Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tending the Mind Garden in the Kali Yuga

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The mind is a garden and it is as ordered or disordered as the consciousness which attends it. This is the Petri Dish (this is not Petri Dish but as I mentioned yesterday, I realized I was not writing a Petri Dish), not meant for metaphysical considerations but... how do you avoid that when every physical condition comes out of the invisible, whether it is emotionally or mentally charged, it is precipitation out of unseen space. The conditions we encounter and live in come from the collective state of our hearts and minds and whatever may influence them. This is why, when a culture is degenerative and materialism preempts the pull of the higher aspirations, we wind up surrounded by shit. It can be hard to get and expensive shit or it can be cheap and easily acquired shit but it’s still shit. The point of all the shit is to take our minds off of what is important. I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it needs repeating. When the world has fallen into shit worship; granting obeisance to a fecal god that is the offspring of the mind of Freud and those who are amused and fascinated by scatology, it doesn’t take long before two whirlpools begin to spin. One sucks downward and one sucks upward and you are already and always closer to the pull of one more than the other and that is determined by where your treasures lie; most of the time your treasures lie.

This is the point and purpose of your present manifest world. It’s got nothing to do with what forces win or lose here and it’s only peripherally connected to bankers and Satanists; armies and police forces, politicians and religious demagogues, merchants and advertising, entertainment and media. These are the mechanisms of distraction that exist to show the power they possess over your attention and the degree of your fascination and fear. These are the incidentals that perform and play into the disorder of your mind garden.

We are serious gardeners. We are weekend enthusiasts. We are indifferent poseurs or we have entities that take care of that, the same way that people too busy to attend to their own affairs, employ people to do what they consider beneath them and who eventually wind up the victims of their own inability to correctly valuate and prioritize. Your life is a reflection of the state of your mental garden. This is why certain disciplines have always been considered critical to ones best interests. The forces of distraction already mentioned are employed by ‘something’ to keep you from attending to the most important essentials.

The nature and direction of your thoughts, emotions and behavior come directly out of the state of your mental garden. If your mental garden has become overgrown and looming then there are large growths that cast even larger shadows and fear is a resident in the garden. Some people have bodies buried in their gardens. They get up and walk in the night; in dreams. Hopes and all manner of past imaginings are buried there. Resentments and memories are buried there. Both resentments and memories sprout into fantastic foliage that bears little resemblance to what was planted. If the garden is overgrown then only the more hardy and relentless have any hope of survival. In this sense the negative has a distinct advantage and I leave the reason for that to the mind of the reader.

Please consider the appearance of an ordered garden and how easy it is to locate and identify things. Why are so many gardens disordered at this time? Look at the world around you and you won’t have to speculate long. The world outside is a projection of the world within. How much of the world outside is resident in the world within? What is going on in your head? You see, even if the world has been turned into a giant marketplace and a buzzing hive of chattering cellphones, in syncopation with car horns; subliminally invasive microwave towers, AM radios, televisions and a host of other intrusive trivializations of our deeper and essential being; thereby obscuring it and distorting our awareness of it, it all depends on how you attend and order your garden.

When the mind has the power to render sensory input as irrelevant to the one interpreting it, your values do not get skewed and compromised by the meaningless presence of shit in surround sound. I’ve mentioned Alice Bailey’s ‘Light on the Soul’ before, though I have referred to it as Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. For anyone who doesn’t understand meditation, I recommend a reading of this book, as well as Raja and Kriya meditation for their basic simplicity (in my view) and their relative lack of organizational corruption (in my view), though you might not know it from the different factions of The Self Realization fellowship sniping and yelling at each other in recent years but... that’s how it goes in a world of confusion during this point in the Kali Yuga.

I look at meditation as a way of gaining a grasp on the comprehensive state of your garden. It allows one to penetrate into the ground of the garden and study what is seeded there and the composition of the ground. Focus, concentration and related fixed and sustained observation are like a trowel in your hand. When you are studying the world within, at first it is blurred and wavering, as well as subject to the ongoing assault of the incoming senses in concert with internal static. It takes between two to six weeks of consistent meditation of at least 15 minutes twice a day to begin to see the benefit of it. Most people can’t do something like this for any amount of time or consistently enough to see much of anything. It’s much easier to go to the gym 3 times a week or any number of other related endeavors. It’s much easier to watch TV and listen to music but... there’s only a superficial difference between TV watching and meditation. Think about it.

