Tuesday, November 07, 2023

"For The Moment, and Not Much Longer, The Nastiest Sonsabitches on The Planet are Having a Limited Fair Weather Day."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... Niburu has been coming since Global Warming showed up... maybe even before OR... they might have ridden in on a brace of doppelganger shadow ponies together. I don't know. What I do know is that I haven't seen Niburu yet. I was never waiting on Niburu to begin with, so... no disappointments on my end.

Some people are saying The Moon isn't real. It's some kind of machine. I've no idea what purpose that serves or who maintains it. Then there's the fake moon landings, whose point I don't get. Have they all been fake then? Is the Space Station fake too? Flat Earth has been around since Stupid got stamped on the forehead of an entire race of people.

David Icke of The Reptilian Alliance is now saying that Saturn is The Matrix, sending a frequency to Earth that creates a Saturn-Moon Circle Jerk of illusions. Apparently (but not to me) Saturn's Rings were also created by The Pokemon Reptiles.

Here's what I think. When you are a carnival barker... showman... caravan traveling guy... with all kinds of bottles of something or other... you do a lot of your promotional work through the medium of sensationalism. If you want to get people into the tent to see the bearded lady... the two-headed sisters... the geek and his chickens, you got to make sure that the theatrical side is covered. Otherwise... someone who is not in on the caper might do that out-of-the-mouths-of-babes thing.

I'm not saying there isn't a distant association with this nonsense and The Truth. The order of The Solar System... the constellations, and assorted matters have been charted long ago by wiser minds; should anyone care to go back that far... and from Luna came lunacy... Saturn the disciplinarian... yadda yadda.

If you are going to sell people new and improved snake oil, you have to put it in pretty bottles with colorful labels. If you also put a good product inside, like Celestial Seasonings used to do, you have a winner. Otherwise... the alcohol and narcotics will take care of your core audience and pay for you to get to the next town.

I'd like to point out that the brain-eating sociopaths who work the governments through the intelligence agencies are the biggest players in the mind-scamming arena. They not only come up with regular doozies on their own, but they finance a lot of the freelancers out there who are softening you up for the alien invasion... The Jesus in The Sky holograms... and the usual shuck and jive that makes sure a lot of people don't get out alive.

I don't know why they bother. Very few people get out of here alive anyway. What I mean is that there are people who can consciously transfer from physical envelopes to more subtle planes of operation. This I know for a fact. The key is being able to constantly change. The key is adaptation. There are also people who can turn their physical vehicle into conscious... animated... light. This will become more of an occurrence once The Wave hits.

I am writing about these things today to warn The Reader about all the smoke screens, and circus performers who are making a tidy sum blowing smoke up your ass. Anybody running a business based on alleged spiritual truth is a lying sack of shit. Among The Pretenders harvesting gain from the countryside are very few real items... the rare genuine article is around, but that person is not shaking The Money Tree. THEY DON'T HAVE TO. They have all they need forever.

For the moment, and... not for much longer, all the meanest and nastiest sonsabitches on the planet are having a fair weather day. They are vacuuming up every resource in sight with seeming impunity. Bill Gates isn't even keeping his evil a secret anymore. Neither is Soros, Schwab, or any of the rest of the vampire swine.

They are that confident of success that they don't give a damn who sees them anymore. They got away with 9/11 and they got away with COVID and The Killer Vaccines. Why... they can pretty much do what they please; can't they?

Original Maya is a creation of The Divine. Every God-realized person has their own Maya that they use for whatever the purpose may be... in order to move among us because... without it... they would be torn to pieces by The Mob. The thing with The Pretenders is that they mimic The Real Thing. They got their Maya too, and we have been talking about examples of that today.

It appears that we had all of these free energy sources once... so some people are saying. Buildings all over The World... allegedly... were built to access energy in the atmosphere. Then it was suppressed, but neither altered history nor occult history makes any mention of this. the closest I can verify is what Atlantis hosted once upon a time. Time will tell and we shall see. Maybe it was but it wasn't because it was something else.

