Thursday, March 28, 2024

"Some Step Out of The Rushing Torrent of Mortality and Remain Corporate... Some Embrace The Temporary Death."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. That will be The Sunrise Morning of all sunrise mornings in the year, and... I will be there in the very spirit of it because... it is all about The Sun. It was originally a fertility thing... that's how the Easter Bunny came about... known for their prolific offspring. Lady Nature feeds our bodies as The Christ feeds our souls, and that is where Jesus Christ came out of The Mix... to feed The Age. His blood is the flowing vitality that runs through that time period until now. His sacrifice paid for The Age we are now leaving.

It should be obvious that another transfusion is now called for.

Christianity took a lot of cosmic truths, and... tailored them for crowd control. It is what all religions do. Ostensibly... they exist to give guidelines for our behavior. Unfortunately... or fortunately; it depends on how you see it, AND what comes out of it... because... the blood runs hot. There was always a problem with Christianity in its early distortions of celibate priests... in defiance of Nature's biological imperatives.

There's nothing wrong with Chastity and Celibacy, BUT... you have to be in the mood for them. Like Augustine said; “Oh Lord, grant me chastity... just not yet.” You'll see it phrased in a lot of different ways. I like this one.

Of course, a lot of those folks in cloisters are bloodless freaks, and their continence does not mean much. It's really when the passionate soul... can channel the force of it to higher states of being... that the real point gets made. It takes a superhuman effort, and few are able to rise to this occasion, especially in Times of Material Darkness. This is why Paul said it is better to marry than to burn. If you really want to understand what is going on with all of this you can. If you don't, well... you can do that too.

I should add here that plenty of people in monasteries are there on punishment details due to excesses in previous times... or in some cases, they are building their resources for times and events to come Everything OUT HERE makes perfect sense... once you can link up with... what is present internally... once you can get The Indwelling to speak to you through The Intuition. That also comes about through chastity and aspiration... which is what I call, channeled desire.

If you want to play around in the pigpen... rutting and rooting... no one is going to stop you, except the usual archetypes that oversee human behavior. The idea is to progress yourself from the Lord Byron mindset to the William Blake mindset, and then on to whatever the next stage of that might be. So it is that many TRUE saints... have colorful lives... in the lead-up to sainthood... especially if they are poets, and... they are mostly always poets; the real ones are anyway.

The Catholic Church has been minting and printing saints for some time... for political reasons, and the usual crowd control. There are few religions that can match The Catholic Church for sheer perversity and sybaritic behavior that rivals anything The Pagans came up with. In fact... The Mithraic and other solar forms of worship were of a much more elevated sort than your generic mercenary priests and confused liturgies of The Catholic Church.

I'm sure there were some good guys, BUT... there were plenty of bad guys... as history has recorded for anyone troubling themselves to take a look.

My being extremely chaste and continent for a period of time is what led to my Kundalini awakening. Anyone who studies in the arcane sciences... discovers that one needs to observe a rigorous restraint on their sexual forces for... at the very least... a period of some months, and often for a few years... in order to awaken The Sleeping God Force. This... especially... includes The Mental Plane as well.

After that... one has to wrestle their way free of the allurements on all sides, and it is especially difficult for those who have done this... to continue in it... because that force will attract attention of the wrong kind when it has been activated. It's like a flashing light.

Is it really wrong? That's debatable. It can feel that way when you are struggling against it, BUT... that is just a force of Nature that needs... to... be... sublimated. Once this has been accomplished, the whole of the animal kingdom in The Subconscious... comes under your control. It's how the yogis live in the jungle surrounded by the personifications of appetite. Once your appetite is under control it has a remarkable effect on other life forms.

There is nothing wrong with having a partner... a family... raising children. There would be no world for anyone to rise out of otherwise. Most are not meant for the higher states of self-containment, and one needs to learn this... otherwise... it's a rough go.

HOWEVER... all who aspire WILL BE raised higher... from life to life, and The Life will come where the bonds are loosed and liberation winks in the space/time continuum up ahead. Sometimes it is clearly seen, and sometimes you have only the memory of it, BUT... you must persist. If you can persist you WILL reach the goal. A large part of the journey is simply enduring the trials... simply hanging on.

A time comes when the realization dawns upon you that you are not the one enduring it. There is one greater within you who meets the challenges as they come. Only a fool believes that they are a match for what they will come up against, and this they WILL discover to their dismay.

The Christ is that force in all of us who rises victorious because... he's been there and done that. Now... he comes again... with a new litany of formulas and teachings for The Coming Age of Brotherhood. The Once and Future Avatar is a natural-supernatural occurrence... at rare intervals... at specific points on The Celestial Clock... He comes to RE-STORE order. He is the balance-gone-missing returning again.

We... in our mortal dreaming state... live in a short-term cycle. Huge reaches of time are beyond the ken of those... who come and go here... with such frequency. Those who are able to step back into themselves, and find themselves... where they have been languishing in a forgotten state... while the temporary personality ran wild... come into a profound understanding of what lies beyond the comprehension of short-time humpers and thumpers... who keep trying to beat Life into submission, and find they have beaten themselves into submission, but... rather too late in the game for it to count for much.

Those who find The Self, find also that they are required to step out of the common thoroughfares of existence and behaviors... lest their strange characteristics mark them as targets for bestial and frightened hearts. Any number of immortals come and go in the common herd... their true being concealed from others... while they do their anonymous services for The Greater Good.

Some step out of the rushing torrent of mortality and continue to remain corporate. Some embrace the temporary death... before their immortality is officially conferred... even though it is already present. It depends on the story that was written for them. Everyone who follows Jesus does not meet the same fate as Jesus... allegedly did, BUT... all of them lead lives of similar sacrifice and selfless service... differently demonstrated... depending on the story that was written for them.

One way or the other... one must leave the ordinary currents of terminal existence, for all sorts of reasons. They do come and go... however, as did and does St. Germain... Apollonius of Tyana... and many others whose names are not even known, and who exist as pearls strung around the neck of an unknown God. One might better compare them to stars who shine with their own light, BUT... the pearl has a deep significance in the whole process.

