Friday, October 30, 2015

Positively Spinning out of the Negative Cloud of this World.

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However great may be our struggles, we can measure our eventual success according to the degree of difficulty in our passage there.

It seems to have been a long time since I was communicating here. It's been a most difficult couple of weeks, both spiritually and materially and I like to keep those things to myself when I can because the reader shouldn't be burdened by what is beyond their control. Sometimes I think that I shouldn't be burdened beyond my control (grin) but we do what we can and what we cannot do we leave in more powerful hands.

I used to never think about being targeted but I think that also means that I haven't paid a great deal of attention to my life, probably, because I have direct evidence of being targeted on several occasions and with great damage conferred upon me as a result. It's some kind of strange disconnect where one does not want to oblige the dark side with any amount of negative faith in it. I know that the almighty is called the almighty because it is almighty and that means nothing can stand against it and so... everything that comes at a person has the imprimatur of the divine upon it, regardless of appearances to the contrary. We might think dark entities are singling us out and they might be but I am a firm believers in the saying that “all things work together for good to those who love the lord.” It seems more and more to me that it is all a challenge of faith and you match the requirements of it or you do not.

Life is lessons, right? This is just one great big proving ground and all the important work gets done here. This isn't something I know but it is something I have been told by wiser minds than my own. One thing I do know, however, is that there are always exceptions and there is always grace and we experience this due to some mysterious force having to do with Karma and intention as well as, as ever, that mysterious force that visits some and passes over the rest of us or... visits all of us but only some of us realize it.

I try to remind myself that I am not a Syrian migrant. I am not in one of the stressed war zones that keep multiplying as corporate and banking interests set their sights on geopolitical advantage and personal profit. I am not on the street or in some unpleasant personal dynamic with another person. There are a multitude of blessings to count each day should one be so inclined. One has to be so inclined though. Negativity spawns negativity. It narrows our focus into directions that are not favorable to us. It is a form of meditation just like the more positive forms and it has results just like the other ones do. Many people in these times of material excess and spiritual crisis are engaged in negative meditation throughout their days and may not even be aware of it happening because it is all under the surface. They might know that things are not well but they don't know why. I compare it to the daily life of a drunk for whom things are going increasingly wrong and they think it is all because of some kind of bad luck and that is why they drink, to militate against these unfortunate conditions but it is the drinking itself that is bringing it all about.

Of course, there are exceptions to all of these states. One might really be having a run of bad luck, or bad Karma and then turn to drink or something else and then, like gasoline on a fire, it makes the whole matter much worse than it was because negativity tends to gravitate into a greater negativity, until the waters one was swimming in become tempestuous and one can drown in them. It is like when the subconscious goes out of control and all kinds of things rise up out of it... nightmares and madness and these things happen, are happening around the world as I write this. Mostly it is being forced into manifestation by the agency of Mammon and other representatives of all those urges that live in the subconscious and which are being pinged on through the giant international, corporation marketing putsch of electronic and print media and the internet. It's one long advertisement-fest that goes on and on provoking longing and desire at ever more intense levels and when one can't satisfy their needs through available means, or doesn't have the finances to purchase it, it must be taken wherever they can find it and the brutality of that has been in evidence lately and we've pointed some of it out and also been told that it never happened or that it was staged but I have known about this kind of event for years, in the war torn lands and in those massive camps that have been around for a long time and in those favelas and other ghetto locations around the world and that includes what took place in the New Orleans Superdome, following Katrina. I think it's called the Mercedes Benz Super Dome now.

Then there's all that high end rape and forced seductions that take place at the young model fests and upon the thousands of young girls and boys that hit LA every year, searching for that do you know the way to San Jose dream and mostly any big city these days. As the economy gets worse, all people have left to sell is themselves. The cost of a college education is now around a quarter of a million and up at your pricier contacts making schools. A house is several hundred grand usually, when you factor in vampire bank interest. A car is fifteen at the low end and way on up from there, or you could buy used for five to ten grand and if you pay less you can expect to put that much more into it. Health care can be monumental monthly or a low balling get nothing policy. I just had to pay around 1300 to replace a bottom prosthetic that no longer fit after being hit. Don't ask me how I managed that because I don't know.

It costs for everything now and if you don't have it you don't get it, unless you turn to crime like all the people who made things this way did. Just remember that you are a small fish and the system doesn't approve of small fish entrepreneurs who don't have the political and legal approval to steal without conscience or concern and keep in mind that no matter how much you make, the government is going to take half of it, unless you can pay the right people and then you get to keep most of it and stash it off shore so that the only people paying taxes are the people too stupid to get out of jury duty.

