Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pinkwashing the Pasties on the Teats of Irony.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You will remember what I said about primitive culture and what gets lost in the translation into civilization. The quote in the picture above says precisely the same thing. I love how it just came to me in passing yesterday in the course of my movements all by itself. This kind of verification is routine in my life these days.

Well... let's see. Before we segue into whatever metaphysical commentary we have coming up but don't yet know about, let's mention two things. First, we have another school shooting on the heels of the Oregon false flag, Satan signing non hero shooting. For all we know this one was real but... until we know better we will just assume it isn't AND...

if you watch football, as I do then you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the brain child of corporation cancer fund author, Susan B. Komen, Tribe member (of course). She's presently off in Hades somewhere and her sister is running the scam and getting paid close to half a millions a year. Komen was an early supporter of 'pinkwashing'. This is where 'organizations get disproportionately large amounts of publicity for donating very little, and where organizations that use the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic.' This would include, besides fracking companies and others of similar ilk, such notable products as 'Komen’s own Promise Me perfume where the label fails to disclose that the product contains galaxolide and toluene.'

'The "pinkwashing" issue is not limited to Komen and its sponsors. In 2007, the Estée Lauder (Tribe Member) Pink Ribbon Collection series used a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to promote products containing parabens, chemicals linked to breast cancer. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration had connected 5-Hour Energy Drink, a caffeinated energy shot promoted using a Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) sponsorship as cause marketing, to thirteen deaths and serious injuries including heart attacks.'

The whole cancer industry is a scam, run by vampires and it is hugely profitable. Never imagine all those people leaving large sums- that they stole in other places- to hospitals to have wings and things named after them are doing it out of any sense of human compassion. They do it to make money, cheat on their taxes and to get the most high end 'black arts medical treatments' for themselves and their families. They deliberately cause cancer in order to have an ever larger supply of victims for their industry. This is one hundred percent true. This is not an opinion. It's a proven, over and over again, truth. Not only that, they've been killing and imprisoning and exiling people who came up with cures for cancer for a long time.

There was no cancer from tobacco before they started saturating the paper with chemicals; emphysema maybe but no cancer. You didn't used to get cancer from food but now... processed foods and animal fats and sundry are killing folks big time. Cancer is BIG BUSINESS and what kind of a ghoul do you have to be to subject people to it, wittingly cause it in them and then make money off of it? How do you get to be someone, something, like that? I thank my lucky stars and fortunate intentions, not to mention (but I am mentioning) my invisible friends... that I am not like that. I get down on myself for things that don't even appear on their radar. The worst things I ever think or say or do are virtues to them that possess too much light for them to consider contact with. How's that for an analogy?

Sri Satchmo, “I'm not down with that.” Choudhury wants to copyright yoga; not just his process but the poses too. No doubt he owns the patents on the thermostats that make his 'hot yoga' the haps, baby. Yoga is pointless without the objective of what yoga is all about... to yoke up with, to attain union with the beloved. Sure... there are health benefits but if the beloved is not the objective, something else or someone else is what is reached. Bottom line... everything these days is tainted by the desire for control, ownership and soul sucking greed. We will address that all more fully in the next Mirrors.

What are we to take away from all of this venomous and venal psychopathic behavior? The worst qualities in all of us in possession of these qualities and susceptible to their expression are being motivated in the direction of the general intent of these qualities. This is one more indication that if you are not in control of yourself, something or someone else will be. As the poet songwriter said, “You got to serve somebody.” Un huh. People who get arrested for all of the sorts of behavior that has become so common these days, do not sit back and reason out the manner and means by which they will express these outbreaks of pathological behavior. It just happens because they are not strong enough to resist it. They got little in the way of the necessary discipline in these things. In fact, quite the reverse. Their media and entertainment industries are all trumpeting the doctrine of excess. While one manufactured position pushes it with a reckless fury, another manufactured position deplores it. It's like what I saw, near the front of the state at Altamont when Jagger was performing and he was doing the ever delightful and uplifting tune, “Midnight Rambler”. He had his studded belt that he was slapping the stage with and fights would break out and he would stop singing and go, “Peace brothers and sisters' Then he would launch back into the tune. I especially noticed this in “Street Fighting Man.” Back and forth he would go from the violent tunes directed at the tens of thousands who had consumed CIA manufactured bad acid and then return to the soft appeal of “Brothers and Sisters.” I saw it all and I was not on bad acid. We wound up running a field hospital for people who had lost their minds. You had to be there. Of course it would have been better for you not to be.

