Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Mysterious Visitor Appears and Nothing is What it Seemed to Be.

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Greetings from somewhere beyond anywhere I have been before. You haven't heard from me in awhile. It's been weeks of radio silence; including radio broadcasts that did not occur. There's been no internet for ten days or so. It was there. It just wasn't being employed. I had a major, epic transliteration into another state of awareness. I can't talk about it. I can talk around it; keep shifting perspectives, trying to get the right angle with a left handed sky-hook. I think you get the picture (nudge nudge... wink wink).

I am trying to employ humor and it is falling flat, at least to my ears because there is nothing funny about it at all. I got my head and my heart handed to me in the most wonderful way and I am still short of breath as a result; not gasping... kind of like an after shock from the echo of an Earth tremblor.

I had a visitor. It was someone I had never had an experience with before and always wondered about. I'd had plenty of experiences with variations of The Goddess and holographic Buddhas in the flowers and foliage; Shiva's and sundry, in living color at certain levels of psychotropic influence and then these events started happening without chemical assistance.

I had been puzzled for years concerning this matter and then out of the blue, there he was. I was laying on my back on the bed. For some reason I had clasped my hands over my heart and was breathing in a deep and metronomic fashion. Never let it be said that I do not take liberties with the English language (I'm still trying to be amusing because the circumstances are deep and life changing and that cannot be gotten around or identified in an ordinary fashion.) Nothing is going to be the same now; nothing is going to just go back to being whatever it was when I didn't know what it was.

So... I was laying there and the voice came into my head and said, “You know who this is don't you?” The thing about it that impacted most was that I did know who it was because the force of it was... I don't know what to say here. There isn't anything I can say that is going to clarify what I am trying to say. Then he began to tell me about what was going to happen. He said. “You've always known I was here. Who is the ineffable after all? You thought there was no communication taking place. I am here now because the time has come. From this point on, many strange and startling events are going to be taking place.” It was more detailed but I don't want to get lost in trying to find my way through what I am trying to say and failing miserably at. The point was made numerous times that life had arrived at a critical point and tripped a series of irrevocable changes that are about to domino at an ever increasing rate of speed.

I prayed earlier as I had just started the post and asked God to keep me within honest margins and not get hyperbolic or convoluted; to say only what I am capable of saying and not trying to romanticize it or fantasize it. The experience was so profound yet... simple. There was no thunder and lightning. It was very much like an ordinary conversation, except for the trembling certitude and the subject matter. If you have been coming here for awhile you will remember some of the exchanges between myself and Mr. Apocalypse when I was in Italy. You might remember what he said he was going to do about the rich and powerful and most especially corrupt, in this time of material darkness. The dialogue was eerily similar.

I was having trouble staying focused and receptive because part of me was saying, “this can't be happening. This can't be what it most assuredly appears to be; if it is at all, it is just what it is being presented as but... how could this be happening?" I have had such an amount of supernatural and other-worldly experiences that I hesitate about mentioning them these days because it can start to look like something other than it is. It can start to look fantastic but that is what it is. It just seems that I need to say less about these things that I have been more cavalier about in the past; thinking that I will just put it all out there and people can make their own minds up about it.

There will be those who scoff and say, “well there goes that lunatic again with another schizophrenic light-saber rattling.” On the other hand there will be those who process it without judgment, seeking to see if it rings true inside of you/them. This, to me seems to be the best position. It is not as if there have been no errors in my recounting of things previously but they are more likely to be the result of my limitations in the attempts to be clear and comprehensive about what is often neither clear nor comprehensive, rather than the result of dishonesty. I gain nothing by fabrication, nor does the reader and a lack of authenticity will reveal itself due to certain mysterious forces that are activated in the human heart by the angels that monitor such things.

That elusive area of the inner self can be like trying to pull a badger out of his lair. It is fraught with all manner of difficulty; trying to communicate in words the landscape of an unknown country. Words that are associated with what we see external from us in this realm, does not accurately define when applied to other realms.

