Friday, July 29, 2022

"What you Want and Don't Want Will Keep Waving The Red Flags of Desire and Aversion Before Your Eyes."

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I received a strange communication yesterday. It was along the lines of something said, and something implied, having to do with what I write and what I link. I missed it entirely myself, but... I am not looking for such subtleties... usually. Usually... I am moving on and moving thru. I especially don't see things that indicate something that isn't even there. If I know it isn't there, then I give it scant attention (cause I am from another dimension? Probably).

I've been doing this a long time. I was doing this long before I was doing this because I have always been doing this. Earlier on there was a great deal more sarcasm and passionate outrage over one thing or another. I found that satire was my most effective tool. Those days are gone, and the style has changed, BUT... the basic intention never has.

I have always been in a love affair with God. As is USUALLY the case, in the beginning, with this sort of thing, many difficulties and obstacles were the order of the day. It's smoothed out, so... by reflex... I have smoothed out.

I could go the route of speaking in riddles and gazing upon The World with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes, but... that seems really pretentious and not real; like a pose, like someone acting AS something, instead of simply being it. HOWEVER... it happens... frequently... that NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO... someone isn't going to like it. Someone else thinks they would do it differently, AND... probably they would, so... why don't they just go and do it? Ah! Right. Right.

The thing is that I am a warrior... and I am at war, not with people but with trends and patterns, and the perverters of perception. The Gita says that nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war. If I should engage in actual war, it would be an interior Jihad of cleansing fire. Of course, I wouldn't be doing it myself. I would have to stand there and let it happen to me, and... I am REALLY good with that.

My motive here is to write about and sing the praises of the unnamable... ineffable one. My motive is to sing, Glory to God in all things, under my breath through the live-long day. OF course, I fail in consistency now and again. The Indwelling sets up conditions for me every day, where I can learn how to be more in harmony with The Divine.

Often this means The Divine putting me out of harmony with myself or some feature of The World... so that... I can readjust. Harmony is not static... it is fluid. One is ALWAYS adjusting... even when the adjustments become so minimal that no one sees them. Only one thing is inflexibly stationary and that is The Almighty. We all rotate around him. He... does... not... rotate... around... us.

So... it needs be that I must showcase The World for purposes of comparison. I must also- needs be- have the courage of my convictions. You come along far enough and God shares your convictions because you have incrementally grown to be more like God, so... of course, there would be a greater resonance. Is that not the purpose for which we are here... to begin with?

I do not expect God to change for me, but I am putty in his hands and the perspective of my moment is based on where God has placed me for the purposes that he has placed me. Eventually... if I don't spend all my time resisting and complaining, I will be more finely shaped.

I KNOW... I cannot satisfy everyone who comes here. I also KNOW that there are people who come here in costume for the purpose of disruption at some point. People come here for all sorts of reasons... even the occasional accident of... which... there... is... no... such... thing. No one that I have ever seen or heard about has enjoyed universal (without exception) simpatico with everyone. Not God himself, even when he appears right in front of people, also in costume for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Speaking to you individually... I am not ALWAYS going to be in-line with your thoughts about the vast complexity of the subject matter we cover here. Some of you would rather not see the dark corners of The World that we share WITH those who love the dark corners. Often... a posting will start out in some back alley or littered concourse. Sometimes hard events go down and we are moved to comment on them, though... you will notice that we leave most of The World alone.

The reason sexual confusions come up so often is because sex is one... of... the … driving... forces in The World at all times. Sex is THE FORCE at the levels it occurs on. That also applies to intercourse with heavenly messengers and The Divine. In Times of Material Darkness, there is more of the one than the other. People's basic drives get bent out of shape. This has to be seen and judgment passed on it IN... THE... HUMAN... MIND. We are, collectively, joined together. When enough of us share common understandings, The World polices itself.

Communion with The Divine IS a kind of sex act. It is a much higher expression of the pedestrian, carnal rites. To vibrate in resonance with The Divine is to be awash in unspeakable Bliss and transcendent Joy. This is a fact. Enough people have experienced it and testified to it to make it credible to those who can see. The Rapture of Saints... the spinning dervishes, the ecstasy of the true and living poet, are all examples thereof.

There are cabals of darkness that are ALWAYS seeking to put The World out of order. Attention has to be called to it because too many people DO... NOT... PAY... ATTENTION.

At the moment, sexual hysteria, and all the bad plumbing that attends it, is at a VERY high state of shrieking misfortune. The banshee wail of the self-tormented... is a traveling chorus that finds its stage in the hotter... denser... zones. I feel sad for those who have bought into the bullshit or have simply been bullshitting themselves. I suspect they don't know any better, though... sometimes I suspect they really do. The Christ said we must forgive them. Buddha said to only pursue a wrong-doer to show him the way. This seems to surface in the teachings of all real teachers.