Most of the things we should be doing are no more difficult than the things we shouldn’t be doing. It just looks that way. You might say that it’s similar to having someone else masturbate you rather than expend the hand and attention time on your own. I realize this may be a jarring or unpleasant analogy but it is not incorrect. Since most of the populace is masturbating one way or another most of the time, it’s just a matter of switching the process over. I assure you if you get deep enough into meditation it has a truly amazing super sexual aspect. Read the reports of mystics and saints. It’s all sex. It’s only the level of expression and the imagery that is different. It’s all about union (what is the definition of yoga?) and the losing of oneself in the beloved. In temporal intercourse this is temporary, which is why the French call it ‘La petite mort’. Internal intercourse is not nearly as temporary and can become lasting. You also don’t have to take a shower afterwards.

Discipline is one of those things that is hard to get into but which contains benefits incalculable. A point comes when you can’t break your own discipline because it is rooted like a tree, in your mind garden. It will protect and shelter you and depending on the tree, feed you as well. If you have the time, I would recommend a retreat or relocation to a reputable ashram for a period of time. If you’re like me, you can bristle at the bullshit and power games that are often an integral part of any ashram but that’s just another one of those things we have to deal with in these times. Turn off your mind and focus on the positive that will be there.

Everything in your life depends on the state of your mental garden. You must attend to it or it will attend to you in unpleasant ways. Disease and disharmony come out of an unattended garden. Most deaths are stress related because most secondary maladies come out of it. The rest can be attributed to bad diet and lifestyle and often those come out of stress too because stress will make you not pay attention to a great many important things. I’ve lived at full tilt rock and roll for extended periods in my life but I always had the love and friendship of the ineffable and I generally ate good food. There’s more to all of that but time and space constraints prohibit that at the moment.

Surely there are useful items and food for thought here. Hopefully even enough to justify my having written and you having read this (grin). Take it for what it’s worth and use it or not, for what it’s worth.

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I have to mention the soon to be released “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” now, which contains about 30 chapters of information very similar to what you have read here today. The person responsible for monitoring the contributions of all of the people who helped to bring this book into being had to go to a certain amount of personal expense in order to make the book possess a high end appearance. I’ve seen it and the amount of effort and expense that went into the book pretty much blew my mind. I didn’t expect anything like this. I won’t mention the person’s name but certainly that person can appear in the comments section and hold forth should they be so moved (grin).

Anyway, it was my position to charge 10 dollars for the digital book and I should point out that I donate between 30% to 50% of whatever I make to the formation of a community to exist in the aftermath of whatever occurs when the shit hits the fan; given this I believe I can reasonably expect the reader to also be considerate in respect of the expenses put forth to make this book what it is. Once the expenses are amortized the digital book will revert to my intended price and a hard copy will follow, once the capital to do so has been realized by digital sales. I would find it hard to believe that all but a very small few do not possess the price of the book, as it will exist, for whatever time is necessary. Three chapters or so of the book will very shortly be online at my website and that will be posted in the comments section when they are ready for view. Thank you for bearing with our inexperience in these matters. My next novel will follow soon on the heels of this release and if I do say so myself, the following novel contains things that I do not believe have ever been presented in this format before. I write real life events into a fictional setting and say things that are sure to draw the ire of those convicted by the information contained therein.

There will be a radio show tonight at Feet2thefire radio. See the blogs section at the masthead for time and location.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates and Whatever May Be True

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Welcome to the beginning of the end of the world. Perhaps it is the end of the beginning. Much that is old and familiar is soon going to be young and new because you can’t have the end of the world without the beginning of the world. Spring follows winter or it always used to. As has been stated here many times and other places a number of times, this is not just the end and beginning of an ordinary age. This is the end and beginning of a grand cycle of around 26,000 years. You’re either looking at ‘cool, clear water’ or a relatively brief, ‘hot time in the old town tonight’. You’re looking at something, one way or another, or you’re not seeing anything at all. I turn and sing the lines, “What’s it all about Alfie”? Alfie’s our one-eyed dog, rescued from the streets of Cisternino, Italy. He had begun following Susanne around during one of her rare visits there; infection fluids leaking from his recently injured eye. He’s the smartest of all the dogs and that’s clear, if only that he had the good sense to follow the right person at the right time. He’s also the only one that will just push open a door if it can be pushed open. I tend not to mention things idly.