I know that I have been dancing through some darker waters here but I feel it is necessary to point out how it is... how it really is in the burning cities of the world these days. It doesn't mean that this is how it really, really is because that all depends on how really real you are. What is real is connected to the real and somehow the real will provide. It might be a tad difficult on occasion because that is what the real causes in your life in an effort to make you more real. It is much easier to pretend to be real because that is what they are buying these days. People prefer what seems to be real because it is a lot easier to get and it is made to seem much less arduous than the actual real, which can come at the cost of everything you grew attached to or which grew attached to you and then fed off of you. There's a real feeding frenzy going on these days and also a lot of sharks in the water.

Somehow you have to persevere and that is only possible when you believe in the real because it is near impossible to persevere believing in what is not real. You might then ask how it is that so many can do so well by being so devoted to the unreal. They aren't persevering. They are being consumed by it and this is made possible by all the colorful bait on all the shining hooks.

As incomprehensible as the divine might be, the divine is nonetheless real and it is also the most real part of yourself. It is like a fire and it burns away the dross and when we are attached to the dross, it hurts but it is only the attachment that hurts. The thing to remember is that you are going to be taken out of this life sooner or later and all those attachments will be ripped away but the lingering ghost magic of them will not be ripped away. You will take them with you and the magnetics of their pull of attraction for these material regions will soon enough pull you down here again, off of the wheel of fire. It cycles and it cycles, over and over again and we forget we were ever here and that's how it works. It helps to keep us in the game I suspect.

There are brighter worlds to spend our time in but without the clarity of vision to see them we cannot find them. This vision is conferred on us as the dross is burned away. Given this we have to remember that all of our suffering can have a positive end if that is where our focus is. The ineffable is one hundred percent positive. We have to adjust to this awareness and know that anything is possible for us too but... what we think we want is often not what we really want.

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We were on the Robert Phoenix radio show this morning (our time) and you can listen to it here

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spiritual Pretenders on Megalomaniacal Benders

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to a small sector of the Arcturian Brotherhood and the Sirius Cluster. Today we would like to talk about something that has not been discussed here before and that has to do with being realistic about our ambitions and aspirations. This is a critical awareness that is often not given the attention it deserves and ignoring it can be the gateway to all kinds of problems. These things happen incidentally and they happen intentionally and they happen for reasons beyond my understanding because my understanding is limited but let us consider all those yogis that wind up sleeping with their followers and all those Catholic pederast priests that violate the altar boys. Consider also the financial chicanery and outrageous claims made about new age teachers and sundry who often arrange for such claims to be made through their PR flacks.

Were any of them evil at inception? Possibly some of them were but most of the time they were just weak or deluded. Of course, any number of them got into the God Game because of the possibility of large sums of money waiting to be tagged and bagged or buried in the back yard. The delusions of followers can also be examples of mass hallucination. I find it hard to believe that such a mass of individuals would have bought into Rajneesh Osho's routine after the 99 Rolls Royce's and the flaming 55 gallon drums for condom disposal; legitimize casual sex and the world will beat a path to your door. Then there is all of this. Of course, canny hangers on like Anand Sheela show up. All kinds of things are going on in places you don't much hear about.

I don't want to bang on Rajneesh, (I'll leave that to people who can write articles like the last link) and I hear about it when I even discuss the inexplicable circumstances of that long running affair. When you read that latest link you see all kinds of things you probably never heard about before. It starts to look like something where you have to ask yourself; why did people stay around? How could they possibly have bought into it all? I am left with the idea of like attracts like. It was a harvesting of types that were all here for the purpose of sensory enjoyment and they found someone that laid it all out for them and delivered the necessary blueprints that made it all okay. Now the residue has their own upscale and thriving spiritual (cough, cough) amusement park. They even have their own currency, which I think is arranged so that you have to spend it all there. I was given the impression that once you convert your money into Osho money that's where it stays. If I am wrong about this feel free to correct me.

Here is one of the Osho spinoffs- a Tribe member of course- and here is a site where you can get readings on all kinds of gurus and wannabees. It makes you wonder when Jesus Christ only gets two icon rating. This site has been around for a long while.There are some that I venerate and you mostly know who they are and they mostly have ratings. Seems like I was once asked if I wanted to be listed there by someone who was promoting me to that effect but apparently I did not make the cut as my profile was not high enough. Heh heh. I also got bumped off of Wikipedia too.

Aright, let us return to the initial idea for this posting; not everyone is meant to be Brahmacharya or celibate and seeking to be when you are not equipped to be is going to cause you problems. Aspiring after what is not to be given you is also going to result in frustration and disappointment and that is why I counsel to accept yourself as you are but that, of course, may be based on discovering who you are. One has to give a deep consideration to the battles one has with themselves and whether they are equal to expectations they have of themselves which may be unrealistic. I think Paul said something about, I wish all men were like me but it is better to marry than to burn. That is paraphrasing surely but it is accurate I believe. There have been many high beings who have been engaged with an opposite number; Lahiri Mahasaya comes to mind.

