Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Way of Some Kind of Explanation.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Dear friends... slowly, not so slowly, decompressing from yesterdays Petri Dish rant, let me continue on in the theme of the last Origami about loss. I will be as honest here today as discretion permits, in the hope that what I have to say will be of assistance to the rest of you. There are also issues that have arisen concerning me, over time, that need to be put to rest.

Today, I received an email from a close friend. He mentioned that his wife of many years was possibly seeking a divorce. This is not the only case I am familiar with and I know of others who have recently become estranged from those they were previously joined together with. This fellow's girlfriend left him. This fellows wife left him. It should come as no surprise that my own domestic situation is in the same condition and dovetails with my trip for meets and greets with readers and which should, given plans made to make god laugh, extend to the end of February.

In my own situation, in my relationship, the friendship is very strong and intact and will not change but it is clear that there is a directional shift and I may, soon enough, find myself on my own with no idea of where or what lies ahead. I am telling you this for a 'very good reason'. We are not at fault, in the main, for what is happening to us. It is not the players, it is the play. It is not the personnel, it is the times. As awakening takes places in all of our lives, our mindset and the conditions of our lives are undergoing sweeping changes. There is nothing any of us can do but adapt.

Some of you are standing alone in the forest this morning. Some of you are sitting somewhere at some location in your lives and wondering, deeply wondering what is happening to you. Some of you cannot get your heads or your hearts around it. You have invested in the bank of anothers affections and now, your investments have become a temporary phase of attention for the purpose of demonstration. Take heart and be strong. Many of you have been coming here for some time and you know that, by and large a lot of good people come here. We are on the event horizon of a pressing migration of thought and being into a new dimension. We do not know the architecture or environment of this new world. In most cases we don't even know who we are. Take heart, you will soon know a great deal more than you did.

Even a few weeks ago, I had a solid plan of action that involved going here, going there and going back again. I might not have know the particulars concerning what I was going to encounter but I had a clear idea of my itinerary. I have little idea concerning any of that now, though I have a much better idea of what I do.

As it dawned on me over the last couple of days, I made no mention of it here. Obviously, connected souls are all on the same bandwidth. We are resonating with each other across large distances. This morning I received a communication from a dear friend on my itinerary, with whom I had not shared any of this and he said, “Don't make me come and fetch you”. I mention this to point out that some not insignificant number of us are closely connected to each other and are shortly going to find out that it becomes like listening to the radio. Whole new areas of communication and thought are opening up. Be prepared.

If you are apprehensive about your future and all that has been familiar for so long, you must trust your author. You must understand that we are entering into uncharted waters of being and consciousness and none of us will be spared some aspect of the changes rolling over this planet.

Let us move on to the next thing, simply because it has come up occasionally and may well reflect a wider concern among the readers who possess insufficient information concerning me. Some portion of you, no doubt, think I am crazy. Some of you may think I engage in an excessive lifestyle filled with strange comestibles and all sorts of wild flights into the unknown. Well, you don't get far sticking with the familiar. Some of you are fearful of the location I am in and concerned for your own safety in coming here. Let me address these things with all the brutal honesty at my command and should you need corroboration from those in whose company I have been in recently, you have only to ask them. They're not shy.

Am I crazy? Compared to what? I write these blogs with a consistency and a content hardly rivaled anywhere by diversity and amount. I write books. I record music; a lot of music. I collaborate with other people. I do radio shows and video presentations. I get from one place to another and I engage people on many levels. Could a crazy person do that? Define crazy. Ambulances and authorities are not going back and forth from where I am to where they are. But... am I crazy? Compared to normal, you bet I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. You can't find God without going crazy; fundamentalist redundancy is not finding God; quite the opposite. In a suit and tie world of forced regimentation, I am definitely certifiable and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do I take all manner of drugs and howl at the moon? Do I communicate with unseen beings and engage in things that might cause others to seek professional help due to association? I certainly have done so. However, the truth of recent times is of a far more sedate order. Half a dozen times a year, I am lucky enough to get my hands on some ketamine, which allows me to engage in certain forms of exploration. And forget about the spiritual or legal legitimacy of that because God approves and gets it for me. Yes, that is something a crazy person might say. It is true though and I don't much care who believes it. Generally, the effect of this item on me is extremely salutary. I suffer from a certain condition and it fixes it, quick and effectively. I thought it would be easy to get here but it is very difficult. It seems they changed the laws just for me prior to my arrival (grin). Besides that, I very, very occasionally take mushrooms and haven't in a long time. Sometimes I drink Campari. It's the one alcoholic beverage I can rely on as being even a little useful. Sometimes I have a few beers. Sometimes I have a little wine with my meal. That covers the totality of my consciousness altering engagements. Now and again I have a private bout of consumption for the purpose of blowing the carbon out of my jets.

Am I a Svengali? Any contacts of any related order of this sort are not initiated by me and through my life that has mostly been the case. Do I care at all about any of that anymore? Not much. Am I wild and freakish in my behavior? I don't think so and it wouldn't make me very effective would it?

Is it dangerous here? It's dangerous everywhere if you are not paying attention. Actually, it's as safe here, from what I can see, as it was where l left and it doesn't get much safer than that. Danger can find you anywhere and I am sure that it can be found here, if you go looking or if you behave stupidly.

Seriously, do you think I would be allowed to write the sort of thing you have been reading at this specific blog for these years if I was anything but, more or less, disciplined and precise? Could I write these things without assistance from the higher realms? Could what is written resonate with and impact upon so many people if I were not being assisted from the higher realms? Of course not. Judge within your heart and don't let your complete lack of knowledge concerning any personal experience of me invade your fear zones.

Now, truthfully, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other how anyone takes this. I'm going to be and do what I have been doing and will be doing until I stop doing it. I'm going to do it regardless of opinions, obstacles, gigantic shadows, legal documents, governmental or religious bullshit. I'm just going to keep doing it until it's time to do something else or I give evidence of why I am called Les Visible in the first place. You can imagine what the passport authorities sometimes think of that.