The long awaited, uncertain of occurrence; transitions, dimensional portals, shape-shifting of worlds, crashing of systems, grand summing up, cosmic judgments and whatever you’ve itemized according to wishes, prognostications, computations and the like are now looking in at us through a glass darkly. Dates arise here and there, 11-11-11 and 12-21-12 and all of the Nostrildamian-like projections being made by all and sundry. How real is real? How false is false and how uncertain everything that lies between? We’ll find out.

The Occupy Wall Street Crowd; that un-co-opted portion of the entity, are unerringly hitting all of the necessary pedals and cylinders most appropriate to the heart of desirable change. It’s uncanny how they are hitting all the right buttons and engaging in constantly shifting spokes-organs and representatives. Vested interests and bloated caricatures are being pushed to the sidelines or generally ignored. When they do get a moment here and there they look like what they are, while being lit by surreal lights. The Michael Moore’s; Geraldo Rivera’s, Move-on dot orgs, and the rest of the seedy bunch, who purport to reveal truth, while avoiding the important aspects are looking like what they are.

My disappointment with Michael Moore has increased at about the same rate as his waistline; all the things he could have said but didn’t. There were all those important realities that were the serious things that he just bypassed like a true disinfo guy; focusing on the peripheral, while ignoring the inescapable. You may disagree with this but those who have hurt us the most are those most in a position to help who did otherwise. It’s like pointing out that McDonald’s has too much salt in their food, while skirting the fact of the armed gunmen in the parking lot or the bomb in the restroom.

Okay, it is Origami and I’ve had the habit, of late, in getting too temporal when there are already blogs for that. However, the truth is that physics and metaphysics meet at the hairline and the temporal and the spiritual are just two states of being that interplay thru every day, depending on your focus. You can see one or the other but they are both the same, only you are different. That probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but then you should investigate the essential, relative and absolute difference between energy and matter.

There are a lot of things I consider priorities that I seldom, make that never, see mentioned in the temporal or the spiritual sense such as the nature, force and relative importance of Love to all of the other desirable potencies and qualities. In my viewscreen spectrum, they all emerge from Love and are varying, limited expressions of it. Then there is the relative importance of the various qualities and whether some still further emerge from each other. This has critical importance in respect of what you go after first. The same is true in the manifest sense with the ordinary qualities that all of us have some portion or lack of.

I’ve read many books on the subject of what is unseen and how that relates to what you can see. I’ve seen thousands of books that I haven’t and won’t read, which promise me the answer. I encounter endless expressions of someone’s new modality/religion/scam that guarantee me some form of liberation that usually results in one’s liberation from their finances, reason or property. I come across web sites and individuals with endless package deals for the cruise ship to godhead, stopping off in various ports on the way and providing whatever duty free acquisitions they figure you’ll be wanting.

I used to walk into new-age/spiritual bookstores and it wasn’t long before I was laughing out loud and often acting out, if I happened to be accompanied by a foil/companion because I felt like I had to. I documented an event of this sort in my book “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World” happening in an upcountry Maui bookstore. It was relatively accurate.

I’ve seen all kinds of trinkets, amulets, visualization and fortune telling cards of various bullshit provenances. I’ve seen men and women dressed in all white or all black; sometimes they were kung fu outfits that operated in lieu of actual experience at kung fu. I’ve listened to one Oprah graduate who drones on like a hive of low frequency bees and who has nearly put me to sleep each time. I listened to him more than once because I still can’t figure out why people write me to recommend this hack, who repeats everything I’ve already heard from people who said it better, pretty much across the board. I’ve seen him charging 50 dollars a pop AND UP to drone on and on to people. I haven’t gotten an original thought out of the cat yet and if I sounded and spoke like he does, I wouldn’t. All I can figure is that he has some kind of a destiny thing that makes the hollow ring like it contains something besides empty, numbing rhetoric. I am actually being kind here. Earlier in the day I would have been much more cutting but it’s not early days any more.