We can get into all kinds of trouble when we do not recognize our own limitations and seek to live with them in the hope of grace descending. In an apocalypse it is all to easy to become a demonstration of what not to do and who not to be. I don't have an opinion on those mentioned and linked here today. I don't know the whole story, or whether they even had much choice in the matter.

These days I live in a state of solitude that can go on for days, unless I have to go somewhere and I am very soon back here again. It is quite something to be isolated with yourself and all the lengths of introspection that that provides. When I think of all the things I might have done and become, I am grateful for this respite and the general anonymity of my state. If we do not know who we are it is madness to go about fabricating ourselves into something we are not. It is foolish to presume that we are more than what we are when we do not even know what that is in the first place. What will be will be and the sooner we are able to come to terms with this, the sooner it will turn into what it already is.

Who are we? What are we? Once again I want to refer to the Lord's Prayer; “Our father who art in Heaven.” Our father... our heavenly father. Now... what does that make us? It should be obvious that we have a high destiny but we are mostly not arriving at it. Is this from our limitations? Is it fate? Is it weakness or some form of insecurity that does not believe in our own potential? What if we are reaching for more than is possible for us? Is that a reality or are we limitless in terms of what we are capable of? These are interesting questions. Should we be honest and recognize with clarity all the warts and wonders of our being? Should we count none of this as meaningful and see only that we are in flux and life extends before us in infinite potential? I wonder about these things.

Many times I have given myself with great industry to the pursuit of the ineffable and steadfast discipline in my being and many times I have been driven off the rails by mysterious means and I have yet to discover if this was caused by weaknesses and imperfections in my being or some cosmic imperative that insisted I go off course for some purpose of demonstration. This has happened so many times that I am mostly convinced that the universe is trying to tell me something. Have I been seeking to reach beyond what is possible or allowable for me? Is the very idea of striving wrong and should I simply accept that I am what I am and that what will be will be? Is it an effort of the mind, or the heart or is it simply recognition of the mind and heart? One of them needs to be stilled and one of them needs to be energized. I don't know and as I clearly remember, this is what my unnamed teacher said more than anything else in the brief time I was with him; “I don't know.” I am thinking that it is all contained in those portions that I remember; “Everything is under control, take the reins.” This seems to say, enough of striving to be more. Accept yourself as you are and as an extension of the almighty and simply exist within that awareness and let life proceed as it will, adjusting as you must.

If you refuse to admit that you have weak ankles and you insist on running over uneven ground you are going to pay for it. If your night vision is bad and you insist on moving at a pace greater than what you can be in command of according to the acuity of your perceptions, you are going to pay for it. I once said to Guru Bawa that I wanted to attain at all costs and he said to me, “You should be careful not to scrub the pot so hard that you break it.” Oh I have been filled will too much zeal on occasion and I have paid the price.

I suspect it is different for all of us. Some of us are meant to strive and some of us are not. Some of us will have an easier time of it and some will not. Each case is unique and that is why the effort at self discovery is so important but it can still be so hard to grasp what is required. One runs into a wall over and over. Should one cease? Perhaps it is one's fortitude that is being tested and one must run into that wall until the wall crumbles or disappears. Perhaps one is rather being told not to run into walls. It is at this point that the intuition and the inner voice (same thing) become so critically important. You must develop that ear of listening so that there is less wasted effort. There is so much wasted effort in life. Only lately have I come to understand how blind I am and how impulsive regardless of that. Somehow I came to believe that even reckless action at great personal cost was better than doing nothing. It appears that quite the reverse is true for me. It may not be so for you and that is why we cannot tell others how to be based on our own understandings because that might not apply at a wider extent. Doing nothing does not mean doing nothing. It might mean doing what you do and leaving all those other concerns in more competent hands. Do what it has been given to you to do and leave every other consideration in the hands of the ineffable. This is how it seems to me when it comes to me.

As is sometimes the case here, we find ourselves talking all around something that we just can't seem to speak to directly and we can only hope that the reader will intuit that somehow because we can only go as far as our limitations will allow.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Voices from the Rocks at the Island of the Sirens of Ulysses.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can see it doesn't mean it is.

Welcome to Visible Origami. This seems almost redundant to me because so much of what needs be said has already been covered in this week's radio broadcast, which will be available shortly ...but we must needs continue in any case and find some new way to say what has been said already, more times than we can remember the various occasions of.

