Friday, November 10, 2023

"The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Brought to You by Black Rock Israel, and The Demons of The Deep."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Before I launch into today's polemic... concerning other worlds, and the intelligence that populates them, let me say that I KNOW there are aliens on ships, and some of them are other-dimensional. I had one land right in front of me in the Palm Springs desert one night, and it so happened that a friend was with me who was also known for his veracity.

I have had other encounters. I have talked about these in other posts. I don't feel like going into it again. I have also received transmissions... often... while on psychedelics. In these transmissions, they identified themselves as other than human. All sorts of people claim these things. Many books have been written on the experiences. Some of the UFO people are certifiable wackos looking for attention, and celebrity. I don't care about either of these things.

Even though I've had these experiences, I'm not that interested or worked up about the subject. I figure if they need to contact me, they know where to find me. I don't fancy spending my time with telescopes and other tech, running about the lonesome parts of The World, and looking for alien companions. I don't know who's who or what's what in those areas. I don't follow bears around with a camera either.

For the longest time, I have had contacts with The Sirius Cluster and especially Arcturus. That seems to compose the majority of my alien encounters, but... as I have said... this is peripheral to my main areas of inquiry, which are more about The Angels of The Sun, and the interior entities that visit me every day. If alien cultures want to interact with me, they know where to find me.

I didn't bring this up to talk about my ET experiences. I am much more interested in The Devic and Angelic Realms, and most especially interested in The Supreme Controller... Almighty God... who is the same, no matter the clothing of any religion he appeared in once for The Purpose of Demonstration.

God appears... rarely... and disappears as it pleases him to. People who happened to be around at the time did get all worked up and build statues... take dictation... and generally get involved in all the externals that manifested in that time and place. That's all irrelevant... unless you happened to be there, and that... could have gone either way.

I intended to talk about the subject of aliens today because I've seen something coming for years now. I suspect it's one of those things that the people in The Deep State keep in their back pockets for when the other shit they get up to doesn't work out as they wanted it to... like right now... today.

The Deep State is a collective of some of the most loathsome characters to ever appear here. Deep State might be less comprehensive as a term than it should be because it transcends any particular government, and is composed of people from all governments, who want to keep the profits coming in and the people pacified and under their control.

That works out most of the time... or it used to... across the long reach of recorded history, but now... The Deep State is actively involved with The Usual Suspects in attempting to kill off the majority of the inhabitants here... in order to be left with themselves and a permanent servant class in the aftermath.

This nasty behavior goes on most of the time... where temporary, and often self-appointed regents conspire with each other to maintain themselves in God-like isolation from the rest of us. Somewhere in Indonesia there is an island where a bunch of people in white live near the top of the central mountain, and are served by the populace below. It's been going on for generations. I can't remember the details now. I looked into it once but have forgotten what I knew. It might not even be Indonesia, but it seems to me that it is.

The Deep State has not gotten the universal compliance they wanted from the rest of us. Apparently, there is a percentage of us that have no interest in being railroaded by these twisted... demonically possessed... dead men laughing. They are laughing because the punch line hasn't reached them yet. At that point, they will know the joke is on them and they will no longer be laughing. They are approaching that point now.

They didn't get the numbers they were looking for from The Killer Vaccines. The wars haven't provided the body count... yet... that they are after. The poisoned food and pharmaceuticals; all the rest of the toxic shit they spread around... also hasn't gotten them their Georgia Guidestone's tally... yet.

The problem for them is that they are running out of time. The bread and circus routine is working... sort of, but... that's just a delaying tactic, and... they're running out of time. They know The Awakening is growing in force, by-the-day. They know they are in a time of apocalypse because all their secret doings keep coming out into the public view, and... the public is wired.

On the downside... even though wired... what the public is plugged into is mostly meaningless distractions of virtual bread and circuses... and other attractions of low-brow and prurient interest. However... the force of The Awakening continues to grow, and the instability of The World becomes ever more pronounced.