I understand having your airfare covered if you are going somewhere for people to hear you talk- but then driving, taking a train or a bus to other locations, to amortize the expense- and charging a token admission and writing books or producing anything that people might want because it does them some good; at least in their minds ...but there’s a limit, in my mind, to what’s fair. I can understand Springsteen tickets costing hundreds of dollars because that many people want to get in. I figure that means, or for me it would, a certain amount of free concerts and surprise, small venue, appearances to balance it out but, that’s just me and I’m not The Bruce, or The Boss as the case may be.

I always figured you did things for free and the universe would figure out a way to take care of you and maybe even reward you, if you deserved it, later on. I’m going to be doing some speaking tours and related things soon so I have to think about that; about what’s fair and reasonable and how much faith to put in the all knowing, all doing, all being, instead of letting ambitious people decide that for me, or possibly even worse, deciding it myself.

The thing is that the lid and the protective blankets are coming off everyone and everything and it’s the best of times to actually want to do the right thing and be a genuinely good human being. How many of us accomplish that?

A few years ago, I had a mind-blowing insight (my take on the matter) where I saw that everything was a matter of degrees. It’s the degrees that make all the difference. Right and wrong and all the other polarities are relative and often not even what they claim to be in a true sense but only exist under those titles for our satisfaction, justification and profit. Things are not what they seem. We’ve all heard that but it’s mostly an intellectual take that we have and not a visceral awareness. First we lie to ourselves as a matter of self-interest and then we lie to others and the universe enables us as a feature of our destiny toward epiphany regarding this. I think that’s where I want to end this at today.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Push and Shove Dancing in the Public Square

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They came out of nowhere, at least from what I was able to see. I had been wondering where they were. Now they are everywhere. I had developed a bad habit of accepting most of what I read posted at various alternative news gathering sites that I visited. I told myself this was the other side of the story. In recent months I have begun to doubt what I was reading a good deal of the time. In recent days I have begun to see the particular shadings that are put on various perspectives. It’s possible this is all a matter of perspective. It’s possible there is some element of agenda too. I don’t know what to think sometimes. It makes me tired to try to get deeper insight from so many conflicting reports.

I saw an appeal yesterday from some organization that wanted donations for some group in a particular city. They wanted the donations for food, sleeping bags and sundry items. Then I noticed they were also asking for donations for fleece lined sweaters and pants. Who goes to a protest setting without pants? The original appeal was for 5,000 dollars. Then they upped it to 6,500 dollars. The reason wasn’t very clear and neither am I, when considering it. I have this little bell tone in my head that starts to go off when I am reading something. It tells me whether I am reading the truth or not. It doesn’t tell me what the truth is or how much or how little of it is present. It just goes off and I note it.

I see all of these people gathering everywhere; all over the planet. I know the difficulties they are facing, depending on their age and present situation. I know there is no way that the forces which caused the problems are of a mind to correct them. There will be no correction of the situation until those corrections are forced upon the people causing them. So, I am waiting for that pending occurrence, that spark of tinder in the optimum state for combustion; that Fort Sumter moment. It’s just a matter of time and the right circumstance.

Tens of thousands of people are camped out all over the place. They are in it for the long haul. Some of them are getting permission to hang around for months. They are marching and they are chanting. They are brandishing signs and sending Fox News packing. They are making statements and presenting demands. The hacks and whores who serve the money men are making negative commentary and the media is slandering and scorning and acting like the fools they most certainly are. At the same time, the conditions set in motion by the bankers are getting worse and worse. They tried to take too much when they already had too much and they are presently thinking about how they can get even more, one way or another. I’ve tried to get my head around what all of this means and how it might play out and I don’t see how there is any way around the pitchforks and torches at the gates of the vampire’s castle.

