Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I grew up in the House of Authority. My father was born on May 10th, the day of the strictest disciplinarian in the zodiac. He was also a cop, more or less. Sometimes he would read about some petty crime in the newspaper that had to do with an event on the base and he would look over the paper at me and say, “That had better not be you” with a menace that had the effect of Darth Vader in a black neoprene, Waffen SS suit, holding a cat o' nine tails. Imagine Patrick Willis on a bad hair day. Sometimes he would whip me for something I had not done. His rationale was that I got away with plenty that he didn't catch me at; not true. I was pretty well behaved, given the circumstances; until I wasn't, given the circumstances. I've no idea why I'm opening with this but my invisible friends do, so... I don't have to concern myself with that.

Last night I was trying to accomplish something and the amount of obstacles that were placed in my way, finally turned into something out of the theater of the absurd. For several years now, I have been hearing, “rely on me, rely on me utterly for everything, even the smallest detail”. The sense of that necessity and the force of intention from the invisible has increased, slowly but surely, until this moment I find myself in. Last night it got hammered home. The thing is, I forget. We all do. It is no easy task to assign everything in your life to something, even when you implicitly believe in it, even when it has gone out of its way to prove its existence to you. We have this automatic thing that responds to a lot of life's duties and challenges without thinking about it.

I was after something and I had figured out all the steps to get it happening and then? And then? “And then along came Jones”, so to speak. Now I'm at an impasse, except I only think I am so, we'll leave that as it is for the moment. What I don't get is that an informed and helpful soul, named “Hippie Lovegods” showed up to help me out, near instantaneously, when I put out a call at Facebook. It seemed destined, so I naturally assumed and... I guess I'm not supposed to do that.

During a recent international flight, I began to notice something right away in a small airport. The assistance level and ease of passage was remarkable. They didn't even ask me for a certain custom slip. In the process of observing what was happening, my invisible friend said, “Watch closely. Watch closely everything that happens in the process of this trip”. The trip was as smooth as glass. At one point I set off the buzzer (only time it happened) and the lady told me to take off my shoes. I was backing up through the radar when I said, “I have a pin in my leg”. This guy appears out of the mix and tells me to go through and I mean in a very friendly and commanding way. It went on like this and when I got picked up at the airport it was a full on reversal of all things that existed prior to, when I set off in the other direction to begin with. This ties in with 'rely on me'. I was being shown this and I was also doing that.

I'm about as forgiving as it gets. I have to be. One of the reasons, is that most of the things most people find important, I don't consider to be important at all. However there are a couple of things I sometimes struggle with; treachery and meanspiritness (I command the genesis of new words around here, heh heh). The two times I was in deep shit with the temporal orcs, it came about because people I helped out decided to conspire with the wolves, about what they were going to have for lunch. The second time there were actually two of them. They didn't know each other beforehand, or maybe they did in some former time. One of them stayed in my home for two months, on my dime, while I helped him study to become a police officer. He did not contribute anything during that time and I finally showed him the door, when he couldn't be troubled to stay with my infant daughter during the half an hour window between my arriving from my restaurant and Lauren heading off for her catering job. This fellow is/was something of a psychopath. I had not known that initially. I had met him at an ashram. He was also a pretty good Kung Fu artist and at the time I was less adept than later on. He promptly called the cops and told them I stole his handgun. Once again the invisible was on the spot. I told them it was in his bag and that was the end of it, only that wasn't the end of it.

Well, I beat the Big Kahuna of a life sentence a couple of years later. He had to leave the police force and the other guy got arrested by the Washington state authorities upon his return from testifying against me. It all should have been a movie but, then again, it was. I have been dogged by this kind of behavior from people I have helped, off and on through my life; not so much anymore but it's there in the underbrush like those isolated red eyes you see in comics. This also comes back to “rely on me”.

I used to perform stand up comedy with Bud (the Birdman) Clifton. We were pretty funny. One time on stage, Bud said, “Visible is a comedian but he doesn't make people laugh. He makes people angry”. That got a laugh. There were a few times I got off stage and somebody wanted a little one on one time. This also comes back to rely on me. Well, I am a far different fellow than in those days but I am not by any professional definition, sane and I am extremely grateful for it.