Meanwhile, The Seat of Satan on Earth is engaged in a very public mass murder spree... to appease the bloodthirsty demons... who exercise their will... through blood sacrifice pacts... to The Dark Invisible.

The same genre of people who own Black Rock also own Pornhub. They are behind the ruinous policies of forced migration in The West. They are behind the sexual perversity movements. They are the neo-con war hawks. They are also the owners of The Information Highway and every aspect of the entertainment business. This is also becoming more and more commonly known among the sleeping classes... presently being agitated out of sleep.

They know that The Piper is coming to call, and they know the agent of The Piper's Will is an awakened populace. So... they are about to go full-tilt with their alien number, with high tech AND the aforementioned industries and agencies just mentioned, of which only a few of them were named.

They also have The Jesus-in-the-Sky Caper... waiting in the wings. and they hope to hit the right demographics with that as well... and initiate a Pentecostal fever through the ranks of the fundie cinderblock heads.

They need... they badly need... to simulate what is already coming in real terms. They badly need to hijack the groundswell of The Avatar's approach, and all the very real changes that will bring. The Public is mostly unaware of The Avatar, but they do know that something is up. The Toad Cotillion knows something is coming too, but since they do not believe in anything divine, they think they can shoehorn something credible into the gap between now and whatever is coming.

Given the ignorant and idiotic things The Public already buys into, they don't think this is much of a scenario to activate, AND... they got plenty of holograms... bells and whistles... and a really creative makeup department. Because all of their vile projects are being exposed right and left, they have to do something to distract The Public, and The Aliens are Coming is a good ruse.

They will have these mock-ups appear in ships they've engineered for the purpose, and these shills will provide the messaging that conforms with the continuing needs of The Deep State. There will be a whole lot of woo-woo, and special effects for the cosplaying communities... video game junkies... and people who believe whatever they are told; The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Brought to you by Black Rock Israel and The Demons of The Deep.

You will see this any time now because they BADLY need a new distraction to take The Public's attention away from the thousands of missing Palestinian workers... who got rounded up in Israel and put into cages, and the thousands of mutilated and dead children... whose numbers grow by the day. This Gazacide has awakened The Public to who is controlling them. Our Secretary of State is even sitting on an Israeli Council and acting out his dual citizenship because these creeps are that clueless.

They think they are so in charge now that it doesn't matter who knows it, and all sorts of formerly credible people... who gave the appearance of presenting alternative viewpoints... are now bowing and scraping before the atrocities being committed, and... proclaiming them justified and necessary.

As God is my witness, and he is witness to all of us... all the time... and clear as crystal; they have shot themselves... not just in the foot, and are screaming for your compliance... like the cruel and petulant children they are. It's not going to fly, and neither is this alien shindig, but it should be thoroughly amusing... eh wot?

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

We have pieces of raw Shungite in the areas of the house that receive the highest levels of EMF - the bedrooms. I also keep a piece of Black Tourmaline near my desk which assists in protection of many kinds.

One thing I would like to caution cat owners on is essential oils of ANY kind. They should not be given to cats nor applied topically. Onions and garlic are also poisonously toxic to cats - even powdered. I only mention this because some humans wrongly assume that what's safe for US to consume/use is safe for our felines. Do your research and if there are any doubts, leave it out. For the safety and health of your beloved pet.


0 said...

Maui update. Curious finding of dbz reading which they look to attribute to a laser beam.


Anonymous said...

"They know that The Piper is coming to call, and they know the agent of The Piper's Will is an awakened populace."

This show we're watching still fascinates me to no end. The bad guys are doing a bang-up job and little by little the heroes are
showing up as whistleblowers and the like. I say "heroes" because let's face it, a good many of the brave end up dead or imprisoned, ostracized, and lately, bankrupted.

Thanks again, dear Visible, for your tireless focus on the Light. May the angels continue to guide and protect you and your comrades. Let freedom reign...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There is no 'dead'. There is 'transitioned'.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Are All on a Bandwidth- Birds of a Feather... Flocking Together... and Schools of Fish... Moving as a Single Lifeform."



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