I’m not suggesting or defending this pass. It’s just what I see. What I see is an intensifying of the demonstration with an intensifying of the containment, with some unpredictable series of reactions once bad things happen in the process of the stand off. We’ve never seen anything like these things that didn’t result in violence at some point, whether it was Kent State or the final result of the efforts of Martin Luther King.

These bankers and brokers are not human beings and those who serve them are ready and willing to use the corrupted courts, legislatures and police forces with the certitude that they will prevail. Meanwhile, they have put the public in a situation where the public has no options either, except to go home and endure worse than they are already left with. It is not a workable situation. It’s possible these bankers and brokers and the like were human once, but recovering your humanity, once you have given it up and once you have used your lust for money and power to cause the desperation and deaths of large numbers of people, is an unlikely affair. It doesn’t compute in terms of possibility and likely outcome.

I can’t see the reality of this movement being controlled by the very forces they are up against. I can see that there are efforts afoot to accomplish this but I can’t see that in the genesis. What I see is a recipe for chaos and disaster on an epic scale. I see revolution that cannot be contained, soon to emerge once the right or wrong things happen.

The most recent permutation of the money men against the people of the world must have gone into operation shortly after the murder of Kennedy. It’s been going on for a long time but I am referring to an uptick in the whole process. The Zio-Nazis began to come out of the closet. The courts became corrupted. Decent men and women were no longer allowed to be elected or appointed. It had to be clear to the people running the show that you were willing to follow orders, or else. The result of this has been that now there are very, very few people with good intentions anywhere in any agency of government in the northern hemisphere, or anywhere else for that matter. The whole dynamic is top-loaded with evil and weak functionaries and they have to go or nothing changes. Things get worse and worse and do not change. Push has come to shove and there’s no room outside of that.

Greedhead and godless psychopath, Steven Schwarzman said that Obama’s tax proposals were like when Hitler invaded Poland. His companion Zio-Nazi predator, Eric Cantor is talking about the mob effect of the protestors and he doesn’t like it one bit. Both of these men know that they are major players in the horrors of the time so what else are they going to say? Sooner or later it comes out what they are. The Apocalypse will take care of that. Both of these men should be in jail, along with all of their associates and enablers. They are not of a mind to be cooperative and understanding. They don’t give a shit and that’s not gong to change, until they are facing something seriously dramatic and they aren’t likely to change then either. Jamie Dimon is the same way. Push has come to shove as these money junkie criminals drink their single malt and look down on the dirty hippies in these streets they control.

I’m hearing people bemoan the addition of union workers and teachers because they were Obama supporters but my first thought is that they are just more people who were deluded by the man. Then again you have vicious Zio-Troll Stuart Appelbaum who heads the AFL-CIO looking to hijack the operation. You can say the unions are corrupt and just out for themselves but that’s the case with everyone. Is that the case with all unions? Everyone wants something so what are we to do about that? Should we just say we are all corrupt and deserve nothing and leave those who took everything to continue as they have because if we are all corrupt then who cares?

They used to hang 9 year old kids in England for stealing a loaf of bread. If you steal big you win big because nothing happens; witness that not one person from the Wall Street crime syndicate has gone to jail yet. It’s hard to find anyone more corrupt than Eric Holder and he is the chief law enforcement guy in the country. Not much is going to get fixed with him in power. Not much is going to get fixed until all of these weasels and pigs are tossed out of the seats of power and... how is that going to be accomplished when voter fraud and rigged elections are the order of the day? How are the righteous concerns of abused citizens going to be addressed when law enforcement is nothing more than the police force of the rich?

For the moment, Push and Shove are circling each other in the town square. The clear and defensible, legitimate demands of the people are calling out, while surrounded by those whose guns and weapons are tools of Wall Street and the rich. How can this possibly play out given the conditions that brought it all to this point and the likely actions of those under fire for crimes against humanity and total indifference concerning them? The Constitution says they have a right to steal everything in sight. We all know that The Constitution now says whatever anyone wants it to say as long as they have the power to declare it through the mouthpieces and diligent distortions of lawyers paid to accomplish it.