Whether you can see it or not, a vile war is being waged on small children for the most foul purposes imaginable. People are being programmed and mind-washed without respite. Attention has to be called to this, and if humor can attend that, this is a very good thing from my perspective. HOWEVER... we ALWAYS try to bring the conversation back to The Divine Ineffable. We always hope that it will be the lion's share of the posting, and... usually... it is.

Metaphysical writing has to deal with the obvious as well as the in-obvious. Metaphysical writing... at its best... operates to activate a telepathic resonance with the reader. It is then that people find themselves saying, “I was just thinking about that,” or... “I had a dream about that last night,” or... “I was just talking to someone about that this morning.”

The Divine is a radiance of eternal splendor, a light shimmering with, seemingly, every color of the spectrum. He is the unchanging radiance itself. The Divine Mother, dancing before him, is all the colors that are caused by her ceaseless movement.

Somehow... the idea of Evil finds its way into the mix... now and again. It gets dealt with. It gets transmuted, and then it appears again somewhere else. It is the low-hanging fruit of ignorance... fueled into ceaseless operation by Desire which is a constant feature of existence... OTHERWISE... nothing would get done. There would be no population. There would be no change, and change... is... the... cornerstone... of... eternity, in The Manifest.

There really is no Evil. There is no Devil. The Devil is The Carnal Mind. He becomes most prominent in Times of Material Darkness. HOWEVER... if you can rise above The Carnal Mind, and... you... can. Then... you are in The World, but not of it. It is a battle royale to detach from the never-ending misery of The World's problems, replicating themselves endlessly in The Carnal Mind, from which they are out-pictured into existence. You... DO... NOT... have... to... play... this... game. Why does nearly everyone do so? It's a mystery... isn't it? No... it is no mystery.

When you can detach effectively, you are no longer weaving future engagements for yourself, BUT... BUT... even when you stop, the wheels of The Mind keep spinning for some time afterward. This... one must endure, while... at... the... same... time, not re-engaging. It is a delicate art, and... you MUST want it more than anything else because... otherwise... the other things you still want and do not want will continue to wave the red flags of Desire and Aversion before your eyes.

One has to also detach from everything that troubles and offends them too, all that they find distasteful, all that frightens... and intimidates them. One has to stop feeding these creatures of their own creation. It is not an easy task, which is why so few can see through The Game, and wind up on The Playing Field... as one of the never-ending series of actors for The Purpose of Demonstration.

So... you will get The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly around here... in a certain measure of each. We seek to err on the side of presenting The Good (grin), BUT... we must also provide contrast; just keep on choodlin... you'll figure it out. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening will take care of that.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

"You are Moving Through a Zombie World of Restless Dreamers, Who... Do... Not... Know... That... They are Asleep."

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Lies piled on top of lies, on top of lies, on top of lies... eventually, you get the kind of spontaneous combustion that happens when you store paint rags on top of each other... in the corner of your basement. No! It's not smart. What's that got to do with anything? It's not smart to lie either. Each lie is a paint rag tossed atop a previous paint rag lie. Sooner or later, there is a fire. Lies are VERY flammable.

Lies are a manipulating force that is used to inflame The World, and... the human mind. Truth is a flame in The Human Soul. Lies start wars. They ruin lives in many ways. The modern press knows the power of a lie. Now... they just flat out tell the most ridiculous lies... because... if you simply repeat something over and over, a certain segment of the population assumes it must be true. Why would anyone say something over and over if it was a lie? Yeah... Cui Bono.

Usually... there is some profit to be gained by lying. Look at advertising. Advertising is serial lying every day. Look at this Holocaust fantasy. It has been PROVEN that it could not have happened as they say it did. The logistics of it are impossible. The first crematorium wasn't built until 1949. How could they have burned 6 million Jews as they claim? Perhaps they had bonfires and danced around them? How could there be the continuously reduced numbers (by the millions) on the plaque outside of Auschwitz, and yet... the number is... always... six... million?

The Jewish population, according to their own almanac, shows AN INCREASE in Jewish population from the beginning of the 2nd World War to the end of the conflict, AND there were only around 15 million of them at the beginning of the war. How do you get more than a third of that number murdered... and come out at the end of the war with over 16 million? That is very creative math.

The Red Cross report(s) tells in clarity what was happening in the camps and how many were there. The Red Cross was clear about how most of the deaths were caused by Typhus. Scientists have gone to a number of the concentration camps, with high-end tech, and found... well... no... they did not find ANY... forensic... evidence... of... mass... graves.

