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Colored Perception and Limited Perspective

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Life goes on, after a fashion. Sometimes life limps and sometimes it leans on a cane, which is a metaphor for the divine will. That we don't know what we are leaning on is a problem in perception. Most difficulties are problems in perception. Perception and perspective; limited perspective, can be a real problem because it places you with a limited amount of information and this can lead to assumption and reaction far more extreme than what is actually called for.

Fear plays a big part in relation to wrong perception and limited perspective. Many times we are in fear of something happening and it doesn’t happen. In the meantime, we take steps in particular directions that we didn't need to take and that leads to a host of new conditions, based on something that didn't even happen and which lead to a whole new set of conditions that didn't have to come into being had we not been motivated by a fear of things that did not come to pass.

All of us have done things to ward off anticipated injuries, only to find that we created all kinds of injuries that never had to happen but, unfortunately did. Getting back to where you were before you began to react to shadows and tilt at windmills can be seriously problematic. Sometimes you are not supposed to and sometimes it's a good thing because you know things you didn't know before and this knowledge can spare you a greater and more enduring harm further down the road.

I've mentioned the three faces of the human personality before. The first face is the face we all present to each other when we first meet. This is the face we want people to see. The second face emerges over time. It is what interactive experience reveals and only the most disciplined among us can conceal it for any length of time. The third face emerges when you encounter danger together. I should add that this also includes the appearance of danger, which may not materialize and which may not even be danger. It's a matter of perception and limited perspective.

Anyone who operates in the field of business, human relations and even warfare, knows about setting up different scenarios in order to see what they produce. These things are done for different reasons. You can call them 'tests', if you like. They are done to cause people to reveal what they might do under real situations; where a lot of money is on the table, where a level of trust needs to be established, or where assessments need to be made concerning ones responses and abilities under fire. This sort of thing happens all day long in the different theaters of human operation because they are necessary to the end result. You don't want to enter into serious or long term relationships, where the outcome is in question. Of course, you can't always, or even generally, be 100% sure but you can be close enough for rock and roll.

Sometimes we don't know that we are being tested, however, in the cosmic sense, we always are.

One of the things that savvy operators know, having been exposed to the same routines over and over, is that people are predictable. People who like to plot assume everyone else is plotting. People who engage in various things, reflexively assume that others are doing the same. A conversation seen through a window but not heard, takes upon itself all of the implications that define the motivations and intentions of the one observing the conversation. Realistically, the people having the conversation could be talking about anything but... not according to the predispositions of the one observing it, through colored perception and limited perspective.

Following this, the person observing the conversation, embarks on a series of actions and conversations of their own, to thwart what they have imagined is happening. If they are later informed of the error of their perceptions, they are loathe to accept the truth of the matter for several reasons; guilt, denial, pride, willfulness or, simply because it suited their purposes in the first place.

Anyone versed in human dynamics, who needs to see what is really operative, under the veils of personality, will shake up the situation in some way to see what reveals itself in the process. In ordinary life, when nothing much is on the table, the necessity to do this may not come into play but... when the course of one's own existence, efforts and time are in the pot, one is well advised to engineer conditions that will give indicators of future potentials.

One can expect a degree of fallout from engaging in this sort of thing but the price is not too much to pay, given the price one would be forced to play, further down the line. It makes a great deal of practical sense. Only a fool or an amateur doesn't troubleshoot the “what ifs?” In circumstances like this, the practitioner is doing everyone a favor, though it may not be so perceived at the time.

As predictable as the human ego may be, it can also be extraordinarily complex. The primary concern of the human ego is survival. Following that you have reproduction and then personal power. It doesn't actually move past that very far because after that point it has generally surrendered itself to something of greater power, with a higher motivation or, as the case may be, something of greater power with a lower motivation that has presented itself as something glorious like patriotism, or some other kind of nonsense. The ego is easily deceived and mislead. It's very good at deceiving itself to begin with. It is also very easily exposed as well and lacks (in most cases) the objective reasoning ability to see that it is being uncovered until it is far too late.

The ego loves to lie and tell fantastic tales about itself, which most egos can see through because of the resonance factor. The ego loves to presume to knowledge it doesn't have and expound on and demonstrate it but it always does it badly in these cases. The combination of intelligence and an unrefined or undisciplined ego is a recipe for disaster. You see it all the time. You might not recognize that that is what is happening but it is. Take a closer look at news items and observed events in the world around you with this particular construct in mind.

One of the things the ego is extremely good at, with the assistance of the mind- when it is not its friend- is rationalization. To discover if rationalization is actually being employed one has to look at the life evidence of the subject. Is there pattern and precedence? You always have to consider the general level of consistency in anything. It's a good thing if you are a chemist, metaphysically speaking. It's good to have a legal mind as well, metaphysically speaking. You have to be able to follow 'the chain of evidence' and every court in the land takes prior offenses and community associations under consideration when sentencing occurs, unless the crime is very serious and... even then, different factors can come into play; regrettably this means that justice is often influenced by things like money, power, connections and so forth.