In any case... Easter is upon us... as it always is... on the first Sunday following The Spring Equinox and The Paschal Fuill Moon, AND... this time... soon to be followed by The Eclipse... a week and... a day later. Much noise is being generated over this coming event... more than might seem to be necessary... given that very few know the implications of it. Keep in mind that The Deep State and their butt-boy media are also aware of it, and they NEVER let an opportunity to sow confusion and to do evil pass them by.

We are on a real precipice of tumultuous change. It is good to be mindful of this. The Evil is going one way, and The Good another... meanwhile... significant tailwinds and crosscurrents... undertows, and the like... are being generated in the wake of their passage, especially where Evil is concerned.

May The Resurrection occur in you this Easter or on another Easter to follow. No efforts made in that direction are ever lost. May the roses bloom on your cross, signifying the triumph of Higher Love over the lesser attractions of elemental desire. Let your light shine... which it will do, as soon as your idea of a personal self ceases to block it while shining in its own delusional false light; the light of dreams and attractions... for what is not even there.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 25, 2024

"That's How It Works in The Worlds of Wanting. Everything is Eating Something Else or... Being Eaten by Something Else."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The force of ever-intensifying insanity... that Materialism brings to the human mind... in ever-increasing stages... closer together in transition... from one to the next, does not only affect the thinking mechanisms; in their constant efforts to deal with the mutations... created by The Irrational Mind. It manifests in Nature's responses to us. It manifests in the wider ebb and flow of human interactions. It becomes the latest absurdities arriving under the banner of The New Normal. There is nothing normal about any of it anymore. Still... The... Reactive... Mind!

(That was a rather involved and convoluted paragraph. Please take whatever time you may need to adjust to it. We'll just wait here while you orient your perspective; metaphorically speaking.)

Remember that proverb that was popular for a little while, back before 9/11 gave The World a chocolate swirly; courtesy of The Usual Suspects? It went like this; “when you're up to your neck in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.” I'll bet it's crossed President Trump's mind a few times over recent years.

Well... at least we know who The Swamp is now, and we certainly know who works for them. Whether it's The Swamp or the mangroves at the ocean's edge... or The Saturday Night Dog Fights... The UFC... The NFL... the crap game in the alley... or chopping up companies like stew meat in Wall Street boardrooms... every road leads to a banker somewhere... just as every road once led to Rome.

I remember reading the poetry of Catullus much earlier in this life. There was a line in one of the poems about spidery roads... golden roads... that led to the city of Rome... something... something... I remember thinking, maybe that was where all roads lead to Rome came from. This is likely... in part... to be true... because everything leads to everything else... one way or another... just like everything having to do with money leads to a banker.

Pornography is all about making money... from a sub-division of passion... that is widely known as Lust. PornHub is owned by a rabbi, and it is part of a holding company for a large collection of porn sites called Aylo... heh heh... which is owned by ETHICAL Capital Partners. Ethical!!! Funny!!! Makes me think of Gila Monster Undergarments for Wild Child Transsexuals owned and operated by parents with severe cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Don't ask me why that came into my mind. It just did, and now... it's gone.

Clothing companies with names that would be attention grabbers in Milan and New York... or porn sites that cover every possible psycho-sexual illness under a rock in the deepest reach of time... all lead back to a banker somewhere. Bankers... by definition... are people without conscience. One of their biggest sources of revenue... is causing wars for no other reason than personal profit, and then... feeding like a starving lamprey off of every ancillary discomfort produced by war.

It is possible to have cultures that do not inevitably trend toward ever-greater concentrations of madness. There are time frames where their appearance is more likely than at the tail-end of Kali Yuga... though... it's a matter of some debate whether we are actually at the tail-end of Kali Yuga. However... regardless... a golden age of some form can be expected... simply because a golden age ALWAYS follows the appearance of The Avatar.

It is also possible that many of us might just disappear... as if we had been riding on The Marie Celeste only moments before. A great many of us are going to disappear anyway... through attrition... due to the efforts of The UN... The WEF... The International Deep State... The Rothschild Vampire Consortium and various other collectives of misanthropic mass murderers, who... for reasons that probably escape most of us... delight in such enterprises. They do evil because it brings them some form of happiness. It puts the bloom of nightshade in their cheeks.

It's easy to get caught up in the whole charade of shadows dancing on the wall. It's easy to believe the shadows are things of substance, and real as real can be. When soulless sonsabitches... have gathered together... to torment humanity and every other living thing... in some sort of arcane rite of passage... it's easy to begin to believe that all hope is lost.

Where's the cavalry? Where's the sheriff? Where are the heroes? Every day... dozens... hundreds... thousands of Palestinians are recreationally murdered by psychopaths. Two million people were driven into a small space. They were already... the tightest concentration of people... in the smallest space in The World. They can't get away... and now... merciless mercenary cats... bat them back and forth between their paws. International charities are trying to raise money to buy Napalmolive sky lotions for Palestinian children. They also work for The Banks.

In the wider world... millions have been poisoned BY... THESE... VERY... SAME... CREATURES... and still... The World's rulers... The Movers and Shakers... look on with detachment. Millions more are soon to be poisoned. Some will die a quick death, and some will die by inches. The World just... goes... on... and... on... and... on.

So... it's easy to get caught up in believing that this is all headed somewhere not very nice and that there is no way out of it. Maybe The Angel of Death will pass overhead and you will be okay or... maybe you won't. Maybe you will be dead and still not be okay, and... maybe your account will have been settled and closed, and you are now free to screw your existence up all over again. Well... it doesn't usually go that way in The Cosmic Sense, BUT... down here? Yeah.

However... things are not what they appear to be. This is a time of transition, and conditions and events are not what they seem to be. They are passing from one state to another. It could look like pretty much anything in between those states. The same can be said for the people passing through them. They are like snakes shedding their skin, and... you should know... that is when snakes are at their most dangerous. They don't mean to be. They just can't see very well.

In this world, there is always a problem with life forms not seeing well. They have these veils over their eyes that run from gossamer to opaque. When anything can't see very well, it is more likely to lash out, and it is certainly likely to stumble about. Of course... the best course of action when you can't see where you are going is... to stand still. Stand still until your vision clears or... the weather changes or... whatever needs to happen happens.