As mentioned in the aforementioned broadcast, Love is the key to all of our concerns. It is the magic carpet that takes you where it is you need to go. If it is not Real Love then that carpet can take you to places that are unreal, for the purpose of demonstration, experience and observation. Let us say that the carpet exists on, can exist on, many planes at the same time and it capable of inter-dimensional travel, just like the saucer pod. The carpet moves on coordinates that are written out in conjunction with the intentions of the heart. It moves on the reins of the mind. When the heart has swallowed the mind then the mind becomes luminescent and generates its own light and the coordinates are automatically charted for that mysterious island across the turbulent oceans of birth and death. The reason the moon works on the waters and rules the tides, is directly connected to the fact that it is where you go to get a new operating form, every time you are compelled to return here. The fates sew it together out of the compositional elements in the bank of Karma. We all have an account there. We've all got a checking account and a savings account and investments that have been made over the course of time. Some of these might be good investments and some bad and they both accrue interest for interest and industry given.

Yes... the moon builds new bodies for the ghosts in your head. These insubstantial diagrams of thought vibrate in the ethers and precipitate down into the manifest and there you are... living it, until the point is made. A point can be made over and over but without any recognition of the meaning there is no understanding and without understanding there is no closure to the patterns that compel repetition of the cycle that returns you again and again to the same experiences. Variations in experience are generated by variations in the objective focused upon. It is the nature of the mortal mind to redirect the attention to new items of interest, in hopes that the result will be different and this is proof positive of the insanity of the process. You can liken it to beating your head against a wall, or what happens to a windup toy soldier when it hits a wall and falls over, thence turning in circles until the windup has run out. Sometimes the legs just kick against the wall, due to proximity ...and that goes on until the windup stops.

There are certain relative truths here, like the meaning given to anything is the meaning it has for you. Some things have meaning and some do not. Some things drive and some repel, through the mysterious workings of the electronic and magnetic push and pull; that strange and ongoing dynamic of the universe we inhabit. Sometimes meaning is injected into you and sometimes meaning is constructed out of the experiences of contact, under fortunate or unfortunate circumstances. You become the composition and expression of these meanings that act upon or through you. Sometimes, whether something appears to be right or wrong will have an effect on your propensity for engagement and sometimes right and wrong don't apply because the desire for particular results trumps the force of any moral code that might be present.

We are all inmates in a global, open air mental institution and prison ...and we all act and react here, according to our dispositions and desires. Most people are unaware that this is literally true. This is where the phrase, “to walk in all things contrary to the world” comes from. It refers to a comprehension of this global condition of large numbers of people, driven by a multiplicity of fluctuating desires, or reacting to conditions and controls, engineered by those with the power to route and ritualize the behavior of the populations. If these rulers are for the most part unseen and the people are allowed to go about their lives in a more or less natural order, all can be well. If the rulers are known and prominent, it goes less well for the public. If the rulers are hated and even ridiculed, then things are bad and will get more so until change comes about. It can be said, with a degree of certainty, that we are in the latter stage at the moment and so we wait upon the inevitability of change. Most do not, however, but rather flail about in restless dreams of confusion and disordered sleep.

When the rulers are corrupt then crime becomes a way of life in the culture, to a greater or lesser degree. If survival has any importance then this is an inescapable condition. Then lawyers become an ever greater and greater force in human affairs, as the laws become ever more numerous, ever more complicated ...and ever more ridiculous. This generates a great deal of income for those who prey upon the public.

In these times, those who speak the truth about the state of the world and the events that occur in the world are made to appear despicable, deluded and insane by the rulers, through the agency of pervasive media. They are labeled with various, unpleasant sobriquets, like 'truthers', 'nutjobs', 'wackos' and of course, 'terrorists'. This is not to say that there are not real terrorists but these are all either created by the rulers or caused by the rulers. Never has this been more obvious that the now proven and known fact of western government support and international banker financing of the terrorists in Syria. This is only the most recent example of the same thing that was manifested in Afghanistan; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine and anywhere there are resources and land to be stolen for profit or geopolitical advantage by the international predators who control the governments that set the national and foreign policies of the various oppressor countries.

One is a programmed fool if they believe that Israel was created to provide a homeland for a victimized people, or as they like to say, “a land without people for a people without land”. The real purpose was to create a sovereign nation, where a criminal syndicate could act with impunity, because the laws of that land make all of their criminal activities legal. As history clearly shows, they have been the biggest victimizers of others for a good long while now. They even invented a historical hoax that proclaims millions of them were killed at certain locations, when official records say otherwise and their own census, across that period of time, says otherwise. They orchestrated an attack against their alleged closest and most powerful ally, called 9/11 in order to create a climate of fear that led to all of the repressive conditions now present in the country of their closest ally, so that wars might be fomented against all of the nations already listed. This is not only proven fact. It is so obvious that only an ignorant fool would think otherwise. Of course, FEAR comes into the picture as well. Much of the populations are in a state of fear for themselves and their families, as they try to negotiate conditions of ever greater want and need and greater confusion and uncertainty that are all generated by these same predators. Their power to do this comes from two areas. One of them is dispensations of magical force, conferred on them by the infernal kingdom and accomplished by mass blood sacrifices and widespread suffering caused in the world at large, which pleases the infernal kingdom ...and the other is the control of world banks, which print and regulate the currency. We are talking about two kinds of currency here. One is generated out of blood and torment and one is generated out of thin air.