Nothing positive in the public good is going to get done until the media is taken out of the hands of the enemies of humanity. Nothing is going to get done until law enforcement is compelled to recognize who they are actually empowered to serve. Nothing is going to get done until the depraved judges are tossed out of their positions. Nothing is going to get done until both houses of congress are swept clean. Nothing is going to get done until lobbying is outlawed. Nothing is going to get done until trading in derivatives is dealt with and the banks are forced to operate in the public interest instead of at the public’s expense. Nothing is going to get done until the military has its own revolution. I can’t imagine how this is all going to play out but it doesn’t look good given what presently exists.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Big Empty Wasteland of Indefinable Angst

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The force and presence of the moment lately has been remarkably intense. Maybe there are people somewhere who can measure and gauge it or interpret it in a way that makes it understandable but that isn’t me. I’m in a cone of mystery, where nothing is as it seems and every approaching minute is around some corner wearing a fake nose, promising everything that can be imagined and delivering nothing. I can’t imagine a greater intensity that could make everything tremble and shake like this without making anything happen at the same time.

I awoke from sleep this morning to find dementia and delusion had backed off for a space. Coming into last nights crash and burn, I hadn’t slept for 3 nights and that can become seriously wack, so that the peripheral landscape shimmers and shines and vibrates with non existent holographic extensions that tell you that you are entering mushroom city, without actually having taken any. I’ve got varieties of psychedelics all over the place but I haven’t indulged in quite some time. Cue B.B. King and The Thrill is Gone. I remember going to see him one night in a small Washington D.C. club. It might have been The Crazy Horse. I was with John Hall and two statuesque, Amazonian blondes of the traffic stopping variety. After B.B. finished his set he came right down and sat at our table for the obvious reasons. At one point, my friend Douglas Hume, who had come in recently, turned to me and said that B.B. had his hand on my girlfriend’s leg. I had already noted this. I swiveled around to Douglas and said, “Yeah, but it’s B.B. King”. It was actually pretty funny at the time.

It’s interesting what goes on during certain periods in your life. When you’re a teenager, or in your twenties and even thirties, there are all these people around and some of them are really beautiful women. At the time you have no idea that any of it would ever change. You’re living in Surplus City. It’s probably not like this for everyone but it was for me. Then you arrive at some point like it was already marked on the clock and everything changes. All those people aren’t around anymore. Somehow your long hair has disappeared and when you go into a bar it’s populated with all of these unhappy characters and, if you’re in California or Hawaii, there are all of these hard eyed blonde surfer girls with serious sun damage and you can’t possibly talk to them because you’ve got the wrong DNA and you’re not unhappy about that because if it weren’t for that fact, that you were different somehow, you might have had the serious misfortune of actually living with one of them.

Time continues up or down the hard road of The Seven Ages of Man and now you notice that there’s almost no one around and you realize you are spending huge chunks of time completely alone but it doesn’t really bother you. For some reason you actually prefer that. You thought some point was going to arrive where you might get an explanation for all of the things you had been through and maybe even discover a portal or aperture that led into that world you always thought you would somehow disappear into but it hasn’t happened yet. You wonder if you took some kind of a wrong turn back down the highway. You can’t remember it having taken place. You don’t know if it’s just been strange or really weird. It definitely wasn’t anything like the things you noticed everyone else going thru. You’ve arrived at a place where pretty much everyone else doesn’t know where the door handle is and that is because things, objects and the material world had taken on critical importance without being worth anything at all.

Occasionally you realize that at some point you are going to die or disappear and you think there’s a strong possibility for the latter but you don’t know exactly why you feel this way, you just do. You have no sensation of aging in anyway like what you see around you. You don’t feel any particular age and your flexibility hasn’t been affected at all. You live in a small town that came into being around the eighth century and most of the residents are on rails and seriously depressed because of bad history and the absence of spontaneous merriment. You’re traveling through a dead zone of heavy atmosphere in a nation deeply in need of Prozac. You’ve given up telling them that everything they know about history is a lie and you’re already stranger than anything they’ve encountered at any point in their life before until now.