All this darkness is being created and manipulated and it is world wide now and though the visible agents of this are easily seen by simply observing who it is that is pushing these agendas, it could be argued that they are only misguided pawns but why were they 'chosen' in such numbers? Why are they at the head of every putsch? Why are they so populous in all the think tanks and critical government policy positions? Why are they at the head of all the entertainment complexes and media corporations that disseminate the opinions that are mutated into items of fact? Why are they the creators of all the war adventures and this is easily demonstrated as being true? Why are they the ones false flagging the Palestinians and then butchering them before the eyes of the world? Why? Why? Why? Why are they the acknowledged creators of Communism and the authors of the genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians? Why are they the ones who were behind the Armenian Holocaust and the Holomodor? Why are they the ones that sit, often exclusively on the boards of every alternative sexual organization? Why are they the names that appear behind the creation of The Illuminati? Why are they in every strategic position during the 9/11 attacks? Yes... I will agree that they are not primary cause. The Prince of Darkness is but they are his children from what I can see and this has been delineated by the book, “The Synagogue of Satan” that now appears to have been written by someone named Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. I could have sworn that the original author's name began with Richard. I can't remember his last name now but it wasn't Hitchcock and now it is and that is all you can find no matter what search engine you use. I must have the title wrong or something or have simply lost my mind. I never remembered anyone named Hitchcock as the author.

Anyway, my friends. I seem to have not been able to go in the direction that I wanted to with this posting. It just did what it did and it is all over the place and probably not very satisfying. It is just one of those things that happens around here now and again. I was never able to get a handle on what I was doing and it just got done on its own somehow. We'll try to be more comprehensive and effective next time (grin). For the moment, that's all she wrote. Hmmmm. What does that mean?

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There will be a radio broadcast some time Sunday.


Ray B. said...

Vis, your 'aarrgghh' column (my interpretation) brought up for me the ancient 'woe to Egypt' manuscript, where the author laments that all the good Egypt had done was destined to be totally forgotten. (I tried to find the exact title, but could not.)

I am going to put-on my 'strategy' hat here. Every leader tries to place subordinates that match his/her/it's objectives, leadership style, and techniques. It may take longer or it may take shorter, but the hierarchical pyramid is defined from the top. (Neglecting all-God issues on this, for the moment.) So, the 'style on the street' is dictated from the top.

Given this, how far 'up' can we detect the rot?

When I do my 'due diligence', the current trail always leads up through the banksters and various Tribal connections. But then, it seems to vanish into shadowy figures that the banksters themselves are afraid of...

Possibly the same - but maybe a different - ancient manuscript as above talked about how the highest positions in the Sacred Schools were infiltrated and subverted. (It is interesting that this text seemed to imply that the leaders were 'replaced' but still there. A form of possession, or perhaps new players but shapeshifting?) Given that politics and religion were a 'blend' in those days, this implies that the 'rot' began at least there...

Putting my military-side hat on, I am reminded of the island-hopping campaigns of WWII. When you were invading an island, the most important objective was the enemy airfield. If you took that, you both denied the enemy of friendly air-cover and a way to resupply from outside. Then, you could use your local superiority of forces to slowly wear-away resistance to your dominance.

Now, we need to switch symbolism. If the airfield is now-seen as the 'highest' spiritual site or personage, taking that one objective practically guarantees the eventual 'fall' of the island (or world). What was the 'airfield' for Earth?

There is also the matter of a successful 'blockade'. At Guadalcanal, the Japanese and Americans fought massive sea battles for quite a while, and resupplied their respective land forces by sea as they won. Neither side had the local-superiority to drive the other side permanently-away. Because of this, the land situation could have tipped either way, for some time.

Switching symbolism, again, the observation that the dark side has been winning for sooo long means that they have a successful 'blockade' in-place. (Only 'blockade-runners' like Buddha have gotten-in.) The bad-guys have not only prevented retaking of the 'airfield', but have pushed the good-guys 'into the hills', so to speak.

So, there we are. Currently, it looks bad for the good-guys...

Symbolic possibilities: Benjamin Franklin convinced the French to come in on the side of the beleaguered American colonials, after General Burgoyne's army was forced to surrender at Saratoga NY to local forces. Or, the Germans unilaterally declared war on America after the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor. Or, the British made the decision to focus on radar to counter Nazi air-superiority over the Channel. Or Hitler, rather than taking-out Britain first, decided to invade Russia. Many game-changers, if all-God wishes to shift the tide...