Not being able to see well is caused by wanting, by the desire for something external. It tends to inhibit your vision from seeing... what is between you and what you want. It can also compromise your thinking processes... concerning whether what you want... might belong to someone else already... or cost more than you can afford or... whatever it is that has gotten between you and what you want. All the madness in The World is caused by this wanting, AND... the hunger for it all is what drives the madness that is driving you.

It is the perfect example of a vicious cycle. Eventually... you will fall down and not be able to get up and something will eat you... because... that's how it works in The World of Wanting, everything is eating something else or being eaten by something else. Still your own hunger... turn down the flame, and all the hungry eaters will go right by you.

If you are in no one's way... they go right by you... like creatures of mist moving around the mountain before The Sun catches them. The smarter wraiths... of water suspended in the colder air... stay below the trees... or in caverns deep. Their time is so brief. Are you chasing what they are chasing... only to find it turning to more mist in your hands? Is there anything of changeless substance that exists external to you?

Nothing stays the same, and this dreaming self... that leads you through blurred lifetimes... of crazed pursuits... from the eternal viewpoint... seems frozen in time... like the dancers on a Grecian urn... or it is an indistinguishable blur. It breaks and remakes itself over, and over, and over again,

Stop! Drain yourself of every ambition and hunger. Let it run away from you... in streams of tension and stress melting away. There go all your reasons for living... that run along the avenues of mortality in search of a grave. There is no quiet in The Grave. Nothing lasts there... or here... or even in the brighter worlds... unless you... yourself... have become everlasting in thought... held outside the reach of devouring Time.

Let The Children of Chronos dance for Chronos. I serve another whose name I cannot speak. I will do as he does. I will be as he is. I leave everything else to everyone else. I have no need or appetite for any of it. It passes right through me.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

"The Stress and Tension Created... Causes The Mental Disturbances... that Grow Into an Unmanageable Insanity."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We've mentioned the connection between Materialism and Insanity many times here. Today we are going to discuss our reasons for making that connection. Materialism is a force that draws you out of yourself into external attachments. It is a progressive thing that pulls you into the mysterious darkness... through The Looking Glass... into that place where matter emerges into form. It pulls you deeper and deeper... until all sense of self is lost........

It is a terrible thing when you lose your mind........

The Sword of Mammon is the dividing power that separates you from your sense of self. The condition one arrives at when this happens is some form of insanity... because it is some form of delusion... that comes into play when you have been divorced from your real self. In progressive stages... under the spell of Materialism... one is drawn into ever more superficial expressions of self until you are no more than a soap bubble... poof!.......

It is a terrible thing when you lose your mind........

We have to be careful in the effort to explain this. It's only been done effectively... a few times... in inspired scripture, and even then, mostly in a description of what happens to you... when this separation happens to you. It is seldom about the thing itself. It feels a little like trying to climb Mt. Kailash... like something you can't see... is trying to stop you, and... usually does........

In spiritual terms... losing yourself is a good thing, but they are talking about the false self of the personality... not your connection to the real self behind it. This is what comes to the fore when the false self is dismissed. What Materialism does is to separate The Mind from the sense of self. With nothing to anchor yourself to... you are cut adrift on strange waters. You no longer know who you are. You did not... in fact... know who you were, to begin with... or it never would have happened to begin with........

It is a terrible thing when you lose your mind........

When one is caught up in the force of materialism... one identifies oneself to oneself, and... to others... in terms of possessions... whether these are actual possessions... or only possessions in The Mind does not matter. You become what you identify as. It is how we got all those genders. Materialism doesn't stop. It just gets more and more bewildering and out of control........

Materialism forces a sense of sameness on you... for protection and belonging... as much as for anything else. As you adapt to being what you are not... in order to feed at the big trough of shared excitements, something within you... yourself actually... rebels against this submission to what you are not, and... the stress and tension created... causes the mental disturbances... that grow into an unmanageable insanity........

One's possessions... in terms of identity... include one's profession... one's significant others... one's political persuasions... one's religious pretensions... one's fanboy associations... and one's dreams and ambitions; not to mention all those desires and appetites.. All of these turn out to have been imaginary or... a bitter disappointment. It begins in a state of not knowing and ends in a state of unknowing........

More and more as it progresses... one becomes a prisoner of the tyranny of the senses. One eats what tastes good, not what is good or nourishing. You are attracted to what looks good, not what is good and elevating... liberating. You chase after what's not worth having and run from what you cannot escape........

You are perfectly positioned for your own best interests, and... you can't see them... because you are in the way, and yes... I am talking to myself. There is no one else besides myself... infinitely varied... in stages of progressing awareness, and... variegated according to names and places... times and spaces... measured out forever or... until you can stand still. Sometimes, the best servants are the ones who only stand and wait. They are waiting on instructions instead of giving out orders. When you don't get in the way... all your problems go away........

We live in a bewildering contradiction of terms; what is The Tao? What is Mindfulness? What is God and who am I? To ask any question is to set it loose in pursuit of the answer... so that the answer rises like a form from the waters (of the subconscious)... because it is no longer being held submerged. Herein is the Sisyphean difficulty of being human. You don't have to do anything. You choose to, and once you start... it is never done until you can rein yourself in again........

How does a man wind up in a war zone? How do you meet the girl or boy of your dreams, and... do you really want to keep on dreaming? Everything desirable comes with its good and bad aspects. If you want the one... you have to accept the other........

♫ Love is a rose, but you'd better not pick it
Only grows when it's on the vine
Handful of thorns and you know you've missed it
Lose your love when you say the word mine ♫

That's just how it is. Here is another way of saying it;

♫ He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy
He who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sunrise ♫.......

These are enduring truths, BUT... few pay attention BECAUSE the understanding of it gets in the way of the enjoyment of something that... sooner or later... turns into beach sand. Live intensely... hold on lightly. Let go with ease........

The greatest and best part of you... the eternal all-knowing part of you... is keenly wishing to live its life through you, but... you refuse it passage. All the wonder and joy that creation is composed of, and heir to... is contained in this part of you, but... you refuse it passage. Even when life knocks you upside the head because of this, you go right back to doing what you were doing before, with the rare exception of when it... finally... gets your attention........