God is about to be very generous with me. I have already seen the signs. This is not unexpected; all those planets in the eighth house and their relationship to legacies and benefiting from associations. I kind of knew if I made it this far that certain things were going to happen, for the purpose of demonstration and also because, when you actually have relied on The One; been forced to rely on The One, then there are all kinds of payoffs in the latter days. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. These things do not arrive without certain prepackaged dilemmas. Getting into things is a lot easier than getting out of things. I have certainly learned that and understand what it means to, 'cut your losses'.

That my kundalini is activated should be fairly obvious. It certainly is to those who have spent any time around me. What many people don't understand about Kundalini is that it is not just a force. It is a goddess. It is a being, a superconscious being that perceives and sees through the vehicle it is awakened in. She has an agenda that may not be the agenda of the horse she is riding. Horse and rider have to come to an understanding and that is often not easy. She's unpredictable and capable of all sorts of outrageous displays; you can trust me on that. She's also in touch with everything and afraid of nothing.

Once I had to hitchhike out of Palm Springs, Ca. I was hitching with an acquaintance and we both thought it a good time to leave. We had both been arrested a couple of days before for trespassing. We were staying in an abandoned cabin on some lower slope of San Jacinto. Thank goodness we didn't get charged with having underage girls at the cabin but nothing was happening in any untoward way. They were runaways I suspect. Anyway, I had looked at a map that showed a short line between Palm Canyon highway and the highway to Arizona. It didn't look like it could be more than a few miles. It turned out to be at least 35. You catch this little dirt road somewhere short of Indio. We set out on it, through orange groves and ahead were high sandstone cliffs that were on both sides of the road for a long way. I didn't know this or anything else. We'd gone a few miles when a state trooper pulled up and wanted to see ID. He had us unroll our sleeping bags and I had a few oranges in there. Technically that would have been misdemeanor theft. He said, “I saw you guys yesterday at the station.” He knew. He said to my companion, “You're coming with me”. Then he just left me there alone. It was getting on toward dusk as I entered what I later learned was a haunted Indian burial ground.

I had not eaten for a couple of days, except for some oranges and I was very high, not on anything but I had been having epic acid adventures and that was followed by a lot of regular meditation and such. The first thing I noticed after awhile was that someone was speaking to me from a sagebrush. I bent down and saw a black king that looked just like the ones off of a chessboard. He was speaking to me and I couldn't understand him but it didn't sound good. I continued on as night fell and the sense of other beings all around me was unmistakeable and as real as it gets. I soldiered on. There were few cars in the day. There were none at night and I was miles from any other human being. I came out of the sandstone canyons into a wide flat space. In the distance, I could see the headlights of cars passing. I thought, 'Thank God, that can only be a little ways off'. It turned out to be at least ten miles. As I came out of the canyons, large winged creatures came out of the night and began to howl around me. For anyone sane it would have been terrifying. I cannot transmit the degree of force and presence that attended these things and they were big. They were jinns.

There was a moment when time stood still and the thought that this might be the end of me, when suddenly a course of action came into my mind and I turned to these beings and said, “Hello my friends! Will you come with me”? I spun around and danced a bit and they howled and they howled and swirled and danced all down the highway with me and into the dawn, where I caught a ride with an anthropologist who smelled like an ape; true story.

I learned a very important lesson that night and it has served me well since. It is a critical point that one must comprehend or serious trouble waits up the line.

Continuing about The Goddess. She knows things I don't know and she will go to various lengths to engineer situations in which these things can be revealed to me. It's another matter whether God then engineers that people respond in a certain fashion, or whether they are self-compelled to demonstrate in a particular manner. They always do however, but not always in the same way. Some reactions are justified for any of the usual 'human reasons'. Then there are reactions that are far beyond what are reasonable and have only injury in mind. This is what The Goddess wants me to see. I ponder it all and thank my lucky stars I have a friend inseparable from me, who appears to genuinely like me and have my best interests at heart, even though I can't often see that.