My favorite possibility is from "The Silmarillion". The unfallen Western Elves simply got tired of Sauron whomping-up on their Eastern relatives. When their eastern counterparts seemed destined for extinction, they raised a high-spiritual Elven 'army' to invade Middle Earth, defeated Sauron for a time (killed his body), and brought peace to Middle Earth. (Middle Earth humans came along for the ride.)

You could think of Pleiadians and humans, as an earth-plane example of this...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Rats!!! I forgot to put in the graphic. It's there now.

Well Ray... a lot of that is beyond me. I have all kinds of supernatural experiences but identifying and cataloging it escapes my pay grade. For the moment, THEY still remain bad guys no matter who they might work for so it doesn't matter in any case- in my mind. I just want them stopped and they will be.

Anonymous said...

The answer to the question is ‘Smooth’.
The true dissemination of ‘WHY’ is in the hidden scriptures of ‘The Deception of Abraham’.
It is written – “This world belongs to the fallen, what do you expect?”
Now, one can really begin to understand the reasons behind the flood story and/or the myths of the ancients regarding the many times this world has been ‘cleansed’ in an attempt to rid the surface of the evil that exist. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem possible to build a future that so many of us tend to have in beliefs. Perhaps this is WHY we must endure innumerable lives toward a perception of ascension. Then again, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result – just ain’t makin’ it.
“As above so below” – do you really expect the ‘afterlife’ to be any different? Keep dreamin’
But that’s just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Vis, no need to apologize for any of your posts. It's good just to have any connection with an insightful human being - it's good to know there are others scattered around the globe who seek the ineffable.

It is my experience that there is always balance. Yin-Yang, I guess. The universe seeks to create order at the same time as entropy seeks to destroy order. This extends down to a local, everyday scale as well. I don't know if balance is present at every instant in time or if it sort of averages out over some interval of time. If the latter, it's not clear what the "averaging interval" is, or if it's a variable. (I'm inclined to agree with Julian Barbour, author of "The End of Time," where he claims that time is an illusion. If so, then there is no "averaging interval," and exact balance is always present.)

In order to maintain the balance in our world, those in darkness you refer to in your post are somehow required to offset those standing in the light, such as Black Elk. I'm inclined to think that what we are seeing now, with what appears to be an exponential rise in exposed evil, is compensated by a veiled increase in higher levels of consciousness. Admittedly I don't see it in those I know personally, but sometimes things remain hidden until suddenly becoming revealed. Higher consciousness "in potentia."


Visible said...

I tend to agree with what you said. I believe the force of light is massing outside the bandwidth of the senses like an invisible army that could well be sleeping in many of us and all of a sudden the light manifests at the appointed time; given that time is an illusion- whoops! (grin)

Time of course is an illusion and this, I note, is one of the characteristics of the realized, that they possess this understanding in a visceral sense.

Anonymous said...

"A good study to engage in is, once again a part of self inquiry, to look at what happens when your love departs, for whatever reason and what it is that temporarily (we hope-grin) replaces it."

Fear, anger, hate even.

Sorry to derail the above conversation, but sometimes I copy and save an old origami for rereading.

To follow in this comment section's vein:

This world is pretty brutal, as I have been at the odd moment. It is a difficult place, perhaps with good reason. Maybe something from far off so despised the beauty of this place and her creatures that it steered the worst among us to the mess we view today, and continues. Yet it was all allowed to happen? Only if there is a way out of it. Only if "it is all under control". Free will is a mess, when a massive effort is made over thousands of years to form entrenched cartels. Those people really work hard at it, but somehow all liars are pretty transparent and even laughable in the end, pathetically so. That the swine are so ridiculously bad at lying gives me great hope that it is all under control.


Thomas said...

The main mass of the Jews rejected Christ, and killed him, and they still do, also inside themselves. Since Christ is "the only begotten son of God", or, according to Yogananda (whom I believe), the station of unerring consciousness of the reflection of Divinity in manifestation, they reject God, and, as you quote, "you gotta serve somebody". If you don't serve God, the alternative is obvious. Since the "leaders" of the Jewish People have been, in the practical sense, practicing satanists for at least 2500 years (starting with the golden calf), that has to seep into the general Jewish Consciousness, and social conformity takes care of the rest. That's the short answer from my quarters.