It needs be said that the infernal kingdom is only able to achieve these things through their agents on Earth because they are ALLOWED to do this, by the cosmic ruler of all things, according to the laws of karma and this is done for the purpose of demonstration in the ongoing drama of the grand movie of life. One might object to or disagree with this statement ...but it is nonetheless true.

Your personal concern should be less about what you can do to change any of this in the wider sense and more about what you can do to change it in the personal sense. You are a part of this all to the degree that you are influenced by it ...and granted or denied the things you seek, according to your complicity or opposition to any of it. Love casts out fear. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Ergo, the force of your Love must be greater than the force of your fear and if this is so, you become an agent of change simply by being. You cannot insist on change. You cannot demand that one thing become another because there is no certainty of how it might turn out. Of course it will change, or your relationship to it will change, or its relationship to you will change but... it could well not change the way you wanted it to. We have seen the tragic result of this many times in the stories left to us in the histories that precede the moment we are in. Change yourself and the world changes and remember, this may not happen immediately and it might actually get worse in the process, for a time, because things are never so hard as when you are trying to change. Think of the tensions that occur when you are trying to kick some habit. Even long after you may have accomplished it, the memory of former pleasures will come upon you out of the blue, like some recollection of an old lover. You can escape the company of old lovers, but have you escaped the patterns of being that brought about these contacts in the first place? The past calls out to us in a seductive voice and it is the voice of the grave. The future cries out and it is the voice of whimsy and want that is always there, like the voices from the rocks at the islands of the Sirens of Ulysses. Once the eternal present is established there is no past or future anymore. This is the island of immortal divinity. This is that place where your parts come together as one.

Possibly you are familiar with that story by Plato about our separated selves and the quest it implies. This tale has been told by others in different ways, through fable and allegory, even in unusual movies like “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, which, regardless of your views on the subject matter has one of the most inspired soundtracks of any movie ever. It's a powerful film, despite it's controversial topics. Life itself is the most powerful of films and we are in it ...but we often do not see it because we are, 'too close up on it'. We are 'in it'. We are immersed and we are dreaming. It's all a dream and when you wake up, the dream is gone and further... the dream has no influence any longer, except... perhaps, flashes here and there... a remembrance like the sudden appearance of the face of an old lover in your mind... even if it is just the thought of a cigarette, or the image of beads of moisture on a glass of scotch that trigger a cascade of images from the past. We hunger after these parts as if they somehow were some composite of the whole but they were just props.

We must build that magic carpet from the force generated by the consistency of a higher love. Woven into the fabric of that carpet will be all the things needed to take you everywhere and anywhere you might want to go, or more importantly, be supposed to go ...because that is something most of us have little awareness of. We can be very clear on where we think we want to go, or should be but... the other is often an elusive mystery. We discover more about that as our disenchantment with the world progresses and it will progress, though this may be at a different speed for each of us. It is what the purpose of demonstration is all about. We are all meant to be somewhere. How wonderful it would be if that were where we presently are, in the most complete and enduring sense of it.

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There will be a radio broadcast this weekend and it will be made available at some point.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pinkwashing the Pasties on the Teats of Irony.

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You will remember what I said about primitive culture and what gets lost in the translation into civilization. The quote in the picture above says precisely the same thing. I love how it just came to me in passing yesterday in the course of my movements all by itself. This kind of verification is routine in my life these days.

Well... let's see. Before we segue into whatever metaphysical commentary we have coming up but don't yet know about, let's mention two things. First, we have another school shooting on the heels of the Oregon false flag, Satan signing non hero shooting. For all we know this one was real but... until we know better we will just assume it isn't AND...

if you watch football, as I do then you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the brain child of corporation cancer fund author, Susan B. Komen, Tribe member (of course). She's presently off in Hades somewhere and her sister is running the scam and getting paid close to half a millions a year. Komen was an early supporter of 'pinkwashing'. This is where 'organizations get disproportionately large amounts of publicity for donating very little, and where organizations that use the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic.' This would include, besides fracking companies and others of similar ilk, such notable products as 'Komen’s own Promise Me perfume where the label fails to disclose that the product contains galaxolide and toluene.'

