Friday, July 08, 2022

"This is Why The Entrance to The Howling Unknown of The Undiscovered Self is Littered with Caution Signs."

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They are trashing fast-food emporiums. In the latest iteration of reversed Kundalini, they are twerking upside down. When you reverse-perverse the sexual force... you go backwards... you go in the back way. Soon they are going to want to switch the elimination channels, see through different eyes, breathe through different nostrils. Like an army of possums on typewriters, by sheer mathematical probability, one of them will reproduce Shakespeare.

I am talking about a scientific paper I once read that used similar examples to indicate that wisdom can come out of lunacy, that coherence can appear from gibberish... if... you give it long enough to happen. Genius can happen by accident they imply. No... it can't.

Genius comes about for two main reasons. One is when it has been earned and made capable to speak with the tongues of angels. The other is for The Purpose of Demonstration to prove that all The Mister Smarty Pants, unspiritualized genius has the same disciplined effect as a drunken spastic holding a fire hose. The biggest liability with genius is when there is no self-control. You get loose canons with real bullets.

All true genius is inspired by God through his angels. They are the muses... or daemons that Socrates spoke of. Not demons, by the way. Once again... we have The Dial. If you dial down into The Carnal Realm, you get Demons. If you dial up to a spiritual plane, you get angels. Which of these you get is determined by... (drum roll)... YOU. Back of every demon is a corona of light that masks the presence of the hidden angel, concealed from profane eyes.

Much can be learned by a study of the dynamics between Love and Fear.

Until one gets their mind straight and comprehends that there is ONLY ONE God, operating through a bewildering myriad of forms, one is trapped in The War of Opposites. You are a pinball, hitting bumpers in The Game of Cause and Effect. Most of us are in a state of benign neglect. That is where God loves you, and because he loves you he grants you the freedom to screw things up, which, I assure you... is... what happens.

We all... some more aggressively than others, race into the moshpits of human struggle... fire dancing... showing off... falling from cliffs doing selfies... getting pummeled and pounded by each other. At some point, you can't take it anymore. It hurts everywhere. You're bloody and worn out... filled with regret and abiding shame. Your Divine Mother waits to wash you off and patch you up, and... take you home.

♫ take me home,
unknown roads,
to the place I belong.
That shining city in the distance
Divine Mother, take me home ♫

(apologies to John Denver.)

On the other side of the coin, (with apologies to Firefall) ♫I am the woman that I always dreamed of. I knew it from the start. I lost my parts and that's the last I seen of my mind (or heart)♫ I don't know why I do things like that. Probably because I can, and probably cause I lost my (individual) mind too... a long time ago. I haven't really missed it. All it ever did was get me in trouble.

It is so very, very simple. God is within you and all around you. Within you... he is as himself. Outside of you, he is in disguise. Your job, should you accept the mission, is to see God in everything and treat everything the way he does... with Love. Now what comes after that... we are not empowered to say. It doesn't matter because now God is in the driver's seat, and you are no longer fighting him for the steering wheel. That... that is the entirety of the purpose of existence, and the key point in the process of God's self-discovery in you. Stop fighting him!

Do you really want to go on being a fallen angel? I don't care what you tell yourself, I know you don't. With God... you live in a state of blissful harmony that gets finer, and finer, and finer... across the reach of measureless time. Without God... yikes! There is a world of meaning in the words of Jesus the Christ when he said, “pick up your cross and follow me.” What did he mean... really? Hmm...

You are EITHER marching to Glory or marching to Perdition... and... as we have said, (which is similar to maintenance drinking), you can tread water until you are exhausted and you will be washed to Perdition. That's the default. I wonder if that is something like floating face down on The River Styx? At some point, they wake you up... yikes! Again.

“Why then... visible... is it so complicated? If that's all there is to it, what's the story with these vast superstructure intricacies of existence?” Those are temples built to the irrepressible ego. All those books are arguments for its survival. Religion is like training wheels, AND... like any training wheels, they are supposed to be removed when you can balance the bike on your own. Sadly... very few get there. Society itself is constructed to make you dependent on it. Without your industry, society would fail. They ingrain this into your heads when you are young. Very few have the capacity to break the spell of the imaginary bonds.

This is why the entrance to The Howling Unknown of The Undiscovered Self is littered with caution signs... police tape... and all manner of ominous warnings. Of course... you could go in the other direction where it says, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here,” over the entrance. You are EITHER going up... going down... or treading water, Hmm... I don't think you can use EITHER with more than two options. Yeah... well, I just did. My training wheels got sold at a garage sale a long time ago.

I would have liked to have been able to go to church in a community setting, but then I have to talk, AND listen to nonsense. I would feel like I was not being true to myself, bobbing my head like a flamingo on a drinking glass. Genuflection, I think they call it that. I don't get this worshiping at specific times, celebrating God on the approved days... listening to The Men in The Funny Hats. Men in robes with secret handshakes never did it for me. I tried to fit in, but... they... would... not... let... me.

To my mind... you EITHER do it all the time or not at all. I can't adapt to being a part-time lover. If I don't reflect The Secret Sun then I must be blocking the light. Half measures avail protracted stretches of time that turn life into a visit to The Motor Vehicle Department... or tenure at The Gender Studies School of Can't-Learn-Nothing University.

How can you go to college for years and come out worse than you went in? How can you be stupider after than you were before? I quit school in the 10th grade, due to terminal not fitting in. I am waiting for flagellation to catch on as a new trend. People can beat the shit out of each other for being dumber than a rock. Even the rock would be out of short pants while they are still in the crib. Right... that is already happening.

There is some kind of soporific chemical in the mindset of the materialists. It's in the water, maybe in the air. It's tenacious as can be. Once it grabs hold of you it doesn't want to let you go. They snooze right on by from life to life, taking forms that match the best expressions for their appetites. Life is devouring itself on all sides, and so... they eat and are eaten, over... and over... and over again.

Some few turn down the heat to a steady blue-white flame. They conserve their fire. They channel it to Godhead. They become self-realized. That is the church I am looking for. Act like it and become it. Emulation is the way it gets done. Otherwise... the wide highway is littered with corpses and broken dreams. Wouldn't it be just great if someone came for you before you left? It turns out that The Howling Unknown is actually a sanctuary of inviolable peace. Everything outside of that is the real howling unknown where Disappointment awaits in ALL other directions.

These pathologically frustrated sex freaks are moving into a new dimension of violently acting out, upon everyone they perceive as being opposed to them. No one outside the sanctuary of The Indwelling is safe; I don't care what they told themselves. It will soon be open season on reality TV people, and famous people in general. This is a stage in the process of Materialism moving ever deeper into the howling darkness of The False Self.

Celebrity will be a target. Just wait until certain evidence goes public about what the rich and powerful are really up to. In Times of Apocalypse... Awakening, and Revelation, nothing can be hidden, and fear among those too self-important to die is going to become unbearable. This is at the root of all the weird behavior that gets stranger by the day. God help them all.

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Gregory said...

"By the time you are thirsty, it is too late to start digging a well." -- Japanese proverb

Nostrils up!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up from me, too. I thought I posted something, but I might have zoned and not hit send. Oh well. Par for the course.

vinifera said...

The first thought that came to me re: Georgia Guidestone takedown is fighting the globohomos. I think who did it wasn't one of them, it was one of us. With planetary alignments as they are right now I think this is more the start of fighting back against the few who think they have a say so over so many.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Essential Drive of Life is The Urge to Freedom, and Love is The Force that Gives it The Wings of Transport."



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