Yes, I am different... but I would say that was to the good and it appears that my being different is a good thing here and it usually is. That has been my experience. Truthfully, I am very hermetic and exceedingly private. I keep to myself and hang out with my invisible friends. Now the time has come to step out of those confinements, without losing any of it, and into the company of others. That's just the way the architect has drawn it up. I'll do that until it turns into something else.

We're having a fantastic time here. There's a rightness and a rhythm that you don't often see. I'm surprised myself. You can continue to believe whatever you want and it's macht nichts to me who I do or do not see, or where or when it does or doesn't happen. I've told you how it is with me, so... if you are harboring other impressions, please disabuse yourselves, or perhaps, simply suspend your judgment until such time as we actually meet, if we ever do. Of course, some people don't like me period and they can think what they like. Please, feel free. In the meantime, we're all God's children, one way or another and we will all grow and continue such as it may be for each and all. I send you my love and sincere hopes for your future. And so it goes.

End Transmission.......

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Lindsey said...

Who REALLY run our world? search "israel Did 911 All Proof in the World" and search "ZionCrimeFactory" for proof.

"Reporting on the death of supremacist Zionist leader David Wolffsohn, the September 17, 1914, edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES tells us that during his closing address at the Zionist Congress at The Hague in 1907 Wolffsohn “pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and said that eventually they must conquer the world.”

w(dot)zioncrimefactory com/jew-world-order SPREAD THE TRUTH!

just me, Laurel A. said...

oh my. what to do, what to do. it does indeed increasingly appear that for some certain groups, of like-minded souls, that breakup and shakeup is getting to be a little too common. there is a pattern that is undeniable. it has to be some form of imminent growth spurt as a group, and we are all experiencing it. its damn flipping lonely out here for sure. and yet. it is not. how strange. it is pretty clear, the ones we love will, some of them, be taken from us, or are WE being taken from THEM? the schism is splitting faster than a frack site. tectonics of a dimensional theme are exploding and dividing and moving us in new directions, some to new heights, some to new lows. some dont move at all, they just drop off the edge of existence, i guess. clearly, we are feeling a loss, but maybe its a gain? for the one, or for the other? i still get gloomy moments, its a difficult world, and i hate going it alone, i miss the creature comfort of that warm body at my side, but really, it might not at all have been for my good or his good, and it could very well have not been for the good of the spiritual growth these children needed. they have a unique place in all this that i have not yet clearly understood, but i have always known they required exceptional effort on my part to "get" them to their launch positions. and les, rulers make bad lovers, and to be who you are, you have to have that style that you have, and it is not supposed to be a compatible style. not here and not in a close relationship. the one right for you might very well not even be here at this time, in the "real world", and as such, you may be very correct in seeking your better half in an invisible world. sigh. what it is is what it just is. give amarynth a huge hug for me, and her son, and her husband, and then tell them i insist they give you extra double dippings of hugs in proxy from us here. are you safe there? hell yeah, you are. this is a given. can you get what you need there? well, maybe try a tincture for a moment :(

just me, Laurel A. said...

@lindsay....f---k off. this aint the place for such garbage. you dont even know what the hell you are blabbing about. fracking TROLLS.

Richie (Dana) said...

My girl was looking at me funny the other day so I can sympathize with those who are losing all. In my case I have always been a nut case right from the start so it is one of those "there goes Richie again" things.

Yes, the world can be a scary place, but I tell you, I am more afraid Not to meet you. This strangely feels like one of the more important things I have ever attempted in life. We are headed into a strange new world in short order and you seem to be at the forefront of that. Everyone's current existence will change dramatically very soon so there is no point in trying to foolishly hang on to "normal" life cause it's going bye bye.

As for you being crazy? Ha....
You just cannot be too much crazier than I.

God willing, I will see you next week with a bottle of Tamari and some American Spirit tobacco.


bholanath said...

Shit, talk about synchronicity!
That first subject you discuss: ditto for me too, bro. All up in the air, something I anticipated discussing with you in the meetup. Maybe or maybe not. Doesn't matter, but just confirming another aspect to my heading down the road this week, and my state of mind and affairs.
Holy fuck! Thought I was alone (grin).

gurnygob said...


Just in case you missed this comment over at Petri Dish I will post it here as well.

I agree with others here. Please stop running Jesus down. HE IS MY LORD. I would be told to go sling my hook somewhere else if I came here and insulted other deities so please save your weasel remarks for those more deserving and keep your worm-tongue behind your teeth.


Peaches said...

Vis you've been hinting at something for a short while now which I didn't think I missed the explanation for, and now here it is. I'm so sorry my friend and others here going through same. The Rug of Life being pulled out from under us, as it likes to do.

Wonderful post as always Vis. One thing I loved that you said was about the current state of affairs being caused by the play, rather than the players. I understand this.

Know Vis and others that you are part of my heart. Wish I could be there with you in M. I think of you often on this sojourn.

Ben said...


I read your blogs on a daily basis (or as often as you post them); these blogs are part of my daily reflection and very often serve as reinforcement to my daily Bible devotion and prayer time.

Long ago I came to the conclusion that you have been "anointed" by God as a witness and a testimony to the people and events that are unfolding at the end of this age. At least 95% of what you write resonates deeply with me and it dovetails and correlates with my own Bible study, prayer and reflection.

I've never thought of you as being crazy; John the Baptist, who announced the imminent arrival of Jesus the Savior of all, was deemed crazy... a man dwelling in the desert and subsisting on locusts and honey.

John was appointed as a witness and testimony to people and events of his time. He was quite specific in his condemnation of the religious/financial rulers of his time, the Pharisees.

The spiritual (if not physical) descendants of those Pharisees rule over the earth today and their time is coming to a close (though I don't know how soon this will be, I suspect it will be within five to seven years... hopefully sooner).