'The "pinkwashing" issue is not limited to Komen and its sponsors. In 2007, the Estée Lauder (Tribe Member) Pink Ribbon Collection series used a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to promote products containing parabens, chemicals linked to breast cancer. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration had connected 5-Hour Energy Drink, a caffeinated energy shot promoted using a Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) sponsorship as cause marketing, to thirteen deaths and serious injuries including heart attacks.'

The whole cancer industry is a scam, run by vampires and it is hugely profitable. Never imagine all those people leaving large sums- that they stole in other places- to hospitals to have wings and things named after them are doing it out of any sense of human compassion. They do it to make money, cheat on their taxes and to get the most high end 'black arts medical treatments' for themselves and their families. They deliberately cause cancer in order to have an ever larger supply of victims for their industry. This is one hundred percent true. This is not an opinion. It's a proven, over and over again, truth. Not only that, they've been killing and imprisoning and exiling people who came up with cures for cancer for a long time.

There was no cancer from tobacco before they started saturating the paper with chemicals; emphysema maybe but no cancer. You didn't used to get cancer from food but now... processed foods and animal fats and sundry are killing folks big time. Cancer is BIG BUSINESS and what kind of a ghoul do you have to be to subject people to it, wittingly cause it in them and then make money off of it? How do you get to be someone, something, like that? I thank my lucky stars and fortunate intentions, not to mention (but I am mentioning) my invisible friends... that I am not like that. I get down on myself for things that don't even appear on their radar. The worst things I ever think or say or do are virtues to them that possess too much light for them to consider contact with. How's that for an analogy?

Sri Satchmo, “I'm not down with that.” Choudhury wants to copyright yoga; not just his process but the poses too. No doubt he owns the patents on the thermostats that make his 'hot yoga' the haps, baby. Yoga is pointless without the objective of what yoga is all about... to yoke up with, to attain union with the beloved. Sure... there are health benefits but if the beloved is not the objective, something else or someone else is what is reached. Bottom line... everything these days is tainted by the desire for control, ownership and soul sucking greed. We will address that all more fully in the next Mirrors.

What are we to take away from all of this venomous and venal psychopathic behavior? The worst qualities in all of us in possession of these qualities and susceptible to their expression are being motivated in the direction of the general intent of these qualities. This is one more indication that if you are not in control of yourself, something or someone else will be. As the poet songwriter said, “You got to serve somebody.” Un huh. People who get arrested for all of the sorts of behavior that has become so common these days, do not sit back and reason out the manner and means by which they will express these outbreaks of pathological behavior. It just happens because they are not strong enough to resist it. They got little in the way of the necessary discipline in these things. In fact, quite the reverse. Their media and entertainment industries are all trumpeting the doctrine of excess. While one manufactured position pushes it with a reckless fury, another manufactured position deplores it. It's like what I saw, near the front of the state at Altamont when Jagger was performing and he was doing the ever delightful and uplifting tune, “Midnight Rambler”. He had his studded belt that he was slapping the stage with and fights would break out and he would stop singing and go, “Peace brothers and sisters' Then he would launch back into the tune. I especially noticed this in “Street Fighting Man.” Back and forth he would go from the violent tunes directed at the tens of thousands who had consumed CIA manufactured bad acid and then return to the soft appeal of “Brothers and Sisters.” I saw it all and I was not on bad acid. We wound up running a field hospital for people who had lost their minds. You had to be there. Of course it would have been better for you not to be.

All this darkness is being created and manipulated and it is world wide now and though the visible agents of this are easily seen by simply observing who it is that is pushing these agendas, it could be argued that they are only misguided pawns but why were they 'chosen' in such numbers? Why are they at the head of every putsch? Why are they so populous in all the think tanks and critical government policy positions? Why are they at the head of all the entertainment complexes and media corporations that disseminate the opinions that are mutated into items of fact? Why are they the creators of all the war adventures and this is easily demonstrated as being true? Why are they the ones false flagging the Palestinians and then butchering them before the eyes of the world? Why? Why? Why? Why are they the acknowledged creators of Communism and the authors of the genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians? Why are they the ones who were behind the Armenian Holocaust and the Holomodor? Why are they the ones that sit, often exclusively on the boards of every alternative sexual organization? Why are they the names that appear behind the creation of The Illuminati? Why are they in every strategic position during the 9/11 attacks? Yes... I will agree that they are not primary cause. The Prince of Darkness is but they are his children from what I can see and this has been delineated by the book, “The Synagogue of Satan” that now appears to have been written by someone named Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. I could have sworn that the original author's name began with Richard. I can't remember his last name now but it wasn't Hitchcock and now it is and that is all you can find no matter what search engine you use. I must have the title wrong or something or have simply lost my mind. I never remembered anyone named Hitchcock as the author.