I'm not going to write about that lie today. I have covered this subject extensively in the past. It just happens to be one of The Big Lies that continues to be perpetuated because a certain group of people is making billions of dollars from guilt-tripping blackmail. Let's be clear here, this... and many another lie, are maintained by Occult Forces. The whole world is the playing ground of magicians, both the physically incarnate, and those waging evil from levels of The Astral Plane... and higher up. The Bible verse covers it remarkably well

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Let us consider some of the other lies... like The Neo-cons and 9/11, in which Israel played a major part. You can read all about it in the sidebar menus of the blogs. Why... you can read about that other thing too. What about The COVID lie, where they grafted one virus (some say there was no virus) onto the seasonal colds and flu(s) that some people catch every year? It's probably because they get the shots for them in order to weaken their immune system. What about the election that just got stolen? What about the CONTINUING election fraud, most recently in Georgia?

What about the put-up job at The Capital on January 6th? This was orchestrated by associates of the... same... people... who are presently holding the January 6th hearing. I can't possibly list all of the lies running amok in these times. You know what many of them are. Some of them are ridiculous. It seems as if the whole world has been built on lies for many generations... because, “history is written by the victors.” How about all those genders... critical race theory... revised history? On and on it goes... longer even than a Stephen Bishop song can.

Now men can give birth? Now a man can be a woman with male parts? In saner times, most of the people spreading these lies would be in institutional settings... getting treatment for delusion. Reagan thought it was a good idea to close all the mental institutions and release the psychotics into the streets. “Yeah... all you have to do is give them their medication and they'll be fine.” Here's an interesting thought... crazy people DON'T... TAKE... THEIR... MEDICATION!!!

Now... the homeless are located in urban settings. They have been collected there (yes! Intentionally) to impact on the quality of life. Certain drugs have been made available that disorder the human mind, and... kill people. Certain steps are being taken to cut food and energy production, and... your access to them. This way the government can come in and micro-manage your life, AND... if you don't cooperate? Sayonara, baby... you'll be worse than homeless.

Sometimes... actually very often, lie after lie is told to conceal the truth or... create a distraction or... a manufactured plausibility argument. For instance, The Holocaust was (in part) manufactured to conceal the PROVEN fact that the alleged victims of The Holocaust, were the perpetrators of the Bolshevik genocide... that eventually killed as many as 60 million Russians, in... the... years... directly... previous. Hmm... that's ten times as much as what was a fabrication... to begin with. I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g.

I realize this is less than a Cliff Notes summary. Everyone reading this is already informed to the tune of volumes of information, concerning the lies and venal enterprises of the day. Why should I beat a roofied horse? You know as much as you know. In my case, the information is severely limited because I do not KNOW what the truth is in many cases. I lack the salient details. I do... pretty much... know a lie when I hear it or... when legerdemain is being performed. Did I mention that the whole world is a theater of magical enterprise? But...

I don't know.

When you are truthful... lies are easy to spot. Some sages say that you must even believe liars... if you are true enough. There is a lot of proactive wisdom concealed in that statement. You can't cheat an honest man? I know what that means. A great deal of my being was set free... when I realized I didn't want anything. It came to me in a series of bursts... (of seeing, and... letting go...) transmissions from... E-l-s-e-w-h-e-r-e. It didn't all come in a single flash, but... eventually, it has become more and more clear that there is nothing in The World that I actually want, only... thinking... made... it... so.

You are moving through a zombie world of restless dreamers... who do not know that they are asleep. They think they are awake. They are not. You have to be careful coming and going around them. They could lash out in the throes of nightmare and injure you, BUT... these times are not like other times. THIS... IS... AN... APOCALYPSE, and it is attended by a Grand Awakening... here in The Advent of The Avatar.

In the past... calamities came, and... injustices (seemingly) reigned. War after war came and went; with famine and plague attendant. Millions and millions of people died over and over again, in a ceaseless conflict... for which they give themselves no peace. The Church and The State sit with their expanded guts spread over The Common Plate. They eat their fill. They laugh and cavort in The High Tower. That is how it has been, as one group of numb-skulls replaces the next, and the next, and the next. This is not how it is in the present.

This is an apocalypse; “Today I settled all Family business, so don't tell me you're innocent." This is The Summing Up. This is the time of Judgment. Hash is to be settled. Notes have come due. What has been sowed is soon to be reaped. I don't know what you tell yourself about what is happening, and what you think is going to happen.

I don't tell myself anything. I listen. The Voice of the Silence is ageless. It is the repository of Ageless Wisdom. You have to become very quiet to hear it. You have to Still the Reactive Mind. You have to turn down the flame of your passions OR... you have to weave all of your passions together into a single passion. All things do trend well for those who love The Lord.

