Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tending the Mind Garden in the Kali Yuga

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The mind is a garden and it is as ordered or disordered as the consciousness which attends it. This is the Petri Dish (this is not Petri Dish but as I mentioned yesterday, I realized I was not writing a Petri Dish), not meant for metaphysical considerations but... how do you avoid that when every physical condition comes out of the invisible, whether it is emotionally or mentally charged, it is precipitation out of unseen space. The conditions we encounter and live in come from the collective state of our hearts and minds and whatever may influence them. This is why, when a culture is degenerative and materialism preempts the pull of the higher aspirations, we wind up surrounded by shit. It can be hard to get and expensive shit or it can be cheap and easily acquired shit but it’s still shit. The point of all the shit is to take our minds off of what is important. I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it needs repeating. When the world has fallen into shit worship; granting obeisance to a fecal god that is the offspring of the mind of Freud and those who are amused and fascinated by scatology, it doesn’t take long before two whirlpools begin to spin. One sucks downward and one sucks upward and you are already and always closer to the pull of one more than the other and that is determined by where your treasures lie; most of the time your treasures lie.

This is the point and purpose of your present manifest world. It’s got nothing to do with what forces win or lose here and it’s only peripherally connected to bankers and Satanists; armies and police forces, politicians and religious demagogues, merchants and advertising, entertainment and media. These are the mechanisms of distraction that exist to show the power they possess over your attention and the degree of your fascination and fear. These are the incidentals that perform and play into the disorder of your mind garden.

We are serious gardeners. We are weekend enthusiasts. We are indifferent poseurs or we have entities that take care of that, the same way that people too busy to attend to their own affairs, employ people to do what they consider beneath them and who eventually wind up the victims of their own inability to correctly valuate and prioritize. Your life is a reflection of the state of your mental garden. This is why certain disciplines have always been considered critical to ones best interests. The forces of distraction already mentioned are employed by ‘something’ to keep you from attending to the most important essentials.

The nature and direction of your thoughts, emotions and behavior come directly out of the state of your mental garden. If your mental garden has become overgrown and looming then there are large growths that cast even larger shadows and fear is a resident in the garden. Some people have bodies buried in their gardens. They get up and walk in the night; in dreams. Hopes and all manner of past imaginings are buried there. Resentments and memories are buried there. Both resentments and memories sprout into fantastic foliage that bears little resemblance to what was planted. If the garden is overgrown then only the more hardy and relentless have any hope of survival. In this sense the negative has a distinct advantage and I leave the reason for that to the mind of the reader.

Please consider the appearance of an ordered garden and how easy it is to locate and identify things. Why are so many gardens disordered at this time? Look at the world around you and you won’t have to speculate long. The world outside is a projection of the world within. How much of the world outside is resident in the world within? What is going on in your head? You see, even if the world has been turned into a giant marketplace and a buzzing hive of chattering cellphones, in syncopation with car horns; subliminally invasive microwave towers, AM radios, televisions and a host of other intrusive trivializations of our deeper and essential being; thereby obscuring it and distorting our awareness of it, it all depends on how you attend and order your garden.

When the mind has the power to render sensory input as irrelevant to the one interpreting it, your values do not get skewed and compromised by the meaningless presence of shit in surround sound. I’ve mentioned Alice Bailey’s ‘Light on the Soul’ before, though I have referred to it as Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. For anyone who doesn’t understand meditation, I recommend a reading of this book, as well as Raja and Kriya meditation for their basic simplicity (in my view) and their relative lack of organizational corruption (in my view), though you might not know it from the different factions of The Self Realization fellowship sniping and yelling at each other in recent years but... that’s how it goes in a world of confusion during this point in the Kali Yuga.

I look at meditation as a way of gaining a grasp on the comprehensive state of your garden. It allows one to penetrate into the ground of the garden and study what is seeded there and the composition of the ground. Focus, concentration and related fixed and sustained observation are like a trowel in your hand. When you are studying the world within, at first it is blurred and wavering, as well as subject to the ongoing assault of the incoming senses in concert with internal static. It takes between two to six weeks of consistent meditation of at least 15 minutes twice a day to begin to see the benefit of it. Most people can’t do something like this for any amount of time or consistently enough to see much of anything. It’s much easier to go to the gym 3 times a week or any number of other related endeavors. It’s much easier to watch TV and listen to music but... there’s only a superficial difference between TV watching and meditation. Think about it.

Most of the things we should be doing are no more difficult than the things we shouldn’t be doing. It just looks that way. You might say that it’s similar to having someone else masturbate you rather than expend the hand and attention time on your own. I realize this may be a jarring or unpleasant analogy but it is not incorrect. Since most of the populace is masturbating one way or another most of the time, it’s just a matter of switching the process over. I assure you if you get deep enough into meditation it has a truly amazing super sexual aspect. Read the reports of mystics and saints. It’s all sex. It’s only the level of expression and the imagery that is different. It’s all about union (what is the definition of yoga?) and the losing of oneself in the beloved. In temporal intercourse this is temporary, which is why the French call it ‘La petite mort’. Internal intercourse is not nearly as temporary and can become lasting. You also don’t have to take a shower afterwards.