Anyway, my friends. I seem to have not been able to go in the direction that I wanted to with this posting. It just did what it did and it is all over the place and probably not very satisfying. It is just one of those things that happens around here now and again. I was never able to get a handle on what I was doing and it just got done on its own somehow. We'll try to be more comprehensive and effective next time (grin). For the moment, that's all she wrote. Hmmmm. What does that mean?

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

♫The Annunaki's Connected to the Archon, the Archon's Connected to the... Uh..♫.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Even Dogs do I.T...
Dog Cartoon, Dog learning IT

arrrrrrgggggg! The white page sits here. Some words have just appeared, noting this and... now the page is not entirely blank but... what to say? What to say? No... said that. Said that too. Uh yeah... that also. Thought about that but didn't say it because it seemed a little too obvious; uncertain, melodramatic and potentially an expression of hyperbole that didn't meet expectations after all. Was it an expectation? Was it a great expectation of something grand or terrible, where I could have found myself surfing on an emergent wave that took upon itself a life of its own, concerning some predicted event that didn't materialize and that seems to be the most noticeable trend going; whether it involves a blood moon or some scriptural interpretation, or troops massing at some border; martial law exercises like Jade Helm, terrible conditions in whole countries or ghettos or... runaway fires, tsunamis, earthquakes and world extinction comets or... large planetary bodies with names like Niburu that we keep hearing about but never see and... the ever popular Enki, Annunaki and Archons (Nag Hammadi anyone?) and whatever. I can't distinguish them or remember what they are supposed to be most of the time and no one seems crystal clear, with a box of hard and confirmable facts, about who they really are, or where they are, or what they are going to do next. They seem like some of those most likely suspects to blame everything on, when we don't have the courage to blame those that we ought to be able to clearly see are a big part of the problem all over the world and who have been for centuries.

If I am confronted with an obstacle in the form of some individual or collective that stands in the way of my free expression of my being; freedom of movement, freedom to interplay on the wider field of existence with my talents, presuming I have any... I don't start thinking... “Hmmm, I wonder if they are being controlled by space aliens, or governments or whatever.” I take the measure of their nature according to their appetites, their weaknesses and strengths and how they explain what it is they believe in. Now it could be that they are being controlled by space aliens, or governments or whatever but that still comes down to who and what they are and what it is about them that made such a thing possible. I didn't explain that properly. Let me just say I measure people and am confident that life will also do the same during whatever period of time I am honored or challenged by their presence. Challenge covers a wide area of experiences.

This situation in Syria is pretty remarkable. Russia is, no bones about it, flying right up into the face of the Israeli banker controlled western powers. Anything could happen. As it has gone so far, there have been some truly tragic and terrible events and all of them have been the diseased brain children of Israeli bankers and those who work for them, for whatever their reasons might be. Now... some are fighting back. Some are saying, “enough!” Arguably, they know more about what is happening than those of us who are outside the corridors of power. They know details that are denied to the rest of us. Whether they understand them rightly, as they should be understood, is another thing but they know things we don't know. We know that the hegemonic and avaricious drives of the Israeli bankers know no boundaries and we have seen the force of their financial seductions and arm-twistings the world over. We know they are set upon destroying the lives of everyone in the Middle East except those who are in cooperation with or subjugation to them. We know that they are a vile influence in Europe, the USA (USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!), Canada, Australia and other places and we know their power (as predicted here some while ago) is waning, as best exampled by the defeat of all their efforts to kill the Iranian accords. Netanyahu just stood in a glaring silence at the UN. Nobody likes him or them but they've put up with it for a long time. That time is over. The world is changing.

{Let me be clear that I don't know whether Putin and Obama are both Satanic clowns of the same stripe. At the same time, I am not compelled, like many people are, to believe the worst about everyone. For me it is a movie directed by the ineffable and the power of the players in the movie is all borrowed from the ineffable and all the seeming evil and good among us, are just playing roles for the purpose of demonstration. I don't give any of them any power in my mind and if you do that, it is your lookout. It is possible that some world leaders are well intentioned. It is also true that it is easier to get shanghaied and mislead in that business than anywhere I can think of.}

How is the world changing? We'll see.

One thing comes to mind. One thing comes to my mind anyway and that is that there is no power in the manifest or unmanifest that can match that of the ineffable. If that is where your loyalties lie then you are going to be alright, whatever happens, even in cases like mine, where one is mercilessly hammered for no understandable reason, the beauty of the situation is that no matter what happens here, it all gets resolved, Elsewhere.