I realize that all of us are subject to some degree of 'doom and gloom' due to the tenor of the times but I can tell you with confidence that along with the nasties on the menu, some extraordinarily wonderful things are going to happen to some of us. It will be as if God whacked the sky like a pinata and the door of heavenly blessings came off its hinges. It may not seem apparent to many of you at the moment but I get the coming attraction trailers as a download from my personal internet. Be confident, hopeful and expectant. That should do for the moment and I'll see you in the next post if there is one.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Colored Perception and Limited Perspective

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Life goes on, after a fashion. Sometimes life limps and sometimes it leans on a cane, which is a metaphor for the divine will. That we don't know what we are leaning on is a problem in perception. Most difficulties are problems in perception. Perception and perspective; limited perspective, can be a real problem because it places you with a limited amount of information and this can lead to assumption and reaction far more extreme than what is actually called for.

Fear plays a big part in relation to wrong perception and limited perspective. Many times we are in fear of something happening and it doesn’t happen. In the meantime, we take steps in particular directions that we didn't need to take and that leads to a host of new conditions, based on something that didn't even happen and which lead to a whole new set of conditions that didn't have to come into being had we not been motivated by a fear of things that did not come to pass.

All of us have done things to ward off anticipated injuries, only to find that we created all kinds of injuries that never had to happen but, unfortunately did. Getting back to where you were before you began to react to shadows and tilt at windmills can be seriously problematic. Sometimes you are not supposed to and sometimes it's a good thing because you know things you didn't know before and this knowledge can spare you a greater and more enduring harm further down the road.

I've mentioned the three faces of the human personality before. The first face is the face we all present to each other when we first meet. This is the face we want people to see. The second face emerges over time. It is what interactive experience reveals and only the most disciplined among us can conceal it for any length of time. The third face emerges when you encounter danger together. I should add that this also includes the appearance of danger, which may not materialize and which may not even be danger. It's a matter of perception and limited perspective.

Anyone who operates in the field of business, human relations and even warfare, knows about setting up different scenarios in order to see what they produce. These things are done for different reasons. You can call them 'tests', if you like. They are done to cause people to reveal what they might do under real situations; where a lot of money is on the table, where a level of trust needs to be established, or where assessments need to be made concerning ones responses and abilities under fire. This sort of thing happens all day long in the different theaters of human operation because they are necessary to the end result. You don't want to enter into serious or long term relationships, where the outcome is in question. Of course, you can't always, or even generally, be 100% sure but you can be close enough for rock and roll.

Sometimes we don't know that we are being tested, however, in the cosmic sense, we always are.

One of the things that savvy operators know, having been exposed to the same routines over and over, is that people are predictable. People who like to plot assume everyone else is plotting. People who engage in various things, reflexively assume that others are doing the same. A conversation seen through a window but not heard, takes upon itself all of the implications that define the motivations and intentions of the one observing the conversation. Realistically, the people having the conversation could be talking about anything but... not according to the predispositions of the one observing it, through colored perception and limited perspective.

Following this, the person observing the conversation, embarks on a series of actions and conversations of their own, to thwart what they have imagined is happening. If they are later informed of the error of their perceptions, they are loathe to accept the truth of the matter for several reasons; guilt, denial, pride, willfulness or, simply because it suited their purposes in the first place.

Anyone versed in human dynamics, who needs to see what is really operative, under the veils of personality, will shake up the situation in some way to see what reveals itself in the process. In ordinary life, when nothing much is on the table, the necessity to do this may not come into play but... when the course of one's own existence, efforts and time are in the pot, one is well advised to engineer conditions that will give indicators of future potentials.

One can expect a degree of fallout from engaging in this sort of thing but the price is not too much to pay, given the price one would be forced to play, further down the line. It makes a great deal of practical sense. Only a fool or an amateur doesn't troubleshoot the “what ifs?” In circumstances like this, the practitioner is doing everyone a favor, though it may not be so perceived at the time.