Discipline is one of those things that is hard to get into but which contains benefits incalculable. A point comes when you can’t break your own discipline because it is rooted like a tree, in your mind garden. It will protect and shelter you and depending on the tree, feed you as well. If you have the time, I would recommend a retreat or relocation to a reputable ashram for a period of time. If you’re like me, you can bristle at the bullshit and power games that are often an integral part of any ashram but that’s just another one of those things we have to deal with in these times. Turn off your mind and focus on the positive that will be there.

Everything in your life depends on the state of your mental garden. You must attend to it or it will attend to you in unpleasant ways. Disease and disharmony come out of an unattended garden. Most deaths are stress related because most secondary maladies come out of it. The rest can be attributed to bad diet and lifestyle and often those come out of stress too because stress will make you not pay attention to a great many important things. I’ve lived at full tilt rock and roll for extended periods in my life but I always had the love and friendship of the ineffable and I generally ate good food. There’s more to all of that but time and space constraints prohibit that at the moment.

Surely there are useful items and food for thought here. Hopefully even enough to justify my having written and you having read this (grin). Take it for what it’s worth and use it or not, for what it’s worth.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

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I have to mention the soon to be released “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” now, which contains about 30 chapters of information very similar to what you have read here today. The person responsible for monitoring the contributions of all of the people who helped to bring this book into being had to go to a certain amount of personal expense in order to make the book possess a high end appearance. I’ve seen it and the amount of effort and expense that went into the book pretty much blew my mind. I didn’t expect anything like this. I won’t mention the person’s name but certainly that person can appear in the comments section and hold forth should they be so moved (grin).

Anyway, it was my position to charge 10 dollars for the digital book and I should point out that I donate between 30% to 50% of whatever I make to the formation of a community to exist in the aftermath of whatever occurs when the shit hits the fan; given this I believe I can reasonably expect the reader to also be considerate in respect of the expenses put forth to make this book what it is. Once the expenses are amortized the digital book will revert to my intended price and a hard copy will follow, once the capital to do so has been realized by digital sales. I would find it hard to believe that all but a very small few do not possess the price of the book, as it will exist, for whatever time is necessary. Three chapters or so of the book will very shortly be online at my website and that will be posted in the comments section when they are ready for view. Thank you for bearing with our inexperience in these matters. My next novel will follow soon on the heels of this release and if I do say so myself, the following novel contains things that I do not believe have ever been presented in this format before. I write real life events into a fictional setting and say things that are sure to draw the ire of those convicted by the information contained therein.

There will be a radio show tonight at Feet2thefire radio. See the blogs section at the masthead for time and location.


Unknown said...

Regardin' the first paragraph, a lot o' people don't seem to realise it's not the one with the most toys who wins, but rather the number of actions you took that leaves the Universe a better place.

On the other hand, it seems to be born is to leave the world a worse place, for how much is destroyed for one individual to survive? How many plants and animals were killed to feed you? How much polution was caused by the internal combustion nightmare you drive? How many insects have you killed? After all, insects are another life form with thoughts and will, and in the general scheme of things, are no less important than any other life form, for ultimately everythin' is equal. (Tuatha/Cathar/Jain. . .)

Amazin' how so few people seem to think of this. We are on the cusp of havin' our statistical ways of life turned downside-up, and people keep on goin' as if it's 1969 or somethin'. So few think about what is happenin' right now, or the fact that life as it is might not even be, by December; not that I'm predictin' anythin'. I consider that statement a possibility not a certainty.

As for media distractions, I'm out o' that, and have been for years. Worthless waste o' time and resources. Then there's the fact that I'm not sure one can become more contemptuous of the way things are, than I. At least I saw it all comin', and made it all as irrelevant to my direct existence as possible. (It helps to be completely obligation free, which I am.)

Visible said...

Ah, the Jains; Brahmans all. They being the only ones who could afford people to walk in front of them with brooms to sweep away the insects that might have died under their feet. But what about the other even less visible lifeforms that were destroyed by the brooms or the tiny creatures that eat dead skin on the body? Of course I could get real technical here and address the absurdity of The Jains but I won't and I won't discuss The Dicks either (grin).

I hold with what the Bhagavad-Gita says about living dying and the war that takes place in the manifest due to the antagonism of the elements that compose it and ourselves.

As for being free of obligations, i submit that none of us are. It's just how you read the meaning of the term. I don't mean to be oppositional or critical here, just making a response and hoping it is seen as nothing more than an observation. Observations are a matter of the point of perspective.

Unknown said...

Free of obligations? I consider myself owin' nothin' to anyone or anythin' anymore. Me thinks most obligations are self-imposed. A state of mind. Well, perhaps unless one has progeny in a dependent state, and I made damn sure I couldn't breed as soon as I could (19), considerin' sprog the ultimate of all inconveniences. Yes, I was celibate until my infernal theoretical fertility was erased.

On the other hand, perhaps free of attachment is a better phrase. I have nothin' vested in anythin' in life anymore. I can walk away from anyone or anythin', and I may do that very soon. I ken enough. . .

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"A powerful earthquake struck eastern Turkey Sunday, collapsing at least two buildings in the center of eastern city of Van, the mayor said."
Powerful earthquake shakes eastern Turkey.

Underneath the waters of Lake Van is the site of the Garden of Eden.

DaveS said...


Another Wow! post. Simple, yet most of the information a soul needs to be successful is in there. And the whole masturbation situation was both accurate and funny.