It seems to me that there will be no lasting peace until a sizeable part of humanity have some sort of genuine relationship to Spirit (and thus, Love), in whatever garb they choose. As I see it, the most effective blow that has been dealt "the good guys (and girls)" is the destruction of honest religious/spiritual practice. Without that, we are merely stumbling around in the dark... I am happy to see that major cracks are beginning to show in the narrative of the really evil ones (Israel and her golem, The USA), even in the mainstream, courtesy of Putin. As you've said again and again, "evil destroys itself". The sad part is how many people must be brought down with it, and how much it might possibly destroy before it falls. I am of the opinion that since God, according to Yogananda, has granted us free will, that it is also "allowed" in the Cosmic sense for humanity to destroy the whole planet, or that the evil ones will be "allowed" to have the "luck" to institute a planet-wide slave-system. Then again, Krishna says in the Gita that He sends an avatar whenever the world has veered to much into ignorance. I don't know why, but I am somehow (mostly) detached from it all. The Lord will always be there, no matter what happens (thank God!). And even a planet-wide slave system could not last indefinitely. And after all, they say that this is a big schoolhouse. In the absolute sense, It's all good, I guess.

Anyways, thank you Visible, for what you do. It warms my heart to know that you're around.

Josey said...


You did an excellent job writing and made some points that needed to be verbalized.


Josey said...


Its hard to believe that any one group could possibly generate this much death and destruction, in so many varied areas.

one aspect that i'm seeing that's positive is the "Sharing" economy, where people are willing to "rent' out what they own to others to use for a nominal fee. i think this whole idea that "It's Mine" and you can't use it, so even if I don't use it , it will stay idle unused, but in my possession is ridiculous.

After all even the land we supposedly own (if we own any), is not ours, we only use it for a time, then we're gone and it goes somewhere else. Or if the "State" wants it they can take it be eminent domain,'s that ownership I ask?

missingarib said...

Too write the wrongs, quite the challenge when the values of everything is inverted,when everything is stacked against positive outcomes. Too write the wrongs alphabets are put to the task of spreading the message only to see the volumes locked away in some religious vault or dark basement of national archives.

Now write makes might -when masses minds drink from the same competition fountain,and the prescriptions are all D E A approved . Write down the end times and count the faithful

25 Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. 26 When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear.

27 But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

28 “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

29 “Come,” he said.

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Clearly the write of life is faith and the courage to step out of the boat.

live long

mike m said...

Nice for an afternoon in the park

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"So the Lord, the living entity, material nature and time are all interrelated and are all eternal. However, the other item, karma, is not eternal." (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Introduction)

"..Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now"

Eudoxia said...

Doesn't matter Viz your posts always contain what is required for the time it's posted.

Ray B yes the Battle for Middle Earth is on for sure!

I found this post today on a rather strange site so find it very apt to re-post here. As this has recently happened to me and another friend who has recently come into my acquaintance I have to agree 100% with it and of course it's what Viz has always said.



Anonymous said...

I have been watching here for about 8 years and every time you rebound in some strange way. What I think is that you always know what you are doing. Nothing that happens here is accidental. You're a master aren't you? You are one of those people you always tell us about and you make yourself a victim because no one ever sees the victim as that. Is this correct? I have been watching a long time and there is a pattern here and it is unmistakable. You are what you keep telling us about. Don't be shy. I understand why you can't say anything but hear me back here in the cheap seats while I applaud and applaud and applaud. Thank you!


Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis, I either found a 'disguised' column of yours, or your separated-twin from birth: (grin)

“I am not trying to make myself popular; look at all the groups I have offended and pissed off: Nazis, Zionists, Papists, Wahabis, homosexuals, (some) Orthodox Christians (Sergianists, modernists and extremist zealots), laissez-faire capitalists, gun control freaks, Russian 'hurray patriots', supporters of the French National Front, feminists, defenders of the 'Western civilization', French 'Charlies', believers in the official 911 fairytale, racists, Islam haters, Hamas and Fatah supporters, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Do you REALLY believe that I am trying to ingratiate myself to somebody here?!”

Anonymous said...

You can not stand against my prayers. ...

You can not stand against my love......

We shall live again. ...

" Ghost Dance"

robbie robertson

Visible said...

Never heard of him.

Streven Gordon said...

THIS is the radio show for this week, October 11, 2015.

Visible said...

I haven't posted it yet. You must have gotten that off of James site. I am unaware of anything else being publicized as that show which is not it. The last one posted says the 5th or something.

Anonymous said...

The Pope is asking for forgiveness on Yahoo front page...Fuck the Pope!

Visible said...

Here is the radio broadcast for this past Sunday.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Daily Mockeries of Justice in PC Disneyland.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

There be Komodo Dragons Dancing at the Krispy Kreme.



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