As predictable as the human ego may be, it can also be extraordinarily complex. The primary concern of the human ego is survival. Following that you have reproduction and then personal power. It doesn't actually move past that very far because after that point it has generally surrendered itself to something of greater power, with a higher motivation or, as the case may be, something of greater power with a lower motivation that has presented itself as something glorious like patriotism, or some other kind of nonsense. The ego is easily deceived and mislead. It's very good at deceiving itself to begin with. It is also very easily exposed as well and lacks (in most cases) the objective reasoning ability to see that it is being uncovered until it is far too late.

The ego loves to lie and tell fantastic tales about itself, which most egos can see through because of the resonance factor. The ego loves to presume to knowledge it doesn't have and expound on and demonstrate it but it always does it badly in these cases. The combination of intelligence and an unrefined or undisciplined ego is a recipe for disaster. You see it all the time. You might not recognize that that is what is happening but it is. Take a closer look at news items and observed events in the world around you with this particular construct in mind.

One of the things the ego is extremely good at, with the assistance of the mind- when it is not its friend- is rationalization. To discover if rationalization is actually being employed one has to look at the life evidence of the subject. Is there pattern and precedence? You always have to consider the general level of consistency in anything. It's a good thing if you are a chemist, metaphysically speaking. It's good to have a legal mind as well, metaphysically speaking. You have to be able to follow 'the chain of evidence' and every court in the land takes prior offenses and community associations under consideration when sentencing occurs, unless the crime is very serious and... even then, different factors can come into play; regrettably this means that justice is often influenced by things like money, power, connections and so forth.

One must always take care, or at least be aware of, the volatility and vile capacity of the ego when it is threatened. The ego rarely forgives, especially when it has massive investments in things it presumes to have but does not possess. You may consider the variety of negative emotions that can be generated under different circumstances. They all play through the ego, which is a musical instrument of sorts but generally noted for its dissonance.

Refined egos can easily see their way out of any number of situations, simply through the recognition of its own involvement and also when it can recognize that the greater good contains its own best interests as well. Less refined egos mire themselves more and more in the conflicts and conditions of offensive actions, which only serve to further expose it. There are very few easy roads for the ego and it's generally not inclined to take them; stuff and nonsense, but no less painful for all of that.

Everything comes down to perception and perspective. Some have learned to arrest perception and look at things, without employing any coloration, because coloration is a projection, or more precisely, a lens inserted between the object and the observer. Some have learned to climb a hill to improve perspective. Indeed, 'the path' moves upward for this very purpose.

In our next cogent (grin) production in these environs, we will consider a long available but seldom noticed software that came on to the market some time ago called, “Anti-Guru 1.0”. It's a proactive engine that runs in the background much like your anti-virus and it updates itself automatically as well.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why Can't I get There from Here?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings Earthlings and visitors from any and all locations wherever that may be. The clock is ticking down and the tension is creeping up, as those committed to injury, make their desperate plans for escape and release; neither of which will attend their foul enterprises.

In the meantime, the rest of us work toward something concealed in the mist or concealed inside ourselves. I suppose that means mist on either side of the equation. There have been no transmissions from this locality of late and that is most likely due to not knowing what to transmit. There is an unpredictability to all things at the moment and the sort of condition that can give one the impression of being suspended in space or suspended in a gelatin solution, depending on the degree of compressed associations.

I look at my own life, which for the longest time was contained in a single room and now I'm contained by nothing but the uncertain parameters of a wide, wide world, whose dimensions and distances I have seen only a portion of until, well, until whenever until occurs.

For some, no doubt, cosmic reason, we do not see the increments and footsteps that have led us into circumstances of dramatic change. We're just there one day, pondering how it is that we came to be there. I know there are many people who sit in their prison cells of the moment, asking themselves similar questions; “Did it all begin when I met that girl? Was it later on when her brother asked me to step down to the pub that evening. Was it really more the result of that day I told my parents I couldn't stay around anymore? Did it start in school when I lost interest in what was being said in the classroom? Did I ever have a choice?”