Birth is physically painful; painful for the mother, painful for the child, yet without that pain none of us would be here. I'm not advocating Masochism, but it seems that our souls need a bit o' pain to keep us on the physical plane, or something like that.

Life is death and death is life, we just need perspective to see how true this is. The key to growing on this plane is to create more than you destroy; leave the place better than you found it... and that might mean different things to different souls but in the end, in our true heart, we know what 'better' means.

In closing I again want to thank Mr Visible for continuing to write the words that do so much to help me better understand my goofy self.


Anonymous said...

I'll buy your book. Heck, $10 won't even buy a free lunch in these times. So, I am thinking that's a nice deal.

On those thoughts about Jains and Brahmans... if you want to piss a Brahman off, just yank on that (sacred) thread hung around the neck. (c;

Funny how a simple thread can be made in to so much great nonsense. One wonders what those Brahmans are thinking.

The holy ones... maybe Cheezuts and Gotmamma fit that category.... have wisely said you got to stop clinging to doctrine to get out of prison. Got to stop clinging to them too.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to your books many times over the years what you have written has saved me though i want the hard copy {i like reading in bed}i will buy the ebook just to hurry the hard version along

Anonymous said...

Satan, also known as Ahriman, is the spirit of darkness and the unlawful prince of the world. Ahriman’s peculiarity wants to keep the evolution of mankind at a standstill, it strives to keep the progressive evolution of mankind’s consciousness in a spell-bound state of statue, the stone over the tomb. Darkness is a negation of light; ‘get behind me, Satan’ refers to states of evolution that have come to a standstill and have not progressed. Evil is the result of good that has not progressed; for example the roman catholic church in the Greco/Roman period (747 BC – 1413 BC) was correct for that period (although this may be debatable) however that period is now over and mankind has progressed further in starting to realise the Universal Human, and is not in a position to be led like a child in religious instruction, but the remnants of the Greco/Roman epoch remain in a decadent form therefore it is a empty husk, a shell without life leaving the door open for the spirits of darkness. I am the God of the Living and not the God of the Dead, refers to the Christ Impulse which progresses with man and in man throughout the ages.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I found your suggestions to be just what I needed, thanks. And looking at my mind and soul as a garden was most helpful because I've always had a garden, grew up on a farm and know of what you speak.

The more you look at a garden, I mean with reverence and desire for truly understanding what goes on there, the more interesting and fascinating it becomes.

For example, plants communicate with each other through the root systems, and perhaps in many other ways. If a plant comes under attack from insects, the other plants not being attacked often alter their chemistry, and produce a fragrance, chemicals, and some times poisons to attract the insect pest away from the plant under stress/attack in order to help it recover and thrive again.

Plants also respond favorably to loving thoughts and communications between people in their midst. They also respond negatively to anger, hate, discord, dis-harmony.

I'm fairly certain that our garden within is at least as interesting and if understood and cultivated at least as rewarding.

Anonymous said...

hello les,
yesterday i rolled the i ching after first writing down, dating and signing my question.
i wrote, 'please advise on world situation and my place in it. thank you.'

i rolled #12 -- pi - misfortune. unfavorable situations. in times of adversity evil ones are in positions of power. good people cannot enjoy life. much is given; little is received.
in this hexagram Heaven is above Earth. They appear to be in their proper order, but as expressions of natural energy, they are going in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. heavenly is moving up and away and earth is moving downward...exactly as you described in opening of your post. the line i rolled was 4 -- (thank god) 'in times of adversity, those who have faith in a virtuous deliverance wil receive blessings'....the fourth line has departed from the darkness and is headed into light. now one must rebuild oneself (one's garden!) calmly and firmly.
i think you and most everyone who comes to your site would have rolled the 4th line as well...i hope we are all heading into the light and away from the
liz in l.a.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible wrote: "I hold with what the Bhagavad-Gita says about living dying and the war that takes place in the manifest due to the antagonism of the elements that compose it and ourselves."

I share Visible's esteem for the Bhagavad Gita, although I observe that different people's interpretation (or their misinterpretation) of the Gita can be highly variable, personal, or sectarian. Just like the various ways that Christians and Jews interpret (or misinterpret) the Bible. Some people have (mis)interpreted the Gita as a justification for an elitist doctrine of Social Darwinism.

Like the way many Christian and Jewish sectarians jingoistically interpret the Bible, many modern Hindus are using the Gita to justify their own fiercely anti-Islamic stance as part of the bogus "War on Terrorism." Many Hindus want to drive the Muslims out of India and establish a Hindu theocracy, citing the Gita as a justification for their Hindu chauvinism.

BTW, Hindu extremists, including an Indian army officer, have been shown to be involved in false-flag bombings that were intended to frame Muslims.

The key texts of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta -- which is the best description of Reality that I have ever seen -- are the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Brahma Sutras, and Adi Shankara's Vivekachudamani.

Visible wrote: "As for being free of obligations, i submit that none of us are."

That is essentially what I have meant when I have said that all human relationships are political.

Robin Redbreast said...

Oh Edna
You made me smile :)
Thank you for that.
One often or might describe where one is through the use of I. But perhaps I am presumptuous?
One perhaps either might, shouldn't ot tends to judge or assume others opinions are based on one's own.
Perhaps the worst thing one might do do is to judge.
Perhaps even saying that is a judgement.
Perhaps I (opps!) should just go and end it all -
Perhaps I (opps!!) won't too?
Goodness some people are annoying aren't they!
Often the faults one sees and judges of others are an upside down reflection and actually mirror of one's self.
In the true British slang comedy character:
"Does one look bovered???!!!"
Live love and peace xxx

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Seems to be devolution all the way.