May God continue your anointing; may He make His face to shine upon you and bless you in all your endeavors, may He continue to keep you safe and may He make the resonance of your witness and testimony increase throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Mother Nature(and others)pays close attention to those who pay attention.

(;>) Haribol!

Lindsey said...

Les, I didn't know that you allowed zionist sympathizers like "Laurel" to personally insult others doing REAL and GOOD work against the demons walking-on-two-legs.

@lindsay....f---k off. this aint the place for such garbage. you dont even know what the hell you are blabbing about. fracking TROLLS.

And THAT was a response to THIS:

"Who REALLY run our world? search "israel Did 911 All Proof in the World" and search "ZionCrimeFactory" for proof.

"Reporting on the death of supremacist Zionist leader David Wolffsohn, the September 17, 1914, edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES tells us that during his closing address at the Zionist Congress at The Hague in 1907 Wolffsohn “pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and said that eventually they must conquer the world.”

w(dot)zioncrimefactory com/jew-world-order SPREAD THE TRUTH!"

Les, the time has long-come for those who are legitimate to speak loudly and clearly--like yourself and myself--and for those who CONTINUE TO OBFUSCATE AND INTENTIONALLY MIS-DIRECT to continue to show their true-colors.

God bless you, Les, for continuing to do what you do, because you and I and so many others like us WILL NEVER STOP until these demons are exposed and stopped from bringing-about their intended "jewish-Utopia."


NB: It would be more than wonderful if you would promote the article as far-and-wide as you can, ESPECIALLY GETTING RENSE AND RIVERO TO PROMOTE IT SINCE THEY REFUSE TO DO SO.

Visible said...

Good God Bholanath. You said it all. You can imagine how the news went around the house here, given what we have been talking about; what I have been hearing in emails and the usual inspiration from the unseen that provoked the posting. It looks like we are all being readied for something. I know it's going to be good.

I was just saying to the rest of the people here that any separations of the moment don't necessarily mean anything in any permanent way. We could all be back in the company of the same people again in a couple of years except we won't be the same people.


Ben; I don't usually acknowledge things like this but I want to truly thank you for the beauty and sincerity of what you said. The weirdest thing happening lately is that the 'I' doesn't come up in the postings anymore. I have to go back and put them in and there's nothing wrong with the keyboard. I take it as a good sign.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all

Crazy... read different, aloof, soft,a sandwich short of a picnic and a fruitcake...yeah ive been called them all and many others.
Thats the price to pay for being "unconventional"(He He!)
Someone once remarked about general wolfe that he was quite mad.King George II replied "mad is he then i wish he would bite some of the others".
Go on dog poet show them those K-9s.
At least i know ill be in good company.See you Sun/Monday.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta be crazy to maintain personal integrity in the closing moments of an insane world age. "To thine own self be true."

Richie (Dana) said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday and I know you do not post often because of folks hammering on your sincere beliefs.

You and Gurney both are right as rain in my opinion and I am glad your still around.

The path you are on leads straight home. I am not a religious person and do not go to church, but I know I am right about that one.


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I know you have a good heart and are serving the higher energies the best you can, as do I. I too am considered unusual, because I am me and not a mass produced replica that has been churned out by the machine. Being crazy these days means being real. I love your posts and have from the first day I started reading your work, firstly because it is honest, and secondly, because you are not afraid to speak the truth, and nor am I.

I am sad that your relationship is morphing, because you obviously gain much strength from your liaison, but if it is not part of your destiny then you are wise to release each other with friendship and love. I am truly blessed in this time because my hubby and I are spiritual mates and have grown together.

Although I have not written religiously to you I am a big fan, and my home, which is located on a small island off the east coast of Australia, has its doors wide open if you are ever in the area.

I love the fact that you are who your are Vis and look forward to the day when I get to meet you in person. You are my kind of guy. Hubby also loves you.

Keep the faith and travel in peace my friend.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

If the masses don't think that you are crazy at this particular juncture on the earthly timeline, then you are in for some crazy-bad shit...and that's why I consider myself to be "crazy lucky". What you no longer need is going to fall away from you, whether you like it or not. Friends, lovers, jobs, habits - whatever is holding you down, it's going to be sloughed off because it is no longer useful. We are all alone on this earth. We were born into it alone, and we will leave it the same way one day. And yet we are NOT alone. It's a dual world, and whenever you try to get at the truth of it, by using words and the "rational" (non-crazy) mind, you will only wind up chasing your tail in circles like a dog. Words diminish, limit and obfuscate. Eons ago we didn't use words - we knew things directly (using the infinite mind). But then came "The Fall" and we became obsessed with our rational minds and we inched further and further away from our infinite minds (our abnormal minds, i.e, our "crazy" minds), and now some of us are inching back in the right direction once again (because we have less and less use for our "rational" minds; they are no longer useful to us), and crazy things are happening. Or should I say infinite possibilities are availing themselves. Take heart, this life is but the blink of an eye, and we go on and on forever. And we CAN go on and on forever - in whatever direction we choose, like shimmering jewels on an infinite strand of gossamer. And that's the Holy Grail here, that's what we've all been yearning for since we were dropped into this dual world with our eyes closed and our prior knowledge torn asunder. We have always known that we were missing something; there is a longing deep within each of us - and that longing is to escape the confinement of the mind/body/spirit prison; to escape it for good, by reaching the totality of ourselves. We can do it. You can do it. We are doing it. Inch by inch. Second by second. Thought by thought. Stay light. Unburden your sorrows. Pay them no mind; let them fall away. (To lighten this up a bit - What did the sweet potato say to the Russet? "I think. Therefore I yam.")

Robin Redbreast said...