You know it’s going to be a lot worse in many other places so it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. These people are true libertarians and also sensible and frugal, so they can weather the storm a lot better than most places in the west. You just wish they weren’t so insular, dull and suspicious but that’s just how it is.

Sometimes you travel to different locations where you sit in restaurants, clubs or somewhere social and you study the world around you as if it were feeding time at the zoo. You never do get any kind of a handle on why you are so different from everyone else. You’re hyper aware of any number of people staring at you but that’s been going on for a long time. You have zero interest in just about anything that everyone else finds so important. In many ways, the world is some kind of Big Empty for you where there is no longer anything to pursue or desire. You know there’s got to be something more but you have no idea which cabinet it’s located in. You’re not unhappy or troubled. You don’t feel disappointed or left behind. You’re pretty sure you have no idea where you are going and you deal with that by not going anywhere. Something was supposed to happen at some point but it hasn’t happened yet.

Sometimes you think there should be a reason for you to be apprehensive, uncertain, confused, something... but you’re not, even though there sometimes seems like there are good reasons that you should but you’ve got those invisible friends and they’ve been telling you the same thing for so long that by now you believe them without question, although you have yet to see any sign of promised event.

It’s a funny crowded world for everyone else. It certainly isn’t your world. It’s a world of pot bellies and clown cosmetics that melt like a bad wedding cake in some Houston community center. You tell yourself there are few things as unappealing as when one of these women begin to cry, except maybe the reason for the tears. Every now and then you realize the air is heavy with deodorants, colognes, after shave, perfume and god knows what else. You haven’t worn anything like that since you were a callow youth. People are eating suspicious sausages that could have just about anything in them. Their iceboxes are stuffed with processed foods that have unpronounceable ingredients which can run up to sixty five letters. You can’t imagine how they can eat that stuff but you do know what the long term effects are. You have never really understood ordinary porn, tit jobs, facelifts or any of that shit. You can’t figure out how something like that would actually turn anyone on. It’s totally geared toward dehumanization and a calculated insult to all of the finer and nobler possibilities of the human spirit, even though you haven’t seen any of that for a really long time

Sometimes you sit and wonder about people who become lawyers, politicians, just about any of the things people put such an investment in. You can’t figure out how any of it became so important to anyone. You can’t figure out how these people manage to take themselves so seriously. You’re amazed at their capacity to drink themselves senseless for such an extended period of time. It blows your mind that they could have been married multiple times and stitched up with alimony, festering resentments and disaffected progeny, with money games going on like it was some kind of a heroin habit. You can see then dressed out in a box at some point surrounded by people who didn’t like them but are now forced to search with great difficulty for something nice to say.

You’ve never met them but you know that there are people out there that sell munitions, who torture animals and people and others who are making unpleasant decisions about people and digging the power rush that comes with fucking up people’s lives just because they can. You really cannot understand how such a large body of people bought into so many impossible lies or barbaric religions that engage in so many terrible activities against their fellows. Something’s not right in Wonderland and it hasn’t been for a long time. You can’t understand how they are going to find their way out of all of this and you suspect that they won’t. How can they voluntarily condemn themselves to such guaranteed suffering over such massive tracts of time? It’s a mystery is what it is.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Something about Precessions and so on.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One of the great tunes that came and went out of the collective unconscious could be the sound track to our Grapes of Wrath. I expect you could find the music if you looked for it. You might wonder who the Israelites are actually . You might like Bob Marley’s work. I do. The products of the policies of our times are arriving on the dinner table. You can get a clear sense of the people involved and what’s permitted to get past the filter of the MSM by going here; of course there is Fox News, if you want the full porcine treatment.

Jesus, people, do we hold ourselves to be irrelevant? Do we hold these truths to be relevant that all people are free are created equal and given the right to be free who they are and anyway, to live and work productively?

“Hey Fan? Meet shit! We have come to deliver it.” That is the name of that tune. Here we are but I don’t think we are rocking in the free world. It all comes down to Karma. If you believe in that sort of thing; individually and collectively; are you better off than you were four years ago? That’s how the saying goes, in the American Dream.

The culture has come to the breaking point as those who have made themselves rich from the industry of others, hold the gold, steal the gold and use the gold to pay the people who control the commerce and concourse to control you, while they live off of the diminishing fat of the land at your expense.