Both from a spiritual and material perspective.

Via inherent physical nature everything material naturally devolves, erodes, rusts out, wears out, etc. in its own way.

The supposedly positive position of bodies evolving physically to adapt in ways which permits better, more amenable existence in the material world might in itself be seen as further devolution from spirit, eh?

It's no small wonder diamonds and gold are held up as more than merely wealth and physical fortune but also as icons of besting the material world through the longest life possible, by proxy.

Not to mention the absurd (they really did and still do this) search for the elixir of immortality, the fountain of youth, etc., etc., etc.

This could easily and more correctly be seen as the ultimate pursuit of masochism's holy grail.

The material mind is a terrible thing, by default.

Visible said...

yes Gregory, many people do that with just about everything. I would like to hope I am not one of them.

I know what Theoretical meant. I'm in the same position. I'm taking off god knows where in a couple of months for a number of months and I can do that but I still have obligations like being a decent person, representing the light insofar as I understand it, leaving good footprints and a host of other things.

Anonymous said...

"When my mouth is fragrant with right speech, a flower blooms in the garden of my heart."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

amarynth said...

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World.

This book changed me. The first part is written focusing on spiritual disciplines that most of us have in our lives anyway, but somehow, my disciplines just became a little more focused - without even wanting to (grin). And then, the second half spoke to a part of me that I did not know existed. And, it changed me! This book speaks to the invisible, that part that we all have, but don't know very well. I've been 'married' to this manuscript now for a while and each time I read something, it remains new and fresh.

We're doing the last bits and pieces to the manuscript to ensure high quality, but you can pre-buy now, and I'll send it along the moment the last finishing touches are ready .. literally within hours. Tomorrow we're starting the process to publish the physical book, which is going to be beautiful!

In the next while, a few sample chapters will be ready for you to read on the main site. This was a great job done by mainly the New Shangri-La. Who are they? They change from time to time. Even this community is now real in terms of working together (grin). If you doubt that statement, go and visit the Community ...

Thank you Neil, Dave, Erik and there are other names that I don't know if I should mention here. You know who you are. Thank You!

For the next Novel, I would ask for a competent proof reader that knows all the rules to give us a hand in completing the manuscript at a high level of quality.

Anonymous said...

Tending one's own garden is my preferred mode of contemplation and meditation. This happens to be true in the very, quite most literal sense.

Contemporary existence is for most people a life spent blitzed out on speed. Everything is buzzers and bells and all required tasks must be done yesterday. People live in awful suburbs, clanging cities, or small towns full of suspicion and gossip. Who can get inside when all the stimuli emanate from without?

Living as a template for that harmonium which ensues out of the rubble of the last wispy remnants of the Kali Yuga may have much to do with one's Dharma and how one answers the call of destiny, of one's own inner voice or higher soul.

It was my good fortune to be fired from my last official job as a paid journalist in the spring of 1973. Realizing then that working for the man every night and day was not something leading onto the pathway into the fullness of being; i made the decision to move to an area far from the bright lights and dollar signs, where it was possible to buy a small plot of land and an old homesteader shack of a house for an amount which was then affordable.

Somewhat surrounded by swampy wilderness, my little place has year by year become more and more of a garden. Yesterday's meditation included removing subsoil from one end of a garden and wheelbarrowing it up a small hill and around a corner to a pond which has gradually been carved out from a slough-hole over the past 36 years.

It's been dry here for over three months. So the pond and slough are largely without the usual amount of water. And i dig it. Building a causeway with rooty peat from the surface. Thus exposing the sweet peat below. The wheelbarrow returns to the garden laden with that sweet peat, where it replaces the subsoil which went to the causeway to stabilize the rooty peat from which that is being built. Load in. Load out. Civilization is built spade by spade.

In building the stone wall around that garden and in removing the sandy subsoil, quite a number of both mature monsters and smaller asparagus plants have been dug up and relocated. Many roots get cut off. They get wheeled out with the subsoil and become part of the causeway. Asparagus roots are leathery and tough. Many will survive and sprout. With the smile of fortune, that causeway will become one mass of asparagus. I do prefer that to the native cattail plants. Less getting the feet wet and easier to prepare as food.

Some would call this hard work ~ laboring toil, even. They are wrong ~ at least so far as attitude matters. When one task starts to drag and begins to wear on body and soul, it is quite possible and even necessary to switch to a different constructive chore in the expansive rounds of homesteading the spirit. Within this template, con-templation is ever infused with play. With joy even.

To lose one's self within creative construction of an alchemical expression of inner harmony infused with the spirit of play and ultimately consumated as a progression of work is a trans-abstract formulation of reconstruction of self by means of creative interface with the world without.

Presently, this is somewhat of a hermit's happenstance. As the wheel turns beyond the clutches of Kali Yuga, cultivation of the garden of the soul may become somewhat commonplace.

Such is my vision.


kf said...