That part of you is the shy and retiring part. It will not press its case. In the meantime, you are looking everywhere for it, and it is whispering, I am here. I am right here. It's a conundrum is what it is. In an apocalypse... in a time of awakening... the potential energy of God becomes the kinetic energy of God, and great change comes upon the manifest... as God turns over in his sleep. God is sleeping and this is his dream........

Only now and then... at certain points... over great reaches of time... does God wake up in some of us, and we... wake up everyone else. It's a slow go. What might happen to an awakened soul in an afternoon... or on some dirt road in Syria... might take years for another to hear the alarm... so deep asleep are they. What causes the torpor? What causes the passions? These are the eternal forces of Nature... that one either rises above... or continues to be a vehicle of expression for........

The World is easily changed. There are a much greater number of us who are oppressed by a much smaller number of them. If we do not show up at their industries. If we do not participate in their bread and circus rituals. If we are no longer attracted to their hoodoo... no longer brought low by the massive engines of guilt and regret... that they turn upon us... to keep the wheels turning. If we simply turn our faces away from them... their power melts away. The Power of Prayer is beyond measurement........

There is a common mental plane that we all operate on. It is driven by The Fire Down Below. Collective outrage is contagious... collective indifference... collective disgust... these are all currents that run through the waters of our time. No one knows... not exactly... what starts and stops the processes... what changes the colors and sounds... what winds it up and slows it down. There is a mysterious hand at work, that keeps its person hidden. This is because it has no form of its own. It has us to do its work. We are the form of it... for good or ill... depending on what motivates us, and... to what end we are motivated........

Usually... humanity is a meeting of different oceans... driven by different winds. We are different expressions of the very same force... under different banners... with a different objective that turns first this way, and then that way. Nobody wins. It just goes on. These are all mortal dreams in search of a grave... then in search of a womb... then in search of something we have not yet defined, and which accounts for all the errors upon the way........

“I may point out (even though it is not possible to give more than a hint) that the force of the Cosmic Transferer [one of the names of the Avatar] is being called into activity by the transference during this cycle [of 2500 years] of a special group of highly advanced units of the human and deva kingdoms (members of the occult Hierarchy) to another scheme altogether.”.......

He's talking about some of us being transported to another location. I've heard about this for a long time. Some will stay, and some will go. The ones who stay are the ones who feel they still have business to conduct here. The ones who go are done with all that nonsense. I don't doubt this happening... not even a little bit. Some who might have gone will choose to stay... in order to help the ones who are left behind. It's always that way........

It is a terrible thing when you lose your mind.

End Transmission.......

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The Coming Avatar
Dorje Jinpa

There are some thought-provoking mentions here and there, like flowers among the weeds. The things that glitter in an empty lot... do not always turn out to be the foil from a cigarette pack... or a bottle cap.

Friday, March 15, 2024

"The Ability to Concentrate is a Great Power. Why Do You Think These Clever Operators Create so Many Distractions?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

With very few exceptions... our world is everything outside of us, BUT... in reality... that is not true at all. Our world outside of us is a projection of mind images... determined by our attractions and aversions... to what our senses tell us... is outside of us. Because most of us are prisoners of The Hive Mind... we share a common world, most... of... the... time.

It should come as no surprise to anyone... with some amount of objective reasoning still remaining in their heads... that certain clever operators would see... profit and gain to be realized... from the fact that The World outside us... is The World we imagine we inhabit, even though we actually live in our minds.

Okay... yes. Everything inside and outside of us is composed (made out of) mind stuff. Chitta is what informs you of the nature of what you see and hear... what you feel... all the things that mind-stuff takes the shape of... so that you can identify and catalog it with your manas or mind... through the actions of your Buddhi or intelligence. I'm not going to get any further into terms and identifiers because... in The Relative World... the meaning of things is always shifting... evolving... changing from something, and then... back into the same or... into something else.

Mind stuff is plastic. Desire gives everything its appearance and meaning, as it exhibits according to your likes and dislikes. As long as you are motivated by, and directed by your likes and dislikes, you are in prison. You have to find your way out of being controlled by what you like and don't like, but... will you?

Let us return to the consideration of those clever operators we mentioned earlier. These operators are either freelancers or... freelancers temporarily joined together... by common interest... with other freelancers or... operators... who are part of a club or organization. Some of these clubs and organizations have been around for a long time.

Many of them are of more recent design... appearing around the latter half of the last century; mostly because of the population explosion, and always... because power and money can be mined there. They exist for the profits to be made from crowd control. Because they are always stealing, they always need a war to help them balance their double sets of books.

The individual freelancers are your generic sociopaths and psychopaths that come and go. They are more numerous in times of greater materialism. They scam widows and old people. They run the long and short cons. They are entrepreneurs who enjoy the privacy of their own company, BUT... actually they host the likes and dislikes of the demon(s) who live in their mind... who moved in because the conditions were just what they were looking for.

They run the markets. They run the political theater. They operate the religions; a lot of money to be made there. God doesn't need any of that money, does he? They still work for someone else. Some of them know this and some of them don't. None of them know who they actually work for or what the retirement plans are. They are sold a bill of goods, just... like... you.

Demons and angels are like sheep dogs. They herd the barely conscious livestock from one location to another. Are you unaware of this? If so, then you are being herded somewhere. You'll find out where... at some point. The demons and angels are both extensions of a more pervasive and deeper mind that directs them in their various employments, and... deployments.

Some of us are angels in disguise. More of us are food for demons... who use us to engage in the appetites they represent, and who... in the process of exercising these appetites... consume the host... that is the vehicle they have hijacked, and... are joy-riding in.

Most people never really know who they are talking to... where they came from before this go-round... where they are headed in the next. Sometimes it is an angel. Sometimes it is a demon. Sometimes it is God in human form. In most cases, you can lure any one of these to the surface if you have the right lures. Socrates used to do amazing things with ignorant and illiterate people. Spiritual Masters can do amazing things with any one of us, if... we... let... them.

I have encountered examples of every one of these... a number of times; angels... demons... God in human form. Some might say, well, Visible, it's really all projection, isn't it? Isn't that what you said? Not exactly. I say a lot of things. They have various meanings... depending on who is interpreting them... based on the projections of their mind. (grin)

People give their own meaning to what they see and hear. It is how they come to be living in a world of their own creation. Most of the time it is a prison camp. Sometimes the person is in solitary. Sometimes they are in a cell-block, and... sometimes they are in the general population. Some of these prisons are gladiator schools. I was in one of those... for real. You had better be a gladiator or know one who is friendly to you. Sometimes the greatest protection is who and what you happen to be in the company of.