I can't repeat much of what I was told because of the way it can appear to the minds of those who are unwilling to view what took place in an impersonal and objective manner. I don't mean to offend here but I've experienced it more than once and it is so very hard to explain something to anyone whose mind is already made up, regardless of the nature of the event and events of this order involve a necessary willingness to be open and to see if it rings within. That to me is the litmus test of spiritual experiences. All of us here have had circumstances that were inexplicable and laden with woo woo, that... regardless of how amazing and sometimes terrifying they might be, still happened. We know they happened because we were there. I was there for what happened and it happened the next evening as well and nothing is ever going to be the same again.

I suppose what I should say and can say it that a demarcation line has been reached and breached. It is as if a countdown has started. Recall any number of blockbuster films where someone puts a device into a niche and presses a button and the red digital numbers appear and begin to count down and ominous music begins to play in the background. The sense I got was that ominous music could well apply here, in terms of certain destinies that believe themselves to be above the law; whatever law there may be, given that there are those who believe they wrote the law when they certainly did not, which is something they are going to find out, apparently...

I hesitated to write this post and I haven't said much of anything definite because I can't or I'm not being allowed to until the whole of it is more clear to me. I'm not looking to be a mystery, drama queen but I had to say something. Following what happened to me, a number of seemingly miraculous things occurred. For years I have struggled with rhythm guitar because I am left handed and I learned right handed. This morning, instantly that has changed and I had a syncopation and precision that I had NEVER had before. Three years ago I lost the bottom register of my voice and nothing I was trying to do to reclaim it was working at all. This morning it was restored completely and certain nuances and other side effects that I had not possessed before were magically there. This might not seem a big deal or there could appear to be other reasons. The difference is striking as I have already been told by people around me.

I was told this was going to happen during the conversation that occurred between me and the ineffable. I was told that limitations were going to be removed across the board and that forces which had been working for years to suppress me and marginalize me (and certain others) and otherwise hinder, were now going to be rendered mute and ineffective and every effort on their part would create the reverse effect than what was intended. In other words, all that was intended as a negative would result in a positive; sometimes in a comic fashion. I can assure you that what I experienced this morning was absolutely shocking to me; still is ...and I am told all manner of... previously not permitted results would now be unhindered in every sense. The person I thought I was, inside, has now presented as someone else entirely. It's like one of those scenes in Mission Impossible, where Tom Cruise removes his face and there is another face under that one. It is very much like I have been concealed from myself and then, whoomph! Revealed in a startling fashion; so startling that I have yet to get a handle on it at all. I was told that 'strange and startling' were going to become the order of the day now. I suspect I am not the Lone Ranger here.

I am more clear than I remember EVER being in my life before, while being truly confused, mostly because of the newness of it all. It verges on the edge of something resembling a panic attack. Thank God that has not occurred. I'm told it will integrate over time. It's not really uncomfortable. It's just something I haven't seen before and it takes getting used to.

I wish I had not had to write this, having read it over and seeing the paucity of so much that I can't seem to get out. I can only trust in the generosity of the reader in granting me a stay, until such time as I can say more. In all honesty I am not trying to be mysterious. There is nothing more I can do and some of what I was told is so fantastic that I hesitate to say any of it until it is more fully processed in my mind. I have had a great many spiritual experiences in my life, due to God being the centerpiece of my life and aspirations ...but this... which just happened... is of a different order altogether. There is going to be a break in the shared collective (of what passes for) reality. It seems that REALITY is going to intrude on that and it may be extremely hard for many people to be able to handle it. Let us use by example a what if... of flying saucers appearing in the sky, or legions of translucent horsemen on unicorns were to come out of the Earth somewhere.

There is a distinct sense that certain things are going to happen that the majority will be unable to handle. I don't want to be an alarmist but if what I am being told is true (and I do not doubt any of it whatsoever) it is going to shake the very foundations of everything we have told ourselves was real and never had been but... we materialized it over time, until it seemed to be of substance but it was far more tenuous and the result being that it could well vanish like morning mist at the sun's arrival. This is a good thing for those seeking a spiritual clarity that has been so long denied and a frightening nightmare to others. We always knew that someday 'that day' would come and from what I am told it is right around the corner.

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I pray that you can grant me some latitude in my struggles to explain and define what is presently beyond my capacity to do either. I have felt this coming for weeks, not knowing what it was; incapable of writing or even communicating with people trying to get in touch with me. I apologize for that. It is agonizing to have something half formed in the fog in front of you and to be waiting and waiting for some sort of revelation or resolution. At least that is over for the moment.

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