Yes, these days many people are pondering the question, “How did I get here from there”? Some are pondering another alternative; Why can't I get there from here”? Some are probably, actually asking, by some variant of reflection; “Where is here”? “Where is there”? ...or what is here or there. Neither of them become either of them until you are in residence and some of them only become whatever they are, once you are gone. That's a strange consideration but I have little doubt that it is true.

We've got the tools but we may be short of blueprints. We got the blueprints but the guy that explains them is not around. We've got the wind and rain but we don't have the sun. We've got the sun but it's dry as a bone. We've had plenty of rest but it has come at the expense of our dreams. We've had plenty of dreams but we can't seem to get any rest.

It seems to me, when the whole world is in a state of transformation that many of these other things begin to go through people's minds but there aren't any answers. There cannot be any answers until the groundwork for their appearance has been laid down. The moment of the world, as I write these words, hovers, prances or cluelessly perambulates at the edge of a precipice. In many cases the awareness of both the state and the situation is unknown to the people in them, except for the prancers and in that case, the destiny of the dance is defined in their minds. They want it bloody and they are in a position to see it done.

One would presume, given that one has the perspective to do so, that very few of the totality of our numbers are aware of what awaits. You could say that a larger number are in varying degrees of desperation and they are aware of that on a daily and moment to moment basis but... they don't know why. Maybe they think that is how the world just happens to be at the time. Maybe they think it's just their bad luck. Maybe they figure they just never fully prepared for whatever the eventuality is. No doubt some of them know it's the governments in bed with the bankers but I don't think most of them do.

Most people are being carried around in a mist or a miasma, unable to clearly see and unable to clearly think. Sooner or later they will be in the aforementioned 'here' or troubled by the disappearance of 'there' and wondering how that happened and what it means, as the mist or miasma intensifies. All around the world are these large urban experiments. Some of them have twenty million or more people in the area. Adjacent to these tight confinement, are impressive and expanded sprawls and all of them are dependent on the delivery of various things they need or think they do. They're dependent on the cables and conduits that bring them their light and heat. They're dependent on the sheltering walls that keep them in and others out. They're dependent on the decisions and actions of those into whose hands they have placed their trust. They're dependent on a whole lot of things, or think they are and what is going to happen, when the situation goes sideways.

Around many of these large urban compressions, there are particular sprawls that contain, now and again, millions of souls who are on a serious cusp of despair and want. They're just managing to get by; sometimes they are not managing and so it goes. As press comes to push, certain dynamics of irresistible and uncontainable reaction occur. Given that one has the perspective, one can see the combustibility of unfortunate possibility, looming on the event horizon.

I've considered the insanity of the people engineering the vast majority of the world's problems. I've wondered about whether they think they have enough guns, high enough walls, or far enough concealed removes to remain out of harm's way. I've considered the mind set of those they employ to insure their survival in the times of the uproars they are creating. I've looked at the math of it and the poetic irony of the usual cosmic adjustments to the behavior of these creatures and I've also considered that these are not the usual times in which the usual things that the creatures usually depend on happen the way they expect them to. It's a lot to think about, should you, hopefully be in a position where you have the luck or prescience to be in a position where you can exercise the luxury of thinking about these things.

As those few of us who are paying any attention have been so informed, we are coming up on a period where the potential for global injury and outrage are going to be at a very high probability. We're coming up on a kind of worldwide, Ides of March. It's not just about Caesar and certainly Caesar doesn't think so. It's about millions and maybe billions of people suddenly finding themselves dressed in a toga and walking around with earbuds, or bouncing one knee on the other, peering into a cellphone screen, when they should be paying attention to something beyond a self imposed isolation, in their private sensory deprivation tanks, that have been granting them all that temporary immunity from thinking about what is going on around them; much less inside them.

Yes, the signs are not good for those living in “I don't want to hear about it” ville. You have my sympathies, even though I will probably never get to tell you in person. It's not all that much easier for those of us who have been paying attention because some of us don't know how 'here' turned into 'there' or where 'there' went either and we got to slog off into the unknown just like you do. It might be a different unknown and the procedures and processes will no doubt be different but it's still unknown, so, as Lord Buckley once said through one of his characters, “There you jolly well are, aren't you”?