This world is a repository of lies meant to conceal an everlasting truth. The smoke from impure desire crystallizes... and becomes a curtain of darkness... which contains the darkness of this world. You cannot find The Light outside of yourself. You can ONLY find it within. So... you go and look. You KEEP looking. You keep digging, like a miner in The Earth, and... one day... you break through to The Surface of a new world. It will only seem that way. The breakthrough also occurs within.

God is within you... searching for himself; seeking recognition. All you have to do is meet him halfway (like God and Adam on The Sistine Chapel), and... believe me... there is no better time than an apocalypse. During this epic struggle in the evolution of consciousness, angels come near to The Earth.

Are you going UP... or DOWN? You can get so tumbled under the water that you no longer can tell up from down. The breath of life in you... the faith in you... will draw you in the correct direction. It is easier if you do this BEFORE... the... ocean... gets... greatly... disturbed.

Lies cut you off from The Kingdom of God, where... no... lie... can... enter. You are here between the multiplicity of lies and the singularity of truth, to discover your true composition in the fiery crucible of existence where... the... dross... is... burned... away.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

"Now They Have Switched to Their Latest; the Pederast's Lament of The Funky Chicken Monkey Pox... Ha Cha Cha Cha!"

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The ex-wife knows who killed Jared Bridegan. Ricky Martin's nephew's false claims, sure do accelerate his celebrity. Flooding social media at all times are the low-jinx of the ravening celebrity vultures. Brad Pitt got talked into wearing a dress. Everybody wants to be an influencer. The Fame Virus is a real pandemic, so is The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. In the links, there are the footprints of false flag swastikas. Deception is rampant in every theater of The Material Culture, BUT... celebrity and weaponized personas seem to be the big thing of the moment.

The World Wide Propaganda Machine loves... deeply loves, (insofar as it can be called Love) the creation of celebrity, the maintaining of celebrity, and the slander and death of celebrity. One might say that the whole world is more affected by celebrity in these times than by anything else; thus the overpowering presence of Social Media. It is a vast cathedral of darkness. Millions of parishioners sit in the pews hunched over their radiating cellphones. Perhaps they are actually INSIDE The Tower.

It is not a cathedral after all. It is an Escher drawing.

The fear of COVID snatched the minds of the schools of mindless fish. Then... fear of the Killer Vaccines came next. Near instantly following, a war was instigated in Russia by The Usual Suspects, and... their International bankers... who want the Black Sea area, including Crimea, for their next port-o-call. They have worn out their welcome in The Middle East which they turned into a Porto-Potty. Conditions are rapidly changing and they have no friends there. The balance of power has shifted.

They also want Russia's resources... VERY BADLY. The chess game being played at this time is fascinating... truly fascinating. Remember... at all times, this is an apocalypse. This is an apocalypse. This is an apocalypse.

Now they have switched to their latest; the Pederast's Lament of the Funky Chicken Monkey Pox... ha cha cha cha! Also in The Warmer, and waiting for the customers to get through the appetizers, is the next iteration of Name that Plague. This new one is faster... sleeker, more wily, metrosexual, and... urbane. It might even get its own reality TV show.

This designer virus is running neck in neck with... woo woo food shortages... energy shortages... and crazy people, already... and getting ready to run wild in the streets. Let's just say there is all kinds of hoopla and reverse-engineered Boy Howdy, running across the telepathic internet, due to it having run all over the other internet, which... you are probably more familiar with.

These are the big waters that you draw your Collective Undercurrents of Fear from. This is the Bouncy Castle Subconscious, out of which comes everything you see in front of you. For The Divine, to think it... is to materialize it. THAT... comes out of The Superconscious.

Whatever comes into The Mind of the Divine, immediately becomes real and precipitates into the environment; whatever environment that applies to. Sometimes that means a vast transformation in human consciousness, so it takes place in the environment of The Mind. Sometimes... it is waves of feeling that sweep from heart to heart, which also has its own environment. Sometimes it is The World itself.

Here is where it gets tricky. The Divine wants ONLY the best for us. He also knows that we want to go play and explore. So does he. This is why he does it through us, though he is not attached to outcome so... it doesn't affect him like it might those it is happening to (unless he wants it to), because... you see, humanity, given the means, AND a carnal nature, often tend to wipe each other out. Many do not operate in The God Mind. If you are averse to operating in The God Mind, it is USUALLY because your motivations are unlike those of The Divine Mind. Hunger is a wildfire that burns The World and obscures its beauty with the smoke of base desire.

This is where Free Will comes into play. You have the freedom to rebel against The Divine Plan; supplanting it with your own plan or... you can come into harmonic resonance with The Divine Mind and complement... often even get the credit for... The outworking of the Divine Process. We don't seek personal celebrity here. Neither I nor my associates give a hummingbird's fart about personal celebrity. All of us... in some fashion... ran into The Supreme Personality of God at some point previous. You pretty much cannot EVER take yourself seriously again after that.