Company can be seen or unseen; unseen but felt, that is... and we all have an aura that accounts for the state of our mental... emotional, and... physical health. Do you wish to improve the state of any or all of these? Improve the state of your aura.

Your aura is like a multi-dimensional field with timers embedded in it; this and that will happening this week... when the timer goes off. This and that will be happening next year... when the timer goes off. This and that will be happening whenever they happen... according to the timers that your karma set running as soon as you came out of the chute. What if you could change all that? It's quite possible. Unlikely? Sure... in most cases it is unlikely... because the person doesn't want to change IT... more than IT wants to stay as it is. This is a VERY IMPORTANT POINT!!!

You are based on the template of The Almighty God. The power of All Mighty God is limitless. There is NOTHING God cannot accomplish, and... God accomplishes it simply by thinking it into being. That is why... as one thinketh so is he/she, because... you are based on the template of the one who thinks everything into being. You do the same. You thought all of this into being. You may not think so, (grin) but... you certainly did.

The Mind is all-powerful. Thinking is The Act of Creation. One of these days you are going to figure this out and slap yourself right upside the head and say, “ I could have done anything!” The good (and bad) news is that you still can. The hard part is the overcoming of your present thinking processes. It is NEVER harder than when you are trying to change. If you aren't trying to change... why... it runs slick as silk a lot of the time. That's fine if you don't mind where you are headed... if you even know where you are headed.

The ability to concentrate is one of The Great Powers. Why do you think these clever operators create so many distractions? It is to keep you from concentrating... from focusing. They make a pretty profit by harvesting your confusions, and by convincing you to work on Maggie's Farm; by giving you directions that generate income for them.

They are the original bottom-feeders. The Material world is everything to them. If you have no interest in any of the things that interest them, why... your paths might never even cross. It's something to think about. I think about it. I think about a lot of things, BUT... most of the time... I am thinking about only one thing that is the origin point for everything else; good... bad... or in transition from one to the other.

The secret is to get above it all, and that is accomplished by putting yourself above your mind and looking down on it as if it were a piece of machinery, which it is. It's a tool. Either it is controlling you or... you are controlling it. It depends on which You that is. If it's the personal you, then it is still controlling you... regardless of what you may think. If it is The Impersonal You, well... you wouldn't be there in the first place unless The Mind was under control. Down boy!

Well... either you will or you won't. In either case, it won't be you doing it anyway. Heh heh... WTF? Yeah... well... maybe another time eh? We've got forever to think about it. It's not like we're going to run out of time in the long run. In the short run... all we do is run out of time.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

"Raise your Sails to Catch The Winds of God. Sail Across The Ocean of Birth and Death to the Shining Lands Beyond."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Those bottom-feeder attractions that are ever-present... for the truly clueless... who are attracted to Money... and Power... Celebrity and Fame... who are awash in Carnal hungers... who seek the flickering entertainments that flourish in The Dark Splendor... are ALWAYS doomed. These are the real Fatal Attractions. They do not... suddenly... or at any time... turn in some other direction. They ALWAYS lead to the same Hellish locations. It is in the nature of the forces demonstrating in these particular fashions.

Let's talk a little more about these forces that have been loosed... by The Divine... into The World. Most of the time... when times are not apocalyptic... or in periods of awakening that trouble the dreams of The Sleeping Classes; when one mentions forces loosed in The World... the implication is that they are of an infernal kind. Occasionally... HOWEVER... Heaven... seeking dramatic change in The World... will loose forces of its own; Celestial forces.

These forces operate in the long and the short term... instigating different changes for different time periods. On many occasions, they will appear as something diametrically opposite the surface indications. Here is a prime example. Surely... you have noted the impact of Soros-installed district attorneys... whose efforts to destabilize law and order... are readily apparent?

Actually... this is part of a pattern of shifting power... from the hands of those causing the problems... into the hands of those... incapable of wielding it... for any length of time... so that it might then fall into the hands of those it was intended for, from the very beginning.

This is how Evil serves the interests of Good... while being completely unaware of it. Evil... which trends toward disorder and chaos... has a very short life span. The conditions that it creates cannot last for any length of time before order... is again restored.

I have said that I am not a Christian, BUT... it is important that I add that I AM a follower of Jesus Christ, and I... ALWAYS... WILL... BE... in the spirit of The One who comes in all colors... in every variation of The Undiluted and Unqualified Light, as it expresses for the benefit of every culture in which it appears... through the prism that brings the spectrum; in every sense of possible meanings.

Truth has no country or religion. Countries and religions may follow after... in its wake, BUT... it precedes these vehicles of manifest life. It is unspeakable and eternal. Raise your sails and catch The Winds of God that they may bear you... across the ocean of birth and death... to the shining lands of The Great Companions... who dance on The Shores of Evermore.

A reader sent in a revival concert clip (I will include the link at the end of the post) that has real power in it; especially demonstrated in the faces of the people who were present for it, and also in the faces of the musicians. It was very moving.

At the same time, I am detached from getting... suddenly... caught up in a spirit of emotional abandon... (even if it did take place years ago- grin) because... I saw what happened to the Hillsong organization. They presented a real sense of The Spirit at work. However... people at the organizational level had feet of clay and were prone to bad behavior.

Satan's elves are always around where there are large crowds caught up in anything... because... there is money to be made and power to be wielded. It is the reason they control The Music Business... where a lot more than 30 pieces of silver are exchanging hands at all times. I did not get the sense... in the moment... that this presentation was being run by The Nasties, but they lurk.... they burrow... they deceive, and often... seize control. It happens.

Please... let it not appear that I am denigrating the fine work of so many righteous souls... who... sincerely... are seeking to inspire others... to be lifted and moved. I am not. I am saying... as scripture advises... be wary... because The Devil is going about like a raging lion seeking whom he may devour. You see this in The 700 Club Hypocrisy Shuffle... you see it with Joel Osteen. You see it with Benny Hinn and John Hagee. These are scoundrels of the worst (and first) order. BE... NOT... DECEIVED.