I too am going through huge issues with relationships
- for me in work.
Was really unexpected - and is hugely serious.
Finally seems to start to be addressed and be resolved. The ostrich approach will no longer do!
Too affected to post objectively or in detail about it currently.
Has been so hard - but am hopeful all will turn. Seems trivial compared to others suffering but it doesn't feel that way for me.
Love to all going through difficult times too - seems we all are - but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.... (AND WISER)

martin said...

Nice to see another simply offering themselves to all as neither more nor less than, 'All of Creations' best example of themselves, seen or otherwise, without condition, totally unique, an example maybe :-)

amarynth said...

Visible is the sanest crazy or craziest sane person that I've ever met. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

And something is busy happening in the wider world. I don't know what, but a game is afoot.

The losses are heartbreaking. Visible and I find ourselves crying for ourselves and for others equally, early mornings on the veranda. There is a great migration happening now and nothing is as it seems. The theater sets are being changed rapidly and the curtains are going up and down randomly. Row Hard! says Clif High. I echo that. We are in the middle of the whirlwind or the midst of the rapids - downstream a little is some peace. We will get there. Guard your hearts and pour them out .. and guard them again and pour them out again.

We're fixing to do the first of a series of educational mp3's around the Tarot. Kindly send in questions if you have any:

DaveR said...

A fun little ditty. I give it 78 for the beat, but only 35 for the melody. You can dance to it w/ Tel Aviv Steve!

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your sincere post.

I agree 95% of all you post corresponds directly to my understanding of what the Bible was trying to tell us originally before it was co-opted by the pharisees and 'organised religion'.

The scriptures often speak about the sneaky ways of the devil. How he will find a small chink in the honest armour of a servant of God and use it to make the person think free will is for the best of him or herself in their work for God and truth.

He (the Devil) is very, very sly. One thinks one is growing into a better servant but everytime we go against that which God has arranged and joined together we are rationalizing. And the wages of allowing ourselves to be beguiled by the serpant's trick of 'it's really free will growth to improve my servant abilities' may actually be the end of the servant's work - the plan of the Devil in the first place.

I sincerely ask you to pray Les Visible about what you are going through, for God to show you what HE wants you to do. We are mortals and how many servant's have succumbed to pussy, power and/or gold (to use your words) and then literally disappeared?

You are doing a GREAT WORK for the world that would never have occured without the sponsorship of a very significant other.

No one said it would be easy - not even on the personal plane.

These words are given in love as a friend and ardent reader and supporter of your mission.

Really take stalk before you jump.



Visible said...

Lindsey; People are required to use their own judgment here.

Mouser; I have nothing to do with it.

et al... Things be what they be. I'm in a fantastic mood and there's got to be a reason for that and it's not connected to anything I just wrote about.

Yeah, Covkid- We've been in correspondence for years.

All I ask is that no one give me shit about watching the games this weekend; especially the one with Tebow and the Patriots since there is some really strange stuff going on and I like strange stuff. I haven't paid much attention in previous years but the cosmos is acting out on many levels now and I tune in when I can. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

"a real Trip"
(on drug of choice: life)
for those so inclined see it here

(loss is just transition to gain - souls are never alone)

Zel said...

This was a good post, Les, and many of us can recognize some part of ourselves in it.

In 2006 my father died after a fight with leukemia, in 2008 I ended a 10 year relationship after she cheated on me, and in 2010 my mother died after 25 years of bipolar/manic-depressive madness that almost cost me my sanity.

Since then I've moved from a metro area of 8 million people to the relative isolation of the high desert mountains of New Mexico 13 months ago, on a whim - the emptiness of this place matched my spirit and I found it soothing.

In any case I've never fit in the US 100% here-I'm a US resident, not citizen-and I have the feeling if I went back home I wouldn't fit in there anymore, either, so I wait here, poised, waiting for an omen from the spirit if you will, on a new course-and I wait, and wait endlessly, it seems...

Point being, many of us who read your blogs have experienced pain, loss & loneliness and skated close to the edge of madness in the process, so you're not alone in that and if the Time Monks are right, things will get interesting beginning in March so who knows what will come of that. Let's hope the changes are for the better.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

A soul with your capacity for love will not be without love for long. Go deeper into the song. Just maintain your grounding, get clearer about what you need to do, to be a being that you can love even further, and she will show up.

Stay with the truth that in every breakdown is also a breakthrough opportunity. Applying that to relationships, it’s an upgrade opportunity.

Peace and keep up the great work.


Steve said...

Man the syncrons are active and I am glad/thankful to be a part of it.

My partner and I went to bed last night with talk of breaking up and talking through how best to go about it. I awake this morning to read this post. Shit!

Our problem is we are not free in our relationship together and this bondage of holding on to something that's not there has taken it's toll to the point of cutting the whole thing loose. We are talking now (this morning) of staying together but without the cling thing, whether or not we can accomplish this or we are merely procrastinating remains to be seen.

In many ways I have no idea of how to do this and that is probably for good reason. However it works out inner freedom is the goal.

Much Love to all,


WV. puraic

Les Thanzeros said...


being still and still knowing i am


The buck shot out

past the present

opening holes in the sky

from which
poured through

their endless brilliance
lighting up the night sky

till we were forced
by their sheer beauty
to look
our own existence
The buck shot out

past the present

opening holes in the sky

from which
poured through

their endless brilliance
lighting up the night sky

till we were forced
by the sheer beauty
to look
our own existence The buck shot out

past the present

opening holes in the sky

from which
poured through

their endless brilliance
lighting up the night sky

till we were forced
by their sheer beauty
to look
our own existence

the Mysterious Hari Balantine

Anonymous said...

via kathy
look at the barometer for 10 hours a day, live in the same place forever, eat frozen food, go to the movies and cheat on your significant other.
Clearly, crazy is the new sane. My mother had a stroke when I got married at 19 and went ape shit when I joined the USAF at the age of 20 (Dyess Vis), came home on leave with a motorcycle and announced that we didn't want any kids. I threw every NYC Irish Catholic stereotype out the window decades ago.
My sympathies to all who are feeling losses now. I lost that perfect friend, husband and lover when I was 23 to a motorcycle accident. It cured me of that particular kind of attachment. Been married twice since and have piles of kids and steps (that was a cosmic joke on the me that didn't want kids) but I haven't even wanted that intimacy, its too painful.
JOhn Lash says we are centuries away from the end of Kali Yuga...say it ain't so!!

midnight dragon said...