You either serve your hungers or you hunger for God. Eventually... having exhausted every other hunger, and having suffered on a Promethean scale, you realize this. Some catch it early and their cure is quick. Everything tastes good... feels good... looks good, and sounds good when you are hosting The Supreme Enjoyer.

All of those people, conditions, and motivations... mentioned earlier in the post, concern the pursuit of celebrity by... any... means... necessary, enroute to The Purpose of Demonstration. I'm not saying that each and every one of the examples is the offspring of a direct effort toward celebrity. Some of them are cries for help in search of exposure. Some of them come with the territory. Some of them are the desperate last gasp struggle of something caught in a web of its own making.

You see, Mr. Apocalypse is the big gun in the room at this time. He is a forerunner of The Avatar. He sets the stage with The Spirit of Awakening and calls those angels into the service of either archetype.

Mr. Apocalypse is the persona of Revelation. He has to do with revealing on the plane of The Senses AND... in The Heart and Mind of Humanity. The Spirits (angels) of The Great Awakening, operate in these locations so that The Revelation of Mr. Apocalypse can be comprehended by those experiencing it, which... would... be... all... of... us.

Now... there are two basic ways to react to being awakened to things you haven't seen before. The crazy sexual pathologies, the social derangements, and revolutions in the street... exhibit one area of response. There is another area of response where you are changed within. You accept what you see and grow in the understanding of it because it is being revealed to yourself by yourself. The first reaction; the one that seeks personal gain and celebrity (because the intoxication has completely taken over their minds) leads... to destruction. This is observable fact, if... you... happen... to... be... looking.

The other reaction also leads to destruction of a sort. All that is unreal about you is melted away. All that blocks the inner light is faded away. The force of The Coming of God is so great that ANYONE who puts themselves in the way of it, in the service of it, in... these... times... of... apocalypse, stands to benefit from a windfall much greater than anything that has come around in a long time, in... spiritual... terms.

Think it through. Yes, at some point you either accept that there is a Divine Being or you have decided that you are that being. It can get convoluted because... you... are... that... in... essence. Not in the way the deluded imagine it to be, but, ultimately... because... it is something you grow into, in the process of it being revealed... as... having... been... there... all... along. If you want to play The Sorcerer's Apprentice, you are free to do that. Even though you are free to do anything, everything is... still... under... control. I would say that bears thinking about, given the Purpose of Demonstration being what it is.

On the troubled surface... of the tempest-tossed waters of this time, the appearances are disturbing. Deeply disturbed people have been shoehorned into positions of power for The Purpose of Demonstration. You see the fallout from it every day in The News. Nearly all media is a propaganda arm of Globoctopus. This is a combination of Vampire Squid and Crocodile Swine in search of world domination. It is ALSO... the passing of The Old and the arrival of The New. It is hard to tell what the outcome might be, given how disturbing the appearances are on The Surface.

Unless you are in command of yourself... someone or something else is. You can't see what that might be... directly. It is indirect... as if operating through shell companies. This is the way Legion does business. Misdirection is the maître-d' at The Restaurant of Lost Souls. They are living it up at the moment. They have just come from an awards show. They have a grand opening or a fashion show with product placement every... single... day. They still have time for their yachts and ♫ lazing on a Sunday afternoon ♫

It is the Titanic writ large. It is a world in transition, AND... those seeking an atheistic, trans-humanist future seem to be holding all the cards. Fortunately for them, the dumbing down that has been employed over recent decades... has assured them of a block of blockheads they can remote control to do or say anything at any time. It is a fairly large number of minions at their disposal. It all seems to be going well; don't you think?

I love the smell of The Purpose of Demonstration burning at any time of day or night. It does indeed smell like Victory, and... the award goes to... Love, and its supporting cast of those expressing it. Too bad for the schemers, the bad dreamers, and the suicidal moths. Soon Gabriel will blow her horn, and the Sleeping Class will awaken; like it or not.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, July 18, 2022

"The Real Stars, not Brittle Little Rhinestone Glitter Monkeys, Performing for The Organ Grinder with The Horns."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I looked long and hard at the lives of successful people according to the way The World measures those things. I was drawn to the arts at an early age and despite my abilities, entrée into The World behind the velvet ropes was denied to me. I had more brushes with it than I can remember, BUT... it never took. The same can be said in every other area of life that I passed through... except for The Spiritual Path. I did not know at the time that every other port of call would be closed to me or... how very, very, very kind God was to me for having closed them.