You can be optimistic about all of this, even if it doesn't look good at the moment. The universe takes care of its own and makes it a point to save those who are under consideration for the next act in a brand new age. Making contact and getting instructions often has a great deal to do with not making plans. Otherwise, you might wind up having to carry those plans out and we know where that sort of thing can lead (grin).

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Way of Some Kind of Explanation.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Dear friends... slowly, not so slowly, decompressing from yesterdays Petri Dish rant, let me continue on in the theme of the last Origami about loss. I will be as honest here today as discretion permits, in the hope that what I have to say will be of assistance to the rest of you. There are also issues that have arisen concerning me, over time, that need to be put to rest.

Today, I received an email from a close friend. He mentioned that his wife of many years was possibly seeking a divorce. This is not the only case I am familiar with and I know of others who have recently become estranged from those they were previously joined together with. This fellow's girlfriend left him. This fellows wife left him. It should come as no surprise that my own domestic situation is in the same condition and dovetails with my trip for meets and greets with readers and which should, given plans made to make god laugh, extend to the end of February.

In my own situation, in my relationship, the friendship is very strong and intact and will not change but it is clear that there is a directional shift and I may, soon enough, find myself on my own with no idea of where or what lies ahead. I am telling you this for a 'very good reason'. We are not at fault, in the main, for what is happening to us. It is not the players, it is the play. It is not the personnel, it is the times. As awakening takes places in all of our lives, our mindset and the conditions of our lives are undergoing sweeping changes. There is nothing any of us can do but adapt.

Some of you are standing alone in the forest this morning. Some of you are sitting somewhere at some location in your lives and wondering, deeply wondering what is happening to you. Some of you cannot get your heads or your hearts around it. You have invested in the bank of anothers affections and now, your investments have become a temporary phase of attention for the purpose of demonstration. Take heart and be strong. Many of you have been coming here for some time and you know that, by and large a lot of good people come here. We are on the event horizon of a pressing migration of thought and being into a new dimension. We do not know the architecture or environment of this new world. In most cases we don't even know who we are. Take heart, you will soon know a great deal more than you did.

Even a few weeks ago, I had a solid plan of action that involved going here, going there and going back again. I might not have know the particulars concerning what I was going to encounter but I had a clear idea of my itinerary. I have little idea concerning any of that now, though I have a much better idea of what I do.

As it dawned on me over the last couple of days, I made no mention of it here. Obviously, connected souls are all on the same bandwidth. We are resonating with each other across large distances. This morning I received a communication from a dear friend on my itinerary, with whom I had not shared any of this and he said, “Don't make me come and fetch you”. I mention this to point out that some not insignificant number of us are closely connected to each other and are shortly going to find out that it becomes like listening to the radio. Whole new areas of communication and thought are opening up. Be prepared.

If you are apprehensive about your future and all that has been familiar for so long, you must trust your author. You must understand that we are entering into uncharted waters of being and consciousness and none of us will be spared some aspect of the changes rolling over this planet.

Let us move on to the next thing, simply because it has come up occasionally and may well reflect a wider concern among the readers who possess insufficient information concerning me. Some portion of you, no doubt, think I am crazy. Some of you may think I engage in an excessive lifestyle filled with strange comestibles and all sorts of wild flights into the unknown. Well, you don't get far sticking with the familiar. Some of you are fearful of the location I am in and concerned for your own safety in coming here. Let me address these things with all the brutal honesty at my command and should you need corroboration from those in whose company I have been in recently, you have only to ask them. They're not shy.