"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead"
Charles Bukowski

Just possibly what makes life worth living.

Richie (Dana) said...


Exactly what is your mission here? I get this crazy feeling that it has nothing to do with the websites you are pushing so hard.
I will here warn you that there are some very aware souls lurking in these parts.
Laurel is nothing like whatever name you called her. She just felt something and lashed out. She "knows" something that is not readily apparent.
I have never personally spoken to Laurel and we have had zero interaction......I just know her to be a true being.

Along the same line of thought....why do I feel the need to direct a missive to you?

Since I am already highly aware of the evil that exists in this world and know at least some of the perpetrators who are involved with that evil I see no need to go to your proposed sight as I have much higher things in mind at the moment. There are very critical things to learn and grow about and they have little to do with Zionists.

A little advice for the true beings.
There are actually two different ways to tell someone about the evil in this world. One of them is designed to lead you to what is more important. For examples of this in action, please review the work of Les Visible. (I am sure you all know what is more important).

The second way is inflammatory and is designed to illicit strong emotional reaction which in some way serves evil. I am still in a learning curve on that, but please look within for more answers.

Physical and material things are fast becoming of no import. This would include many of these nasty stories. We now have at our fingertips, the most awesome power in the universe. Who else here just reads headlines and knows the rest? Just another story right?

We must try with all our might to bring the true inner being forward and eclipse the bullshit of this plane. Each of you has this ability and so much more. Forget about name calling and seek the Divine. The reward is beyond belief.

That would be my take on the situation and I am positive that you all will be able to disseminate my motives.


Anonymous said...

piere said..

it's the crazy bubbles that make the fizz and get the fluids moving. (or could be a decomposing dead rat from up the arse).

song for the day.(not sure why, something about rolling new things over)
Counting Crows.

wv: osome . lonesome , but that's only half of it.

Visible said...

Hari Ballantine! As I live and breathe! You still in Arizona? Come on down and visit. I'll be in Mexico until 2/29.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible for all you share. Like many here, I’ve been seeing the parting of ways and it struck real close to home recently; after 20 years my daughter is divorcing. Others I know are experiencing difficult times in the partnership and the financial arena. I cannot help but be reminded of a passage out of the bible; 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers.” Seems a “separating” is going on and the “like-minded” will be grouped together.
Also, another observation after 50+ years here: the only place I’ve ever seen normal is on a washing machine.
Love to Vis, love to all - Serena

Les Thanzeros said...

near scottsdale, vis, mexico would eat into our ireland funds, going back over again this august, but your welcome up here any time.

i still remember the nite of the that poem, will send an old photo from Hill 99 back in woodstuck.
it just found me again last week.

Lee said...

Let's set the record straight, Les. I don't think you are crazy. You posted numerous arguments as to why you are not.

Now it's my turn.

1..I emailed you regarding prayer for a personal crisis I was going through. There was nobody else who could either understand or comprehend the level of anxiety I was going through.

2..I supported you on my own blog regarding the flack you too for supporting SOTT. You inspired me to give people second chances or forgiveness.I am reaping the rewards for implementing that particular wisdom.

3..Yes, your writings are heady, cryptive, spaced out, a little wordy, but at the same time, lucid and entertaining. I get lost and often times I don't get it, but I will.

I can think of more stuff,but I won't.

Asserting that someone would claim you CRAZY, for me, is unthinkable.

I most certainly would not confide in a person whom I thought was crazy.

Les, you and I, like many others here, are joined with you at the hip. We are Balls to Balls, and Bones to Bones connected.

I could go on telling you more of my own personal tragedies, but this is about you. I am sorry about you and your consort. *I know the name but that would be indiscreet*

If you are "Crazy", then I am certifiable. If anything, you're here to keep us from going in that direction in the first place.

Much love to you and thank you, for being there for me.


Anonymous said...

Time Compression. Schumann Resonance from the crystalline core of the planet is now actuated at a 16 hour resonance rather than the long accustomed 24 hour periodicity. This is Gaia coming into accelerated harmonic resonance with the core of the galaxy, Hunab Ku.

Human biorythyms are evolving in accordance with this cosmic shift. Human relationships and human institutions are shifting, imploding and reshuffling. Reality is changing faster than the adaptation capacities of most individuals, particularly those welded to deeply patterned implants manifested most frequently as belief systems both religious and rationalistic. Adherence and adhesion to materialist nostrums and notions of all types are blocking the flow.

Your only refuge is to go deep within and to connect with your own spiritual core which is ever attuned to the cosmic beat of the highest vibration of Central Casting.

Get ready for the Magic Carpet Ride. The most moving music of the Sixties was the precursor to the current process. 1968: The rock opera Hair: "This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius". Improving even on that masterpiece was the take by The Fifth Dimension. The dimensional shift will have need of those individuals who already have some understanding of the process and are currently here for that service.


onething said...


I think you're one of the sanest people I know and I deeply regret that I was not able to arrange to visit in Mexico. Perhaps, as things are ongoing, I will be able to, or to do so in the future.

DaveR said...

Clif and George are onto it. A 15 minute recording about the new stuff that is coming down the pike. It's a piece of the big "something is busy happening in the wider world." that Amarynth and others are referring about.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and there's a link to the mp3.

wv: catyl - go figure...

Anonymous said...

March to Madness!

As mad as the mad March Hare,
We March to Madness!
‘Tis foolishness…nothing more!

Nil desperandum, folks!

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

DaveR said...