Now I look at the lives of famous artists and celebrities in every field and I thank The Living God above...and... within... that he spared me that. God went so far as to put me in the company of famous people many times for The Purpose of Observation. I was able to get a look at life inside the velvet ropes. What I found... fairly often... was people afflicted with Bronzemia. Bring in the pigeons ♫ don't bother they're here ♫

I had some amount of the glamour of The World in my eyes. Nearly all of us do. It is VERY hard for any of us to escape it... so we must struggle mightily to rise above or beyond it in some fashion. Alice Bailey wrote a book called, “Glamour (a world problem).” She can be difficult to read. You need a functioning mind and some degree of focus. This is easier than a lot of her work though.

The World of Celebrity IS... The World of Glamour. It is The World of Fashion. It is The World of Appearances and the manipulation of them. It is also The World of Sexual Degeneracy. Now... hear me, I am not an official with The Morality Police, whatever people are passing through... it is only a phase. I can't judge people for their weaknesses. I have had plenty of my own on my way through here.

Sometimes these phases can go on for many lifetimes before the actor gets it out of their system... if... they... ever... do. HOWEVER... society and the culture, MUST NOT be shaped according to the sexual preferences of a tiny minority of people. It won't last. Lady Nature will rebel... with diseases... and suicide... and catastrophe, etc.

Heaven also will step in. It is Heaven who steps in through Nature. ALL force is God's force. All force is not directed toward heavenly intentions because the God Force is borrowed by life forms... and they exist in The Separated Mind of Selfish Intent. God is in absolute control because God is behind every awareness, no matter what it is contained in. This is why masters do not fear the beasts of the wild. They have subdued their own internal beasts. Master yourself and you AUTOMATICALLY master The World.

Anyway... I did not know at the time -and it was often frustrating for me- that God was protecting AND directing me. I skirted deep rivers of misery, which is what I see in the lives of entertainers and celebrities. We are all performing for audiences unseen too. Some of us have large numbers of invisible watchers... if we are entertaining or interesting enough to them. Some of us perform for Heaven, and some of us perform for Hell. These days... it is nearly all the latter that comes before the eyes of The Public.

These are some of the reasons that I find Vanity especially abhorrent. I consider it ALSO... to be incredibly dangerous. Vanity can get you killed or... worse. How can I possibly take myself seriously when I see The Sun shining in the sky? I ask you... HOW! How can I measure myself against The Sun? You want to see a... real... celebrity? Well... Look at The Sun. Right! You can't; about brightly shining.

The Heavens are filled with the right kind of celebrities... they are the real stars... not brittle little rhinestone glitter monkeys, performing for The Organ Grinder with the horns. What a dreary tune they dance to, and then? Oh! The Horror... the horror of aging, and disease, and death... and then? Whoosh... famous no more; back to being a bit player. Of course, you will have to account for yourself once you arrive at the next stop because that determines your next posting, your next appearance here or somewhere. How did you use the borrowed light you were given?

I see now that there is a kind of anonymity that is the highest fame one can achieve. You are known to millions in The Invisible... and only a few in The Land of Flickering Dismay. Maybe why they call it a flick. They perform all of the tragedies... and comedies, while their own lives are e-m-p-t-y. AND... instead of only your immediate associates knowing that you are a braying ass, the... whole... world... knows... it.

God is the ultimate celebrity. In The Gita, he says... wherever you see excellence, that is me. I am the best of everything that is demonstrated in life. This is not ego speaking in any way that we know it. This is the one who created the whole she-bang. It also is a way of saying, “if you want to be great. Let me demonstrate through you.” Many who are honored in this way would smirk and laugh about the idea of a God moving through them. Why... they are the God. Right?

There is The True Self... and all else is The False Self in transition. God moves among the false selves and sprinkles fairy dust over this one, and that one, and this one, and that one, cause he wants to see what happens. Unfortunately... for many... the only way they learn is by making a fool of themselves., and some of them have to do this over, and over, and over, and over, and... like that. You have to move up the ranks; as above so below. There's a pecking order and too many people are willing to do anything to improve their place in the order.

HOWEVER... if you do the right thing with it... even if it mirrors Les Misérables or The Count of Monte Cristo... The Man in the Iron Mask... things can change in a marvelous and profound way. God is ALWAYS watching. He sees what's going on. Good grief! He's... looking... through... your ...eyes! Roy Eugene Davis said;

“there is a CRITICAL phase of self-realization when we must stop trying to attain, and awaken to the fact that we are now God expressing.”

You do need to apprehend that with real humility.

Sometimes... I think of it as waiting in line to suck at the teats of a massive hog, that is the embodiment of Mammon, dispensing the elixir of The World. Then I realize it is ALSO God in yet another disguise, (Indra once did this) and that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g has a reason for being. Some of the roles are not glamorous, like the vulture... the hyena... the dung beetle... the pig, BUT... they are all necessary. It has taken me a LONG TIME to develop an impartial eye, while still having to call attention to certain things and conditions, given my occupation.