Am I crazy? Compared to what? I write these blogs with a consistency and a content hardly rivaled anywhere by diversity and amount. I write books. I record music; a lot of music. I collaborate with other people. I do radio shows and video presentations. I get from one place to another and I engage people on many levels. Could a crazy person do that? Define crazy. Ambulances and authorities are not going back and forth from where I am to where they are. But... am I crazy? Compared to normal, you bet I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. You can't find God without going crazy; fundamentalist redundancy is not finding God; quite the opposite. In a suit and tie world of forced regimentation, I am definitely certifiable and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do I take all manner of drugs and howl at the moon? Do I communicate with unseen beings and engage in things that might cause others to seek professional help due to association? I certainly have done so. However, the truth of recent times is of a far more sedate order. Half a dozen times a year, I am lucky enough to get my hands on some ketamine, which allows me to engage in certain forms of exploration. And forget about the spiritual or legal legitimacy of that because God approves and gets it for me. Yes, that is something a crazy person might say. It is true though and I don't much care who believes it. Generally, the effect of this item on me is extremely salutary. I suffer from a certain condition and it fixes it, quick and effectively. I thought it would be easy to get here but it is very difficult. It seems they changed the laws just for me prior to my arrival (grin). Besides that, I very, very occasionally take mushrooms and haven't in a long time. Sometimes I drink Campari. It's the one alcoholic beverage I can rely on as being even a little useful. Sometimes I have a few beers. Sometimes I have a little wine with my meal. That covers the totality of my consciousness altering engagements. Now and again I have a private bout of consumption for the purpose of blowing the carbon out of my jets.

Am I a Svengali? Any contacts of any related order of this sort are not initiated by me and through my life that has mostly been the case. Do I care at all about any of that anymore? Not much. Am I wild and freakish in my behavior? I don't think so and it wouldn't make me very effective would it?

Is it dangerous here? It's dangerous everywhere if you are not paying attention. Actually, it's as safe here, from what I can see, as it was where l left and it doesn't get much safer than that. Danger can find you anywhere and I am sure that it can be found here, if you go looking or if you behave stupidly.

Seriously, do you think I would be allowed to write the sort of thing you have been reading at this specific blog for these years if I was anything but, more or less, disciplined and precise? Could I write these things without assistance from the higher realms? Could what is written resonate with and impact upon so many people if I were not being assisted from the higher realms? Of course not. Judge within your heart and don't let your complete lack of knowledge concerning any personal experience of me invade your fear zones.

Now, truthfully, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other how anyone takes this. I'm going to be and do what I have been doing and will be doing until I stop doing it. I'm going to do it regardless of opinions, obstacles, gigantic shadows, legal documents, governmental or religious bullshit. I'm just going to keep doing it until it's time to do something else or I give evidence of why I am called Les Visible in the first place. You can imagine what the passport authorities sometimes think of that.

Yes, I am different... but I would say that was to the good and it appears that my being different is a good thing here and it usually is. That has been my experience. Truthfully, I am very hermetic and exceedingly private. I keep to myself and hang out with my invisible friends. Now the time has come to step out of those confinements, without losing any of it, and into the company of others. That's just the way the architect has drawn it up. I'll do that until it turns into something else.

We're having a fantastic time here. There's a rightness and a rhythm that you don't often see. I'm surprised myself. You can continue to believe whatever you want and it's macht nichts to me who I do or do not see, or where or when it does or doesn't happen. I've told you how it is with me, so... if you are harboring other impressions, please disabuse yourselves, or perhaps, simply suspend your judgment until such time as we actually meet, if we ever do. Of course, some people don't like me period and they can think what they like. Please, feel free. In the meantime, we're all God's children, one way or another and we will all grow and continue such as it may be for each and all. I send you my love and sincere hopes for your future. And so it goes.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Loss and Gain on The Golden Main

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings and salutations from the hinterlands. Whoa and it has been a stellar and interesting week; as weeks go, I haven't seen the like in a very long time. We'll be talking about Origami related matters today, this being Origami and hoping not to fold, spindle or mutilate ourselves in the process. It looks like the whole concept of a community is, 'off the charts' possible, likely and definite, dependent only on the quality of the personnel so engaged and their willingness to understand the relationship between 'community' and 'commune'. We are more than the sum of our parts, individually and collectively and it is that extra, immeasurable portion that is the source of all continuity and good things.