They are why I am not a Christian... or a member of any religion. I worship at The Altar of The Sun. I worship in The Adytum Cathedral of my body... where The Divine is palpably present. I worship directly, and... not simply on specific occasions at the mercy of uniformed intermediaries. The Lord God is not interested in part-time lovers.

I do expect The Spirit of God to sweep the planet at some point while cleansing it at the same time. I am looking for The Power to rise in the hearts of humanity, and... one of those loosed forces... deals directly with this. It is removing the barriers in the human heart and will cause it to burst forth into spontaneous song at some point. God is coming in human form(s) to bear the message far and wide. Everyone will hear it... in some fashion, and some... some will listen.

It will spark both joy and terror within... depending on where you are standing, and... what you are standing on... depending on where your treasures are... there your fate will be also. Those who see the prizes of The Material Plane... will continue to go deeper and deeper into Matter... Heat increases in Matter in direct relation to its degree of density. Those who seek The Gifts of The Spirit and live a life of devotion... WILL BE transported to ever-wider and more soaring dimensions of being... into ever-greater densities of Light.

Gang leaders in different cities are saying... if something isn't done about the illegal immigrants... all Hell is going to break loose because... wait for it... they are all in gangs! Mexican cartels are opening fire on the people crossing the border who are not using them to make the crossing. Evil destroys itself and it won't be long before all the factions go to war against each other. This is how it always is. Civilization collapses because men get weak and women faithless. Unity crumbles. Warring tribes appear.

Then... civilization... is rebuilt again. New generations arrive to do the dirty work... the hard work. The Family Unit... once again... replaces the decadent mockeries of The Family Eunuch. Men lampooning women by pretending to be them... find there is now a bounty on them. Some things CANNOT stand if civilization is to continue.

Who is it that has been seeking to destroy The Family Unity upon which civilization rests... and without which... there is no civilization? Who is it that has used... sexual depravity... as its most powerful weapon to this effect? What demographic contains the bankers and lawyers... who financed the hijacking of the educational system... so that perversity could be taught in elementary schools? Is this the same demographic that is pushing Communism?

Who is it that Jesus Christ said, is of their father The Devil? This isn't rocket surgery. Temporal force gives the APPEARANCE of power. Divine Force is... the actual power. There has NEVER been a time when The Divine has not been 100% in control of EVERYTHING!!! There is ONLY the appearance otherwise. If you are uncertain of this, then... you have reasons to be. I would consider deeply why one might think The Divine was not in control.

Soon The Citadels of Darkness will tumble. There will be madness running loose in... those... places... where madness is directed to run loose. There will be all those ills... appointed to their specific locations of industry. There will be places of sanctuary. There will be peace, AND... there will be war. It is a dream, and... waking up can come in many ways.

Those who do evil for the sheer joy of it KNOW about some of what is coming because... they are the architects of it. They hope to wield chaos while standing apart from its effects. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!!! This they will discover to their deep dismay.

The scripture that I read... that has not yet fallen into the hands of those... who have rewritten it to their advantage... clearly states that those who serve The Divine will never suffer harm. THEY tell you otherwise... hoping you will cut a deal with them. THEY had better start looking to their own destiny that grows more uncertain with every... passing... minute.

There will be no New World Order... One World Government. There will be no rule by The WEF... or The UN... or any of those alphabet agencies or... internet hydras. A force... precipitating into embodiment... is coming to set The World in order. It will be built on the ruins of the aforementioned impostors and pretenders.

End Transmission.......

A brief tale about King Janaka
(one of the good guys)


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Thursday, March 07, 2024

"Change of This Order, Does not Come in One Single Sweeping Moment... of Broken Clocks, and... One Everlasting Sunrise."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every star in the sky is a single consciousness... of a soul who has attained, and shines a light in The Darkness, for all those who have yet to attain. This applies in The Christian Tradition, as it does in every tradition. Anyone who has visited here knows that we speak of Jesus as a man and Christ as a state of consciousness... known as Christ Consciousness. It is why we say, Jesus The Christ. Jesus was the prototype. A number of us have come to this state of consciousness since... in the previous age.

A false star gets lit up under the lights on literal and metaphorical Broadway. A real star shines in the Heavens. There is a fallacy that is perpetuated about stars being fixed in the sky and in their routes. The Soul that shines by its own light... as a star... can come down here and walk around in some momentary garb... or walk around on any of the countless worlds... lit by countless suns... that exist at a reach far too great to comprehend.

We have said, I don't know here, many... many times, and... this is because I do not know, BUT... I do know someone who does know, so... I can both know and not know... depending on the situation. I have a microwave above the stove. I don't use it, but it has a timer on it. Sometimes... I set the timer to remind me of something, and sometimes... I no longer need the reminder, but... the timer keeps running. On occasion, this would bother me. I didn't know how to turn it off.

Surely... I had thought... on many occasions... that there must be some way to shut this thing off. Just tapping it starts and stops it, but... the time remains until one might need to use it again, and then the time that was sitting there has to run out. I stood there yesterday... pondering this... and I distinctly heard; Why not just press the button in and hold it? This I did, and... it worked!!!

One could give a psychological reason for this. One could come up with all kinds of answers for why this happened, BUT... this sort of thing has happened to me many, many... times... often there are several instances in one day. I know... someone... who knows everything that I do not know. Whether I will be told what I need to know... in the precise moment of my asking... is one thing. Whether I will be told in any number of other ways... at some point later... is beyond doubt in my mind.

Many times here... we have said... on this specific occasion of The Coming of The Avatar... which happens at regular intervals... on The Celestial Clock... that THIS TIME... it is our belief, and also something we have heard from The One Who Knows Everything... that The Avatar will be coming in The Hearts of Humanity. It will be a collective thing... We have said this often. The archives will reflect it.

We also believe that one or more memorable personas will light up human consciousness... as icons... for the teachings of this coming age... which is not officially here until The Avatar comes... be it in a single vessel, to... begin... with... or in a simultaneous uprising in specific human hearts to... the... degree... that it is possible for that heart to experience it.

There are people who read here who claim to exist in a non-dual Advaita mindset. There are also people who see The World as an interplay of opposites. This is known as Dvaita (in The Eastern Tradition). Both of these perspectives are not static. They grow as the consciousness of the person holding them is expanded.