In the process of doing this, and communicating with readers... for whatever the reason, I have come to learn that there is no way to say certain things without pissing some people off. They think you are being dismissive... unkind... abrupt; especially when you are telling them the truth and they don't want to hear it. I've learned my lesson, but it still happens sometimes. Many of the readers do not know the sort of spaces my mind inhabits, and... that I am not into protracted relationships... discussing minutiae, hanging out in virtual space, chatting... or any of the pedestrian enterprises people engage in to hide themselves from God.

Or to distract themselves from who, and what... is really present because the personality is ALWAYS seeking to interpose itself in front of The True Self. One has no alternative other than to dance out of reach of The World.

I would have no time if I let things develop beyond the cursory. It is the reason I write these postings. They REALLY are all I have to say to anyone. I don't mean to be rude or unfriendly. I am just very busy. Even if I am doing nothing at all, I consider myself busy. I am always up to answer emails. Sometimes it takes a day or two, but... I am not into chitchat, and if people have nice things to say to me... how am I supposed to respond to that? I am not the reason this work has a good effect on people. I CANNOT take these things personally so I go right around them. That's not rude. That's a fact.

Back to the idea of glamour and celebrity. As... no doubt... you have read here before... I consider Fame to be like wearing a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes everywhere you go. What if you mostly attract people with dream dust in their eyes, as is the case with most celebrities? If you are the sort that likes preening in front of cameras... posing... phony smiling... like a timeshare salesman, then... Fame is for you. There are people like that. It works for them. I have an imaginary playground filled with imaginary friends and NEITHER OF THEM is imaginary.

When God loves you he keeps you for himself. He does not throw you on the mercy of The World, which... has... none. Sometimes you are called to do a job and you are required to be a public figure. That is a CHORE that you take upon yourself for The Greater Good, and... no doubt... you pray at regular intervals for the protection of Heaven to follow you along the treacherous route of celebrity.

ANY... OF... US... CAN... BE... SPECIAL... IF... WE... STOP... TRYING... TO... BE... SPECIAL!

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

"Like Vignettes, Snapshots of Moments, Individual and in Series, You Have Life in Demonstration of The Moment."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why are people... (who SHOULD KNOW BETTER) defending the idea that men can give birth and that the men seeking to replace women, by becoming travesties on womanhood, are a legitimate reality, and... can reproduce as well? It is because of the money behind trans-humanism that filters into their pockets. We just had a nut-job Berkeley Law professor tell Senator Hawley that men can give birth. She is well past the Peter Principle of her affirmative action... dumbed down on rails... potential. These are programmed Marxists. We know who programmed them. Who is it that uses Marxism as a sociopolitical goal?

It's all about Control.

It's all about Trust the Science, which is a permutation of dining with The Devil; two atheist-empiricists walk into a bar, and one of them asks the bartender for a double Thalidomide on the rocks. What does the other one have? As you will see from one of the links, there are all kinds of cocktails available here. This is due to what Science finds out during its pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey routines. They don't really know what they are doing, BUT... they're doing it to you. It's not much risk for them... is it? Unless you find out.

A Grand Awakening is both a welcome and unwelcome event. It depends on what you've been up to when the spotlight hits. Sometimes the publicity is worth it in filthy lucre, like a Kardashian sex tape made for that very purpose or arranged marriages that work like the Habsburg families used it during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We've watered that model down now so we get Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin.

When you die, any number of conditions may await you. I bring this up for one reason. The reason I bring it up is because of the billions of souls presently incarnate on this planet. THIS... IS...ONLY... ONE... PLACE... WHERE... YOU... CAN... LAND! Why... do so many people want to come here at this time? There are planets with life in countless locations of this universe. If you can imagine it... it is to be found somewhere. Even if you cannot imagine it... it is to be found somewhere else. Why... do so many people want to come here at this time?

Obviously, something is going on here in... this... period... of... time. Very obviously, most of us have forgotten our reasons for coming here. There are a number of reasons for migrants to be mass introduced into America. A big reason is manipulating the political climate; just like they do the real climate.

Another reason is that the big business people, AND... their partners in crime, the international bankers, want cheaper workers easier to control. Follow the money. There are yet other reasons. I mention this so that you might consider that the surface reasons you often hear about are not the real reasons, and now... they have alienated the Hispanics.

Here is what a former prosecutor said about The January 6 Star Chamber Show Trial;

“It’s going to be up to the Justice Department. I agree with Dan. I think everything as a former prosecutor myself, everything that I’ve heard, I think it would be a very tough indictment to get, but I also think it would be tough, I think it would be very, very difficult, knowing what we know right now to see an indictment of this president.”