I recently read "The Dark Splendor" (a/k/a "The Darkening Splendor Of An Unknown World")and as far as I'm concerned, you, Les, are right up there with my favorite weavers-of-tales: Ellis Peters (Edith Parager), Taylor Caldwell, Harry Kemmelman and Lewis W. Green.

Your recent reference to that part of the story about the encounter in the new age bookstore was one of the highlights!

Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your writings LV and your impeccable spirit of truth. Thank you for all you do. I also enjoy reading your writings on the Bhagavad-Gita; it never ceases to surprise me that ‘western’ people are versed in this knowledge. The Hindu culture is the true home of Shem. I agree that there does seem to be a layer of corruption over all ancient wisdom maybe this has something to do with something called the world council of churches which suggests it is politically motivated and aimed and dulling consciousness which in turn dulls the evolution of consciousness. I am sure the majority of us do not want to think about things like darkness etc etc and much rather speak about the true, the good and the beautiful but we do know if these matters are not addressed the dignity of man will be devolutioning before we know it.


Sorry typo error should read: 747BC – 1413 AD

Visible said...

Well, I will respond to both of those. The ones who get the Gita, who really get it, don't spend a lot of time talking about it. Some minds are conditioned to see things according to their own demands on reality and some wish only to see reality for what it is. Ergo, council of churches and whatever have little impact on the appreciation of an open mind. They might have a lot to do with why minds are closed in the first place.


I'm glad you liked the book. That was my first effort and suffered from the usual mistakes of a preliminary attempt. You'll note in Spiritual Survival etc that the first half does not hold a candle to the second half.

This next following novel I suspect will ring some bells. The hardest part of a fiction presentation is the ending. For whatever reason, the cosmos gave me something that would make Poe nod his head in approval beneath whatever apple tree he is buried waiting upon whatever scripture was right about. I can take no credit for it because it came out of the blue to me from the one who inspires everything I do right. The only mistakes happen when I get involved and there is a lot less of me now than there was.

My giving this book a certain credence puts me on the spot to deliver... good! fucking A, I'll take that challenge.

Anonymous said...

I like that word harmonium,it feels like something bees would talk about on there day to day dutys in the great garden.....

this is a beautiful post lord visibles,
and stickmans out their speaking butterflys again,,,brilliant.....

and thanks amarynth.....

respects to all.....neil

amarynth said...

Well, we're ready to take the next one to print having learned a massive amount in this round! Roll it Visible (grin) and keep writing!

Visible said...

I be rolling.


Yeah, stickman is an original. He reminds me of The Village Idiot whom I have not heard from in a long time now. There are some impressive people running around and I just hope we can all get together in respect of that. I talk about a lot of gthis on the radio show tonight.

Tannon said...

Live Traffic Feed:
A visitor from Moscow, Russia has arrived.
Oh, it's just Vladimir Putin peepin' the scene. I like that idea and it entertains me to imagine it being true.

On stressing the importance of daily consistent meditation; I truly wonder if I'm even ready to see my overgrown mind garden or discover what the soil is composed of. It is so scary.

The Ashaninca people in the Peruvian Amazon drink Ayahuasca, which they say reveals the medicinal and useful properties of native plants to them in their visions. (See "The Cosmic Serpent" by Jeremy Narby)

Perhaps Ayahuasca (peyote, mushrooms, etc.) can also reveal the useful properties of plants in your own mind garden.

The divine ineffable, like a DNA spiral of sex and mystery. Twin snakes of non-duality and ego-shattering paradox that render all learned knowledge obsolete.

You have to "Walk through the Fire or Burn" "When Darkness Falls".

Les' hyper-dimensional reality show now available on DVD. Disciplined Veneration of the Divine.

Somebody left a comment back in January or February telling of a near-death experience in which someone they knew experienced a world that was "Dark, Warm, and Full of Love".

I think of that often.

wv: puberies - people who believe in the spiritual doctrine that everything is sex.

gurnygob said...


(It helps to be completely obligation free, which I am.)

It seems to me that(A THEORETICALLY FICTIONAL CHARACTER)would be completely obligation free but what do I know.

I don't believe all life is equal. (“You are worth more than many sparrows” The Christ) I expect it all come down to who is telling the truth.

BTW I am not looking for a fight of intellects on the subject. It seems simple enough and within the boundaries of even my simple reasoning to assume that you are worth much more than a micro organism or even a sparrow and the rest of what you said is THEORETICALL is it not?

I often consider the insects under my feet but until I learn to hover it seem there is not much I can do about it. Poppycock!

Me, I just want to get closer to Jesus.


rootzzzy said...

My inner compass has been set on your writings/teachings since May.

Thank you for feeding my spirit and soul.

Anonymous said...

Last night I had a dream that I only remember fragments of. Ironically, the one part of the dream that I can vivdly recall was about a garden. I was worried about what natural and unnatural disasters might be looming in the near future and I wanted to plant a vegetable garden so that I would have food to eat. I wanted to plant so many different kinds of vegetables that I became overwhelmed with the logisitics of everything. I then came up with the 'brilliant' idea to hire someone to plot, plant and tend to this garden for me. Surely, there was someone with a green enough thumb that could do a bang-up job and so, I was no longer worried about it. Nonetheless, I did wake up feeling generally uneasy and also hopeless about some situations in my life.