Everything is either expanding or contracting... expressing that force represented by Jupiter or Saturn, and... both of them indispensable and legitimate... in their influence here; from the smallest atomic container of life, AND... smaller yet... all the way to galaxies, and... The Universe itself.

Both of these perspectives are legitimate perspectives, and Divine Wisdom can be garnered in each of them. For some reason... egoic, I think... some claiming to be of the Advaita persuasion... look down on Dvaita people, OR... consider themselves to be of a higher order of knowing. If Advaita speaks to a greater... comprehensive unity in all things... then... how is it beneficial or accurate of that unity... to break that unity... in order to criticize those who see it differently? Right. Moving right along.

People who think they know a lot... they're called pundits, and every system and science has them... develop an exaggerated sense of their own importance... based on them knowing a greater complexity of detail... in the composition and parts of a rat's ass. These people are generally insufferable and no fun to be around.

I am going to share a detail about those who do possess wisdom... even to the point of knowing when to shut their mouths. In some period... almost always in a lifetime directly before they attain Mastery... Sage status... enlightenment... Nirvana... or any one of so many terms... used to describe the same thing or parts of the same thing... they have their noses rubbed in the dark side of The World. They are humbled and broken irreparably... AND... they come into the possession of an unshakable humility.

The Divine does this for them to save their souls from the terrible harm that comes from Pride... Ambition... Self-Importance. It will happen differently to different people... depending on what is needed to get them over the final obstacles. It is why EVERY master has a secret life of shame.

Now... it does happen that some forget their place, and begin to dream of bigger things. Right at that point, The Purpose of Demonstration is activated. It is an operating facet of The Law of Cause and Effect. The Purpose of Demonstration works in two directions. When you are not engaged in blowing your own trumpet or lifting yourself above your fellows... to become The Raised Nail just begging to be hammered flush with the surface... it blows your horn and lifts you up; raises you up... if you prefer.

Anyone engaged in serving the ineffable is going to run into people who take exception with what they have to say. That is... one of the reasons... why so many of The Wise refuse to have anything to say. However... some of us are meant to speak on the way to Radio Silence. When you have found The Thing Itself... it is no longer difficult to read the motives of others. They were once your own motives BEFORE you found The Thing Itself.

Suddenly... you have a Science of Physiognomy... for words and gestures... that is just as accurate as the one that reads human features. The face... like the hand... is a map of what is going on over the long term... behind what can be seen. People... prior to finding The Thing Itself... see themselves in others. When they see anyone say or do anything... they ascribe their motives to that person... never realizing that they are exposing themselves, and... revealing themselves in their mirror imaging reactions.

We all do it. I do it. I try to catch myself but I am not always successful. We have our shortcomings for a reason. Often they have to do with the absence of the necessary humility... without which... YOU CAN GO NO FURTHER.

So... I don't feel anger or outrage anymore at what I see. I feel sorrow, pity... and compassion for those caught up in their own confusions. who do such terrible things to others. I know The Purpose of Demonstration is coming for them. I KNOW that there must have been a time when I stood in the very same place they are standing in. It might have been thousands of years ago, BUT... what difference does that make? If I want to keep the lessons learned... if I want to keep the lessons I learned... then I will not look upon them from a position of personal superiority.

I will look upon them and say to myself; there but for fortune goes I.

I know that I don't do my job or live my life as righteously and fully as I might do. I know that I make mistakes all the time. The point is not in the mistakes I make. The point is in the manner in which I recover from them. The point is... whether I have the necessary humility... to even see that I did make a mistake.

I pray every day that The Divine will make me a better person. Change of this order does not come in one sweeping moment of broken clocks and one everlasting sunrise. It comes in jumps and spurts. It comes in hard coin, and relentlessly rough highway... sometimes. However... no matter what... it comes. You can count on it coming forever and ever... for as long as you keep to it and don't give up.

For everyone... there come those longer periods of shadows and darkness... following one another... without respite... or so it seems. Sometimes... it feels like you can't take one more step... that it is pointless, and... that you are useless. That does end, and it is a necessary stage... of recurring challenges... that separates the dilettantes from the truly sincere.

A time then comes when it just gets better, and better, and better. It can be hard to believe it will continue so, after such a long and painful course of The Other Shoe landing on your head, over... and over... and over. You have to believe. Your belief is money in the bank... for that life to come... when all your heartache... has become a thing of the past. Count on it. Never give up.

End Transmission.......

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Well, what do you know? I can tell you this;
if you didn't follow a bad diet you wouldn't stink. To prove this point I... on several occasions did not shower for over 6 months on purpose to demonstrate it. I had witnesses. What I am saying is correct, and that is not the only thing I have demonstrated in this respect but
we'll leave that to the imagination=

Monday, March 04, 2024

"Boarrrd!!! All Aboard The Train... All Aboard The Train... to a Higher Plane. People Get Ready... All Aboard The Train."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This guy really lifts the lid on how it all came about and is sustained...

FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Klaus Schwab really believes he is The Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back... or else... why would he always be wearing that Darth Vader leisure suit? It is happening right before your eyes, my friends. No! I don't mean the part where they are TRYING to take over The World. I mean the part where... those that God intends to destroy he first drives mad.

I did not want to talk about these people today. It is Visible Origami, after all, so... let us trend toward the metaphysical aspects. We can still mention these people, because they do play a role in their own destruction, for... The Purpose of Demonstration. However... let us impart no greater amount of power or cachet to them. They are the maggots... in the afterbirth... of a dying organism... that was born to consume itself, and did so... before it could walk.

This is why it steps all over everyone who gets in its way, not necessarily because of intention. It is just very clumsy. It's not very good at playing Dr. Evil. It never is. There are several personas fighting for control within each individual body of evil, and it is much harder for The Thing to pay attention to where it is going. Everything... and everyone... that moves at cross-purposes to The Way... eventually gets pushed out of the way.

The Way is The Way, and what does not move in accord with The Way... is dispensed with... according to the destiny its resistance results in.

It is hard for the ordinary person... who is caught up in the spectacle... to be able to see what is actually going on. Add in the factor that mortal existence is brief, and... you have a general state of self-perpetuating confusion going on... from cradle to grave.