That says more about what it doesn't say, and as badly as I have ever seen it said. THEY are losing it. I mentioned that they are going to be losing it... really badly. They are going to be forgetting who they think they are, what they are doing, who they are talking to... just wait... just wait; coming soon to your world. The President is a poster boy for this. The witless are pressed into public view while their handlers do as they please, AND... they are losing it. Mr. Apocalypse is behind this.

Have you noticed the misspellings and syntax errors at nearly all major news sites lately? It's like bad AI has taken over writing the articles. Unless the new professionalism is to hire people who can't do something in order to prove that we weren't looking at the upside of their new and improved freestyle. I am starting to see them more than not. Watch carefully and you will see what I mean.

Look at how the language is being reworked... made vulgar and coarse... abbreviated for the lazy. Look at twerking? It goes from doggy style to doggie masks and chains and restraints. It's a p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s-i-o-n. It is the bestialization of human nature... subjected to the animal... carnal... mind. In Material Culture everything is about appetite and the satiation of IMMEDIATE need.

Yes... why am I jumping from one subject to another like this? Think of it as something like vignettes... snapshots of moments, individual and in series, that showcase life in a demonstration of the moment. This is what we have on our surface. Someone is stirring the deeps, which brings new things from below the border of the identifying consciousness. Life is... as much as it is anything... an experiment. God uses us to discover and catalog objects and experiences so that he might know them. Then he moves on.

In his personalized framework of expression, he exhibits ceaseless action below the sight line. In his impersonalized state, he engages in ceaseless meditation... as the force that holds everything in place. In the personalized arena, he picks and chooses. He sorts. He keeps and discards. He sometimes knocks things out of place to see how they adjust to the next integration. He does all of this without thinking about it, but... trying to discuss what God is and is not is like trying to catch and hold the rain in your hands or... sunlight. In any case... your hands... and your separated mind can only hold so much and you are soon out of your depth.

Watch carefully what comes before you as you surf The World now, via your computer. See if you can catch the direction and intent of what is not being said. Observe the portly bureaucrats trying to stop the leaks in the dike with their fingers. EVERYWHERE... Identity is being broken down.

Sexual Nature is perverted in order to accelerate The War Within. This facilitates The War Without. HOWEVER... they are losing it in the very process of doing it to everyone else. This is what I would like you to look for; to see the rising tsunami of insanity as it overruns the banks of the identifying consciousness of the separated mind... taken out of its depth while being tossed on the unruly ocean of troubled subconscious waters. The metaphors are solid here. We are not talking about breakfast tacos.

This is REALLY happening. Everyone who is not firmly anchored in a spiritual connection with The Indwelling is in danger of being swept away by rising tides of hysteria... climate hysteria... sexually provoked hysteria... personal uncertainty hysteria... Safe Spaces!!! Jazz hands!!! They are screaming like the body snatchers BECAUSE... The Body Snatchers are afoot. The Mind Snatchers are the advance troops. Snatch The Mind and The Body will follow.

Everyone is going to be affected differently. You see certain demographics violently reacting. Others shrink in fear. Others are disoriented and in search of ANYTHING they can escape into. I am speaking of these possibilities because they are becoming realities. They are self-evident.

Something very strange is going on with cellphones. At the gym, it is not unusual to see the person working out go to their cellphone after EVERY repetition... while they are on the treadmill or stationary bike. It is not unusual to see people texting and driving... to see them walking and surfing... to see them waiting anywhere but cellphone engaged. I imagine it is the same in restaurants and other public locations that I do not go to, so I wouldn't know. I was in Walmart yesterday (bird seed) and it was everywhere.

It is some sort of invisible addiction. I don't use one except MAYBE two or three times a year. Fortunately... I have an invisible Faraday Cage. I recommend one in these times. I am watching the enormous parade of souls in cities, and countries marching to a programmed beat. Do you wonder why zombie movies are so popular?

I am saying that IT... IT is happening right in front of you and at this very moment. In some locations, it is nearly unnoticeable. In others, it is full-time all the time. IT is spreading in ten thousand different ways, AND... so is The Love of God. This is the anchor you must have. Here is where it is a delight to get swept away. There are two huge currents running in these times.

It... is... possible that soon... a wave of spiritual force will sweep over The World and transform everyone who is open to it; who has been in preparation for it. It will bypass those who are closed. Some might well be swept up to points unseen... through portals that appear before them as a result of what they are radiating. Whatever is in sympathy and resonance with you, is your fate of the moment... moving through the larger envelope of your greater fate, which... of course... is in control of your fate of the moment. Heh heh...

These are some things to think about BEFORE you are compelled to think about them.

End Transmission.......

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