The various systems that you call capitalism, or socialism or communism have arrived at the same place that they always do where the few have too much and the many have too little. Things can go along, more or less, as long as the middle class aren’t squeezed into a tight place but they are now squeezed ...and there you have it.

I find it interesting that Joe Biden, whom I had long considered a political hack, would do something like this and you see the people of his own consortium motivated otherwise. Somehow there is a connection to my commentary on SOTT, concerning whether people can change. I am also in a land of confusion or what?

I can’t send my postings to someone who used to post me because he has a problem about the existence of God. Well, I know God is a reality in human affairs, just like the devil is. You are either fighting or fornicating in all your performances upon that which delivers it back to you and you get what comes back out of it. That is the way it goes; armies and empires, copulating and fornicating for money, sex and power.

I don’t know if anyone else was experiencing what I did this morning at around 5:30. I awoke from a dream and my first thought was that I am an old man. I don’t feel like an old man but I am 65. I went down to the kitchen to make some tea. I was being quiet because I didn’t want to wake Susanne up. She had been at it into the late night preparing some complicated dish for the next day for a gathering we will have this evening to show our appreciation to the people who helped us with the dogs and Susanne’s mother, while we were in Italy getting the house together to sell it.

Susanne appeared in the kitchen while I was making tea. I was surprised to see her and was also in a higher consciousness and my mind was filled with the thoughts I had awakened with. I told her why I was up so early and she said that we should sit and talk and as I began to speak to her, I heard myself saying the things that I would be saying prior to the moment of my death. I felt the movement of the entire galaxy passing around and through me and I was certain that I was going to die in a few moments. Our conversation was exactly according to the script as I had envisioned it.

It was the same conversation that had taken place when the person who published the first of my books was visiting, just after she had departed in the evening a few months ago. Susanne was unaware of this happening in the moment and I sat there, knowing I would die in any moment and just waiting for it to occur. It went on and on and I didn’t die, or I haven’t so far. It would take far too long to tell the tale of what led to this... anyway, I realized that I wasn’t going to die and so I went out to get some honey for my tea at a bakery and a woman backed out of the bakery with her car. I was looking her and she was looking at me and she just backed all the way out into the street until she hit a parked car. I just walked into the bakery. I was still pretty shaken from not having died in the kitchen and I didn’t know what was real anymore. I got the honey and went home; passing the woman who was now getting out of her car again, to deal with the accident once she had gotten herself off of the highway.

I walked back home and here I sit writing this and I really don’t know what to think at the moment. Meanwhile the people are rising up against Wall Street and two Jewish lesbians in Berkeley California are engaged in gender surgery for their daughter. Biden says that Pollard will be released over his dead body. The Detroit Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys and I have no idea of what is going on anymore. I think it is safe to say that I am intent upon not engaging in anything that might hamper my clear and sober awareness of life. I realize I have to engage in a ceremonial aspect of it, given the dinner this evening but other than going through the motions regarding anything else at the moment, is off the table.

Something is definitely happening, everywhere in the world right now and it is whatever it is, depending on whatever the particular people are engaged in. I am mystified beyond my capacity concerning what I might do about anything. Endurance and continuance is the best I can manage. It is flat out unbelievable to me and I’m someone whose life is not generally a field of the commonplace.

It becomes increasingly difficult to find something to say, as you can see by my absence at the blogs and even the radio show. My last Petri Dish has given me significant pause. Hopefully I will have found a better method out of my madness. This apocalypse or transitioning or whatever the name of it is, seems to come in bursts. Maybe it has something to do with sunspots. I really don’t know. I do know that it is powerful and increasing in that respect.

If I have disappointed any of you in recent times or just generally all along, I am sorry for that. I haven’t set myself up to be anything so that is to the good, I hope. I feel like I am clearer about some things and less clear about others but maybe that is just how it goes. I truly wish all of you well and hope to be useful, interesting or informative, whatever it is that you come here for. It hasn’t been easy getting this post out and up. Maybe the next one will be less of a struggle (grin). Have a good day.

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