There is a point and a purpose to it all, but The Big Picture cannot be seen from the perspective of The Mortal Mind... so it all seems unfair. Which of us is in a position to see someone live and die, and then return for the follow-up... to what they started in earlier lives, AND... continued in... for whatever their reasons were.

How long do you think Klaus Schwab has been at this venture of ultimate public self-immolation? He has been crafting this moment of enduring humiliation for many lifetimes. He might well have once been Oliver Cromwell. As his insanity picks up speed... in every appearance... he looks more and more like Dr. Strangelove. Does he not see the comic irony here? How is it that so many smart people... who at least know how to make money, and... intentionally fuck people over while doing it... cannot see what a ridiculous figure he cuts?

These people have zero self-awareness, BUT... it comes with the territory. When The Divine wants to make a point, he often does not include the actors in on... the plot of the film... they are acting in.

This all brings me to the key issue of existence... that is always hiding in plain sight, and which often gets talked about... without most people paying real attention to the conversation because... people don't want to think about things they can't do anything about OR... don't want to do anything about. I am talking about parenting. I am talking about the influence exercised over all of us in our most vulnerable period of life.

I say parenting... not parents... because our parents are only one source of influence. They may be the strongest of influences... or they may have had little influence at all,. BUT... someone or something will definitely pick up the slack. There is, of course, the characteristics of heredity and genetic transmission. It's a complicated area, BUT... the principle is not complicated.

Someone or something has raised every one of us, and it can be a strange affair on occasion. Look at Macron who is president of France. His wife is 25 years older than he is. She was a teacher at the high school he attended. Heh Heh... it was also a Jesuit-run operation. Her son... at the time... was 3 years older than Macron. She was... and is... his handler... his parent; whatever other parts she may have played are incidental.

She was/is his Yoko. These people do not come out of nowhere. These are trained operatives. In the posh sector of English schooling, many of the professors... besides being accomplished pederasts... work for British Intelligence Services, and they have an eye open for any peculiarities that The Deep State can use. The same watch-wardens are in education systems around The World. It is the same process as recruiting from the prison system. The State is always in need of psychopaths for various tasks, and they know where to find them.

Many leaders of finance... religion... politics... well-known celebrities... are sociopaths AND... on occasion... psychopaths. There seems to be some confusion in academia... about the difference between these two states of being. I think my explanation serves; that a sociopath might make you wish you were dead, BUT they don't USUALLY kill you. However, they are indifferent to the consideration of whether you live or die. Psychopaths... on the other hand... will kill you... given the opportunity, and do it with great relish.

An example of what I am talking about is demonstrated in the film, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.”

I assure you that there are any number of more remarkable stories than that one. It is even more remarkable that it was George Clooney who directed it, but I leave the implications of that to those of you with The Physiognomy Gene.

In Times of Material Darkness... these personality types appear more and more... due to the depersonalization... created out of the pressing anonymity of crowds... pressing in upon one's individuality. People are groomed constantly from birth in times like these... intentionally... by people with a set agenda for you OR... indirectly due to the pervasive force of... enforced... conformity.

This grooming and controlling is going on at every level of existence. Some of it is cosmic modification over The Long Haul, and some of it is YOU... in any of your permutations of separated-self... having come into the hands of certain forces because your Karma took you there. Who is shaping you? Look at what you are after, and... where your intentions point, and you will see whose hands you have fallen into... even if you can't actually see them.

It behooves you. I don't know how to give the necessary emphasis to this... writing in ALL-CAPS with exclamation points run wild (!!!!!!!)... putting it in Bold text... these all fall short. You MUST be attentive to who and what is influencing, and... parenting you. You have had little say... earlier on. You may have had to endure extensive telepathic invasion. Your blood-speaking may be exerting an unfortunate influence. These can ALL be dealt with... if... you... choose... to.

For many it is a lost cause... where only prayer remains... as a possibility for assistance. Many have opaque samskaras over their eyes. Some get partial light, and the fortunate and industrious may be hindered... only by gossamer transparencies... that have a lesser effect on inhibiting true form... and... letting in true color, and true light. In most cases, it is more like having to explain an elephant to one who is blind.

One can jump horses in mid-stream. One can reject the parenting of The World, and its many influences, and... beseech The Divine to become one's parent... in a direct fashion. Karma is also a parent... a harsh taskmaster on occasion... or a delightful guide through levels of refinement thereof.

Wise masters will tell you... should you be fortunate to hear it, and... even more fortunate to be listening, that you should take all your burdens (karma)... troubles (karma)... hopes and fears (karma)... and... whatever (karma) and lay it at the feet of the All-High... for his wise and kind resolution to whatever ails you. (karma).

Boarrrd! All aboard The Train... all aboard The Train... to a Higher Plane. People get ready... all aboard The Train!

As we have stated here MANY TIMES... this is an apocalypse, and that is a spiritual stage of existence... that includes a remarkable opportunity for a quantum leap in one's spiritual status. I am in no way engaging in hyperbole or wishful thinking. This is a part of every apocalypse that comes around, and this one happens to be a Grand Apocalypse... which is why so many people are here, whether most of them know this or not... the conditions and opportunity for a quantum leap remains!

It would behoove any and all to heed this. You can jump across the span of many lifetimes... in this present lifetime... should you be so inclined to do so. Everything you see in this world is the result of parenting... both good... bad... and indifferent. No matter what your previous or present state may be... you can go to The Almighty and ask for the influence of The Almighty to become the exclusive influence in your life... to even... literally come and live its life in you.

This is The Great Sacrifice that is spoken of in spiritual texts. It consists of laying down your personal existence so that The Almighty can live its life in you... however that is defined according to your present status as this... that... or the other thing, BUT... not necessarily in that order. (grin)

Consider this a call to action OR... a call to inaction... depending on how you understand such things. The Eclipse Demarcation Line approaches, and... a good time will not be had by all.

End Transmission.......

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I continue reading this book at lunch.


I am presently around page 100. It is an engrossing experience. It does wonders for my faith. I know such people exist, BUT... one tends to forget as The World intrudes upon one's thoughts. I love being reminded. My greatest reminder is The Sun, who is proving to be a dear friend indeed.

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