Something big IS afoot and here's another stomp:

This should be shared with every county gov't in the country. Skip the state (too big) and City (cities are corporate) and go the the organic political unit, the county.

Occupy the Neighborhood. How Counties Can Use Land Banks and Eminent Domain
By Ellen Brown

Kath said...

Thank you,thank you so much. You words touch my heart & soul. You remind me in many ways of a dear love of my life . Our relationship has changed this past year but I am learning to let go and have gratitude. Not always easy. I find much inspiration & enlightenment reading your post, God bless you and keep you safe. Namaste

missingarib said...

I read your post ,I stare up at the corner of the ceiling, I read some more and pause to consider your situation and thoughts ,reread the post - nothing especial comes to mind --(hearing exists outside of sound) -untangle one sense and the rest are loosed it's what came to mind
-vis -see you in a dream maybe? okay -and no I'm not crazy
looking forward to more of your mind lights.

I don't suffer insanity, I enjoy every second said...

That Goethe quote was a reaction to that anal polyp making threats against you. I'm nuttier than an 2lb tin of assorted nuts and would never point the finger at anyone for being like that. We have ET souls and don't belong here and can't jive with the psychotic and psychopathic program. A couple of years ago when the wolves were literally at the door making the windows rattle the radio shows and blog posts helped me power through and for that I will forever be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I lost my wife of twenty-six years on November 3rd. She left me through death though. Over and out.........Jimmy

PS, hope you all get through your pains and bounce back in better shape than ever!

BenC said...

Hey Les, where are you claiming you currently are? I agree with most and appreciate all of what i have read of yours in the past two days, but i must not have reached the part where you told us where 'here' is?

Appreciate any response you, or a reader can give to clear this matter.

MachtNichts said...

Why is it that women feel the need to leave a relationship and the guys feel left behind? I was in that predicament 10 years ago, wanting to leave. My husband beat me to it and left for good without much notice. I'm still not sure if he did me a favour or not.

Svengali, ha, if there is a les visible connection it goes both ways. Sense and sensibility. Wouldn't be sensible to have a one-way show. We need some feed-back and the ability to discern. And, Vis, don't be a doubting Thomas, you don't have to fish for acceptance with us. I think you are bringing a lot of people to the same table and I for one am very grateful for that.

Would love to jump in my car and head South. Ain't in the cards for me right now. Travel with God wherever he may take you, my thoughts and love to all of you, Silvia

JerseyCynic said...

Once again, thank you les.

"It's not the players it's the play"

timing is everything -- you continue to amaze me in how connected you/we/us all are.

(RIP or should I say brb Tommy!)

Anonymous said...

Most of those I let go
never came back to me
except those who were mine at the time.


Anonymous said...

lord visibles,,,you are not mad sir,,,
how could you write that stuff and be,no, is possible that whoever keeps saying these things is actually mad,,lacks experience and has problems with defining what is true,...they have never been fired in the crucible of beauty,where the great loves arise,,,

just had a listen to mr orderly switch over is definately needed and needs to be addressed....
also I love them dome buildings that mr high has been building,,,in actual fact I spent the first half of last week working out how much it would cost and the materials I would need to make one for myself in varying different sizes...and they are very very cheap,,,,hows that for coincidence.....
anyway to build one as a home,,I have heard that with 300mm of foam insulation,,and a triple glazed door,you have a building that doesnt need any heating,,although thats probably going a little over the top ,,,I am a great believer that the fire is the heart of the home,so I would have to have a fire......

also had a listen to our good brother mr lash,,,I still havent made that agreement but will a little later....
and when tptw try and pull out their savior figure to save us all and keep them in power,I also think,an imediate intuitive feeling will come over the people,,,,that some how they are being lied too,,,and thats not going to wash....

oh and entrenched powers that were,,,
worlds moving on,,,your toilet dwelling motives are just not working,,killing things in an inhumain disrespectful manner is the reason that you are failing....above all you have lost yourselves....doesnt it make you wonder why you are never satisfied,surely it must of crossed your mind,
you need to come back to the people and the earth,,,sit humainly and learn how to be satisfied with your full sense of being,,,,you had been looking in the wrong place,,,
so come on come back,are you not must of sunk in that this little ploy is not going to work,that your information was from a corrupted source in the beginning.....

anyway love you peoples

respects neil

Anonymous said...

Les, I trust you precisely because you are crazy. I shared something about an epic battle with you. Incredible calm and joy hit me about 23 hours ago, exactly at the moment it was needed. I'm thinking someone was praying..... We are all just here to get fully spent and burned up, until not even ash remains. For the purpose of Demonstration. THY will be done. On earth, as it is in Heaven. BURN, BABY,BURN.
- Sam

Anonymous said...

Come visit us in Carlsbad and let's go surfing. Some joy in the deep blue can soothe the soul. The water's cold, but I got a wetsuit to fit you-tall and skinny-right?

Paul said...

Thank you for sharing. In my minor way, I would like to do the same.

I have been with my partner 13 years, this being the 13th. In the last few months our relationship has become like nothing I've ever experienced. Balanced with mutual trust, love, respect and passion far beyond what I thought possible.

I have found my own frustrations with life diminising on a daily basis. Most of the time I now feel balanced and calm. Full moons still seem to change that though. That is a question I would like answered when it is right.

If thinking, rather than reacting, and acting on ones belief to grow is considered being crazy, then count me in! Seems to me that not doing so and following the status quo is far more insane.

The specifics of whatever happens or doesn't happen is of no real concern to me. My belief and faith tells me it will be just what is needed to bring growth to all conciousness. I truly believe that. Which is why I guess I've had no confirmation that I managed to notice. If existance were anything else, then I'd be glad when my random convergenge of cells finally gave up..

There are a lot of people in my life that I have a great deal of gratitude for. Although I have never met you, as indeed there are many I have not met, you are one of them.

amarynth said...


You remind me of a time share salesman - Go away for now.

