responsibility for those who destroyed it before we came, and will keep on destroying it?

What if God really had everything under control all along, knew whether and how it ends, and it was never any of our business?

What if 'when' was also under God’s control, and deciding not to participate in destruction - directly or indirectly - was the only fight we were supposed to take on?”

Anonymous said...

Hi les
Since your writing has me comming for more every day, and its been a while since this post (not complaining though), I just wanted to thank you for talking about god every post lately, your writings have been so helpfull over the years in my quest for the ineffable (your words) inside me. Hope every thing is well and hope you paid the ineffable a couple of visits these days and come back with your heart full of joy to warm our hearts too as you so often do.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The World and Ourselves. That which we Cannot Yet Remember and the Sweetness and Wonder of Mother Kali.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

My God!!! The Terrors of the Night are Dancing in The Dark Light.



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