Then, this afternoon I read this TIMELY, incredible, beautifully written blog about HOW to tend to one's OWN garden and WHY it's detrimental to 'get this' concept at this time in our earthly existence. It really helped me to understand what I need to do to take care of myself so that my life can be so much better and I can be a good example to others. I was never about money and acquiring lots of useless stuff. I live simply but, my relationships are going through a major overhaul so that I'm basically friendless right now. I'm a big part of the reason why as I've 'taken out the trash' and I need to find new, good friends. It's hard though when you have self-esteem issues and had mostly bad friends since childhood. The times we are in don't help. Sure, most people nowadays are self-absorbed, shallow, backstabbing and full of shit -I was, not really by choice, surrounded by a few people like this at a gathering last night and it left me feeling empty and sad. But, it's still all an inside job and you reap what you sow. It's so true - who you CHOOSE to hang out with says a lot about your character and how you value yourself. I know that twice daily meditation will help me on the inside to maybe finally let go of all past resentments and pain so that I can attract love, peace and happiness on the outside. Then I'll have more compassion for those people that I can't avoid being around. It's about forgiveness of myself and others. I just have to soldier on through the endless distractions and mind chatter that I must contend with on a daily basis. I so yearn for that intimate connection with The Divine that you always write about. When I achieve that, you'll be the first to know. Les, you are the only person that explains these things so eloquently without ego-driven complications and ridiculous rants. Thank you for the soul food.

Via Con Dios,

Ellie Bellie

Visible said...

One way or another I will be in northern Mexico and Maui over the months following Christmas so if you want to get together with me we'll find a way. From there I hope to visit Patrick Willis around end of March or April. I'm going to be free and flexible as long as I don't have to step into the US mainland; fair waring on my proximity to you for this time window.

Jacques Ophalot said...

Une promotion du livre sans vergogne déguisée comme un article de jardinage, très sournois...

Anonymous said...

ellie bellie,you are extremely sensitive and that is a beautiful thing, i have been in the same situation as yourself for a large part of my life surrounded by people who are basicly snatching energy from each other in some sort of deranged competition,,,

to me sounds like you need to work on the heart as it is tightly packed into itself at the moment and wants to let go,,i find the heart is what defines what we think,,,meditation can be cumbersome if the heart is in this stuck position,as emptying the mind from thoughts can leave a sort of nothing feeling and as soon as you have finished meditating you have the same stuck feeling in the heart.....
I am one of those people who would define all day to day activity not just a certain portion of the day as meditation,in no way am i an expert meditator but I felt what you have just written,so thought I would respond...

so focus on heart with empty mind all sorts of subtle feelings develope some days their wont be much other days you will have huge feeling but it is a constant process for the rest of your life

anyway deep respects...neil

Robin Redbreast said...

Les - Patrick is British right?
- coming to the UK/Wales??
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

dream makers garden
harmonys breeze
weaving on instance
blows through the trees
streams of electrified
sung on the sounds
on feilds made of rainbows
in butterfly clouds
with flowers of virtue
melodys scent
indigo skys
wise laden sense
strung on the heart
deep in the mind
the dream makers garden
where truth aligns


Visible said...

Patrick is South African and I am definitely not coming into the belly of the beast, there or US. I'm on all kinds of lists. It's better for people to see me in neutral zones. I might go see my friend Jim Coor in Ireland but I haven't spoken to him about that yet.

Anonymous said...

i cant help thinking about the average israeli and wondering why they are not out their holding huge protests against their satanic leaders like the rest of the world is at the moment...

israeli people your leaders will sacrifice you,have no doubts about that,
if your insain leaders were to try and kick off a war with iran,you would be imediately annihilated by many many bombs....

israelis get yourself out their on the streets and do your bit....please

respects... neil

Unknown said...


I have had cats and horses as teachers. I have befriended nondomestic animals. I have had raccoons at my feet after I gained their trust in a couple of months, and yes I fed them. I have been befriended by a blackbird, and when I ran, it flew with me, when I clicked at it, it talked back. Then one day it just wasn't there, but hey. After I earn the trust of an animal, I can communicate with it. No, not in conversation, but in the way of the First Nations folk who remember. . .

The animals are worth no less than I. Yes, I still kill blood suckers that land on me, but for the most part I do my best not to destroy insects. I get along rather well with the yellow jackets that are on the property. They like the fish leftover from the cats.

No, I do not feel obligated to the animals. I will serve them (NOT on a plate) whilst I am here, but if/when I must leave, I will leave, though I do have a contact who will get and attempt to place the animals.

If everything is from the same Source, how can anythin' be worth more than anythin' else?

amarynth said...

An extract of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World is now available at this page:

neal said...

Northern Mexico. Boats would work, they always have, kissing the shorelines, for a while. If you did that on the waters, I could pass by, and wave.

Just got back from a week on the river, she was all neutral, and mostly kind, for those that had to pay attention- obligations and all, trying not to get killed, and helping? those in over what they think was their heads.

I guess no one needs a boat that don't leak to float, unless you need to do it more than once.

Those Old Ones always have a taste of the Sea in that Breath- what works, always works, I don't make the rules, just observing, and trying not to get killed, just yet.

est said...

the battle is fought within
the enemy is attachment

the foe is desire
for this world and the next

gurnygob said...

To Theoretically Fictional Charater

Not trying to sound flippant but I serve them on a plate all the time. Sorry there is no nice way to say that.

