Monday, November 20, 2023

"In a Real Awakening... Things No Longer Appear as They Seemed to be... In The Dream that One is Awakening From."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Certain things should be obvious. Even if you can't see or hear them, you can know they are present. Let's start with light. There is visible light and invisible light. Visible light requires no examples or explanations... unless you are really stupid. Invisible light consists of radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, X-rays, and... much more; like The Black Sun that powers the physical sun but which is too bright to see.

The planes of existence are invisible too... except to those with elevated sight; the etheric plane... the Upper and Lower Astral plane... the Mental Plane... the Casual and Buddhic planes, and... The Atmic Plane.

You can't see people's emotions or thoughts... unless you have elevated sight. You can see evidence of them though; when people smile or frown... when they cry out in pain or pleasure. Then you see the emotions. Sometimes you can read people's thoughts in their faces... if you have elevated sight.

It's like The Wind. You can't see The Wind but you can see evidence of it whenever it is present. You can't see the sylphs that ride on The Wind... unless you have elevated sight. I have sometimes seen the evidence of these animated elementals in altered states, but... have yet to possess the elevated sight in ordinary states. I'm working on it. It's a matter of time.

It's a similar process to your getting muscles by lifting weights or... gaining weight by eating certain comestibles... or anything you do that changes your appearance or composition. ANYTHING that you do or work at consistently will show up in your being.

So... simple logic should tell you there is more to life than meets the eye. People who reject the spiritual aspects of life are like that because they insist on it. Some of them have gotten a bad taste from religion, and can't help associating religion with somebody else's idea of what God Is.

Religions are an imperfect expression of man's inability to see what is seldom present on the sensory bandwidth. God can be seen if you happen to be pure of heart. In Times of Material Darkness, the pure of heart is a rare breed.

Religions give people a template by which to imagine what they can't see. This leads to some horrible results... unfortunately. This is why it is ALWAYS best to see the God... which you cannot see, as... Love. Love is the medium by which God expresses himself in Nature. The Sun is a classic and enduring example of this. It's there every day but people still can't see it for what it is. Love exists at every level of the spectrum. According to your level of refinement, that is how Love interprets to or for you.

Materialism destroys your sense of community and bestializes your nature by inflaming your wanting, through suggestive advertising, and the way products are dressed. We will include the human body as one of the products. You get the sense that EVERYTHING is for sale, and that is the inspiration to get more and more money by any means necessary.

So it is that The Ruling Authority... The REAL Ruling Authority... not the temporal bozos with enforcement arms of blind mechanical soldiers... so it is that it inserts different periods of transformation into the chronology of events, in order to shepherd humanity past the pitfalls that appear when appetite becomes a stronger force than intelligence. One of the periods of transformation is a general sense of awakening.

One of the features of a real awakening is that things no longer appear as they seemed to be... in the dream one is awakening from. Depending on who is waking up, and what they were up to before it started happening, one can find themselves in many different degrees of liberation or disturbance.

Try to imagine how really awful The Bankers are. They instigated and orchestrated the last two world wars in which tens of millions died; hundreds of millions when you consider all the spin-offs. They did it for the money. They have also hidden the technology of free energy. They have hidden the cures for fatal diseases, and even increased the spread of these diseases, in order to profit from the treatment of them, which doesn't treat them.

They finance bad conditions and suppress the opportunity for good conditions. They literally turn life into Hell World so that the few can enjoy lavish lifestyles at the expense of the many. They even created a political system called Communism that is promoted as a solution for all their business as usual, and they laugh and laugh when you buy into it without realizing it will make your situation many times worse than it was before.

Their main efforts... it seems... is to agitate grievances between the different kinds of people. They divide you against each other... in order to conquer and govern you, while they control all your options and illusions of choice. This is why The REAL Ruling Authority inserts those apocalypses and awakenings into the chronology of events... in order to upset the rotten apple carts of those who are blind to obvious things that they can neither see nor hear.