You're in the wrong place and wrong time zone and refuses to be aware of what this blog is about.

Come back when the time and the venue and the conversation is right.

Visible said...


Some things appear not to be clear; no surprise in these days and times. First off, I'm not leaving anything; have no intention to and never meant to give that impression. It is the conditions of the times that are dictating circumstances, not me. Nothing has changed in my dynamic whatsoever and isn't going to. My nature is that of a dog in terms of fidelitous nature.

When I mention things they are for the purpose of demonstration and explication. I mentioned what I did, mostly, because they relate to similar conditions taking place in many places at the moment. Today we discovered that one of the nurses who comes here to the house is in breakup mode; long term relationship, children, solid family structure, etc. It's something that is happening world wide.

I hoped that I was fairly clear in my last two paragraphs how I personally feel about the other things. When things arise I treat with them, even if it engages the thoughts of only a small minority. Disclosure is all to the good. I don't feel the need to justify myself and in most cases there is no need. Now and again it's good to set things on the table. Then I move on to the next thing. I realize I can't please everyone and if I could it would be a crowded house.

As for the US, thank you sincerely for the offer but I set no foot on that mainland at the moment. I wouldn't even take a plane that passed through there. Alright! Off to the next thing.

amarynth said...

We're talking about breakup and heartache. The converse is also operating. Some are growing closer and the beauty is magical. The dynamic is quite startling. I like Clif's description .. complexity shock.

Anonymous said...

a warming sense
a feathers weave
the oceans drift
a tranquil breeze
a livened trail
beautys kiss
the rising sun
a river lives
the meadows pathway
an ancient sky
the conscious pull
of earth inside
nature calling
a flower blooms
beautys reach
where union flew


MR said...

All I can say is, thank you. For everything you have ever said, in all the colorful ways you have said them, and continue to say, thank you Les Visible.

Thank you for continually reminding us to pray, to yearn for the divine, to be aware of the divine in all that we do. I do it for a while and then forget and fall back asleep. Your nudging us along is the greatest gift for us to receive.

I am praying, I am meditating, I am sitting in silence daily. I am feeling the love of the divine strongly in my heart. The peace and love I am feeling stays with me longer through out the day, now that I am, again, serious about my longing for the divine. I know this is what I am to do if I truly want to be of service, if I want to see and be peace on earth.

I am watching my siblings and one parent self destruct. It is painful to watch and I wonder when to lend a hand out because it is the right thing to do. Praying, meditating, sitting in my yard is helping me see the next step. It helps me see in a detached way, the karmic dance of the souls. It helps me know when I need to be available and when not to. It is also a little sad to realize who in my family will not be waking up in this life time. Yet I am reminded it is their choice and it is okay.

My mother crosses over back and forth these days. She told me that she would go a couple of months after my father passes on. Looks like I will be losing 4 members of my family this year.

My heart is full from yearning, seeking the Divine. The biggest gift you give, Les, is your unconditional love for humanity. And truly caring about us all in reminding us in every way possible, to seek the Divine in all that we do. Never give up.

Many Blessings to you, and to everyone on Earth.


Anonymous said...


I find that I have let go of a couple of useless, soul-sucking, time-diminishing habits. It became clear to me to simply stop feeding energy into them. I dropped them mere hours after reading your post from yesterday. A parting of the ways, as it were.

Time to tune out the old, tune in the new. And just allow the changes to wash over us all.


Anonymous said...

There is definitely something abuzz in the aether. It's seething and I'm at a loss to justify it properly with words.

The people who are defining sanity and insanity these days are the same people who like to tell you that 1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters would eventually randomly create every great work of literature. They don't offer probability proofs. I wrote a program to imitate that and couldn't even get a "the" from it all day long. That's their feeble attempt to define down the concept of spirit. Rudy Rucker and Stephen King call it "the mindscape" and they say their thoughts aren't their own, but they went to the orchard and oicked them. If the area of the mindscape you've ventured into has voices, I'd call that some advanced exploration. How many others heard those voices, and didn't tell?

There's a t-shirt that says "The voices don't talk to the stupid ones". But, could that be why they're stupid? I like to think of what Kronos might have done. Say, the first time around, he preached wisdom to any and all. They ground his pearls under their feet and turned and tore him. He backed up for a do-over and this time he didn't share it with the stupid ones, and he knew who they were. Kronos had to go forward in time, like the rest of us. He could just jump around in it.

You can't prove anything to an atheist.

Ray Zerwitt

That would be a great t-shirt to promote your book.

Anonymous said...

sanity - by mundane definition - is highly overrated.

input, even your own, is merely grist for the mill. savor the flavor and spit the rest out.

most of the magic can be found by just showing up. enjoy your time together, wherever that may be.

send up smoke signals if'n y'all get lost. (grin)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

A Bad Case of Chosen People Syndrome.

just me, Laurel A. said...

gurney, gurney, gurney.....jesus? god is your lord. god. and god, as well as "your" jesus is way way waayyyy above such triteness of spirit as you insist on cramming up everyones ass. you get what you give. lay off of po tai. who are you or me or anyone to judge any one elses spirit? you sure dont want to take that little chance, seeing as you are neither god nor jesus nor cheetos nor anything but a mere human. cause when you go, and you will, i sure would be wondering if the next place for such a soul will be as small and airless as the confines within which you hope to contain even total strangers who are of no harm to you. no gurney, even you do not want to go that route. you love your god? you love your lord? LOVE. and then shut the hell up if someone else has a different damn name for their LOVE. not everyone speaks YOUR language.

neal said...

It is an age, but if the stars become subject to attention, that is up in the air, a strange and wonderful thing.

Omaha, well, that could be something very deep, and nuclear silos, and people trying to make sense of that, something to behold, like a birthplace, I sort of remember the songs of the Omaha, that would just be people, and place, and what was, and what decides to become that again. It's not what you think, that's OK.