One must always take care, or at least be aware of, the volatility and vile capacity of the ego when it is threatened. The ego rarely forgives, especially when it has massive investments in things it presumes to have but does not possess. You may consider the variety of negative emotions that can be generated under different circumstances. They all play through the ego, which is a musical instrument of sorts but generally noted for its dissonance.

Refined egos can easily see their way out of any number of situations, simply through the recognition of its own involvement and also when it can recognize that the greater good contains its own best interests as well. Less refined egos mire themselves more and more in the conflicts and conditions of offensive actions, which only serve to further expose it. There are very few easy roads for the ego and it's generally not inclined to take them; stuff and nonsense, but no less painful for all of that.

Everything comes down to perception and perspective. Some have learned to arrest perception and look at things, without employing any coloration, because coloration is a projection, or more precisely, a lens inserted between the object and the observer. Some have learned to climb a hill to improve perspective. Indeed, 'the path' moves upward for this very purpose.

In our next cogent (grin) production in these environs, we will consider a long available but seldom noticed software that came on to the market some time ago called, “Anti-Guru 1.0”. It's a proactive engine that runs in the background much like your anti-virus and it updates itself automatically as well.

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Anonymous said...

you're helping me thanks for that

Dan Gaston said...

Good and useful description of the human operating software and the need to improve on it. This place is a school in improving one's software. You are an experienced teacher and an inspired one too.
Making people see themselves from a distance helps a lot and you are a good camera lens.
Thank you Vis

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was good!

Sheik Yerbouti said...

You don't want to enter into serious or long term relationships, where the outcome is in question"

I first realized this moments before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. That was 27 years ago...

Thanks for the light Vis a Vis!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day I came to the conclusion that it's the people who strongly identify with their ego-self who are the most destructive to humanity.

Since the journey of life should be about letting go of our egos and reconnecting to the divine source that connects all of us, the greatest challenge we have is in helping those who identity so strongly with their egos that they are willing to do anything to hold onto that illusion.

I don't claim to have the perfect answer to how we help them but I think that staying in the present and remembering that in the moment we have all we need to survive is one way of at least being an example to others. The positive energy that emits from those of us who have awakened to the truth is our greatest defense against those who wish to destroy and it's a way of standing in front of those people and showing them that we are not afraid of anything they toss our way. We show by doing and perhaps we win a few over to always choosing peace in every situation.


mike m said...

Just about everything that I have been thinking about concerning personal relationships and world views have been addressed by Mr. Vis and it is helping me have a better understanding about myself and others.

Thanks Les, you are helping others and that is what counts!

Anonymous said...

hmmm,,,so ego can be friend or foe,,depending on how we hold ourselves,,,i suppose in service to self it becomes self defeating....
in service to the world it forgets itself,....
holding ourselves in high regard or low regard is a waste of time,,,and boring
maybe it is better to hold everyman and woman in high regard,,,,,,

i suppose the ego can be used to build the atmosphere or strip the atmosphere,,,depends on how we approach it,,,

nice post lord visibles,

respects to all...neil

Thomistic Methods said...

Dear Vis and distinguished company, Great posts and comments, thanks for providing this nurturing space - I visit daily and gain much that is priceless.

I would like to share an experience- I live in Cape Town and had pointed out to me that Devil's Peak looks like a pyramid, with Lion's Head on the other side looking like a sphinx, with Table Mountain in between as the Horison(Horakti). I have been reading up on all things Egyptian, including Ahmed Osman, the Valley of the Kings, and the king who built Amarna to worship the Aten. The other day I walked up into the foothills of Devil's Peak(I live in its shadow) and found an old glass shard with the letters "ATEN" on it, all that remains of a bottle that used to say "PATENT". What are the chances? I delight in and is inspired and reassured by the daily demonstrations that the magic is real.

Love to all that come to Visibles wonderful haven.

Cape of Storms,
South Africa.

lightandlongshadows said...

I found myself watching episodes of "The Dog Whisperer" last night. There are many parallels that can be understood regarding what you're saying here and what Cesar Millan demonstrates interacting with the dogs. Invariably the dogs behaviours are a reflection of the owners limited perspectives and projections. Watching how the people process the information he presents is most interesting.

nina said...

...People who like to plot assume everyone else is plotting. People who engage in various things, reflexively assume that others are doing the same. ...

Brilliant again Visible! That can be taken on so many levels its not even funny.
In fact, its scary.
Terrorism begins from that point as does abuse as do any amount of scandals up and down the social ladder. It is why we have leaders hot for thought police and precrime technologies. It is why relationships fail.
I find it sad because a large percent of us really don't think like that at all and the failure to recognize the difference always leads to worse.
This is why it is essential never to take someone else's thinking for granted. Actions and words are enough to go by as it is.

Thomas said...

you seem, in my humble opinion, here, and in the last Reflections, to be holding yourself together more, "lashing" out when it´s beneficial, keeping time/flow/rhythm and tension like a good performer. Very inspiring.

thanks, Les, and to all wishes of inner Peace and eyes to see the Love in All.

missingarib said...