I see where you are coming from and I would not try to belittle your connection with and love for Creatures. Strange as it may seem, coming from a carnivore, I have affection for animals, but still see them as somewhat less than the state of mankind, in much the same way one would consider a man to an angel or higher being. I give thanks to God for all Creatures, be they running in the fields or swimming in the rivers or oceans or soaring in the heavens; and I give thanks to God when I serve them for dinner.

I find it strange that man holds the position he does in the order of things if every living Creature is created equal. Is it that man has acquired this position he holds by chance and if so, could it not be said that apes might just have easily acquired the same state, but for chance?

I believe that God created all and placed them in the order they appear. I have heard it said that all Creatures even plants evolve through all the different life cycles until they reach the state of man and so on up the ladder but I do not buy into that. I know that doesn't make me right but this is how I see it for now. There is a lot I have yet to learn.

I have heard of the gospel of the Holy Twelve and apart from the scripture quotes it sounds like a gospel for vegetarians and I had to let it go, not that I have anything against vegetarians.

I see God's handiwork in everything, but his relationship with man holds a significance that does not seem to extend into the animal kingdom, as far as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

I was going to post this song last week but backed off.
After your talk tonight, it just seeemed most appropriate. So here ya go

david griffith said...

good stuff les .... lying about on the lawn taking out the bindii's is a good moving meditation for those of us who need a stretch but tend to get stuck sitting cross legged.

steve said...

I told a friend many years ago that was interested in meditation and the discipline that goes with it 'mediatate every day for two years then we can talk' . "two years"! came back the response - to hard. without discipline you wont make it.

Kevenj said...

Yes, you be rollin.Damn I'd love to meet with you and your friends, but resources are scarce at the moment as you probably understand. Again an excellent post. I've learned more reading you than years at the Fundamentalist Churches I used to attend. I will await your book.Cliff High might have to wait...but he's cool.
Keep it up Les, you are gifted.

Susan said...

Pour Jacques Ophalot 9.55pm:

apparement vous n'avez pas ete ici long, ou vous n'insinueriez pas sournoiserie.

And since I have no clue how to change to a French keyboard, please excuse the missing accents. It's not ignorance, just incapability.

Les, thanks for another great inspirational piece. I shall go tend to my garden now.

Pete said...

Good one Les. Thank you.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hello Friends,
Been having some nasty computer problems requiring format time and install, install, but managed to peek at what happens here because that is what I have.
These last posts are over the top, but I do not find that surprising at all. When I quietly contemplate, I know that the ceiling is limitless.

There will ALWAYS be more and it will always be better.
I saw some happy, happy,, joy stuff on Saturday that seemed ridiculous considering the current state of affairs and meant to do some beating.....but then again.....why bother?, as that is not my job. (I most likely will kick your ass at some point). Sorry, but bullshit bugs me.

Despite the comments above, I know nothing.
I do not come here to teach my version of reality, as I know that each must find his own way. If you are perhaps concerned and feeling that this is personally directed toward you then I submit that you have created that reality and I am only responding.

Hate it when I do this.....

Where does this love and understanding of others come from?
I totally get where you come from and that can only be explained as a gift or perhaps a curse as evidenced in my real life experiences.
Like so many who come here...I cannot shut off what the Divine forces me to see.

Observing, and always thankful to you Mr. Visible.


Anonymous said...

"Your life is your garden, your thoughts are the seeds. If your life isn't awesome, you've been watering the weeds." -Terry Prince

est said...

the empty page
wide and deep
as a field

harrowed with
dirt turned up
ready for seed

plenty of light
a little rain
all they need

for a thought
to arise sustain
and recede

a few clouds
moonless nights
the heart will bleed

in solitude
in silence

before the mind
is freed

out onto the earth
up into the sky

to the end
of the universe

i'll hear the
endless cry

i was too
busy living

to ever think
i'd die

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Blind, Naked and Clueless.

Unknown said...

Susan, when I need accents, I use babelfish or a dictionary. If I key in pate, I will go to the work to copy/paste and make it pâté. Usually, unless I'm feelin' exceptionally lazy.

gurnygob, I do not condemn carnivours. I wasn't always one, and what set me off was readin' parts of Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz. I also didn't study animals so much, until a certain black kitten took over the household. The one who taught me Catonese, and the one who taught me how much of our motivations and wants are the same. The cat that used to walk off leash around the 'hood with us. The one who woke me up a few times for work when I forgot to set the alarm. The one who held my hand between his paws when we passed out together, and when I awoke, my had was still between his paws. The one who made the most heart-rendin' mournful sounds for a few days after we had to move to another town, from perhaps missin' a certain feline friend. The one who listens to requests when he sees the reasonin' behind the requests. The one who likes to lay in my lap when I'm surfin' the web. The one who just walked in the room and is now sittin' in front of me, 'cause he might know I'm writin' about him? And when I dream about him, he sometimes speaks English.

Anonymous said...

The teachings of Srila Prabhupada on women and anti-feminism

The purpose of this essay is to address the issue of feminism and misandry (hatred of men, the opposite of misogyny) and how it has destroyed modern society. We will be analyzing many of the statements made by Srila Prabhupada about women, their role in society, and the anti-feminism stance of his teachings.

Unknown said...