I don't know if The Moon Landing was filmed in Colorado. I don't know what's going on under the Denver airport or where and what all those DUMB installations are. I know The Lahaina Fire was a Deep State event. That's common sense for anyone with an IQ over a hundred... even stupid people know what happened.

I never met stupider people in all my life than I did in da ilans because Pineapple Brain Rot is a real thing there. I've watched it take hold of people. It is not my intention to insult all island dwellers. I've met smart people there too, BUT... if you have ever lived in these places you know what I am talking about. Where there is easy living there is not much deep thinking. That is why people living in colder environments are smarter because... THEY HAVE TO BE.

Also... everywhere that perverse sexual antics are a main focus, you get a collectively dumbed-down mindset. The problem these days is that it is everywhere now. When sexual focus is the predominant perspective, all the things that make life really meaningful are in absentia. The Divine is excluded when the carnal nature is in the ascendant, and... vice versa. For many people, a time of brutishness is coming in on the tides of advanced Materialism.

When this happens... entire cultures are in danger of being swatted by The Invisible Wardens in the employ of The Evolutionary Arc. It only degrades so far before it reverses course. This is an enduring principle of existence. So... these vile skells who are plundering The World at this time... are only a symptom of existence in a degraded state. Someone is coming in to clean The Kitchen shortly and the vermin will all be headed to the big roach motel underground.

Look at all those unhappy rock stars from halcyon days gone by. There's not a genuine smile in the whole curmudgeonly crowd. This is the price of money and fame my friends. It weighs you down. It steals your joy. It makes you suspicious and cheap. They sit on millions and wonder if there will be enough, while surrounded by scheming relatives and Wormtongue friends. It all comes with the territory.

Then there are the politicians with all those bodyguards. They would be torn to pieces otherwise. The billionaires in their bunkers; how soon before their protectors turn on them? There's no love lost there. Bad hair preachers screaming about a Jesus they never met. They met The Other Guy. You can tell by the way they carry on.

When I heard about them painting sugar water under the eyes of starving children... who sit on their laps for photo-ops... in order to attract the flies... that was an epiphany for me.

Is any of this shit you hear about real? How come it never happens then? How come the wisest people to ever step down on this sweet swinging sphere (cue Lord Buckley) never have anything to say about all these Nephilim, Anunnaki, and reptile overlords? Perhaps they actually sleep in the sand with the pharaohs?

Once again... with emphasis... I'm not saying some version of all of these characters... from Rakshasa-Land are not roaming about, BUT... you only meet them on their wavelengths. Keep that in mind. Be simple and keep your eyes on The Prize. Don't let all those storytellers bring you down. A pulse is coming from The Inner Planes. Make yourself open to it.

The Bad Guys will fade away when The Light becomes too bright to accommodate their mischief. At the moment they are just outing themselves... much as this recent false flag has given so many... such an opportunity to show their true colors. By their works (and by their words) ye shall know them. Be watchful and don't buy into the woo-woo.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky as I am one day closer to what I want which canna be avoided.

Al said...

I know a little about this time and that is we (solar system) are moving into a new space around the great Milkyway wheel like hours on a clock dial. Nothing can stop that motion nor what comes with it and it's changes in frequency received. After that I know very little else except God loves me and I love God.

The rest is a surprise waiting to be experienced by those who may remain and it's a nice feeling knowing the same old shit will be fading away for brand new shit.

It should be fun.

Blessings Brutha!

Visible said...

It sure looks like they were lying=


Anonymous said...

Lord Buckley--the metaphysician of stand-up comedians. One gone cat.


Anonymous said...

I've long believed that we (Americans) never landed on the moon in 1969 and subsequently, for this simple reason...if we had there'd be McDonald's all over the joint by now . 😆

Good, provocative post Les. Thanks am

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It is a Game that The Mind Plays in The Maze of Multiplicity or, there is The Wider Reach of Eternity Among The Stars."



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