I'm astounded at the rightness of the moment, in a carpe diem sort of a way. I'm astounded at the possibilities and potential, just as I am astounded at the patently absurd condition of the wider world. It appears that the denser and more insane the passing world gets, the lighter and saner it becomes those scattered oasis’s of thought that are operative in the emergent dynamic of the incoming world precipitating into being within and around us. These are difficult times and these are exciting times. These are times of gain and loss.

Many of us are losing the familiar and that means people, conditions and environments. It can be a rough go. Some of us are having real difficulty adjusting to this. Some of us have lost people that were everything to us. Some of us are about to. We are losing jobs, friendships and families as the imperative of change comes upon us. Some are not willing to make the changes necessary. The old ways have us in too firm a grasp. Some us have come to the term of our time here and are scheduled to depart. There's no point in arguing about it; one had better meet it at the marrow as L.T. would say. We can rail all that we want at the things we would rather not see or hear but that's the same thing as trying to argue with a bear over your right of passage and guns don't work with this bear.

My greatest concern is with those of you who have lost someone dear to you and are finding it a hard cross to bear. It is one of the most difficult arts to find the words necessary to make the need and necessity for this understood. In the cases I am familiar with, we are talking about very good people. They have gone to a far better place. I know this. You can argue with my position and you can argue with what is stated in all of the world's great scriptures. You can argue with the wind and good luck with that. It is important to remember that it is really only yourself you are grieving for but you shouldn't grieve too greatly. You're headed on there yourself. Meanwhile you've still got work to do. Don't hasten the process for yourself, that is the worst possible course. Live in their honor, confident of reunion. Ask yourself this, “Does life make any point otherwise”? Think about it. Does life entire add up to anything at all otherwise? What was the point of being here in the first place if it is not connected to some greater dynamic? That's just plain stupid and the cosmos is not stupid. Look at the intricate symmetry of things. Look at the order of the planets and the stars in the sky. Look at all of the GLARING evidence of timeless beauty. Look at what your own heart tells you, despite the confusions of the mind.

I know that atheists and agnostics will tell you otherwise. They flourish in times of materialism because their mindset is a part of it. Times of materialism are responsible for fundamentalist religious mindsets just as they are for the prideful arrogance of the materialistic know it all, who believes that the tiny fragment of knowledge that he possesses, equates to anything more than moonshine and fantasy.

We are all going to lose everyone and everything here. It is just a matter of time. An argument can be made that something very different than has ever happened before may well happen in these times of transition and accelerating resonance. Anything is possible. As it has been said, “With faith all things are possible”. Most of us are living in a very small bandwidth of faith and awareness and that's something to consider and work on. If you don't, life will work on you until you do. That is the purpose of life. That's what happens, 'down here'. We take only one thing with us when we go; what we have turned ourselves into, what we have become. Those are the measurements for our new suit of clothes. That is the determinant of whether or not we become food for the moon.

Don't let your faith and your aspiring nature be broken down by the callous acquisitiveness of those around you. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more comfort to some of you. I've been very, very busy but not too busy to write this today specifically for you. I was asked again recently about what one can do to intensify and expedite contact with the divine. Once again, the simplest and safest and most effective mechanisms that I know of are; practice the presence of the divine, to pray without ceasing, to go into the wild or a room with nothing but water and to call out for an entire day, or 3 days if you can. I could add a few things and expand on these but that will serve for now. I don't know anything about the sanity or efficacy of long term fasting. We've already discussed the light snorting through the nostrils to expel thought from the mind. The point is to make the mind your best friend instead of your worst enemy, as is the case with so many of us. In times of material darkness, the mind can be a bad enemy, indeed.

I'm going to make this a little short today. There's lot going on in my sphere at the moment and I've been lucky to even get this out at all. I think enough got said and there's always the comments section should something more need to be added by any of us. Radio show tonight; a different format now for the next several weeks. Tune in tonight at 7:30 Central. Check the masthead at the top of the page for the Radio Blog for location. Adios and vaya con dios!

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