Ack! Edit for last post I did. What I meant, gurnygob; was that I was not always a vegetarian. I'm still not vegan. I do diary, eggs, if gelatin is in my yoghurt or what ever, oh well. I also use Worcestershire sauce with anchovies, and all, so let's just say I don't buy cuts of meat. So, I suppose that makes me mostly vegetarian, still eatin' meat byproducts. I also wear leather (Boots, belt, wallet, one used jacket.), but I must say it lasts a lot longer.

Pete said...

A saying from Manly P. Hall goes something like this.....It is a profanation to sell something that is not yours to spiritual things. I think like you have said though Les, it is all a matter of degrees. You have also stated that if the aspiration is fervent enough that one can attain enlightenment even through a false teacher. I just listen to my gut on these things. In shamanistic cultures it is common practice to make an offering of some sort, like food, to the shaman for his assistance. Having your food, travel and lodgings covered is one thing. Even a nominal entrance fee for a speech is not too offputting when you consider the costs of promotional material etc. But when I see some guy, dressed like a monk, with that bug eyed creepy grin that many so called enlightened teachers have, and he is charging 350.00 dollars for a lecture then my bells start going off. Manly Hall, genius, "You cant sell what is not yours to sell." Hall lectured for 60 years. Your writing is trenchant and very 1st Ray as per Alice Bailey's channeled works. Thanks for all you do and have been doing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Neil,

I'll try focusing more on my heart. I've read that in this new age that is approaching us, we will have to "think with our hearts". Not really sure what it all means, but I'm going to go with that which makes me feel good inside. Today, while at work I refused to let any negative thoughts take up residence. I told myself that wonderful things were coming my way and to be greatful for where I am rather than where I'm not and I had a great day!
You see, I just had a milestone birthday back in June and feel like I should be married w/ kids by now and it's frightening to think about a lonely future. I know it could be worse, I could be like sooo many that I know..divorced with partial custody and deep regret. This is what I kept telling myself today.

Maybe a positive shift happens in many of us internally and in our personal lives and not just in the cosmos.... As Above, So Below. Anyway, I'm hoping the reasons for my current predicaments are revealed to me very soon by the cosmos because I'm very tired of waiting for the final act. I just want to live in peace like all the rest of you. Sorry for the rant but I wanted to share about today.

**By the Way, just read on about how Bankok is flooding with rapidly rising(sea)water much like parts of Vietnam and most of Jakarta. There may be more big EQ's in Turkey following yesterdays 7.2, according to the lame stream media. And, Guatemala and Honduras have had massive landslides, sinkholes and road collapses along the Pan American H'way in the past week.

Won't be long now, will it?

Via Con Dios,
Ellie Bellie

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Resonance and the Dissonance Hold Hands.

Those of you who are not followers of the blog are the reason I have to go through this every time. If you were to scroll down on the right side of the blog you could accomplish this and one day I might not have to do this all the time.

Visible said...

Ellie; once we get this community happening we will get you hooked up (grin). As you noted in examples, you have been spared a great deal, consider yourself blessed and remember you life isn't over yet. All kinds of things can happen. I'm going to send out a prayer for you as soon as I finish writing this.

Visible said...


Nothing pisses me off more than when people dump on Manly Palmer Hall. Few people know that he had elephantiasis or the pain that accompanied that. He's the real deal and was a main teacher of mine in earlier times. That is why I have made The Secret Teachings of all Ages available to the reader here more than once.

Pete said...

Hey Les,
I'm with you on Hall. He was the first esoteric philosopher I came upon when I started looking and he resonated so strongly that I have since read just about everything he ever wrote. Did you know that he completed the secret teachings of all ages when he was 27? Thats proof of reincarnation right there :) I love to listen to his lecture series which is available on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.
These blogs have become a lifeline to sanity and hope for me. I can't wait for the day when 'the meek shall inherit the earth' and we can all live together in our own harmonious, peaceful, loving and sustainable community. In the meantime, I pray alot; read your blogs; watch what the sun is up to and try to laugh as much as possible. Reading the funny shit peddled from douchebags like Ben Foolford, Sorcha Faal and Sheldon Nidle's crazy-ass posts help me keep things in persepctive and to have a sense of humor about these times we are in.

Peace out,
Ellie Bellie

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

not to take anything away from the activists but

OYS - Occupy Your Self.

( a thought/challenge - LV does childrens books (Spike Milligan did them) - sans shit words, 'cept Pooh. )


Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a hold of the softback/hardback copy of the book since I suffer from attention deficit disorder when sitting in front of the computer reading a pdf file.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Wall Street Drummers for the Bankers of God.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded your book Vis.

I am so happy to have it and look forward to reading this text, as I do your words here each day.

I have to say these days, I now feel a bit more optimistic, for whatever reason.

The air feels lighter. The vibration feels better, and I have hope for all of us.
(I always did, but now it feels more tangible)

I love you for putting your words and feelings out there for us.

Liz in NC :)

CarissaC. said...

Les, I just wanted to say thanks for this posting. It was very timely and kind of synchronous. All the things you talk about have been going through my mind the past couple of days, including the bits about disease and disharmony, stress related deaths and diet/food. All of it. It's kind of weird how that works. So I printed it out and am carrying it with me in my backpack to try to remind myself. And as always when you're in Origami mode the writing just flows so eloquantly. Thanks....

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Funhouse Wonderland and Wasteland of our Lives.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Uptown Pepperoni for your Pizza from Hell.



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