If that great work does not agree, those roles and relationships might bring some decisions, that's OK.

It's hard to surf, with all this stuff playing around. That's release from the written works, and that is fun, and up in the air. She stays, and stares, and I will get up for that, most every time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
could you please give some time to consider the following and give a reaction in your blogs. Part of the astounding transformation we may see this year has started in the visible/physical realm. Thank you:

"NASA released a video yesterday announcing "free" unlimited and clean energy. This will replace all other sources of energy.

Maybe you should read those words again:

- "free" - it consumes tiny amounts of hydrogen in a new nuclear process. Hydrogen is that is so abundant is is effectively free
- unlimited -because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.
- clean, - no pollution, no radiation.

Those following the subject have known about this for several years. The authorities (US Government and MIT) suppressed the discovery in 1989 (see Dr Eugene Mallove'es Book ), but now they are obliged to start publicizing the truth because companies are starting to market products based on this science.

The official NASA link is here:

It is also posted on Youtube, but the above link shows it is an official video.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz

I’ve been following the GOP primaries and all I can say where are those Dixe Chicks when you need them?



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...



wv: master.... indeed you are Judge Viz

Anonymous said...


I'm only 48 years old but I've already left the notion of "romantic love" behind. I was married for three years (that's a silver anniversary in Hollywood!) as well as a couple of 6-7 year relationships. I'm an APE, Agape, Philia, and Eros, but neccessarily not in that order. In one sense, Agape came first, as I had a loving mother, so I radiated it to the "all". School encouraged philia eventually leading to eros as the expression of "love".
What I've learned is that "mimicking" the procreative act in an attempt to establish oneself as a two time Gold medal Olympian sport-fucking champion is a tremendous expenditure of energy.
Some couples want "toys" toys. To me, that is a vain attempt to recapture a sense of innocence lost.

"to give your sheep or cow a large, spacious, meadow is the best way to control him."

So I've put the desires "out to pasture" so to speak. I give them a large, spacious meadow of the "big mind" to graze in.
It's remarkable how I no longer imbue people/relationships with things they just can't give....Permanence, "stability", etc.

P.S. 2012 will be a rather unremarkable year. nothing special.

Chey said...

Les, I can't begin to thank you for all the times you've spoken directly to my heart in times of great trouble and confusion, and have made a difference. This is particularly true in these past few months as everything grows more complex and seems to be flying apart. You keep pointing True North. I hear in the comments that there are just so many people out here who feel a strong connection and resonance with you, as do I. We will probably never meet in person here this go around, but that doesn't matter.. I know that I know you, and I am so grateful to you and your kindness for all of us. May you walk in a shower of blessings,

Anonymous said...

My working title for a book detailing love lost?

"Graze Anatomy"

Ozziesteve said...

Hi Vis, I just wanted to say that some 20 yrs. ago while talking with the invisible ones I was told that ALL attachments must go - ALL - and it seems that the letting go is what's happening NOW, and is the source for any kind of suffering that people are experiencing. It has taken quite some time to achieve but I am so much the better for it. Alone but not lonely, quiet but not sad, poor but not without, unemployed but very productive. The veil is getting MUCH thinner and the illusion is being magnified, we are entering the realm of the Gods and are being asked/tested to show our qualifications for admittance to join their ranks. Sovereignty, integrity, loyalty to the highest good, and Unconditional Love. The word SOUL means Source Of Unconditional Love.
Love your werk

Anonymous said...

Les is More, visible,
with fresh corn tortillas,
black beans, cilantro,
and a bit of parZival.

gurnygob said...

What “just me, Laurel A. “ said....

Laurel you need to calm down a little my dear, you'll give yourself a heart attack.


Ben There said...

Les - I've never thought you were crazy, but you're easily the most unique individual, without even a close second, that I have ever met in my entire life. (Maybe "met" should be in quotes - virtual met, would be more accurate). You may or may not remember, but five or so years ago there was an incident and it looked like my personal life and marriage were about to crumble. Never felt anything so bad before. And who was the first person I wanted to email? The esteemed Mr. Les Visible. I did, and you gave me comforting words and that period was one of the great learning experiences of my life.

I don't know whether or not to say "I'm sorry" for your current circumstances - I kind of doubt it, but I do wish you all blessings and happiness. Long time no comment for me, but I see another Ben has stepped into the mix.

Visible said...

Hi Ben!

Heh heh, you were there before there were any blogs back in the days of Slate. What a scene that was in that seething hotbed of bitterness and pomposity.

Ironically we were talking about Ben's the other night and Eric said that the other Ben was you and I said, "No, not so". And here you show up discussing the other Ben (grin). You're not that far away are you? I remember you being in Texas, if I remember rightly.

Ben There said...

Yessir - Fort Worth, Texas here. Actually not as bad a place as you might think, but probably a shit hole compared to Italy. When you say "not far away", does that mean you are nearby right now? That would be something.

visible said...

Yes Ben, I am in Northern Mexico meeting up with a number of readers. I will be here until the last day of February

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Landlords of Eminent Domain.

just me, Laurel A. said... said "Laurel you need to calm down a little my dear, you'll give yourself a heart attack."

you wont get that lucky this year, dear. the day i calm down, it will be because i am dead, not the other way around.

Zoner said...

Very late to this discussion but thought I'd echo a sentiment re: changing relationships and such. My own partnership has taken on a new and once-again growing dimension after many many years of being in limbo (why did I stay? The voice told me to of course!). It is like some manner of shackle has been loosened or something, but there is a greater and more rewarding connection growing around here even in the midst of some chaos.

Things are stranger than ever, more dramatic, yet it all seems to have less and less "importance" if that makes any sense. Maybe it is just boredom or the soul bailing out - I really don't know. Sometimes the indifference alarms me.

Some come together, others grow apart. Sounds pretty normal to me, but for those in the midst it sure must seem like heady stuff. My best to All of you.



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