I've tried to reason it out; this sort of process where no matter what you do, it leads into a further tangle of entropy as destiny ...and it seems that it has something to do with becoming still and detached and uninvolved because the only way that you can be affected is if you are involved and that can only be the result of being emotionally affected or mentally engaged in some preference of outcome or... well, there's always those or's that hang out on the periphery and are not easy to identify and might not mean anything anyway.

The spiritual path can lead almost anywhere in terms of experience. It really depends on what sort of an example the ineffable wants to make of you. For some... for most actually, it's one consistent incline to an ever expanding awareness of incremental gradations of degree. For most it is also something that burns with a temporary flame of aspiration that cools by incremental gradations of degree until it's integrated into some kind of perfunctory engagements by the day, by the week or on whatever their versions of Christmas and Easter are... so for most, that incline generally plateaus and winds up on some kind of flatland or mesa. On the one hand, resulting in the usual karmic interactions with whomever you got put there to go back and forth with... and on the other hand you wind up more or less alone because you find it difficult to tolerate the usual back and forth.

In some cases, the point is to pulverize you like grapes in a press because the ineffable intends to make wine out of you. In these cases you don't get told much. That seems to be part of the deal and everything you get put through is part of the vintner's process meant to affect the taste of the wine. For all I know we're just the subjects of impersonal experimentation and the only thing that makes this- what seems to be cosmic psychopathy- alright is that over the long course of lives and changes, it works out in some remarkable manner that washes away all of the pain and loss that was necessary to make it happen.

I am not seeking to depress you here. I am only seeking to be truthful about it all, inasmuch as I understand or get it and that is surely open for debate, as to whether I get it. What I am trying to do is provide an explanation for all the suffering and loss so many of you experience and to point out that the only thing that remains from all those past lives, that you remember nothing of, is whatever has been built into your lasting character that you take with you from life to life. In other words, you have lost everything else, time and time again and you will lose everything else that you have here when you go, except what you are and what you are will be the determinant of what follows and this part of it is, obviously, far more important than anything else you can see or have here. Now... let's stop in this discourse and consider the state of the world in this moment and what pursuits the masses have gotten up to. Of course, that presents a wide panorama of people living the high life and people living in homeless encampments and the incipient fear that exists everywhere that those struggling and those not struggling, might wind up on the streets themselves, or in a war zone, or any of the darker regions of human experience and on that account, those living the high life can easily afford the price of admission to any of these, though the entrance-way probably doesn't look anything like the exit does, once you've passed through whatever lies between and, of course you are changed in the process so, maybe the exit is a fluid concept and maybe there is no exit sometimes... or so it appears and that is often as good as there not being one if you cannot see it.

One of the great mysteries (it's not a mystery to me but... for the purpose of argument) is how those living the high life are so blinded to the consequences of it and those living on the desperate edge are so blind to the causes that led them there. Of course, both of these require a kind of recognition and that recognition can ONLY be acquired through the process of self inquiry and self inquiry and Materialism are opposing states of being and consciousness. You can't have one with the other. This explains India (or used to) and the United States and the entirely different perspectives that exist in these places. I'm not suggesting that India is any kind of a success story, anything but. Yet there are things that can be found there more easily than in the west and that's not important in many ways because whatever you find of any value will be found in yourself and that can happen in any environment... though there are degrees of difficulty depending on where you are and how it is going for you and that is why... sometimes losing everything... or brutal trauma or extended bad luck is a good thing... if you manage to get some deeper meaning from it.

I don't know what to expect from the future. That's a little ridiculous anyway since the future will be vastly different for many people and it is only a state of perception in the dimension of separated time. It is every day and every moment. The end of the world comes for many people every day and every moment. Does it matter whether it happens from a comet or cancer? Sure it does when you think of degrees of suffering. If you go out alone or you go out with a million people, you still go out alone and you will stand alone in that court of judgment, where your true self presides over your false self and you will see the true implications of everything you said and did and you will pass judgment on yourself because of it. That's how it works and all the players that operate in the process are only extensions of yourself and that is why, if you can annihilate the evil in yourself, whether it be real or unreal or misdiagnosed and if you can seal the door through which evil passes into your being, you will have no difficulty with the evil in the world, be it real or unreal or misdiagnosed. The only problem any of us have with evil is with the evil we carry within us. I know this in very personal ways and I remember what it was like to be consumed with fear and then to have no fear at all.

I don't understand why the things that happen to me happen, any more than I understand why the things that happen to other people happen. It makes no sense, often... but that's not my concern. My concern is just to keep going, even if that means to be still and unmoving and to seek to do and be my very best, even if that means nothing at all. If all we figure out is what to do and what not to do, we'll be doing pretty good and a reasonable assessment of experience should accomplish that sooner... or later.

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