Venerable Master Lin Chi
"Many students come to see me from all over the place. Many of them are not free from their entanglement with objective things. I treat them right on the spot. If their trouble is due to grasping hands, I strike there. If their trouble is a loose mouth, I strike them there. If their trouble is hidden behind their eyes, it is there I strike. So far I have not found anyone who can set himself free. This is because they have all been caught up in the useless ways of the old masters. As for me, I do not have one only method which I give to everyone, but I relieve whatever the trouble is and set men free."

we are all bruised from time to time -(wish it wasn't so)vis's kendo pen
thanks Vis

Anonymous said...

Kick ego out the door and your well om the way.

Unfiltered said...

"The ego is easily deceived and mislead. It's very good at deceiving itself to begin with...

The ego loves to lie and tell fantastic tales about itself...."

From my experience, and watching the actions of others, it seems that the greatest 'whoppers' are the ones we tell ourselves. May your ego be as fine crystal.

Anonymous said...

That is very good Les and it is obvious you could actually help people if you had a shingle, unlike the quacks who now practice in the field. Hell I am pretty sure I could also but you can forget every being allowed to use common sense methods in this field.

It is a lot like philosophy teachers, none of them would ever have tenure or a job if they taught what they really think or told the truth. Some of you best stuff was describing your chagrin at being admitted and finding those there to help you were really the ones who were crazy.



seachild14 said...

This dissertation led me to do a brief internet search on the word 'ego'. I had erroneously thought that Freud had invented the term, but learned that it is actually a rrlatin word, whose concept had been debated from antiquity.

Zel said...

Very nice article on the workings of the ego, Les. The only thing you left out, is that if something out there has plans for you, your ego will be destroyed by a most sophisticated attack, or series of attacks, exquisitely tailored for you, and you alone, taking place over the course of minutes for some, but often, over the course of years for most.

Given that we're all unique puzzles, it's quite humbling that something out there has us all figured out so precisely, to make such a devastating attack.

You tell a story so well, you should tell us all what happens after the ego dies - contrary to popular opinion, it's not all peaches & cream, though it makes you a better human being.

Anyway, great post.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... I'm lmost looking forward to the next dry period of no Vis posts for few days, 'cause it seems like the best follow. Diastolic and Systolic rythms, and spasms when looking too hard at the 'real' world, spewing at the really sick and evil stuff. Of course Im only ever talking about myself (lense wise, it's a 2 way thing what one says and what one says one sees) , but I know this fact (probably always did) , and that's a terrific start. better full of little holes than stuck in a big one.

wv: mousl . or a small elephant.

ps we need a Dr Vis to replace Dr Phil, and a President whisperer reality tv show. (warning, Guru virus alert)

Anonymous said...

venerable master lin chi,,,,

thank you for your teaching....
may the Budha bless you,,,


Anonymous said...

You clearly described my oldest struggle with myself,and most others (how many stupid, self-inflicted,spectacles of public disgrace I performed upon myself in my youth.)I like to think that I am now wiser than that, but Yikes! there I go again….

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

By regular hearing of the glories and pastimes of the Lord, the impurities in the student's heart begin to be washed off. The more one is cleansed of impurities, the more one becomes fixed in devotional service. Gradually the activities take the forms of steadiness, firm faith, taste, realization and assimilation, one after another. Realization and assimilation indicate that the sadhaka has sufficiently dissolved his material subtle body and has now had a glimpse of his spiritual form.

SB 3.2.5

It was so observed by Vidura that Uddhava had all the transcendental bodily changes due to total ecstasy, and he was trying to wipe away tears of separation from his eyes. Thus Vidura could understand that Uddhava had completely assimilated extensive love for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

"Following this, the person observing the conversation, embarks on a series of actions and conversations of their own, to thwart what they have imagined is happening. If they are later informed of the error of their perceptions, they are loathe to accept the truth of the matter for several reasons; guilt, denial, pride, willfulness or, simply because it suited their purposes in the first place."

Sorry Les Ive been doing this to you for far too long.


Mo visible said...

A low bow to you my friend.Thank you so much for the confirmation of my own intuition.
Mo visible
WV heduct

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

To Choodle into the Armageddon Sunset.

Anonymous said...

How many times does a guy have to say that instead of being called "Les", He would be MORE thankful to be called "Visible"? over an out...jimmy

Maybe this is ego at work?

Another post that needed to be said Visible, and you do it oh so well.

Anonymous said...

All brown nosing aside, Mr Visible here, as you are all aware, has a rare combination of gifts that enable him to break down the complex, or if he so chooses, to complicate the simplex. Keep in mind that this man produces this stuff strait out the top of his head and can do it several times each day! You're incredible dude! Over an out.....jimmy

Visible said...

The last two comments came in at the same time, heh heh. I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, I was just pullin yer leg with the first one and the ego thing.Guess that was kinda confusing .....Jimmy

Visible said...

Everything is pointless and everything is important. Both are true. You are what exists beyond them, insofar as you do. I had m head handed to me in private last night, simply because I wasn't relying on the divine to the extent that was being asked of me. It was comical how something was going wrong just to point that out to me.



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