It may seem like negativity and control by demonic intelligences is the general nature of things. It is not. It gets the way it's been... at extreme periods... of extended time frames... of tit for tat... at the end of a cycle. Most of the time... over the long haul... there are periods of greater light... visibly and invisibly. There's no real need for historical records when nothing is happening except harmony and Nature in balance. Lao Tzu goes into all this, for those who are capable of understanding what he is talking about.

In Times of Material Darkness, the narrow bandwidth of... what you see is what you get... predominates in The Hive Mind. Even the religions, which are supposed to be about what you cannot see, become as twisted and corrupt as everything else does. Instead of living the truth about any particular doctrine, people go around parroting scripture... which they don't even understand, and calling The Divine by names they do not know the meaning of or... they would not be using those names in the first place.

When all people have is the grocery list from A Canticle for Leibowitz, things get pretty confusing.

Ageless Wisdom is always around, but you have to go looking for it. This involves a protracted period of looking outside one's self for what can only be found inside one's self. Most resources are comically incomplete compilations of mindless complexity. Eventually... one finds the few examples of simplicity... or not.

One thing you can be sure of. If you refuse to stop looking you will discover what you seek. That's a cosmic law. It's like playing the guitar. Millions give it a shot. Thousands acquire a certain level of proficiency, and... a very few master the instrument. Those are the ones who never stopped learning. You are an instrument of a whole other order than the guitar. Why is it that so few people make any effort to master that instrument? It's a mystery is what it is.

The best way to get really good at all the things external to you... is to get really good at what's inside of you because... they are directly connected. Every talent you see demonstrated in life is an example of self-discipline taken to that degree.

I recommend finding The Divine because The Divine is the master of everything, and... the only mastery that ANYONE demonstrates at ANY TIME... ANYWHERE... is accomplished by letting God express through you. I realize it might be hard to understand how it is possible for one mysterious entity to be the actual master... of everything mastered... in every moment... everywhere, BUT... it is true.

Sometimes... trying to figure everything out is not the way to go. Sometimes... taking certain things on faith will save you a great deal of heartbreak and effort. Now... if you insist on doing things your own way... you are going to be allowed to do that... within the parameters of what is possible for you. If you would rather leave The Details to someone who is far more competent than you will ever be... this will also be permitted for as... long... as... you... can... stand... still... for... it.

Everything you can see is born of, and... controlled by... what you cannot see. The Worlds that you cannot see are far more populated than The World you can see. This should be obvious... if you compare the dimensions of the sensory bandwidth... with the dimensions of the extrasensory bandwidth; providing you are able to do that.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Second to the last paragraph. Oh, don't I KNOW it. Another rockin' post.


0 said...

"They have also hidden the technology of free energy. "

Funny, just this morning I was looking at the strategic oil reserve status. Seems like that started in the early 80s/late72s and grew to some 700 million barrels and now its currently at 350million barrels or so.

I was curious because if they are pulling a bait n switch then they may make the free energy tech available in the states while then continuing to sell oil to everyone else which would also then be why they, the fed gov, don't appear to be in a hurry to restore the strategic oil reserve back to its peak volume of 700 million barrels.

Tariel Kapanadzes system would turn the USA's All Electric Everywhere ideal into something that could be done without needing to burn fossil fuels in generators to generate electrical power. Heck even diesel train engines only burn the diesel to turn onboard generators to generate the electric to drive the electric traction motors that haul those Massive Loads.

I think they need to complete their depopulation push and find a new leash to make use of for they who won't do the learning themselves so they can keep control of the generation and dissemination of such technology. They'd likely go the route of a company called Inductance Energy and their Earth Engine. (which is just john bedinis SG scaled up to a massive size and integrated with hatem magnetic gearing for takeoff thru a normal genhead to produce power.)

Also bumped into an article by dr. naomi wolf on substack where she seems to be simping for the wealthy who've lost their bluster of life. Gee if only they had funds or influence to RESTORE ACCOUNTABILITY and ENFORCE LAWS. Its Getting mighty Stupid out there.

Chop Chopinksi!


Anonymous said...

The writing style seems different than usual.

Visible said...

Just the way it goes sometimes.



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